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MSCOMCTL.OCX Could Not Be Loaded

Hello All......
I am updating an existing program that someone else created. When loaded the project a message comes up "C:.......MSCOMCTL.OCX could not be loaded - Continue Loading Project?"

I do have this ocx in my system32 folder and it is registered. The error contains the actual path of the project and is apparently looking in this folder. So I copied the ocx to this folder and registerd it there. Still the same error remains.

Anyone with advise on how to solve this please contact me. Thanks in advance...


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MSCOMCTL.OCX Could Not Be Loaded In VB6 IDE

When I take a New Projects->Add Component-> MS Windows Common Control (SP6), I get this message:

C:sysdirMSCOMCTL.OCX could not be loaded

Executables making use of MSCOMCTL.OCX is running fine, while same application project can not be opened and gives the same error message.

I am using Vista Ultimate, running VB6 IDE in XP SP2 compatibility mode with UAC off. I tried downloading and installing the common controls from Microsoft web site, it installs fine but the problem is still same.

I searched and deleted all MSCOMCTL.OCX from my hard disk only leaving one latest in sys32 folder.

Very frustrated, suggest before I reformat my drive....


MSCOMCTL.OCX Couldn't Be Loaded ???
I tried to open a vb project in my visual studio but got an error "MSCOMCTL.OCX couldn't be loaded". But MSCOMCTL.OCX does exist in Windows/System32 folder in my computer and has already been registered. So I guess my project refers to another path for MSCOMCTL.OCX. But how'd I know which path my project is referring to for MSCOMCTL.OCX? Thanks for your inputs.

How Do I Test To See If A Dynamically Loaded Control Is Loaded Or Not?
I have some code that loads control arrays (a command button in this case) and then removes them some point later with:

Unload cmdTextEntry(llngCounter)
This gives a runtime error if llngCounter is out of range. As a quick fix I would like to know the statement to check if the control is present - e.g something like ismissing or is nothing. any suggestions?

When Code Is In Sub Main (before App Is Actually Loaded), Have The Ocx's Loaded Yet?
when code is in sub main (before app is actually loaded), have the ocx's loaded yet? Are they in the ram? Can they be deleted? Note - all this stuff is before the main form loads containing the loaded ocx's

In P & D I am getting an error that mscomctl.ocx dependancy information is out of date. Can anybody explain this and will is cause problems if I accept out of date information.


What is mscomctl.ocx? I think that is the common control. I think I remember an alternative, but do you know anything about it?


I have added a reference to MSCOMCTL.OCX in my project so I can use Listview. But it's controls don't appear in my ToolBox. I've checked the VBP file, and it appears to be there. What else must I do ?


I am sharing a project with a friend, when I get it back, I always get an error:

"Could not create reference 'C:WindowsSystem32Mscomctl.oca'"

I can click OK, and the project will load fine, but I try to make an exe right away - the compile crashes at this line of code:

"Private Sub lvwList_ColumnClick(ByVal ColumnHeader As MSComctlLib.ColumnHeader)"

or what will happen, is that it wont load any of the toolbars in my project( I have about 40 of them) .

What can I check?

hello !
i've a VB application program. when i run it , it gives an error that MScomctl.ocx may be an older version. its made in VB6.0 nd i also have VB6.0 installed. i'm not able to run that program .... anypossible solutions. ....

in case the ocx file has to b e updated, from where can i get the latest ocx file.

thankx in advance

Does MSCOMCTL.OCX has any dependency? Wouldn't this link Visual Basic 6.0 SP5: Run-Time Redistribution Pack install whatever file that might be missing in the user's machine

Help With Mscomctl.ocx
i have posted this a couple of times before, i hope someone can help me...

the scenario: windows 2000 sp2 vb 6.0 sp5, the error: ambiguous name detected:~. this happens every time i try to add mscomctl.ocx to one of my projects.

i really need this control.

i think it happened after i installed sp2 of w2000.

resintalling vb 6.0 didn't work

i dont want to reinstall w2000, i dont know what is going to happen.

any ideas????

Does anyone know what the latest version of the mscomctl.ocx file for VB 6 is?

Does anyone know how to make a progress bar and a tool bar w/o using MSCOMCTL.OCX???
Cause thats a 1MB file, and all I need is a toolbar and a progress bar, and this file is adding lots of bulk to my program's install file.

Mscomctl.ocx [Urgent]
I would appreciate if anyone could reply as I'm new in

x:vb6dbhtchapter08howto05mscomctl.ocx could not be
loaded-contine loading project?

After I selected the Yes button, the msconctl control
always not include. I have check the MSCOMCTL.OCX is
resident at c:winntsystem32 directory.

Besides, I tried to use REGSVR32
c:winntsystem32mscomctl.ocx, is not work either.

Thanks in advance,

Hi, I just finished an application under VB6, created the EXE and went around to test in different platforms and computers.

The only WindowsNT4.0 I found, was very old, so I needed to install the ServicePack6, since not even MSVBVM60.DLL was installed.

After installing the SP6, now I got a new error message;

Component "MSCOMCTL.OCX" or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: A file is missing or invalid.

I searched this computer for MSCOMCTL and nothing was found, but yes in the computer where the VB was created, as a matte of fact, there are a several files.

I downloaded the RUNFILES for VB from Microsoft, installed in this NT machine, restarted the computer, but still the Run-Time 339 error.

I found out that MSCOMCTL has something to do with ACTIVEX, then I tried to find out at Microsoft website a way to download Activex or something like that, impossible to find.

ANy good soul to help me?
Thank you again.


I have upgraded my VB 5.0 project to VB 6.0. I am using InstallShield Dev Studio for packaging. The setup works well on all OSs except on NT.

If I install it on NT, there is no error during the installation. But, when I reboot the machine and try to run the App, it says, "COMCTL32.ocx or it's dependencies are missing/not registered properly". It also says "MSCOMCTL.ocx or it's dependencies are missing/not registered properly".

I tried adding various merge modules of the InstallShield to address this problem but didn't work.

Could you guys please help me on this?


Hey All,
I have some projects on a cd that came with a book I bought some time ago and was running through them today and kept getting the following error.
"C:mastvb6Ch08Explorermscomctl.ocx could not be loaded"
I use that ocx all the time so I know it is registered. I looked at the .vbp and found the following:
Object={6B7E6392-850A-101B-AFC0-4210102A8DA7}#2.0#0; MSCOMCTL.OCX
I don't know what the numbers are but what happens if you delete or modify this line.


Mscomctl.dep And Mscomct2.dep
Could anyone upload here the files mscomctl.dep and mscomct2.dep, please?

(they're located in your c:windowssystem32 folder)
Thank you

Mscomctl.ocx Error Msg?
I have compiled an .exe and tried to run in another computer. Then it prompts a msg, "Components 'MSCOMCTL.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid" What seems to be a problem here? Please advice...

Distributing Mscomctl.ocx
I am really frustrated with installers now.

My development machine is XP Pro SP2 and Visual Studio 6 no service pack.

I use Installshield Professional 7, and i get the following problem on Windows 98:
Failed to load control 'ImageList' from mscomctl.ocx. Your version of mscomctl.ocx may be outdated. Make sure you are using the version of the control that was provided with your application.

i do distribute mscomctl.ocx, but i guess the Windows 98 mscomctl.ocx is not replaced.

Is there ant mscomctl.ocx that can be used safely for all platform, or at least 1 each for 1 platform

Please Post MSCOMCTL.DEP!!!!
I need the dependency file for MSCOMCTL for VB 5.0 professional Service Pack 3.

Someone please attach it. I can't find it anywhere!


Comctl32.ocx And Mscomctl.ocx
Can someone explain me the difference between the two? (comctl32 ans mscomctl)..

comctl32 = 596kb
mscomctl = 1040kb

I noticed that both ocx contains the same 8 controls. Mscomctl contains one additionnal control, the "ImageCombo", which I never used and probably never will.

So, I guess my choice is clear, I will only use comctl32.ocx. BUT, are the controls in mscomctl NEWER or REVIEWED version of the comctl32 controls, or are they exactly the same? I'm wondering this because of the large difference between theirs sizes (about twice as big, for only a ImageCombo?).

Thanks for any help on the subject.

I Need Mscomctl.dep Urgent!!!
Could some one please email me the latest mscomctl.ocx dependency file (mscomctl.dep)

Mscomctl Reference - VB6

I am creating a program that is using mccomctl.ocx to show and use a progress bar. I would like to be able to run the program without the .ocx file but I am unsure on what to do.

I know that all windows systems have the mccomcrl.dll or something like that to show and use the progress bar, but I don't know how to reference it with the .dll,

Thank You

MSCOMCTL.OCX Problems...
Ok I Created A Tab Strip On My Form And I Created A Frame On Tab 1 And When I Tested It I Clicked On Tab 2 And The Frame Was On Tab 2! How Can I Make It Wear Fram 1 And 2 Are Diffrent Like Fram 1 Has Diffrent Stuuf And Frame 2 Has Much More Diffrent Stuff

(Meaning How Can I Make It Wear Stuff On Frame 1 Will Not Show Up On Frame 2?)

Progressbar Without 'MSCOMCTL.OCX'
I want a progressbar in my project. But i dont want to use the commoncontrols 6.0 because then i need to supply this file. Is there a way to get a progressbar using API or something?

If not, is it legal for me to supply this ocx with the my exe?


Mscomctl.ocx And IE5 Features

I want to use the new IE5 control features from comctl32.dll (version >= 5.8),
e.g. LVM_SORTITEMSEX-message.
Unfortunately mscomctl.ocx doesn't refer comctl32.dll and
my current mscomctl.ocx (6.00.8862) doesn't know the new control features.
Is there a new version of mscomctl.ocx, or any other ideas ?


Cannot Add Reference To Mscomctl.ocx
"Name conflicts with existing module, project, or object library"
I get this errormessage when I what to add MS Common Control 6.0(SP3) - you know the one with listview and the rest. I have SP3 installed
and averything works fine. I don't have any duplicate files. I can't add the component in any project not even a quit new one.
Any suggestion of what to look for that will help me?

Every time I open a new/existing project or try to deploy a project the following error occurs "Component mscomctl.ocx or one of its dependencies not correctly registered. A file is missing or invalid". The OCX does not exist on my PC or the VSE6 CD's.

This started after installing one of the projects from the book "Mastering Visual Basic 6". Can I delete this entry from the registry? Or do I have to find this OCX and install it somehow? Any suggestions would be appreciated. The OCX was not delivered with the book, and I'd just as soon remove the reference rather than fix it, if possible. I am not very familiar with registry editting.

(VSE6, VB6, VC++ on WinNT4.0)

Mscomctl.ocx Error If Not Administrator
mcomctl.ocx or one of its dependencies not correctly registered or file missing or invalid.

This error appears when I start up an app. as a non administrator.
App installed by an administrator , per machine ie all users profile using VSI and changing ALLUSERS propery to 1 with Orca.

Works for all users with Admin rights. What am I overlooking in this deployment exercise.

MSCOMCTL Version Problem
I'm using version 6 in my Project. Now i've add 5 cause i need XP look in LV. But whenever i try to add a ListItem, i get a 'Type mismatch' error:
Set lvwListItem = myLv.ListItems.Add
It seems that versions are "fighting", and since 6 is newer, it doesn't allow 5 to be used. How can i use version 5?


SOMEONE: Do A 'Find' For MSCOMCTL.DEP On Your Machine!
If you are running VB 5.0 please do a 'Find' and search for:


I am missing this file and can't find it anywhere. My Setup Wizard says it can't find it, but I never had this message before.

Any help appreciated!

MSCOMCTL Dependency File??? Where?!?!?
When I ran Setup Wizard for VB 5 I received the following message:

The wizard could not find dependency files for the following files. If you are certin that a file does not have any dependent files, check it and thge wizard will never prompt you again for that file.


I searched the VB 5 cd but it was not on there. My list was longer, but I was able to find .DEP files on the VB cd.

Anyone know how to fix this or why it is happening?

Toolbar.ButtonWidth - MSComCtl.ocx
Is there anyone who has used the ButtonWidth property of the Toolbarcontrol successfully? I'd like to override the way the control resizesbuttons depending on the length of their captions & size of theirimages... Is this possible?

On another point... If I was to design my own control what's thesimplest way of making 'flat' buttons for it??

Replace Comdlg32 And/or Mscomctl
Is there any code out there to replace the Open File dialog in the
common controls? Or, I would like to just make sure that the Explorer
item in the context menu doesn't appear when the user right clicks on a
folder. Any ideas?

Matthew Hanna

MSCOMCTL.OCX Version Differences.

I'm thinking of distributing my VB6 application with V6.00.8177 of MSCOMCTL.OCX instead of what I believe to be the most recent V6.01.9782. This is to prevent installation conflicts (I don't want to have to tell potential clients to close, for instance, SpyWareGuard before installing my software - may seem a little odd! ). My app uses ListView and ProgressBar and seems to work okay with the older version - is anyone aware of any issues I should be concerned about? For instance, what problems may have been fixed in the most recent version?

Same question re TABCTL32.OCX - distributing V6.00.8418 instead of V6.01.9782.

Nick Michell.


Need Mscomctl.ocx Version 10.0.4504.0

I need to download mscomctl.ocx version 10.0.4504.0. Could anyone post this for me to download?


Can I Include Mscomctl.ocx In My Installer Pgm?
My application uses mscomctl.ocx but realise that some of my testers PC does not have this file at all. I am sure whether I should be including mscomctl.ocx in my installer pgm. If I do include, is there any licensing issue?


Edited by - Soo Leng on 6/17/2003 11:35:02 PM

Active X In Access 97 (Mscomctl.ocx)
Got a problem with the following ActiveX Mscomctl.dep and Mscomctl.ocx in Access 97. I use ActiveX progress bar from these ocx libraries in quite a few of my forms in my application.

Registering these controls in the normal way via Regsvr32 doesn't seem to work when distributing this application. And the set up program provided with the Office Developers kit doesn't seem to do it either.

Dependency Info Out Of Date For Mscomctl.ocx
Hi all,

I was hoping someone might have run into this before. When I package my project using the PDW, it tells me that the dependency information for mscomctl.ocx is out of date. It asks me whether I want to proceed anyway, which I do, but then I find that after installing my program on another box and running it, the Office 2000 installer starts up, ready to install some ocx or dll maybe that I still need to run the program. I have worked on this for a while now, and I have no answers left.

I am using VB6 Enterprise on a Win2000 Professional box. I am installing it on a 2000 Professional box as well. My mscomctl.ocx is version

I originally thought that my status bar or progress thermometer was causing windows to want to install something off the office cd, but the funny thing is that if I cancel the office 2000 install box that pops up when I run the program, it still runs fine - in other words, the status bar, and progress thermometer (and data environment and reports) come up just fine anyway! Still, the install box is annoying and unprofessional.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Common Controls 6.0 (SP6) Out Of Date (mscomctl.ocx)
I was just running the Package and Deployment wizard to collect the DLLs and OCXs I needed to make an install file with ********** and as I went through the wizard it told me that mscomctl.ocx was out of date and asked me if I wanted to include it.

I need to include it because I am using an image list. All the rest of the common controls listed under the References dialog say MSComCtrl32.ocx, but that is the only one that says MSComCtrl.ocx, should I use v5? Can anyone explain why this is happening?

XP Style: Comctl32.ocx Vs. Mscomctl.ocx (RESOLVED)
When I use the ListView from comctl32.ocx (MS Commom Controls 5.0 - SP2) with the manifest file, it works ok. But when I use the ListView from mscomctl.ocx (MS Commom Controls 6.0 - SP4), I can't get the XP style of this control.

I can't use the control from comctl32.ocx because I need the GridLines feature.

Any ideas?


Lost License File For MSCOMCTL.OCX!
I just went into VB6 SP5 and tried to open one of my projects.  It loaded fine but when I went to run it I got back an error saying "Cannot load control tlbPOSys; license not found."  tlbPOSYS is a Microsoft toolbar from MSCOMCTL.OCX.  As you might expect, none of the other controls from this OCX will load either.  I've tried re-running service pack 5 but that did not help, neither did Windows Update.

Any idea on how I can get my license info back?  My colleague also has VB6 SP5 on his machine, is there a  licence file I can copy and paste to get things back to normal?  Help!

Upgraded ListView Controls To Mscomctl V6
I recently upgraded a project from VB5 to VB6 (more exactly the mscomctl control)

The ListView Controls now seem to have problems when attempting to use MultiSelect with DragDrop.  I can correctly multi-select using ctrl and shift with mouse clicks, but when I attempt a Drag operation only the most recently selected item shows up as selected.

Any ideas?


Installer: MSCOMCTL.OCX Has A Lot Of Dependencies ... Must I Include This?
I am creating an install package which has all of the OCX, DLL, etc... files my application uses.

One of the OCX files I use is the MSCOMCTL.OCX file and when I try to add this as part of the SYSTEM32 install location , my installer (Wise Installer) tells me the following are dependencies (which I would assume I should add to the install package as well):


However, when I try to add the four files listed above, my installer tells me that there are even more dependencies with these files ..... about 15 to 20 more files which are required. Who knows how many more dependencies will follow this ...... on and on

So ..... my question is do I really need to install the MSCOMCTL.OCX file as part of my install package or do most computers come with this OCX already installed? Basically, which operating systems have this OCX pre-installed (Win98SE, WinME, Win2K, WinXP, etc..)?

Thanks for the advice.

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Common Controls 6 (mscomctl) Xp Style
Yesterday i've looked for some code about how to change the visual of the controls of my software to the Windows XP visual styles. I've found the way in some posts here in Vbcity. I had to create a .manifest file like this:

Quote:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<assembly xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1" manifestVersion="1.0">
<assemblyIdentity type="win32" processorArchitecture="*" version="" name="mash"/>
<description>Enter your Description Here</description>
           name="Microsoft.Windows.Common-Controls" version=""

Althought the version is "", it changes the ComCtl32.ocx look, which is listed on the references as "Microsoft Windows Common Controls 5"

What i want to do is to change the MsComCtl.ocx to the Xp style, which is listed as "Microsoft Windows Common Controls 6". They are almost the same controls, but the Common controls 6 have some improvements that I can't discard...

Someone know how to do this?

There are only 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary, and those who don't.

VB6 SP6 BUGS: MSComCtl Listview Control Cashes
re: MSComCtl Listview control cashes after installing VB6/VS6 SP6

I have been advised that this problem has been reproduced and a hotfix has
been prepared. The supporting KB article and hotfix download link have yet
to be posted, but I can provide you with the following information for those
requiring an immediate fix:

"If a customer needs the hotfix immediately they can open a call with
Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) and request the hotfix by
referencing the not-yet public KB "841999 FIX: MSComCtl Listview control
cashes C0000004 (Div by Zero crash)".

Normally contacting PSS costs $195 US ... it is my understanding that calls
requesting hotfixes for identified issues are free.

I will post the URL to the KB and the downloadable hotfix once it has been
posted on the MS site.


Randy Birch
MVP Visual Basic
Please respond only to the newsgroups so all can benefit.

Error When Starting VB - Mscomctl.ocx Or One Of Its Dependancies Not Correctly Regis.
I get the error
"mscomctl.ocx or one of its dependancies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid" when i startup VB

i click ok, then get the error "Object variable or with block variable not set. Continue?". I click ok and get the error 2 more times. Then i get the error "Automation error. Catastophic failure". and then another "Object variable or with block variable not set. Continue?". Then finally the "New Project.. " window comes up

I notice that i dont have mscomctl.ocx in my system32 folder.. only MSCOMCT2.OCX, MSCOMCTL.[DEP,oca, and SRG]

i downloaded vb6 runtime but it didnt fix the problem

this all started after i ran my virus scanner - i dont know if it deleted something or what happened..

any suggestions?

Should I Include These Files With My Program? MSVBVM60.DLL, MSCOMCTL.OCX,COMDLG32.OCX

My program uses these files: MSVBVM60.DLL, MSCOMCTL.OCX, and COMDLG32.OCX

So my question is, should I include them with the download of my program? Or can I trust most people to have these files already on their system?

If I include the files, my program download size will be bigger than I'd like.


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