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Make/Create VCard(VCF)?

How to make/create VCard(VCF) in VB 6.0?

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Vcard And Vcal Import
i'm a beginner in programming a visual basic 6 programm which uses the com-interface to get data from outlook and stores data there.

my problem is:
how can i access the import-functions in outlook? i want to import a vcard- or a vcal-file and add them into the appointments or addresses.

the part for exporting them i have finished; but i have no idea how to insert them back into outlook again.

i hope you can help me,
thank you!!!


Mail Client+Vcard
What is the key "REV" refers to in a vacrd file(.vcf)??

VCARD Database Program
Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anyone happened to have a VB program that could open items from notepad.... the original format is VCARD (.vcf).

Any help would be appreciated!

Problem Related To VCard File
hi to all,

Thanks in advance

I have to create a Vcard file from
the vb program on click of a button
where the details such as name,
company name,phone,.... are
entered in the vb form.

Outlook 2000 Vcard Saving/Exporting

My problem is as follow: I am writing an external program to add in entries into my existing Outlook 2000 contacts list. Now I need to save/export the newly added entry, in the form of Vcard, into a default or user-set directory. How do I actually go about doing this in VB? (Pity there's no recording macro function in Outlook 2000 )

Thanks for any help!!!

Make Application Create A Log File?
Hi guys, im sort of novice to this, and made some common programs in the past.

I was just wondering, how would i make a program, that when windows starts, the program would create a simple .TXT file containing the time windows started?

i already know how to make the application start when windows starts...just add it to registry.

i just need to code for the creation of the log to wherever the application is, and make the program write in the log the time of when windows started...


Create Email In Outlook And Make It Visible
I have written a program that can create an instance of Outlook and send an email of some data. Right now, the email is created and sent blindly, that is, outlook is never made visible during the creation/sending of the mail. I would like to have the email come up in a visible outlook window, to allow the user to edit further, and send at their convenience, but I have not been able to figure out how to make the instance of Outlook visible. I have not found a Visible property in the Outlook application object model. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

How Create Application To Make Phone Call On Pocket PC Using Vb
Hi anyone out there
is there a way to How create application to make phone call on Pocket PC using vb

or another way is i now had a textbox to store telephone number and a button "call" to call telephone number
on the form is there any code to implement so when i type in telephone number inside textbox and press call it start to call other people

Thanks alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How Do You Make The Set Up Routine Create A Shortcut In The Menu Or Onto The Desktop
Hi Guys
Can you make the set up place a shortcut onto the users menu system or even a shortcut onto the desktop is either possible and if so how is this done


How Make Setup Create A Shotcut In The Autostart Folder

I would like the shotcut of my program to be created in the Autostart folder automatically during the setup process. Or maybe write a key in the registry. I do not want the users to manually do it themselves.

Can this be done or are there other ways to get around this?

I will be glad for any help.



How To Make A Setup File From PWD Wizard That Allows To User Create A Desktop Shortcut
how to make a setup file from PWD wizard that allows to user create a desktop shortcut and also after finish allow user to run a program

How To Create A New Form Of FrmNotify And Make It Show Above The Latest FrmNotify?
Hey guys.

Alright, what im trying to do is everytime you click the command button in form1, i want it to make a new form of frmNotification, and if there already exists a frmNotification on the screen, I want it to make a new one, and put it above the existing one, so lets say

Private Sub Command1_Click()
frmNotification.Top = ExistingNotificationForm.Top - ExistingNotificationForm.Height
End Sub

Thats basically how I want the forms placed.

And also note that the user can click the command button as many times as they want, so it will need to generate a new notification each time the command is pressed, and put it above the latest made notification.

And also, if you look at my notification example that i attached, the notification form has an "[ x ]" which will close that form. If someone clicks that, and then clicks the command button again, I want the new notification form to appear above the latest one that was made that still exists. And if none exists, then I want it to make a new one and put it, lets say at Top = 8340

And its just a thought, but I think that the 'Tags' property will need to be used.

Could anyone help? If you got any questions and are confused about something, just post and ill try to clarify it a little more.

Heres the attachment of what i kinda want it to look like:

Struggling To Make First Object - Make Class Property = To Combo Box On Form
I have an attachment that I would like someone to take a look at.
If you extract to C: it should create a folder named TEST with the Visual Basic code and a .mdb database.

Basically I've created a Class1 module and would like to make its Name property equal to whatever the Combo1's text comes up as (combo box) on Form1. At the end of the Form Load, it has a message box but it comes up blank. I'm pretty sure that I've got my Property Get sub commands correct in the class.

Depending on the default user initials that come up (gvntUser) then there are certain options allowed based on their profile. Some would be in a read-only category and only certain command buttons would be visible. An example of this is in the Class1 class. Class1.ReadOnly would store the property of true or false.

This of course is first of all based on the initial collection of pulling from orderentry.mdb database and then basing it on the Form1.Combo1.Text field as the Key. But I perceive something is not allowing this to happen as the Form is loaded...

This is just a test program that I'm learning through
On my real program, I have numerous combo boxes - some for salespeople, and some for types of orders.

Any suggestions is much appreciated. Thanks in advance for all of your replies.

Make Shortcut On Command Button-Make The Text Underlined
How to make Underline on text on command button??



How Can I Make A Program That Will Make It So That Windows Recognises A File-type?
can any1 help? i am making a program which uses *.pli files, and i want my system to recognise them instead of showing them up with the white icon with the windows system. I no i can do it by going into the folder options (I have windows 98 btw) but can u get vb to do it 4 u in a program? (This program is going to be distributed among lots of people who all use windows, but not necessarily windows 98, i dunno if that makes any diff.)

How To Make A Program Shareware And Make Provisions For Registering It With A Key
i wish to make my program shareware.
how do i program for provisioning for the registering by a key, till that the program should display a message saying it is unregistered?
the key should be unique for all the customers.

How Can I Make It So When I Start Up The Computer To Make Me Auto-connect?
Hello, i have a question about what kinda API call i should use or any other statement to make it so when i turn my computer on my ISP auto connects so i don't have to click on the connecting icon...if u know, please send me some infomration

Thanks for listening

How Do I Make My Program Make Text Files And Save Them?
I need to be able to save text files to file and access them later without using common dialogs, any code?

How Do I Make A HTTP (POST) Call To DLL To Make HTML?
In some applications you see a HTML page in the Web-browser call a DLL
instead of a .asp page.
The result is HTML presented in the browser.

I have seen this working for stand-alone apps as well (Internet Explorer
does the same)

== Questions
1) How does this work?
2) How do I set up the VB code inside the DLL to recieve and handle the
3) Is there any sample code available showing me the basics? (A VB project,
or "whitepapers")
4) Dou you recommend .NET or VB 6.0?

== Why?
I want create a small desktop application using HTML-pages to present data
and to present forms.
Via POST, data should be stored via the DLL into a database

== What for?
Applications to be distributed to desktops using Win 98, WinXP and Win2000

Thanks in advance.


Using Api How Can I Create A Rich Text Box Using Create WindowEx Command
I need to create a richtextbox on my form2 by using API.
The command to do this i think is CreateWindowEx
If anyone could tell me the code that would be great.
from James

How Can I Make A Game? I Wanna Make It Online!
[size=1][font=arial][color=crimson] please help me! i wanna make a game!!!PlEaSe!!!!

How To Make Clicking Anywhere Make A List Invisible
I'm writing a program with a lot of frame objects, text boxes, button, and all sorts of gizmos, all available to the user at any time.

One funciton that I'm trying to implement is a menu system that pops up when the user clicks a button (much like the start menu in windows, but with different items in them). I have it implemented using a set of listboxes that appear/disappear when different elements on the menu are selected, and that's working great.

The problem that I am having, is that I want the menu to disapear if the user clicks anywhere on the screen other than on the list box (that I'm using for menus). I've tried the form_click event, but that doesn't work if there's frames/text boxes/etc on the form on top of the backround. For some reason the lostfocus event doesn't always trigger when I click off of the list box (onto the form, or other frame object or whatever), although it does work when clicking into a text box or something.

Anyway, I've been plugging at this for a long time. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


How Do I Make My Program Make A Back Up Of The Registry?
How to I make my program to make a back up of the registry under the name I want it and in a folder I ask for it to go to??

for ex. You click on a button and it starts making a back up of the registry.

Thanks for your help again.

How Can I Like Make A Lighting In Vb Frawing It And Make It Animated?
How can i Like Make a Lighting in Vb frawing It And Make It Animated?

If I Where To Make A Game How Would I Make Each Level In A Dll Format??
if i where to make a game how would i make each level in a dll format?? and also where can i learn how to make a dll ??

Create A New Visio Object, && Create A New Document From VBA
Hello all,

I am trying to open Visio and paste a chart into it from Powerpoint, and from there saving it as a .wmf, or.emf file, all via VBA, not sure of the code though..
I tried creating a new Visio Application via-

Private VS As Visio.Application

-but it wasnt having any of it!

Any advice please?


Sqldmo, Create Database, Create Teables... All From Vb6?
Hi all

I need code to create a database, create table(s) on that database, using sqldmo.

Can anyone give example pieces of code to get that, including the connection to server, all from a VB6 application?

Many Thanks in advance

Virginio Reis

How Do You Create New Methods For ActiveX Controls You Create?
I recently finished making my very first complete ActiveX control, and I feel confident enough now to make another that I also need to complete one of my applications. I am going to make an Alarm control, which shouldn't be too hard to create or code, but I want to add in some methods to perform some specific tasks I want it to be able to do. I know how to create new properties, but can someone help me out with how to create new methods? You don't have to teach me anything specific, if someone has just a tutorial or something simple, that will do the job.

Now, don't get me wrong, 'cause baseball's a great sport.
It teaches little children simple eye-hand coordination with little effort or exhaustion.


Create A 2 Simple Textboxs With A Create Button Pls Help!
Im a newbie in vb and have no help w/my vb app.

Can anyone give me the script for a simple form to display 2 textboxes on top of each other with a button underneath that when clicked writes the contents of the textbox to a file?

The the 2nd txtbox would be used for the name of the file...

Thanks to all that can code!

How Can I Make A Macro That Will Make VB6 Press A Key.
I recently learned how to make VB macro leftclick using the mouse.
I was wondering what is the code that can make VB press the letter "n" on keyboard for example. If you post a code, no explanation is needed(although i will appreciate a little explanation if you have time)
Thanks everyone.
BTW i cant use the macro recorder.

Make Window In VB But Make Program In C/C++?

I heard a roomer that yoyu can have the nice and easy way of creating a window and buttons with VB but make the core of the program in C/C++. Is this true..and if so I'm very intrested in learning how...because making windows in C++ for quick programs is very time consuming

thanx in advance,

How Do I Make Vb Make A .EXE File? And Split()
1) Using Split(), How would I make it so the user can enter aNY charecter, like if I split using "_", the thing is NAME_AGE_LOCATION, and I want to split that, but the user enters like Da_ve for name, itll split it to Da ve instead of Da_ve.

2) How would I make vb 'produce' a .exe file? Lets say, I want to make a command button, and when u run this and click it, I want vb to make a bin file in "C:" named biff.exe, and this file does whatever I want, Is it harder in VB than another language? (delphi?)

How To Make A Right-click Also Make Like Left?
I searched and found a nice litte snippet here:

Private Sub List1_MouseDown(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)
If Button = vbRightButton Then
PopupMenu mnuPop
End If
End Sub

But I need one more thing. I need my list box to also highlight the proper ListIndex (as if left-clicked) before the PopUp menu comes up.

Thank you and prease forgive broken engrish in subject.

Questions: Create Report In VB (existing Report In Access) / Create Graph In VB.
I need help on my college project for A-level computing. I wanted to know how to do creat a report in Visual basic as i already got a report in Access.
Problem (2) = How to creat a graph in Viusal basic with the data stored on access
can you pls tell me the code, it would be helpful

Thank for help

2 Questions: Create Report In VB (existing Report In Access) / Create Graph In VB.
I need help on my college project for A-level computing. I wanted to know how to do creat a report in Visual basic as i already got a report in Access.
Problem (2) = How to creat a graph in Viusal basic with the data stored on access
Thank for help

(EDIT by DaVBMan - Gave your post a more meaningful subject as just "Help me" does not help get people to look at your post. Many just scan the list for certain topics they know how to help in. Give your subjects a meaningful title and it lets others help you faster. just trying to help.)

Edited by - DaVBMan on 3/23/2004 3:53:40 PM

Make ListBox Background An Image Or Make Background Transparent?
Is there any way I can use the standard listbox and use some sort of bitblt or gdi stuff (i know nothing about those graphical functions) to put an image in the background of the listbox or if that's not possible if i could even make the background transparent and have the picture set as the form's picture?

Thanks in advance!

How Do I Make It So The User Can Select Certain Text And Make Only That Text A Differ
How do i make it so the user can select certain text and make only that text a differerent color with a atext box??????

How To Use Create Statment Table In Ado To Create Table With Memo Fields?
i have one table in sql2000 .
this table has to fileds.
1:id integer
2:message varchar (1000)
i want create a table from this table to my databse in access 2003

How Do I Make My Shape Move Left Up Or Down (i Already Know How To Make It Move Right
Hey, i don't know how to make my shape move up down and left. <^v. could anyone who know how to do it please help me?
i'm a noob at vb. i just started doin some things and up up to keypressing and stuff.

Create Form Using VBA Or Create Form During Runtime
hi there..
i'l ask an apology if you found i'm posting in the wrong section, but i could not find where is the exact location to post this topic.

we're using an ERP program and the only way to change/modify the forms is through VBA. Now we're going to make new form consisting 4 textboxes and 2 command buttons through VBA codes..

or in just simple VB codes, create form during runtime including 3 textbox and 2 command buttons.

if you have an idea please post it here. it' would be a great help for us.

Thank you in advance.

Make Dir
I am trying to test if this directory exist. If it doesnt then make it. But I keep getting Err 76 "path not found" here is the code I am working with.

'In form load
If Dir(App.Path & "" & App.EXEName & "Profiles", vbDirectory) = "" Then MkDir (App.Path & "" & App.EXEName & "Profiles")
So what am i doing wrong?

How To Make
I want to build command button, but have different appearance, more artistic, do that

How To Make Or Where To Get
Hi Ya Im making a program for my fathers bithday in october I was wanting to know how to make or where to get free 32-bit icons or pngs in 16x16pixels thru 128x128 pixels.
I need them in all three states normal, disabled, and hot.

I searched the web but I have not found any for free.

I need standard menu icons, tool bar icons, and a few calendar icons. and some icons or images for my wizards in the program.

any help will be apreciated

Make EXE
Background: Use the "Make EXE" option on Visual Basic 6. The program is linked to 2 Access Databases.

Question: Once I make the "EXE" and move the file to a different machine, the program will NOT pull the information from the databases. The directories are the same on both the laptop (where Im doing the program) and on the desktop (where the program is being executed once being compiled). Ideas?

How Do I Make This
How do i make a simple setup for a program.So like instead of having just the u have the program installed in the computer.How do i do this?

Make It Go Away...
Ok I have a quit button and when the user clicks it, it unloads all the forms and quits the program. The only problem is the program is gone but it's still on the Ctrl+Alt+Delete menu...

Make it go away!

How Do I Make...

I want to make a tube of glass.. Now I found out that you have to do something with the opacity or transparency.. I figured out in 3D Studio Max, where you can make a simple box of 'glass'... But now.. how do I do that in visual basic.. it has to do with the material but i tried allmost every logic combination but it won't work.. I CAN make the whole tube invisble (totaly transparent) with the use of a black (or almost black) texture and then set through the colorkey the tube invisible..
Can anybody help me out?

Question: how to make an object from 'glass' (you can look through it but you can also see it's there)

I'm using DirectX 7 and Visual Basic..


Make My Own!
ok i am making my own messenger program for my school network so we can chat while we are in class. I wanna make it like msn Messenger so that there is one form that has the list of users that are connected and then u double click one and it pops up a new form that you can private message them. how would i make it so when you connect to the server the server will send you the list of people connected. i can make it so you can connect to a server on my other chat programs i have made but i havent got it to give you the list of users connected can someone help me out?? QUICK REPLY PLEASE!!

Just Want To Make Sure...
I made a Winsock Chat Program using the Tutorial at, on this page, . And I made a chat program using that Tutorial. Mainly the exact same one as on the Tutorial. But my question is, all I have to do is give someone the Client and be on the internet and I get on the Server on the internet and we can just start chatting like that? Just wanting to make sure.-thanks

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