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Make My Own TV Tuner Software?

I remember this being asked before but since the search engine rejects "TV" I couldn't find it. How can I make a replacement to the software that came with my TV Tuner card (ATI TV Wonder PCI)?

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How To Make A Guitar Software
someone can help me how to make a guitar software by using visual basic 6

How To Make A Trial Software
I need my app to expire after 30 days of use. How can I do this?
If you dont have the code just tell me the process to make it a trial one then I'll research a little more.

Thanks in advance


How To Make My Software Run As A Service?
I have used VB6.0 to develop a software for WinNT4.0 to monitor the server status. However, I would like to make it run as a service. In programming, how can I achieve it?

Software To Make Icons
Anyone know some software (free) on the net i can use to make icons for my new program, or where i can download some? Thanks for the help

How To Make Trial Software
Hi guys

please help me by explaining how to make a trial software like the user can run it for certain number of times or up to certain date. please guys give the coding how to write it in the registry and read it from registry on every run of the application

please help me i m in a great need of this code

thnx in advance

How To Make Trial Software Of 30 Days
I am using Inno Setup to build the setup files.
Please tell me how can i make my application setup as a trial verion for 30 or 15 days.

How To Make A Trial Version Of Software
I want to make a kind of 10 day trial of some software I am writing but have thought about the following:

Either I can permanently disable the main functionality so they can get a feel to what the program will do (but can someone hack into a .exe and amend)?

I can install the program and store the installation date and then wait for installation date + 10 days, but if the user keeps amending the system date,it will never expire.

I can install the program again, and store the install date and keep storing the date the program is accessed and when I get 10 unique dates, stop working.

Or I can just limit the usage of the program to 100 uses, incrementing each time the user enters, problem with this, it can expire after 1 day if he goes in 100 times.

Any thoughts appreciated.

How Can I Make My Software Visually Esthetic?
Please help me telling me the options of making my software visually looks great.

it is very urgent.

Any One Hav Ideas On How To Make Dns Server Software?
any one hav ideas on how to make a dns server software?

How To Make Your Anti Virus Software Scan A Files?

MSN messenger and other programs use the anti virus software installed
on the user's computer to scan files.
you just put in the exe path of the av program, and it scans files.

I want to know how can I do this using vb?


TV Tuner IR
Hello, does anybody know how i can go about 'catching' the signal sent to the IR reciever on my TV Tuner card? The software that comes with the tv tuner is not too bad, but it has an annoying thing where it makes the current window lose focus, so when typing in msn say and i use the remote to change the tv or radio channel (the application can be hidden away) it makes the msn window lose focus so i am trying to find a way to make an app to do the same job. I would also like it to display the current channel your entering say when listening to the radio.

TV Tuner.
Hello there,

Can anybody help me how to handle with a tv capture card in VB6?

How can I write my own software to display the tv on screen or to auto search channels and how to handle with the chip on it"(BT878)?

Thanks alot

Tv Tuner In VB
I'm trying to get the code that MS wrote for a Tv Tuner application to work. I created an msvidtl object on a form, and used this code provided from MS:
    Dim objTSContainer As New SystemTuningSpaces
    Dim objTuneRequest As IChannelTuneRequest
    Set objTuneRequest = objTSContainer("Cable").CreateTuneRequest
    objTuneRequest.Channel = 3
    'VidControl is the MSVidCtl Object in my app's main Form
    VidControl.View objTuneRequest

In my MSVidCtl object window, I get a pink still image screen with a few odd lines in it. I tried this code on 2 computers with different ati tv tuners in them. The latest model of the two I have is the ati 9700 all in wonder(so it should work). Does anyone know how to get this code to work? or have any suggestions for other routes to do this?

Edited by - jsnow on 3/28/2003 4:00:00 PM

Need OCX Or DLL For Guitar Tuner
i neen some type of code or library or control that will let me setermine what frequency the sound is coming through the sound card at a given instance. or even a note or something...but perferably a frequency to tell whether ne note is flat or sharp. I want to creat a guitar tuner with this information. if anybody has anyway to get this data...please reply.

Guitar Tuner
Hi guys, im making a guitar tuner which works fine but you can only play the same not once any ideas heres the code for one of the notes

Private Sub Command1_Click()
With MMControl1
.Visible = False
.FileName = "C:Documents and Settingsguitar tuningE string.mp3"
.Command = "Open"
.Command = "Play"
End With

End Sub

Guitar Tuner
Has anyone ever made a guitar tuner using Visual Basic / knows how.

If so could you please send me a project or guide me on the right lines to making it, as i am completley stuck.

Thanks Alot


Radio Tuner
I'm new in Visual Basic, the basic stuff I know, but what i want to do is:
I want to make a program that can play radio channels wich will be found threw the internet, so i want a program that looks like Media player and can connect to an URL

Any help will be appreciated



Guitar Tuner
Hi, I am looking for a way to find the frequency currently being played on the microphone. I am trying to make a guitar tuner application for when the guitar is plugged directly to the microphone input. This should be a fairly easy thing to but i dont really have an idea where to start. After messing around with some Direct Sound examples for about an hour I didnt find a solution. Do does anyone have any ideas?

Jeff Hockema

Tv Tuner Program
this is something which has been bugging me for a really long time. (well, 2 weeks anyway). i want to write a program which utilises the tv tuner card in my pc. I dont like the program it comes with. i only know VB, not c++, or anoy others..

if any of you have VB source which can help me, i will be very gratefull and will send you a copy of the final app when its done.

How To Interface With A TV Tuner Card.
I'd like to know how to get messages from a TV tuner card, if there is any DLL that lets you do this, or something of the sort. I've got an Avermedia TV98 card with Cable TV input, if that makes any difference.

TV Tuner & MSVidCtl Problems
Im using a leadtek tv tuner card that is working fine with the leadtek software and when I use graphedit however when I use the following visual basic code, Im using VB6 if it matters, the sound works and the channel changes but the video window remains black. Any ideas?

This is the code.

Dim objTSContainer As New SystemTuningSpaces
Dim objTuneRequest As IChannelTuneRequest

Set objTuneRequest = objTSContainer("Cable").CreateTuneRequest
objTuneRequest.Channel = 6 'Sets the tuner to channel 6

VidControl.View objTuneRequest


Tv Tuner Record Programming
i have a tv tuner card (tv@mpg) and want to make my program ( any language or vb ) that record tv to harddisk .
anybody help me please ,thanks

Incorperating Video From A Tuner Card Into Vb
I was wondering if it were possible incorprate live video into a vb program. I have designed a remote control pan and tilt system for a camera. the wireless system i am using can be computere controled. So i am going to make a vb interface to control the system. I would like to also hook the wireless camera in the system to a tv tuner card and have a viewing window in my vb program.

So my ? is can i bring in the video fed into the tuner card in to vb and how wound i do this.



Change Channel With TV Tuner Card
I really hope someone can help me with this because it's been driving me crazy trying to find an answer anywhere on the 'net...

I'm writing an application that captures video from a TV card. The capture part isn't the problem -- I've found plenty of code snippets and examples for that. The problem is: how does one change the channel that the TV card is tuned to? I need to be able to tune the card through code since my application involves, among other things, scheduling events that automatically record video from a particular channel.

As I understand it, the DirectX SDK supports (somewhere) tuning a TV card but only in VC++. So, are there any normal API calls (i.e. for VfW instead of WDM) or can anyone help me out with a small VC++ wrapper to change the tuner's channel?

Many thanks in advance,

Capturing Video From A TV Tuner Card
I have a Hauppauge WinTV card, in one program I have that I use to watch and record TV, it calls the driver "MSVIDEO: Brooktree Bt848 Capture Driver". How would I go about capturing the video and saving it to a file from VB?

WinFast 2000 Tv Tuner Takeover!
I know this one is a long shot, but I just have to ask in case someone here has some bright ideas.

I have a leadtek winfast2000 deluxe Tv tuner card. The card comes with a remote control and a small IR reciever that plugs into the back of the TV card via what looks like a headphones type jack.

Now I've seen that the supplied remote only works when a certain supplied app is running. Obviously this app, reads the incoming signals from the port and performs the required action.

I really want to reprogram the remote control - now I've gone through the dll's that are installed by the leadtek software by adding them as references in VB, but none of them expose anything, so no luck there.

Does anyone know a way I can hijack this port and read what's being sent in by the remote control??

Windows XP Analog Tuner Program Zip File
Here is a simple analog tuner program that I wrote for Windows XP Pro or Home only based off of Microsoft.

If anyone would like to test the program I would greatly appreciate the help. I set the program up to view channels 2 thru 60 on an analog cable feed. Sorry for the programs limitations I am just starting out.

Everything works picture feed and closed captioning. However, my video is upside down. I am wondering if it is just my tuner capture card. I am using an ATI TV Wonder.

I would really appreciate your responses back on the video issue.

Program requires:
Windows xp pro or home
Tuner Card
and analog cable/antenna Feed.

Here is the exe file.

That should be it.
Hope it works for you.

Dan Schuessler

Send TV Tuner Output To XP's Transparent Desktop ?
I am trying to send tv tuner video to the desktop of 2k/xp (Such as Dremples, Winamp Visualization Studio, etc...) so you can watch TV on your desktop behind your icons.

Can somebody please help ?

PS, is it possible to use this code (attached) and simply 'send or redirect' the output to the desktop

Programing Request - Tv Tuner On XP Transparent Desktop
I would like to build an application (Or have someone build the app) that uses 2000/XP's transparent desktop feature (Dremples, WinAmp visualzation studio, etc) to watch tv on your deskop.

It would just be a tv tuner application that has an option to display the video on the windows desktop.

That would be tight and I havent seen one on the internet. Anybody want to help me ?


Very Urgent(Capturing TV Tuner Card).I Found It TX Everyone
I desperately need help.....I am having a TV Tuner card in my machine which I want to capture in my VB application but unable to find the the reqired ActiveX control file(OCX) to draw the control on the form...any of u guys knows how to capture TV Tuner???........this is totally different from Video capture, so guys dont get confused......Windows Media Player and Microsoft Active Movie Control has no role to play here.......

I hope a quick solution from u all.....


[* NOT RESOLVED*] Analog TV Tuner Card And MsVidCtl
Hi friends!
I am a new member.
I am working with XP , VB6 ,directx9 , MsVidCtl , Philips TV tuner card. I am receiving
 video and audio of live TV program , using following Vb codes only, thanks everyone,
especially Dave Rep: on 28th June’2004, 4:28 PM UTC, where from I got the code
after long search. But I could not control the brightness , contrast, colour etc. Also
I could not capture the online live programe. Please help me any one and send me
 the vb code.

My code:
Code:Private sub command1_click()
Dim objTuningSpaceContainer As New SystemTuningSpaces
Dim objTunerRequest As IChannelTuneRequest
Dim objTuneSpace As ITuningSpace
Dim objAnalogTuneSpace As New AnalogTVTuningSpace

For Each objTuneSpace In objTuningSpaceContainer
    If objTuneSpace.UniqueName = "MyTV" Then
        objTuningSpaceContainer.Remove "MyTV"
    End If

objAnalogTuneSpace.UniqueName = "MyTV"
objAnalogTuneSpace.FriendlyName = "My Television"
objAnalogTuneSpace.CountryCode = 91 ‘india
objAnalogTuneSpace.MaxChannel = 99
objAnalogTuneSpace.MinChannel = 1
objAnalogTuneSpace.NetworkType = "{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}" ' CABLE
objAnalogTuneSpace.InputType = TunerInputDigitalCable

objTuningSpaceContainer.Add objAnalogTuneSpace
’note do the above for once only
Dim objTSContainer
Dim objTuningSpace
Dim objTuneRequest

Set objTSContainer = CreateObject("BDATuner.SystemTuningSpaces")
Set objTuningSpace = objTSContainer("MyTV")
' Mandatory country code, even for MyTV ?!
objTuningSpace.CountryCode = 91

Set objTuneRequest = objTuningSpace.CreateTuneRequest

' Use s-video
objTuneRequest.Channel = 1

VidControl.View objTuneRequest


End sub


Edited by - barunesh kayal on 7/3/2006 4:46:49 AM

Flicker-Free Ticker On TV Tuner Card
Dear All,

I m trying to develop a ticker {say news ticker} for a particular channel, which will get transmitted to the Viewers of that particular channel..My approach for this is, i m trying to run a ticker on the DC of the TV Tuner do work, but with lot of Flickering...Pl. let me know the solution for my problem...Is there any other way out for the problem..

Thanx in Advance

Chaitanya S. Tembe

How Play Composite Video Input From Tv Tuner Card

pl. hemp ne 1

I want only play Composite video input from tv tuner in my VB form in full screen mode my video format is PAL-B. Simplay i want Play, i dont want capture

please tell me VB code hoe it will work

S. kumar

How Play Composite Video Input From Tv Tuner Card

pl. hemp ne 1

I want only play Composite video input from tv tuner in my VB form in full screen mode my video format is PAL-B. Simplay i want Play, i dont want capture

please tell me VB code hoe it will work

S. kumar

[MsVidCtl & MS Tuner Library] Problem Tuning Analog TV Through Cable
I'm trying to add TV support to a program, and correctly added analog antenna support so far, however I'm having problems trying to add support to analog cable: some programs get recognised twice on contiguos channels, plus they aren't found on the same order nor channel numbers the program that came with the hardware displays. Also, the program uses just a max channel number of 108 and I'm forced to use more than 210 channels in order to find all of them.

As far as I know doing this should be the same way as adding analog antenna, but just setting the InputType property of the AnalogTVTuningSpace instance to TunerInputCable, but it isn't working as expected. I'm on a PAL-B region.

My Software Keeps On Crashing In Compiled Software ....
Im wondering why when i compile my software and when tried to run it, it keeps on crashing and sending error report to MS....If i run it in the Visual Basic "not compiled" its working 100% ... Does anyone knows why my software keeps on crashing when i run it in a compiled software......

Thanks in advance ....

Software To Automate Software Testing
Anyone know of software that can automate application testing ?

I just heard roomers that such tools exist.

Struggling To Make First Object - Make Class Property = To Combo Box On Form
I have an attachment that I would like someone to take a look at.
If you extract to C: it should create a folder named TEST with the Visual Basic code and a .mdb database.

Basically I've created a Class1 module and would like to make its Name property equal to whatever the Combo1's text comes up as (combo box) on Form1. At the end of the Form Load, it has a message box but it comes up blank. I'm pretty sure that I've got my Property Get sub commands correct in the class.

Depending on the default user initials that come up (gvntUser) then there are certain options allowed based on their profile. Some would be in a read-only category and only certain command buttons would be visible. An example of this is in the Class1 class. Class1.ReadOnly would store the property of true or false.

This of course is first of all based on the initial collection of pulling from orderentry.mdb database and then basing it on the Form1.Combo1.Text field as the Key. But I perceive something is not allowing this to happen as the Form is loaded...

This is just a test program that I'm learning through
On my real program, I have numerous combo boxes - some for salespeople, and some for types of orders.

Any suggestions is much appreciated. Thanks in advance for all of your replies.

Make Shortcut On Command Button-Make The Text Underlined
How to make Underline on text on command button??



How Can I Make A Program That Will Make It So That Windows Recognises A File-type?
can any1 help? i am making a program which uses *.pli files, and i want my system to recognise them instead of showing them up with the white icon with the windows system. I no i can do it by going into the folder options (I have windows 98 btw) but can u get vb to do it 4 u in a program? (This program is going to be distributed among lots of people who all use windows, but not necessarily windows 98, i dunno if that makes any diff.)

How To Make A Program Shareware And Make Provisions For Registering It With A Key
i wish to make my program shareware.
how do i program for provisioning for the registering by a key, till that the program should display a message saying it is unregistered?
the key should be unique for all the customers.

How Can I Make It So When I Start Up The Computer To Make Me Auto-connect?
Hello, i have a question about what kinda API call i should use or any other statement to make it so when i turn my computer on my ISP auto connects so i don't have to click on the connecting icon...if u know, please send me some infomration

Thanks for listening

How Do I Make My Program Make Text Files And Save Them?
I need to be able to save text files to file and access them later without using common dialogs, any code?

How Do I Make A HTTP (POST) Call To DLL To Make HTML?
In some applications you see a HTML page in the Web-browser call a DLL
instead of a .asp page.
The result is HTML presented in the browser.

I have seen this working for stand-alone apps as well (Internet Explorer
does the same)

== Questions
1) How does this work?
2) How do I set up the VB code inside the DLL to recieve and handle the
3) Is there any sample code available showing me the basics? (A VB project,
or "whitepapers")
4) Dou you recommend .NET or VB 6.0?

== Why?
I want create a small desktop application using HTML-pages to present data
and to present forms.
Via POST, data should be stored via the DLL into a database

== What for?
Applications to be distributed to desktops using Win 98, WinXP and Win2000

Thanks in advance.


How Can I Make A Game? I Wanna Make It Online!
[size=1][font=arial][color=crimson] please help me! i wanna make a game!!!PlEaSe!!!!

How To Make Clicking Anywhere Make A List Invisible
I'm writing a program with a lot of frame objects, text boxes, button, and all sorts of gizmos, all available to the user at any time.

One funciton that I'm trying to implement is a menu system that pops up when the user clicks a button (much like the start menu in windows, but with different items in them). I have it implemented using a set of listboxes that appear/disappear when different elements on the menu are selected, and that's working great.

The problem that I am having, is that I want the menu to disapear if the user clicks anywhere on the screen other than on the list box (that I'm using for menus). I've tried the form_click event, but that doesn't work if there's frames/text boxes/etc on the form on top of the backround. For some reason the lostfocus event doesn't always trigger when I click off of the list box (onto the form, or other frame object or whatever), although it does work when clicking into a text box or something.

Anyway, I've been plugging at this for a long time. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


How Do I Make My Program Make A Back Up Of The Registry?
How to I make my program to make a back up of the registry under the name I want it and in a folder I ask for it to go to??

for ex. You click on a button and it starts making a back up of the registry.

Thanks for your help again.

How Can I Like Make A Lighting In Vb Frawing It And Make It Animated?
How can i Like Make a Lighting in Vb frawing It And Make It Animated?

If I Where To Make A Game How Would I Make Each Level In A Dll Format??
if i where to make a game how would i make each level in a dll format?? and also where can i learn how to make a dll ??

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