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Method ~ Of Object ~ Failed

Hi all,
I have com add-in which has a button to generate TOC on word documents. But i am getting "Method ~ of object ~ failed" error on MS office 2000. But it is working fine with MS Office XP. I am lost. I tried by installing MDAC_TYP.exe but without any success.


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Method '~' Of Object '~' Failed
I've looked trough the whole internet and didnt find any usefull informations.

This error comes up for multiple reason, and for my case it's not because the program is open twice I'm pretty sure it's a problem with ADO object as stated there:;en-us;255986

I noticed this thing happen only on WinXP computers without VB installed...

I tryed to deploy with install shield and with the widzard that come with VB and it dont work... I tryed to change the references from ADO 2.7 to 2.6 but it didnt change...

anyone can help? i've been searching for this for almost a month, now im desesperate.

Method ~ Of Object ~ Failed
Ok, Here is a question for all of you VB Experts:

I am using VB 6.0 SP5. I have a DLL written in VB that generates an Excel spreadsheet using automation. In this case, it is a spreadsheet for a Parts Requisition. When I create a new parts requisition and generate the spreadsheet, there is no problem. When I exit the dialog box and edit the same requsition and try to generate it again, then I get the above error.

This problem only happens when I run the front end application in the VB IDE. It does NOT happen if I run the DLL in a separate VB session to try to debug it. It also does not happen if I compile the front end into an executable and run the executable. It only occurs if the front end is being ran in a single VB session.

Since it does not occur in the Exe, that makes it not so important, but I would still like to know why it is happening and what fix there is for it.

Method '~'of Object'~' Failed!
Hi there i havent been programming in VB6 for very long and when ive been trying out bits of sample code off the net i getting the error:

Project failed to build!
Method '~'of Object'~' failed!
This is a very unhelpfull error message as theres not hint as to what might be causing the error or where the problem is located.
Can anyone tell me what its about ?
Can you debug code with this error?

Method '~' Of Object '~' Failed
I get this error on startup of app. I'm sure I don't have something referenced right, but I can't seem to figure it out. Help would be appreciated.

Public con As New ADODB.Connection
Public cmd As New ADODB.Command
Public rs As New ADODB.Recordset

Public Sub StartConnections()
If con.State = 1 Then
con.Open "DSN=****;uid=***;pwd=******;"
End If
End Sub

**load of mainform**
Dim crysApp As New CRAXDRT.Application
Dim flag As Boolean
Dim selectedreport As String
Dim myRpt As CRAXDRT.Report

Private Sub Form_Load()
Call StartConnections
Set rs.ActiveConnection = con
rs.Open "Select * from Report_Name", , adOpenForwardOnly

With rs
Do Until .EOF
statecombo.AddItem .Fields(0).Value & " - " & .Fields(1).Value
End With
Set rs = Nothing
End Sub

thanks again

Method ~ Of Object ~ Failed
Hi all

While starting Visual Basic 6.0 IDE, an error message is thrown. It says

"Method '~' of object '~' failed"

After that when I try to run my program, it gives a compile error:

"Object Library Not Registered"

What could be the cause for that. will I be needed to reinstall the vb 6.0 or is it the problem related to SP5


Method '~' Of Object '~' Failed
hi guys,

what is this error. Sometimes I get it, sometimes I don't.

Method '~' Of Object '~' Failed
Hi guys

I know this question has been asked millions of times, but I feel I need to ask it again...

I'm having problems using late binding in VB. Now I know that Microsoft has confirmed it to be a bug, (what a laugh... their resolution is to use early binding... WHAT'S THE POINT OF LATE BINDING THEN!?!?!?) but I still need to fix this up.

The thing is... I have about 80 DLL's, and 60 OCX's that I use in my app by use of late binding. Some of the OCX's use some of the DLL's.

These are highly integrated DLL's and OCX's, and I require it to be late bound for upgrade purposes, as compiling all of the code in a single app will result in the EXE being 140MB+... ???

This only happens some times, but when running the app through the VB IDE, I get an error when clicking on something:

Method '~' of object '~' failed

Automation error -2147417848

When I break this line in the IDE, I can just hit F5 again, and it goes past the line, executing the function successfully. It's definately not a coding error, as it runs past the line on the second attempt. It's as if the DLL is not properly bound... Bare in mind that this does not happen on a single line all the time. This happens all over the place, but randomly... there's not once in a week where it will happen on the same line.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas??? I'm begging...

Method ~ Of Object ~ Failed. Can Anyone Help?
Hello all,

I have written an application in VB6 that opens a word document (a template) and performs "find and replace" on data that i pass in. My application is used by external users who log on to our network via Citrix. A few of the users get the error message "Method ~ of Object ~ Failed" (error number -2147023113). The bit of code that this occurs is below:

Do While wrdDoc.Content.Find.Execute( _
FindText:="@" & strReplaceField & "@", _
MatchCase:=False, _
MatchWholeWord:=True, _
ReplaceWith:=strReplacement, _

As fas as i know, its nothing to do with Printer settings or anything, it just seems to be the Execute statement above. Anybody any ideas as to how i can prevent this?

Much appreciated

Method '~' Of Object '~' Failed
I have this problem.....
I am opening a Excel file through VB. But In some Machines it gives the following error...

Method '~' of Object '~' failed

Can anyone tell me how to resolve this error.....]


Method '~' Of Object '~' Failed
Method '~' of Object '~' Failed

Do you know why Iwould be getting this message on this line? If I run it out of the IDE, it works fine. But if I run the compiled app, I get the above message.

VB Code:
WshShell.Run "chown.exe -R " & UserName & " " & ServerName & shareName & UserName & "*.*", 1, Truertn = Shell("files/chown.exe -R" & strUser & " " & strFolderPath, vbHide)

Method Of Object Failed
First off, here's my code:

Private Sub cmdPrintContract_Click()
' frmContract.Caption = "Print Contract for Cater Number: " & lblCaterNumber.Caption
'frmContract.txtDate.Text = Date

Dim Menu As String


rs2("Menu") = frmContract.lblMenu.Caption



Dim wrd As Word.Application
If txtTotalKids.Text = "" Then
Set wrd = New Word.Application
wrd.Documents.Open (App.Path + "contract-adults.doc")
Set wrd = New Word.Application
wrd.Documents.Open (App.Path + "contract-children.doc")
End If
wrd.Visible = True
End Sub

This works FLAWLESSLY on my computer, but when I install the packaged application on my work computer (also running Windows XP and Office XP) it gives me an error that "Method of ~ Object Failed". It then points to either of the bold lines. I'm guessing its some kind of missing driver or DLL, but the two computers are identical in every way.

I should also point out that when I package the program, it says something about my .EXE being old and I've tried using the one I made and a recompiled one, but no luck. Like I said, the program works FLAWLESSLY in Debug and Packaged/Installed mode on the computer I coded it on. I even installed Visual Basic 6 on the work computer and it won't still won't run in either mode. Can someone help me please!!?!


I almost forgot. Basically, the problem is in opening Word. It says something about the last time it tried to open this document blah blah blah. Then no matter what I choose, it says the Method Object Failed (or MOF error, as I now call it). The error is in opening Word and I'm stuck!

Method ~ Of Object ~ Failed
for some reason i'm getting this error when using this code on another pc (win98):

VB Code:
Dim f As Object Set f = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")f.CopyFile "c:lah.txt", "LPT1"

it works find on my pc. i've tried setting a reference to the Scripting runtime instead of using CreateObject, but that just says "Object variable or With block variable not set". i've also tried copying my version of scrrun.dll (Scripting Runtime DLL) to the other pc, and registering it, but it still doesn't work. any ideas?

Method '~' Of Object '~' Failed
What a hell is this message ?

Method '~' of object '~' failed

Low memory ?

Method '~' Of Object '~' Failed

im desparate, i need your help good people
im getting this error only on compiled dll so i cant reproduce it debug or anything, it's not like it's happening everytime... completelty random.

does anybody every had this problem?

Method ~ Of Object ~ Failed?
On a few occassions, the above appeared in a Msgbox when I started VB.

Does anybody know what it means? VB seems to work okay afterwards, so it cannot be a critical issue.

Method '~' Of Object '~' Failed
Has any one seein this error?

Method '~' of object '~' failed.

It comes when i open may VB. It started when I installed office 2000 on my machine...

I don't know the method '~' of the object '~'

any ideas?

Method '~' Of Object '~' Failed
I am getting this message when attempting to preview or save access reports
from visual basic. It does not happen every time or even more regularly on
one machine than another. I am using VB 6 to open/save Access XP reports.
VB 6 is running SP6 and Access is runnning SP3.

Any suggestions would be helpful.


Method '~' Of Object '~' Failed
Hello Guys,

since a while I'm getting a popup message wheneever I start VB6

It says:


Method '~' of object '~' failed.

When I click ok, vb starts up as normal. Everything is working as it should be.

Except in the toolbar, the icoon 'data view window' is grey, and can not be used.

I have already reinstalled VB sp6, but that does not seem to help.

I'm running on Windows XP SP2.

Any Idea's on how to fix this.


Method '~' Of Object '~' Failed
If I run my application from VB environment and error happens Err.Description has meaningfull information: "Not enough disk space".
But when I run executable from Windows it gives me error number (-2147024784) and description "Method '~' of object '~' failed".

How to overcome this problem?

Thank you in advance.

Method '~' Of Object '~' Failed
I have this message when I want to view the report.

Method '~' of object '~' failed.
Runtime error '-2147352567' (80020009)

I am using windows 98 second edition without MSoffice 2000. I am using
VisualBasic 6.0 with SP5 to develop my application. I already added

MSDERUN.DLL (Common FilesDesigners folder)
MSDBRPTR.DLL (System32 Folder)
msstdfmt.dll (System32 Folder)

to my package.

Funny thing is that after I install MSoffice 2000 to this new PC, it works.
The only problem is that I am going to install to other PCs, those PC do not
have license to the MSoffice 2000.

What are the dll is needed????

Please help! A million Thanks!

Method '~' Of Object '~' Failed
I get this error inconsistently when calling a method of a successfully instantiated VB COM object (ActiveX DLL) running under MTS.
Cannot recreate this error consistently.
Please help.......

Method Of Object Failed
I get a "Method of Object Failed Error"
only once ina while.Not on all the com/dcom call s but some calls fails
while VC client tries to access a vb component on MTS.
Same dll when called from a dummy vb client has no problems anyno of times u call it.i have doubt regarding instance release
Can u give me a solution or all possible causes f this error
vc is holding the pointer to component for later calls .
not releasing it and subsequent calls access methods using this global pointer.
But vb code is createobject and set nothing

Error: Method '~' Of Object '~' Failed
I am getting the above error while trying to generate word document with
template and bookmarks as input. This error i am getting randomly and not at will in the middle of document generation.

please help me in identifying the problem

here is the code
Dim I As Integer, j As Integer, k As Integer, l As Integer, m As Integer, docCount As Integer, bookmarksCount As Integer
Dim n As Integer
Dim oWord As Word.Application
Dim oDoc As Document
Dim oSingleDoc As Document
Dim sTemplateUrl As String, sDocStorageURL As String, sDocumentClosed As String, sProtectPassword As String
Dim szServer As String, szUsername As String, szPassword As String, szRemoteFile As String, _
szRefNum As String, szSID As String, szConnect As String, szPortNbr As String
Dim oDocuments As Object, oDocument As Object, oTemplate As Object, oBookmarks As Object, _
oBookmark As Object
Dim sDocument As String, sBookmarkName As String, sBookmarkType As String, _
sBookmarkValue As String, sRowValue As String, sDocUrl As String
Dim sRows() As String, sColumns() As String
Dim rng As Word.Range
Dim frmFields As Word.FormFields
Dim frmField As Word.FormField
Dim rngStart As Integer
Dim rngEnd As Integer
Dim drive As String
Dim frmFieldEnable As Boolean
Dim oBooks As Object
Dim oBook As Object
Dim oContent As Object

On Error GoTo ErrorHandler:
drive = Environ$("SystemDrive")
sProtectPassword = oXML.getElementsByTagName("PasswordProtected").Item(0).Text
Set oDocuments = oXML.getElementsByTagName("Documents").Item(0)
docCount = oDocuments.ChildNodes.Length
sTemplateUrl = drive & oXML.getElementsByTagName("DocTemplateURL").Item(0).Text
sDocStorageURL = oXML.getElementsByTagName("DocStorageURL").Item(0).Text
sDocumentClosed = oXML.getElementsByTagName("DocumentClosed").Item(0).Text
Set oWord = New Word.Application
oWord.Visible = True
Set oDoc = oWord.Documents.Add(sTemplateUrl)
For I = 0 To docCount - 1
Set oDocument = oDocuments.ChildNodes(I)
Set oBooks = CreateObject("MSXML.DOMDocument")
Set oBook = oBooks.documentElement
Set oBook = oBooks.createElement("Books")
oBooks.appendChild oBook
Set oBookmarks = oDocument.getElementsByTagName("Bookmarks").Item(0)
bookmarksCount = oBookmarks.ChildNodes.Length
For n = 0 To bookmarksCount - 1
Set oBookmark = oBookmarks.ChildNodes(n)
Set oContent = oBooks.createElement(oBookmark.getElementsByTagName("Name").Item(0).Text)
oContent.Text = oBookmark.getElementsByTagName("Value").Item(0).Text
oBook.appendChild oContent
Set oTemplate = oDocument.getElementsByTagName("Template").Item(0)
sTemplateUrl = drive & oTemplate.getElementsByTagName("URL").Item(0).Text
Set oSingleDoc = oWord.Documents.Open(FileName:=sTemplateUrl)
Set rng = oSingleDoc.Range
Set frmFields = rng.FormFields
If frmFields.Count > 1 Then
For j = 1 To rng.Bookmarks.Count
If (oBook.SelectNodes("//Books/" & UCase(rng.Bookmarks(j).Name)).Length > 0) Then
sBookmarkName = rng.Bookmarks(j).Name
sBookmarkValue = oBook.getElementsByTagName(UCase(rng.Bookmarks(j).Name)).Item(0).Text
oWord.Selection.GoTo -1, 0, 0, Name:=sBookmarkName
Set frmField = frmFields.Item(sBookmarkName)
frmFieldEnable = frmField.Enabled
frmField.Enabled = True
If frmField.Type = wdFieldFormTextInput Then
frmField.Result = sBookmarkValue
If frmField.Type = wdFieldFormCheckBox Then
If Len(sBookmarkValue) > 0 Then
If StrComp(sBookmarkValue, "Y", vbTextCompare) <= 0 Then
frmField.CheckBox.Value = True
frmField.CheckBox.Value = False
End If
End If
End If
End If
frmField.Enabled = frmFieldEnable
End If
For j = 1 To rng.Bookmarks.Count
If (oBook.SelectNodes("//Books/" & UCase(rng.Bookmarks(j).Name)).Length > 0) Then
sBookmarkValue = oBook.getElementsByTagName(UCase(rng.Bookmarks(j).Name)).Item(0).Text
oWord.Selection.GoTo -1, 0, 0, Name:=rng.Bookmarks(j).Name
If (InStr(sBookmarkValue, "|") > 0) Or (InStr(sBookmarkValue, "?") > 0) Then
sRows = Split(sBookmarkValue, "|")
For k = LBound(sRows) To UBound(sRows)
sColumns = Split(sRows(k), "?")
For l = LBound(sColumns) To UBound(sColumns)
oWord.Selection.TypeText (sColumns(l))
oWord.Selection.MoveRight Unit:=wdCell, Count:=1, Extend:=0
oWord.Selection.TypeText (sBookmarkValue)
End If
End If
End If
sDocUrl = GetPath() & " emp.doc"
oSingleDoc.SaveAs (sDocUrl)
Set oBooks = Nothing
oWord.Selection.InsertFile FileName:=sDocUrl
If (I + 1 < docCount) Then
oWord.Selection.EndKey 6, 0
oWord.Selection.InsertBreak 2
oWord.Selection.GoTo rngEnd
End If
oDoc.Protect wdAllowOnlyFormFields, Null, sProtectPassword
szServer = oXML.getElementsByTagName("Servername").Item(0).Text
szUsername = oXML.getElementsByTagName("Username").Item(0).Text
szPassword = oXML.getElementsByTagName("Password").Item(0).Text
szRemoteFile = oXML.getElementsByTagName("RemoteFile").Item(0).Text
szPortNbr = oXML.getElementsByTagName("PortNumber").Item(0).Text
oWord.Run "SetParams", szServer, szUsername, szPassword, szRemoteFile, szPortNbr
If StrComp(sDocumentClosed, "True", vbTextCompare) = 0 Then
oWord.Visible = True
End If
Set rng = Nothing
Set oSingleDoc = Nothing
Set oDoc = Nothing
Set oWord = Nothing
If Len(Err.Description) > 0 Then
MsgBox "Automation Error: " & Err.Description & " " & Err.Source & " " & Err.Number
Set rng = Nothing
Set oDoc = Nothing
Set oSingleDoc = Nothing
Set oWord = Nothing
End If
End Sub

Error: Method '~' Of Object '~' Failed
Hello all,

I am just curious if anyone has ever gotten this error before:

Run-time error '-2147023673 (800704c7)
Method '~' of object '~' failed

I am making a run-time cd viewer and when I clicked on my website button it is suppose to open a webpage. It gets an error (its suppose to get it cause of the slash - I am not running it from cd-rom yet still my computer) but starting today I am getting this error and my application closes.

Actually if I run it in VB I get this error now
Method 'Navigate' of object 'IWebBrowser2' failed

The line of code that the error is coming from is this:

Explorer.Navigate App.Path & "websiteindex.htm"

The whole section of code for that click object is this:

Set Explorer = New SHDocVw.InternetExplorer
Explorer.Visible = True
Explorer.Navigate App.Path & "websiteindex.htm"

Method '~' Of Object '~' Failed Continue?
What is this error? While opening VB its comming and also opening a form its showing like this, and program terminated....... please advice.

Method 'Value' Of Object 'Field' Failed
Ive been looking and testing my code for hours and hours now and cant figure out whats wrong...
i found out it's coz of rsx!DateReturned for some reason
ive got this

VB Code:
Dim days as long [color=RoyalBlue]days = DateDiff("d", rsx!DateReturned, rsx!DateDueBack)[/color]

to get rsx i use

VB Code:
sstr = "Select * From Copies, Video, PriceGroup, Client, HireOut " & _            "Where Copies.CPVideoID = Video.VideoID " & _            "AND Video.VIDPGID = PriceGroup.PGID " & _            "AND HireOut.HRTapeID = Copies.TapeID " & _            "AND HireOut.HRClientID = Client.ClientID " & _            "AND HireOut.LateCharged = 'No' " & _            "AND Client.ClientID = " & acrit1

my system date is set to dd/MM/yyyy format and in the database (access) ive set it to dd mmm yyyy hh:nn:ss.....every other query ive used involving dates and the above formats works fine, but for some reason im getting an error on this one....i have no empty fields in DateReturned, and DateReturned is only field in my entire database that is named that?

Any ideas? i get the error on the blue line

*sigh* Method ~ Of Object ~ Failed
The program runs but as soon as my users click "Connect" Error 60: (Method ~ of Object ~ failed) occurs. It happens on several computers and the methos belongs to the MS WinSock Control 6.

I found a bugfix in MSDN for this issue but the bugfix only works for developers (you have to have VB6 installed to apply the patch) so any ideas what my costumers could do?


Method 'value' Of Object Dmsacal70 Failed
I have an application with Calendar control. The application has no problem
with NT4, win95, win98 win2000 server/professional. But it has problem
with windows XP. Whenever run the application and use the Calendar it gives
a message "method 'value' of object dmsacal70 failed".

The problem occur at

Calendar1.Day = Day(Now)

Any idea?

Thanks for help.


PS I have SP5 installed.

-2146697211 Method ~ Of Object ~ Failed
Can anyone help me. I support a Visual Basic piece of Software. The software allows users to email over Insurance applications. I have one such user who is trying to email an application and he keeps getting a message saying Method ~ of object ~ failed. Usually this is just a matter of checking the internet connection, however with one such user it is being extremely stubborn.

In the error logit says:

Error Number  : -2146697211
Description   : Method '~' of object '~' failed
Build Number  : 214
Application   : INERTIA
Module Name   : fApply
Procedure Name: XMLApplication
Line Number   : 250
Date and time : 26/09/2003 14:26:00

The user's ISP is AOL, he doesn't have any virus or firewall software installed which could interfere. I have comepltey run out of ideas!
Can anyone help? The user has been able to email applications before and just out of the blue has run into difficulties!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you

2146697211 Method ~ Of Object ~ Failed
i just deployed a new version of my project and it's 2 for 2 with this error so far.
i assume its the xml. it is made in vb6 and uses msxml4.dll/component. i also used the deployment thing from vb6 for the intsaller. i've never seen that error when writing it tho.
any info much appreciated.


Method 'HasTitle' Of Object '_chart' Failed - Please Help

I got the above error message when creating an Excel chart from VB (see code sample below). If the 'ch.HasTitle = True' line is removed, then the code is successful in creating the chart, exporting it to a .gif file. However any attempt to set title, legend etc will cause error similar to above.

I'm using VB6 and Excel 10.0 object library.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


------------ code sample ------------
Dim ch As Excel.Chart
Dim i As Integer
'this procedure creates the Excel application, workbook
'and worksheet objects
xlSheet.Columns(1).NumberFormat = "dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss"
xlSheet.Columns(2).NumberFormat = "0.00E+00"
'rs3 is a ADODB recordset object initialised and opened somewhere else
Do While rs3.EOF = False
i = i + 1
xlSheet.Cells(i, 1) = rs3("Time")
xlSheet.Cells(i, 2) = rs3("Value")

Set ch = xlBook.ActiveChart
ch.Name = "example"
ch.SetSourceData xlSheet.Range("A:A"), xlColumns
ch.ChartType = xlLineMarkers
ch.HasTitle = True
'ch.Legend.Position = xlLegendPositionBottom
ch.Export "example.gif", FilterName:="GIF"
Set ch = Nothing


Method 'cells' Of Object '_global' Failed
I have problem, this code:

Private Sub Command2_Click()
Dim ow As Word.Application
Dim wd As Word.Document
Dim t As Integer
Dim TEL(12) As Integer
Dim rij As Integer
Dim kolom(12) As Integer
Dim myrange As Range
Dim objtable As Word.Table
Dim K As Long
Dim header As Variant
Dim columnheader As Variant

Set ow = Nothing

Set wd = Nothing

If wd Is Nothing Then
Set ow = New Word.Application
Set wd = CreateObject("word.application")
End If
Set ow = New Word.Application
ow.Visible = True
'Set wd = ow.Documents.Add(CurrentDrive & ":" & CurrentDir & "") ' openen met sjabloon
Set wd = New Word.Document
'set wd.Tables.Add(myrange(), max_rij, max_col) =
Dim NrCells As Long
NrCells = rij_max * col_max

Set myrange = Cells.Range(1, NrCells)
Set objtable = wd.Tables.Add(myrange(), max_rij, max_col)

returns the error " Method 'cells' of object '_global' failed "
in the "set Myrange..." line ... I have no Idea hopw to set the range and I have no idea what that errormessage means.

can anEone help me?


Method'Form' Of Object'_SubForm'failed
Error message that attached to a form

Private Sub Form_Current()
If txtOrderPrinted = False Then
NewOrder = True
frmSubPurchaseOrder.Form.AllowDeletions = False
frmSubPurchaseOrder.Form.txtPartCost.Locked = False
NewOrder = False
frmSubPurchaseOrder.Form.AllowDeletions = False
frmSubPurchaseOrder.Form.txtPartCost.Locked = True
End If
cboPartInstance = Null
txtQuantity = Null
txtUnitCost = Null
txtOrderETADate = Null
End Sub

Method 'OpenText' Of Object 'Workbooks' Failed
I am experiencing a problem with opening several text files in a directory. We have a database that creates these textfiles at night, and then the next day, we run a VBApps.exe to import these text files into Excel and create several reports. However, it is erroring out on about 5 text files. But, when I remove those 5 text files from the directory, then it can completely run through the remaining text files (there are about 100 text files total). The strange thing is that I can manually open the text files and manipulate them. Does anybody have any ideas as to why this wouldn't work?? The Error Message I get is "Method 'OpenText' of object 'Workbooks' failed". I've never received an error like that before. However, something else I tried was just to loop through the files and open and close just the textfiles that it errored out on. It worked!! But, if I looped through the files and formatted each one, then it would work for the first done, but then error out for the second. I'm totally stumped on this one.



''check text files to determine if they exist
I = 0
fPath = "c: extfiles"
fName = Dir(fPath & "A*-" & userinput & ".txt")
While fName <> ""
I = I + 1
ReDim Preserve fileListBilling(1 To I)
fileListBilling(I) = fName
fName = Dir()

I = 1
Do Until I > UBound(fileListBilling())
.Workbooks.OpenText FileName:="c: extfiles" & fileListBilling(I)
******Format Report
I = I + 1

Method 'Location' Of Object '_Chart' Failed?
Hi guys,

I've a problem with this runtime error message. Here's the code that makes the problem: (the Location line)

Select Case diag_art
Case "Eindringtiefe"

ActiveChart.Axes(xlValue).MinimumScaleIsAuto = True
ActiveChart.Axes(xlValue).AxisTitle.Text = "AVG_Strahleindringtiefe [ mm ]"
ActiveChart.Axes(xlCategory).AxisTitle.Text = "Zeit [ ms ]"
diag_art = "AVG_Eindringtiefe"
ActiveChart.Location where:=xlLocationAsObject, Name:="AVG_Eindringtiefe"

You know what I can do against it?


Method 'Rows' Of Object '_Global' Failed
Hi, I'm using VBA (outlook) to check incoming mail, save the excel attachments, convert them, resave them, close excel then loop back through to save the next attachment. The problem is I get an

Method 'Rows' of object '_Global' failed

error every now and again. But if I just end the error then run the code again it works fine. The line which errors is as below when I remove all the empty rows from the spreadsheets.

If oExcel.CountA(Rows(r)) = 0 Then Rows(r).Delete
Next r

What can I do to fix this problem? (It also always happens if the email has more then one excel spreadsheet in it. But if I leave all the excel spreadsheets open there is never an error.)

Thanks for any help.

Method 'Location' Of Object' _Chart Failed

the above run time error occurs when I run the macro for the first time after opening the spreadsheet, normally I just click "End" and run the macro again and it works fine. Thought that I better fix the problem. part of the macro is below:

Application.DisplayAlerts = False
Application.DisplayAlerts = True
ActiveChart.ChartType = xlColumnClustered
ActiveChart.SetSourceData Source:=Sheets("Data").Range("AF5:AG25"), PlotBy _
ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(1).Name = "=""Scanned"""
ActiveChart.Location Where:=xlLocationAsNewSheet, Name:="Chart1"
With ActiveChart
.HasAxis(xlCategory, xlPrimary) = True
.HasAxis(xlValue, xlPrimary) = True
End With
ActiveChart.Axes(xlCategory, xlPrimary).CategoryType = xlCategoryScale

the line that causes the error is

ActiveChart.Location Where:=xlLocationAsNewSheet, Name:="Chart1"

but as I said only the first time running after opening

Could someone please tell me what I am doing wrong. Many thanks

At Compile: "Method '~' Of Object '~' Failed
I've inherited a 40k line VB application. It wouldn't be so bad if I weren't mainly a Java programmer.

My predecessor left me a CD with the source code on it. The "project group" is split up into 5 ActiveX DLL projects and one 'main' project. When I double click on the .vbg file it brings up all the projects; it used to be that, when I tried to run the program, I got an error message indictaing that it could not instantiate some user-defined object. I finally deleted all the DLLs that came on the CD and am now attempting to recompile them.

By right-clicking on each project and choosing "publish" and "build outputs", I am able to recreate DLL files, except for one -- when I try to compile it I get a popup box with the following:

Project failed to build!
Method '~' of object '~' failed

I don't know where to start looking. Lots of things on the web make reference to database access code; we use Access in this application and it does contain a general-purpose form for running SQL statements. But I don't know what else to do to figure out what to change.

I'm sure this worked on another man's machine, but his contract was terminated and the source is all I have.

Anyone got helpful suggestions?


Method 'Range' Of Object '_Global' Failed
Ok, I've searched and found a ton of threads on this error, but none have helped me fix my problem (which is basically a lack of understanding). I've been working with excel automation for only a short time, so I've got a lot to learn about it. I'm trying to call an Excel macro from my VB6 application. It gives me the error "Method 'Range' of object '_Global' failed". When I run the macro from inside Excel it runs flawlessly, but when I try and call the macro from VB it gives me the error. I assume it's a declarations thing or something. Please help! Here is how I am calling my macro named "test":
Dim objExcel As Excel.Application
Dim objWB As Excel.Workbook
Dim objWS As Excel.Worksheet
Dim objRng As Excel.Range
Set objExcel = New Excel.Application
Set objWB = GetObject("C:faxingreport.xls")
Set objWS = objWB.Worksheets("Sheet1")
objWB.Application.Run "test"
Here is the line in the macro that it errors out on:
Range("A" & varRow).Select
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "Name"
Also, is there a faster method than using .select & activecell? Thanks!

Method 'Range' Of Object '_Worksheet' Failed
I have the following code in a function. The function is called once with a valued of ACCTNUM and returns the Budget Amount. If the user goes back, they may pick a different ACCTNUM and then the function is called again with that ACCTNUM and is to return the new budget for said account. On the first go, this works fine. But, anytime after that, I am getting the same buget value even though it should be different. When I step thru, I see that the ws.range("B" & j).Value is giving a msg of: Method 'Range' of object '_Worksheet' failed. Can somebody shed some light??? PLEASE!

Set ws = ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(formPERIOD.DataCombo2.Text)

For j = 1 To ws.Cells(65536, 2).End(xlUp).Row
If ws.range("B" & j).Value = ACCTNUM Then
rowNum = j
Exit For
End If

Method 'Location' Of Object'_Chart' Failed
Hello, Maybe somebody ran into this error and knows a solution. I am writing data to excel and then I plot it. This works fine. I then try to run the same routine again on a new excel sheet (I even close the other sheet) and that is when I get the following error.

Run-time Error '1004'
Method 'Location' of Object'_Chart' failed

Here is how I create the excel application:

Set oExcel = New Excel.Application
oExcel.Visible = True 'make Excel visible to the user
'open up a template sheet stored in the string variable "template"
oExcel.Workbooks.Open filename:=template
filepath = "C:"
filename = "UnitNo_" & & "_" & Month(Date) & "_" & Day(Date) & "_" & Year(Date) & "_" & Hour(Time) & "_" & Minute(Time) & ".xls" oExcel.ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs filename:=filepath & filename
Set xlSh = oExcel.Workbooks(1).Worksheets(1)

Here is where I get the error msg while plotting (error occurs on the last line):
ActiveChart.ChartType = xlLineMarkers
ActiveChart.SetSourceData Source:=Sheets("raw data").Range("K154")
ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(1).XValues = "='raw data'!R197C1:R223C1"
ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(1).Values = "='raw data'!R197C2:R223C2"
ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(1).Name = "='raw data'!R196C2"
ActiveChart.Location Where:=xlLocationAsNewSheet, Name:= _

If I quit my program and restart it I don't get the error. So I looked at what I do when ending my program which is:

Set oExcel = Nothing
Set xlSh = Nothing

I tried adding that to the end of my plotting routine (to try to mimic what happens when I quit and restart but of course that doesn't work.

Quitting and restarting is annoying because I do a lot of setup stuff in the beginning that I would like to avoid redoing if I could. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?
Thanks for any help.

Method 'Charts' Of Object '_Global' Failed
i am using a routine to plot a graph in Excel using visual basic.
First time when i use it , it runs fine, when next time i use the same routine Error occurs and
Message --- Method 'Charts' of Object '_Global' failed

runtime error 1004 appears

due to this problem everytime when i want to plot different chart or plot the chart second time i have to exit application and then once again run the application and then plot the graph

all help welcome

suresh babu

Error #-2147417848: Method '~' Of Object '~' Failed
A user is reporting that my program is saying "Error #-2147417848: Method '~' of object '~' failed", it's working fine for everyone else except this user, I beleive this happens while using the web browser object.

Does anyone know what this error means?


Help: Method 'Refresh' Of Object 'IAdodc' Failed

I think this problem is just easy for you. I'm a "rookie" in VB.

I been trying to solve this problem for about 2 days now but to no avail. I made some changes to my other forms in coding as well in my database. I even reinstall my MS Access. However, I still received the same errors when I try to query a field in a table using a combo box. The first error is

[ADODC]: Unknown Error. [ado]:

when I clicked the OK button, another message is shown

Run-Time error '-2147467259(80004005)':
Method 'Refresh' of object 'IAdodc' failed

Here's my code:

Private Sub Combo1_Click()
If Not Adodc2.Recordset.EOF Then
Adodc1.CommandType = adCmdText
Adodc1.RecordSource = "SELECT * FROM Users WHERE Position = '" & Trim(Combo1.Text) & "'"
Adodc1.Refresh ' Error here
End If
End Sub

adodc1 and adodc2 = Users table

I'm using VB6 and MS Access for my database.

I've already use this kind of coding with my other forms and were all successful except this one. I need to refresh the adodc1 inorder to shown my queried result.

Attached w/ this is my form interface. Any help will be very much appreciated.

Method 'Open' Of Object '_Recordset' Failed
Can anyone tell me what could be wrong here? I keep getting the error

Method 'Open' of object '_Recordset' failed

heres my code...

StrSQL = "SELECT myTable.* FROM myTable WHERE myTable.myField = """ & myCombo.Text & """;"
Set myRecSet = New ADODB.Recordset
myRecSet.Open StrSQL, MyConn, adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic


Method 'Execute' Of Object '_connection' Failed
Public Const DBFile = "club.mdb"
Public Const ConString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source="

Dim conn As New ADODB.Connection
conn.Open (ConString & App.Path & "DB" & DBFile)
Dim rs As ADODB.Recordset

strSQL = "SELECT Staff.StaffID, Position.FormName FROM [Position] INNER JOIN Staff ON Position.PositionID = Staff.PositionID"
strSQL = strSQL & " WHERE Staff.StaffID='" & staffID & "' And Staff.StaffPassword='" & staffPass & "'"

Set rs = conn.Execute(strSQL)
I got the exact same MS Access 2003 database and exact same connection string and similar SQL string in another VB program and it works fine there but how come it doesn't work for this other program?

strSQL="SELECT * FROM Staff"
that works fine.. but not the inner join stuff.. why?!

am seriously lost.. pls help!

Method .open Of Object _Recordset Failed
Private Sub cmdOK_Click()
Dim sql As String
Dim sql1 As String
Dim sql2 As String
sql = "Select StudentID From Users Where StudentID = '" & txtUserName.Text & "'"
sql1 = "Select Password From Users Where Password = '" & txtPassword.Text & "'"
sql2 = "Select Position From Users where Position = 'Admin'"
rs.Open sql, cn, adOpenKeyset, adLockOptimistic
If rs.EOF Then
MsgBox "No Account Found"
rs1.Open sql1, cn, adOpenKeyset, adLockOptimistic
If rs1.EOF Then
MsgBox "Password Incorrect"
rs2.Open sql2, cn, adOpenKeyset, adLockOptimistic
If rs2.EOF Then
End If
End If
End If
End Sub
I'm getting this error why? and how to solve it?
Method .open of object _Recordset failed

'Execute' Method From Object '_Connection' Failed
I have a problem right now in one of my query, whenever i try to open a query i get this error:
erreur d'exécution -2147467259(80004005)
la méthode 'Execute' de l'objet '_Connection' a échoué

wich translate from french to about:
execution error -2147467259(80004005)
'Execute' method from object '_Connection' failed

here's my code:

Dim MyConn As ADODB.Connection
Set MyConn = New ADODB.Connection
Dim MyRecSet As ADODB.Recordset

MyConn.ConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" + App.Path + "1002.mdb;"
Dim sql As String
'Remplissage du tableau de sauveteur
sql = "SELECT [No] as Numero, Nom,Prénom,Grade,Heures,Zone FROM personnel"
Set MyRecSet = MyConn.Execute(sql) '<---- i get the error here

my connection string seems to be ok since i got the same thing elsewhere :

Dim MyConn As ADODB.Connection
Set MyConn = New ADODB.Connection
Dim MyRecSet As ADODB.Recordset

MyConn.ConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" + App.Path + "1002.mdb;"
Dim sql As String
sql = "SELECT [No] as Numero FROM agenda WHERE HNo=" & txtNoHotel.Text
Set MyRecSet = MyConn.Execute(sql)
wich works perfectly...

but something strange is hapened when i put spys on these connectionstrings object
for the first one here's what's returned after

"Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Password="";User ID=Admin;Data Source=E:Documents and SettingsSylverMoonMy DocumentsPRJ10021002.mdb;Mode=Share Deny None;Extended Properties="";Jet OLEDB:System database="";Jet OLEDB:Registry Path="";Jet OLEDB:Dac"
but then again, for the same code, another time gave me that:

"Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Password="";User ID=Admin;Data Source=E:Documents and SettingsSylverMoonMy DocumentsPRJ10021002.mdb;Mode=Share Deny None;Extended Properties="";Jet OLEDB:System database="";Jet OLEDB:Registry Path="";Jet OLEDB:Daa"
notice the last 2 character ('a"')('c"')
while at the other conection string(the one working) here's what i get:

"Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Password="";User ID=Admin;Data Source=E:Documents and SettingsSylverMoonMy DocumentsPRJ10021002.mdb;Mode=Share Deny None;Extended Properties="";Jet OLEDB:System database="";Jet OLEDB:Registry Path="";Jet OLEDB:Da
notice the strange lack of " closing the string? =/ i tough it was an error maybe i did a wrong cut , but that's really all that is into the spy thing...
and notice too the last character seems to be missing... anyone can help me on this?

Method 'Open' Of Object '_Connection' Failed
Hi mates.

Something very strange happen to my program. The Program was functioning great, but at somepoint i don't know why it stopped working. Before i could make a connection and with the code make an update to a combo box with the data from the DB. Now, and i really don't have a clue for somewhile the program in MyConn.Open crashes. I didn't change the DB from where she was, neither have changed the name. Any one has a clue on what's the problem?

Option Explicit

Dim MyConn As ADODB.Connection

Private Sub Form_Load()

Dim CP As New ADODB.Recordset, sqlCP As String

sConn = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" & App.Path & "crm_verA.mdb" & ";Persist Security Info=False"
sqlCP = "SELECT ID, CodPostal, Arruamento, Localidade FROM T_CodPostal"
Set MyConn = New ADODB.Connection
MyConn.ConnectionString = sConn
MyConn.Open 'Here the program crashes
CP.Open sqlCP, MyConn, adOpenKeyset, adLockOptimistic, adCmdText
Set CP = Nothing
End Sub

Thanks for any help

P.s.: Relevant Data, i've printed the code i consider to be relevant to the problem and the DB is in Access XP.

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