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&"Missing MUI Reference&" For Programs I Compile

If I compile certain programs, then delete them, then run a registry checker (eg CCleaner) to check for invalid/obsolete entries it comes up with this for the program:


Missing MUI reference HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsShellNoRoamMUICache

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I Need Help Finding Missing Reference?? Compile Error: &"Cannot Find Project Or Librar
Hi Guys,
I have moved my project to a new stand alone PC, I installed VB6 and the service packs I use as I usuall have done in the past.

But when I try to run my project its erroring out on a form that has a web browser and toolbar.

The error I get says

Compile Error: "Cannot find project or library"

Once I click ok at the error message the reference panel opens and is wanting me to make reference to this missing file I guess??

In my project the program stops on this line

Private Sub tbToolBar_ButtonClick(ByVal Button As Button

Can anyone suggest what file VB is looking for and will it be on my VB6 Discs?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me here.
Regards as ever

Project Reference, &"MISSING: Microsoft Excel 10.0 Object Library&"
I am writing a program that requires the Microsoft Excel 10.0 Object Library.  I just moved the project to a new development machine that does not have Microsoft Excel installed on it, and I do not have my Excel cd with me here.  Is there anyplace that I can get download the object library, or will I have to wait until I have the cd with me?

If I Use "SaveSetting App.Title, "Settings", "Font", "001122"" - Save Date In The Registry, Where Ca
If i use "SaveSetting App.Title, "Settings", "Font", "001122"" - save date in the registry, where can i find the value saved in the registry? Thanks

Getting File To Install In &"All Users&" Desktop And Start Menu Programs Instead Of &"Current
I am using the Visual Studio 6 Microsoft Development Environment to create an install package. I can get the program short cuts to install to the "Current Users" Desktop and Start Menu Programs folders, but not into the "All Users" area. The "File System on Target Machine" does not seem to give me a way to "All Users" folders, just the "User's Start Menu" and "User's Desktop". Does any one know how to fix that ?



Solution> Error: &"&"&"&"&H8007007E (-2147024770) The Specified Module Cannot Be Found&"&"&"

This is the error what i am getting after installing a package of one of my module on user testing machine.
The same module being working fine on others.

What can be the reason for this and what can be the probable solution for this?


Method &"SaveAs&" Or &"Save&" Of Object &"Excel.Workbook&" Does Not Work.
Hi people.
I did for a long time a program that uses excel automation, so that from a template will create a final file with some data pulled from the database (with ADO). At the end and when the Excel file is ready to be saved I got in a couple of computers some problems. In the whole LAN have XP, but in these 2 computers we have SP2. I have checked the rights and are OK (I have even tried to save the Workbook under the Temp folder and also the same problem).
Working with Office 2003 (SP1).
I have searched in internet about any bugs but I donīt find anything.
Any ideas.
Thanks for your time

Difference Between &"Start&" And &"Start With Full Compile&"...

I feel really stupid asking this question, since it's the first time
I've heard about it...

This is a quote I found searching through google:

Quote:When you compile your project, you most often want to use “Start with Full Compile” rather then “Start”.This is because “Start” only compiles the code you need to execute your project while “Start with Full Compile”compiles all your code.

Exactly what is left out when using only "Start"? I've always used
"Start", and my apps have worked on other systems...



Edited by - D-Race on 3/30/2005 9:47:33 AM

How To Replace &"Apple&" With &"Banana&" In A String That Contains &"Orange&" In A TXT File
Whoa! Long thread title. Basically, how can I search for any string in a text file that contains "Orange", then replace "Apple" with "Banana" in that same string? Is this difficult? Thanks!

Data1.RecordSource = &"select * From Salary Where 姓名 Like &" + S + &" &" * &"&"
Data1.RecordSource = "select * from salary where 姓名 like " + s + " " * ""
thanks in advance gentlemen and ladies..
firstly...I don't know what must add "++" between "s " variant..
who can tell me why?? thanks , ,, I really don't know why it does this..
maybe i am a beginner..please forgive me why add ++ between s..thanks

How To Change Boolean Field From Displaying &"0&" And &"-1&" To &"Yes&" And &"No&"
Hey there,

I have a data report, which displays a few fields from an Access table, one which is a boolean. At the moment if the boolean value is True, then on the data report it displays "-1", and if False "0".

How can I change this so it displays "Yes" if true and "No" if False?

Would be really grateful for any help.

Missing &"Microsoft Windows Common Controls-2 6.0 (SP4)&"

I'm trying to add the DTPicker into my form, but somehow, my "Microsoft Windows Common Controls-2 6.0 (SP4)" is only SP3 and NOT SP4. Are there any settings to alter this? I'm using VB6, by the way. Can somebody please help me? It's driving me bonkers. Or is there another alternative to enable users to select dates other than the DTPicker?

In need of help,

&"Toolbox Command&" (View Menu) Is Missing
How come I can't find the "Toolbox Command" (View Menu) nor the shortcut icon for it?

Can't Compile Projects! &"Make&" Option Disabled!
Hello all,

(This message regards Vb6 enterprise with SP5)
I was working on a big project, when suddenly the Vb Ide crashed (you
know it happens sometimes).
I restarted Vb and I continued working and debugging until I finished
the project. Well, I wanted to compile the DLL, but I figured
something very strange!, the "File->Make..." option was disabled! I
can't press it!.
I restarted the IDE, tried compiling a EXE project and it's also
disabled!. I've tried restarting the pc and even reinstalled the VS
completely and still, the menu option is disabled!.
I've being working with Vb for over 5 years and I've never seen
something like this.
Any opinions will be gratefull

Many thanks

Compile Error &"=&" Expected. Public Sub In A Class
i have a class clsGlobalOptions with a public sub

VB Code:
Public Sub LoadFromFile(Optional ByVal FilePath As String = "none")     If FilePath = "none" Then        Open App.Path + "options.txt" For Input As #1    Else        Open FilePath For Input As #1        End If        Dim StrBuff As String    Dim i As Integer    i = 0        While (Not EOF(1))        Line Input #1, StrBuff                MsgBox (StrBuff)                    Loop        Close #1    End Sub

but when i try to use it like

VB Code:

i get a compile error "=" expected

where am i going wrong?

Compile Error &"expected List Or Separator&"
I get a compile error at the very end of this line...seem to be missing a bracket or quotation marks but its driving me insane!! Any help??

strsql = "INSERT INTO tbl_headerrecord (recordid,acno,awbno,shipdt,commitdt,committime,exccode,excprocessid,ref,custqual,formid,trackid,shi ppername,shipperco,shippercity,shipperst,shipperzip,shipperctry,recname,recco,recaddr,reccity,recsta te,reczip,recctry,servicecode,invoice,totcharge,totqty,totweight,declaredvalue,codflag)"
VALUES (" & int_recordid & "," & int_acno & "," & int_awbno & "," & date_shipdt & "," & date_commitdt & "," & date_committime & "," & str_excode & "," & str_excprocessid & "," & str_ref & "," str_custqual & "," & str_formid & "," & str_trackid & "," & str_shippername & "," & str_shipperco & "," & str_shipperaddr & "," & str_shippercity & _
& "," & str_shipperst & "," & str_shipperzip & "," & str_recname & "," & str_recco & "," & str_recaddr & "," & str_reccity & "," & str_recstate & "," & str_reczip & "," & str_rectry & 2," & str_servicecode & "," & str_invoice & "," & str_totcharge & "," & str_totqty & "," & str_toweight & "," & str_declaredvalue & "," & str_oversizeqty & "," & str_codflag & _
& "," & str_danggoods & "," & str_filler & "," & str_received & ")"

Passing DriveListBox Selected Drive Reference In Sub &"howto&" ?
i have simple sub call that is invoked on " Private Sub Drive1_Change() "
im trying to pass to the sub the selected Drive object that is selected but as object
so i could keep and using the Drive properties , im doing this :

Private Sub Drive1_Change()
call foo(drive1)
End Sub

and the sub looks like this ;
Public Sub GetDrives(oDrive As Drive)

but it stop from running and gives me
"run-time error 13
type mismatch "
on the sub call
any idea how to make it work?

Need Reference For &"Microsoft VbScript Regular Expressions&" RESOLVED
anyone have a link where i can find help for the above library?


CreateObject(&"InternetExplorer.Application&") Missing Something???
Well, the post speaks for itself. I try to create IE Object and Excel hangs
right there, telling me something like:

"Microsoft Excel is waiting for another Application to complete an OLE action"

I know I'm probably just missing some lib. Can someone please tell me what
exactly i'm missing here? Thanks in advance.

Outlook Msg Object Missing &"From&" Field??
Using VB Express 2005, I have a simple windows app that our customer service department will use to send an outage notification to our customers when the system goes down. It will build an outlook email message using a template. I need to access the "From" field of the message. This way it will get sent from the customer service mailbox vs. the users mailbox. Send on behalf is available but that is not what I need. I need the "Send From" field... but it doesn't seem to exist.

Am I doing something wrong or is there some work-a-round? Any help appreciated. See code below.


Dim outlookApp As Outlook.Application
Dim outlookMsg As Outlook.MailItem


outlookApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")

outlookMsg = outlookApp.CreateItem(Outlook.OlItemType.olMailItem)

outlookMsg.BodyFormat = OlBodyFormat.olFormatPlain
outlookMsg.From = "" '<~~~~ Doesn't Work!
outlookMsg.To = cMailTo
outlookMsg.BCC = cMailBcc
outlookMsg.Subject = cMailSubject
outlookMsg.Body = cMailBody


Compile Error &"invalid Outside Procedure&"
I have a simple VBScript sample which is loaded into VB6.0 ,i have converted it to .dll now i need to run my sample.The sample is as below

Import mydll

Private Sub Command1_Click()

Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
fso.CopyFile "c:mydir*.*", "d:ackup", True

End Sub

But when running gives error : compile error "invalid outside procedure". I am a new bie here so getting these simple doubts.Please solve this for me.thanx for any ideas.

&"End&" Instruction Does Not Be Supported In ActiveX Compile !!!
hi all , i have two question :
1- i have a program that i can compile and run successfully in vb, but when i want that mak an ocx from my vb source file , it give me an error on "end" instruction of my vb source code !!!! and says that end does not be supported in activex !!!
what i should do? i need that end instruction be on my source ! has end instruction any equivalent that i could use in my vb source code ?
2- is there any way to embed an ocx in html file ?

if anyone could help me i will be so thankfull !!!!1

&"Compile Error, Argument Not Optional&" AGAIN!
Hi, this is the code thats complaining
I've set the combobox to style 2 - Dropdown combo, so that the user cannot type anything in, and due to this i get problems for some stupid reason.

Private Sub cmdButton_Click()

Dim tempstring as string

tempstring = cmbMyCombo

If tempstring = "Option1" Then
Call Option1
Call Other
End If

End Sub

Private Sub Option1()
MsgBox "You've selected Option1"
End Sub

Private Sub Other()
MsgBox "You've selected another option"
End Sub

Whenever i change the property of the combobox to Style 2 it complains. If i take it off that, it stops complaining. Point is, i cant let the user type anything into that combobox as their will be an IF statement for a number of different options (this above code is highly simplified). Can anyone help me?

&"Compile Error, Argument Not Optional&" ??

For some reason, the VB is complaining about the following statement:

TempString = cmbMyComboBox '<<<<<<<<<<< this line here...

If Tempstring = "My Item" Then
Do this
End If

it gives me the error "Compile Error, Argument Not Optional" and takes me to this line when i debug. I dont get it, whats wrong with it?

Need Help &"compile Error: External Name Not Defined&"
I get the said error when I try to search for a certain string in my database. Here's my search code:

Private Sub mnuFileFindProduct_Click()
Const strApos As String = "'"
Dim strQueryString As String, strProduct As String
strProduct = InputBox("Type in the product code")
strQueryString = [b][Book Code][/b] & strApos & strProduct & strApos
tracking.Recordset.FindFirst strQueryString
If tracking.Recordset.NoMatch Then
MsgBox "No match for that book", vbExclamation
End If
lblRecordNumber.Caption = Str(tracking.Recordset.AbsolutePosition + 1)
End Sub

The error happens on the bolded part. Thanks for any help you can give me.

&"TNS:could Not Resolve Service Name&" Error After Compile?
I am in the process of creating a VB6 app that uses an ADO connection to an Oracle database. Up until this point I have been running the application using the VB6 program. Today I decided to try to compile it and run the app separate from VB6. The application works fine before the compile, but after the compile I get this error:
Run- time error '-2147217843 (80040e4d)':

[Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve service nameAny idea what could be causing this? I am baffled. Thank you.

&"End&" Instruction Does Not Be Supported In ActiveX Compile !!!
hi all , i have two question :
1- i have a program that i can compile and run successfully in vb, but when i want that mak an ocx from my vb source file , it give me an error on "end" instruction of my vb source code !!!! and says that end does not be supported in activex !!!
what i should do? i need that end instruction be on my source ! has end instruction any equivalent that i could use in my vb source code ?
2- is there any way to embed an ocx in html file ?

if anyone could help me i will be so thankfull !!!!1

&"Compile Error: Expected: =&" When Trying To Call A Sub
I'm trying to call a sub with three parameters.

CenterPrint(Titl, "Arial", 24)


Private Sub CenterPrint(ByVal Text As String, Optional ByVal FName As String, Optional ByVal FSize As Integer)
If FName Then Printer.Font.Name = FName
If FSize Then Printer.Font.Size = FSize
Printer.CurrentX = Printer.ScaleX / 2 - Printer.TextWidth(Text) / 2
Printer.Print Text
End Sub

Why does VB tell me "Compile Error: Expected: ="

&"Invalid Qualifier&" Compile Error
All right. This is really starting to get to me, and I need another pair of eyes, or some insight. I have the following code in a module (VB6):

Global aryIPList() As String
Public Type vbIPColor
    statustext As String
    statuscolor As ColorConstants
End Type
Public fMainForm As frmMain

Sub Main()
    Set fMainForm = New frmMain
End Sub
Public Function getStatus(prnIP As String) As String
    Set snmp = CreateObject("pw.snmp") ' Create Object
    snmp.remotehost = prnIP = "public"
    snmp.oid = ""
    answer = snmp.pduGet
    Set snmp = Nothing
    getStatus = answer
End Function

Public Function checkPrinter() As vbIPColor()
    Dim thisStatus As vbIPColor
    Dim mystatuscolor As ColorConstants
    If Len(ipAddress) > 0 Then
        thisStatus.statustext = rmtIP & ": " & getStatus(rmtIP)
        'OIDVal = "TONER EMPTY"
        If InStr(thisStatus.statustext, "LOW") Then
            thisStatus.statuscolor = vbYellow
        ElseIf InStr(thisStatus.statustext, "EMPTY") Then
            thisStatus.statuscolor = vbRed
        ElseIf InStr(thisStatus.statustext, "READY") Then
            thisStatus.statuscolor = vbBlue
            thisStatus.statuscolor = vbBlack
        End If
    End If
    checkPrinter = thisStatus
End Function
Public Function pollPrinters()
    Dim myStatus As vbIPColor
    txtOIDVal.Text = ""
    For Each thisAddress In aryIPList
        myStatus.Append = checkPrinter(thisAddress)
        txtOIDVal.ForeColor = myStatus.statuscolor
        txtOIDVal.Text = txtOIDVal & myStatus.statustext & vbCrLf
End Function
Public Sub addIP(thisIP As String)
    aryIPList.Append (thisIP)
End Sub

When I fire off "addIP()", I get a "compile error: Invalid Qualifier" message and "aryIPList" is highlighted in the line that reads "aryIPList.append (thisIP)".

I've tried it with aryIPList as a Public, and as Global with no change...what am I missing, here?

Compile Error &"Out Of Memory&" *Resolved*
When I try to compile my project it goes fine until it get's to the "Writing EXE" pahse and it says "Out of Memory". I think this is because I have alot of images in my project. Does anyone know how I can get around this?

Edited by - msg555 on 5/10/2004 12:30:16 PM

IDE Replies With &"Can't Edit Module&", When I Try To Compile
Very often, When I try to compile my project, the VB6 IDE reports "Cant edit module", but doesn't say which module.
I have almost 30 files in the project, all of which are in VSS.

The files I'm modifying are checked out from VSS and are writeable.

Does anyone know hhat causes this?

How To Implement A Nice &"HELP&" Menu System Like Wat U See In Most Commercial Programs
i know how to use MENU EDITOR to create a "HELP" menu on my form but im not very sure how to make my Help Topics look like those u see in NERO's Help or Norton's SystemWork's Help where there are a list of topics where it can be expanded or collapse into more sub-topics & main-topics respectively.

Also, i want to make a "ABOUT" for my program to give a brief introduction on my program, who's the author for this program & version number etc. I created a TextBox & type the infomation in the TextBox & i make the Text1.Locked = True so tat when users run my program, they cant edit the TextBox, but how to make tat blinking cursor in the TextBox disappear?

Since i dont know how to get rid of tat blinking cursor in the TextBox when i run my program & i click on the TextBox in my "ABOUT" menu, i then try to use Label Control to replace TextBox for my "ABOUT", but i find tat i cant type many words inside & i do not know how to implement a vertical scrollbar, unlike TextBox which can implement a vertical scrollbar when the text inside gets too long.

In a nutshell, i need some advice on how to make a professional looking HELP menu system in my VB6 program tat looks like those u see in commercial software. thanxs.

How To Get The Reference Of &"notes Page&" In Power Point
Hi all

can some body please tell me, how to get the reference of "notes page" in power point. I want to get text and other shapes related to "note page"

you can access the "notes page" from view menu in power point.

Thanks and regards

Why Would You Use &"pass By Reference&" When You Could Just Make That Variable Global?
It appears to me that they both have similiar properties. Can somebody describe an example in which the programmer would choose one over the other?

How To Add A Reference To &"Microsoft Internet Controls&" (Shdocvw.dll)

Could someone please tell me how to add a reference to "Microsoft Internet Controls" (Shdocvw.dll) using Visual Basic 6.0.

Everywhere they say goto Projects->Componenets ...

I cannot find Projects menu at all.

Basically I am trying to connect to a running instance of Internet Explorer. If you could let me know how to do that it will be awesome..but Adding reference is a required factor for me.

Really need some help on it.


Extract Local Names For &"OK&", &"Cancel&" And &"Apply&"

I noticed that some programs written in C++ have an English language, but the captions of the buttons "OK", "Cancel" and "Apply" are in German, Swedish or whatever localized Windows version the user utilizes. Any idea how to obtain the captions of those buttons in VB? The only method which comes into my mind is to get the locale ID and have an array with strings for the the various language versions, but I doubt that those programs do it in that way.


&lt;input Type=&"submit&" Name=&"op-savefile&" Value=&"Save&"&gt; - How To S
<input type="submit" name="op-savefile" value="Save"> - How can you submit this button through visual basic in a webbrowser?

Disabling &"wake Up&", &"sleep&" &amp; &"power&" Button
hello there, how to disable "wake up", "sleep" & "power" button with visual basic? thanks

Reinstalling Creates A New Entry In &"Add Or Remove Programs&"
I am not exactly new to coding overall, but newer to VB6 and not experienced at all when distributing an executable to others. In the past I have written for my own use only.

When my new executable is installed on a user's computer, it installs and runs just fine. However, because I foresee needing to add further functions in the near future, I know that users will need to install it repeatedly. When I try this out on several computers here at home (all XP), again it installs and runs fine, but with each installation a new entry appears in the Control Panels's "Add or Remove Programs" dialog. If installed 3 times, there are 3 entries, etc. Because I specify the install directory, it is always installed as required to the same directory. I know I could simply instruct users to uninstall before before installing a new version, but it seems to me that there is something very simple I am missing that would simply overwrite or use the existing entry in "Add or Remove Programs".

By the way, the deployed installation setup.exe is created with the VB6 P&DW, Visual Studio 6, SP6.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


Larry Carhartt

&" Remote Control &" Of Multiple VB6 Executable Programs
One way I found on my own was trapping the Win API messages for the different executable program windows, but this solution has turned out to be fraught with danger, unreliable over a period of months, and very difficult to debug due to the nature of the crashes (Crashing VB6 and WinXP). I was warned by the big brain guys on this board that using the WinAPI would probably result in this type of outcome anyway, so I wasn't surprised at this expected and predicted bad outcome.

We did find a product that worked and it wasn't to expensive. It is called BeWise from a company called Edelwise [ ]. You can declare different types of variables inside VB 6.0 executable program, and those same variables are available within another VB 6.0 program running on the same computer. So when one program changes the value of the variable, the other program knows to take some action based upon the value of that variable. Then it changes another variable to signal back feedback from what it was requested to perform.

We have been using this system with simple integer variables to allow three programs to communicate together in a simple manner and the reliability seems very high at this time.

Our method of communication is simple: Program 1 is the Master, Program 2 and 3 are slaved. Program 2 only responds to one variable and only signals back two status conditions. Program 3 responds to 6 commands 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, and 60 and it signals back 7 status conditions 100, 101, 102, 103, etc...

This bewise product has a lot of other capability besides just sharing integer variables between programs, but that is all we use so far....I'm very pleased with this solution for Inter-Process Communication. I'd be interested to hear from anyone else who uses this and how they made out.

Checking Some If A Program Exist..if The Programs Name = &"SOMETHING&" Then
Ok, on formload the first thing I want it to do is check to make sure its own file name = "IoN AA.exe" if it doesn't not I want it to unload. Then I want it to check to see if App.Path & "IonCore.exe" exists..if it doesn't not then unload...thats the only to things i have yet to find out.

Program Is Uninstalled, But It Still Appears In &"Add/Remove Programs&"
I use Visual Basic's "Package & Deployment Wizard" to make a setup program. Let's call the program "Program1". I add an "Uninstall" item in the step of "Start Menu Items", so that "Uninstall" can appear in "Start menu" / "Programs" / "Program1". The property of "Uninstall" item is:

$(WinPath)st6unst.exe -n "$(AppPath)ST6UNST.LOG"

The program is installed, then I want to uninstall it. After I click "Start menu" / "Programs" / "Program1" / "Uninstall", the program is uninstalled, but it still appears in "Add/Remove Programs" in "Control Panel". I use "regedit.exe" to take a look at the registry, and find that this program still has an entry in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUninstall".

How to make the "Uninstall" item uninstall the program cleanly? Thanks a lot.

Pleez, Read This!!! Matter Important! "Printing In "DOS Mode" Using "Shell" -not Happening, I Wonder

[I had to repost it since I have not received any replies for my earlier post]

I have a problem.

Following is the code :

Shell(" /c type " & App.path & "matrix.txt &gt;prn")

where App.path is C:XYZ

when the above line is executed, the contents of "matrix.txt" is not printed on the printer. Instead, control just passes on to the next line.

So, to find out why, I modified the line thus.

Shell(" /K")

The above command takes me to the "command prompt". Here, when I give the command "type c:xyzmatrix.txt &gt;prn", which is what the vbcode does, I get the message "file creation error".

So, I have identified the problem. Can anyone tell me why this "File creation error" occurs, And how to solve the problem?

Thanks for reading through.

Difference Between: CreateObject(&"...&") And/or Adding A Reference First?
Hi I have two subs below:

Option Explicit

'SUB 1
Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim ws As Object
Set ws = CreateObject("")
MsgBox ws.SpecialFolders("desktop")
End Sub

Private Sub Command2_Click()
'using the added Refence--->"Windows Script Host Object 'Model"(WSHOM.ocx)
Dim ws As New IWshShell_Class
MsgBox ws.SpecialFolders("desktop")
End Sub

They do the same as you know. I wonder which one to choose under which condition or are both exactly the same? Adding a reference first or creating at design time.Whatis the difference?

Please let me know your recommendations.


Now Called &"How Can I Set An Object To Reference A Module?&"
Can you have them?

Have been trying to set up a control array in a Word 2000 VBA app. but the controls do not have an index property (although I am allowed to give 2 controls the same name - presumably this will give me grief at a later point)

Confused of yam-yam.

(Should never have got a job )

How Do I Disable &"x&" (Close) Button In Programs?
I made a chess game with Microsoft Visual Basic 6 and I'm working on the timers now but anyways, I'm just wondering how can I disable the little "x" at the top right beside the minimize and maximize. If there's some code for it and you are aware of it preferably email me it at or write back and show it on here. Thanks in advance to everyone who will reply,


Missing Properties After Setting Value To &"&"
Hi everybody,

I set several CustomDocumentProperties to "" with VBA in Word 2003. I do not need an information there when starting with the document, but fill in data to a later time. The Problem is that any CustomDocumentProperty, which has no value stored in it ,will be deleted after saving, closing an re-opening the document. Has anyone an idea, how to handle this behaviour.
Many thanks.

&"Missing&" Rows Listview?
Hi all,
I have a listview box that doesnt show all the rows in the listbox until you click the last one that is visible. ie: the scroll bars are not present (indicating no further records) but I know there are 2-3 more records in the list. When you click the last visible record, then the extra 2-3 show up!??!?!?

anyone seen this before?

PROBLEM 2:Also, i have a certain number of columns in the list (4) but there is a little tiny cell that pops up between cols 1 and 2 and you can enter data into it if you click "just so". The data doesnt enter into the table, but what is that? how do i disable it?

Missing File "MSVBVM60.DLL"
Dear Group members,
I need some help, idea for the following issue.
I am not able to run VB due to a missing file.
The message i am
receiving is "Can not find file MSVBVM60.DLL "

Question is how can i fix the problem?
Do i have to reinstall from zero or is there any
way which i can just
install the above file?
Thank you very much in advance for your helps.

&"missing Operator&" For Access Db
I'm using the Northwind database to connect to access... getting the product name from the products table using the categoryid that i retrieved earlier (as an Int32).

        sql = "SELECT productname FROM products WHERE categoryid = " & e.Node.Tag
        aComm.CommandText = sql
        aComm.Connection = aConn

            aReader = aComm.ExecuteReader
        Catch ex As OleDbException
        End Try

        Do While aReader.Read
            bTreeNode = New TreeNode(aReader.GetString(0))
            bTreeNode.Tag = "Product"


The error I'm getting (from ex.message) is: Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression 'categoryid ='.

Thankks lots.. p.s., I'm a newbie.

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