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Mouse Pointer Over A Label

is there a way to display a control whil the mouse is over a label ? Kind of like the tool tip but with a control ?

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Change Default Mouse Pointer To Hourglass Pointer
maybe this was ask for help before...

just want to know how to setup a hourglass (mouse pointer) while my program is in process and restore to default mouse pointer after finishing the process....

thank in advance...

User Control Mouse Icon/mouse Pointer
I have a simple user control with a graphic that the user drags around the form. I want the mousepointer to change whenever the mouse moves over the user control. At Design Time I set the mouse icon to a custom graphic and the mousepointer=99, but this has no effect as the mouse moves over the control at run time. The user control once drawn on the form does not have a mouse icon and mouse pointer property. They are available only when editing the user control. Is this my problem?

I can make it work in a very clumsy fashion by changing the screen.mousepointer in a MouseMove event for the user control but then when the mouse leaves the user control, I must sense a MouseMove event for every possible location on the form to change the mouse pointer back to the default. This does, however, work well for the drag mouseicon using MouseDown and MouseUp events for the usercontrol.

Mouse Pointer And Mouse Click Problem

I am facing a problem related to Mouse pointer. In Visual Basic 6.0 code i have a query from SQL Server 2000 that takes about 30 seconds to execute. When the Query Starts i use qtForm.MousePointer = vbHourglass and at the end i set the mouse pointer to default.

Now the poriblem is that when Mouse pointer is changed to vbHourglass then mouse click works as it. But i want to Block the Mouse Click Anywhere in the form( button list, comboboxes etc). In the current situation i.e qtForm.MousePointer = vbHourglass it chages only the mouse pointer but not block the mouse click.

Finally i want to make Mouse pointer efficient that user can not click on the any control of the form and mouse can only move.
Is it possible in Visual Basic 6.0 ...?
Please Help me


@#%! Mouse's Pointer, Which Pointer Is The "hand"??

I am looking for the pointer that indicate url in Internet Explorer , which is?

A greting!

Mouse Pointer
Is there a way to draw the mouse pointer pixel by pixel?

Mouse Pointer
Just one little question here. When you're running DirectX in full screen mode, how do you keep the mouse pointer visible so you can use it in a game? or is there a better way to do it?

Mouse Pointer
I have label1
I want the mouse pointer to be the hand (like the one when u want to click a link) when the mouse is moved over the label, but I want the mouse pointer to return to the default if the mouse is moved away.
Any help?

Mouse Pointer
hi.. how do i change my mouse pointer when i move my move to certain label, txtbox, etc.. ? thanks for any help..

Mouse Pointer
I have a link in my about box which when clicked will use "ShellExecute" to open my website, and I want to give the user visual feedback that this is in fact a link when the mouse moves over the label. I am hoping there is a solution here, I want to use the system's "Link Select" cursor, but don't see it in the list or in the MSDN. Does anyone know how I could do this?

Another option might be to use my own which I know I can do by specifying 99 - Custom at design-time or vbCustom at run-time, and using the "MouseIcon" property to specify the image to use. I have tried it this way using my own *.cur which consits of 256 colors but windows is turning it into black and white and this is not what I had anticipated.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

MMC Mouse Pointer
Does anyone know how to change the mouse pointer to vbHourGlass in MMC using a Snap-In? Microsoft says that if using an MMC Snap-In, you cannot change the mouse pointer.. I wondering if anyone has an idea..


Mouse Pointer
Hi guys,
I'm trying to get my mouse pointer to change into a hand with a pointing finger in the mouse move event of a label.

I looked at the MousePointer Property and it isn't listed there. How can I do this? Do I have to use the MouseIcon Property?


Mouse API Pointer
I have a form then I want a mouse pointer API that will trigger only within this small form.. I mean, the mouse pointer will not go anywhere in the windows environment but place only in the form. It cannot point outside the form but only inside the form. I see it in some internet cafe timer. But the question is how will I do that... Thanks and merry christmas....

OLE Mouse Pointer
Is there an API call that will enable me to change the mouse pointer at runtime? For instance, I'd like to substitute the no drop pointer for, lets say, the default pointer.

Thanks in anticipation.

Mouse Pointer
when i click to a button it is is processing the procedure in it how can i make the mouse pointer become a animated (wait cursor ) . just like when you open a aplication on windows.

Mouse Pointer In VB
Hi All,

How to define custom Mouse pointer in VB


Mouse Pointer
How would I make the mouse pointer/icon/cursor hide after a certain amount of time? Like if the mouse isnt moved for 30 seconds then it disappears until the mouse is moved again.

Is this possible?

Mouse Pointer
How can I change the mouse pointer to hand on the mouseover of a imagebox by setting the mousepointer property. I tried with the code


but did'nt work.Should I use API for that?

Mouse Pointer
Im used to using the mouse pointer property to change...well obviously the mouse pointer. But, this time i wanted the icon that internet explorer uses when it hovers over a link, that classic hand. But this isnt built into the vbproperties of the mousepointer.

ie, this is what i usually do:

VB Code:
Screen.MousePointer = vbHourGlass

this time i tried using the mouseicon property instead using an icon replica of the hand. This is what i did but nothing happens?? any idea why?

VB Code:
Screen.MouseIcon = imgMouse.PictureScreen.MousePointer = vbIconPointer

Mouse Pointer
Hey Guys,

I would like to keep the Mouse Pointer when I use

Can someone please point me to the 'default'
mouse pointer (arrow).

This is an example of what I have tried, and didn't work.
Picture1.DragIcon = vbArrow


Mouse Pointer
What (if any) vb code can I use to automatically put the cursor to a position (x,y) on a form ?

Mouse Pointer
Hi and thanks for clicking on my question

How can I disable mouse action while I am showing mouse pointer = vbHourglass.
I mean it should not even click on the button.

Help would be really appreciated.


Mouse Pointer
Hello guys

screen.mousepointer = vbhourglass

I guess it should show my pointer as hourglass anywhere on my desktop. But it shows only on the form. If it does show only on the form so can anyone tell me what is the code of that

Thanks in advance

Mouse Pointer
Is there a way to set the pointer at a certain location without using the API SetCursor?

Mouse Pointer
Hi there.. you know?... im doing a program looks like Windows Explorer and i'd like it would be nice and useful.. so i need help with some details.
Is there any posibility to get the "hand ready to click" in the Mouse Pointer.... like in the browsers...
i tried all the mouse pointer constants but no one got it...
I want to get it with MouseMove event. Is it posible????????


Mouse Pointer Changes
Is their any way to monitor what happens to a mouse pointer while it is in another program eg. could the changes in a mouse pointer while a user is working in word be collected and stored in another app so a history of their pointer is available

Mouse Pointer
Upon clicking enter our application begins it's processing. Is there a way to disable (or change the mouse pointer) for as long as it is doing it's processing to let the user know that the program is still working.

Mouse Pointer

I've created a form with a picture.
I want the mouse when over the picture to be vbCrosshair.
In the Pic1_MouseMove(), I set the pointer. I added a label to the form
that tells me what the pointer value is. Yet when I use vbCrosshair
(which is integer value of 2), I get the IBeam, while the label reads
'2'. If I set it to any other pointer value, I get that pointer and the
label reflects the correct value.

Private Sub Pic1_MouseMove(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, x As
Single, y As Single)
WR1GrpT.Pic1.MousePointer = vbCrosshair

lblX.Caption = "X " + Format(x, "0.0000")
lblY.Caption = "Y " + Format(y, "0.0000")
lblMouse.Caption = WR1GrpT.Pic1.MousePointer
End Sub

Any thoughts?

Need A Mouse Pointer
i need that common mouse pointer ie the pointing finger one
where can i get that

Mouse Pointer
How can I make mouse pointer "hourglass" when a label control is dragged over a command button. I have written in the dragover event of command button


but it takes effect after the drag operation is completed,


Mouse Pointer
When opening a DB I was curious as to how I could get the mouse pointer to change into an hour glass. Then change back to a regular pointer after the DB has been opened. I guess my question is when I ask the computer to do something how do I change my mouse pointer while it is processing my request?


Mouse Pointer & API
I was wondering how one can go about getting the handle of an object under the mousepointer. Say the user drags an icon from my application onto another window.. i want the handle of the object under the mouse at the time the icon was released by the user to be returned.

Mouse Pointer
I need to change my mouse pointer's icon in a way that it will keep its new "look" anywhere on the screen.(i.e - even if I drag it out of my form's borders it will still look like the new icon).

Mouse Pointer
I would like to have the mouse pointer change to the 'hand' (like when you hover over a hyperlink in a web document) when it enters a text box. I do not see a vb built-in option for the hand so I assume that I must use a custom mouse pointer icon. Where can I get the hand from?


[VB6] Change Backstyle Of Label When Mouse Over Label
Hello everyone! I am using Microsoft Visual Basic 6. My project has a Form with a Label. How do I change the BackStyle of the Label from Transparent to Opaque when the mouse is over the Label and back from Opaque to Transparent when the mouse is not over the Label? My code follows...

VB Code:
Private Sub Label1_MouseMove(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)    Label1.BackStyle = TransparentEnd Sub

That code changes the BackStyle of the Label from Transparent to Opaque when the mouse is over the Label, but does not change it back from Opaque to Transparent when the mouse is not over the label. How do I do this? Thank you!

Mouse Resourced Pointer
How do i retrive a mouse pointer from my resource file to use on my app? thanks in advanced!

Mouse Icon/Pointer
I tried to change the mouse Icon! But under that it is the mouse Pointer option. I realized that "MOUSE POINTER" must be selected "99-Custom" to let "MOUSE ICON" work!
Then i tried to make my own mouse icon and i done it with a trial version program named "ART CURSORS" and i done the .ico AND .cur x2 copies of my picture that i drawn!
I tried to browse and open it in "MOUSE ICON" in Visual Basic and it keeps writing "Invalid Picture" on both extensions (.ico and .cur)!
I tried to select an original WINDOWS .cur from My Computer/Windows/Cursors and it works but it is all Black the cursor!
I was curious and tried to apply MY ".cur" and ".ico" on my desktop like windows cursors and it works!
Why it does not work in Visual Basic?

Can someone take a little time to explain it to me? I really don't know why my Cursor don't work!

Kind Regards.....

Mouse Pointer Question
Hi every one,

In VB 6, I can use the statement to change the mouse pointer picture:


and reset it back with


How can I control the mousepointer picture in VB.Net 2003?



Controlling The Mouse Pointer
I am trying to emulate a certain control I have seen.

I would like to be able to stop the mouse pointer from
moving outside the bounds of a picture box when the
mouse button is pressed -
ie. the arrow can move anywhere inside the picture box while
the mouse button is pressed but only to the border (it then
stops and remains there even if the mouse is moved elsewhere
on the form) UNTIL the button is released in which case the
pointer resumes it's regular operation.

Any ideas?

Controlling Mouse Pointer In ASP
Hi, I don't know, whether this is the right forum to ask this question, but can someone tell me how to change the mouse pointer in ASP

Mouse Pointer Like In Excel?

I am trying to make an MSFlexGrid behave somewhat like Excel.

How do I set the mouse pointer to the '3D cross' (like Excel)
when the mouse is over the grid?


Lock Mouse Pointer
Is it possible to lock the mouse pointer on the screen for a certain period of time ( or of code ).
I would like to lock the mouse cursor position for a short while...

Moving Mouse Pointer
Hai everybody,

Is there any method to move the mouse pointer from one point to another point on the form at run time.
Thank you all.

HELP! Changing Mouse Pointer....
Right, while carrying out some processes I want the hourglass to be displayed. Here is my code so far:
<font color=blue>

Private Sub Form_Load()
lblStatus.Caption = "Setup is evaluating your system. Please wait......."
Screen.MousePointer = 11


<font color=green>'here goes all my processes</font color=green>

lblStatus.Caption = "Select your preferred display adaptor and mode from the lists below."

Screen.MousePointer = 0
End Sub </font color=blue>

The trouble is that the mouse changes to the hourglass too late, just before it changes back. As you run the program, it stays on the default for a while (while doing stuff) even though the form comes up, then changes to the hourglass after it has already spent ages doing the processes!!! Plus, the change only occurs if the mouse is moved! Any ideas?

Getting Mouse Pointer Position
In my form, I want to know the position of the mouse pointer wherever the user moves his mouse on the form.
How to get it?

Is The Mouse Pointer Over The Picbox?
Is there a way to ask if the mouse pointer is over a picture box?

A Second Cursor (Mouse Pointer)
Hi all!

For a project, I am wanting a second cursor (in addition to the one that responds to the mouse) to respond to other elements of my code.

It doesn't need to have click, double click, or any other standard mouse events, just an (x, y) position on the screen.

Basically, what I am asking is: (How) is it possible to draw a secondary cursor ANYWHERE on the screen?

I'm sure it's dead easy, but any ideas would be most welcome!!



Mouse Pointer Issue
In the following code, I have noticed that each time I type a letter in my text box, the VB hourglass flashes. This is rather distracting and I was looking for a way to stop the screen.MousePointer from appearing.
Any ideas?

Private Sub Load_ListBox(ByVal sSearch As String, ByVal xPos As Integer, ByVal yPos As Integer)

Dim i As Integer

Call CreateConnection(objConn)
Set objRs = New ADODB.Recordset

objRs.ActiveConnection = objConn
objRs.CursorLocation = adUseClient
objRs.CursorType = adOpenDynamic
objRs.LockType = adLockOptimistic
objRs.Source = sSearch
'MsgBox objRs.Source

'Clear out any old content

'use a for loop since if you use a do loop until EOF
'it will have to check the condition every time it goes
'around to see if it is EOF and it slows down the application
For i = 1 To objRs.RecordCount

' If Not objRs.EOF() Then
' With objRs
Select Case Textbox
Case 1
lstList1.AddItem objRs!ci_name
Case 2
lstList1.AddItem objRs!ci_title
Case 3
lstList1.AddItem objRs!ci_company
Case 4
lstList1.AddItem objRs!ci_address1
Case 5
lstList1.AddItem objRs!ci_address2
Case 6
lstList1.AddItem objRs!ci_city
Case 7
lstList1.AddItem objRs!ci_state
Case 8
lstList1.AddItem objRs!ci_zip
Case 9
lstList1.AddItem objRs!ci_country
Case 10
lstList1.AddItem objRs!ci_phone
Case 11
lstList1.AddItem objRs!ci_fax
Case 12
lstList1.AddItem objRs!ci_email
End Select

' End With
' End If

'now position the the listbox underneath the correct textbox
lstList1.Top = yPos
lstList1.Left = xPos

If objRs.RecordCount > 0 Then

If lstList1.ListCount > 7 Then
lstList1.Height = 7 * 230
lstList1.Height = lstList1.ListCount * 230
End If

lstList1.Visible = True
lstList1.Visible = False
End If

'close the object before setting to nothing
Set objRs = Nothing

Call CloseConnection(objConn)
End Sub


Private Sub lstList1_Click()
If lstList1.ListIndex <> -1 Then
Select Case Textbox
Case 1
txtTextBox1 = lstList1
Case 2
txtTextBox2 = lstList1
Case 3
txtTextBox3 = lstList1
Case 4
txtTextBox4 = lstList1
Case 5
txtTextBox5 = lstList1
Case 6
txtTextBox6 = lstList1
Case 7
txtTextBox7 = lstList1
Case 8
txtTextBox8 = lstList1
Case 9
txtTextBox9 = lstList1
Case 10
txtTextBox10 = lstList1
Case 11
txtTextBox11 = lstList1
Case 12
txtTextBox12 = lstList1
End Select
End If

'you should probably make it false now since the user
'selected what they wanted
lstList1.Visible = False

End Sub

Private Sub txtTextBox1_Change()
'Since this is text box 1 you assign 1 to TextBox variable
'but in text box 2 you will assign the value 2
Textbox = 1

'Check to see if any text is in the text box before
'calling the subroutine
If Len(txtTextBox1) > 0 And isLoad Then
'Use any query you need here, I just used what you had in
'your example
sSQL = "SELECT * FROM ContactInfo WHERE ci_name LIKE '" & txtTextBox1.Text & "%'"

X = txtTextBox1.Left
Y = txtTextBox1.Top + txtTextBox1.Height

Load_ListBox sSQL, X, Y 'this appears to be the culprit of the flashing vb hourglass
'when you type text in the contact form. Each time you type
'a letter the sSQL statement executes.
lstList1.Visible = False

End If

End Sub

Position Of Mouse Pointer
Can some one please remind do you display the current position of the mouse pointer? I know there is a simple way to do it, but I can't remember and I can't seem to find it.


Hand Mouse Pointer
how do i get the hand mouse pointer to show over an image, it isn't included with vb6.

thanks in advance


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