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Mp3 Player - Rewind + Forward

Hey guys,

I made an Mp3 player, but I need help with the Rewind + forward buttons. They work with one click but how do I make them work so that when the user presses and holds down on the forward/rewind button, the music goes forward / backwards according to the button pressed.

At the moment when u press teh forward/rewind button once it works (e.g. move 5 places forward / backward using the player duration). but I want it to work so that when I hold down one of the button the command is constantly executed.


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AVI Player With FORWARD And REWIND Function
Please tell me how to write a program which can play AVI files with FORWARD and REWIND function.

Thanx in ADV


Media Again =P About The Rewind And Forward...
ok i decided to put my own button i don't want the windows media =P sorry it flash on my application so i hate it...
anyway... here my code that i done a bit fast....

there comment to tell what index is what button...

PHP Code:

Private Sub imgCommand_Click(Index As Integer)
Dim strFichierTxt As String
    Select Case Index
        Case Is = 0 'Play & Pause
            With cdlOpen
                .DialogTitle = conName
                .Filter = "MP3 (*.mp3)|*.mp3"
                .InitDir = "."
                .FileName = ""
                strFichierTxt = .FileName
            End With
            mplMp3.Enabled = True
            mplMp3.FileName = strFichierTxt
            If strFichierTxt <> "" Then mplMp3.Play
        Case Is = 1 'Stop
            mplMp3.Enabled = False
        Case Is = 2 'Skip Back
        Case Is = 3 'Rewind
        Case Is = 4 'Fast Forward
        Case Is = 5 'Skip Forward
        Case Is = 6 'Preview each clip in a playlist
        Case Is = 7 'Mute
    End Select
End Sub 

'source code in php tags i just want to see what it does with vb...

anyway as you may realised allready is that the rewind and forward aren't working for the sound i know how to do it... i will tomorro...
i'm gonna go to bed only woundering if you can give me a hint of what the command would be...
cuz it can't skip Forward if there no music in playlist hum ok i think i get it but still there 1 prob... i think command aren't the one i'm suppose to use can i just know if i'm using the right one or not and if not wich one isn't good....

ps: you don't need to loose your time to explain...
i can search tomorro... i'm only bored and going to bed....

MMControl - Volume And Forward/rewind

Is it possible to use MMControl, to change the volume!
And how can i forward/rewind if I play a music file or a videofile?

PS! I know how to play the files!

Hope you can help me!

WAV Files Fast Forward/Rewind Control Using SLIDER
Hi there people!
Can anyone help me on how to control the playing of WAV files using a slider?
I cant Fast Forward/Rewind it while playing.

Fast Forward CD Player: Better Way?
I'm using this generic code to fast foward a cd. However, instead of taking 5 second skips, is it possible to have it act more like the Microsoft CD Player, which is a lot smoother?

Dim s As String * 40
SendMCIString "set cd time format milliseconds", True
mciSendString "status cd position wait", s, Len(s), 0
If (fPlaying) Then
cmd = "play cd from " & CStr(CLng(s) + fastForwardSpeed * 1000)
cmd = "seek cd to " & CStr(CLng(s) + fastForwardSpeed * 1000)
End If
mciSendString cmd, 0, 0, 0
SendMCIString "set cd time format tmsf", True

That code will just "skip".

I've tried something like this:

Private Sub Timer2_Timer()
If MouseFFDown = True Then
nRandom = nRandom + 1
FFTime = FFTime + 1
If nRandom < 15 Then
Timer2.Interval = 100
fastForwardSpeed = 100
End If
If nRandom > 15 And nRandom < 30 Then
Timer2.Interval = 75
fastForwardSpeed = 75
End If
If nRandom > 30 Then
Timer2.Interval = 50
fastForwardSpeed = 50
End If
Text1.Text = nRandom

Dim s As String * 40
SendMCIString "set cd time format milliseconds", True
mciSendString "status cd position wait", s, Len(s), 0
If (fPlaying) Then
cmd = "play cd from " & CStr(CLng(s) + fastForwardSpeed)
cmd = "seek cd to " & CStr(CLng(s) + fastForwardSpeed)
End If
mciSendString cmd, 0, 0, 0
SendMCIString "set cd time format tmsf", True
End If
End Sub

... but all that will do is just skip it along.

Thanks for any help.

MM Control Rewind

MM Control needs to be rewind even after we exit. Is there any way we can play from the beginning once we exit the window? Thanks.

Rewind Using DirectSound
Hi !

i am trying to provide a functionality to rewind / fast forward of a WAV file,but not able to figure it out

VB Code:
Private Sub PlayMessages(strFile As String)    Dim dsBuf As DSBUFFERDESC        On Error GoTo ErrorOut:             Set ds = gDX.DirectSoundCreate(vbNullString)     ds.SetCooperativeLevel Me.hWnd, DSSCL_PRIORITY             dsBuf.lFlags = DSBCAPS_CTRLPOSITIONNOTIFY        Set dsBuffer = ds.CreateSoundBufferFromFile(strFile, dsBuf)           dsBuffer.Play DSBPLAY_DEFAULT    Exit Sub    ErrorOut:    MsgBox Err.DescriptionEnd Sub

Browsing google , i managed to find out that this can be done using GetCurrentPosition and SetCurrentPosition Methods.But i am not able to figure it out , as to how can that can be done.

Please Advice

How To Auto Rewind??

I am developing an app in which I have to play a specified audio file using the MMControl after every 30 seconds. The code that I am using to play the audio file works just fine.

VB Code:
Player1.FileName = txtPathPlayer1.Command = "open"Player1.Command = "play"Player1.Shareable = True

But after thirty secs it doesnt play the file again. I realized that the position doesnt go back to zero ( using Player1.Position ). How do I bring it back to zero? Is there any other reason why it doesnt play it again?


Text File Rewind
I have to write a program to parse very large text files (~75 megs, maybe more). I also may have to move around the source file randomly (hopefully only a few times per file, if at all), and I don't want to read the whole file into a buffer, due to the size. Does VB offer any method to "rewind" a text file stream to a previous point? Alternately, what about using a secondary, dummy stream to do searches, something like this:

Set myStream2 = myStream 'Will this really make an exact copy of the
'original stream, allowing me to search the

myLine = myStream2.readline()
while (myLine isn't the next line of interest)

Set myStream2 = Nothing

Sorry if this is an old topic, but I didn't see anything about this in the IO tutorial or in the quick search I did of previous questions.


Multimedia Control Rewind
After I've played a .wav sound using the Microsoft Multimedia Control, I want it to automatically rewind.

Private Sub mmOne_Done(NotifyCode As Integer)
mmOne.Command = "<what goes here>"
End Sub
What command do I use to put it back to the start of the wav?

Is It I Must Close The File For Rewind To Top
Dear Friends,

I wish to ask can there be any way to turn the pointer to the 1st line of a textstream object. I use the following code to count many lines are in the file and I wish to turn the file pointer back to 1st line. Is it I must close it? Will this be slow?

Set iFile = fs.OpenTextFile(sFile, ForReading, False)

' See how many lines are in the data file
i = 0
Do While iFile.AtEndOfStream <> True
i = i + 1
txtTotalLine.Text = i

For i = 1 To 20 ' Read the 1st 20 lines
LineBuffer = LineBuffer & iFile.ReadLine + vbCrLf
Next i

Rewind -&gt; Final Challange In 2001-&gt;Solve This Before 2002.
Subject VB6 application setup/data Report/printing problem

I have following problem in using vb6.

1. I have developed my Vb project(application) in a WIN98SE machine and packaged it in WIN98SE machine itself ? While trying to install the setup.exe on a WIN98 machne it shows the following error message and installation aborted.

"This setup is not intended to install on this version of windows"

2.I am using Ado 2.7 Library and developed a report using MS datareport v6.0. I have installed the application in a WIN98 computer. My application except data report is working. While taking data report I got the Run time error 713. I have searched MS Knowledge base and do the steps as explained there. but the problem still exists.

3. I am using VB and data report for reports. I want to print the report very fast. I dont need windows printing. I need only Dos/draft mode printing. Which font can I use for this high speed printing. I have tried Generic Text only printer option on my Epson 1050+ printer. That is not sufficient.

Is there any one to take up the challange.

Shockwave Flash Player On Media Player
How can I place a Shockwave Flash Player on a medaia Player in Transparent View. I try to place it sy making the 'Windowless' property of the Media player to false and 'Window mode' of Flash Player to 'Transparent'. But it makes the low video quality and both are not working smoothly. How can I solve this problem. I need it for my project 'Jukebox' for this academic year.

Best Way Forward?
Hello all,

I want to write a control where I can load a bitmap, be able to select and label various regions within the bmp and then manipulate their fills - like a magic wand / flood fill command on a paint program.

I've been looking around and API calls FrameRgn and FillRgn seem to be the thing though I've never used API calls. Is this right way to go or is there better way of doing this?



Moving Forward Help Please
Ok here is my starting program, dont laugh. I want to make it so when you press 'w' what ever direction your faceing you start walking that way.

Private Sub Form_KeyDown(KeyCode As Integer, Shift As Integer)
If KeyCode = vbKeyUp Then
Warrior.Visible = True
Warrior_Left.Visible = False: Warrior_Right.Visible = False: warrior_down.Visible = False
Warrior.Left = Warrior_Left.Left
Warrior.Left = Warrior_Right.Left
Warrior.Left = warrior_down.Left

Warrior.Top = Warrior_Left.Top
Warrior.Top = Warrior_Right.Top
Warrior.Top = warrior_down.Top

End If

If KeyCode = vbKeyDown Then
warrior_down.Visible = True
Warrior_Left.Visible = False: Warrior_Right.Visible = False: Warrior.Visible = False
warrior_down.Left = Warrior_Left.Left
warrior_down.Left = Warrior_Right.Left
warrior_down.Left = warrior_down.Left
warrior_down.Left = Warrior.Left

warrior_down.Top = Warrior_Left.Top
warrior_down.Top = Warrior_Right.Top
warrior_down.Top = warrior_down.Top
warrior_down.Top = Warrior.Top
End If

If KeyCode = vbKeyLeft Then
Warrior_Left.Visible = True
Warrior_Left.Left = Warrior.Left: Warrior_Left.Top = Warrior.Top: warrior_down.Visible = False
Warrior.Visible = False
Warrior_Left.Left = Warrior_Left.Left
Warrior_Left.Left = Warrior_Right.Left
Warrior_Left.Left = warrior_down.Left
Warrior_Left.Left = Warrior.Left

Warrior_Left.Top = Warrior_Left.Top
Warrior_Left.Top = Warrior_Right.Top
Warrior_Left.Top = warrior_down.Top
Warrior_Left.Top = Warrior.Top
End If

If KeyCode = vbKeyRight Then
Warrior_Right.Visible = True
Warrior_Right.Top = Warrior.Top: Warrior_Right.Left = Warrior.Left: warrior_down.Visible = False
Warrior.Visible = False
Warrior_Right.Left = Warrior_Left.Left
Warrior_Right.Left = Warrior_Right.Left
Warrior_Right.Left = warrior_down.Left
Warrior_Right.Left = Warrior.Left

Warrior_Right.Top = Warrior_Left.Top
Warrior_Right.Top = Warrior_Right.Top
Warrior_Right.Top = warrior_down.Top
Warrior_Right.Top = Warrior.Top
End If

End Sub

Thats the whole thing. Do you guys know how i make it accelerate it the way your facing by pressing 'w'

Webbrowser Go Forward
how can i make the goforward function work?
i have this:

private sub Command1_click()
end sub
'that does nothing eaven if the browser can go froward but
private sub Command2_click()
end sub
'this works
'so whats the problem

Best Way Forward - Sending SMS
I have no idea where to start the final part of my program - I want to be able to send SMS messages but I think I need some guidence

This is what I have:
A Nokia 6300 mobile phone
The data cable (plugs from mobile into port3 on laptop)
The Nokia suite software disk (already installed)

The other idea I have is using some kind of online sending SMS website. Where I can use VB to log on and fill in the form and sending away

Any ideas on which option may work? be easiest to do?
I've search the net and found a few examples but I didn't rearly understand the code too well and even tho I played around with it I couldn't get it to work

How To Forward Focus...?

How can you forward a focus from a usercontroll...?

I did my own activex control, but id like to add a keydown & keyup events so that the focuses move around.

Is there a way to do this without the send{"TAB"} option..?

Forward And Back?
Say I have a varible. And I want to keep what it was, and if I go back, what it was at, on infinite levels.

I have ideas on this, but if someone has done this, and has a great method for doing it, please share.

Forward And Bak In The File

Is there some function that gets to go forward and back in a file?

thank you in advance

Back And Forward
Hello. First sorry for my English.
I want put back and forward buttons on my web page with VBscript. How can I do that?

I have this javascript:


But I want to change this with VBscript. This is important. Please for help. Thank you in advance!

Forward References In Udt's
I'm currently trying to use some functions in a dll written in c in my vb program. they define a type in the c header file, which contains a reference to itself. for example it is
typedef struct node {
double data;
node *link;
} node;

if i try
Private Type node
data as double
link as node
End Type

I get a compiler error: "Circular dependencies between modules"

So obviously vb doesnt support these forward references...Now that would mean that it seems impossible to call these dll functions since the type it returns contains forward references and I cant create the type in VB.
Is there any way around this problem? maybe an alternate way to declare this kind of type?
Thanks for reading.

VB Back And Forward
Hi, does anyone out there know how to code a button that has the same effect as the "Back" and "Forward" button of the internet template, ie, the user can scroll one page back or forward of the current page viewed? I've been scratching my head over this problem since last month...

Port Forward Using Mscomm
hi, i wanna make an app that will take winsock connections and shuv them through the serial port using the mscomm control. this is for my laptop that cant get the internet and i reckon i can do it all apart from one small problem, if i tell something to connect to a remote IP then how can i make my app accept the connection and make the app on the server PC connect to that IP?

Forward Emial Using Cdo 1.21 + Exchane
I am unable to forward messages using the following code. I get the following error message. Somebody please help.
Collobration Data Objects - MAPI_E_NO_SUPPORT 80040102

This is the code
Dim objSession As New MAPI.Session
Dim objFolder As MAPI.Folder
Dim objMessages As MAPI.Messages
Dim objMessage As MAPI.Message
On Error GoTo handle

objSession.Logon ("ImagingTest")

Set objFolder = objSession.Inbox
Set objMessages = objFolder.Messages

objMessages.Sort (1)

For Each objMessage In objMessages

Set oGWMessage = objMessage.Forward ''''forwarding email
oGWMessage.Recipients.Add Address:=""
oGWMessage.Subject = "Fwd: " & objMessage.Subject
Next objMessage

If Not objSession Is Nothing Then
Set objSession = Nothing
End If

Set objMessage = Nothing

Outlook VBA Forward Mailitem

I want to do the following:
1. I klick onto a mail in my inbox to select it.
2. I run a sub routine to automatically do two things:
2a) Add a sentence to the mailbody
2b) Forward the mail to two usergroups.

I have the following:

Sub ReplyITT()

Dim mynamespace As NameSpace
Dim myforward As MailItem
Dim myfolder

Set mynamespace = Application.GetNamespace("MAPI")
Set myfolder = mynamespace.GetDefaultFolder(6)

Set myforward = GetCurrentItem()

myforward.Body = "added Text to the mailbody" + vbCrLf + myforward.Body
myforward.Recipients.Add "verteiler - ith"
myforward.Recipients.Add "verteiler - itt"
myforward.Send '########## here I get the errormessage

End Sub

' Function GetCurrentItem() written by Buck Pavia (
Function GetCurrentItem() As Object
Dim objApp As Application
Dim objSel As Selection
Dim objItem As Object
Dim objmailItem As MailItem

Set objApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Select Case objApp.ActiveWindow.Class
Case olExplorer
Set objSel = objApp.ActiveExplorer.Selection
If objSel.Count > 0 Then
Set objItem = objSel.Item(1)
Set objmailItem = objSel.Item(1)
End If
Case olInspector
Set objItem = objApp.ActiveInspector.CurrentItem
Set objmailItem = objApp.ActiveInspector.CurrentItem
Case Else
' can't handle any other kind of window
End Select

'Set GetCurrentItem = objItem
Set GetCurrentItem = objmailItem

Set objItem = Nothing
Set objSel = Nothing
Set objApp = Nothing
Set objmailItem = Nothing

End Function

I call the ReplyITT which is located behind a button after I selected the mail.

And then I get an error message like :

Runtimeerror '-2114519035 (81f70005)':
You do not have the propper rights to send the message in the name of the provided user.
(well I get the error message in german: Sie besitzen nicht die Berechtigung, die Nachricht im auftrag des angegebenen Benutzers zu senden.)

If I manually forward the message, I have no problems with it.
If I change the ReplyITT a bit to simply use the first mail (it somehow only works with the first mail in the list and I have no chance to get the selected mail of my inbox) then it works too. If I have written the mail (for testing to myself) then too.
Just for the upper code and not myself written mails I get the error.

I would be happy if someone could have a look into it. I bet its just a tiny change that has to be done. I just dont know what.

Thanks a ton!


Auto-forward And Itemsend
hi, i'm new here and i need help

1. how can i automatically place a recipient's name in the To field when i forward a message? I need the code to be placed in the vbscript editor.

2. how can i check if the custom fields in a custom task form are empty or not? i tried using the item_send event in vbscript but i heard that it doesn't work in a task form, i also tried using the validation tab in the properties of a didn't work also...

anybody, somebody, please help.....

Webbrowser Back And Forward
In my program i got an Webbrowser control, i know how too work with it, and got even 2 buttons too go back and forward: WebBrowser1.GoBack and webbrowser1.goforward.

Now i want too enable the picture of my back button when its possible to go back a internetpage in history and disable the picture of my back button if no internetpage is in history.

How too determine if there is a page too go back too or too go forward too ?

Another Straight Forward Problem...
Second post today - new to VB so should be a fairly easy problem for you lot!

I've got 3 text boxes


Private Sub Command1_Click()
test = test + 1
test2 = "my" & test

If test2.text = "hello" Then
Print "it works!"
goto marker:
end if

End Sub

The value of my3 is "hello" so I want it to run through the script 3 times checking my1 my2 and my3 and then printing it works when it gets to my3.

It doesn't accept "If test2.Value = "hello" Then" no doubt because I can't use test2 the way I have.

So how can I create a variable like test2 that can change and represent the different boxes?

Thanks for any help provided...

How To Forward Email Message Twice?
I am writing a vb script to forward an email.
When I read the email message I forward this to somebody else. Then I continue to read the attachment, then forward the same message to another person. When I set it to foward again, it won't accept. "Error".
How can I forward the same message twice without combine the addresses together?

Set oGWMessage = oGWMessage.Forward ''''forwarding email
oGWMessage.Recipients.Add Trim((![GWEmailName]))
oGWMessage.Subject = "Fwd: " & oGWMessage.Subject
oGWMessage.Send 'sent to first person.

''''''''Read the attachment........send to another person.
Set oGWMessage = oGWMessage.Forward 'ERROR occur here!!!!!!!!!
oGWMessage.Recipients.Add ""
oGWMessage.Subject = "Fwd: " & oGWMessage.Subject
oGWMessage.Send 'sent to another person.
Any help?

Can't Bring Labels Forward
Why do labels always end up behind other objects on VB6 forms?

Even when I right-click on the label and choose "bring to front", it still won't bring it to the front.

One solution to this is to use a textbox instead, but there is no "transparent" property to a textbox so I cannot use this.

I want text to appear on top of other objects but with a transparent bacxkground, how can I do this?

Help With Back And Forward MenuButton??

I'm creating my own browser using the webbrowser1 component. Luckily, I've manage to find some of the important functions on the internet and some sample codes, however I want to add a button menu in my "back and forward" buttons. It will insert to the back and forward button at runtime.

I'm having problems with my code...

VB Code:
Private Sub WebBrowser1_DocumentComplete(ByVal pDisp As Object, URL As Variant) On Error Resume Next    If (pDisp Is WebBrowser1.Application) Then         Dim HTML As HTMLDocument 'Notice the changes here         Dim AHREF As HTMLAnchorElement 'and Here         Set HTML = WebBrowser1.Document 'Set the Doc to the HTML object         For Each AHREF In HTML.links 'Take note when you type '.' look at all the goodies!         'look in the AHREF object as well....         'in this case we will use 2 different parts of the AHREF object to         'filter out.. the href, and the innerText             If InStr(AHREF.href, "google") = 0 And AHREF.innerText <> "Cached" Then                 Debug.Print AHREF.href            End If         Next     End If        If notClick Then Exit Sub            If myArr(X) = Text1.Text Then            Exit Sub        Else            myArr(X) = Text1.Text            Toolbar1.Buttons(1).ButtonMenus.Add , , myArr(X - 1)            X = X + 1        End If                notClick = FalseEnd Sub

I'm not sure with this one...

VB Code:
Private Sub Toolbar1_ButtonMenuClick(ByVal ButtonMenu As MSComctlLib.ButtonMenu)Select Case ButtonMenu.Index    Case 1        WebBrowser1.Navigate ButtonMenu.TextEnd SelectEnd Sub

NOTE: text1.text is my address bar. So everytime it "documents complete", it will add to the array and then add to the button menu.

I'm goin nuts with this. Please help me out thanks.

Bring Window Forward
VB Code:
Private Declare Function FindWindow Lib "user32" Alias "FindWindowA" (ByVal lpClassName As String, ByVal lpWindowName As String) As Long Private Sub Form_Load()Me.HideEnd Sub Private Sub Timer1_Timer()     Dim m_hWnd As Long     m_hWnd = FindWindow(vbNullString, "Explorer") ' This is the name of the window     If m_hWnd > 0 Then        ' This is where I want it to bring the window forward, for example setfocus to it.     MsgBox "Window Brought Forward!"          Else               End If End Sub

Ok, so thats the code I have for finding the window... That code works perfect... But I want the window it finds to come forward so I can see it. Like setting focus for it.

Thanks alot.

Back - Forward Mnubuttons Need Help
Ok, I'm going to try and explain this. I have two menu buttons, A Back button and a Forward button. I also have a cbobox(cboaddress). What I want is for when you click the back button all the way to the top or first item in the cbobox(cboaddress) it will disable the back button. also when you click the forward button to the bottom or last item in the cbobox(cboaddress) it will disable the forward button as well. I have been trying to get this figured out for days now and just can't seem to get it right. If anybody can PLS help me I thank you very much. This is my current code.

VB Code:
Private Sub back()    If cboaddress.ListIndex > 0 Then        cboaddress.ListIndex = cboaddress.ListIndex - 1    Else        cboaddress.ListIndex = cboaddress.ListCount - 1    End If        Dim I As Integer    For I = 1 To treeList.Nodes.Count        If treeList.Nodes(I).Text = cboaddress.Text Then            treeList.Nodes(I).Selected = True                Exit For        End If    Next Iend sub Private Sub Forward()    If cboaddress.ListIndex < cboaddress.ListCount - 1 Then        cboaddress.ListIndex = cboaddress.ListIndex + 1    Else        cboaddress.ListIndex = 0    End If     Dim I As Integer    For I = 1 To treeList.Nodes.Count        If treeList.Nodes(I).Text = cboaddress.Text Then            treeList.Nodes(I).Selected = True                Exit For        End If    Next Iend sub

&lt;&lt; Short And Straight Forward &gt;&gt;
heyy all...

Can anyone tell me how to get a client application to send data to a server application that is capable of handling many clients (using an array ofcourse, through winsock) ?? And, if u cud post how the server should receive it it wud be great.

I posted my code on this thread click here

thanx in advance

Back/Forward With IE ActiveX?
I'm writing an application which uses the IE ActiveX controls, and I need to show and hide the backwards and forwards controls when the end or start of the history has been reached. Or, at the very least, cleanly handle their error when they fail to go back or forward. Currently my app just crashes when you click them and are at either end of the history. Perhaps the answer is obvious, but I'm not seeing it. Any ideas?

Go Back And Forward Navigation
hi friends,

i am displaying paragraphs is a text box and the paragraph no is displayed on top in another text box. i have implemented the basic operations such first/prev/next/last and i also wanto to give go back and forward option.
can u help me get the code to achieve that

Back &amp; Forward Button
How can I have the ability to use to 2 buttons (Back & Forward: like the IE, and other Microsoft products) with visual Basic?
Please send an example if available.
Thank you,
Note: This is not for a web browser. is to navigate from form to another.

Windows Positions, Forward Or Not!?
Ok, is there a way to tell what order windows are placed on the window? For example:

1. Internet explorer
2. Winamp
3. My applications form
4. ....
5. ...

I need to know so I can tell if two different apps are in a #1, #2 order. I need my form and another application in that order


OLE Question? V. Straight Forward.
I do appologies if I am being really thick here, but I have had a really bad day so far
What is OLE?How can I, if possible, create my own OLE object?What are the advantages of OLE?
That's it. Feel free to post replies having a go at me for having the jaded mental ability of a spack-handed chop handle

IE Back And Forward Buttons?
I am trying to go to different web pages from my VB 6 App. I have maid it possible to open a new Internet Explorer window and load the links but I am unable to use a back and forward button.

This part works:

Dim objIE As SHDocVw.InternetExplorer

Private Sub Form_Load()
Set objIE = New SHDocVw.InternetExplorer
objIE.Height = 740
objIE.Width = 900
objIE.Visible = False
End Sub

Private Sub cmdGoogle_Click()
objIE.Visible = True
objIE.Navigate ""
End Sub

But this don't work:

Private Sub cmdBack_Click()
End Sub

How do I get the back and forward buttons to work?

Static ADO Recordset Is Forward Only
Could somebody let me know what I am doing wrong?
The following procedure creates the recordset based on the SQL Server 2000’s stored procedure.

Set rsEditOld = New ADODB.Recordset
Dim cmEditOld As New ADODB.Command

With cmEditOld
.ActiveConnection = cn
'Define the stored proc
.CommandText = "proc_inprocess_complete"
.CommandType = adCmdStoredProc
'create parameter
.Parameters.Append .CreateParameter("@group", adSmallInt, adParamInput)
.Parameters.Append .CreateParameter("@record_id", adInteger, adParamInput)
.Parameters.Append .CreateParameter("@task_id", adSmallInt, adParamInput)
'set values to parameters and execute stored proc
.Parameters("@group") = objCurrentUser.GroupID
.Parameters("@record_id") = objTracking.record_id
.Parameters("@task_id") = objTracking.TaskID

rsEditOld.CursorLocation = adUseClient
rsEditOld.CursorType = adOpenStatic
Set rsEditOld = .Execute

End With

The rsEditOld is not a fully scrollable snapshot, as it supposed to be. The only movement I can do is ‘MoveNext’. On ‘MoveLast’ I get the error msg: ’Rowset does not support fetching backward’

Back And Forward Icons
Does anyone know where to find the Icons used in Internet explorer for the BACK and FORWARD buttons?

Software Engineer

Outlook: Ope.n .msg From Directory And Forward But Not As Attachment
I need to open a .msg file from a (network) directory and forward it (or even better get acces to its body t crate a new mail)

It seems to work only I always end up with my orriginal mail as an attatchment.

Anyone know how to do this?

Outlook -email Item Forward
im making a custom form using a message form in outlook, i edited the compose and read page, the problem is i want outlook to display the read page when the user forwards it, right now it shows the compose page.... is there any way to do this? thanks

Back And Forward (Making Web Browser)
Ok, I am making a little web browser (not full scale or anything) and I am trying to get my back and forward buttons to work. I am using the Microsoft Internet component. They work when they are supposed to work, but when there is nowhere to go back to it gives me an error, same with forward. How can I make it so the buttons are not enabled when they can't be used?

I know it is possible because if you right click the page you are viewing the back and forward's are in the list and they are disabled if you cant go back or forward any farther.

I don't know if I made sense, thanks for trying to help,

How Do I Auto Forward Emails To Another Account?
Not really sure where this fits on here so I'll post it here. Just a quick question and I can't remember how to do it. How do you set up Outlook Express to automatically forward emails to another address?

I guess you can't since it just reads your email but has nothing to do with the account. I'm trying to set it up so someone's work email here will send messages he gets to his home email since he will be out for a week. So I want to set that up and he reads email in Outlook here, but I'm not sure if I can set it up there to send email to his home address of if that's something the systems admin would have to do somewhere else.

Just let me know if you know...I wanna send the company emails he gets from Outlook Express to his home one, which is a account. Also would he have to do anything at his home account, or can it all be done and forwarded here? Any help would be great, thanks!

Browser Back And Forward Buttons
How do you get the browser object to work with back and forward buttons???
I thought it was automatic, but there must be some more code other than
broswerobject.GoBack and broserobject.GoForward
I can't find this in any book!!!

Moving Forward In Tables In ACCESS
Okay here's my problem.

I'm displaying members who have been, in the past, fined for late-return of equipment. These members are listed in my combo-box. When you click the submit button, their details and fine details appear in text-boxes

However...some members have been fined more than once, so I need some way of choosing the studentID from the combo-box, then moving along in the database - it populating the text-boxes with ALL details, one at a time, with each click of the Data Control...if that is what I use.

How do I achieve this?

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