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MsgBox Color And Size Change( VB 6.0)

Hi, My Problems Are 1). I want to display MessageBox Following method " Please Select UserName XXXXXX " is it possible using MsgBox? and also 2). I have a Label field and Lable Caption should be as follows User ( 100 - XXXXXX ) is Selected Is it possible to use two different colors & Font I am usinglabel.caption = " user(100 - XXXXXX) is Selected please any one tell me how i can proceed?

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Msgbox: Can You Change Size/color?
Is it possible to change the size/color of a msgbox in the code section...if so how is this done and what sort of coding would do this?


Popupmenu Background Color Change As Well As Font Size Change
hi folks
am creating one popupmenu using createpopupmenu() API
and also i insert items dynamically using insertmenuitem API
and display using Trackpopupmenu().
My problem is

1)i want to change the background color of popup menu?????
2 i want to change the font size in popup menu ???????
dynamically .
if any body know API or how to change the font size and change the background color in popupmenu ,please help ur friend.

I don't need menu editor.
i need only popup menu.
expecting a positve reply.

Change Color Of Msg In Msgbox
Does anyone know how I can change the colour of the text in a MSGBOX?

I have a msg I want displayed, but I want a certain piece of it red while the rest remains black...for instance:

<vb> MsgBox "Missing Values in: " & str & ". Please fill in these values." </vb>

I want str to be RED.

Change The Color Of MSGBOX
I want to change the back color of MSGBOX to RGB(233,214,214) and fore color to yello. Is there any way ?


I want to change the VB msgbox Back and fore color. Please help me

Change The Font Size Of The Msgbox
could someone tell me how to change the font size of the msgbox, please.


Any API To Change Color/font Of Msgbox??
Is there any API to change color/font/Icons of Msgbox / Inputbox??
(...dont ask me to use a form for displaying the mesage!!)

Change FONT/COLOR Of Msgbox
Hi there,

Is there a way i can change the colour of the message box or insert an icon or change the font style of the text to be displayed...
if so..plz send me code snippets....
thanx in anticipation....

Change Background Color Of Inputbox/msgbox In

I have developed one application in which i'm using inputbox and
msgbox. I want to change background color of both. how can i do this.

pls help me.

Thanks in advance,

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Change Text Color And Size
I have set the text size, color and the font time to print it out.The code below doesn't change the text properties.How to set the text properties?

Printer.Print "Legend": ForeColor = vbBlack: FontSize = 15: FontName = "Times New Roman"

How To Change The Font And Text Color In MsgBox(&"....&")
How can I change the Font and Text color in MsgBox("...")
ex: if I have MsgBox("Hello World"), how can I make "Hello World" font 14 and red text.


MsgBox With Background Color And Button Color
How do i do make backcolor light red and commandbutton red for a msgbox.

Unresolved - Can You Change The Menu Bar Color On Forms &amp; The Face Color On SSTabs?
Is there a way to change the menu bar color on particular forms during runtime? I only have 1 form open at any any given time in my app... Also, is there a way to change the back color of an SSTab control during runtime so that the entire surface of the SStab is the new color?? When I change the back color it doesn't change the color of the active SSTab face, but only the color behind the tabs somewhere, as I can see the new color barely displayed between the SSTab tabs.


Edited by - ddutke on 2/18/2005 1:42:53 PM

PictureBox Size Change With Form Size [Solved]
I have a toolbar and a statusbar on my form, i want the size of the picturebox to follow the size of the form. So this is my code

Private Sub Form_Resize()

If Me.WindowState <> 1 Then 'not minimized
    On Error Resume Next
    Picture1.Top = Toolbar1.Top + Toolbar1.Height
    Picture1.Left = 0
    Picture1.Width = StatusBar1.Width
    Picture1.Height = StatusBar1.Top - (Toolbar1.Top + Toolbar1.Height)
End If

End Sub

This works perfect if the window state is 0 (normal) if it is maximized the size of the picturebox is the same as it was before i maximized.

Below is the testcode

Edited by - on 6/16/2004 6:37:13 AM

For Datepicker How Can I Change The That Highlight Color To Anither Color
assume that I name datepicker1 to dttime, whenI click on that the default color is blue, cani change to to yellow etc?

How To Change SSTab Color (Form Not Back Color)
I hope someone can help me problem .I want to change SSTab Color user define.I do not want to change backcolor.

Form Size Change With Screen Size

I Want Change My Form Size On Different Resolution ( 800*600, 1024 *768 )
Please Help

Msg Box; How Do I Change The Font Color And Background Color
I want a message box to pop up whenever someone opens a file. Further, I want to change the fill colors from grey and blue to something else, and I want to change the color of the fonts. Any suggestions?

Color Of MsgBox

Is it possible to change the color of a message box ?

this is a part of the source code

MsgVal = MsgBox("Some text ", vbQuestion + vbOKCancel, "Toevoegen")

Can anybody help me ?



Msgbox Color
i know i can create a new form and use it as msgbox

but i want to know is there a way that color of msgbox & its buttons can b changed


Msgbox Variable Size

I like to show a statusdialog when I finished some actions in my program.

When I use a Msgbox the program 'cuts' some informations at the end of the variable!

So my question - how many characters can I display with a Msgbox?
I use a dialog with a textfield as a workaround at the moment, but I would like to use a standard msgbox instead.

Thanks for this info.


How To Make All Msgbox The Same Size?
how do i have all the msgbox's in my project the same size?

Font Size On Msgbox
Hi, is there a way to set the font size on a message box? I can't seem to figure it out..

Font Size In MsgBox's
Can I increase the font size used in MsgBox's and if so, how ? Thanks.

MsgBox Background Color
Can the MsgBox background color and button colors be changed in vb6?

Msgbox Background Color
Hello Friends.

My intention is to change background color of all Msgboxes (class #32770) SYSTEM-WIDE!!

(without having to change my system settings)

It is possible to change it within an application (see URL below) but how can it be done for foreign applications??,0062,01

Any ideas welcome!

Thanks & Regards

Color {change Button Color}
This seems like a stupid question but how do you change the text colour on buttons in vb? i have changed the button color but need to also change the text colour to white, anyone?


Changing Color Of Text In A String (for A Msgbox)
i want to change the color of ONE word in a msgbox to red, is this possible? how would i do this?

thanx in advance

Change The Font In A Msgbox
is it possible to chzange the font/fontsize/fontcolor in a msgbox?


MSGBox - Change Font?
I have the following VB 6 code:

Private Sub cmdCancel_Click()
MsgBox "Are you really sure you want to cancel?"
Unload Me
End Sub
My question is, can I change the font and font size of the text in the Message box?

Change MsgBox Position
Does anybody know how to change MsgBox position on the screen throuhg the code.

How To Change MSGBOX Style
I just wanted to ask how to change the msgbox style, for example, put a Critical or Information picture on the side of the message box

Thanx in advance

Change The Language Of MSGBOX
Please tell me how can i change the language of VB MSGBOX.
I want to show URDU in MSGBOX


How To Change The Position Of A MsgBox
When the main window of my app is moved around the screen, msgBoxes are displayed at the center of the screen, regardless of the position of the form.
Is there a way to change the position of a message box?

How Can Change MSGBOX Command
How can change the caption of msgbox commands

I want to show "xxxx" and "yyyy" not "Yes" and "No"

or I want to have n command for example :

"Yes" , "No" , "Ignore" ,"Abort", ....

I will very happy if you send a free object or an answer
for this problem.

How Do You Change The Title Of A MsgBox?
My message boxes always have a title on top that Is an old name of the program.

I'm just using the syntax

MsgBox ("Message")

Canyou help?

Change Msgbox Layout
Is it possible to set the msgbox font and color and icons?


Change Backcolor Of Msgbox ?

Can someone tell me if this is possible ?

Thanks anyway !

Cursor Color And Size
I want to change the cursor color and size when the cursor moves from one text box to the other. Could you please help me how I should do it?
Thank you

How Can I Change The Legend In A Msgbox'button?
Hello dear guys
Well. I did a program in VB6.0. I did it in a spanish version. Today, i need to translate it to english. All OK, except when during execution, the program shows a msgbox. I used msgbox with vbOK and in spanish the click button shows legend "aceptar". I'd like that the msgbox in my english version could show the legend "accept" or "OK". Maybe my problem is related to Windows because i use Spanish version of it. Any help will be great appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Msgbox {change Button Text}
Is there a way to change the "Yes" and "No" of a MsgBox to different text? Spanish text? Using API's?


Change Caption Of Msgbox Buttons
Hi !
The title says it all...
IS there a way to change the caption of msgbox object when calling it

I.E : result-msgbox("Are you OK ?",vbYesNo,"Whocares")

Why Wont The Msgbox Title Change?
I was working on making the msgbox title change to login but It wont work for some reason, I was able to make it blank... But not work.


Dim usernames As String

Private Sub cmdlogin_Click()
If txtname.Text = "" Then
MsgBox "Please Enter a Username", , Login
MsgBox "Welcome, " & usernames, , Login
End If
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
txtmain.Text = "Hello and welcome to Text Role-Playing Engine 1.0a" & vbNewLine & "Please Click Login!"
End Sub

Private Sub txtname_Change()
usernames = txtname.Text
End Sub

Was doing the ", ,Login" right? Login is supposed to be the title.

Change Msgbox Screen Position?
app x has a messagebox which pops up from items in an array, each time. user then locates the entity, and modified it, then hit's ok in msgbox, which goes to the next entity, and so on. well the user, has to move the message box, to work on the creen- is there a way to position a message box on show, like you position a form?

How To Change The Language Of VB MSGBOX To URDU
Hello all,
I want to change the language of VB MSGBOX to URDU ? Is there any way to do this ?


Change MsgBox Button Caption
Hi All,
Can we change the caption of the message box? I guess I'll have to use an API. Required a quick answer. Any idea will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

RESOLVED:How To Change Titile Of Msgbox ?
Hi all .I wonder how i can change title of my msgbox . it keep showing me project 1. I be happy if some one tell me how i can change it to some thing meaning full .Thanks

Change Caption Of The Msgbox Buttons
How do we change the text of the buttons that appear on the MsgBox. Like if we want something other than "Yes" or "Cancel" ?

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