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Multipage Control VBA

Can you add more pages to a Multipage Control at runtime using Excel/VBA?

Colin (Liverpool)

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MultiPage Control
I noticed a control on the toolbar that is a Multipage control. Looks like it might work like Tabstrip. Anyone know anything about it? I could not find any info on the MSDN cd or internet.

Multipage Control
I have a VB program written in excel and on one of the forms I have a multi-page control. There are three pages and whenever I click on one page name to enter the data on the form, the other 2 page labels disappear. I can access the other pages by clicking on where the page name originally was, but the label for the page is no longer there.

I hope you understand what I am trying to explain as I know it sounds confusing. Any help would be appreciated.

MultiPage Control In VB 6.0?
Is there a MultiPage control for VB 6.0 like the one in VBA in Excel 2002? I need to write a VB front end for a large single-table Access database. There is so much data to be displayed that it would take several pages. I realize a TabStrip is not a container, but could it be made to work instead?
Thank you in advance!

Multipage Control
Hey all I just started using VB6 today and I am attempting to follow a Tuturial from another site; however I cant seem to find the "Multipage control" could some one instruct me on how to locate
this control when using VB6, TIA .

NOTE- the tutorial can be found here

My problem is located at the bottum of the page, I think it is in paragraph 9.

Multipage Control
I have a user control embedded in a PageView of an IE Multipage control. My user control has a text box. I would like to change the text property of the text box. How do I access the text box properties? I am having no luck so far and nobody seems to know how to access the controls within an IE Multipage control.

Here is some information to use in your response...

I am building an ASP.Net web form.

form id="myForm"
multipage control id="myMP"
user control id="myControl"
textbox id="myText"

Thank you in advance.

OLE Control And Multipage...
Hi everyone !!

I'd like to know if it's possible to show a Word document with more than one page through a OLE Control... because i've tried but only the first page appears... and i need to see all the pages of that document on my form...
If someone can help me...

Thank you...

( PLease, excuse my english )

Stumped By A MultiPage Control (vb6)

I'm totally stumped with a MultiPage control. I've got it set up and running, such that each time UserForm1 loads - for the first time - the MultiPage control within the form shows page1. That's fine. However, I have a dozen pages in this control, each with option buttons and command buttons grouped by subject, which carry out other functions, and all's well with those.
My problem is that when returning to UserForm1, I need the MultiPage to display the last used page, but I've no idea how to do this!

The best way I can illustrate the problem is thus:

A user opens my application, and a maximized form takes up the whole screen. On the form is the MultiPage control with a dozen pages. Page1 simply has a big text box with a welcome message and brief instructions on how to use the rest of it. Page2 is "Imports", Page3 is "Exports", Page4 is "Customs Data", etc. On each of these pages are other controls which take the user to various graphs, tables, and analyses of relevant data.
If my user is looking at part of the "Export" data and then returns to the "front" userform, I need the multipage control to display Page3 - Exports - because that's where the user navigated FROM in the first place.
Problem is, everytime the user returns to the front userform, the MultiPage control shows the welcome message, and not the last used page!


Please help?

Multipage Control Problem
I'm using a multipage control to build a wizard form in VBA in excel 2000. The form works great when running it in the VBA debugger, however when I run it directly via a button on my excel sheet, the multipage control will not change the active tab even though the multipage.value changes. What's going on here - have I hit an excel bug?

I also had a problem with the form losing focus on hitting the "next" button, fixed that via the focus property. This problem only manifested itself when running outside of the debugger.



Multipage Control Question?
HI, everyone.

I have a form with a multipage control with two pages, page 1 has A combobox and one textbox, and what i want to know is:

How can i add items to the combobox control of page 1 in the form load event?

P.S. Where can i find some good tutorials and sample codes about the multipage


Multipage Control Excel VBA
I have a multipage control with three pages. I want to disable the last two pages until the first is complete. When the user is done, they click a button and the second page is enabled and the first and third are disabled. I can't get it to work. I have tried things like Page2.enabled = true and Multipage.Pages(Page2) to get the pages to lock and unlock .




Excel-like Multipage Control ??
Hi! I would like to know more about the sheet navigation bar present in Excel. It looks like tabs but with navigation buttons, all in one neat bar. I have seen it in another application, the WebEx viewer, so I figured that it SHOULD be a control availible in VB.. The problem is I actually don't have any idea how it is called..

If it isn't a VB control, is there a easy way to fit a variable number of tabs on only one line?

Help!!! - Word VBA MultiPage Control
I have many templates with a user form that includes a multipage control. The first 3 pages of the multipage control are always the same on all templates. Is there a way that I can have these first 3 pages in some central place and then include them into all other templates at run time. For example, if I have a user form called "Personal Details" with a multipage control of 5 pages, have the first 3 pages in some other form which get added to the other 2 pages in the "Personal Details" form at run time.

As it stands, if I have to make a change to the first 3 pages of the multipage form I need to make the same changes to some 20 templates or more.


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Multipage Control - Runtime

I would like to know, if I can change the page names (present in Multipage control) runtime. If so, how should I do?

Any help would be appreciated,


Designing A MultiPage Control On A Form In VB6.0
Hello Everyone!
Habe problem with MultiPage Control.

I would like to place some buttons and TextBoxes on the Page1 and then some other stuff on the Page2 of the MultiPage Control.

As soon as I draw TextBox on the MultiPage, the TextBox "lies"/"falls" on the Form itself, not the MultiPage. If I move the MultiPage a little bit to the side, the TextBox stays where it was. The same happens to buttons as well. So how do I draw on the MultiPage itself, so the controls stay on it and not on the Form below the MultiPage?

How do I choose between the Page1 and Page2 in the MultiPage? If I click the MultiPage Control the whole MultiPage is chosen, so I cannot choose between designing the Page1 or Page2?

How do I add a Page3 to the MultiPage Control in the design mode of VB6

I think all three problems hang together - I don't see any additional "property windows" in VB or somethink like that. I would be gratefull for the help... otherwise I will soon jump out of my window [first floor].

Thank you in advance,

P.S. Working with VB6.0 Enterprise on a XP machine.

Excel -Need To Pass A Multipage Control To Function
ChangePage (frmStaffCostsData.ctlTabControl)

Need control passed in as parameter is type Multipage.

Currently passing index value which is the default for a multipage.

How To Move A Control On A Multipage Control?
How can we move a textbox or something else from one page to another page on a Multipage at runtime?


How To Write Code For Controls Placed In Multipage Control (Forms 2.0)
I am using Multipage control (Microsoft Forms 2.0). I tried placing some CommandButton on the pages and it is OK but I couldn't write code for these buttons.

Anyone knows how to do this?

Thanks for your help.

How To Catch Events Of Controls In Multipage Control (Forms 2.0)
I use Multipage Control in M. Forms 2.0 but I couldn't write code for the controls placed on the pages.

For example: I use a Multiplage control in a form and place a CommandButton on Page1, a CommandButton on Page2. How can I write code for the Click event of these CommandButtons?

Anyone have any suggestions ???

Thank for your kindness!

About Multipage
Hi there.
I got different textboxes, commandbuttons and so on put into multipages. Should I first define each component (e.g. userform1.multipage1(0).textbox1.value....for textbox1 in page1) before I can trigger them?

Help! - Multipage
In userform I put multipage object with 3 pages. I want to put button "next" on the 1st and the 2nd page.
What is a command changing pages in multipage???

How do you use one of these and what are the advandages of it. How do you put info on page one and not on page 2? Any informarion, of examples will be greatly appreciated.

Hi All,

New here and definitely new to programing VB6.

I have a problem with multipage. Im probably not using it right.

I use VBA quite a lot and one way to get more onto a smaller area I use the VBA multipage. Its quite simple just create one on the form and place other things like text boxes and com buttons on it. I can click through the tabs to get the other pages and even copy and past textboxes between them.

IN VB6 I dont seam to be able to do any of that. The multipage is like one item I cant click between the various pages and do any of the stuff I described.

Am I doing something wrong or is VB so precise that it doesnt cater for idiots like me? LOL

I have striped all my code from a form I created in VBA and imported it into VB ...... that worked and I compiled it ok (obviously does nothing else except shows the form)
also in VB i can use the multipage the same way as in VBA but I cant get anything in the tool box.

I suppose that one way is to create the form in VBA and then code it in VB. Im just wondering since it behaves ok in VB that I may have missed something.


PS assume I know nothing

Multipage In VB

How do i name a TextBox on a multipage in properties i only get the name of the page but not for the textbox ??

Well met


Multipage Help
I have been playing with the multipage function. Right now I have 10 tabs. My problem is that everytime I edit content on a certain tab, that tab is the active tab when I run the program. I want the first tab to appear when I run the program. Any ideas on how to get this accomplished?

good day

does anyone know how to change the layout of the tabs in a multipage control?like instead of having the tab(strips) on top, move them to the side... thanks

About Multipage
In the VB5.0 there is a library called Microsoft Forms 2.0 Object Library. I try to use the multipage control but I find that I can not name the control I put in it. So I can't control the event such as the button click! I have tried to search the help file but I found nothing. I think there must be a very easy way to access the control in the multipage but what is it.Anyone can help me? thanks.


Help With Multipage

I am trying to work out how to use a "multipage". I have a form with a multipage control. I have worked out how to add extra pages and how to add controls to each page. But I can't work out how to use the controls on the page. For example, I have a command button on one page but I don't know how to code a click event for it. If you double click the button on the form it just brings up a multipage_change event.

Can anyone please help me work out how to use the controls on a multipage form. I also need to be able to address and change properties of a few other types of controls on the multipage. Most things I have tried don't work.

Any help would be appreciated

Going To A Page In A Multipage
Dear all,

I am just starting to learn VBA.

I have not been able to find the proper instructions to go - lets say - from Page4 to Page1 in a multipage. If the user is in Page4 I want the program to take him/her to Page1.

Thanks in advance for any help.

MultiPage Tab Focus
I'm using Word and have created a form with a MultiPage Tab. I am wondering if there is some code to not just move the Tabs position (index) but to bring it to focus (the front).

For EG if I have 2 pages and page1 is the front tab and I want to have some code to make page2 the front tab.

Is this possible? Thanks in advance.

Navigation Onto A Multipage
I am a newbie in VB so please be nice
I have a button in excel to start my vb program, it opens a userform which has several MultiPages. I would like that it always opens with page1 but have no idea what soever how this might work.
Can somebody tell me? Thx a lot


Multipage Forms
I am trying to develop a multipage form. I need the names of 10 pages to come from sheets(“WORK”).Range(“A3:A12”)(therefore the pages should be named when the form is initialized). Sometimes some of these cells are empty. In these cases I want the corresponding multipages to be invisible.

using excel 2007 vista

Is this at all possible?



Multipage Questions
Is there a way when working with a multipage userform that has 4 page tabs to prevent a user from clicking on one of those page tabs until they have filled in the necessary information on the first page? I have tried to write a function to prevent this, it works fine on a button but not when I click on the page tab for page 2 let's say. I do see the error message but it does not prevent me from moving forward. Any help on this would be really appreciated. Thank so much!!!

Going To Pages In A Multipage
I have next and back buttons but i dont know how to make them go to a certain page in the multipage like if it was on page1 i need to know how to make the next button go to page 2 ect.
Please help.

TabControl, Multipage In VB6
VBA has MultiPage, .NET has TabControl. I can't seem to find VB6's equivilant, if there is one. TabStrip doesn't seem to act the same way.

WIA And Duplexing, Multipage
I am trying to find samples on how to code duplexing in my scanner project. I know that TWAIN was used to do this in Win2000, but I am having trouble finding info on WIA and duplexing. Does anybody have info on this. I have done much searching but have not come up with anything.

View Multipage Tif In VB6
I need to view multipage .tif images in a vb6 App.
Is there any components that I could use???
I tried the Kodak OCX's but doesnt want to register in XP.

I also tried the preview componant in xp, but cant seem to change the componants controls to view the next page of the tif images.

I also dont want to pay for the component cause its only for viewing not editing.

Please Help !!!!

Webcontrol & Multipage
I'm using a multipage-control with several tab-pages.
On tabpage 1 ,I placed a webbrowser wich works properly
However, when I navigate to tab-page 2 and then back to tabpage 1
I get an automation error 'The object invoked has disconnected from its clients'

Can anyone help me out please ?

Kind regards

Multipage Tiff
hi everybady
i need to get a real answer about the limit of pages that can i append them to a multipage tiff file , & memory cost

thanks in advance

Multipage Selection
Is there a way to move to a separate page within a multipage with a command button rather than clicking on the actual tab.



Multipage In VBA For Word

I'm writing an VBA-application for Word97, and I'm using a multipage control. How can I change which tab(/page) that is in front, from a messeagebox?

Multipage In VBA For Word

I'm writing an VBA-application for Word97, and I'm using a multipage control. How can I change which tab(/page) that is in front, from a messeagebox?

Add Controls To MultiPage
i want to ask how to add control such as textbox, combobox, frame etc
into a multipage from microsoft form2?
thanks in advance


Multipage Question
i have created a multipage form with a listview and a commandbutton
the problem i have is using the commandbutton on page0 of the multipage
can someone give me an idea of how to do this

Option Explicit

Private Sub form_load()
   Dim i As Integer ' Counter
   Dim j As Integer ' Counter for ListSubItems
   Dim sngWidth As Single
   Dim si As ListSubItem
   Dim li As ListItem

   ' You can't see ColumnHeaders or ListSubitems
   ' unless the View is set to lvwReport.
' MultiPage1.page1.ListView1 = lvwReport
MultiPage1.Page1.ListView1.Arrange = lvwNone

   ' Calculate the width of a ColumnHeader object.
   sngWidth = MultiPage1.Page1.ListView1.Width / 5

   ' Create five ColumnHeader objects.
   For i = 1 To 5
   Select Case i
   Case Is = 1
      MultiPage1.Page1.ListView1.ColumnHeaders.Add Text:="Partnumber", Width:="100"
         Case Is = 2
      MultiPage1.Page1.ListView1.ColumnHeaders.Add Text:="Qty", Width:="50"
         Case Is = 3
      MultiPage1.Page1.ListView1.ColumnHeaders.Add Text:="Description", Width:="100"
         Case Is = 4
      MultiPage1.Page1.ListView1.ColumnHeaders.Add Text:="Rev:Ver", Width:="25"
         Case Is = 5
      MultiPage1.Page1.ListView1.ColumnHeaders.Add Text:="Status", Width:="50"
   End Select
   Next i
   ' Create twenty ListItem objects. For each ListItem, create four
   ' ListSubItem objects. Set the ForeColor for each object to red.
   For i = 1 To 20
      Set li = MultiPage1.Page1.ListView1.ListItems.Add(Text:="Item " & i)
      For j = 1 To 4
         Set si = li.ListSubItems.Add(Text:="Subitem " & j)
         si.ForeColor = vbRed
      Next j
   Next i
End Sub

Counting Multipage Group 4 TIF
Looking to find a way to count Multipage TIF's. I don't need to look at them, just want a fast way to count the pages.

Currently using a shareware component (Pegasus Imag'N) but it's somewhat slow.

Is there an API or something that I'm overlooking?

EMF Spool File (multipage Emf) ?
Does anyone know how to create a multi-page EMF file?

Even an EMFSpool file would be fine.

I know how to use CreateEnhMetaFile, but I do not know how to make an EMF file with multiple pages.


What Is The Differences Between MultiPage And TabStrip
Anybody that can tell me what it is the differences between Multipage and TabStrip?
What can I do in one that I can not do in the other one?
Thanks in advance.

Multipage Validation Problem
I have developed a userform in which I have used a Multipage, when the information is submitted all the data is validated. If their is a problem how do can I set the focus on a inactive page??

I have been playing around with the code trying to 'Enable' the page prior but everything I try doesnt work and help tells me " Can't move focus to the control because it is invisable or not enabled.

My code is:


Linking A Label To A Tab On A Multipage
Hi everyone -

Does anyone know of a way to link a label to a particular page on a multipage? I want to be able to click on a label with some text in it and have it take me to the corresponding page in the multipage.

- Mike

MultiPage Listbox Print
Hi, I need some assistance setting up a print preview command button for a userform with multipages which also includes a listbox on each multipage.

Is it possible to have the command button preview the current multipage selected in the Frame in the userform.

Please see the below code.

Private Sub printtop200_Click()

Dim c As Integer, R As Integer

With UserForm2.TOP200
If TOP200.RowSource = "" Then Exit Sub
Sheets("printview2").Range("a2").Resize(.ListCount, .ColumnCount) = .List

setprintarea ' Set print area
End With

End Sub
the above code works, however only works with one multipage. I need to add more code for the additional multi pages.

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