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Multiple Arrays Into One Single Array

I guess the subject speaks for it self. Here is the code:

MenvedAr = Split(MenvedProvinces, " ")
ValdemarAr = Split(ValdemarProvinces, " ")
BirgerAr = Split(BirgerProvinces, " ")
ErikAr = Split(ErikProvinces, " ")
HaakonAr = Split(HaakonProvinces, " ")
StigAr = Split(StigProvinces, " ")

LongAr = MenvedAr & " " & ValdemarAr & " " & BirgerAr & " " & ErikAr & " " & _
HaakonAr & " " & StigAr

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Arrays......Single && Multiple
What are single and multiple arrays ?

Is it: Array(10) and Array(5,5) ..?

How to use it.......?


Set Multiple Array Elements In A Single Statement

How would I go about setting multiple array elements in a single statement? At the minute I am doing something like;

Dim myArray(2) as String

myArray(0) = "firstElement"
myArray(1) = "second Element"
Instead, I want to do something like this;

Dim myArray(2) as String

myArray = "firstElement", "secondElement"
Also, can you set array element keys? Like in PHP;


$myArray = array("first" => "firstElement", "second" => "secondElement");
Thanks for your time,


Split Array Into Multiple Arrays? :)

Im looking for some ideas how can i split a huge array (for example Array(0 to 25000)) into 2 or more arrays without cycling trhu the elements of it one by one. Im thinking on some apis like RtlMoveMemory but how can i set the begin and last element to split it partially?

Array1(0 to 10000) then Array2(10001 to 25000) from Array(0 to 25000)

Updating Multiple Records Using Single Field Multiple Values..

i have a flex in whcih i am displaying records.

lets say there are 5 records in the flex, with srno 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and out of these 5 records i want to update 3 records srno 1, 3, 5.

srno date

1 01/12/2005
2 02/12/2005
3 10/12/2005
4 10/12/2005
5 11/12/2005

Like in delete statement we use this syntax.

delete * from tablename where fieldname in ("fieldvalue")

can we use the same concept for updating single field date in my case

can we use update like given below

update tablename set date = " & "'" & Format(Date, "dd-MM-yyyy") & "'" & " where srno in ("1,3,5")

But even after using the above syntax my data is not updated and also im not getting any error msg

hope to get helpful replies



Single To String To Array To Single

I have a sub in my app that requires 2 parameters - both of the type Single. These parameters are combined in a string, seperated by ":". Then this string is passed to another computer. There I want to split it into an array.
I have this code, but it gives an error:

VB Code:
Dim place() As Single'Incoming is a string place = Split(Incoming, ":")

It gives a type mismatch. What can I do about it?


Multiple Arrays Linked By Their Index, Needs Sorting By Values Of One Of The Arrays
I have multiple arrays that I link by using a comon index..... One of the arrays is a final score. I need the score sorted by value and need the index values in that sorted order so that I can reference the other arrays with that index at the same time..... Any ideas

array example is....

mytext(X), mytext2(x), myscore(x)

Ill have about 30 instances of this and need to rank them by their scores and ba able to reference them by how they rank.

Help With Single And Two-dimensional Arrays Please
im trying to take a text file and import it into my program and use it in an array, but the file has to be imported as two arrays. The file is in the format of:

Student 1
score 1
score 2
score 3
score 10
Student 2
score 1
score 2
score 10

i need to take the student name in a single-dimension array, and i need to take the students score in a two-dimension array...i know what i have to do, i just can't do it...can anyone help me please?

Single Dimension VS. MultiDimensional Arrays
I am wanting to store RGB Values from 2 sets of picturebox grids. These 2 sets of pictureboxe grids are 4 x 16. What i want to know is it best to do single dimension or do multidimension?

I want to store the picturebox values into the array and then be able to save to a text file. After it is saved i want load the values back into the array to play the values across the grids. If i do single dimension it may be easier then multidimension but can i do rows and columns with multidimesion and will it make it harder to read and display across the pictureboxes?

Help With Opening Multiple Txts Files In A Single Excel Files With Multiple Worksheets
I am new to using visual basic code as I usually use it for making macros inside the Excel program.

I would like to to open numerous text/ascii files into a excel file. I would like to write VB code that I can point to a directory (and it's subdirectories) to identify text files in the folder and import the data of each file into one excel file. Each separate file would be opened into a new work sheet. File1 goes to excel file worksheet 1, file2 same excel file worksheet 2 etc. etc. What is the best way to do this? Is there a script out there that already does this?
What I want to avoid is manually open up and copy each of these fields to a new or manually use the import text wizard as we will a large number of separate files with data.

This forum thread has the code which seems to do what I need but I got it to work only once and then i get errors all time.
Does it need to run as VB project or as a macro in excel??

microsoft has a example of what i want to do but again not in enough detail for a novice programmer is another example but i want to opem multiple files in one goal

After this code we have rearrange our using another excel marco and graph the data so we have a lot of work ahead of us
Thanks for your help in advance!


Multiple Or Single Ifs???
Which is better?
1. One If Statement with multiple comparisons such as the following

if X>0 and X<2 and Y=2 and IsEmpty = true then
end if

if X>0 then
if X<2 then
if Y=2 then
if IsEmpty = true then
end if
end if
end if
end if

I want to optimize my code as much as possible

Grass Single Or Multiple
Hi folks,

I was wondering, I want to make some grass in my game and i use billboard techniques for it. now come the questions:

1.) is it better to make a texture which holds a grass bush the make a smaller texture(like 2x64) with only one grass (don't know the english word for it) so that you make a grassbush out fo alot smaller but more textures?

2.)Is it better to do it with a particle system?

Hope someone knows the answer or knows some good article about it.

greets rein

Multiple Users On A Single ADP?
I have a number of users who I would like to access our SQL Server database using an Access front-end I have built. The best way to do this would be to put the ADP onto our filserver, and make a shortcut to it for each user. That way I can easily deploy changes by updating one file.

However when I try this Access complains that someone else has the file open. Access help says this is because two people cannot edit the project objects - forms and such - at once.

Since the application is ONLY used to enter/edit data, this is not a problem for me. In fact, I don't want the users to be able to touch any of those things anyway. So how do I get Access to open in a "read only" mode and avoid this problem?

Comibine Multiple Pdf To Single Pdf In Vb

I'm in a situation to convert multiple pdf to a single pdf in VB6.
I'm using ghostscript for making pdf.
Anybody know how to combine Multiple Pdf to one pdf using ghostscript or anyother tool from VB



Multiple Controls On A Single OCX
Hi everyone!

I'm new here but I just read great reasons why I should log on this forum.

Okay, here's my problem:

Talking about the ocx Windows Common Dialogs, when the program loads with this ocx, how much does it affect my pc's memo & resources? Though not sure of the practicality, I thought of "separating" these dialogs into separate OCXs so that I will only use minimum API calls (reducing resource consumption?), that is, use the dialog I only need to.

The thing is that the said control is a collection of API calls. And most authors would always point out resource precautions when using API functions. More API declarations would mean more resource reserve, or is it?

I hope my problem is indeed a problem.

Anyway, your responses will be highly appreciated.

Need To Get Single-dim Array Out Of Multi-dim Array
I am brand new here, but hopefully you guys can help. I have a multidimentional array with the dimentions of (0 to 19, 1 to 10). I am trying to find a function that will return an array of just one of the dimentions.
if anyone could help me that would be great.

Single Array To Two Dimen. Array
well, first off, i know this probably sounds easy enough for most of you, but i'm not all that good with VB, but i have to do this for my final project in my class , sooo....

if i have a variable, lets say, c(75) dimmed......
and it is filled with numbers 1 to 75 in a random order....

how can i take the numbers from that variable and place them in a two dimensional array dimmed n(5, 5)

ok, this might be a little confusing, but i have to put these into rows and columns (5 x 5).........

the rows and columns are command buttons, but i dont need the code to display the numbers, just how to fill the 2 dimen. array...

the first column has to go from #'s 1 to 15, second column: 16 to 30, third column: 31 to 45, fourth column: 46 to 60, fifth column: 61 to 75.....

i've tried as much as i can and this is driving me nuts cause i know it should be so easy to figure out....

thanks for any help....
.....if u need anything clarified just ask, as i'm sure you will

Input Into Multiple Boxes From Single .txt
sorry if this has already been answered somewhere but ive been through the site(and many others to no avail)

ive managed to get two textboxes to save to one .txt file on seperate lines and be able to reload those two line into the text box, but i want to be able to call on lines 3 4 5 ...etc to load into the text boxes.

the best way i an explian it is with scenario:
you take details (eg, name age ...) i want this to be given a type of unique index number that is different for every different peoples details taken.
those will be saved to the text file, then someone elses and another etc...

i want to be able to recall those details by the index number and have the details appear in their appropriate(seperate) text boxes

eg. this is the text file:

i want to be able to call up daves details first, then use arrows or a list box to select the different index number to show other details...

this is what i have so far (i know its not much , but ...)

Private Sub Command1_Click()

q = Text1.Text
w = Text2.Text

Open "C:Documents and SettingscrazyMy DocumentsVBtestingsave.txt" For Append As #1 'open file for additional writing
Print #1, q 'save the value of text1 to file
Print #1, w 'save the value of text2 to file
Close #1

End Sub

Private Sub Command2_Click()

Open "C:Documents and SettingscrazyMy DocumentsVBtestingsave.txt" For Input As #2
Line Input #2, Line1 'read a line a give it to Line1
Text1.Text = Line1 'print the value of line1 to text1
Line Input #2, Line2 'read a line a give it to Line2
Text2.Text = Line2 'print the value of line2 to text2
Close #2

End Sub
i think i explianed it ok, please tell me if its still confusing
Any help would be much appreciated

Multiple Query From Single Client
i have tried to search this forum but unfortunately none satisfy my inquiry. maybe you can help me with my problem ;P

what i want to do is:
1. connect to one server.
2. query data, or execute different commands.

simple as it sounds. the problem lies with number 2 proceedure. what i want is to connect to the server using 4 different connection at the same time and attempt to send 4 different commands and receive them at the same time? based from the forum i can use array but can you give me an example? how can i manage data received? or do i have to create 4 winsock control? this is important since it will shorten my query or execution of commands more than 50%.


Multiple Emails In A Single Cell
I have a list of data with company names in one column and what they purchased (in dollars) in another column. i am trying to use the mail merge to to email each of these companies the data that i have in their respective rows but, their are many email addresses for each company. is there any way i can reference an indivdual cell to a list of emails from another spreadsheet so the mail merge will work (sending the merged letters to multiple people from each company instead of just one)? thanks

Single Change To Multiple Templates
Hi there
I have about 40 word templates which contain fields which the user needs to change when using the template. What I want to know is if there is a way to write a piece of code or something which will change all the templates in one swoop for instance a version number which is contained in a field.
I have not written any code in VBA for word before but I have don a little in Excel.
Thank you.

Using Multiple Colours In A Single Cell
Hi all,

Probably a simple problem, but I could use a hint here. I have the following line of an Excel macro:

Range("A2") = "Number of red= " & Red & ". Number of yellow= " & Yellow & ". Number of green= " & Green

I'd like to display the text in the relevant colours. I.e.

"Number of red= " would be in red, as would the value given by the variable "Red"
"Number of yellow= " would be in yellow, as would the value given by the variable "Yellow"
"Number of green= " would be in green, as would the value given by the variable "Green"

I can change the colour of the whole cell, but I want to use multiple colours in the same cell.

Any pointers please?

Zip Multiple File, Unzip Single
My program generate multiple .txt files ... I mean... A LOT
It's easy to have 100 mo of them ... but compressed, we talk about 3mo maybe ...

But the point is: How can I build a ZIP (I would prefer a RAR... but a zip could be OK) and ADD the file (one by one) in a directory inside the ZIP

Also, I when the TXT file are needed, The Function must be able to Unzip 1 specific file (exemple: F_0001534.txt) in a specific directory.

(Then, the program will open the file, delete the file, extract the next one... etc etc.. so the space used will never be to heavy)

Multiple Tables In Single Query!!

How to retrieve data from multiple Tables in just 1 sql query!

For example:

I have 3 tables named TOne, TTwo, TThree
and the common fields in all table is ID. The ID field is same in all the tables!

Now like we do in SQL:

strSQL = "SELECT * FROM TOne WHERE ID='" & SomeID "'"
Now all i want is to retrieve all the data from all 3 tables of the specified ID!!!


Multiple 2D Tables In A Single .mdb File
I am designing a form to write and read the mark information
of students. The progress report card is a table containing marks in each subject for every month's exam

(please see msheet.bmp atached file for my mark sheet)

That is a 2D table corresponding to just one student.
I have a table in my database that has the personal
information about each student (one record per student)
and includes the Roll Number that is unique for
each student.

But i cannot store the information in each "cell" in
the above sheet as a field in the student's record.

Can anyone suggest a better idea to store and retrieve
the mark sheet from a .mdb file?

Multiple MsFlexgrids On A Single Form
Hi Guys

I have been struggle with this for a while. Your help and expertise would be most appreciated. The problem is

I have 3 msflexgrids on a single form. At the moment, rows from all 3 msflexgrids can be selected. I need to allow the user to select only 1 row at a time from a msflexgrid.

The user can select a row from msflexgrid1. If the user decides he want to select a row from msflexgrid2, then row from msflexgrid is not highlighted anymore, but the row from msflexgrid2 is highlighted.

Thanks so much for the help. I find these forums very useful when coding.

Multiple Setups In Single Installer?

Anyone know if there's a way to create a single installer for multiple setup applications? We made 2 programs that interact with each other and both have differenct setup programs. Is there a way to make both setup run under a single executable installation? One program is in VB and the other is in VC++.


Multiple Instances Of A Single Form?
Dim Form1 As New frmMain

Multiple Developers On A Single Project

A team of six will be working a VB project. You all know what a hassle that's gonna be.

Is Visual Source Safe the sort of code repository I'm going to need? Does anybody have some favourites?


Multiple Usage But Single Connection
Hello guys, To start off with the scenario where i am facing a problem ...

I validate a user and give him access to a particular server with a database.. [ we have multiple serv/dbs ].

In the form where i validate him i make a connection to the database and check for his permissions.. Here i am making a connection to the database..

Now i have many forms which amount upto 20+ where i am checking for some conditional statements by again connecting to the database..This process will be very slow..Since we have already made a connection to the database starting can i use the same connection across all my forms..Doing this will leave the burden of connecting each time to check some validtions....

GUYS i need to know if there is any way where i can use a single connection string which can serve me in all of my forms...


Multiple COM Calls Under A Single Transaction
Is there a way to encapsulate multiple COM calls under a single transaction?  So, its an ALL or NOTHING deal.

For example, let say you have existing COM to handle updating records to six different tables.  One is the master, and 5 tables are subordinate.  Is there a way to embed the calls so that if any ONE fails, the transactions on all six are rolled back?

Handling Multiple Langs In A Single App
hi all
this is a bit of a general question but i'm working on a project that will need to incorporate multiple languages, including several double byte ones, like japanese, chinese, etc.
I've been running into some road blocks with this bc while i might be able to set the font of the display control (richtextbox for instance) to a font for one language, it may not work for orthers. Problem gets especially thick bc i have to use a grid control and will display many of the languages at once.
I guess my general question, is it possible to program a vb6 app so that it can correctly display all different languages without showing garbage. Alot of the research I've done so far points to being able to create an app for a specific language, but not one that can encompass all. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

Set Multiple Properties For A Single Control
Pls forgive me if this has be posted before, but my searches came up empty.

How can I change this code:

        Forms!frmInvoices!sfrmInvoiceDetails!cboLineItemID1.ControlSource = "AirFreightWeightsID"
        Forms!frmInvoices!sfrmInvoiceDetails!cboLineItemID1.ColumnCount = 2
        Forms!frmInvoices!sfrmInvoiceDetails!cboLineItemID1.BoundColumn = 1
        Forms!frmInvoices!sfrmInvoiceDetails!cboLineItemID1.Width = 2880
        Forms!frmInvoices!sfrmInvoiceDetails!cboLineItemID1.ColumnWidths = "0;1"
        Forms!frmInvoices!sfrmInvoiceDetails!cboLineItemID1.RowSourceType = "Table/Query"
        Forms!frmInvoices!sfrmInvoiceDetails!cboLineItemID1.RowSource = strSelectAirFreightWeightsSQL

into code something like:

    FOR EACH PROPERTY IN Forms!frmInvoices!sfrmInvoiceDetails!cboLineItemID1
                .ControlSource = "AirFreightWeightsID"
                .ColumnCount = 2
                .BoundColumn = 1
                .Width = 2880
                .ColumnWidths = "0;1"
                .RowSourceType = "Table/Query"
                .RowSource = strSelectAirFreightWeightsSQL

Hiya ppl...

it's me again. im currently doing a project- somewhat a Unit Trust Management system. It's rather complicated, to me (ARGH! X_X) My question this time round is, how do i allow multiple input to a single agent?

This's how the transaction input works:

1. A unit trust agent will submit source documents containing details of 'sales'( of unit trust, of course) to the data entry clerk.
2. The data entry clerk will input the transactions into a 'transaction' file ie. tblSales ( a table in the database)
3. The input will be - Many transactions to ONE agent.

How can I accomplish that WITHOUT having to REPEAT an agent's detail (eg. AgentID, transaction date,etc) as many times as the number of transaction for that particular agent?

A friend said that i could incorporate the use of spreadsheets in vB.. if so, does anyone know how i could do that? If that's not possible, how else can i input the multiple transactions?


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How To Get Multiple Records As A Single Record In Sql

In a subquery it returns two(may be many) rows like
Special Gift

I want to pass those two rows as a single row to the main query like,
CD, Special Gift

How do i do that



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Multiple Fonts On A Single Line?
Is it possible, in a rather easy fashion, to generate a string with multiple font types (faces, sizes, or both) and print it a form image?

I figure I could do a lot of parsing and math to figure out how to do it, but it would be so nice if there was already a way to do it.


Multiple Winsocks For Single SMTP Server
I am currently developing a program that requires to send multiple e-mails simultaneously. I have written the application but I keep getting the following message:

503 Bad sequence of commands (specify MAIL first)

From the SMTP server. I believe this is because the SMTP server cannot distinguish between the several "sessions" that are trying to send an e-mail.

I am using a new dynamically loaded Winsock control for each e-mail I am trying to send.

To try and get round this I have tried assigning the different Winsock controls with different localport properties. However as soon as I change the localport property from 0 the SMTP server will not even respond to my basic connection request.

Any help would be much appreciated,

Lucas Meloch

Programming A LAN RPG Using Multiple Clients --&gt; Single Server.
Hi guys.

Just wanted to query something here. Does anyone have any exampels, psuedo code or tutorials that will help me with my aim of creating a small text & button based RPG over our work LAN?

I basically want a model where I run a small app which is the server, and everyone else runs clients which connect to - and communicate through - the server program (hopefully using Winsock control).

People would 'fight' each other from their clients, clicking on and casting spells etc, with only 2 clients able to be engaged in combat at a time. To determine what types of things are being sent between the clients, i'd use strings of data, with header characters, like HT10 (the 'HT' which would indicate a hit to the other clients charcter, of 10 health) then split the string up to get the HT and the 10 and use them accordingly.

I want all clients to be able to receive messages about each round of the fight (spectating) but only 2 clients actually fighting.

So far all I can make is a client which can send a string to another client. If i try and make two programs, both of which act as a server AND a client, only client A can connect to client B and send strings, if (while that connection exists) i try and connect Client B back to Client A, it fails with an error about not being in the correct 'state' etc.

Sorry for the long post!

How To Process Events From A Single DLL In Multiple Forms?

Using a DLL that I wrote, I would like to be able to process some events in a form, and some events in another, using only one instance of the DLL in my project.

The DLL actually contains Winsock controls (Client and Server), and raises the proper events(some from the client winsock, others from the server winsock). I would like to handle the events in different forms, but I do not want to DIM the DLL in every form... Is there a way to do this ?

My preoccupation is efficiency, and I would think that it is not best practice to load multiple instances if it can be done with only one instance. Actually, the DLL was compiled as <Multiuse>, and maybe my understanding of the concept if wrong. I understand it to mean that the component can be loaded by many programs, or multiple times within a program. If it really means that only one instance will actually be loaded, and any new reference to it in a program will actually use the loaded instance, then it is doing what I wish.

Maybe an expert can shed some light on this for me ?



EXPERTS HELP: Single File, Multiple Users

Hope you guys have experience doing something similar.

I have to write a program for our office, for 30 users. THe purpose of this is to assign unique numbers/names to files when we save them (in our engineering application). Lets assume I am using EXCEL for this task. the Procedure is:

-User hits 'SAVE AS' and my program launches.
-Opens the excel workbook, reads the last row of first column and puts a "RESERVED" in the opposite cell. This value is the name of the FILE being saved.
-Excel then bumps the number up one digit and writes it in the next cell. Excel is saved and closed.

I can do all this for ONE person. My question is, how can I do it so this Name List file resides on a server and many users can access it? is Excel a viable choice?
what if two users access the file at the same time?

I realize this is a broad question but any tips will be appreciated.

Stating Multiple Varibles In Single Textbox
chect out this strip of code in C

puts(" you age is:i%. /n your hight:i%."age,hight);

this says the first i%(integer) is = to "age.
and the 2nd i% is = t o ,hight);

now is there a way to display multiple variables in a single text box?

Multiple Text Colours On A Single Label?
Hi there,

I have a label that shows an artist and title of a currently playing track e.g. 'Guns n Roses / Welcome to the Jungle' which is displayed in white.

However, I would like to have it say 'Now Playing:' in red, followed by 'Guns n Roses / Welcome to the Jungle' in white, on the same label. Is this possible?

Thank you,


Printing Multiple Pictures On A Single Page
This is related to a thread i started earlier . where i asked how to print an image with having custom text on top of it. i've managed to do that using a picture box and placing labels on top of the places i want the text to appear. (as was said in the answer to that particular post)

Now i want to, print multiples of the same image on a single page. The underlying image will be the same, but the text (on labels) will be generated dynamically and would be different for each copy of the image to be printed.

After some reasearch i found that one way is to, make a mega picture box with all the images and print it.

BUT the problem is i wont know the number of images needed and the content for that images before hand. the number to be printed will be set at run time.

How do i print multiple images with different content on a single page?

This is the Code i'm currently using

VB Code:
Option Explicit Private Declare Function SendMessage Lib "user32.dll" Alias _   "SendMessageA" (ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal wMsg As Long, _   ByVal wParam As Long, ByVal lParam As Long) As Long Private Const WM_PAINT = &HFPrivate Const WM_PRINT = &H317Private Const PRF_CLIENT = &H4&    ' Draw the window's client areaPrivate Const PRF_CHILDREN = &H10& ' Draw all visible childPrivate Const PRF_OWNED = &H20&    ' Draw all owned windowsPublic Sub PrintPictureBox(Box As PictureBox, _                        Optional X As Single = 0, _                        Optional Y As Single = 0)Dim rv As LongDim ar As Boolean      On Error GoTo Exit_Sub      With Box        'Save ReDraw value        ar = .AutoRedraw          'Set persistance        .AutoRedraw = True            'Wake up printer        Printer.Print            'Draw controls to picture box        rv = SendMessage(.hwnd, WM_PAINT, .hDC, 0)        rv = SendMessage(.hwnd, WM_PRINT, .hDC, _            PRF_CHILDREN Or PRF_CLIENT Or PRF_OWNED)            'Refresh image to picture property        .Picture = .Image            'Copy picture to Printer        Printer.PaintPicture .Picture, X, Y        Printer.EndDoc            'Restore backcolor  (Re-load picture if picture was used)        Box.Line (0, 0)-(.ScaleWidth, .ScaleHeight), .BackColor, BF            'Restore ReDraw        .AutoRedraw = ar    End With  Exit_Sub:    If Err.Number Then MsgBox Err.Description, vbOKOnly, "Printer Error!"  End Sub


Putting Multiple Packets Onto A Single Timer
This kinda popped into my head woundering if you can put Multiple Send Packets on a Single Timer Exampe:

VB Code:
Private Sub Timer1_Timer()Dim i As IntegerFor i  = 0 To ServerList.Text - 1PacketsLabel = PacketsLabel + 1If Socket(i).State = sckConnected Then: Socket (i).SendData  [b]FileName[/b](ID, Server.Text)End Sub


VB Code:
Private Sub Timer1_Timer()Dim i As IntegerFor i = 0 To ServerList.Text - 1PacketsLabel = PacketsLabel + 1If Socket(i).State = sckConnected Then: Socket(i).SendData [b]FileName[/b] & [b]FileName[/b](ID, Server.Text)End Sub

Now my Question is this Where you see "FileName" in Bold being able to send 2 or 3 Different Filenames Listed in that Same Block of Code...
This is where i'm not sure what to do,I'v tried doing this serveral Different Ways but get different Errors every time...

Thxs...In Advance..

Multiple Instances Of A Single User Class
Hi Friends,

can u plz throw some light on the following error

The V.Basic Developmetn Enviornment can't provide multiple instances of a single use class ..

This happens when i try to run my application
like i have a menu which has a menu item : create package
open package

now both of this share the same userinterface

the user interface form is defined in the open package project and i assume that create package calls that form .

so i was trying to debug the code and i tried to open a package and debug it
and then again i simple tried runnin the projct and triedf to create a package by clicking that create package ............. but throws me the erro

now if i restart my comp then it will work fine if i start with creating a package

thansk in advance

Let Multiple Winsockets Listen To A Single Port
is this possible? i cant seem to let it work when i use :

VB Code:
Private Sub Form_Load() For i = 0 To Winsock1.Count - 1  Winsock1(i).LocalPort = 2777  Winsock1(i).Listen Next iEnd Sub

thanks in advance

How To Print Multiple Reports On A Single Page
how to print the output of more than one independent reports or queries on a single page.

How To Acces Multiple Table From Single VB Form
Hi to all

Please can anybody tell me how to access multiple
table from single VB form


Multiple Single Quotes Problem----Very Urgent !!
Greetings !

Folks I need your expert help on the following case :

I have a recordset, on which I have to filter on multiple fields, in the following manner :

rs.filter ="Description = 'BPD LUCKNOW(260)' and TERRITORYNAME='MUNGR,BNORE,I(602)'"

I don't get any problem when there is a Single Quote in the Field Value, as I have a replace done on the value, which replaces all the single quotes with a two single quotes so the following works fine:

rs.filter="Description = 'BPD LUCKNOW(260)' and TERRITORYNAME='MUNGR,B''NORE,I(602)'"

but the following does not work and raises an error :-

rs.filter="Description = 'BPD LUCKNOW(260)' and TERRITORYNAME='M''UNGR,B''NORE,I(602)'"

Please let me know if there is any way you folks can suggest any solution to this problem.


Multiple Fields From Db To Single Field In Report
When I try to get multiple fields (the no may differ depending up on the id) from the db and assign it to asingle control in the report, I am unable to do so.
And I am using SQL server views  and recordset and binding it dynamically.
Kindly help me

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