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Natural Logarithm


I need to know how to make a natural logarithm, LN, I know the LOG is LOG(x), but LN(x) does't work!


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Natural Logarithm

I need to know how to make a natural logarithm, LN, I know the LOG is LOG(x), but LN(x) does't work!


Scriptcontrol Uses Natural Logarithm?
I use a sciptcontrol to calculate a logarithm. But the problem is that the function returned the natural logarithm of a number. I want to use base 10 for my calculation.

Is there a way to do that?

Problem With Finding The Natural Logarithm Of A Number In Vb6
pls I want someone to show me the syntax of finding the natural logarithm of a number in visual basic 6.0. thank you

Logarithm In Vb?
hello, i need to convert this excel formula into vb, can someone help me with this? i just need the VB counterpart, Thanks.

x = -1*LN(1-E11)

Excel Logarithm Values!
Me again!
Im trying to transfer and array of values to an excel spreadsheet. This array is created by diving two arrays and applying the log (ABS= - log(signalarray()/backgroundarray() ) I can transfer the individual arrays without any problem but if I try to transfer the absorbance array I only gets ceros in all the cells. I presume it has something to do with the precision, right now I am not running anything samples, so signalarray~=backgroundarray so it is ~the log 1=0. But if I create a list box I will see small values (~3.215426 X 10-4 and similar). Why excel see all of them as 0 and not as scientific notation number.? Do I have to set something on excel or it is the something else

PD. This is the code im using

Dim BACKarray(1024)
Dim ABSarray(1024) As Double
Dim DataArray(1024)
Dim NewAve()
o.Sheets("sheet1").range(o.Cells(1, D + 1), o.Cells(1025, D + 1)).Value = NewAve
'Im changing between this line and the one after the iteration

For i = 1 To 1024
DataArray(i) = aData(i) / Form1.txtNumAccum.text
ABSarray(i) = -(Log(DataArray(i) / BACKarray(i)) / Log(10#))
If (i And 1) = 0 Then 'Will Plot Even Points Only
picPlot.Line -(i, ABSarray(i))
End If
List2.AddItem ABSarray(i) 'Check the values!!!!!!!!!!!
Next i
'o.Sheets("sheet1").range(o.Cells(1, D + 1), o.Cells(1025, D + 1)).Value = ABSarray

Crystal Report Chart - Logarithm
Hi people!

I included a chart (bar type) in a report where the data fields are in completely different rage, for example;

field 1 = 0,820
filed 2 = 53.000,000

Im trying to use the logarithm scale but I cant show numbers smaller than 1. My intention is to have the logarithm data scale varying from 0,100 to 100.000 for instance.

Any help will very appreciated.


P.S. Please forgive for this is not VB programming!

Natural Log E
I know I can use the log(x) function in VB 6.0.
But how about the natural log e. My calculator has an e^x button. Can I do this in vB?

Natural Log
How do you calculate the natural log of a number?

Is it the VB function "Log"?

Ln (natural Log)
how do you preform an ln(5) calculation where ln is the natural log (log to base e)


How To Use Ln (natural Log) In Vb?
i have a program that you input how much money you input into an account, what the interest rate is and how much you want to have in the end, and you hit calculate and it tells you how many years that will take...

now my teacher told me to use loops using: final = initial + (initial * interest) and loop that until the account is > ending.....boring

i used some calculus to figure out the formula and got:

years = ln(ending/initial) / 12 * ln(1 + interest)

now my question is how do i use ln in vb....the only thing close i found was Math.log and that isnt right

also need to know how to make the numbers always round 12.4 = 13 and 12.8 = 13...


Natural Sorting In VB6
Is there a way to provide Natural Sort to a VB6 app instead of Asciibetical sorting?
IE sorting 11 after 8 instead of before in an AlphaNumeric field?

Natural Logarithms
How to find LN (Natural logarithms) value in vb, please help me. Am struck up with this

Natural Voice For TXT To Speech
Can anyone tell me if there is a Text to speech engine or somhow i can make the voice sound natural and not like a robot.

Natural Neighboring Implementation ?
Does anyone know of an implementation of the natural neighbor interpolation method written in VB?

All Natural Artificial Intelligence
ok, me and my friend are creating an artificial intelligence program.

how do you make it so when they type "how are you?" in the textbox, it opens a msgbox saying "good and you?"

pretty much i wanna know how to make it respond to words and phrases.

Oh and the bot doesnt respond until click ask (duh?)

Table Of Natural Tangents
Hi guys and appologies in advance if this is the wrong forum or dumb question or both because I am not a real programmer nor am I a math wizard, and there lies the problem. So here is the question,

when i do this on the windows scientific calculater with degrees option button selected :
1/0.6 TAN
I get the answer 0.0290.

When i do this in VB : a=1/0.6
form1.print b

I get -10.39878

b * 180 / PI is suposed to make radians into degrees but the answer dont look right.

To turn the question on it head, I am trying to populate an array of listboxs with natural tangents from one degree zero minutes to 89 degrees 60 minutes using a for next loop.

i,e 1 deg = 0.1745. 10 mins = 0.02036, 20 mins = 0.02327 etc

But I am stumped at the first hurdle, it probably all dead easy to someone

thnx in advance for any help or suggestions

paul samson

A Natural Month Issue In Access
Hello, I am Don Williams, freshman at this forum.
Today, I get an urgent problem: I need four figures in a report: total in this month, last month, two months and three months before. so i use the following function (take total in this month for example):

[datefield] > DateAdd("d",-DatePart("d",Date()) and < DateAdd("m",1,DateAdd("d",-DatePart("d",Date())

suppose today were in May. the first part of the criteria returns 4/30/2003, but the second part gives me 5/30/2003, which is expected to be 5/31/2003.
if the first part returns 1/31/2003, the second will be 2/28/2003.

really odd! actually i need 1/31/2003--2/28/2003, 2/28/2003--3/31/2003, etc.

anyone there can help me?

What Is The Function For Retrieving The Natural Number?

I have number, it can either x or x.5, what is the function to use on this num
if I retrieve the x everytime?


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