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Need Formula To Determine If Num Will Divide Evenly Into Another

Forgot my mathbook :-)

Can anyone give me a simple formula that will return true or false depending if a given number can be evenly divided into another



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Formula To Determine The Newest Record..
Can someone help me with a formula (or some other way) to determine which row has the newest date, and then get the value in the column next to it?

Here are the values and colum manes,a nd row names from an Excel spread sheet.


A15,(Value from the newest row)

Thank you,

Make A Number Evenly Divisible
What is the best way to make a number evenly divisible?  Here is what I have and I am open to suggestions.  Thanks.

CODEMakeEvenlyDivisible 17,6

Function MakeEvenlyDivisible(EvenlyDivisibleNumber As Long, Divisor As Long)
  EvenlyDivisibleNumber = Abs(EvenlyDivisibleNumber)
  Divisor = Abs(Divisor)

  If EvenlyDivisibleNumber Mod Divisor <> 0 Then
    Msgbox (EvenlyDivisibleNumber - (EvenlyDivisibleNumber Mod Divisor)) + Divisor
    Msgbox EvenlyDivisibleNumber & " is already evenly divisible!"
End If
End Function

Remove Formula From Cell, Leaving Formula Result Intact
I have a vba sumproduct formula that gets inserted into a row when an order is finished processing. It counts a certain amount of events for a given order, then puts the grand total of events into the cell.
Is it possible to have the formula removed from this cell, but leave the count of events that it had found intact with code?

I am looking for a work-around for a big problem. Everything was fine until I found out that purchase orders can be duplicated over time.
I thought that if I had some code to go through my data range and look for completed orders, that it could remove the defined range sumproduct formula, and leave just the results of the formula in the cell.
Hopefully, It could be added into my Save and Exit command button code.

How Would I Write "If X Cannot Be Evenly Divided By 3, And X Is Not 0 Then..."
How would I write "If x cannot be evenly divided by 3, and x is not 0 then..."

I know how to write if x cannot be divided evenly by 3

If x Mod 3 = 0 Then
x = x + 1
End If

but how would i write the and x is not equal to 0?

How Would I Write "If X Cannot Be Evenly Divided By 3, Then.."
How would I write "If (the total number of entries in list1) cannot be evenly divided by 3, then list1.additem "" "

Anyone know?

How To Turn A Formula In A String Into A Real Formula
Say I have a string with a complex formula say something like
I first need to replace the "Gxx"'s with values.  That I can do, by looping through it with InStr.  Which will give me something more like ".05-(.2-.05/.992)*1.268".
What I'm wracking my brain on is how to turn that math formula string into it's actual number and operand components so that I can calculate the answer.  How do you turn the string character "+" into a + operand?

Divide By 0
SQL 200

If you have something like field1 / field2 = field3 and sometimes field2 so I get the divide by zero error. Is there anyway to get around this? I can't exclude the records where field2 = 0

I've found ways around this on the application side but surely there's a way to handle this in the sql statement

Can't Divide By 0
I have a program where it divides two numbers from text boxes. Whenever I have both the numbers at 0 I get "Run time 6 Overflow". Thats aboviously because you can't divide by 0. However I'm trying to make it so when you try to divide by 0 then nothing happens instead of just closing the program. I've tried
If text1.text = 0 and text2.text = 0 then text3.text = 0 else: text3.text = val(text1.text) / val(text2.text)

But I still come up with the error, and when I try to debug it highlights the else statement. Any know what to do?

How To Divide It ??
hi guys! i'm doin a payroll program now. my problem is, some worker are paid once in two weeks. so in one month they will be paid twice.
but in my program i just only input the staff id and the month.
how to divide it? should i input sumtin else.
i want by clicking a command button the program should now, whether this is the first and the second week of the certain month or the third and the fourth week.

did u get what i mean guys??

Divide Bug?
How come CInt(750 / 100) = CInt(850 / 100)?

They both equal is that possible? and how would i emulate this weird formula evaluation in C++?

I'm trying to convert some VB code (that works perfectly) to C++ and this is a bug I tracked down. C++ evaluates static_cast<long>(750 / 100) = 7, static_cast<long>(850 / 100) = 8

To Many 000 Cant Divide
ok for my calculater you cant divide by 0 as it gives you an error

i managed to fix the problem by checking to see if a 0 was in the number boxes and if there was return a error message saying cannot divide by Zero

the problem i have is if they enter more than one zero it still gives a error


If lblSum = "/" And lblNum1 = "0" Then
MsgBox "Cannot Divide By 0", vbExclamation, "Error"
End If

If lblSum = "/" And lblNum2 = "0" Then
MsgBox "Cannot Divide By 0", vbExclamation, "Error"
End If

If lblSum = "/" And Not lblNum1 = "0" And Not lblNum2 = "0" Then
lblResult.Caption = Val(lblNum1) / Val(lblNum2)
End If

my code so far ^^

so what im thinking, is there a way to return in the error no matter how many zeros are entered or can i limited how many are entered to just one then another number has to be entered

Hi gurus... when I divide a number, how do i get the resulet and remainder?
ex: 5/2 = result 2, remainder 1

any ideas??

thanks in advance,

Using An Integer In A Cell Formula (.Formula =)
here is what I have:

intTest = 7
strForm = "=sum(d5:" & intTest & ")"
ActiveWorkbook.Sheets(2).Range("D2").Formula = strForm

I'm getting a "application-defined or object defined-error" message.

I tried using cStr, but that didn't make any difference.

Anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Is It Possible To Divide My Proj In 2...
i don't know if it is a silly idea.....

what i was thinking is if it possible to have a principal project.
Then iw ish to store some procedure or opertaion in some other small exe.
What i want now is to execute them from the main project, but i want to do this passing them some value, and i whant the main project wait till the second one is finisched....

is it possible... and easy to do?

thenks all

Divide Text Box Value
is it possible to divide a numeric value in a text box? in i click button event, ie something along the lines of.......

txttotal.Text = (texttotal.Text / 100) * 90

that doesnt work of course!

.TextMatrex Divide It By / 2

Once againe

My Q is i use the edit to edit data 2 FlexGrid's

If i Enter Number in cell (1, 4) Let say "6" and i Drag The Row From 1 FlexGrid To 2 FlexGrid

How To Make sure this data divide it by 2 so it will be "3" In Both FlexGrid's

Only the Cell(1, 4) will change other Cell's in the same Row it will be the same Data For Both FlexGrid's


Picturedimensions (divide By 26.45???)
I have loaded a picture into picture1.picture. I have got the picture width by using picture1.picture.width. But for some reason VB tells me a picture width that equals aroud 26.45 times the "right click picture on desktop --> properties --> dimensions"-value. THis is the same for heigth... why??

Divide Button
Hey, guyz...

Im trying to make a simple calculator and having a problem with the Divide button, eventually i want to make an error message for any thing divided by zero,

so if someone can help me out... Thanks

Divide By 0 Error
why is this causing a divide by 0 error???

update #totals
set units_cancel_percent = units_sent/units_cancelled

in my temp table I am trying to divide the results of these two colums by each other in an update statement; how can I do this????

How To Divide A Big Project
I have a VB 6 program with 176 forms,15 modules and growing… It is based on ORACLE database.  All of it creates one EXE (size - 33, 156 KB).
I know, it’s a lot, that’s why I have this question.

What would be a good way to divide it into smaller pieces?

I know I can have multiple Projects in my VB, but the problem I see is: we have one connection to DB and we stay connected while in the program, and close the connection on Exit.  Also, some Forms are accessible from several places (other Forms) and Modules are accessible from many Forms as well (obviously)

Can I have several Projects in VB that use (access) the same Form and/or Module so I don’t have to repeat them in every Project?  

Some good ideas would be welcome.

---- Andy

Divide By Zero Errors
What's the cleverest way of dealing with these?

Is there any alternative to putting If statements around every calc that might produce this error?
My guess is that there isn't but it has to be worth asking!

Divide Line Into 2 Parts?
What i want to do is take a two digit number thats in a text file and put each digit in a diffrent varible. So if I had 54 i would want 5 stored in a diffrent varible then 4.

How Do You Divide A Listbox Into Columns
I would like to have a list box that has 5 colums (different sizes)

Fname Mname Lname Birth Gender

I would like the user to beable to enter information and then click the add button and have it displayed properly.

How do I format the list box to do this??

Basic Divide Program
im new to vb doin at college an need to make a program that allows me to take to numbers in seperate in put box an divide them an output them to another box. im totally stuck any help will b appriciated.

How To Divide A Form Into 3 Parts?

how to divide a form into 3 parts...

i have a form but i want to divide it into 3 parts and each part has let's say its own code and has its own vertical and horizental bars if needed....

Divide The Screen Into Sections
What I've been trying to do is for my program to call a function named retreiveNumber(). Based on this number it divides the screen into that many parts (vertically) and prints out what section the mouse pointer is in. I put this code in a timer.When I move the mouse to the right of the sreen there always includes another small section on the far right of the screen. If someone know of a better way to do this then please post it. Thanks for the help.

VB Code:
Call GetCursorPos(mPT)        counter = 0    sectionNumber = 0        Do While (counter < mPT.x)        counter = counter + ((Screen.Width / 10) /retreiveNumber()        MsgBox counter        sectionNumber = sectionNumber + 1    Loop    Label1.Caption = "Section " & sectionNumber

Can VB6 Be Used To Divide Up A Text File
I want to be able to divide up a text file into 16 KB pieces. Is that possible? If so, how do I do it?

Divide And Conquer Question
basically i have a function that starts with a big number but narrows it down based on a number that i am looking for...basically the number being narrowed is a position that when given to another function returns a number that i can compare to the number i'm looking for so i know whether i have to increase or decrease it...the problem is that it doesn't work very well...does anyone have any code that does this...thanks

Divide CommonDialog.color Into R,G,B

I need to pull the R,G,B factors from a CommonDialog's returned Color property.

it's like this:

Color = CommonDialog.Color

Now, I want to seperate Color into R,G & B values.

Thanks in advance. : )


Cannot Divide A Listbox Into Columns
I cant divide a listbox into sections.
plz help

How To Divide Numbers From Textbox

My quetion is How to Devide Numbers From TextBox Means I have One Textbox in that i enterd a String like "123.56"i want to divide this string to two parts in varaibles like in n First Variable"123"and 56 is in another Variable Idid same Example Using Two For loop But I Dont no How to Write in One For loop.Please help me



Dim i, j As Integer
Dim BeforeDot, AfterDot As String
Dim DotFound As Boolean
Dim NumbersbeforeDot, NumbersAfterDot As String

DotFound = False

On Error GoTo ErrorLable

For i = 1 To Len(TxtNumbers.Text)
BeforeDot = Mid(TxtNumbers.Text, i, 1)
If BeforeDot = "." Then
Exit For

End If
NumbersbeforeDot = NumbersbeforeDot & BeforeDot

Next i

NumbersFrombeforeDot = NumbersbeforeDot

DotFound = False

For j = 1 To Len(TxtNumbers.Text)

AfterDot = Mid(TxtNumbers.Text, j, 1)
If AfterDot = "." Then
DotFound = True
AfterDot = ""
End If

If DotFound = True Then
NumbersAfterDot = NumbersAfterDot & AfterDot
End If
Next j

Divide Numbers From Textboxes
Basically, I'm trying to write a program to calculate Distance = Rate x Time programs. I have two textboxes for answers, one called xpos.text (for positive x) and one called xneg.text (for negative x). I also have three textboxes for the DRT equation, which are called rate.text, time.text, and distance.text. I just can't figure out how to have the number that is in the text box be divided by a number that is in another textbox. For the code bellow, I'm solving for Rate, so the program needs to divide distance (distance.text) by time (Time.text)

Sub solve_Click()

Dim ratenum As Integer
Dim distancenum As Integer
Dim timenum As Integer

ratenum = rate.Text
distancenum = distance.Text
timenum = time.Text

End Sub

I thought that I would need for each number in the text box to be a number variable. I've tried just doing "distancenum timenum" but it just gives me a "expected: expression" error.
Thanks for your help...

Edited by - emalius on 4/28/2004 4:05:58 PM

Math Divide Question

I want to get the int value of a division question. I can get the remainder value with the mod function for example,

   5000 / 900 = 5.55

I want the 5 without the remainder.

I can get the remainder value by 5000 mod 900 gives me 500 which is right.

Any ideas would be great.

Divide A Picturebox Into Grids
Hi all,

I am very new to vb, so please excuse my newb-ness

I am currently doing an assignment which is to create a puzzle game, where user opens a picture, and I'll have to cut it up into pre-defined sized grids (Small, Medium, Large), scramble it and the player can then rearrange the puzzle.

I am getting stuck at the part where it divides the picturebox into grids and stores it into the list. Can someone lend me a hand here?

Thanks for any help, advices and direction in advance!


How To Divide One Word Into Parts
How to divide on field value in 2 different strings and store into differnt values.


Divide Text In Textbox

How can I get pieces of a text in a text box to another textbox or so p.e. I have text1.text = "This Is A Test" And I want to put the 3 first letters to another textox, so that I get text.text = "Thi" And Then delete the first 3 outta the 1st Textbox so the final result must be:
Text1.text = "s Is A Test"
Text2.text = "Thi"


Coding - Divide And Conquer
In most of the books, they suggest to devide the codes and save lot of headaches, like devide and conquer. But how and when should I divide codes? Can any one explain to me with example?


[help] Divide Text According To The PictureBox Size
Here a screenshot of my project:
About the image above:

Question 1) I put my text in the Picturebox (drawtext), but how you see in the screenshot, the text dont fit exactly. The last line dont show complete. How can fix it??? any option to do that?

Question 2) I save the text that is showed in the picturebox as a BMP image, but the the text is greater than taht, so i want to save two o more displays . SO how can i determine where continues the second page?, I hope you can understandme and help me.

Divide 2 Column On Seperate Sheets

I have a column of data in X on sheet ("ROLE" & RoleItNo). I would like to divide this column by Sheet3 column O. so that the values in X on sheet ("ROLE" & RoleItNo) are the divided result......could someone please help me do this......I have tried a few way of writing it but i get errors with every way I try

I have included one example where I divided the first cells of the columns and tried to fill down.

Thanks heaps for any help


Make Divide Equal A Whole Number
Iv got a function that randomises numbers and then you have to work out the answer.
when it randomises for divide, it always gives bad numbers that eqaul to decimal answers like 103 / 11.
how can i make it choose numbers that only equal a positive, whole number??

Can I Divide An Image Or Picture Box Into Grids?
do you know the puzzle that the goal is to arrange the picture by moving piece by piece of the separate tiles? well, i kinda think of it, it's a success when i used numbers, but i want to put it into picture form, that's why i'm wondering if that's possible, is there any way that i can divide a picture on runtime. hope ya understand

Divide MSFlex Column Into Blocked
Hey everybody. I'll try to explain this one the best I can. I have a Flexgrid that looks sort of like this:


0:00 0 1 2
1:00 0 0 3
2:00 0 0 9
3:00 0 3 1
4:00 5 3 2

I would like to put the identical numbers per column into textboxes. So, if they click on column A, it will be able to say that from 0:00 to 3:00, there was a count of 0, but at 4:00, it changed to 5. If they click Column B, it will say that at 0:00, there was a count of 1; from 1:00 to 3:00 it was 0 and from 3:00 to 4:00, count was 3. And so on.....can anybody help me with this??? Thanx in advance.

Divide MSFlex Column Into Blocked
The grid formatting in my previous post wasn't clear....
I guess it looks like a matrix. The times are in Column 0. The Titles at the top in Row 1.

----- A B C

0:00 0 1 2
1:00 0 0 3
2:00 0 0 9
3:00 0 3 1
4:00 5 3 2

IDIV - Divide Be Zero: Error Handling
I've got a problem. My software crashes and maybe it's because IDIV instruction - division by 0. Please help me how to handle it in VB6 (check value before dividing) . I found articles on that but only Java and C++ and nothing about VB6.
Best regards

Divide A String Into Multiple Parts
Can somebody help me with a code to divide a string into multiple parts.

Say I have a string "Apple, Orange, Grape" ... How can I save "Apple" in one variable, "Orange" in another & "Grape" in the third variable...

RaiseEvent Statement Is Too Long, How To Divide It?

In my program I call an event.
RaiseEvent Edited(.....)
But the line is too long, how can i divide it over several lines?

Flexgrid Add, Substract, Multiply, Divide?
well like the title said how can i have columns in my flexgrid do adding, substracting, multiplying, and dividing between columns????

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