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Need Help In PABX Programming

I am trying to build a software that will play music when a telephone line is on hold in a PABX system.
And when multiple lines are on hold, wants to play different music on each line.
I am building it in Visual Basic. Can any body help me plz.

I need to know

1. In PABX system can I get to know that a line is on hold?
2. Is through port of PABX, can I send music with each line?

Thanks in advance.

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CDR Retrieval From PABX
Hi, anyone can show me how do i actually retrieve call detail records from PABX via TCP/IP or serial port? Can't seem to get any headstart on this anywhere.

Caller Id Thru Pabx

the network is like this: cti phone --> pabx --> server --> client

I want to get the callerid on the client computer thru the pabx. So mscom is no option. Displaying the caller-id on the server using tapi or thru direct connection to the pabx is!

Has anyone any information about this?

Currently i'm using pimphony on the clients systems which works great, but i *need* to use this capabilities in my vb app. Any information about using the distributed ocx's and dll's on the clients machine would be appreciated too! They can be referenced, but there are so many, and it's difficult to make a start here.


Get Data From Pabx?
I want to get Data From PABX, (Telephone calls..) can any body help?


Get Data From PABX
hi everyone, i don't know where i start and don't know if i'm right with this post. but here is my concern about getting data from PABX (AVAYA). coz i want to make a program that creates a report from all calls connected in this PABX...

i already asked this before and the advice is to create an application that will listen to PABX and receive data from it... then this gives up confused in my mind on how to do this. co'z you know PABX has a lots of ports, i think ours has almost 100 ports.

any help really appreciated.


PABX Interfaceing In VB
I want to develop a software ('Station Message Detail Recording') which will
read the data from PABX and store the data in Access DB... The PABX is
having a RS232C serial port to communicate with the PC. I want to develop
this software using VB and Access...Im working first time on this
technology...Can any one give more details on this preferably with code


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Parsing Data From PABX

Am im writing a call logging system and I am putting data from the PABX
a string. Sample data is like this:

 218 0 0646671 11:11 00:00:46
 ATN-1 0 091920643 11:13 00:00:10
 ATN-1 0 091920643 11:13 00:00:10
 218 0 0648149 11:12 00:00:52
 ATN-1 0 091920643 11:13 00:00:08
 ATN-1 0 091920643 11:14 00:00:12
 ATN-1 0 091920643 11:12 00:02:02
 218 0 0646671 11:11 00:00:08
 217 0 091264355 11:11 00:00:16

Where first column is the extension, 3rd column is the dialled number,
is the time of call, 5th is the duration. How do I parse this and put
in a database with the relevant fields?

*consider that the dialled number column is of variable length. How do I
all lines in the database?


Connecting A Computer To A PABX
Hi all

We have a PABX phone system at our office and the boss wants to get rid of
the windows 3.11 software that is monitoring the telephones.

Is there anyway to capture data from a COM port, it is all sent in ASCII and
can be viewed using HyperTerminal.

I have tried using XComm32.ocx with little effect as it never seems to
receive data?

any help will be greatly appreciated



hello, i'm new with MSCOMM and i would really appreaciate it
very much if someone could help me, my problem is how to read
raw data directly from the comm port using the mscomm control,
is the code used in getting data from a modem the same as that
if i were to get data from a pabx system? another is i'd like to
know the commands or events of a PABX system when using ONCOMM,
is it the same with modems? thanks to whoever can helpme, all
responses are greatly appreaciated, thanks!!!

Reading Data From PABX
I just wanna interact with PABX with my code and read information from it. can anyone help me?

Plz Help Me In PABX Problem (Billing System)
Hi Everybody. I am develping a software in visual basic that will track every call
from PABX and record call start time and end time. But the problem
is when a out going call is made, I have to record the time exactly
when the other end pickup the phone. Is there any solutions for me.
I am completely stack here.

Collect Data From A Pabx Machine
I want to collect call information from a panasonic digital super hybrid system using vb. How can i cannect the computer to this machine and collect data.

Machine model is KX TD1232.

Thanks for help.

Data Extraction From PABX Using VB Code
I have made the serial cable acoording to SMDR & I also extracted the data from PABX using Windows Hyper Terminal. Now I want to extract the data using VB code & parameters. Just I want to know what are the commands or procedure that I can use to develop a program to extract PABX data.

Call Monitoring System PABX
Can anyone give me some idea how to create Call Monitoring System of PABX?

Please help me...

Getting Data From A PABX System Using Mscomm Control
hi people.
i'm a newbie in using the mscomm control in vb6. i don't have much experience in programming either. but i have a new project to create. here are the conditions:
there is already an existing pabx system. the said system generates data like answered calls, dropped calls and transferred calls. it has its own software that receives and generates the data. it transfers the data to the computer through the serial port.

now, my project is to get the data, generated by the pabx from the serial port and generate queries and printable reports (ex: Operator 1 - 20 calls    20 answered calls     0 dropped calls; something like that) i already did some research in the net for some sample codes and programs, hoping to find something similar to my problem. i tried the simplest of them, like getting the data from the serial and display it in a text box. (ex: text1.text = MSComm1.input) The codes worked well. But what confuses me is that, the text displayed in the textbox goes like this : üüý=z‚ÿüüýýüüýýüüýý<z‚üýýüüý. but data that should be displayed is this: 01/19 11:56 00:01:41 T7 001 8259805 236 T 123.

do you have any idea why this happens? and, do you have any idea how to diplay the data right?
the project should be done asap. pls help.

How To Catch Signals From A Pabx Using Rs232 And Serial Port
Good day to all of you. How could I read the signals generated by the a certain pabx Nortel Miridian Option IIC using the rs232 and through the serial port? Any existing code and other related samples will be of great help. Hoping for you favorable response. Thank you very much and God bless you all.


To Read Data From A Samsung Pabx To The Sql Server 2000database
pls help me
i am going to implement a phone tracking system. where a compan is able to reduse there call charges so i need to read data fro a samsung pabx to a sql server 2000 database for exsample th extention number, start time, date duration, end time. can yo pls send me the code where i will be able to read data from th pabx through the SMDR card. i hope to write the data that i been sent through the SMDR card ( from a printer cable seria port) to a text file to.

Interact With PABX/PBX System For Retrieving Data From It For Furthur Use
Hi guys

A few days ago i posted a message about the same topic. But I think the problem was with my message. I didn't write the total problem clearly. By the way, Can any one help me reading various information from PABX such as the time of calls, the call number and etc. I'd be very happy if some one helps me. Thanks.

Program For Getting Phone Number ,time Of Call And Date From A PABX
Hi guys,
Can anyone have the code to get phone number ,time of call and date from a PABX (using Mscomm control)


Differance Between Event Driven Programming, OOP, Structured Base Programming
1 what is differance between event driven programming, OOP, structured base Programming, visual programming. If possible give example of languages like C++ is OO language and VB is event driven programming.?
2 If somenone says that VB is object based language, what does this mean. ?
3 Does every visual prograaming language is objects based ??

Game Programming Gems Or Windows Game Programming
ok..I have limitied it down to 2 books I can get....Game Programming Gems or Windows Game Programming Gurus..

Which one is the best for its money,and is for beginners?


I need to write a program to get the detail such as extensionno, callid , duration of the call from our pbx system.
i used mscomm control and did the following.

Private Sub MSComm_OnComm()

Dim sIncomming
    Select Case MSComm.CommEvent
        Case comEvReceive
                sIncomming = MSComm.Input
                txtIncomming.Text = txtIncomming.Text & sIncomming
            Loop While MSComm.InBufferCount
    End Select

End Sub

But it's not working. How do I resolve my problem ?
Please help me out to solve this problem ? it's very very urgent pls.

New To VB Programming
I have read through the forums and have most of my app working, except the important part. Here is what my simple tool does:

DriveListBox - works
DIRListBox - Works, with error checking
FileListBox - works, lists all files in the selecetd DIR
TextBox - not really sure how to get it to work, I want the file selected in the FileListBox to be displayed in the TextBox. The files selected will always be .csv files that can normally be open in notepad.

Exit Button - works

Send file CommanButton- a button to send the selected file in the FileListBox to another directory on the local C: Drive. I'm still working on this one.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank Garrett

3d Programming
I just read BILLSOO's post on 3D programming.

I am very interested in learning more about 3D programming specially as it relates to VB - wireframes, hidden surface removals, color rendering, etc.

Is there a book or a resource that someone can recommend?


PLC Programming
I am looking for a source of PLC(programmable logic controller) that programs with VB6. I am hoping someone here uses them or knows where I can get info regarding PLC's that can "talk" to each other over a dial-up phone connection.

I need to monitor & control over phone lines to remote locations. I think Z-World makes this type of equipment but it uses "C" and I do not know that language.

any info would be helpful.

New To Programming
I am new to Visual Basic. I have VB 6.0 (working model). I was wondering if anyone could suggest a decent book to use to get started. My ultimate goal is for top-down-view game/animated simulations. Thanks to whoever responds.

Programming An Lcd
Does anyone know how to programme a basic lcd 2 line segment display with VB, i need two buttons to scroll through a menu and one to select the choice. But id be happy to just be able to display some characters as a starting point.

DX Programming
Wssup ppl . Im new in the world of VB , and im working on a project that is about a game that will simplify subtraction for grade 1 students ive done a lot of work on it and then i heared about game programming using dirextX so i need to know a lot about it so can u tell me wat you know about it and is it easy to learn or not and if i need extra add ins or softwares beside the normal visula studio 6 to work on it , if possible plz tell me where to know more about it. Thnks

USB Programming In VB
any got linkage for learning to program USB (open and read/write data from it?), i'm building a FM radio transmitter/receiver, and will be getting a constant feed from it, so i need a 101 and a crash course in USB for Visual Basic.

Rpg Programming

I have been programming in vb and net and c++ for years now and would like to broaden my skilss to include rpg. I have some questions about rpg iseries.

How difficult is it to pick up on?

What is the best book for begginers?

Is there any online tutorials that is good?

Where is the best place to begin?

What software would I need?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


Help With VB Programming
I don't know much about VB but my boss just give me a VB application to learn and troubleshoot/developing new tools.....
shoud I start with a VB books? To understand all the codes in this prog, what steps do I need to go in order to master this app.?

Thanks in advance.

VB Programming
Hey, I've gotten the excel into a program where a student inputs the courses they want to choose for school and excel checks if those courses are there. But, i was wondering how, if you typed 8 courses in 8 text boxes, you would program it to choose the suitable time periods those courses can be in, and just for a check print those multiple time periods in seperate text boxes.

for example
If the first course u pick is only available for periods A,B,C,D,E
If the second course u pick is only available for periods C,E,G,H
etc. How would u get all the combinations for that.

Programming To The VBE In VBA
Hi everyone,

I am currently working with a program that has VBA. This program is on a piece of equipment that is used to measure electronics components. It has WIN98 installed on it. Anyway, my question:

This program does have an Application Object. Unfortunatly, it does not expose VBE (Visual Basic Editor) methods/propertys. So my attempts to write code to the VBE have been unsuccessfull.

I can set references to

PHP Code:


but no 'VBE' object exsists in the program itself, so setting

PHP Code:


results in an error

I recently bought a book written by MSPress entitled "Advanced Microsoft Visual Basic 6". On chapter in this book talks about subclassing. For instance writing a function to replace the MsgBox function. It also talks about Subclassing VB objects, like the app object. Now seeing as how I would like to do this in VBA, it will be the Application object instead.

Anybody have any ideas how this Subclass might be coded?

I would like to use code such as this in my project. It exports all VB Code modules in a VBA project. This code works for MS Excel 2000, but the app I am working with doesn't have

PHP Code:


The code is from

Sub ExportAllVBA()
Dim VBComp As VBIDE.VBComponent
Dim Sfx As String

For Each VBComp In ActiveWorkbook.VBProject.VBComponents
Select Case VBComp.Type
Case vbext_ct_ClassModule, vbext_ct_Document
Sfx = ".cls"
Case vbext_ct_MSForm
Sfx = ".frm"
Case vbext_ct_StdModule
Sfx = ".bas"
Case Else
Sfx = ""
End Select
If Sfx <> "" Then
VBComp.Export Filename:=ActiveWorkbook.Path & "" & VBComp.Name & Sfx
End If
Next VBComp
End Sub
This is a major obstacle. I ultimitly would like to be able to deploy code changes remotly. Getting acces to the VBE would be a major step in the Right Direction.
Any help,thoughts,ideas?
Many Thanks,

Programming Against The VBE

I usually need to load a number of class modules to my new VBA projects and it's quite a pain to do it by hand. I was thinking about writing some code to automate this, but I've tried many times to no avail.

My main source of information has been:

However, I can't get to work what they suggest there.

I'm using Word XP / 2003. Is it feasible what I intend to do? I know I can't code a VBE add-in, but a simple procedure would do.



Programming Help...
hi! i'm a freshman student and i have a programming project about sending sms from cellular phone to pc and vise versa.

if anyone who has a simple source code for this written in visual basic can you please reply to this message...


Please, Help Me...I'm New To Programming!!!
Hi guys,

I will be having a serious test next week and a tip from the teacher is this;

How to control if a bank account number is a valid account number?

For example, here in Belgium, a normal account number is in this for:
XXX.XXXXXXX.XX (eg; 063_3853560_97)

here is the tip:

Make a form to fill in a name, an amout and an accountnumber. Check the Accountnumber .The sum of the ten first numbers devided by 97, take the remainder. This remainder must be equal to the last 2 numbers of the account number. If the remainder is zero, then the last 2 numbers of the accountnumber should be 97.

I don't really get this tip. Could anyone put it down in codes for me please???

Thanks in advance.


Need Help With Programming
hello everyone i seem to have a problem.

i am developing a messenger system but i am having trouble with it

i cant seem to make a:

Skinning System - apply diferent skins to a program.

get the msnp11 engine working - we currently only have the msnp8 Engine working.

and add display picture support - just like MSN Messenger we want our messenger to have display picture support.

please help!

PIC Programming
To begin with, basicallyII need to programme some PIC microcontrollers.

I have been given the PICAXE programming editor, ...umm i hate it.
(flowcharts and wierd progranning language)

I wanted to use a programming language that i am capable of using, as i would find it much better. I either want to use visual BASIC or C++.

What i need is some library for either language that enables it to work with a PIC microcontroller. And also some programme that can send a compiled programme out of the serial port to the PIC. I would perfer use to use C++ if possible.


Help On Com Programming!

I want to get more experience programming in COM. I have a project coming up involving graphics, serial communication, Access database, and winsock.

Please give me ideas on what portion I can separate as COM.

I am new to COM, but I understand the concept. I created simple COM programs (based on book examples). I want to learn more!


Programming An Lcd In VB
Does anyone know how to programme a basic lcd 2 line segment display with VB, i need two buttons to scroll through a menu and one to select the choice. But id be happy to just be able to display some characters as a starting point.

New To Programming - Need Help
hey, im new to programming which im currecntly doing at college.

For my project i have to make a Currency Converter to convert between at least 3 currency's, allow the user to change the rates and i need to print a receipt to a printer.

All i need help on is the list box code and how to link up the drop down boxes to my cmd button and my txt boxes where i input the currency and the converter currency will be outputted.

I also need help on the print button code which i cannot figure out or find anywhere.

my converter layout is at and that is basically what i need help with.

Thanks to anyone who can help me

hi i'm trying to figure something in C programming and this is more likely a vb programming do anyone here know a good C forum i just can't find one....

Programming Help
Programming Help
I would like to have this Function to peform two activties.
First Activity will be on TextBox = ResultDest
First Activitiy Match value will plus One and display it in ResultDest.Text

visual basic code:----------------------------------------

adoRecordset.Fields("MATCH").Value = adoRecordset.Fields("MATCH").Value + 1
ResultDest.Text = "MV" &amp; Format(adoRecordset.Fields("Classcode"), "&amp;&amp;") &amp; "BR" &amp; Format(adoRecordset.Fields("MATCH"),

Second Activity will be on Cancel Button.
Second Activity will MINUS Match Value By One. The Second Button ONLY IF user Click on Cancel.

visual basic code:----------------------------------------

adoRecordset.Fields("MATCH").Value = adoRecordset.Fields("MATCH").Value
- 1

This is what i have.

visual basic code:----------------------------------------

Private Function Check(strLOOKUP As String,
ResultDest As TextBox) As Boolean
Call OpenDB

SQL = "SELECT * FROM tb_class WHERE Classcode = " &amp; Chr(34) &amp; strLOOKUP &amp; Chr(34)

adoRecordset.Open SQL, adoConnection, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic, adCmdText

If adoRecordset.RecordCount &gt; 0 Then
Check = True
adoRecordset.Fields("MATCH").Value = adoRecordset.Fields("MATCH").Value + 1
ResultDest.Text = "MV" &amp; Format(adoRecordset.Fields("Classcode"), "&amp;&amp;") &amp; "BR" &amp; Format(adoRecordset.Fields("MATCH"),

If adoRecordset.RecordCount &gt; 0 Then
Check = True
adoRecordset.Fields("MATCH").Value = adoRecordset.Fields("MATCH").Value - 1
End If
Call CloseDB
End Function
Thank you in at Advance

Programming ?
New- problem:
My Applcation has a field AssetLabel. It is non unique as an Asset may have various SubAssets. On entering an AssetLabelNumber the application must do a search for that number. On finding a match of the entered number it should assume that the entered AssetLabel is that of an SubAsset. A SubAsset Number (lowestpossible) is then allocated to that item. Any ideas to solve this using VB? - No code Neccesary !

API Programming
Wanna do some graphics in VB but I don't know anything about API... how could I begin

PCL Programming In VB
What is the syntax to using PCL codes in VB?

PCL Programming In VB
How can i incorporate PCL commands into a visual basic program?

Usb Programming
How can I read data from USB device with VB ?
I have plug in the USB device and installed the driver
for Windows 98. But I still can not read the data
from the usb device.

thank you for your help

New To Programming - Very New...
...and wanted to ask perhaps a couple of questions:

1) Can you use VB on a Mac?
2) Where do I find the software?

Hope this is the right place to post this and I appreciate any patient hand-holding!

Wannabe Programmer

New To .dll Programming

I'm trying to figure out how to create a program that will either insert or re-write a certain part of a .dll without me having to open the .dll file. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I have a program called resourse hacker and I found the line in the .dll file I want to change..but the problem is I want to be able to change it even set a list of words to put in on a that the line constantly changes, but I don't want to damage the rest of the .dll file of course. So any help would be greatly appreciated..thnx in advance!

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