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OLE Object In Access

Hi Guys. I'm hoping someone could help me here.

I have an OLE Object in my Access DB. Ole Object is a picture.

I have My table set up like this

Make Model Picture

Now Make will be Volco, Model will be FH Range and Picture will be a picture of that Volvo. I set up the Picture as an OLE Object. How can i import that picture into Visual Basic, Into a listview control. I have written my code to connect to the DB. This is what my code is.

Dim strModels As String

Set MyRecSet = MyConn.Execute("SELECT * FROM Model Where make = '" & lstSpecSubManufacture.Text & "'")
Do Until MyRecSet.EOF
strModels = MyRecSet.Fields("model")
List1.AddItem strModels

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OLE Object From MSoft Access DB On To An OLE Object In VB6 Form
I am trying to query a Msoft Access 2000 data base that contains OLE bitmap imbedded objects and display the image on to a VB6 form which contains an OLE Control Box.

The query is based on user input, and I have no problem with the query using ADO code. The problem is displaying the query result in the OLE Control box of the form.

Please help

Access Object Properties With Text Object Name

I'm writing a program in which I create a varied amount of textboxes and labels. Like this:

Dim txtObj as Control
Dim lblObj as Control
Dim somenumber as Integer

somenumber = 'Something the user inputs

For loopcount = 1 to somenumber
set txtObj = Controls.Add("VB.TextBox", "txtBox" & loopcount)
set lblObj = Controls.Add("VB.Label", "lblLabel" & loopcount)

That my not be completely right, but you get the idea and it works.

What I need is to be able to later reference the values in each of the controls I created. Since I've labeled them txtBox1, lblLabel1, txtBox2, lblLabel2, etc... and I don't know at design time how far I've gone, I can't do it without a function that works something like this:

Dim someControl as Control
For loopcount = 1 to somenumber
Set someControl = GetControlReference("txtBox" & loopcount)
someControl.Height = Blah Blah Blah...

So, help me out, how do I get access to a control when I don't have the control name at design time.

Thanks in advance,

Use Access Object If Access Isnt Installed?
Is it possible to use the access object in VB if the computer does not have access installed on it? My guess is no but I have been looking and have not seen an answer either way.


Access 2k - OLE Object
I have an "OLE Object" field in an Access 2000 database. I want to retrieve the object from a form, then open it. Can someone provide some sample code showing how to do this?

Right now I am performing a query that resembles this (don't have the exact code in front of me):

Dim sSQL As String
sSQL = "SELECT [Document] FROM tblApplicants WHERE [First Name] = 'Blah';"
rs.Open sSQL, conn, adOpenKeyset, adLockOptimistic, adCmdText

This successfully grabs the OLE Object ([Document]). However I don't know how to open the object from VBA. Right now I am writing the bytes to a file, but this is not what I want to do.


VB6 & Access Object

I am trying to open a pasword protected Access 97 database in VB6 as follows to then print an Access Report:

Shell pathname:=sAccessExe & " " & sDbPath
Set objAccess = GetObject(sDbPath)
objAccess.DoCmd.openreport sReport

sAccessExe = "C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOfficeMSaccess.exe
sDBPath = "d:Orders.mdb"

This displays an "Enter Password" dialogue box . However I do not want the dialogue box to appear.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



Access Object In Vb6?
Hi everyone, can someone tell me what is wrong with this code. I found it off some site, it is used to open up a report from a access database. but for some reason it wont work. any ideas?

Dim AccessReports As Access.Application
Dim DBReports As String
DBReports = "C:assign2.MDB"
Set AccessReports = CreateObject(DBReports)
AccessReports.DoCmd.OpenReport reportname:="Current Staff Report", View:=0
Set bob = Nothing

In the last line, the person who wrote this code sets bob to nothing, what variable is bob supposed to be???

Cannot Access Rs Object
I am trying to set up a separate project that just does database calls.

In the class file for this I have:

Private cn As ADODB.Connection
Private rs As ADODB.Recordset
Private strSQL As String

Public Function GetLocationList() As ADODB.Recordset

'//Create Object
Set cn = New ADODB.Connection

'//Open Connection
cn.ConnectionString = CONST_ConnString

'//Get the location list
Set rs = New ADODB.Recordset
strSQL = "SELECT HauntsTbl.HauntID, HauntsTbl.HauntDescription From HauntsTbl "
strSQL = strSQL & "WHERE HauntsTbl.HauntOrLocation = True"
rs.Open strSQL, cn, adOpenKeyset, adLockPessimistic, adCmdText
MsgBox (rs.Fields(1))
Set GetLocationList = rs

'tidy up
Set rs = Nothing
Set cn = Nothing

End Function

and I know this works because the MsgBox displays the contents of the second field in the first row of the recordset. So I know I have a recordset there.

On a form in another project I have this ...

Private TestDBCall As DBCallDlg
Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim LocationRS As Object
Set TestDBCall = New DBCallDlg
Set LocationRS = TestDBCall.GetLocationList
MsgBox (LocationRS.Fields(0))
End Sub

I know this project is 'seeing' the 'database' class because when I type
'Set LocationRs = TestDBCall. ' the GetLocationList function appears automatically for me to select.

But, I am getting an error message saying the 'Item cannot be found in the corresponding collection .... etc.'

It seems to think I have no recordset?

Thanks for any help.

Access Object
Hi, everybody!
In Access when you right click on a column, appears a pop-up menu, where you can filter records, change sorting and so on.
Does anybody know how I can do it in VB. I don't mean to create a Form for that. But may be through some API function.

Thank you in advance.

OLE Object In Access?
Hi guys

I've managed to save a blob file into my access database, using 2 fields namely filename as type text and blobdata as type OLE object, now after saving this now, how can I load this file into a listview to retrieve it from the database?

Here's the code how I'm saving it:

Private Sub Command1_Click() 'store to db
    On Error GoTo cdlErr

    'initialize stream object
    Set myStm = New ADODB.Stream
    myStm.Type = adTypeBinary
    'get filename
    Set myCDL = CreateObject("MSComDlg.CommonDialog")
    myCDL.CancelError = True

    'load file into stream
    Me.MousePointer = vbHourglass
    myStm.LoadFromFile myCDL.FileName
    'save to db
    With myBlobDb
        !FileName = myCDL.FileTitle
        !BlobData = myStm.Read
    End With


Does anybody know how to embed a picture using OLE object in ACCESS databse....But I am trying to add this picture to a BINARY type field and want to add this image as object. I mean I dont want a solution that will store the Picture to an array variable as Byte....I just want to embed the Picture as object using OLE during the runtime...,

Best regards

Import OLE Object Into Access Via VB
Hello All, I creted some code that automatically exports a single message from Outlook. However, problem occurs when I want to import that message into an Access 2002 database. Does anyone know how to import an OLE into an Access database via VB?

I have a table called tblTemp with two fields; PurchaseID (auto number) & ApprovalDocument (ole object).

Thanks for the help.

Passing Object In Access
I wish to pass an instance of an object from one form to another (which, apparently, one cannot do directly). Any suggestions on the best method of doing this?


[Access] Printer Object
I find that

Printer.Print will not work in my Access VBA code

Although I find that Intellisense presents a Dialog Box with all it's methods
and properties, when I type


in my Access Module

Am I doing something wrong?

Access Automation Object Help
I have searched this forum for a way to be able to access reports found in an access database. I have attempted to follow these instructions without much fortune. I seem to have an error in my code at Dim AccessApp as Access.Application stating "user-defined type not defined"

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim AccessApp As Access.Application
Set AccessApp = New Access.Application
With AccessApp
.OpenCurrentDatabase App.Path & "Office.mdb"
.RunCommand acCmdWindowHide
.RunCommand acCmdAppMaximize
.RunCommand acCmdWindowHide
.RunCommand acCmdWindowHide
.RunCommand acCmdAppMaximize
.DoCmd.OpenReport "InvValue", acViewPreview
End With
End Sub

Does anyone know what I need to do to make this work? I noticed Object Browser did not display any access references. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Access 9.0 Object Library
What is wrong with this code? I receive the error below when trying to open a table.

Option Explicit
'Reference set to Microsoft Access 9.0 Object Library

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim objAccess As Access.Application
Dim sMDB As String
Dim sTBL As String

sMDB = "C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual StudioVB98"
sTBL = "Categories"""
Set objAccess = New Access.Application
With objAccess
.Visible = True
.OpenCurrentDatabase sMDB, False
.DoCmd.OpenTable sTBL, acViewNormal
End With

'Error (7866)

End Sub

Access FileDialog Object
I am using MS Access 2002 and use the new FileDialog object to allow my users to select a file from within a form. This works fine if the user's machine has Access installed on it. If I have to install the Access 2000/2002 run-time if they don't have it though, the application crashes when the user tries to open up the FileDialog object.

Does anyone know of a way to include the Office 10.0 objects module with an installation? Or whichever module is needed to use the FileDialog object? I'm currently using InstallShield 4.0 Express. Thanks!

Access Session Object In VB COM Using RDS

Is it possible to access the session object in the vbCOM using RDS.


MS Access X.x Object Library
Where can I find this?
I have access 2k and vb 6 on my dev computer

Form Object Access

i'm trying to write a simple vb macro in excel. the macro is launched when a comboBox's selected value is changed. havent gotten the chance to play with vb in a while and forgot how to gain access to the comboBox.Text field (i.e. the selected value).

any ideas?


Inserting An OLE Object Into Access

Would anyone have a sample of code to insert an OLE object (in this casse a
.bmp file) into an Access database table?

I'm using ADO with VB6 and shelling out to a Foxpro Report which in turn
grabs data from Access.

Thanks much in advance,

Dave Tucker

ADO & Access OLE Object Field
Does anyone know how to store the contents of an Image control in an Access
field of type OLE Objects via ADO in Visual Basic?

Access Datafield Is Ole Object
In access whe can play a waf file as ole object.

How can I with VB read the access ole object and play it with the VB Ole Object?



Not Access To FaxFolder Object In Vb 6.0

I want to use Faxserver object for sending fax with vb 6.0 programming.

i add refrence faxcom.dll to my project and i access to faxserver object.

but i have not access to FaxOutGoingQueue or FaxFolder Object.

please help me!

Can A Startup Object Be Set In Access XP
Hi there folks, this is just a simple question.

I was wondering if a startup event could be set in Access XP. So that when the database is opened through explorer, a startup form can be chosen.

Many thanks

Error With Access Object
I am trying to run a couple of Access reports from my VB6. I followed the FAQ regarding using Access Reports and it works fine on my development machine; however, on other machines I installed my app on I get a Windows error. The error says that my executable caused a problem and the app shuts down (much like the IE error asking to send/don't send report). The ModName on the error says rpcrt.4dll. I set a reference to Microsoft Access 10.0 Object Library and I'm using Access XP. The other machines are using Access 2000.

I'm using ADO as my data access method. Here's my code snippet:

Dim i As Integer

        'Clear Temp Table
        sqlString = "Delete * from T_tmpRptTag"
        Cnn.Execute (sqlString)
    'Build Recordset
    sqlString = "Select * from T_Count Where T_Count.tagId = " & iStartTag
    Set rs = Cnn.Execute(sqlString)
    iEndTag = Me.txtNumOfTags
    For i = 1 To iEndTag
         sqlString = "Insert into T_tmpRptTag (tagId, itemId, locationId, lot, bin,qty,expire,TagNumber) " & _
                     "Values ('" & rs.Fields(0) & "', '" & rs.Fields(1) & "', '" & rs.Fields(2) & "', '" & rs.Fields(3) & "', '" & rs.Fields(4) & "', '" & rs.Fields(5) & "', '" & frmTagEntry.DTPicker1.Value & "', '" & i & "')"
        Cnn.Execute (sqlString)

'Open MS Access and Print Tag Reports
Dim oAccess As Access.Application

Const strLcREPORT_NAME As String = "Rpt_Tag"
Const strLcFilePathName As String = "C:Program FilesMyDBinvcount.mdb"
    'Dim strLvSendKeys As String
    Me.cmdPrint.Enabled = False
    ' Create the instance of access
    Set oAccess = New Access.Application
     ' Open Database
    oAccess.OpenCurrentDatabase (strLcFilePathName)
    ' Open Report
    oAccess.DoCmd.OpenReport strLcREPORT_NAME, acNormal
    ' Ensure Report Is Visible
    oAccess.Visible = True

The program bombs when I do the following:

    Set oAccess = New Access.Application
' Open Database
    oAccess.OpenCurrentDatabase (MyDB)
I would appreciate any help. This is a time-sensitive issue because I need to fix this ASAP.


Edited by - rixx on 12/30/2003 5:24:36 PM

Access - Ole Object Problem

In my access table one of the field data type OLE Object. and its contain
word document file and omni file. i need to save this file into local folder. any idea how to do this thru vb?


Getting The Type Of OLE Object In Access
Hi Gurus..
I nee to find out the type of the file that inserted as OLE Object in Access.
Any ideas?

Access/DoCmd Object
Hello all,

I am trying to copy a table under a different name in the same database through VB code.

1- Referencing (MSACC8.OLB)

2- code

Private Sub copy_tables()
Dim copy_Table As New Access.DoCmd
Dim dest_DB_Path As String

dest_DB_Path = "C:Backup_TablesBackup_Tables.MDB"
copy_Table.CopyObject dest_DB_Path, "Piece_Copy", acTable, "Piece"

End Sub

3- Error

Runtime 429
ActiveX Component Can not create object.

Can anyone help me with this? I have never used the DoCmd object from VB.

Also, is there a quick way to copy a table from one Access Database to another using VB??


How To Access Object From Its Pointer
In a VB application, I want to add all symbol TrueType font facename to a combobox in a form. I use EnumFontFamiliesEx API function and
EnumFontFamExProc callback function to implement it. My code is like:
In form:

Dim udtLogFont as LOGFONT
udtLogFont.lfCharSet = SYMBOL_CHARSET
udtLogFont.lfPitchAndFamily = 0
EnumFontFamiliesEx me.hdc, udtLogFont, AddressOf EnumFontFamExProc, ObjPtr(cboFont), 0

In module:

public Function EnumFontFamExProc(udtElfe as ENUMLOGFONTEX, udtNtme as NEWTEXTMETRICEX, byval nFontType as Integer, lParam as ComboBox) as
Dim sFaceName as string, sFontName as string

on error resume next

sFaceName = StrConv(udtElfe.elfLogFont.lfFaceName, vbUnicode)
sFontName = Left(sFaceName, InStr(sFaceName, vbNullChar) - 1)
'Now how I can get the combobox object from lParam?
End If
EnumFontFamExProc = 1
End Function

In EnumFontFamExProc, lParam just is ObjPtr(cboFont). How I can call AddItem method of cboFont Object? In other words, How I can get the
combobox object from lParam? I read the article "Not reference counting" in MSDN, it has some code to get object by CopyMemory, I do so but illegal operation is caused. Any help or suggestions is appreciated.

OLE Object Fields In Access
How can I launch a document stored as OLE field in Access from VB?

Access An Object In Word From VB
Hi all,

I have created a Word XP document, and in to that document I have inserted 16 barcode objects. They have all the usual properties as seen in Visual Basic.

How do I access the Barcode objects in the Word document via Visual Basic?

I am using VB to:-

Ask the user how many barcode labels are to be printed
Retrieve the next xx barcode numbers from the Access DB
Pump the barcode number in to a bookmark for easy reading
Print the associated barcode beneath the number

All the above works except for the last line.

How do I update the BarCode number property of the Barcode objects? The barcode objects are placed correctly and are called (for want of a more descriptive name) - "Barcode1 ~ Barcode16".



(Now don't say I could do all the above using VBA. I like VB!)

Access/ole-object Problem
Im having one field as an ole-object in a access table.
This is my connectionstring:
sConnection = "PROVIDER=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" & sWorkpath & "TasDB.mdb;"
mvarDB.CursorLocation = adUseClient
mvarDB.Open sConnection

-Opens table
adoPrimaryRS.Open sSql, clsApp.db, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic

reading works ok.

Then I want to add dummy data into by binary-field in the dB with command:
adoPrimaryRS.Fields("xmldata").AppendChunk "hello world"
(fieldname 'xmldata')

- if I then run adoPrimaryRS.update, it fails.
- if I remove the line containing binarydata, it works ok......

Is there anything wrong with my cursors or settings in any way I would appreciate a lot to get answer from You!


Access Object Library
Which dll, ini or inf files are necessary to support Microsoft Access 9.0 Object Library and Microsoft Access 9.0 Object Library?

Registry Access Object Library Help
Hi all, i need to find what version of access objects library is installed on the local machine.How could i go about this?

Help much appriated

Access 9.0 Object Library Install.
I just completed my first project where I needed to use the P&D wizard so this inquiry comes from a novice point of view. I developed an application which uses Application.Filesearch from the Microsoft Access 9.0 Object Library, "MSACC9.OLB".


With Application.FileSearch

.LookIn = pstrLookIn
.SearchSubFolders = False
.FileName = pstrFileName
.MatchTextExactly = True
.FileType = msoFileTypeAllFiles

If .Execute > 0 Then
LookForFile = True
LookForFile = False
End If

End With

The machine that I developed the program on is a Win98 box with Office 2000 installed. From the Object Browser the path for MSACC9.OLB is C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOfficeMSACC9.OLB

I used the P&D wizard to package up the application and installed it on a WIN XP Pro box that does not have Office Installed. I noticed that the SETUP.LST is showing that MSACC9.OLB is being installed here:

File5=@MSACC9.OLB,$(WinSysPath),,$(Shared),3/19/99 8:27:10 PM,368640,

When running the application I get an "Error # 429 Active X component can't create object". I'm quite sure that the program is bombing during the Application.Filesearch and I suspect that it is because of an error in referencing this file.

I don't have a clue where to begin in correcting this problem. Any ideas?


Color Of Access Key Of Label Object
How can I change the color of Access Key of Label Object

Is thre any solution to change the color or access kay of an object when we use '&' with a label caption or menu object, underlines is displayed on particular character I want to change the color of that character instead of default underline. Is it possible ?

Sort In Access Not Reflected In VB 6.0 Using ADO Object
I open my database in Access to sort it because I can't figure out how to sort it with code. Then I save and close it. Then I run my VB program and it flat out will not reflect the sort. Is the database using a record number thing in which when it sorts by company the records keep their index and the ADO control reads of of the index or what? The test displayed in the ADO object is the Company name, which is what I sorted by.

How can I sort a 2k3 Access DB using code?

Access Object Not Cleared From Memory
I am using the following code to open a report from MS Access and display it as a word document. The code works properly but the MS ACCESS object is not getting release from memory when I look in the Task Manager. I tried to use GetObject instead of CreateObject but even that was not helping out. Someone please help me.

The code is as follows:

Public Function OpenReport(mReportName As String, mPreview As String, blnViewOrPrint As Boolean)
Const acFormatRTF = "Rich Text Format (*.rtf)"
Const acOutputReport = 3
Dim db As Object 'temporary object
Dim accrpt As Object

Set accrpt = CreateObject("Access.Application")
'set time out to 50 seconds 04.01.2004
App.OleRequestPendingTimeout = 50000

'to open password protected database 04.01.2004
Set db = accrpt.Application.DBEngine.Workspaces(0).OpenDatabase(App.Path & "capitationmodell_präsentation_access_2000.mdb", 0, False, ";pwd=joel.kathrin")
accrpt.OpenCurrentDatabase App.Path & "capitationmodell_präsentation_access_2000.mdb", False
accrpt.DoCmd.RunMacro "Makro_Bericht_Anzeigen", 1

If blnViewOrPrint = True Then 'print the report
'output to rtf format
accrpt.DoCmd.OutputTo 3, "Capitation Berechnung", acFormatRTF, "c:Capitation Berechnung.doc", True
End If

Set db = Nothing
Set accrpt = Nothing
Exit Function

End Function

Create New Object On Form (Access)

1. How can I create a new object (control) on an access form, using VBA-Code?

2. Is it true that Access 97 can only handle 3 levels of subforms?

thanx for some help

Attach OLE Object In Access To Email In VBA

I have an excel file stored in a OLE Object Type field in Access. I want to attach this excel file to an email via VBA. I get an odd message when using

.attachement.add rsObject!Object

It works fine when I enter a path but not when I try and call it from my table.

ANy ideas?


Moving OLE Object From ACCESS To WORD
Hi there,

I have an ACCESS 97 table which contains text fields and a field of type OLE Object which contains a bitmap image.
I am trying to populate a Word Document with the contents of the database record and have become stuck with the OLE object field.
The Word document contains a table and I have created bookmarks to enable me to the reference various points in it to insert text etc.

The code to move the text from ACCESS to word is along the following lines...

myObj references the Word document

With myObj


.selected.text = Forms!mydbForm.txtTextField

I believe I could use AddPicture or inlineshapes to add an image from an external file, but I would like to know how to add the image to the Word document directly from ACCESS and what the required syntax would be.


Access Table With MS Word OLE Object
I have an Access 2000 table where 3 fields are MS Word OLE Objects. I want to be able to take the Word documents from within those 3 OLE Object fields and combine them into one Word document in MS Word. Currently, I am able to combine the 3 fields into 1 document in in MS Word. However, the 3 fields are brought into Word as 3 separate OLE Objects. What I want is just the text. I know I can get the text by automating the opening of each of the OLE Objects select all, copy and then paste into my new word document, but I was wondering if anyone knows of another way of doing this.


User Control Object Access
I have created a user control which has to appear many times on the same form. The user control has Property Bags set up and it works fine. The user controls on the form i have created are named A1, A2, A3...
A property of A1 can be accessed as follows

when one of the user controls is clicked it calls a Public Sub in a different form. From this form i need to be able to adjust the usercontrol depending on which has been clicked.

I was wondering if i have to use
Dim obj As Object
or something but i can work it out.

If you dont understand what i am trying to do please tell me. Thanks

Access 9.0 Object Library Question...
Hey Guys,
i made a program that uses ADO with an Access 2000 DB. I installed it on the users PC, which is runnung Win95. Naturally I had to install a whole bunch of stuff (DCOM, Scripting, Jet4.0 etc..) to get the program running, but there is still one error i can't seem to fix. It involves printing an access report. I get run-time 429 (cannot create active x object or something). I had gotten that before, but it had to do with Jet 4.0 and ADO. I think this has to do with the fact that i'm using a reference to the Access 9.0 Object Library, whcih comes with Office 2000. The client is running Office 97. I'm using the following code:

Dim x As Access.Application
Dim strDB As String

Set x = New Access.Application
strDB = "C:db-path.mdb"
x.OpenCurrentDatabase (strDB)

DoCmd.OpenReport "Winners", acViewNormal, "Report Filter"

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Connecting Vb Object To Post In Access
In Access you can enter, delete, add edit etc... any post in a datafield, which is an a table. In Vb you can connect a TextBox to a datafield in an Access database. But in a datafield there can be several posts, how can I connect a textbox(or any vb object) to a specific post in a datafield, if it is at all possible.

Please help! If I`m unable to solve this problem my program will be limited.

Activate OLE Object (Word) In Access Db With ADO
Very frustrating. I am trying to activate an embedded word document in an access database through my vb app. Since they are all ms products I didn't think it would be hard, but all evidence to the contrary so far. It would seem ADO won't let you access the verb properties of an OLE object. You can with DAO (apparently) but I don't want to use a technology in my app that is going to be phased out.

I have also tried using Getchunk to access the ole data and open the word document that way but that didn't work either.

Any solutions, ideas, help, abuse... please?!

Access VBA: String To Object Question.
Hello, I have a question concerning pasing an argument in the form of a string then converting that string into an object part.

THis question is concerning Acess 2003 and VBA.


Form 1 named: frmMyform

in the VBA code on this form i call a function in a Module.
dim formName as string
formName = Me.Name (thus setting formName to "frmMyform")

Function call: myfunction (formName)


In module i now have the function that recieves the name...

I wish to use the name in the following manner...

dim frm as form
set frm = Forms!formName <------------- Notice how i use the passed variable "formName"... Access tosses an error about it being a string and not part of the object command.

I need to convert the string into the apropriate object type to turn it into a form.

any help would be apreciated.

RESOLVED-Ole Object From Access To Word

I am trying to show an image stored in an Access database to a Word Bookmark.

However for some reason it does not show an image, but some rubbish. Does someone know how to show an image from an Access database to Microsoft Word Bookmark?

Microsoft X.x Access Object Library
Hi all,

I have Access 2003 installed and I need to add the Microsoft Access Object Library to one of my projects so I can use some report functionality, yet, it does not appear in my components list.

Does anyone know how I can get it there? Thanks

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