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Open TIFF And Extract Pages

I want to be able to load a multi-page TIFF file into slides in PowerPoint.
But I do not know how to open the TIFF file and extract the pages.
Does anyone know how to do this?


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Multiple Tiff Pages
Can any one guide me how to show multiple tiff pages on the
web. Is there any compression tool to compress the
file size of multiple tiff pages.

Thanks in advance


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Retrieve Number Of Pages In A Tiff File Using Visual Basic
I am writing a program in VBA for outlook.
The program prompts the user when closing an email with an attachment and asks if they
would like to save the document. when storing the document I need to get the number of pages.
The code that I wrote is as follows:

Set AcroExchApp = CreateObject("AcroExch.App")
Set AcroExchPDDoc = CreateObject("AcroExch.PDDoc")


when the document is a pdf then it retrieves the number correctly, however when it is a tiff file
it always returns 0.
If you can get me any help with this i would greatly appreciate.

Extract Pdf Pages
I want to extract pages from PDF file. Help!!!!
Thank you,

How To Extract Variables From Scripts Embedded In Html Pages
If anyone has an idea of how to extract variables from the web pageusing any method other then parsing the text tell me. Basically I needto access variables that are declared in javascripts in an html page anddon't know how to go about it. Can get the webpages through HTMLDocumentand can get the scripts with the element of HtmlScriptElement. Then Idon't know how to procede.

All help is appreciated.

Hardik Bati

Open Tiff File In Vb
I want to open a .tiff file in vb. Is there any control by which i can open this tiff file.


Code To Open Tiff Or Pdf Files

Can some one suggest me the best possible way to open tiff files or any
image files using visual basic code


With Best Regards

How To Open A Fax File Then To Save It As An .tiff Image
Thanks. I searched all forums but did not see any alike topics.

How To Open Tiff File Stored In SQL Database Using 2008
Hi to all,

anyone cna help me on how to view or open the tiff file which is stored in SQL Database 2005 using with 2005,i dont have an idea how to do it, please any once help,

tnx alot



Count TIFF Count Pages

Can anyone help me how to count pages of TIFF file. Up to now i dont have idea or clue pls help thanks.

Open Too Many Pages???
I am running into an interesting problem. I have written a macro that does the following steps. 1) Open a web page in excel (just HTML Tables), 2) as the page opens in a new workbook I move that activesheet to my document, 3) I format the sheet a little, 4) I then copy a range of data and paste it into the original sheet, 5) I then delete the imported tab, and repeat, with a new web page.

The problem is that I have a list of sites I am downloading, and it works perfectly, until about page 175. When I am opening the 175th page (give or take 20) it just stops. It ends. I can narrow it down to the 'Workbooks.Open' statement. For some reason it can't open another page from this macro.

Does anyone know of a reason why it wouldn't be able to handle more? My thought was that even though I was deleting the page each time, maybe Excel was creating an object and It persisted creating some kind of memory leak or something.


How Can I Open Pages At Same Window
i make an automatic weblink launcher
there is 4 text box which contains links
and 5th text box contains timer between launching links
but timer doesnt work correctly
it isnt launch to other links (if the value is smaller then 1 like 0,99 its working)
and the pages open in differnet wındow
i want to open pages in same window


Private Sub Go_B_Click()
Dim pid&
'Launch first webpage
pid = Shell("C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe " & Text1(0).Text)
'Fire the Timer for next pages
'base interval is 1 second, we will define how many seconds
'to wait in the timer itself
lngTimer = 0
Timer1.Interval = 1000
Timer1.Enabled = True

End Sub

Private Sub Stop_B_Click()
Timer1.Enabled = False
lngTimer = 0

End Sub

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()
lngTimer = lngTimer + 1
' We launch the 2nd page after specified interval
If lngTimer > (Text5.Text) Then
Dim pid&
pid = Shell("C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe " & Text2.Text)
End If
'We launch the 3rd page after one more interval
If lngTimer > 2 * (Text5.Text) Then
pid = Shell("C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe " & Text3.Text)
End If
'We launch the 4th page after one more interval
If lngTimer > 3 * (Text5.Text) Then
pid = Shell("C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe " & Text4.Text)
End If
lngTimer = 0
End Sub

help me about opening pages new wındow
and timer....

Open And Extract Zip Files (Winzip)
Is it possible to open and extract zip files. If so how do you do it.

Thanks in advance.

How Open And Extract Data From Pdf File In Vb Or
i want to open pdf file in my software and extract data in this how any body help me.

Read, Open And Extract Data From Excel .csv File

I am new to this forum and would really appreaciate some assistance with what I'm trying to do.

I am trying to create a VB 6.0 program that automatically reads a .csv file created in a specific directory (say c:), open it and then copy a new entry in a new row.

More detail:

There is a new excel .csv file created each day (generated by a test procedure) that contains test results. Each day a test is performed a new file is created...the first test will take on the first row in the excel workbook. Each consecutive test afterwards takes on the second and the third and so on. The program that does this is some alien program. [New file for each test day and new row for each single test]. No test in a day, no file created.

?Is it possible to create a program that automatically reads a new file created in a directory as well as any new entry in that file (excel file) and then make a copy of it (...then paste it to another excel file)?

Your help will be really appreciated...thanks

How To Open Password Protected Excel File To Extract Data?
Hey everyone,
I'm relatively new to VB and after being stuck for a while, I decided to ak the experts . I am writing a program which reads in information from an excel workbook. I need to password protect the excel workbook (which I have done) so that when this program is distributed noone can open the excel file except through my program(unless they have the password). Furthermore, I need to implement some sort of test into my code so that my program can tell if the excel file it is accessing is password protected, and determine if the password matches the one hard coded in my software. AKA, if the program tries to open an excel file that someone made with the same name as the original, but the new one IS NOT password protected, then the program will not open the file and will fail to load the program. As I said, my knowledge of VB is still rather inadequate but I'm trying. If it helps, I'm running vb 6.0. I pasted a chunk of my code below that opens the excel workbook when it is not password protected. Thanks in advance everyone.

Set wbModelInfoLookup = appExcel.Workbooks.Open(MN_Info_Lookup)

MN-Info_Lookup is just a global variable that represent the workbook being opened. wbModelInfoLookup is a locally declared object

Compressed TIFF Vs Normal TIFF
I'm currently writing an app using the Wang/Eastman/Kodak OCX group. It needs to handle full scanning capabilities, including OCR, and archiving the scanned documents. The scanning and OCR componets weren't to difficult to incorporate, however when it came time to store the scanned documents I ran into a storage size problem. The problem being, I have to use TIFF format to store the documents in their original size, colour, and multiple pages. No matter what compression method I use, the size of the files are completely unacceptable!

What I found however is that the scanning software that came with the HP scanners offered a save type for Compressed TIFFs, which have a very reduced size compared to normal TIFF files. My question is, what compression methods do they use to make the files so small??

Anyone with info on this or any other ideas to keep my files sizes please respond.


Want To Actually Open A TIFF Using &"CommonDialog&" Not Just Pick It
I want to use the "CommonDialog" to not only pick a file, but to open it as I would with the "Windows Explorer". In the code fragment below, I want to be able to open a TIFF file.

The dialog opens but the when I click on the file, nothing happens.

Or can I programmatically provide a user with a windows explorer from my VB or VBA application?

' open the TIFF link of this CLIN document
Private Sub cmdOpenCLINDoc_Click()

Dim opanabelFile As String

acxFileDialog.Filter = "Microsoft Excel (.xls)|*.xls|Tiff Files (.tif*)|*.tif*"

'strQualifiedFileName = acxFileDialog.Filename
'ImportFileName = acxFileDialog.FileTitle

End Sub

Is there a way to open a .TIFF image in VB? It seems that Image and Picturebox controls don't support this format.


VB Tiff
I am using, and am writing a program that takes tiff files from a folder, combines them into a single tiff file, and then faxes them. In order for the faxcomex library to accept a tiff as a fax body, the tiff file must either be uncompressed or use compression 4, and must have a width of 1728 pixels. The tiff files I am working with do not have that width. Thus, I need to write a function which changes the width. I tried using this:

Dim TmpImage As New Bitmap("c:1.tif")
Dim NewImage As New Bitmap(TmpImage, New Size(1728, 2200))
NewImage.Save("c:2.tif", Imaging.ImageFormat.Tiff)

The problem here is that although the size is changed, it also changes the compression to lzw, which I cannot use. I did some searching on the net and came up with this:

Dim codec As Imaging.ImageCodecInfo = GetEncoderInfo("image/tiff")
Dim imgPrms As New Imaging.EncoderParameters(2)

imgPrms.Param(0) = New Imaging.EncoderParameter(Imaging.Encoder.ColorDepth, 1L)
imgPrms.Param(1) = New Imaging.EncoderParameter(Imaging.Encoder.Compression, Imaging.EncoderValue.CompressionCCITT4)

Dim TmpImage As New Bitmap("c:1.tif")
Dim NewImage As New Bitmap(TmpImage, New Size(1728, 2200))
NewImage.Save("c:2.tif", codec, imgPrms)

Private Function GetEncoderInfo(ByRef mimeType As String) As Imaging.ImageCodecInfo

For Each ice As Imaging.ImageCodecInfo In Imaging.ImageCodecInfo.GetImageEncoders()
If ice.MimeType.Equals(mimeType) Then
Return ice
End If
Throw New Exception(mimeType + " mime type not found in ImageCodecInfo")
End Function
End Class

However, when this is run, it returns an error of "invalid parameter". I have tried this both with and without the color depth parameter. I tried using the image variable type instead of bitmap, and it saved properly. The problem here is that there does not seem to be a way to modify the size of the image when using the image type, which was the whole point in the first place. I then discovered that it was not the fact that I was using type bitmap that caused the problem. It's the resizing. If I don't resize the image, it goes through fine, but once again, the resizing is the whole point. So, I'm stuck -- I can either have the right compression and the wrong size, or the right size and the wrong compression. I could really use some help.


Tiff To Jpg
Hi to everyone

I have to convert a *.tif file to a *.jpg one.
Using the SaveAs method of the ImgEdit control (from Kodak), i can save my *tif file to a *.bmp.

If i try to save it to jpg the control return this error:

Internal Control Error.

How can I solve this problem?
Exist another control that can make this file conversion?

I tried the ImageMagick library, but i was unable to find the ImagMagickObject.dll wich is the one that expose the method to VB.

Someone can Help me?

Thanks a lot.


PDF To Tiff
Need a little help on a batch command. I am useing a 3rd party ocx that will allow me to open a pdf image and save it as a tiff. I load the pdf images in a listbox and have to save them one at a time which works good but I would like to be able to save them in a batch mode with the file name if that would be possible. Any help on this would be great. Here is my save code mabe someone in this form can help or guide me in the right direction. Thanks

vb Code:
Private Sub Command1_Click()On Error Resume NextMe.CommonDialog2.ShowSaveMe.CommonDialog2.Filter = "Tif (*.tif)|*.tif|"Me.CommonDialog2.FilterIndex = 2strFile = Me.CommonDialog2.FileNamestrType = Trim(cbooutputimage.List(cbooutputimage.ListIndex))ImageViewer1.View = 5ImageViewer1.ImageDPI = 200If cbooutputimage.List(cbooutputimage.ListIndex) = "ICO" Thena = Me.ImageViewer1.SaveBySize(strFile, "ico", 32, 32)Elsea = Me.ImageViewer1.Save(strFile, strType)End IfList2.RemoveItem (FileName)List2.RefreshList2.Selected(Value) = TrueImageViewer1.View = 9End Sub

Tiff In Vb6
How do I make vb6 display tiff pictures?

Is there anybody who can show me how to split multipage TIFF image files into single page TIFF images using VB ???

Do not want to use KODAK controls to achieve it, i know i can use them to do this thing. But they are extremely slow.

I tried a lot of other things, could not do it. And i am not ready to believe that it cannot be done.

Using Tiff In Vb
I wonder if it's possible somehow to read tiff format images into a picture box, image box or something???

Dear friends,
I need some help in displaying TIFF in VB application and also how
to display the scanned document from the same. I will be highly
thankfull if anyone send me the code or tutorial for this.


Is it possible without the use of third part controls to convert a pdf document to a tiff?  Any help is greatly appreciated.


PDF To Tiff
Hello all,

Are there any freeware OCXs or code, etc to convert PDF files to TIFF from
within VB6.



Tiff To PDF
I am trying to convert a tif file into pdf file can any one please help?

Opening Tiff And Pdf
Hi! I would like to ask for someone to help me on how to open a .tiff and .pdf file inside a visualbasic prog.

Thank you in advance. I will appreciate any help.

Converting From TIFF On VB5
Okay. Here is what might be a challenge.

I have to write a version of a program that can display TIFF images out of a database on a Windows NT 3.51 workstation.

Problem #1 - StdPicture object does not support TIFF
Problem #2 - GDIPlus.DLL does not run on NT 3.51, so using that to convert the TIFF to BMP or something is out of the question.

Anyone have any ideas on where I can look to convert those images?


Art DeBuigny

Tiff Handling With GDI+
Hi, I downloaded the very nice gdi+ type library for vb6 and used it for
same simple problems but now I'm facing with something that probably is too big for me.
I need a function that, given two Black and white 200 dpi tiff-g4 images, put these images in a single multitiff-g4 and resample it at 100 dpi (possibly making a rotation of 90 degree). I get the two input images with a binary get
into a string variable in order to make some checks but I could also load them directly from a file (if this is more simple).
I have idea that these operations can be done with few calls to the
gdi+ lib but I don't know how.
I really hope that you can help me ! Thanks.

TIFF Writer
Somebody tell me how to write TIFF File in Big-endian format. By problem is i am able to read the file, now i have add some tag values and re write the file at the same time if that file is a multi page then have to split into seperate files. If somebody have source code it will be great help for me.

Thanking you

Need Help With 16 Bit TIFF Format

I am wondering if anyone knows whether it's possible to deal with 16 bit/pixel tiff images in Visual Basic 6, running on Windows XP, without having to resort to storing the image in an array and then iterating through that array and painting each pixel one after the other?

I understand there is a Kodak Image Edit component on Windows 2K, but I'm not even sure it deals with 16 bit images.

Any ideas, anyone?

I am trying to get to the bitmap of a TIFF file in VB6.

I can Display the image using the MiDocView Control but I would like to access the pixels in order to determine if a box is filled in or not(black or white).

Could someone point me at a control that gives me access to the bitmap of a TIFF image?

.tiff Files
Well, hello again... I'm posting this under extreme emergency... I need to know if there is a way to open up .tiff images in visual basic, and convert them to .bmp images... How would I save the image? Would I use an API? If so, which one?

Need Help With PDF->TIFF Conversion App
I have a LOT(1000+/batch) of multi-page color PDF's that I need to convert to multipage TIFF's (B&W is ok). It also needs to merge many pages of tiff to a single multi-page tiff file. Currently I am using Snowbound software and it is total crap, do you guys have any other tools out there that could help me?
An API would be the best benefit here, command line is not really the best.
BTW- cost does not matter much, something less than $5,000 would be nice tho.

Converting TIFF To PDF ?
I have a custom document imaging program that uses multi-page tiff files. In the past we have printed or faxed these files. Now, there is the need to email them as well. Does anyone know if it is possible to convert the tiff files to pdf and attach to an email? I'm sure there is a conversion component availabe, but I have not found it yet.


PostScript To Tiff ?..?
Does anyone out there know of an inexpensive PostScript to Tiff converter? One that I can just either buy a developer license or license on a one time basis per machine. Software995 is yearly, and I'm not sure what GhostScript costs, maybe that is a solution. I have been searching and getting no where, any help is appreciated.

Help On TIFF Files
Hi! I would like to ask on how to view/print TIFF files and integrate it in a form.

What controls should I use? Could you me a links or a sample code... thanks!

I would appreciate any inputs.

Convert Pdf To Tiff
hi friends
i need to convert pdf files to tiff files through vb6
i tried the code blow:

Private Sub cmd1_Click()
Dim UDCPrinter As New UDCWRAPPERLib.Printer
Dim UDCProfile As UDCWRAPPERLib.Profile
UDCPrinter.PrinterName = "Universal Document Converter"
Set UDCProfile = UDCPrinter.Profile(UDCPrinter.DefaultProfile)
UDCProfile.PreDefinedImageFilePath = "d:Didar"
UDCProfile.PreDefinedImageFileName = "formulasfunctions.pdf"
UDCProfile.ShowProgressWnd = 1
UDCProfile.ImageFileFormat = FMT_TIFF
UDCProfile.ImageFileColorDepth(FMT_TIFF) = 1
UDCProfile.DitherImage(FMT_TIFF) = 0
UDCProfile.CompressionMethod(FMT_TIFF) = CMP_CCITT_FAX4
UDCProfile.ExportToFile ("d:didarabc.tiff")
End Sub

but it is creating a blank tiff file (with no content)
would you please help me


TIFF Operations
I would like to get any of the following done:

Break up multiple page tiff files into single tiffs
Read in a multiple page tiff, convert per page to BMP so i can resave to single tiffs

I would like to avoid using any controls, as i am developing under XP so kodak or windows imaging probably won't be an option.

my ultimate aim is get multiple page tiff file into single page tiff files. Since i know it's not feasible in vb I would like to try substeps for example

convert each page to bmp and then resave to tiff
loading up tiff on screen, taking it pixel by pixel and reconstructing each page in another control to save as tiff.
i don't know, whatever works even if it's a detour.

I am working with 1 multiple page diff file at a time, so speed isn't the biggest factor, it's functionality:P

Thanks in advance!

Tiff FIles
I found this:

Tag = 297 (129)
Type = SHORT
N = 2

This tag is used to specify page numbers of a multiple page (e.g.
facsimile) document. Two SHORT values are specified. The first
value is the page number; the second value is the total number of
pages in the document.

Now, is this the info i need to extract the number of pages a multipage tiff contains? if so, how do i put it into code? Ive been trying for ages

TIfF Files
Has anyone worked on TIFF Files? Is there a method in Visual Basic to determine if the file is a tiff or not? I do not mean just reading the extension.


Merge TIFF

We have 10 separate TIF Images on my Hard Drive. Is there any way i could merge those Images as 1 Multipage TIFF Image File ???

XP Tiff Viewer
Anyone know of a TIFF viewer for WinXP (for VB6)? I wanted to use the Kodak/Wang/Eistream ImgEdit control, however it doesn't appear to be present.

I did a full install of WinXP Pro and full install of VS6 Pro. The ImgEdit control is not available in the controls list and I can't find the libraries anywhere on the hard drive. I would use something from Pegasus, but I really don't think it's worth $349 just to add a TIFF viewer to my application.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Gif To Tiff Conversion
I need to convert a gif file to a tiff format on click of command button?

Are there any ocx available?

Tiff File
This might be a tough one for you all, but I require some software or vb code that can read in a TIFF file and measure the image at certain points for density. ie, what percentage is not white space on a specific line of the image.

anyone help?

TIFF Viewer
I have several TIFF documents that I would like to view in an Internet Explorer browser window. First question is:
Is there a picture box that can display .tif documents?
and my second question is:
How do you create an active X Internet Explorer plugin to allow
my users to be able to view .tif docs directly from the browser?


.tiff And .mil Images
Could someone help me out with how to view tiff and mil images with the picture control.



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