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Open A File For Append?

is there a way to open a file for append?

Open "c: emp
ead.txt" for input as #1
Open "c: empwrite.txt" for output as #2

Any helps would be greatly appreciated,

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Open For Append Causes File Not Found?!
I am running some self developed software on a remote machine not connected to my network. The software writes to a text log on a local drive using a simple logging function (see below) - it also writes the log message to a listbox onscreen so I can see what is being written to the log file (there is also some code that periodically clears the listbox but I have removed this to make it easier to read).

I have a very strange situation with opening the log file. The program was logging fine until a couple of days ago when the log file was deleted manually (using explorer) across a pcanywhere link. Ever since then the log file function has thrown up an error condition with the error 'File Not Found'. Whenever we try to reproduce the error on another machine locally, the program just creates a new log file as expected.

The machine has been rebooted but the problem persisted even then.

When the file was created manually in explorer on the remote machine, the program then worked as expected by logging to the file.

Does anyone know what could cause the program to generate this error?

Public Sub LogDebug(DebugInfo As String)

On Error GoTo TrapLockError

Open DebugLogPathAndName For Append As #1 ' Open file for output.
Print #1, Now & " : " & DebugInfo
Close #1

frmMain.lstdebug.AddItem Now & " : " & DebugInfo

Debug.Print DebugInfo

Exit Sub


frmMain.lstdebug.AddItem Now & " : " & "ERROR WRITING TO LOG FILE : " & Err.Number & " : " & Err.Description

frmMain.lstdebug.AddItem Now & " : " & DebugInfo

End Sub

Open A File For Append? (Resolved)
is there a way to open a file for append?

Open "c: emp
ead.txt" for input as #1
Open "c: empwrite.txt" for output as #2

Any helps would be greatly appreciated,

Open, Search And Append In Text File
This is the content of my text file:


I want to open this file, then search for a keyword (e.g. Job), and then append a string at the end of THAT line, where the keyword has been found.

For example: the keyword is "Job" and the string I want to append is "-Analyse"

the text file would have to become:


I'm looking for the VBA coding for this. I'm using Excel 2002 (dunno if that matters).
I tried all sorts of things but couldn't get it to work.

Is There A Way To Open An Exist File And Append Data?
I want to open an exist file and append data. I am now able to open the same file and append data but the data I added went to second line.
Here is the example:

Open App.Path & "Logins.log" For Append Access Write As #intLog
Print #intLog, " Pars#: " & sCustNumber & " Date Range From: " & SSDStart & " To: " & SSDEnd
Close #intLog

There is already a line of data in the file like this:
LOGGED IN 11/8/2007 9:38:13 AM

after run above code I got:
LOGGED IN 11/8/2007 9:38:13 AM
Pars#: 12436 Date Range From: 08/08/07 To: 11/08/07

What I want is:
LOGGED IN 11/8/2007 9:38:13 AM Pars#: 12436 Date Range From: 08/08/07 To: 11/08/07

Any input would be highly appreciated.

When Open For Append
When i open for append wht do i put o the lines i want added are put at the bottom of the file

VB Excel Help.....? (Open-Append-Save)
Hello everybody,

Am new to this vb excel, I want a sample code to get me started in my vb program in which it:
1. Opens An excel file.
2. Find the last row with blank values and append values on that blank row next to the last row with values.
3. Save. or if it is possible autosave in every 1 minute.

Can anybody please help me on this......


Error: Append Open TextFile
Sometimes I get an error when performing this code, anyone know how to avoid this error? Trying to Append Open File

Private Sub Save_Click()

Dim i As Integer

Open "events.txt" For Append As #1

For i = 0 To Events.ListCount
Print #1, Events.List(i)
Next i

For i = 0 To Players.ListCount
Print #1, Players.List(i)

Next i

'Save the text from Text1 as well
Print #1, Session.text
Print #1, Map.text
Print #1, MaxScore.text
Print #1, MaxTime.text
Print #1, MaxTons.text

Close #1

End Sub

VB6 Can't Trim Array Since Open For Append
Good day all
I have a vb6 program that reads a text file which contain multiple lines and data is seperated by a tilde ~. and the creates new comma seperated text file using some of the inpu for filename.
When I was using...
Open strOutputFileName For Binary Access Write Lock Write A #lngOutputFileHandle
and using GET and PUT commands.

the files it was creating was starting in column 1. But because have to keep more than 1 line of detail together,I had to chang the way I open the file with the following
Open strOutputFileName For Append As #lngOutputFileHandle. Fo this I have to use PRINT. But by using PRINT, it adds 14 blank in front of the good data. I need to know how to delete thos blanks. Because the info is stored in an array, LTRIM does no work.
Any help would be much appreciated.


Open Append And Close A Word Doc.
Hello to all who read this.

I need a way to open a word doc and then append to it and then close it. Not sure how to go about it.
It seems diffrent form the plane open a file add to it and then close.

Thanks to all that Helped

Open/Append DBase IV Table In VB6
Hi there,

I'm struggling with trying to get VB6 to open a dBase IV file. I have tried every connection string known to man, and none of them will open the file. All tell me that I have an invalid file name, even though the file is exactly where the program says it "isn't". Anyhow, all I want to be able to do is open a dBase IV file, and add a record to the end of it using data entered in text boxes on the form (no deletions, no finds, nothing else). Can't seem to find anything similar online, so could anyone point me in the right direction, please??

Code:Dim conn As New ADODB.Connection
Dim rs As New ADODB.Recordset
Dim rPath As String
Dim rFile As String
Dim rPathFile as String

rPath = "C:TerraX"
rFile = "TerraX.dbf"
rPathFile = rPath & File

conn.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & "Data Source=" & rPathFile & ";Extended Properties=dBASE IV;"
rs.CursorLocation = adUseClient
rs.CursorType = adOpenKeyset
Have I done something wrong with the connection string?? Also, have this part here (for when they click "Update" - is under a button click sub):

Dim ar as New ADODB.Recordset
Dim db as Database

Set db = OpenDatabase("c:TerraX", False, False, "dBase IV;")

Set ar = New ADODB.Recordset


ar!StreetNo = txtStreetNo.Text
'(...etc for 5 columns)


This errors out too. I have a feeling that I only need to open the file when the form opens, but am not sure how to 'call' it when the button is pressed... afraid I am guilty of trying to find examples online for this, so it's a bit cobbled. I imagine I need not say that I know nothing about ADO!


Edited by - akira71 on 2/11/2008 6:10:25 AM

Can We Open Two Files At A Time For Output Or Append
I want to open to text files for output or append at a time , depend on the incoming values i have to write any one file, so i need to keepthem open until the total data comes how to do that..i came to know from MSDN that we need to close before opening other file ...this is the statement in MSDN......

"Important In Binary, Input, and Random modes, you can open a file using a different file number without first closing the file. In Append and Output modes, you must close a file before opening it with a different file number."


Open And Append Data To Word Application
Open and Append data to Word Application ...?

Open StrLogFile For Append Doesn 't Work

I have successfully executed an open so I can write to a log file as follows but I want to be able to pass the log file name to the open instead of entering it in quotes. So far I have not been able to get it to work.

Successful open:
OPEN "C: emplogfile.txt" for Append As nLogFileNum

Unsuccessful Opens:

Dim strLogFile As string
strLogFile = "C: empDifferentLogfile.txt"

Open strLogFile For Append As nLogFileNum or

Open "'" & strLogFile & "'" For Append As nLogFileNum

Does anyone know how to code an open so I can pass the file name to the Open statement?



How To Append A Text File In An Existing Excel File

I am getting some problem in appending a text file in my existing excel file. All I want to write a Macro which will read my text file and append the fields from the text file to existing excel file.
Can someone help me???

I would really appreciate that.

Run Macro -Append Text File (Send File Name)
I am using the following code to run an Access2000
Macro from VB6.
It run perfectly ok.

Dim A As Object

      Set A = CreateObject("Access.Application")
      A.Visible = False

      A.OpenCurrentDatabase ("C: estTest.mdb")

      A.DoCmd.RunMacro "Macro1"
      MsgBox ("done")

The macro is an append text file to a access table
If i include the name of the import text file
eg  File Name     c: est
It works fine.

I need to nominate the name of the file i need to import
ie. send the macro the name of the file name.

Appreciate any advice as to how to achieve this.

Regards  Kennedymr2

How To Read From Text File And Append It To Excel File
could somebody pls help to read from a text file
and append the content to excel file.
the text file format is like this:


and i want to append it to excel file

col1 col2
abs 123
aaann 89
1111 ybk

please help

Append To File

I need to append one line to a text file but I need to append it to the first
line in the file.
How can I do it?
And How do I know where is the EOF?



Append To Pdf File
I have figured out how to print to a pdf file but is there a way to append to a .pdf file?

Append File

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Open "C:sft.txt" For Append As #1
For i = 1 To 10
Print #1, i
Next i
Close #1
End Sub
may i know what is wrong with this code...
i am trying to write "12345678910" to a file
but when i open the file it shows...

what changes should i do ?
please help...

File Append
How can I append 2 files in VB? It doesn't look like FSO has APPEND option.

Thank you.

Append To A File?
A day or so ago I've asked how can I open files for input and output.
Thanks a lot for the replies.
But, now I want to append data (plain text) to a file.
I want to do that (I know i c and pascal for example it's eassy to do) so I won't be forced to read the file again, save everything to a array, and then close, open again and then write what was in the file before + one line of text (seems dumb to me what I just described).

Append File
Hi all:

if that possible that before we open and write a file, we check either it is opened of closed. If it is opened then we do not need to open, if it is closed then we open it and write it


Open m_strLogFileName For Append As #1
For i = LBound(data) To UBound(data)
Print #1, data(i), Chr(data(i))
Next i
Close #1

the above code is append process..let's say some time the process got error it procees ended without close[close#1] the operation.then next time when appended here , i got the "file already open " error. is it possiple before use open method , can chekc wat is the file mode, if it is open , then we no need to use open again , stragihtaway go to next process

how to check wat is mode for the file??

waitign for your valuable reply..

with regards,

Append To File

I have in my project the following code:

vb Code:
Open filename For Append As #2If txt_write.Text = ".log" ThenWrite #2, vbNewLine & vbNewLine & Date & "  " & timeClose #2End If

So when a user writes .log and only .log then it appends the date and time.

So what I want to know how to do, is to make it so that if the last four characters inthe text that they wrote is .log then it will append the date and time.

How Do I Append To A File?
I write to a file like this:

VB Code:
Open "c:
syncfailover.ini" For Output As 1    Print #1, "ShareName: "; ShareName    Close 1

How can I change that so that it appends to the file instead of writes?

How To Append To A Ini File?
I need to keep adding entries to an INI file in the form

PHP Code:

cars=bmw|merc|dodge|   etc...
colour=red|green|    etc...
Top speed=233|122|

I can add one entry fine but the next entry i write overwrites the previous.

I'm using,

VB Code:
WriteString "DATA", "cars", Text1.Text, FileName 'and text1.text = (ReadString "DATA", "cars", FileName)

I need to fit a delim in there somewhere and append the data to the INI file.

How To Append To Prn File
I dont know where to ask this question...

any way here it is..

how to apppend a prn file to another prn file..
So that I canview it in Ghost Viewer..


How Can I Append Two EXE File With Vb6 ?
hello !
i want to apend two exe file together but i can't please tell me !

How To Append A File? --

I have a file open using :

VB Code:
Open filePath For Binary As #f

I have loaded the entire file into one array, copied part of that array into another array and now want to write that array back to the file.

Only problem is, the new array is smaller than the old one and when PUT back to the file there is the old excess data at the end.

How do I append that data off the end?


- Jake

Vbs File Name Append

Am new to vbscript and would like your help.

I would like the script to read through a folder and check for the latest file created.  If the file is found would like it to append the filename to xml file (within the url element).  The format of an xml file would be:


Please help.


Append To The End Of A File
Hi there,
is there a way to append something to the end of a line in a file. For example this is what the textfile looks like:

test1, more testing, complete.
test2, more testing,

Now when I open that file the next time and write "complete" to it, then it looks like this:

test1, more testing, complete.
test2, more testing,

instead of this:

test1, more testing, complete.
test2, more testing, complete.

How can I open a file and append to the end of a string, or how can I prevent to write out a newline character?

Thanks, Hans

How To Append Tab Delimited File In An Excel File
I want to append some tab delimited file in an excel file. That is the data of all the tab delimited text files will be stored in a single excel file. How can I do that?

How To Write To File And Append Data To End Of File
This is probably so simple but I seem to be failing badly.

I just have a command box and a text box. Then I push the button I want to add the text in the textbox to a file on my hard drive. I have it appending but it looks like the text is tabbed over. What am I missing to right align in the text file?

Private Sub cmdSave_Click()
Open "c: hisisatest.txt" For Append As #1
Print #1, , txtInput.Text
Close #1

End Sub

Thanks for your help in advance.

Opening A File To Append To?
My code:

Where text16.text is the name of a person
and text21.text is the sum of all the information
gathered from the program.

I create a folder and then the file within the folder

If fs.FileExists("c:employee_review" & Text16.Text & ".txt") = False Then
Set a = fs.CreateTextFile("c:employee_review" & Text16.Text & ".txt")
End If

All the text information is compiled and formatted into text21.text

Open "c:employee_review" & text16.text & ".txt" For Append As #1
Print #1, Text21.Text
Close #1

How do I recall the name of the new file using the "open command" to append the contents of text21.text into this new file?

Need Some Help Append Sequential File
I am trying to code a cmd button that will write to a sequential access file some information from a form. The form lists products like a receipt and the sequential file should save all the information on the receipt.

However the file will only write the first line. So i have a product name, price, and quantity for 5 items listed on the form it will only write the first one to the new record.

This is what i have so far for the command button
Dim j As Integer
dlgWriteDetails.Filter = "Text Files(*.txt) |*.txt|All Files (*.*)|*.*"
dlgWriteDetails.FileName = ""
dlgWriteDetails.DialogTitle = "Select File For Order Details"

Open dlgWriteDetails.FileName For Append As #1
If frmDetails.lblQuan(j) > 0 Then
Write #1, txtCustNum.Text, Str(Date), frmDetails.lblItem(j), frmDetails.lblQuan(j), frmDetails.lblPrice(j)
Close #1
End If

Not sure what i am missing.

How To Append To Text File
Hi all. First I'd like to say that this has been a really useful forum for me since I recently began learning VB. When I've had questions, searching has usually brought up just what I need.

But for this question I'll have to ask some of you for suggestions.
Basically what I'm trying to do is write the contents of a text box to a text file.
I open the file, print the time and date, the contents of the text box, and then close the file.
My question is:
How can I add some sort of separator line (for example, "---------") right before I close the text file. Right now I could add a line right before Close, but that would just put a line every time I add text. I just want to separate one connection from the other.

Here's my code:

Private Sub cmdDo_Click()
Dim strHoldData As String
strHoldData = txtWrite.Text
txtData.Text = txtData.Text & vbCrLf & strHoldData

Dim tCurrentTime
Dim MyDate
tCurrentTime = Time ' Assign a time
MyDate = Date ' Assign a date
Open "E:Documents and Settingsjason.100ACREMy Documentsprogrammingvb6TESTING.txt" For Append As #1
Print #1, "connection time: " & tCurrentTime
Print #1, "connection date: " & MyDate
Print #1,
Print #1, txtData.Text & vbCrLf
Close #1

txtWrite.Text = "" 'set textbox to blank

End Sub

Hope that you can understand what I'm getting at here.
Would appreciate any help or suggestions.


Append/Insert Into File
is there any way i can append/insert this

%%DocumentMedia: anything 612 792 0 white ()
%%+ anything 612 792 0 yellow ()

into this

%%BoundingBox: 0 0 612 1008
%%BoundingBox: 0 0 612 1008
%%Creator: TUKANDA 3.6.2150.514
%%CreationDate: Jun 17,2003 (14:43:53)

without reading through the whole file. The file quite big (about 1 gig). Speed is my main concern

It'll look like this once it done.

%%DocumentMedia: anything 612 792 0 white ()
%%+ anything 612 792 0 yellow ()
%%BoundingBox: 0 0 612 1008
%%BoundingBox: 0 0 612 1008
%%Creator: TUKANDA 3.6.2150.514
%%CreationDate: Jun 17,2003 (14:43:53)

Any input is appreciated.

I switched from streareader.readline to streamreader.readblock...doesn't seem to help much.

Append To File Trouble
hello, this is my first post but i am generally familiar with forums so not really a noob

started programming a very basic "bill organizer" for home use.. and i wanted it to output to a txt file, just so i can log what has changed (and later, who has changed it). the problem i am having is that i dont believe the code is able to find the txt file im looking for.. i have done some research and the code looks good but still no information in the file

here is the code for the first button i have coded.

Private Sub cmdCableAdd_Click()
Dim temp As Double

temp = Val(txtCable.Text) + Val(txtChngCable.Text)
txtCable.Text = temp
txtTotal.Text = Val(txtTotal.Text) + Val(txtChngCable.Text)
txtChngCable.Text = " "
txtLastCable.Text = Date
Open App.Path & "changes.txt" For Append As #1
Write #1, Date, "Add", txtChngCable.Text
Close #1
End Sub

any help would be great and much appreciated. thank you

How To Append Image Into DOC And XLS File
How do i append an image file into the DOC and XLS files. I am using visual basic OLE Automation control for displying these files. Please give me the solution ASAP, thanks in advance...

Thanks & Regards

Help To Append My Text File....

Can anyone help me with this one.........?

I have a program that writes a line of data to a text file each time the machine shuts down.

I want this line of data to be Appended to another text file so that the data becomes Sequential in the second text file?

Thanks for any Help!

Append A File To A Db Access
I don't know if this is the right place to post this question but i'll try.
I posted this question to the general forum at it has been moved..may be because it isn't the right place.
Is it possible to attach a file at a field of an access database table
If so where can i look for help
p.s hope i'm not breaking the rules of forum reposting the question

Shell File Append
I am new to using API and shell. I have a small project where I have to append files. I would like to append text files, my ultimate goal is to have this run while I am gone in the evenings.

I have a .txt file (2 of them) and I want to append one to the other. I now use type one.txt >> two.txt to append the first to the second. I understand in VB I must declare the Shell32.dll and ShellExecute.

But I am really unsure how to pass the command and the program realize it is complete. Can anyone point me to topic that explains this or is it something so simple that I am overlooking something.

It is as easy as doing the following, and will the sub wait to complete until the file transfer it completed? Thanks in advance.

Shell " type c:one.txt >> c: wo.txt", vbHide

Append Date Along With The File Name.
i have created a text file in C: using open command. the name of the file is DataInp. is there a possibility that i can append the date along with the file name. that is the date should be created dynamically. the date should change every time the file is created on different days.

Append Text File
i need to have a my data that is that is in text1 box saved to a txt file and have it append it to the end of what is all ready there?

Append Text File From Top
how to append text file from top...

eg time.txt

-->>insert new text (9.00am)

Remote File Append

I am attempting to append some text to the hosts file on remote machines. I always receive a "Bad file name or number" when attempting to open the file. I have also tried using "Output" command instead of Append. When I debug the code and retrieve the value for strPath I am able to go to Start>Run and bring up the file.

Any Idea?

Private Function UpdateHostsFile(strPath As String) As Boolean
On Error GoTo errorhandle
Dim intFile As Integer

Open strPath For Append Shared As #intFile
Close #intFile

UpdateHostsFile = True
UpdateStatus "Hosts Updated,", False, True
Exit Function

UpdateHostsFile = False
UpdateStatus "Host not Updated:" & Err.Description, False, False

End Function

How Use API Calls To Append A File

I am trying to use FTP and append some files using vb6 to server, so how can I do this without using dos FTP "Append" command ??(Like using API calls)


How To Append In A Text File?!!!
I would apprecitae if you tell me how I can append some lines into an existing text file using visual basic.
the added lines should be inserted into the first line
thanks in advance


How To Append To Remote File
FTPPutFile always creat new file when save data to net
I finding way to append data to remote file the same with
open "filename" for append as #FF
Please help me
Remeber that this is REMOTE FILE (file tranfer by FTP function)

Append .EXE To Another File Type??
Is there a way to add to filetypes together??

What I mean is..I have an exe that I would like to add to say a PPT slideshow?

This way you run the PPT, and that also runs the EXE!!


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