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ok im making a chat program that connects to mysql/access that holds the usernames and passwords of the users. i need a code, if there even is one, that connects to a live database like phpmyadmin to retrive the info. thanks in advance.

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Store Date To PhpMyAdmin
It's related with storing the input data to database, in my database I have 4d table with field(date, number, amount)

I already connect VB to database (PhpMyAdmin), so at VB I just type:
mstQuery "INSERT INTO 4d (date, number, amount)
VALUES ('" & date & "', " & txtNumber.text & ",
" & lblAmount.caption &")

but why I can't store the date to databsae?? ,must I use other key word? ,or you have abeter solution?

Thanks for any help

Connecting Visual Basic 6.0 To PHPmyAdmin
Can anyone out there tell me if there is a way to connect Visual basic 6.0 project to PhpMyAdmin over the internet. And what is the code involved?

Currently I am using MS Access and its functionality is very limited as a result. I need help as soon as possible.


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