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Password To Asterisk

Hi All,
I know this must be easy but can you tell me how to convert the text type by the user into * . I have included the basic code and if you would change it, it would be appreciated.

Dim Message, Title, Default, Myvalue
Message = "Please Enter the Update Security Code" ' Set prompt.
Title = "Update Security" ' Set title.
Default = "****************" ' Set default.
' Display message, title, and default value.
Myvalue = InputBox(Message, Title, Default)


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How To Use A Asterisk For Password Field?
Hi all i have textbox feild that takes password as input but i want it to have asterisk (****) when users types the password. could any one tell me how i can do this in visual studio 6.Thanks

Asterisk (*) On Variable Declaration
This is probably an easy one; I've come across some code with the following construct:

Dim sName as String * 256

What's "* 256" for?


Password Protected Program And Changing User Name And Password At Run Time??
i have a project i want to make it password protected and also want to change username and password at run time

How To Store Username And Password Using Windows Password Management(not In A File)
Dear All,

I have been trying to get an idea on how to use windows inbuild username password process to store VB application users username passwords & giving them proper privilages in VB modules


Pass A Password To A Password Protected Access Database Using OLE??
I need to pass a password to an access database that is password protected.

This database is going to be opened by a vb app, that uses the access application ref. 9.0 libary. What I need to do is open a report in preview mode. All that I have done previously.

This is the code...

Dim AccessApp As Access.Application
Set AccessApp = New Access.Application

AccessApp.OpenCurrentDatabase ReadFromINI("DATABASES", "ESITE", App.Path & "settings.ini")
AccessApp.DoCmd.OpenReport "rptAnvändarLösen", acViewNormal

Set AccessApp = Nothing

When I have done this before the OpenCurrentApplication had a seperate input for password, but not the 9.0 library...

How can I answer the password box that now appears on the screen..???


Supplying Password For Password Protected Access Database
for protection of access database suppose i set password for the database.

then i have given the connection string to connection object of ADO. now if i open this connection for database i get an error.
so any suggestions in this matter are welcome.

I Want The Computer To Prompt Only For Network Password Without Windows Password

I want the computer to prompt only for network password without windows password. thanks for your reply.

How To Put Password In Access For Connection String Password?
I want that no one can open Access database that is shipped with My App.
I use following connection String.
cnnStr = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" & _
App.Path & "" & DBName & ";User Id=Admin;Password=MyPw"

Without using password and configuring any thing in Access, it works fine. But using Password, I can't Open DB.
TO use Password in connection string, what should I set in Access?

I tried :
1. Open exclusive, Tools --> Security --> Set Database Password ==> didn't work
2. User and Group Accounts --> Change Logon Pass for Admin.. ==> didn't work..

Does any one know how to do this?

Thank you..

Password Program- Storing The Username And Password
I want to know how to store a username and password in my program somehow so that the program won't forget it when the user exits the program. I have no idea how you would do that, so please, even if you aren't sure you're right, just give me your ideas! They may help me to be able to know what question I need to ask exactly, or you might even be right I am using VB 6.0. Please help!

Now, don't get me wrong, 'cause baseball's a great sport.
It teaches little children simple eye-hand coordination with little effort or exhaustion.


Change Password, And Password Expires???
Hi I have created a vb system and the user must login, i have this done where the user enters a name and password and this checks the database and allows the user into the system if name and password correct and generates and error if incorrect.

I now have to make the system so that it allows the user to change its password(it must not be the same as the user's previous 8 passwords). also the password must expire after 30 days, and also the password must have at least 7 characters one of which is a digit!!!

i dont know hwere to start with this so please help me as i am hopeless at programming
please help me

Sending Login/password To Internet Browser Login/password Box
Once a browser has visited a URL that my program told it to visit how can i make my program enter in the login/password for that url if one comes up. How could it enter the login/pass for netscape and IE browsers.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Compare Password With Nt Password

Are there someone API that compare the password that the user type with your password (NT) ?

I have a form , where the user type login and password , and the analyt want that compare the password typed with password the user, agree login typed

I believe that do not work

thank you in advance

**** Password Box
Hi All, i have a form that is used for adding and deleting login username and passwords, these are pulled from and access DB. say i have Username ADMIN and Password TEST when you look at the text box for the password it shows **** (4 x *) thats fine, but if someone else has a password like TESTING it would show ******* (7 x*) i want the text box to show ******** (8*) regardless of how many characters the password is.

Many thanks.


How Can I Put A Password During A Set Up?
Hello guys

i made a software and I just need to install it. i'd like to put a password during installing so when anyone user install in his computer, program ask for a password code. Where can i find info about this?. I'm using visual basic 6.0. Today i use visual installer download from Microsoft.

Thanks in advance

Need Password On DB
How can I add a password to my Access DB for using it in VB6 and ADO.I read in the Access help and know about 3 ways .But witch one.
any helps or topics adress will be helpfull.

mi problema: desde mi aplicacion vb, genero una planilla excel la cual protejo con password:

ApExcel.sheets(1).Protect Password = "clave123"

pero al abrir la planilla desde excel y desproteger, el password que establecido desde vb (clave123).. no funciona... un mensaje indica:"password incorrecto"
acaso visual encripta la clave?
como puedo desprotegerlo... pero desde ms excel??
hay otra forma te proteger el documento con codigo vb??

Set Password For A Pdf Using Vb6?

can anyone tell me how to set password for a pdf using visual basic 6

thanks in advance

Vb Password

Extremely simple question how do you, using a txt box code for a password and user log on screen.

When I open a workbook from a macro, the workbook asks me for a password. The password is 'letmein'. However, I want the macro to automatically enter this and let me into the workbook.

Is there a way of doing this?

Password Box ****?
Small question, I'm sort of new at VB and not that terribly sure how to make a text box show **** when you type instead of what you actually type.

Below is the code i'm using, if anyone could help me it would be appritiated

Private Sub cmdActivate_Click()
If txtPass.Text = "123" Then
MsgBox "Activated", 8, "Message Box"
Form1.cmdStart.Enabled = True
Form1.cmdStop.Enabled = True
MsgBox "Wrong Password", 8, "Message Box"
End If
End Sub

Okay, this is probably real simple but I am real new to this, so I need some help. I am trying to write a program where I put the password in a txtbox and it shows up as a * in the txtbox, but when the picbox is focused it shows the actual password. Thanks ahead of time.

Password Help
hi i would b thankful if ome1 could help in the code that i would need to use to set up a password form, which allows authorised entry into a program allowing it 2 link 2 form 2,

i have a txt box 2 enter the password and another 1 2 enter a screen name, and a command button to check the validation and allow access into the program at form 2

all i would like is code to check the validation and allow entry 2 form 2

could any1 please help me....i would b very grateful

Could any one tell me what is wrong with this code

if text1 = "38573"
if text2 = "38525"
if text3 = "58962" then
msgbox "bla bla bla"
unload me

msgbox "Bla bla bla"


I want to create a command button, which will open a notepad file and check if its contents is the same as that in a textbox. I would also like another command button that can open the same notepad file and change its contents to what ever is in a text box then save the file.

Thanks for any help


hey im trying to make a program that will ask for a login/pass

Private Sub Command1_Click()
If Text1.Text = "TCF" And Text2.Text = "thecrew" Then Unload Me, Form1.Show Else MsgBox ("Wrong Info")
End Sub

thats my code but it wont work any idea on how to fix this?

Password , Log In ?
I need to know the easiest way to password my program. when the MDI form loads, I want to ask the user for a password. depending on who logs in , to only give access to certain forms.

Password Help
I'm using word 97 to make HTML pages for a web site I like to design and I'm using Vb 5.0 to put a password on one of the HTML pages. I have this code I'am using to put the password on the HTML but i need it to open the file C:/my documents/Access Granted.html if the password is correct. Any Help please

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
If TextBox1 = "********" Then
GoTo 10
MsgBox "Access Denied...Please Try Again"
Exit Sub
End If
10 MsgBox "Access Granted"
End Sub

Ok, here it is. I am making a log-in window.
What I can't figure out is how to make the password look like ****** when you type it in.

situation: there's this login form~ with 2 textboxes one for username and the other for password. the textbox for password i have set the passwordchr to *. the username and password are all retrieved from an Access the problem comes when i need to compare the password the user enters and the one in the database. but my txtpassword.text will give me "*******" instead of the

Tries Using Password
Hello to all


I am trying to give the user 3 tries before exit or close the application.
For some reason, I keep getting 2 tries and fails all the time.

What is wrong with this code if anyone can help.

thanks a bunch

Private Sub GetUserPass()
Dim rstUser As ADODB.Recordset
Dim intcnt, myCounter As Integer

intcnt = 3

Set rstUser = New ADODB.Recordset
rstUser.CursorLocation = adUseClient
Me.MousePointer = vbHourglass
' define the store procedure's input parameter.
With Cmd
.ActiveConnection = oConn
.CommandType = adCmdStoredProc
.CommandTimeout = 15
.CommandText = "UserLogOn"
.Parameters(1).Type = adVarChar
.Parameters(1).Direction = adParamInput
.Parameters(1).Value = IIf(Len(Trim(Me.txtUserName.Text)) > 0, Me.txtUserName, Null)
.Parameters(2).Type = adVarChar
.Parameters(2).Direction = adParamInput
.Parameters(2).Value = IIf(Len(Trim(Me.txtPassword.Text)) > 0, Me.txtPassword.Text, Null)
Set rstUser = .Execute
End With
If Trim(Me.txtUserName) = vbNullString Then
MsgBox "Please enter the UserName"
End If
If Trim(Me.txtPassword.Text) = vbNullString Then
MsgBox "Please enter the Password"
End If
If Trim(Me.txtUserName.Text) <> "" And Trim(Me.txtUserName.Text) <> "" Then
' test for the record count
If Not rstUser.EOF And Not rstUser.BOF Then
do something'''''''' open the application
Me.MousePointer = vbDefault
MsgBox "Your input returned no " & _
"records.", vbOKOnly + vbInformation, _
"No Records Returned"
End If
intcnt = intcnt - 1
If intcnt > 0 Then
MsgBox "You have " & myCounter & " tries."
End If
End If
Me.MousePointer = vbDefault
End Sub

i need some code that will match text thats in a text box to a txt file then if it match goto a code and if it does, go to a code.
like a password.

Is there a code so you can put a password on a folder, so when you click the folder you need to enter a password to access.


Password To *
Okay, I have made a little login screen for my program. All it really is, is a textbox that, for example, you type Beyquin:1234 and it would be the username as well as the password. But what I want to do, is as soon as someone types something into the box, the letter will show up as a '*' instead of the letter itself.

Password Help
I want to make a msgbox if i can or just a form appear asking for a password.

i really wouldn't know how to go about this, would it be like

dim password as integer

if password = 123456789 then
or something like that

im trying to make a program that needs a password, how can i make it so it has ******* for the letters?

MDB DB Password
OK, my connection string is :

MyConn.ConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" & App.Path & "db.mdb;"

I just want to add a password to it.
So, what will be the connection string ?!
I mean what should be added to it for password field ?!

does anybody know the code to make a password protected you have to enter a password to enter a secret area?

and do i make a message box appear that says type in the password? and if it is the wrong password it brings you back to the main page....
thanks everybody in advance

basically this is my prob i need to bring information back from my database table where the user details are being stored i then need to compare them against what in the textboxes heres my coding have got a bit confused so sorry bout junk coding

Call connect
Dim ssql23 As String
Dim rscalls As New ADODB.Recordset
Dim objCmd As New ADODB.Command
Dim i As Integer

For intcount = 1 To Len(Text2.Text)
password = password & Chr(Asc(Mid(Text2.Text, intcount, 1)) + 123)

Text2.Text = Clear
Text2.Text = password
'ssql23 = "SELECT PasswordPro.* From PasswordPro Where (((PasswordPro.username) = " & "'" & Text1.Text & "'" & "))"
ssql23 = "SELECT PasswordPro.Username, PasswordPro.Password From PasswordPro WHERE (((PasswordPro.Username)= " & "'" & Text1.Text & "'" & ") AND ((PasswordPro.Password)= " & "'" & Text2.Text & "'" & "));"

With objCmd
Set .ActiveConnection = connect2
rscalls.Open ssql23, connect2, adOpenStatic
End With
Text3.Text = "'" & Text1.Text & "'"
'Text3.Text = "'" & Text1.Text & "'" & "'" & Text2.Text & "'"
Text4.Text = rescalls!PasswordPro.username & rescalls!PasswordPro.password

If Text4.Text = Text3.Text Then
MsgBox ("works")
MsgBox ("not correct")
End If


like i said messy and the tables fields are username and password this is the info i'm trying to bring back and compare

how would u put a password in the program. For example when u double click on a name in a list box, how do u make a box pop up asking for a password?


I use VB6 and i made a program. When you start it you have to enter a
password but i want to be able to change the password after i logged in. So
that when i've changed it i have a new password.

i tried this to make a sort of password protection, but it doesnt work can someone tell me whats wrong with it.

Private Sub Command1_Click()
If Text1.Text = "password" Then
Unload Me
MsgBox "Wrong password is entered", vbCritical
End If
End Sub

Can anyone tell me via the click of a command button to prompt a password to another form cheers!!!!

I'm looking for a simple way to password protect a visual basic page. Havn't got a clue how would go about it? any help wopuld be aappriciated


A Password Box
Does anybody see something wrong with this code?

Private Sub Command1_Click()
If Text1.Text = "hi" Then: Text2.Text = "hi"
Label3.Caption = "No way that you are getting anywhere with this."
End If
End Sub

I'm trying to make a Text1 user and Text2 password. Label3 is if they failed. Thanks

FTP Password
Is it a good idea to store my ftp password in my program, Will ppl be able to get my pass from the .exe file ??

I need to put a password in for my program. all i need is just a simple password but for more than 1 users. i would like a diffrent password and user name for each of the users.

i have a user name text box and a password Text Box and a Submit button and a reset button.

can any one help with this.

Thanks in advance

Hi ,
Do you know how to compare between two text fields ( that used for password update) ,
and to be sure that they are equal ( case sensitive )

ICQ Password

I need to resolve my icq password using visual basic. Can anyone help me about the code... ?

Password Gen
is there such thing as pass generator which could generate 1 million passwords per sec??

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