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"Permission Denied" When Deleting The Directory


Newbie question:
When using the FileSystemObject method to delete the selected folder, it came out with the error message

Runtime Error '70'
Permission Denied

If the win explorer is viewing the sub folder. Say, win explorer is viewing then subfolder "Temp" inside Folder A, as C:Folder ATemp

Dim fso As FileSystemObject
Dim delFolder As String

If Dir$("C:Folder A", vbDirectory) = "Folder A" Then
Set fso = New FileSystemObject
delFolder = "C:Folder A"
fso.DeleteFolder delFolder, True
Set fso = Nothing
End If
situation: It has subfolder and thw win explorer is viewing the subfolder. Runtime Error '70' will be came out.

Any way to overcome the error message problem? where it no need to bother win explorer is viewing it's subfolder or not.

thanks in advance,

Platform: WinNT
Developement: VB6

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FileSystemObject, CopyFile, And "Permission Denied" Error Message.
Hi everyone,

I need help with the following problem:
I have a Visual Basic application where some of my users are getting a "Permission Denied" error message when trying to copy files from one network drive to another.
Here it is part of my code:

Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
sourceFile = "K:UserDataSmith est1.txt"
destFile = "X:NetDataEPI est1.txt"
fso.CopyFile sourceFile, destFile, true
Set fso = Nothing

I believe it has to do with accessing a remote server by impersonating the user logged on to the client machine. Does anybody have any ideas on how to resolve this problem?



[VB6] "Permission To Use Object Denied" When Setting Form Caption
A user is getting the error "Permission to use object denied" on this line:

vb6 Code:
Me.Caption = "New User"

I don't get this on my development machine, but the error log files clearly states that this is the line erroring (I investigated the chance that the log files are lying). I've reinstalled the app (which is an ActiveX Control running in a browser), installed the VB6 SP6 runtimes, and the full installer of the 3rd-party spreadsheet the app uses (Spead25).

I am truley stumpped, any ideas?

"PERMISSION DENIED" Error In Opening A HTML File...
Hi All,

SUB : "PERMISSION DENIED" Error in Opening a HTML File...

I have developed a VB Program that Gives the Report in a HTML file and
opens automatically in the Internet Explorer. The code is working well
in NT Systems.

In XP System (German), it is not functioning, gives "PERMISSION DENIED"
error message.

Actually, the HTML file was created under the specified location with
all the information. When I double click the file in explorer, It is
opening well in the IE.

But gives error, while opening by VB code. I don't know where the
problem is. Please help me.

The Logical segment is as follows:
1. create a html file
2. write vb script coding as per requirement
3. close the html file
4. open the html file in IE

The Code segment is as follows:
Dim rsReport As Recordset
Dim fso As New Scripting.FileSystemObject
Dim a
Dim outputfile
outputfile = APP.PATH "ReportsOutput.htm"
Set a = fso.CreateTextFile(outputfile, True)

a.WriteLine ("<table border='1' cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0' id=tab19

onclick=pbreak(tab19); width='100%' bordercolordark='#000000'
bordercolorlight='#000000' bordercolor='#000000'> " & _
     "<tr>" & _
     "<td width='27%' height='45' rowspan='3' align='center' valign='top'
bordercolordark='#000000' bordercolorlight='#000000'> <font face='Arial'

size='3'><b></b></font><img " & _
     "border = '0' " & _
     "src='" & convfile & "' " & _
     "width='80' height='45'></td>" & _
     "<td width='50%' bordercolorlight='#000000'
bordercolordark='#C0C0C0' height='15'><font face='Arial' size='3'>" &
AFT_replacecode("10109") & ": </font></td>" & _
     "<td width='27%' bordercolorlight='#000000'
bordercolordark='#C0C0C0' height='15'><font face='Arial' size='3'
color='" & AFT_Replacecolor(rsReport("CC"), rsRevision("CC")) & "'>" &
rsReport("CC") & "</font></td>" & _
and so on...

Dim cc As New HTMLDocument
'''Reference = "Microsoft HTML Object Library" (MSHTML.TLB)
cc.location = outputfile


Guru's Wanted - "Permission Denied" Trying To Access A ByVal Collection Argument
I've got two applications - frontend and backend.

The backend application resides on the server and contains a class for handling printing functions.

The frontend creates an instance of this class on the server and then passes several parameters to it for processing.

dim objBackend as BackendObject

Set objBackend = CreateObject("BackendApp.BackendObject", "ServerName")

' function is defined as:
' Public Function SomeFunction (ByVal colCollection as Collection) as Boolean

flgResult = objBackend.SomeFunction mcolMyCollection


Now the problem is that I'm getting an "error 70 - permission denied" in SomeFunction when I try to access any properties of the collection!


Public Function SomeFunction (ByVal colCollection as Collection) as Boolean


intCount = colCollection.Count ' this causes an error 70!

I've also tried


' inside SomeFunction

dim colLocal as Collection

Set colLocal = colCollection

intCount = colLocal.Count ' this causes the same error!

Any ideas!?!

Run Time Error "70" Permission Denied

I am running a motor until user press any key of the keyboard. i have done this by "keydone" event. and when i press any key, i am writing all history into one text file. but, when i press "enter" key i am getting a run-time error "70". "permission denied". this only happens when i press any non-alphabet keys like enter, or space bar. and when i try to debug it it shows me this line:

Set mTxtStream = mFile.OpenAsTextStream(ForAppending)

but, pressing alphabet keys doesnt give me an error. why is that?

one more thing. with this keydown event, my escape, arrow etc. keys doesnt work. why is that?

please help me

"Permission Denied" Using CallBacks From An MTS Component

I'm trying to make an application that have's a reference to a DCOM object, running in a Transaction Server.
My client side application must pass, to the DCOM component, a reference to itself, so that he (the MTS component) can make a callbak to a function on the client side.
My problem appears when I try to make this CallBack, the error message "Permission Denied" always appears.

I tried to set up correctly de DCOM configurations, using dcomcnfg.exe on the client side, but the problem still persists.

If anyone can help me.....
Thanks in advanced.

Permission Denied In "DBEngine.CreateWorkSpace"
I got "permission denied" error when I tried to compile an existing VB program. I can compile it before but don't know why I got this error when do compilation today. I used following code:

Set ws = DBEngine.CreateWorkspace("EPR", _
Chr(34) & Trim$(UCase(sUserLogName)) & Chr(34), _
Chr(34) & Trim$(sPassword) & Chr(34), dbUseODBC)

Set db = ws.OpenDatabase("EPR_ADO") ' ODBC DSN name (created in system tab)

sUserLogName : Oracle schema
sPassword : Oracle password

I still can run an existing Exe which was compiled last time (2-3 weeks ago).

Anyone can help me?

Y. Kongg

Directplay "Permission Denied"
It's late, forgive me if this is a stupid queston, though im having some problems with Directplay on directx7. Setting up the host etc works fine, however as I go to join a game with the client, at the stage where sessions are listed, I get error 70 "Permission denied". Debug points me towards this line of code, during the session listing section of code (follow Lucky's tutorial).

Set objEnumSessions = dp.GetDPEnumSessions(objSessionData, 0, DPENUMSESSIONS_AVAILABLE)

Any got any ideas why this could be locked? I'll get it eventually, just thought you guys may be able to speed it along

VBA Error "Permission Denied "
I have VBA code which pastes the data from rescordset in text file.
This happens in for loop and the total number of files created is dynamic.
While running the code sometimes I get error message "Permission denied "

Function printFile(filename As String)
Dim hfile As Long
Dim FileHandle As Boolean
hfile = FreeFile()
FileHandle = True
Open filename For Output As #hfile
'//some code to get the record from rescordset
Print #hfile, str
Close #hfile
'//error handling code
End Function
This fucntion is called in the For loop and it could be called for 2000-3000 times.

I know we get error "Permission denied " when File is already opened by another user.

Q1. Now in above code using FreeFile() returns a file number in the range 1 ? 255.I am assuming that when we do Close #hfile the filenumber is available to reuse. Am I correct? Then why should I get the error?

The only possible scenario I could thought of is :
Two users are running this program in parallel
in for loop user1 gets the filenumber say 10 ,
and at the same time user2 also tries get number 10 in FreeFile() call so he gets the error message.But here I think user2 should get 11 not 10.

Does anybody know the reason for the error?

Thanks in advance.

"Permission Denied" Error
I am getting the "Permission Denied" error when trying to recompile an ActiveX DLL in VB 6.

What to do?

I heard something about stopping IIS. Does anyone have a script to run from the command line to stop all services and then to re-start them?


If I Use "SaveSetting App.Title, "Settings", "Font", "001122"" - Save Date In The Registry, Where Ca
If i use "SaveSetting App.Title, "Settings", "Font", "001122"" - save date in the registry, where can i find the value saved in the registry? Thanks

Removing Directory Permission Denied
I made an uninstaller.Now I want to remove the whole directory even if something is in it (dirs or files).

I use the code (I found on planet source code):

Public Sub DelAll(ByVal DirtoDelete As Variant)
On Error GoTo wrong

If Right$(DirtoDelete, 1) = "" Then DirtoDelete = Left$(DirtoDelete, Len(DirtoDelete) - 1)

Set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
FS = FSO.DeleteFolder(DirtoDelete, True)

Exit Sub
MsgBox Err.Description, , Err.Number
Resume Next
End Sub

But this gives me an error 70, permission denied. How could this be even when I put a close right before I call this sub. And when the program ends I can delete it with my hand ??/

What could be wrong??

"Access Is Denied" Problem Getting Frames In HTML Document
Hi Dears,

I have a problem using frames. I want to use a site that has several frames and I want programaticaly to went into the several frames and change values of several text and submit.
When, I am trying to do it via the VB6 program I can't access the frames documents.

For example:

HTML Code:
<frameset id=fr name=fr rows="*,20%">
<frame id=frame0 name=frame0 src ="" >
<frame id=frame1 name=frame1 src ="test.htm" >

The test.htm is as following:

HTML Code:
<script language='javascript'>
function y()
parent.frame0.document.querry.value='Hi !'
<button onclick='y()'>click</button>

Vb6 code:

VB Code:
Dim hDoc As HTMLDocumentDim frDoc0 As HTMLDocumentDim frDoc1 As HTMLDocument  WebBrowser1.Navigate2 "C:frameset.htm"Do Until WebBrowser1.ReadyState = READYSTATE_COMPLETE    DoEventsLoop  Set hDoc = WebBrowser1.Document Set frDoc1 = hDoc.frames(1).Document' on following statement i get the error "Access is denied" Set frDoc0 = hDoc.frames(0).Document

Can someone give me a sugestion how to resolve the problem?

With regards,


File "access Denied" In Win98. OK In Win2k.
This file write routine has always worked fine on win2k.
Just tried it on win98 SE and get "access denied" ErrMessage.
The file is writeable if accessed from windows explorer.

Public Const UsersFilePath As String = "\"
Public Const UsersFileName As String = "DashBoardUsers.txt"
Public Sub Write_TO_File(IN_OUT)
On Error GoTo ErrMessage 'keep track of who's using tool, what version and when....
Dim x As Boolean
Dim FileSysObj As New FileSystemObject
Dim MyFile As TextStream
Dim MyFolder As Folder

Set FileSysObj = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

'does folder exist?
If FileSysObj.FolderExists(UsersFilePath) = False Then
Set MyFolder = FileSysObj.CreateFolder(UsersFilePath) 'No. Then create it.
End If

'does file exist?
If FileSysObj.FileExists(UsersFilePath & UsersFileName) = False Then
Set MyFile = FileSysObj.CreateTextFile(UsersFilePath & UsersFileName) 'No. Then create it.
Set MyFile = FileSysObj.OpenTextFile(UsersFilePath & UsersFileName, ForAppending, TristateFalse) 'yes. Open it for appending.
End If

MyFile.WriteLine (IN_OUT & " " & Now & " " & UserName & "-----'" & Caption_rev & "'")
Exit Sub

MsgBox Err.Description & vbCrLf & UsersFilePath & UsersFileName
End Sub

WebBrowser Control "Access Is Denied" Error
I'm trying to do an autologin to a site, where the login page has frames. So here is the code I use:


OMS is the name of the frame, and login is the name of the form. The userID and PW are already there (it's a test site). The problem is accessing anthing after frames("OMS") gives me an "Access Is Denied" error. What can I do to get around this??? Thanks.


How To Enable "list Folder Contents" Permission Programmatically?
How can I enable "list folder contents" ntfs permission only
The docs for cacls and xcalcs do not have an example to set this up without
setting up the other read permissions.

John Dalberg

Solution&gt; Error: """"&&H8007007E (-2147024770) The Specified Module Cannot Be Found"""

This is the error what i am getting after installing a package of one of my module on user testing machine.
The same module being working fine on others.

What can be the reason for this and what can be the probable solution for this?


Bit More Help Please Access Denied?? "FINALLY RESOLVED" THANKS ALL!!
Hi I've been working on a small app that updates xml playlist through a batch file. I've been struggling to understand why it wont run from vb. I used this code tonight and in the dos output I got the message Access Denied - any suggestions/explanations???

VB Code:
Shell "C:Program Filesmgamerzmy_mp3sUpdate.bat", vbNormalFocus

cheers Rob

Dialer Error "Access Denied."
the problem is :the dailer programe ran and connected to the net but when I call any site "The requested URL could not be retrieved" and it say "
Access Denied. "

So what is the cause?

Edited by - apri on 3/2/2004 12:49:51 AM

Method "SaveAs" Or "Save" Of Object "Excel.Workbook" Does Not Work.
Hi people.
I did for a long time a program that uses excel automation, so that from a template will create a final file with some data pulled from the database (with ADO). At the end and when the Excel file is ready to be saved I got in a couple of computers some problems. In the whole LAN have XP, but in these 2 computers we have SP2. I have checked the rights and are OK (I have even tried to save the Workbook under the Temp folder and also the same problem).
Working with Office 2003 (SP1).
I have searched in internet about any bugs but I donīt find anything.
Any ideas.
Thanks for your time

How To Replace "Apple" With "Banana" In A String That Contains "Orange" In A TXT File
Whoa! Long thread title. Basically, how can I search for any string in a text file that contains "Orange", then replace "Apple" with "Banana" in that same string? Is this difficult? Thanks!

Data1.RecordSource = "select * From Salary Where &#22995;&#21517; Like " + S + " " * ""
Data1.RecordSource = "select * from salary where 姓名 like " + s + " " * ""
thanks in advance gentlemen and ladies..
firstly...I don't know what must add "++" between "s " variant..
who can tell me why?? thanks , ,, I really don't know why it does this..
maybe i am a beginner..please forgive me why add ++ between s..thanks

How To Change Boolean Field From Displaying "0" And "-1" To "Yes" And "No"
Hey there,

I have a data report, which displays a few fields from an Access table, one which is a boolean. At the moment if the boolean value is True, then on the data report it displays "-1", and if False "0".

How can I change this so it displays "Yes" if true and "No" if False?

Would be really grateful for any help.

Extract Local Names For "OK", "Cancel" And "Apply"

I noticed that some programs written in C++ have an English language, but the captions of the buttons "OK", "Cancel" and "Apply" are in German, Swedish or whatever localized Windows version the user utilizes. Any idea how to obtain the captions of those buttons in VB? The only method which comes into my mind is to get the locale ID and have an array with strings for the the various language versions, but I doubt that those programs do it in that way.


&lt;input Type="submit" Name="op-savefile" Value="Save"&gt; - How To S
<input type="submit" name="op-savefile" value="Save"> - How can you submit this button through visual basic in a webbrowser?

Disabling "wake Up", "sleep" && "power" Button
hello there, how to disable "wake up", "sleep" & "power" button with visual basic? thanks

Pleez, Read This!!! Matter Important! "Printing In "DOS Mode" Using "Shell" -not Happening, I Wonder

[I had to repost it since I have not received any replies for my earlier post]

I have a problem.

Following is the code :

Shell(" /c type " & App.path & "matrix.txt &gt;prn")

where App.path is C:XYZ

when the above line is executed, the contents of "matrix.txt" is not printed on the printer. Instead, control just passes on to the next line.

So, to find out why, I modified the line thus.

Shell(" /K")

The above command takes me to the "command prompt". Here, when I give the command "type c:xyzmatrix.txt &gt;prn", which is what the vbcode does, I get the message "file creation error".

So, I have identified the problem. Can anyone tell me why this "File creation error" occurs, And how to solve the problem?

Thanks for reading through.

How Do You "Get" And "Set" Current Directory?
In my program it has come to my attention that whenever they load a file from a different directory and then go back to start a new game the program changed the default directory to whereever the last game was loaded. This makes it try to start the game from the wrong Dir.
Now what I need is a command that will get directory on start-up. And save it to a varaible and then a command that will allow me to set the default dir when other buttons are pressed.

(Note: This is not the dir for a Common Dialog box but for where the program resides.)

I figured something like:
On Form1_Load
Dim curdir as string
curdir = (The command that will get the current/default directory)

and then when they press the button to go from form to form something like

set dir (command again) = curdir
Hope I've explained it well enough. I don't think it's that hard to do I'm just too busy to look. :-) Thanks again. I'm going to play around with file attributes so if anyone needs some help with that, in the coming days just ask.


CornEmpire Ruler
<A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

"...No Read Permission On Tbl..."
First off, let me apologize if this has been asked before. I searched through the forums, but was unable to locate any help.

I am trying to create a VB app to (basically) monitor a Access database.

I set up an ADODC, and linked it to the table I need, but when I run the app, an error (I guess it's an error) pops up - " Record(s) can't be read; no read permission on 'tbl[what ever the name is]'."

I went into the database, but could not find where permissions could be changed (there is really no security setup on the database).

It's a databse I created, so I am able to make any changes.

Any suggestions?

Please Read My Post Called "deleting Files Please Help"
Please read my post "deleting files Please help " Thanks a tom

:-) ;-)


just have fun out there and live life to the fullest while it is still here


Getting The File "Type" Descriptions (i.e., "doc" = "Microsoft Word Docume
Hello there,
I am creating an Explorer-type Listview to display the files in a directory, and one piece of info I need to know how to obtain is the file "type" (i.e., "doc" = "Mircosoft Word Document", "xls" = "Microsoft Excel Worksheet", etc.). Is there an API, or does anyone have a technique to do this? Thanks.

Changing The "title" Of A VB Created Word Doc From "Document1" 2 "BadgerBai
Ok, when I create a new word doc it automatically takes on the name "DocumentX", where X is a number greater than 1.
What I want to do is change this by using something like:

VB Code:
Dim objWoof As New Word.ApplicationDim objGrowl    As Word.Document    Set objGrowl = objWoof.Documents.Add    objGrowl.[What Property] = "Badger Baiters R Us"

Is this possible?

Oh, and b4 anyone mentions it, I do NOT want to save it, that is NOT an option...just getting that out the way now



Resubmitting: "BeginTrans" , "CommitTrans" And "Rollback With Data Environments
----- Original Message -----

From: shankar [ babu ]


Sent: Wednesday, February 26, 2003 12:24 PM
Subject: "BeginTrans" , "CommitTrans" and "Rollback with dataenvironments

hello everybody,
I am using data enviroment designer in my project.

I am getting error while using
"BeginTrans" , "CommitTrans" and "Rollback"
of the DataEnvironment 's connection properties

kindly let me know the solution
thanks in advance

Open Windows "Active Directory Users And Computers" Dialog
Hi all,

I am writing a simple app to provide an simple GUI to write windows
netlogon scripts. Is there a way in to provide a button on a
form to open the "Active Directory Users and Computers" dialog?



Change "EXISTING" Project Directory On VB Startup Window
Does anyone know of a registry fix that will change the directory in the "Existing" tab on the vb startup window? By default, it always looks in the VB6 install directory "C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual StudioVB98". I want it to look in another directory of my choice, like "C:MyVBApps"

The same goes for the common dialog in VB everytime I want to save something (a form, module, etc.) it ALWAYS opens up the "VB98" folder by default. Is there anyway I can change this, so that I can associate a specfic folder with my programming files?

Problem With Tutor Corner's "Using Recursion To Search A Directory"
I read the following link on "Using Recursion To Search a Directory". However, the code crashes on the following line:
If GetAttr(currdir & s) = vbDirectory Then 'add the subdirectory
when it encounters a folder or filename with an Arabic name. Does anyone know how I can solve this problem? Thanks for your time...

Package And Deployment Wizard: "Support" Directory.
I want to know that when "Package and Deployment Wizard" creates a Setup, with one or more CAB files, it includes a subfolder called "Support".

Is it necessary to send this folder also when sending the installed (SETUP) to any client? Or, is it an emergency folder?

Folder Name From Full Directory Path "RESOLVED"
I'm writing a program where I have a form with the Drive, Folder And File list boxes on it and when the user picks a folder it shows all the files in that folder. Then in a text box i want to show JUST the FOLDER name and not the full path....What shows up now is "C:TempProjects" and I just want to have "Projects" in the text box. So I need to know how to cut the full directory path string to just give me the folder name.

The starting path will be different each time because the user needs to pick the starting point. I've attached the code for the form that they pick the folder to store the file in.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Code: Private Sub Form_Load()
Drive1.Drive = "C:"
End Sub

Private Sub Drive1_Change()
Dir1.Path = Drive1.Drive
End Sub

Private Sub Dir1_Change()

    Dim Fullpath As String
    Fullpath = Dir1.Path
    MainView.Text7(6).Text = Fullpath
    File1.Path = Dir1.Path
End Sub

Edited by - skeeley6 on 10/12/2005 4:39:18 PM

Can Someone Guide Me On How To "PUT" A "CHECKBOX" Inside A "Datagrid" For VB6.0?
Can someone guide me on how to "PUT" a "CHECKBOX" inside a "Datagrid" for VB6.0?
please i need these to complete my program security....................for my thesis? please please!!Can someone guide me on how to "PUT" a "CHECKBOX" inside a "Datagrid" for VB6.0?

How To Add Directory Structure To "TreeView" Control
I want to create a tree View control with a command botton "browse" and when browse is clicked , the tree should display all the directories in the C: drive(like window explorer) , So anybody help me in that ?

Thanks in advance

Regsvr32 And The "Program Files" Directory
Using the following line of code
Shell "RegSvr32 " & Path & "(whatever).dll", vbNormalFocus
(where "Path" is any location under the "Program Files" directory, and an existing DLL is named) I get the following error: "LoadLibrary("C:Program") failed - the specified module could not be found."

I assume this is due to the blank space between "Program" and "Files". Does anyone know a way to overcome this?


"Get Winamp Installation Directory From Registry"
I code program for Winamp. I downloaded some Winamp API from winamp developer page(file attached on this msg), and.Now i want that my
program gets automagically WinAmp installation directory from HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwaReWinamp. I downloaded some "registry value module" from some page(attached on this msg)...^^ so my problem is this :

These are first lines from WinAMP_Control.bas:

Option Explicit

Public hWndWinAMP As Long
Public Const WINAMP_PATH As String = "C:Program FilesWinampWinamp.exe"

so, i tried to change last line to
Public Const WINAMP_PATH AS String =
ReadRegistry(HKEY_CURRENT_USER, "SOFTWAREWinamp", "ProductName")

when i try to run project vb says "Constant expression required" and it points to ReadRegistry. I have added winamp_control.bas and that registry.bas to same project...plz help :P

Making Directory - MkDir("FilePath")
Can someone fix this code? It says, that something is wrong in this code:

VB Code:
MkDir (lbPath.Caption)

"lbPath" is a label with path, where new folder should be placed.
lbPath.Text = "C:"

And one more question. How can I choose that folder's name?

Show "select Directory" Dialogue
How do I show the "Select directory" dialogue? I think it is default in windows, you just need an API-call to get hold of it..

If you don't know what dialogue I'm talking about, it is for example when you are adding a whole directory to a playlist in Winamp.

Anybody out there who could give me a hand on this?
Thanks in advance

How To Replace "directory" With A Suitable Name??Please Help Me URGENT!
I am doing a import program to import excel spreadsheet to server and it is almost complete but i have a problem which i do not know how to solve. I have multiples spreadsheet files like this:

p.s When i do testing for each file,i always change the directory in the query which is frustrating.

Example of how i do to test is :
test 1: selectStudInfo = "Select Distinct [Acad Prog],ID,Name from `D:pd2Q181_20.xls`.`QUERY$` `QUERY$`"

test 2: selectStudInfo = "Select Distinct [Acad Prog],ID,Name from `D:pd2Q181_23.xls`.`QUERY$` `QUERY$`"

test 3: selectStudInfo = "Select Distinct [Acad Prog],ID,Name from `D:pd2Q180_C1.xls`.`QUERY$` `QUERY$`"

May i know how to replace the directory path with a suitable string so that i can retrieve any files with same extension without changing the directory in the query all the time when i have to test run a program?

Please help me...this is urgent Thanks a lot!

Accessing The Active Directory MMC "FIND" API

Not sure if this would be the right forum, but I would like to call the FIND feature that is currently in the Active Directory Users & Groups console.

Basically I want to be able to search/manage active directory objects (users & groups) without having to actually launch the MMC console.  Do i Need to code/script something or is this already available?

Any help is appreciated.


Choosing "Start In" Directory When Using Shell()
How can I set the "start in" directory when launching a binary executable using shell() ? Is there some other function that will allow me to specify the "Start In" path? When I say "start in" - I mean the same path that can be specified in a windows shortcut.

How To Detect If A Directory Already Exists Using "If" Statement
How do i detect if a folder(directory) already exists using the if statement?


Combobox Help """""""""""""'Urgent"""""""&&quo
Hi Guys,,,,,,

This may be the stupid way.But i need this.................

   I am using combobox in my form. I set the style to Dropdown combo.

Here we can exter text in combobox b'coz of the style Dropdown combo.
But i don't want to allow user to enter ......allowed only to select.....

For that i can set the style to Dropdownlist.

But i don't want this style. B'coz i can't clear the text at run time.

Tell me if dropdown combo means, User shouldn't enter at runtime
Tell me if dropdown list means, how to clear the text at runtime...

Pls help me out.....Urgent

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