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Picture Box And Fullscreen Question

I have a picturebox (picture1) and I load a picture into it thats 1020x764 but the picture box only shows the part of the picture, how would I shrink the picture soo all of it fits into the picturebox. And also how can I make a program go full screen?

EDIT: and one more question, my image I have is 2.22mb in size and is taking a wile sending over winsock, so how could I reduce the picture size to...preferably under 1mb?


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Showing A Picture In Fullscreen Mode
I want to show the conent of a picturebox or a component like that in fullscreen mode.This application is like an image browser.
Thank You

Picture Clip Object In Dx FullScreen?
Is it possibel to use a picture clip object in dx in fullscreen mode as a clipper.?

alrighty, here i go again

is there a way to make a text box show up in a fullscreen game?

(i use directx to make fullscreen)

Cmd.exe In Fullscreen
Hi, I am using CreateProcess to run an .EXE and capture its output for an IDE I'm writing. Here is how the process is created:

start.cb = Len(start)
start.hStdOutput = hWritePipe
start.hStdError = hWritePipe
start.wShowWindow = SW_HIDE

' Start the shelled application:
ret& = CreateProcessA(0&, cmdLine$, sa, sa, 1&, _
NORMAL_PRIORITY_CLASS, 0&, 0&, start, proc)
This does indeed start the process hidden, the only problem happens if the user has CMD.exe set to be fullscreen, then it comes up anyway and screws up my editor. How can I make sure that commands run in windowed mode?

I am looking for some advice or tutorial on writing code get my application to set at fixed fullscreen when running, and using character key such as vbF to display fullscreen with or without border. and in this fourm search engine, there are none to be found? anyone?

I picked up this code from this forum...

Its meant to meant to change the resolution of the program to suit your own resolution but i cant figure out how to get it to work.

I've put line 1 - 56 in a seperate module and line 58 at the top with option explicit and added the end subs.

The problem is it keeps telling me 'DevM is not defined' so i moved line 90 up to the top of form load, then it tells me 'erg& is not defined' and now im stuck

Any ideas welcome

VB Code:
'general declarationsDeclare Function EnumDisplaySettings Lib "User32" _Alias "EnumDisplaySettingsA" _(ByVal lpszDeviceName As Long, _ByVal iModeNum As Long, _lpDevMode As Any) As Boolean Declare Function ChangeDisplaySettings Lib "User32" _Alias "ChangeDisplaySettingsA" _(lpDevMode As Any, ByVal dwFlags As Long) As Long Declare Function ExitWindowsEx Lib "User32" _(ByVal uFlags As Long, ByVal dwReserved As Long) As Long Public Const EWX_LOGOFF = 0Public Const EWX_SHUTDOWN = 1Public Const EWX_REBOOT = 2Public Const EWX_FORCE = 4Public Const CCDEVICENAME = 32Public Const CCFORMNAME = 32Public Const DM_BITSPERPEL = &H40000Public Const DM_PELSWIDTH = &H80000Public Const DM_PELSHEIGHT = &H100000Public Const CDS_UPDATEREGISTRY = &H1Public Const CDS_TEST = &H4Public Const DISP_CHANGE_SUCCESSFUL = 0Public Const DISP_CHANGE_RESTART = 1 Type DEVMODE    dmDeviceName As String * CCDEVICENAME    dmSpecVersion As Integer    dmDriverVersion As Integer    dmSize As Integer    dmDriverExtra As Integer    dmFields As Long    dmOrientation As Integer    dmPaperSize As Integer    dmPaperLength As Integer    dmPaperWidth As Integer    dmScale As Integer    dmCopies As Integer    dmDefaultSource As Integer    dmPrintQuality As Integer    dmColor As Integer    dmDuplex As Integer    dmYResolution As Integer    dmTTOption As Integer    dmCollate As Integer    dmFormName As String * CCFORMNAME    dmUnusedPadding As Integer    dmBitsPerPel As Integer    dmPelsWidth As Long    dmPelsHeight As Long    dmDisplayFlags As Long    dmDisplayFrequency As LongEnd Type Dim OldX As Long, OldY As Long  Private Sub Form_Load() 'get the present resOldX = Screen.Width / Screen.TwipsPerPixelXOldY = Screen.Height / Screen.TwipsPerPixelY 'Dim DevM As DEVMODE'Get the info into DevMerg& = EnumDisplaySettings(0&, 0&, DevM) 'When changing the colordepth rebot will be necessary DevM.dmFields = DM_PELSWIDTH Or DM_PELSHEIGHT 'Or DM_BITSPERPELDevM.dmPelsWidth = 800 'ScreenWidthDevM.dmPelsHeight = 600 'ScreenHeight'DevM.dmBitsPerPel = 32 (could be 8, 16, 32 or even 4) 'Change the display and check if possibleerg& = ChangeDisplaySettings(DevM, CDS_TEST) 'Check if succesfullIf erg& <> DISP_CHANGE_SUCCESSFUL ThenMsgBox "Can't do it", vbOKOnly + vbSystemModal, "Error"Unload MeEnd If Private Sub Exitbutton_Click() 'Restore resolutionDim DevM As DEVMODEerg& = EnumDisplaySettings(0&, 0&, DevM)DevM.dmFields = DM_PELSWIDTH Or DM_PELSHEIGHT 'Or DM_BITSPERPELDevM.dmPelsWidth = OldX 'ScreenWidthDevM.dmPelsHeight = OldY 'ScreenHeighterg& = ChangeDisplaySettings(DevM, CDS_TEST)

OK i uncommented line 67 and dimed erg as a long and it seems to work. Funny how you figure it out just as you ask for help

How do i make a program fullscreen? Like diablo II or many other games like that.

How to put a Form into the fullscreen? The bold line gives me an error, saying, that it's marked as restricted:

VB Code:
With Me     If .WindowState <> 2 Then .WindowState = 2         .Caption = vbNullChar        .BorderStyle = 0        .ClipControls = False        [b].ControlBox = False[/b] End With
How can i overcome this?

FullScreen And Alt+f4
is there a really easy way to make a fullscreen program?? I would also like to make it so that on exit(when they press alt+f4), a message box comes up prompting them if they really want to exit. Can anyone help me??

Hey people!

-This may be a quite simple one, but how do I make my form go into Fullscreen-mode when the user starts the program?!

-Thanks in advance!

I'm making a fullscreen app.

I use this code
form1.width = screen.width
form1.height = screen.height    

but for this to work i need to set the BorderStyle of the form to none. Doing this the program icon at the taskbar disapears (if i alt tab). So if minimize all programs using the minize buttton on the start menu i cant get my VB program back up since the icon is not there on the taskbar. Is there a way to show the taskbar with borderstyle none? Or anybetter way to do fullscreen?


Fullscreen MDI?
Does anybody know how I can fullscreen my MDI app?

Thank you.

I need to make a form run FULL SCREEN. No title bar, no system tray. No little borders showing anywhere. Full screen. I can do it in Win98 by going to a higher resolution, setting the window size, locking it, and returning to the lower resolution; but this seems overly complex and my trick doesn't work in Win2K (window gets cropped). Thanks.

Fullscreen With Wise
I want to have a fullscreen background in my Wise installation. Right now I only have a window. How can I make a fullscreen background with an scaled image behind this window?

PS: Please don't tell me to use an other program. I know why...

Fullscreen To Window

this is my first post on this forum

But, I've a bit of a problem.

I've created a full-screen game in 640x480 mode, but now I wanted to make a windowed game.

I was wondering if it was possible to convert the program from full-screen to windowed, I think it's possible, but I don't know how.

Sub DX_SetDisplayCoopLevel(Hdl As Long, sWidth As Long, sHeight As Long, sBPP As Long)

'This one is for Direct Draw
'This sets the display mode
Call ddMain.SetDisplayMode(sWidth, sHeight, sBPP, 0, DDSDM_DEFAULT)
End Sub
ddMain is the Direct X.

I hope here is someone who can help me.

Fullscreen! Ehhhhhhhhh
Does anyone know how to run a form in full screen, does direct x come into it ? or not?, if so what are the steps involved?

Fullscreen 640 * 480 Using GDI32
Hi people,

I'm sorry if this has been covered already, but I've been searching for 2 days now and I cannot find exactly what I'm looking for. I am writing a tetris game (my first "real" game). I want the game to run fullscreen mode in 640 * 480. How can I make sure that the resolution of the computer the game is playing on IS 640 * 480, and if not, change it? I am blitting the sprites directly to the form right now; if this needs to change, how do I blit to the fullscreen. Does it have the same handle as the form? Any help here would be GREATLY appreciated.


BitBlt&& Fullscreen
I know that with directx you can make your game fullscreen or windowed, i'm more interested in doing my game fullscreen. the question is how?and what happens when the users presses alt+tab or ctrl+esc? how can i make a fullscreen "window" which behaves like it's directx counterpart? using BitBLT of course or maybe some other API......

any suggestions are welcomed...

How To Not Get An Image Become Fullscreen??
Option Explicit 'DirectX likes all it's variables to be predefined

Dim binit As Boolean 'A simple flag (true/false) that states whether we've
'initialised or not. If the initialisation is successful this changes to
'true, the program also checks before doing any drawing if this flag is
'true. If the initialisation failed and we try and draw things we'll get
'lots of errors...

Dim dx As New DirectX7 'This is the root object. DirectDraw is created From this
Dim dd As DirectDraw7 'This is DirectDraw, all things DirectDraw come From here
Dim Mainsurf As DirectDrawSurface7 'This holds our bitmap
Dim primary As DirectDrawSurface7 'This surface represents the screen
Dim backbuffer As DirectDrawSurface7 'this describes the primary surface
Dim ddsd1 As DDSURFACEDESC2 'this describes the primary surface
Dim ddsd2 As DDSURFACEDESC2 'this describes the bitmap that we load
Dim ddsd3 As DDSURFACEDESC2 'this describes the size of the screen
Dim brunning As Boolean 'this is another flag that states whether or not
'the main game loop is running.
Dim CurModeActiveStatus As Boolean 'This checks that we still have the
'correct display mode
Dim bRestore As Boolean 'If we don't have the correct display mode then
'this flag states that we need to restore the display mode

Sub Init()
On Local Error GoTo errOut 'If there is an error we end the program.

Set dd = dx.DirectDrawCreate("") 'the ("") means that we want the default driver
Me.Show 'maximises the form and makes sure it's visible

'The first line links the DirectDraw object to our form, It also sets the parameters
'that are to be used - the important ones being DDSCL_FULLSCREEN and DDCSL_EXCLUSIVE. Making it
'exclusive is important, it means that while our application is running nothing else can
'use DirectDraw, and it makes windows give us more time/attention
'This is where we actually see a change. It states that we want a display mode
'of 640x480 with 16 bit colour (65526 colours). the fourth argument ("0") is the
'refresh rate. leave this to 0 and DirectX will sort out the best refresh rate. It is advised
'that you don't mess about with this variable. the fifth variable is only used when you
'want to use the more advanced resolutions (usually the lower, older ones)...
Call dd.SetDisplayMode(640, 480, 16, 0, DDSDM_DEFAULT)

'get the screen surface and create a back buffer too
ddsd1.lBackBufferCount = 1
Set primary = dd.CreateSurface(ddsd1)

'Get the backbuffer
Dim caps As DDSCAPS2
Set backbuffer = primary.GetAttachedSurface(caps)
backbuffer.GetSurfaceDesc ddsd3

' init the surfaces

'This is the main loop. It only runs whilst brunning=true
binit = True
brunning = True
Do While brunning
DoEvents 'you MUST have a doevents in the loop, otherwise you'll overflow the
'system (which is bad). All your application does is keep sending messages to DirectX
'and windows, if you dont give them time to complete the operation they'll crash.
'adding doevents allows windows to finish doing things that its doing.

errOut: 'If there is an error we want to close the program down straight away.
End Sub

Sub InitSurfaces()
'This procedure may look small, but when you make a program this procedure could
'take a good 60-120 seconds to process, and run into 1000's of lines of code.

Set Mainsurf = Nothing 'Although the first time we call this procedure this
'variable will be empty, it must be cleared. As you'll see in the blt procedure
'the program may try and re-load the surfaces, at which point the "mainsurf" object
'will have some information in it. If we try and recreate a surface that already has
'information in it DirectDraw will crash, because of this we must clear the buffer first.

'load the bitmap into a surface - backdrop.bmp
ddsd2.lFlags = DDSD_CAPS Or DDSD_HEIGHT Or DDSD_WIDTH 'default flags
ddsd2.ddsCaps.lCaps = DDSCAPS_OFFSCREENPLAIN 'An offscreenplain means that
'the user never actually gets to see the surface - it is just an are in memory.
ddsd2.lWidth = ddsd3.lWidth 'the ddsd3 structure already holds the size
'of the screen. We could replace it with 640 and 480 - it would have the same effect
ddsd2.lHeight = ddsd3.lHeight
'this is where the surface is created. You use the DDraw object to create a
'surface from the specified file name using the above description.
Set Mainsurf = dd.CreateSurfaceFromFile(App.Path & "Box.bmp", ddsd2)

End Sub

Sub blt()
'again, this procedure looks fairly simple - it is!
'You should try and keep this procedure as short as possible, and as fast as possible
On Local Error GoTo errOut 'If there is an error don't do anything - just skip
'the procedure
If binit = False Then Exit Sub 'If we haven't initiaised then don't try anything
'DirectDraw related.

Dim ddrval As Long 'Every drawing procedure returns a value, so we must have a
'variable to hold it. From this value we can check for errors.

Dim rBack As RECT 'a RECT is the rectangle that i've mentioned.

' this will keep us from trying to blt in case we lose the surfaces (alt-tab)
bRestore = False
Do Until ExModeActive
bRestore = True

' if we lost and got back the surfaces, then restore them
If bRestore Then
bRestore = False
dd.RestoreAllSurfaces 'this just re-allocates memory back to us. we must
'still reload all the surfaces.
InitSurfaces ' must init the surfaces again if they we're lost
End If

'get the area of the screen where our window is

'this sets the rectangle to be the size of the screen.
rBack.Bottom = ddsd3.lHeight
rBack.Right = ddsd3.lWidth

'blt to the backbuffer from our surface to
'the screen surface such that our bitmap
'appears over the window
'This Blits to the screen starting from 0,0 on the screen. the DDBLTFAST_WAIT
'flag tells Directdraw to wait if the blitter is busy at the time of the call.
ddrval = backbuffer.BltFast(0, 0, Mainsurf, rBack, DDBLTFAST_WAIT)

'flip the back buffer to the screen
primary.Flip Nothing, DDFLIP_WAIT
'At this point we have completed one cycle, and we can now see something on screen

'Skip everything if there is an error. Don't stick a message box in here - because
'you're likely to be running the program at 100's of frames per second, in just one second the
'program will try and generate 100 message boxes...
End Sub

Sub EndIt()
'This procedure is called at the end of the loop, or whenever there is an error.
'Although you can get away without these few lines it is a good idea to keep them
'as you can get unpredictable results if you leave windows to "clear-up" after you.

'This line restores you back to your default (windows) resolution.
Call dd.RestoreDisplayMode
'This tells windows/directX that we no longer want exclusive access
'to the graphics features/directdraw
Call dd.SetCooperativeLevel(Me.hWnd, DDSCL_NORMAL)
'Stop the program:
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Click()
'Clicking the form will result in the program closing down.
'because the form is maximised (and therefore covers the whole screen)
'where you click is not important.
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
'Starts the whole program.
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Paint()
'If windows sends a "paint" message translate this into a call
'to DirectDraw.
End Sub

Function ExModeActive() As Boolean
'This is used to test if we're in the correct resolution.
Dim TestCoopRes As Long

TestCoopRes = dd.TestCooperativeLevel

If (TestCoopRes = DD_OK) Then
ExModeActive = True
ExModeActive = False
End If
End Function

What makes box.bmp fill up all of fullscreen? How can I prevent this?

Directx Fullscreen
How do I make a fullscreen in directX (I ain't good...)

i was wondering if fullscreen is really all that faster...

i have checked the fps on my computer and they seem roughly the same (for what scrap of a program i tested it in anyway)

however as the game i am working on gets more complicated... lets hope i can make it that far.

will it make a large differece? currently i am wanting to go windowed... as i want user controlls to be placed on the form with it. however some of my friends told me to go fullscreen...

is it really worth it? or do they just want me bust myself making a complicated (atleaset more complicated) interface?

so you know... i am going to have several rotating things, as well as multilayered maps when i am completed... as well as probably particle effects (are those easy in dx7?) and some other crap...


Window VS Fullscreen FPS
Anyone know why I can get almost 1000 FPS in window mode, but fullscreen @ 640x480 only gives me about 40??
I'm using D3DSWAPEFFECT_DISCARD for both and my window is bigger than 640x480.


Form Fullscreen
I am having a problem with a program. One of the forms is fullscreen in 1024x768. Trouble is, it puts itself on top of the taskbar (bottom). And when I move the pointer to the bottom, the taskbar still doesn't show; I have to use the windows-button (on my keyboard) to get the taskbar to show. Any ideas as to how I can solve this, and get the taskbar on top of the form like all other programs?
Using VB6.

Fullscreen MDIForm
I have searched everywhere for this.

I would like to make my MDIfrom fullscreen with no borders, as you can do with other forms, but the properties are not available for an MDI. Is it possible? I have tried DirectX and that maximises it the same as the windowstate, how can I remove the border?


Fullscreen In Mswebdvd
could anybody tell me how you get out of fullscreen mode with mswebdvd.

there is no mousemove,up or down events in it.


Notepad Fullscreen

i use a shell command to open notepad with a filename :

Shell ("Notepad " & .FileName)

all going well the problem is that notepad is iconifed (in the task bar) !!! Is it possible to get notepad full screen ?

Vb6.0 Forms Fullscreen
how can i make a vb6.0 form fullscreen

it must be really fullscreen and the start menu and the

task bar should not appear when we press the start

keys on keyboard.( setting windowstatus=vbmaximized or

making the size of the form screen size is not working proper).
please help!!

WindowsMediaPlayer1 - FullScreen

I have been having problems with Windows Media Player in vb and have simplified it down as far as possible my code is as follows -

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Form1.WindowState = 0
WindowsMediaPlayer1.uiMode = "none"
WindowsMediaPlayer1.windowlessVideo = True
WindowsMediaPlayer1.settings.autoStart = False
WindowsMediaPlayer1.settings.volume = 100
WindowsMediaPlayer1.settings.setMode "loop", False
WindowsMediaPlayer1.URL = "C:Adverts3.avi"
End Sub

The first time I click on the button it works as it should ie it plays the video full screen and everything is fine. However, when I press the button again this time the video plays just fine but plays the size of the object and not full screen. Has anyone got any ideas? If I do try and include the line WindowsMediaPlayer1.FullScreen = True then I get the following error - "Run-time error -'2147418113 (8000ffff)': Method 'fullScreen' of object 'IWMPPlayer4' failed"

Dont know if anyone can help me out with this one?


Always On Top - Even Over Fullscreen Games?
Hello. I have my own Always on top coding, and, a few from here and pscode, but can't seem to find what I'm looking for - if it's possible.

I am trying to make an application ALWAYS on top, even over games.
e.g. Runescape, World of Warcraft, CSS...

any ideas?

Fullscreen In Mswebdvd
could anybody tell me how you get out of fullscreen mode with mswebdvd.

there is no mousemove,up or down events in it.


DirectX 8 Fullscreen Help...
i have been starting to make a game and i started to make it in 800 by 600 full screen in DirectX 8 but now ....i think i can get better images with 1025 by 768 fullscreen the problem is when i change it to 1025 by 768 it works fine but when i put it 1025 by 768 fullscreen i get an error can anyone tell me what the error is and how i can fix it....

also if i make a game in 1025 by 768 will DirectX make it smaller for people 800 by 600 screens?

ok heres my code (this is just a small part of a game im makeing but heres the part that is messing me up)


VB Code:
Public Sub Form_Load()    'Set up the form    Form1.Caption = "Test"    Form1.AutoRedraw = False    Form1.BorderStyle = 1    Form1.ClipControls = False    Form1.KeyPreview = True    Form1.ScaleMode = 3    Form1.Width = Screen.TwipsPerPixelX * (SCREENWIDTH + 12)    Form1.Height = Screen.TwipsPerPixelY * (SCREENHEIGHT + 30)    Form1.Show    Form1.Visible = True        'Initialize Direct3D    InitDirect3D Form1.hwnd, SCREENWIDTH, SCREENHEIGHT, FULLSCREENEnd Sub


VB Code:
Option Explicit 'heres where i change the screenPublic Const SCREENWIDTH As Long = 1025Public Const SCREENHEIGHT As Long = 768Public Const FULLSCREEN As Boolean = False Public DX As DirectX8Public d3d As Direct3D8Public d3dx As New D3DX8Public dispmode As D3DDISPLAYMODEPublic d3dpp As D3DPRESENT_PARAMETERSPublic d3ddev As Direct3DDevice8Public backbuffer As Direct3DSurface8 Public Sub InitDirect3D(ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal lWidth As Long, ByVal lHeight As Long, ByVal bFullscreen As Boolean)    'catch any errors here    On Local Error GoTo fatal_error        'create the DirectX object    Set DX = New DirectX8     'create the Direct3D object    Set d3d = DX.Direct3DCreate()    If d3d Is Nothing Then        MsgBox "Error initializing Direct3D!"        End    End If     'tell D3D to use the current color depth    d3d.GetAdapterDisplayMode D3DADAPTER_DEFAULT, dispmode        'set the display settings used to create the device    Dim d3dpp As D3DPRESENT_PARAMETERS    d3dpp.hDeviceWindow = hwnd    d3dpp.BackBufferCount = 1    d3dpp.BackBufferWidth = lWidth    d3dpp.BackBufferHeight = lHeight    d3dpp.SwapEffect = D3DSWAPEFFECT_COPY_VSYNC    d3dpp.BackBufferFormat = dispmode.Format     'set windowed or fullscreen mode    If bFullscreen Then        d3dpp.Windowed = 0    Else        d3dpp.Windowed = 1    End If     'chapter 9    d3dpp.MultiSampleType = D3DMULTISAMPLE_NONE    d3dpp.AutoDepthStencilFormat = D3DFMT_D32     'create the D3D primary device    Set d3ddev = d3d.CreateDevice( _        D3DADAPTER_DEFAULT, _        D3DDEVTYPE_HAL, _        hwnd, _        D3DCREATE_SOFTWARE_VERTEXPROCESSING, _        d3dpp)            If d3ddev Is Nothing Then        MsgBox "Error creating the Direct3D device!"        End    End If        Exit Subfatal_error:    MsgBox "Critical error in Start_Direct3D!"    EndEnd Sub

Switching To Fullscreen With F11
I want my app to behave just like IE does when you press F11, in other words covering the taskbar as well as hiding the titlebar.

I've tried this code:

VB Code:
If KeyCode = vbKeyF11 Then            With frmMain                .Caption = ""                .WindowState = 2                .BorderStyle = 0            End With        End If

This only works correctly if ControlBox is set as False in the form properties, but I need to have it set to True while the app is in Windowed mode. It seems like I can't set "ControlBox = False" at runtime? Is there any other solution for this?

Hi. How can I make a fullscreen app? Fullscreen like most gmaes and not just maximized.

Program Over-top Of Fullscreen
Is there a way I can have a form show up over top of a full-screen game or something, without disrupting the game, but so there's like a pop-up, so that when I receive an IM in the background or something, it has a pop-up that doesn't interupt my game. Is there a way I can do this?

A Fullscreen Mode .swf?
i want my flash movie to be in full screen mode! anyone, how to do this?

Sendmessage To An .exe?/fullscreen App
I want to tell a normally fullscreen app to grab fullscreen again, all i have is its .exe name in the process this possible?

Frame On Top Of Fullscreen?
Hello all =D

I wanted to know, if there was anyway to possibly keep a frame or two, on top of a fullscreen directx game, or movie. I would worry about the transparency later on, but i'd really like to know how i could achieve this. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

EDIT: To clarify a bit, i'd like to work on a program, say to send instant messaged while still in a game. There was a program called ingamechat that worked through aim, msn, and irc, with transparent windows, while in a full screened game. The project has since been closed, as the parent company closed, but it did work just great. Would this be possible in vb in any way?

Do Fullscreen With Form Using Dx
Why? Because I want to know if its possible!

I haven't seen a good explanation on this so far, nothing more.

Fullscreen To Windowed
is it possible to run an application that normally runs in fullscreen (like a game) to windowed mode. How should I do that?

How To Launch IE Fullscreen
Hi guys. I have a simple question.
I need help launching IE on form load event. I need to lauch IE fullscreen with a specific URL..


Projector WMP Fullscreen? W/VB
Have an application with a GUI. In the GUI is an embeded Windows Media Player (OCX). When viewing the program on a monitor/LCD you see the video and GUI perfectly. When hooking to most projectors the video goes automatically to fullscreen. For presentations this is unaceptable because the GUI of the application is part of the presentation. There are no settings on the projecto causing this and I tried everything I could think of in my video driver settings. This problems happens on all different kinds of video drivers and projectors. The only common thing I can think of is the windows media player object. Does anyone know a settings that could prevent this?

Fullscreen Game.
I am wondering if there's any way to get a fullscreen to let a form show above it? The game won't let any other windows come above it unless you do ALT+TAB to go to another window, which minimizes the game. I'm trying to make a macro for it, and let the user input keystrokes to record a macro. How would I be able to make a form/program show or be on top?

Run Over The Top Of Fullscreen Window?
I am making a plugin for a game. I want to make it so that when the user presses "S" (I already have the system hook), the form shows itself, BUT doesnt have the game minimize. Can i do this? Have my window run over the other one? Thanks for any input!

Project At Fullscreen
ok, i want to make my project go fullscreen, without the start menu or anything... i want it to be the ONLY thing on the screen. and in a way that hopefully nothing will go over it until the program is over...

how do i go about doing this?

Fullscreen Mode
hey ppl~

i need to find out how to make a Visual Basic application full-screen and fit all kinds of screen resolution. The objects must also be scaled according to the screen resolution.

Can anyone please help? Thank you...

Fullscreen With MMControl
How can i change the size of the moviewindow, using nothing but mmcontrol ? I figuered out that i can create a new sizable window by drawing the movie at hWN 0. But i would like to have some commands for the sizing of a moviewindow on a form, if you know what i mean. hope i posted this in the right area...


How To Fullscreen A Form?
here's what i want(if it is possible):

let's say i have a listbox that lists some descriptions of photos.The user selects one and the photo shows up in a picturebox. i want to add a "fullscreen" button which shows that picture in another form which is FULLSCREENed so the user sees the(almost) actual size of the photo. i hope you understood what i want and i hope you have some answers or something alternative.

thanks in advance

What's up maggots?? I hope u are Slayerized!!!

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SIP && FullScreen Mode

I have a problem working with the SIP button using the fullscreen mode.

When i show the SIP button, the software goes to normal mode.

Any ideias?

How To Control Fullscreen With WMP 6.4?
I am working on a touchscreen-based video application. As of now, I am currently able to open a video (.avi) file with no problems. I can even work my way around controlling the volume, skipping to a time in the movie etc. What I can't seem to be able to figure out is how to get WMP to respond to a click to enable true fullscreen mode, and then to restore again.

The application is designed to run maximized anyhow, but the fullscreen mode is something I want to use to "clean up" the screen while watching a movie. I would like the user to be able to tap the screen (click the mouse) on the video, and have the video window restore to the size set in the form. Pretty much what I'm looking for is a way to do what the standalone WMP does. Click the video and it goes to fullscreen (Alt/Enter). Click again, and back it goes. How do I make my app do that?

I have tried all kinds of methods and settings, and I get the feeling I'm missing something important. (Duh!)

The MediaPlayer1 object is set to: SendMouseClickEvents = True, ClicktoPlay = False, EnableFullScreenControls = True. All other variables are left at default.

Any ideas?

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