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Play Single Audio Channel On Both Speaker

Hi all !

Is there any tricks to play left audio channel only on L-R speaker ?
i want to use this to remove vocal while playing karaoke movie (DAT files)
Thx in advanced !

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Setting Audio Channel
Dear all

I want to ask u for some help. Do you know how to set audio channel for speaker by VB ? Eg. left only, right only, mono stereo, or stereo.

Thanx a lot for your help

Best regards,

Playing Movie With Left Or Right Audio Channel Supports
hi all,

Does anyone know how to play a movie file (.dat), with left or right audio channel support?

I have tried Windows Media Player control and MCISendString API, both of these methods play the movie perfectly, but I can't control the Left or Right audio channel of the movie.

How can I set both of my speakers play left audio channel only, instead of stereo sound?


Audio Related: Change Speaker Setup?
When you go to the Control Panel -> Multimedia -> Playback -> Advanced Preferences -> Speaker Setup you can choose which kind of speaker setup you have.

I'm usually using quadrophonic speakers, but at late night I use headphones.

Is it possible to change the setup from VB, with some kind of registry related API perhaps? I have no idea that where the speaker setup info is saved, but I belive it is somewhere in the registry... It's just so boring to click so many times... :P

Alternatively I could do the thing by feeding mouse clicks and stuff but that's just an alternative.


Internal Speaker -> Play Wave?

All i heard is the beeping sound coming out of the internal speaker of a PC .... can that play a wave sound?? if so , how can i call it to play a wave file???

by the way, how to call the beeping sound????

Play Audio
Hello im some what new with vb Im wondering how to create a just a Play and stop button and when u click play it will connect to a site like shout cast url or a listen live radio url thanks.

If tried a sorce code example

Private Sub Form_Load()
psSoundFile = AppPath & ""
If Dir(psSoundFile) = "" Then
MsgBox "Sample .wav file not found; can't run", , "Error"
MMControl1.DeviceType = "WAVEAUDIO"
MMControl1.FileName = psSoundFile
End If
End Sub

and when i click play it says wav file not found etc.

How Can I Play An Audio Cd.
How can I play an audio cd. The media player ocx won't work.

Play And Mix Audio Files

I'm looking for a way in vb to play and mix audio files.
I want to play file 1 and begin playing file 2 for example 3 seconds before the end of file 1.
How can I make it work?

Thanks in advance.

How To Play Audio File?
I have label1 caption "HI" . How to voice this text using my own language through VB ?

How To Play Audio Files...
i know how to play an audio file, but what i need to know is how to play an audio file from an unspecified directory. for instance, not all cd drives are labeled with the same letter, but i want program (on cd) to be able to find the correct audio files on the cd to play. is there a way to do this??

How To Choose Which CD To Play Audio From.
Hi again ppl..

(sorry for asking perhaps easy things, but I have no VB6EE references so I have to work from... Excel 2000 VB help.. which as u know is limited)

Anyone know how I get a list of available CD drives, so that I can choose in program which cd I want to play audio from..
say I have a small listbox (or something) with only cd/dvd drives listed.. i can then select the one corrosponding to the cd with the music track disc in... and then use the MMControl (which is already working thanks to .. some AllExperts Expert bloke!) to control it.


How Do You Play A .au Audio File?
How do you play a .au audio file in VB? I tried to use the media player, but couldn't find any way to automate it.

How To Play Audio Files In VB
Hi friends,
I want to play a wav file when the user login into the system, when he clicks on button and when he logs out of the system.
Can someone give me sample code for this
Any help will be appreciated.
Thanx in advance.

VB + Goldwave To Play VOX Audio
I need to launch the playing of VOX audio files from within a VB application.   

Since these particular VOX files have a non-typical sample rate I need to use a more flexible audio player like Goldwave instead of something simplistic like ToolVOX.

Also I do not think that converting the VOX files to another audio format (e.g. WAV, etc.) would be within acceptable user time tolerances, so I would like to, if possible, stay within the VOX format.

My Keyword Search of this forum and my Google search for:
   Goldwave VB
did not turn up anything.

If anyone has experience interfacing Goldwave with a VB application   or   if you have any other alternative approaches to recommend, I would appreciate your suggestions and/or advice.

Thank you,

I Can't Seem To Play Any Audio Files...
Hi All,

I'm trying the FAQ and i can't seem to play a .wav file in my program...

Private Sub Label2_Click()
playAudio << lands on MMControl1.Play and says Method or data member not found?
and i tried this one
WindowsMediaPlayer1.URL = App.Path & "audioa.wav" << says error 424 object required

any ideas?


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Most Efficient Audio Play
I am currently writing an mp3 player that can also play cd's. I first made it to play mp3's using ActiveMovie reference, but it would not play cd's. So, I decided to have a select case statement to see if the file was mp3 or cd, and if it was mp3, use ActiveMovie, and if it's cd audio, use microsoft multimedia control (mmcontrol1). The only problem is mmcontrol doesn't allow the user to skip to a certion part of the song. Then I decided to use Microsoft Media Player but I thought that if I made a program sing Media Player then it's just Windows Media Player in a difference skin, and I'd like to feel that I have coded something.

Are there any code and examples that can play mp3 and cd audio, or any controls that I could buy (if I can buy it at least I feel I earned it lol).

Thanks in advance

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Play Audio Data
In memory, I have a data vector (Integers) that represents some sound. It does not have all of the pedigree of a wave file, but it does have all of the information.

I can re-sample it to 44 kHz if that is necessary. I'd like to pump this signal through a sound player but am not sure how to do that.

If I have to create a wave file, then load it and and play it, I guess that would work but it seems silly. Anyone got any direct way to stream an array of data into a sound player?


Play Multiple Audio File In Vb
hi all....
this is the 10th forum i asked to solve my question but with no respond,so plz help me..........

1st: how to play more than .wav file one after other once i click a button...(RealAudio1...)

2nd: how to concatinate more than 1 .wav file and then play them all one after other in a new file....

Note: im working on text-to-speech project , so my program should return the .wav file that i record for each word on the screen...(any sugestion are welcome)


Play Audio Stream File (m3u, Pls)
I can't find any solution for this, but I think it's simple. Maybe I'm not good in searching

I need to open .m3u or .pls file and than to play the stream audio from the server site (f.E. or Opening the files is easy, but my problem is how to connect to the server and to play the stream

Thanks in advance

Play Audio File..important
Hi all......
i have some problem in this code:

Dim i As Integer
Dim MyString, MyArray, Msg As String

Private Sub Command1_Click()
MyString = Text1.Text
MyArray = Split(MyString, " ", -1, 1)
Msg = MyArray(0) & " " & MyArray(1)
MsgBox Msg
For i = 0 To UBound(MyArray)
Select Case (MyArray(i))

Case "كتب":
RealAudio1.Source = "file://C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorMy DocumentsTest" + "كتب" + ".wav"
RealAudio1.AutoStart = True

Case "لعب":
RealAudio1.Source = "file://C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorMy DocumentsTest" + "لعب" + ".wav"
RealAudio1.AutoStart = True

End Select


simply what i want need to know how to play multiple audio file one after other continouslly and automaticaly once i click a button......could any one help me...plz...

How To Play Audio File In WindowsMediaPlayer 9
How to play audio file using WindowsMediaPlayer1 Control that comes with Windows MediaPlayer 9 (wmp.dll) ...

Play A Wave Audio File
how to play a wave audio file ?


Audio Recording And Speaker Recording Programs
I am trying to create two different recording programs. One will record everything that is played from the speakers and one will record everything the microphone picks up is this possible.

Play Streaming Windows Media Audio..
Can someone point me in the correct direction to learn how to play a WMA from my website through vB?

(I don't want to download it then play, I want to play while downloading)

Real Audio, Play A File When Other Finishes
Does anyone happen to know how I could start playing a .ra file when another one finishes? I'm using the RealAudio ActiveX control.

Alexander McAndrew
VB Zone

I Need To Play Some Small Audio Clips, Not Sure What Format To Use?
I would like to use something other than Wav, but I also don't want to use something very complicated. Is there a format that is more efficient than wav and easy to implement? Should I just stick with Wav? Should I try to use Mp3? What would you recommend?

Thanks in advance,

Real Audio, Play A File When Other Finishes
Does anyone happen to know how I could start playing a .ra file when another one finishes? I'm using the RealAudio ActiveX control.

Alexander McAndrew
VB Zone

Play Audio Or Video With Button Click?
Is there anyway to insert audio and video clips into a VB form or command button? If there is what is the code used to do so?

EDIT by DaVBMan. Changed your title as your old title of "password" had nothing to do with your question. Also, welcome to VBCity.

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How To Play Audio/video Files - Display Image File ?
Hi folks,

I have three questions:

1. How to play a video file? I am not familiar with different formats but let's say wmv or avi format

2. How to play an audio file? say mp3

3. How to display an image file (gif, jpg, or bmp)?

Thanks for your help


Transfer The Sound To Sound Card Speaker Out From Modem Speaker Out
{I have already asked this question 2 times. But no one answer for this}
How can I transfer the sound to sound card speaker out from modem speaker out?

Video + Audio ... But Audio Not Captured

does anyone know how to bring up the sound configuration dialog using the videoocx.ocx ??? i get to retrieve all the video display setting dialog but i couldn't found any method for retrieving the sound dialog!!!!!!!!!!!11

i want to capture the sound as well from a microphone!!!

any expert please help?????

Play, Stop, Pause, Loop Play MP-3
respected codeguru users and viewers,

how i can play mp3 file in my program i used mmcontrol and active movie control but not the solution due to lack of experience, can any one help me how its done, thanx for viewing and responsing,

Is There An IRC Channel?
Im new and i was just wondering if there was an IRC channel to go along with the site.


How Do I Get To The VBF IRC Channel?
Ok. ive never used IRC.. im using the IRC client that comes built into Trillian, can anybody tell me how i would get into the Visual Basic Forum's IRC channel? Thanks


What Is A Channel?

Just a quick question, what is a file for a channel or handle?

Thanks for your time,
Best wishes
Xenia Jones

What Is A Channel?

Just a quick question, what is a file for a channel or handle?

Thanks for your time,
Best wishes
Xenia Jones

#VB IRC Channel Problem...
I dont know if its just me but whats the irc server for the VBF channel?

4 Channel Recording

Does anyone know if it is possible to use sound card for recording with microphones inside the visual basic ?

Is it possible to use VB for four channel recording ?
Should I have a four channel sound card or is it possible to use two sound cards separately ?

What VB version should I have and what I should note when starting to make the basic program ?

Best thanks,


Opening An IRC Channel
is there VB 6.0 code similar to this VB 2005 express code:

VB Code:
Process.Start("iexplore", URL)

The URL is actually a URL for an IRC channel, so that code opened up mIRC directly and instantly to the correct server and channel.

With VB 6.0 I've been using this code:

VB Code:
Set s = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.application")    s.Visible = True    s.Navigate URL

This takes a lot longer than the VB 2005 code because it opens up my default browser first and then opens mIRC. Is there a way to get the instantanious opening to mIRC that I got with VB 2005 with VB 6.0?

Talking In Irc In A Channel Thru My App
i've made an app that connects to an irc server and then joins a channel and everything comes ok but how do i talk in private to someone or in the channel? ive tried for private message to put: /QUERY <NICK> <MSG> and it says that he doesnt understand the command...*** am i doing wrong?!

Left &amp; Right Channel
Doe's anyone know how i can play one wav file to the left speaker channel and another one through the right speaker channel of the sound card at the same time.

Or is there an API that i can use to control the balance?

Thanks to all in advance

What Is A Channel In A Sound.
I want to know what exactly is "channel" in a sound ? Is it left and right sound outputs to the speaker.

I want to play a mp3 using some code. It asks how much channels it must use. What is the default value for a sound card ?

New Effnet Und Irc-net Channel ! !
join the Effnet or the ircnet and join the channel

we c Us there

Title Music Won&#039;t Play, Need A Way To Play MP3!
I haven't found a way to play my title music yet! I need a way to play an MP3 file!

Alpha Channel Icons

I know there has been posts about this before, but i have serahced, and they all go off topic and don't give consice answers; People start thinking that it's size there talking about and not colour depth then the story starts to lose track, etc etc.


Simply what i am looking to know is:

Can you import XP style Icons into your application. Just like you can import 256 colour icons with transparency onto your form as a picture for example. But VB6 doesnt handle the alpha channel. Is there anyway to get around this? I know that if it is a form icon for example, you can use a ico file with multiple formats, which i have imported successfully due to VB using the lower qualitys icons in design time, but when running the app in XP, it uses the correct icons. But this is an icon to go on a form; It will only have on format as such (i.e. It will be a single 32x32 size icon in an ico file). May be be to do with tricking the program into it? or is there any other method.

I hope there is SOMEWAY of doing it, because XP Icons in 256 without the alpha channel look horrible and jaggy.

If anyone can help it would be great.

Thx in advance.

IRC Join Channel Problem
I haven't done very extensive programming with IRC but i've gotten through connecting and all that stuff, and i've got a basic communication going with an irc server, however heh..... whenever i attempt to join a channel my program crashes, everytime. I was just wondering if anyone knew why this would happen,

all my program does basically is receve a string from the server and add it to a text box. I was thinking it might have something to do with the characters that are being sent and then moved into there, I'm not sure.if anyone has some tips or advice i would appretate it alot thanks.

Mp3 Player With 6 Channel Sound
i want to play 6 different mp3 file at same time using 5.1 soundcard...:
file 1 play in speaker front left
file 2 play in speaker front right
file 3 play in speaker center

i have tried with direct sound..with wav file..and it work
but now i want try with mp3 file.

anyone have idea what must i do or anyone have simple code about this?

DirectDraw7 Alpha Channel
I was doing some looking around about Direct Draw 7 and Alpha Channels. From what I read is that you cant do alpha channeling in DD7 without either making your own draw procedure that reads the raw data, or use an outside library like vbDabl.dll. I was looking through some files I downloaded awhile ago when I was learning DD7, one popped out at me. It was a program that created alpha channel bitmaps by taking two images, one for the color and another for the alpha channels. Then it saved as an .abmp file. I was just thinking to myself "why would someone need to make surfaces with an alpha channel if you cant even use then in DD7?" I guess this is a question for the DX gurus in the forum. Is it possible somehow to use this to make an easy to use alpha channel draw procedure. It seem like I can modify the method this example used to save .abmp files to just load the image into a surface with 32bit pixel format. Then I would have to find a way to blit the new surface with its alpha channel. My guess would be that everything I read so far is correct. But I think it would be kinda cool if there were an easier way to draw alpha channel bitmaps.

Sound Channel Problem
I'm trying to find a solution to my sound channel mapping problem. I need to play the sound from one channel on both speakers. For example, play left channel audio on both left and right audio channels.

I have been looking for a solution to this but so far no good.

Please help, thank you.

Chance Input Channel?
Is it possible to set the input channel of my capture card dynamically at run time, without the user having to manually do it?
I hope somebody can help me..


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