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Print On Legal Size Paper

Does anyone know how to print a datareport on legal size paper?

This is my code

DataReport4.Orientation = rptOrientLandscape

What code would i use to print on legal size paper?


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Is There Really A Way To Print Into A Legal Size Paper With DataReport?
I have been with this problem a big long ago. I tried the printer.papersize = vbPRPSlegal and nothing, it still prints into a letter size paper (8 1/2 X 11). I don't have the enough budget to buy Crystal Reports and don't know if it can print into different types of paper sizes.
Is there any way to print into a legal size paper with DataReport?

If not, is there a way to tell the printer that I would like it to forward 1 to 2 inches so that I can start printing from the 2nd inch of the legal size paper and print the 11 inches long permitted of a letter size paper to be able to print into the legal size paper till the 13 inch ?
Any help will be appreciated.

Help For Printing A Report On A Legal Size Paper
Anybody know a way I can create a report that supports the size 8.5 X 14 in (legal) paper?
Datareport doesn't support this.
I don't have experience working with Crystal Reports (if anybody has an example for creating this type of report I would appreciate your contribution). I need it for a VB application, I have done reports on Crystal Reports but can't find a way to link it on a VB application in the way that if the contents of a database changes, it is reflected on the Crystal Report.
If anybody can help, please let me know.

Help For Printing A Report On A Legal Size Paper

I' using vb6 and crystal 7.0.

I created a report in crystal 7.0 .In cryustal report i Enter two lines
and single line characher data.

For ex.
School Name is...... (line 1)
School register
Number is............. (line 2)
When I print report on dot matrix printer on thta time only one sinlge line character line is printing but two lines character line is not printing on paper all charactres are missing.

What I do?

Paper Size To 1/2 Legal In Cristal Report
how to set cristal report paper size to 1/2 legal and portrait ?
iam using windows xp and printer lx300 and there is no paper size custom

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Print Paper Size
Using a Intermec label printer what line of code do I use to tell it to print 4 inches by 6 inches. I know i can change these settings in the driver, but we are having complications with that. So, if anyone knows the code to set the paper size settings, it would help out a lot.

Thanx in advance.

Print Paper Size
Hi VB Masters ...

i hope someone can help me out with this ...
i have created a couple of forms that have picturesboxs in them .. these images are some documents i scanned ..

my objective is to print these forms wit the exact size of the picturesbox in them (and so i did thanks to this Forums help by adding hte following printpicturebox picture1, 0, 0)

but for some i noticed that one of the picture i inserted to the form is not an A4 size instead its a 33 cm paper size ..

-can i give a command about paper size in the form (VB) or is it not possible
-Or this issue should be solved with the printer i am using .

i am using a Xerox photo copy printer witch can take 2 paper sizes at the same time..

Your help is higly apprexiated.


Print A Form In A4 Size Paper In VB

I have a problem to print my form in a4 size paper in vb.
how can i solve this problem, I am a begineer in vb.

anybody helps me,
thank you.

Print Server/ Paper Size
Dear all..
Do any one know how to retrieve papersizes from windows print server ?
Even if there is no printers are installed windows can show and accept paper sizes
in the print server. If any body can help me to retrive these papersize... thanks in advance

Best Regards

How To Print A Form To A4 Size Paper?
I have tried to print the Form to a A4 size paper, but the height of the Form is limited as the height of the Monitor ( 1024x 768 ), so the form cannot not be printed fully.

Would anyone help me to slove this problem!?? thank you!

How To Get Paper Size In Common Print Dialog?
How do I get and use the paper size selected by the user in a common print dialog box? Thanx.

A3 Size Paper Print Using Data Report In Vb 6.0
Hi All,

I want to generate a A3 size paper reports using data reports in vb 6.0.

But data report width restriction is there in vb 6.0. I installed sp4 also..but max allowing report width is around 16200.

How to do it?


Print Form Fits Paper Size
How could I print a VB6 form with full size on the printing paper, says, letter size? Hopefully I do not need to buy a 3rd party software. I am thinking about to enlarge each control and the form and then print it out and then resize them back to their original size. However, I do not want the user to see them changing on the screen. What can I do?


Printing Text To Laser Printer - Setting Paper And Orientation To Legal/landscape
I am new to VB (release 5) and am having trouble with setting the laser printer in my area to use legal paper and print landscape. Also, I need to know the code to determine the address of the printer so I can redirect the print to another area after I place this in production.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Set Up Legal Size In VB
I need to design a form in legal size. Does anyone know how to set it up ? Thanks

Legal Size Reports
In windows 2000 I cannot get the reports to print legal size, code
works in 98 and XP

Any help would be appreciated

Printing A Form To Legal Size
I am working on an application that requires a form be printed and it MUST be printed legal size. I have tried setting the form size using the properties list and I have tried to set the paper size to Legal in code, but neither of these work. Is there something that I am missing?

Data Report Legal Size
Service Pack 5 fixed a bug where it wasn't possible to change orientation programmatically for Data Report. What it didn't fix is changing paper size (legal, etc.). Does anybody know how to work around this problem?

Data Report In Legal Size
hello! i am having problems regarding data reports. what should i do such that when i print a data report, it will maximize the space of a legal size paper. meaning when i print a report, it will appear the same way as to when i set the paper size of a Word document to legal size.
please help me

Legal Size In Data Do U?
Please help me... how do i set the size to legal using data report?


Datareport On Legal Size Page
Hello Group,

Please let me know how Legal size page width is set in vb6 datareport, if
possible please provide me more details how to use larger report than A4
size, how to use in Datareport, I can handle A4 size report but when trying
report on Legal there is width error is generated.

Thanks / altaf

It Doesnt Print On The Paper Where The Paper Is Fed
- m using epson -lx300+ printer.....
-my problem is that m using 114mm width rolled paper........when i try to print
-it doesnt print on the paper where the paper is prints outwards where there is no paper
--during page setup what should be the paper size for this?
-Which font will be better for printing with these types of dot matrix printers
-And i have got alignment problem in my code

can any one help me with this?


Printing A Form Whose Size Is More Than The More Than 11* 8.5 Paper Size
Can anybody tell me how to print a Form whose size is more than the More than 11* 8.5 Paper size

Print PDF As Legal Or Letter
It is almost 3 in the morning and I have been fiddling with this for the last 6 hours.

Anyone knows how to print PDF on legal size and letter size paper?

Get Paper Size Using VB

does any one know how to get the printer paper size ie height and width.
What dll do I use and if you have an example that would help.



Paper Size
Hi, Just Asking on How to set the Paper Size of a DataReport to Legal (8.5x14)?
I try using CommonDIalog Box but it doesn't work..

CommonDialog1.Flags = 64

I always go to the Printers and Faxes and set the Paper Size to Legal..
But my other projects, need only Letter(8.5x11) that's why I am going to back it's paper size to (8.5x11)..
What code should I write, so that everytime I run this program, the Paper Size will automatically set to Legal (8.5 x 14)
Hope you can help me with this?

Paper Size
anyone have idea on how to set custom papersize for crystal report 8.5?

Paper Size
 does any gurus/newbies/fanatics know how to change the data report size from A4 to A5... is it possible?

thanks for any avail!

Get Paper Size
How can get all paper size which are available in the system to a list box?

Paper Size
Hi there,
How do I set the paper size to 8.5* 3.66 (default 8.5 * 11)??
This is because I have to print form in dot matrix printer in a 1/3 lenth of a regular paper size.

thank you,

Paper Size
hello. good day.

how can i retrieve all the supported paper size for a printer?
and how can i set the paper size?

i have tried using the printer collection, but always causes an error.

thanks for the help.

How Can I Automaticaly Fit The Paper Size?

Let me try to explain what I want exactly

One of my program is successfully populating the records into many excel worksheets with the given format.
Some of those details are going to many coloums (horizontaly from 'A' coloum to 'O' coloumn). When I am trying print those excel worksheet is A4 size paper, it is coming into more than one paper ('A' to 'K' in one sheet and remaining into another sheet)

How can i automaticaly fit into the A4 size paper width by coding wise?

I know that manually we can go and adjust the size by a draging the lines in print view page. Can I do that through excel automating coding? Is it possible to do? Now everytime user has to go and manually set the lines to fit into the page width

Pls shed some lights on this

Define Paper Size

Can we define Paper Size (A4 or Legal or Letter) while printing thro macro?.

By giving this below code, it is taking defalut paper size. any idea regarding this.

ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.PrintOut Copies:=1, Collate:=True


Paper Size Names

I'm using the DeviceCapabilities API funciton to retrieve the paer sizes my printer support. I want to display these paper sizes in a combo box. However, the function only returns numeric constants. How do I find paper size name (ie. A4 or Legal) corresponding to a given constant?


Change Paper Size
what is the cording to change paper size and set as landscape .. what is the right cording i m trying like this

printer.papersize = 9
printer.oriantation = 2

its not working
y is that ??

what should i do

Printing Paper Size
I am printing a Data grid to the printer in my application and use a the common dialog box to get the settings. The user can in the advanced settings set the paper size. How do I go about getting this infomation so I can set the paper size when I print. There isn't a property in the Object to get this.

Maybe a API Call????

Printer Paper Size

Can anyone tell me a way to set the paper size dynamically in vb? I am developing an application that prints timetables for students. I need to set the paper size dynamically..

Thanks in advance..



Custom Paper Size
my reports is designed to print in a custom paper size, 8.5 x 5.5 inch (half of Letter size). thats a problem if my program run in xp.

if i run in win98 or ME, thats not problem. i just have to set a custom paper size in the printer setting. i just set the width=850 and length(height) = 550 as well. (pic1)

BUT, when i run in xp, i cannot set custom paper size... How to set custom paper size? i cannot found custom paper... (pic2)

pls help. tq.

Custom Paper Size.
Is the ability to change a report to print in custom paper size based on settings on the printer?
Or is it possible to somehow change this in the crystal designer tool?

Change Paper Size
How to get the Data Report height after loading the Report?
How to change the user difined Printing paper size in VB?

Excel Fit To A4 Paper Size
I am generating an excel sheet using VB6. Now the report layout is landscape. However some of the columns cross the paper boundary.
Our clients have printers that support A4 paper size only.

Now when I set this using excel this is the macro recorded

ActiveWindow.View = xlPageBreakPreview
ActiveSheet.VPageBreaks(1).DragOff Direction:=xlToRight, RegionIndex:=1
ActiveWindow.View = xlNormalView

however when I use this code in VB it does not work. What can I do????

Paper Size, Setuserpapersize
im using PIN printer to print a cash bill,

the paper size is 8.5 inch x 5.5inch (half of normal fanfold size)

so, the preloaded papersize in crystal report 9.2 doesn't have such paper size, so i need to set it myself

VB Code:
myReport.PaperSize = crPaperUsermyReport.SetUserPaperSize length, width

refer to the help file in crystal report, the length & width value is in pixel, 1 inch equal to 1440 pixels right?
so 8.5 inch should be 12240 pixels & 5.5 is 7920, but end up not what i want.

after few hundred tries, i found that 1335, 2100 nearly equal to 8.5 x 5.5 inch, why?

anyway to change the scalemode of it to cm or inch?

How Can I Change The Paper Size???
Hi to all

I'm using VB6 and i make a report with the datareport (default of vb).

I 'm searching the Web to find how i can change the paper size of the printer that user select but nothing.

I have a report tha prints Folio - Letter but it hasn't the same margins with the vbprpsFOLIO.

When the user select a printer from print button ( In Microsoft DataReport) i want to change the paper size of that printer.

**Sorry for my bad English**


Set Paper Size For A Report
I'm trying to print a crystal report to a dot matrix printer. The paper size I want to print onto is 5 1/2 inchs (14cms) in height * 8.3 inches (21.1cms) in width but I can't find anywhere in crystal to set this paper size.

I have also tried going into the printer setup in windows but can't find an option to customize the paper size.

Can this be done from VB? Or how can I set the paper size?

Can Not Customize Paper Size Xp.
I have a printer lx-300 but I can't define a size customize because the windows xp don't show this option.

Please help me.

Setting The Paper Size Though Vb
Can I set the paper size( A4,LETTER,A3 etc)
of the defalut printer through vb ? I am using Data Report with & Visual basic 6 sp 5

pls help,


Dynamic Paper Size

i am using data reports.. i have diff reports with diff size(the height). so is it possible to do it by code i tried printer object but does not work...

currently we have assign printer for such reports(bills)
can any one help me out pls do we have any api to handle it and tips can do a gr8 diff

Setting Paper Size
Hi Everybody,

I have a vb application in which I resizing the paper size using following command with Genric Printer

Printer.Height = 1440 * 5
Printer.Width = 1440 * 11
Printer.Orientation = 1

This works fine when used On win 98 but On win xp the paper size is not which is given above.

Can Any Body have Clue

Thanks in Advance

Change Paper Size Through VB
Hi all,

can anyone let me how to change the paper size through VB code dynamically as per requirement, ie some of my data reports are using letter size papaer some using legal and some A4, I have tried printer.paperSize but it is not working ,

Thanks in advance


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