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Printer Horizontal AND Vertical Printing On Same Page

How can I print on a same page horizontally and vertically with the instruction printer.print, not with a flipped picturebox...

Any Vb Code ?
If not any API ?

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Printer Output Horizontal And Vertical
I am trying to output to a printer.

I have no problem with getting notmal text out by using

Printer.Print "Text"

but what I would also like to do is have some text come out vertically/sideways (preferably starting at the bottom and reading upwards)

Is there some way to do this easily?


Center Horizontal And Vertical Printing
Public Health Notice: Take a very deep breath before attempting to read this.

ok im kinda new with printing i tried some stuff but couldn't do it i need to print text on a usercontrol center horizontal and vertical text but thats not the hard part im stuck at when the word is too big like this one ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss its bigger than the width so i need some letters to go to the next line and when all the text is bigger than the usercontrol i wanna add a "..." at the end lol im stuck at these can somebody help me pls?

[crystal Report] Avoid Printer From Ejecting Page After Printing A 3 Line Page
Im taking a printout in crystal report - but there are only 3 lines and after printing it goes to next page - but I dont want it to goto next page.
Instead I want it to continue the rest of the printing - which may be in some other report etc - to continue printing from where it left behind (maybe one or 2 lines break)
But after printing 3 lines it automatically ejects out the paper and goes to next page
How do I avoid this ?

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Vertical + Horizontal ScrollBar
In a list box, how do you get a vertical scrollbar + horizontal one? I know you can change the column to get a horz scroll bar, but I want one that's vertical that can scroll over. Because the way I have it, things will keep going down on the list and the down scroll bar appears but they won't fit into the list box. Is there anyway to change this without increasing the size of the listbox? Check out the picture to get an idea what I mean. Thanks!


Vertical And Horizontal Scrollers
Hey All,

I need to insert a couple of scrollers in my form and have them work... I have no idea how to work this and i'd appreciate pointers given by anyone... if you could point me in the right direction like a tutorial i can read that can help me set this up on my form that would be great...

Thank You

Only Horizontal Or Vertical Maximize
How do I make maximize a form only horizontally or vertically? I need to kep the other dimention fixed. Is there any way I can allow resize in only one direction.



Print Vertical/horizontal Lines
Can someone tell me how to print a vertical line in a specific location?

Create A 3-way Vertical And Horizontal Splitter
Hi I was able to get a code from

And I have been trying to change the code so I have 1 panel on the left side and two panel on the right side. I have not been successful.

Through the link above, I took out SW panel and change the window resizing. I have uploaded the form file. Hopefully someone can help me. Thanks

Vertical And Horizontal Scroll In A List
Hi everyone.

I did some search but came up empty.

can I have a horizontal scroll in a list because the item is too long?

the list can display only 5 numbers

but if I add an item wich is "99999999999"
I would like to be able to scroll it on the horizontal


Graph Horizontal And Vertical Cursor

I'm wondering anyone can help me with the following problem:

I have a graph which is used to display a waveform. There are x and y axis. I need to have a horizontal and vertical line which follow the mouse's arrow tip(cursor)--- the intersection point of the horizontal and vertical line should follow the mouse's arrow tip. At a mousedown (mouse click ) event, the horizontal and vertical line intersection point should lie on the point where the mouse click event occur.

The vertical line should cut the corresponding point on x axis and the horizontal lines should cut corresponding point on the y axis. At the mouse click point, i should be able to display its coordinates with respect to the scale of the graph.

Can someone suggest some ways or codes i can use to achieve the above describe line cursor?

I have search around the internet for information but unsuccessful.

This function is really important in my project-help help!

I'm using visual basic 6, standard exe project, not activeX.

Thank you!!!

Attaching Vertical And Horizontal Bars
How can I attach a horizontal and vertical scroll bar to a form itself ?

form_1 in my project will print wysiwyg.. It will be about 3 pages. The user will need to scroll as they input information as needed to all 3 pages.


***---Vertical && Horizontal Scrolls In LISTBOX---***
i have a list box, how do i enable vertical and horizontal scroll bars in the list box.

ListBox - Scrolling In Vertical And Horizontal
I would like to use a ListBox scrolling in vertical and horizontal mode at the same time, because I have texts more large then the weight of my listbox. Could anybody help me?

How Can I Add A Vertical And Horizontal Scrollbar To A Picture Box

I need to allow users to view the contents of a picture box .
The contents is text

Because the text could be long i need to add a vertical scrollbar and horizontal to the picture box.
I have seen an example in the FAQ but i cannot make it work

Any ideas how to do it


Adding Vertical And Horizontal Scroll Bar
I want to add vertical and horizontal scroll bars to my form. I want to add feature in my form so that user can scroll up and down to go through entire form without maximizing it.
How do we do that. I tried putting scroll bars in my form but part of form visible remains same inspite of movement in scroll bar position. Do we need to set some property.

Please advice.


Vertical And Horizontal Scroll Bar In A List Box

I was wondering if someone could help me?
I'm writing a program where I'm displaying some info in a listbox, but
to read it all I need the listbox to be able to scroll horizontally as well as
vertically. I'm not sure how to get both scroll bars into the listbox.


VB Scroll Bars - Vertical And Horizontal
Hi Guys

Can anyone tell me what code to put to control the horizontal and vertical scroll bars?

I appreciate your answers in advance.


Convert Vertical Splitter To Horizontal

Does anybody know how to convert the Vertical Splitter Code that VB generates using VB Application Wizard so that it would work as Horizontal instead?

Printer's Printing An Extra Page
When I use this:

VB Code:
Form1.Line (0, 0)-(Form1.Width, Form1.Height), RGB(255, 0, 0), BF    Printer.Copies = 1    Printer.NewPage    BitBlt Printer.hdc, 0, 0, 200 * Screen.TwipsPerPixelX, 200 * Screen.TwipsPerPixelY, Form1.hdc, 0, 0, &HCC0020    Printer.EndDoc

The printer will print a blank page and then the page that I want, am I missing a step here?


Don't Eject Page After Printing In Printer
Hello All,
I am using VB6. I have module to print Labels on Dot-matrix printer in the user defined size.
say for eg a label with width 3 inch and height 1 inch. I am directly writing to the printer using Printer.CurrentX and Printer.currentY to set position and writing using Printer.Print.
Since the customer in this case is using a dot-matrix printer with 6 lables down and 2 across. When user wants to print only single label, our program prints the label and after printing it ejects the page (for full length as defined in Printer printing preferences) so user has to again roll back the page for the next label. Can anybody tell me how to force printer to stop at the point where last label is printed and not eject the page.

Thanks and Regards,

Scroll Bars Vertical & Horizontal In Form
Hell VB experts,

I have designed a form and using screen pixel area 1024*768.

I need to increase my form height and width horizontally & vertically togreater than above to fit more text or entry fields. By scrolling userscan go left or right or top or bottom. Is any has any sample code andthen please write to me email@removed

I searched many of the above but not able to get right direction on it.First of all let me know if this is possible in VB6.0. I tried in accesswhere we can use scroll bars but not getting correct direction here inVB.

Thanking you in advance.

Best Regards,

Arun Kumar Rodrigues
Mohamed AbdulRahman Al-Bahar
P.O. Box 6038
Sharjah - U.A.E.
Tel.:+971 6 5433 555 - Ext. 343
Direct:+971 6 5141 343
Fax:+971 6 5432 555
E-mail: email@removed

How To Rotate The Orientation Of TabStrip From Horizontal To Vertical?
how to rotate the orientation of TabStrip from horizontal to vertical?

Rotate, Flip Horizontal/vertical A WMF File With VB6
Can anyone provide me the source code in VB6 which gives me the possibility to do following modifications on a windows metafile :
    - read WMF file
    - rotate, flip horizontal and vertical
    - save WMF file


To Have Vertical Scrolling For Listbox And Remove Horizontal

I have used the listbox control to give list no of styles in my database.Since the no. is higher then fixed lenth of listbox ,the data is getting appended horizontally.That is horizontal scroll bar has got activated.But i want the data to scroll downwards.

Is there any property to change the scroll mode of the list box,or coding is required.

Kindly suggest



Cut Off Printing Page At Certain Height With Printer Object
When printing with the Printer Object - is there a way to cut-off the page at a certain height . for e.g, cut the page off at 3 inches?

Is there ANY way to do it, be it with or without the Printer object?


Cut Off Printing Page At Certain Height With Printer Object
When printing with the Printer Object - is there a way to cut-off the page at a certain height . for e.g, cut the page off at 3 inches?

Is there ANY way to do it, be it with or without the Printer object?


Increasing The Maximum Size Of The Horizontal/vertical Scrollbars
I am facing a problem, it seems the maximum size of the horizontal and vertical scrollbars is fixed at 32767, Can I change this if yes how, may be at design time or at run time.

Advance thanks for the help.


Adding Horizontal And Vertical Scroll Bars To A Form
How do you add and code scroll bars into a form to scroll horizontal and vertical?

Data Report 'vertical' In Stead Of 'horizontal' [solved]

I have a data report but the sections are seperated horizontal. 'cause I have a lot of fields to put in the data report I would like to have the sections seperated vertical.

Does someone knows how to do that?

Or other suggestions to put a lot of data in 1 report..

tnx in advance!


How Can I Add The Vertical && Horizontal Lines In Crystal Report Automatically !
hi guys !!!

i have lost of reports which does not have any vertical / horizontal lines, but now my client requested to show all my existing report in Grid lay out.

as it will be very tedious/ not good idea to put all vertical / horizontal lines manually or make a fresh report for all existing one. so is any one know about is there any option to get this done with out the option i had left.

as there is another third part report tool where we can automatically assigned this lines this tool called ACE REPORT.


Enjoy Programming !!

Check Horizontal And Vertical Scrollbar Exists For A Control
What is the API to check whether the Horizontal and Vertical Scroll Bar right now being displayed for the control???

Printer Ejects Blank Page Before Printing Report?
I am using the Printer Object in VB6. When I go to print the report...a blank page is printed before the rest of the report. I simply want to print the report without that blank page. So, in the Procedure that Prints the page headers, I inserted a Printer.NewPage statement as the very first statement in the procedure. Unfortunately, it still prints a blank page. How can I eliminate the blank page printing?


Transposing Horizontal Data To Vertical Data
I want to transpose data entered in horizontally (in rows) from one worksheet to vertical data (in columns) on a different worksheet. Any suggestions?

Vertical Page Breaks
i have some code that loops through a few worksheets some have vertical page breaks through them and some do not.

is there a way to either drag the page break to the right or remove it. I want each sheet to print on a single landscaped page


Printer Change Page Orientation From Page To Page
I'm running VB 5. Is it possible to change the page orientation from one page to another.

portion of code:
If page_orientation(gridno) = 0 Then
Printer.Orientation = vbPRORPortrait
Printer.Orientation = vbPRORLandscape
End If

If I use "Printer.EndDoc" before the above code, the program works fine. Each page is a separate 'print-job' with the orientation that I want. A problem arises when I want to print to a .PDF printer: each page is saved as a separate PDF because they're all separate 'print jobs'.

If I substitute "Printer.EndDoc" with "Printer.NewPage", I get the error "orientation property cannot be set within a page". Is there any way to get around this?

Vertical Text To Printer.

I read here about vertical text, and I try some examples, but all examples show the print on form or picture.

How I send vertical text to printer?


Vertical Text Direct To Printer
I have a routine to print rotated text to a picture on a form, but how do I print rotated text (90 or 270 degrees) direct to a printer?

Implementing ActiveX Vertical Scrollbar On Web Page
Anybody using dreamweaver out there? I want to disable a page default vertical scroll bar and use activeX scroll instead. Just as it is used in Thanks


Vertical Text In PICTURE BOX Copied To PRINTER
I've managed to create a VERTICAL FONT and printed some text to a PICTURE BOX - it's in the PICTURE BOX vertically just like it should be.

Now I want to put that PICTURE box data onto my printer.

I tried:

VB Code:
Printer.PaintPicture picRotate.Picture, xxx, yyy

But I get "Invalid Picture" error.

I've put JPG files into PICTURE BOX controls and used the PaintPicture method to put signatures onto the printer.

Why doesn't this work?

Vertical Scroller And Horizontal Scroller
Hey All,

I have no idea how to work this and i'd appreciate pointers given by anyone... if you could point me in the right direction like a tutorial i can read that can help me set this up on my form that would be great...

Thank You

Setting The Vertical Stacking Order Of Objects On A Page
I have various controls on my page, how can I set which ones appear in front of other ones, and how can I programatically set when one appears behind another one?

Vertical Printing
Hi, i need help on this.
If i wish to do the same on a UserControl, how do i go about changing it?
I try changing it the function so that it will take in a Variant, (e.g. Printer, form and UserControl) but it do not seems to be working

I tried sening a Printer object into the function, but nothing is printed,
but one of the other testing i send using the Printer.Print "Testing" is printed..

Thanks and Best Regards,
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Thank you.

Vertical Printing
I have to print a part of text vertical on a printer. On the same printout text must be printed horizontal and vertical, since I am doing software for printing labels. Can anyone help me?

Printing Vertical Text
I found a nice bit of code on this site to print vertical text on a form or picturebox. However, it does not work for the printer object. It prints as normal text. I am using a true-type font.

Does anybody know how to print vertical text on the printer?

Printing Vertical Text
Hey ppl,

Well i need to print vertical text using in a data report... any ideas?

The X3M

Setting Printer In Draft Mode For DOS Printing Speed && Output As DOS Printing
I want to print in Draft Mode with DOS Printing Speed using DataReport Designer. Anybody can help me How to set dot matrix printer in Draft Mode i.e., speed of printing must be same as DOS Printing Speed.
I am using Code:Printer.PrintQuality = vbPRPQDraft but this code is applicable for resolution quality and printing time is taking same as printing from Windows environment and I need output same as DOS Printing
Is there any special codes, functions or printer properties to be adopted for DOS Printing Speed. I appreciate if anybody can help me for giving me a sample project.
My email is :

Regards / MANI

Printing To Zebra Printer With ZPL Or Printer Object

I know that this question isn't all VB, but I tried to get some info in the barcode forum, but there isn't any traffic there so I thought I could try here.

For the past 10 or 15 years we have used two Zebra label printers hooked up to a computer via serial port and  have sent ZPL to it. We decided to upgrade to newer Zebra printers with network cards so we can print images on the labels, which they have pretty much done what I planned, but I am running into some complications.

With the new printers I used VB6’s printer object and set X and Y coordinates to print my text and bar codes on the labels just like I do with many other documents that I send to HP LaserJets. I am not going to get into the issues that I am having, because I don't think it is relevant (but if you think so I will post it).

My main question is everything I read says to write the txt file and send ZPL to the printer. Why is this used instead of VB6's printer object? I have about 80 users that send print jobs to these printers and wondered if creating a ZPL file was a better way of printing. And, if writing a ZPL text file, where would be a proper place to save the file before it is sent to the printer.

Any input or experience would be greatly appreciated, I am going crazy with this!


Printer Fit To Page
I'm trying 2 print a picture 2 a full size (fit to page) paper

If the paper size is A4 (210x297) then the max size to fit to page is (204x280)
But there are lets of sizes like B5, A5 and more
Where can I find the right sizes? ( 2 A4 is 240x280 not 210x297)

Hi to All:

SImple question about Printer.Page...

VB have some way to reset Printer.Page and start again from one?


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