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Programming The Parallel Port In Vb6

Hi all,

Firsly id like to say cool forum. My question is that i want to programm the parallel port to be used with an external piece of hardware, namely the ADC0808CCN a/d convertor with parallel data output. If anyone can help i would be much appreciated or if anyone has any smaple code that may do this job id be really greatful for any help

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Lpt Port (Parallel) Programming
I have been programming for long time in C++ but now using Visual basic 6.0
but am really a novice at Visual basic.

Can anyone help me to get information for programming the Parallel port ,
(status port to start with) ? This is normally at location 0379 Hex.
This is used for input signals if you don't already know...

This kind of thing is very useful for interfacing with the outside world and is very interesting.

Does anyone have any examples of this kind of code ?

All help is much appreciated.


Parallel Port Programming
plz... let me know...
how can i receive the data from parallel port???
i doing the project about notes detector...
when i scan the notes, it will display at vb interfacing...
but now i really dont know how to get the data from parallel...
i connected the scanner of the notes to parallel port...
i got it for data port but status port i dont really understand how to do it...
cause i need to receive tha data like this:
if bit = 0010 n then display $1

Parallel Port Programming
On my small test circuit with leds, when ever windows starts up, they light up and stay on. how to stop windows from turning them on when it starts up? it isn't really a big problem because I can turn it off using program.

Parallel Port Programming
Hi! I would like to know how i can program the parallel port in VB?
I searched it in Help and in books, but i found nothing. I am not too experienced, but know things. If anybody knows anything, please help me!!! Thanks: Andras

Parallel Port Programming
I need to write a VB program to write data to parallel port, I have no idea how to do, anyone know how to do? Also, any suggested referrence document on how to write parallel port program? Thank!

Parallel Port Programming
Hello everybody,

Can someone tell me how I can send a number to the parallel port in Visual Basic .NET?

I've searched the forum and I have found that you must unblock the parallel port with Direct IO, because I'm using Windows XP Professional. That's what I did for now. I only need one pin of the parallel port to control, so I only need to send 0000 0001 or 0000 0000 to it.

Can someone help me?

Thanks for any replies! :bow:

Parallel Port Programming
I need help on parallel port programming using visual basic.

PIC Programming From Parallel Port By VB 6.0
I'm programming PIC 18F458 from PC's parallel port.I have a hex file and want to load it to PIC based on Low Voltage In Circuit Serial Programming.I need help with this

1-I can't handle with separating hex file(Intel Hex32 file format)
2-Is there an API for communication from paralle port not using inpout32.dll

Parallel Port Programming In VB 6.0
Hello! I am doing a project that is a server controls a hardware (for example a car) by Parallel Port Programming. The car can be controlled to move left, right, forward and backward. So, may I know how to do the programming? Is there any sample code? What is inpout32.dll file? Do I have to install the file?

Waiting for reply...

Parallel/Serial Port Programming

Just wanna ask if the TCP/IP component of VB6 can be used in parallel/serial port programming and how?
Thanks in advance.

Serial/parallel Port Programming
i doubt there is a solution to this one, but i though id try anyway... is there any way that i can connect a single-pole single-throw switch to a parallel or serial port, and get the status of the switch as a bolean?

Advice On Parallel Port Programming - VB/C++
Hi folks,

Just want your opinions on this. I am just starting a home project which involves making a new parallel device and the software to run it. Now, VB doesnt have support for using the LPT properly from what I can tell, so my options are to make the program in VB and then try and come up with a DLL in c++ for the LPT stuff, or write the lot in C++.

I currently know pretty much nothing about C so i'd have a lot of learning to do if I did it all with that, but would it be worth it, or is writing a DLL not too difficult? I'd be a lot more comfortable making my app in VB.


Programming Parallel Port Registers
I am trying to use a dll to control a parallel port. The instructions tell
me what to do to output data to the data lines and how to read them by
making the port bidirectional via the control register commands. However, I
want to know what bits of the control register do what so that I can toggle
the strobe for example.
Can anyone point me to the right place to find out please?.

Parallel Port Programming Using Visual Basic
I am making an automated tempreture monitoring system using Visual Basic... could someone help with hardware interfacing (parallel port) using visual basic... the win95io only works under win9X system is there perhaps any other DLL which i can use in XP? or is there any other way?


Parallel Port Programming In Visual Basic 6
i want to know how can i wirite program for turning on and off my LEDs
by writing application in visual basic 6 through parallel port

About Programming EEPROM(AT93C46) Using Parallel Port LPT1 In Vb6.0
Hi to all of u. I am new member of this forum. I need the help from u. I want to do the my project for Smart Card. I want to know that anybody will help me to find out the vb6.0 code for programming EEPROM(AT93C46) using parallel port LPT1. Pls help me out.

How To Get Data From Serial Port /parallel Port
How do you capture data sent through the
serial/parallel port coming from another machine(lets
say from a pabx machine sending strings of data).

Is it possible to save the data to a txt/csv file for
processing? how?

How Can I Use A Parallel Port?

Does anybody know how can I use the parallel port with Visual Basic?

What commands must I use to use it?

Thank You.

About Parallel Port
Hi there,
From all the input pin in the parallel port (pin 10 - pin 13 and pin 15), can i just read only 1 of those pin as an input?? Example, i connect pin 10 to an external circuit. How can i read input data from only pin 10 and ignore other pins??
Can anyone please tell me the code??

Thanks a lots.

Parallel Port
Hiya guys - what im after is some info on parrallel port usage - i want to write a piece of software to operate electric windows in my car.

So basically I will need the parallel port to be wired to the motors instead of the switch and to act as a switch.

So here goes - there a 3 wires on each switch - power / up / down
Im thinking i will 2 wires for each window out of the port and to the motor - basically signal wires.

So what is the way using code that I can send the signal to the specific pin on the port as I've never touched using parallel for anything before.

Also if it needs a power in could it be possible to simmulate shorting 2 pins to send the in straight out the out if that makes sense

Hopefully someone knows the way forward on this as I dont have an ankles dangle.

Parallel Port
I am new to VB. Currently i am using parallel port to read and write data to a chip using VB. What is the difference between Address write and data write.

How do i read from the chip register address??
How do i write to a specific addr on the chip??


Parallel Port Bit
has anyone been able to set certain bits on and off with out changing the other bits

say you have bit pattern 00000101
and you want to change it to 00000100
with just the 2 changes here it would be simple to command a 4 instead of a 5 but how to do this on a every bit.

Parallel Port!
hi all experts,

I am using a motion detector and parallel port interface on my application. Parallel port program used is (TvicLpt)

When the motion detector detects something, it triggle one of the wire in the motion detector to high (1).

Is there any solution to detect the high (1) by by the parallel port and alert me on the VB program so that i know that there is motion detector.

Thank you

Parallel Port
I need to create square pulse to sent from my parallel port pin 3 to drive my stepper motor.

Example, I create a command button in my form, when pressed, it suppose to generate example 3 square wave, so that my stepper motor will turn 3 step.

Pls help me on the VB code actually how to generate pulses and also how to generate specific pulses (eg. 3 pulse) from the parallel port pin 3.

Thank you very much.

Justin Mun

Parallel Port And Win XP
I am trying to send a single bit to my parallel port but can not figure out how to do it in VB. If anybody knows how in either VB6 or .NET it would be much appreciated.

Thanks A lot!!!


VB & Using A Parallel Port
I need to know a simple yet hard (for me) program to control a printer port I/O. I need just 8 buttons (since it has 8 outputs and 8 inputs). The button does two things:

Push the button and the object (for testing purposes i will use a LED) turns on.

Push the button again and the object goes off.

Simple as that, but i dont know where to start of how i would hook up the LED on the printer port? Do i hook the positive side of the LED to port 2 and the other side as a ground (port 15 or somthing). and do i have to connect it again from port 10 (input) to turn it off? Any help would be great!


Parallel Port
Hi all,

I am an undergrad and I'm helping my uni out in upgrading/modifying some lab experiments. I have the source code in C++ for reading some values from a A/D converter through the parallel port to the computer. I wish to use VB to try and do the same thing but have been unsuccessful. I've using Jan Axelson's inpout16.dll and inpout32.dll for port access. Can anyone tell me how to access the individual pins?

The code is as follows:

#define OutPort 0x0278 // address for output port (8 bits)
#define InPort 0x0279 // address for input port (5 bits)
#define Address 0x027A // address for selecting device (8bits)
#define NONE 0x0F // deselect device
#define A2DL 1 // A/D low nibble
#define A2DH 2 // A/D high nibble

int readl, readh, value;

outp(Address, A2DL); // use 'outp' function to select user port 'A2DL'
readl = inp(InPort); // store the reading
outp(Address, NONE); // deselect the user port

readl = (readl>>4); // right shift the reading by 4

outp(Address, A2DH); // use 'outp' function to select user port 'A2DH'
readh = inp(InPort); // store the reading
outp(Address, NONE); // deselect the user port

value = ( (readh & 0xF0) | (readl & 0x0F) );

any help is greatly appreciated......


ISR For Parallel Port
I wrote an ISR in C++ to read data from parallel port and save it to an array.
The ISR runs perfectly in DOS but not in windows.
I need to re-write the ISR to work in windows and be assigned a high priority so as not to be masked by other interrupts.
what can i do ??

Parallel Port In VB
How to send output to parallel port using vb6?
How to get input from parallel port?

if the input of parallel port is not connected, is it consider "high" or "low"?


Parallel Port ..........
Hi Friends,

i want read commands from Parallel Port by visualbasic ,

is there any control in vb for that??
like(rs232 we have mscomm)..

or any other way to do that??

any example or source or info..??

waitng for your valuable reply..

with regards,

VB6 And Io.dll Parallel Port
How can i program in VB, that everytime there is a signal(1 bit) coming from one pin of the parallel port, there would be a counter and a label that would increment

Particular example, if i inserted a coin in a coin slot module that is connected to the parallel port of the PC, how will i program from VB that a signal had come?

Somebody told me to use io.dll?? but i don't know how will i use id especially in VB..

Need you help guys.. thanks in advance!

Parallel Port
I try to access(read & write) in vb6 the parallel port of my pc.
can anyone help me to find a solution for my problem?
yours,with respect,

Parallel Port
hey guys can u plz provide me with a vb code that receives the content of 8 bits from the parallel port of the pc send by a microcontroller, on a command button click! ths in advance

Parallel & USB Port
How can i access Parallel port in vb..?
How can i access USB port in vb..?

I know how to access serial port in vb

Parallel Port
Hey all, I know this post is in the wrong place but didnt know where else to go!

I am coding a program to control the Parallel port , i need it to control 18 different relays. Is this Possible?

I have only seen examples of up to 8 relays being controlled.

Anyone have experience in this area?

thanks and once again sorry for the misplaced post

VB To The PC's Parallel Port
Hi. Need some help interfacing devices via VB to the parallel port.

With my project, im also designing a sort of alarm system, where a PIR device will activate the software that follows - face recognition.

I need to know if anyone can help with using this device with the port. Ive read bout using the interrupt pin on the port, but am not sure how to interface the devices.

Please help. Thanx

Parallel Port
Is there any DLL or code to read/write from/into the PPP (Parallel Port Printer) with Windows 2000?

Parallel Port
The parallel port, can be used by interruptions, such as the serial port?
I've heard of it some time ago, but have no ifdea how to implement it. (I need to make time measurements of an event outside de PC, and my timing is not accurate enough)
Thanks in advance.

Using VB With Parallel Port
Can anyone help me find information on using VB to analyse data coming in/going out of parallel port. Are there any controls for LPT?

Parallel Port In Win NT
Does anyone know of an OCX or dll that is FREE and will control the parallel port IO in winnt?

Parallel Port
Is there a way to send signals trough parallel port with VB?

Parallel Port
I have bought a Null-Modem Cable. Inside that, ther are 25(!) cables in all colors. I have cut the cable, and I want to know what color what does.
Does anybody know that, or a site from where I can get that information?
Thank you.

Parallel Port
Is there a way to send bits through the parallel port?

Using Parallel Port
I wanna interface parallel port with VB.
Can anyone give me advice that how can I do that easily ?

Parallel Port...
I have read all faq's and anything else for parallel port and visual basic.

I have a few question about parallel port.

How can i send and recieve signal in parallel port.
How can i send a singal in one pin of 25 in parallel port and how can i get a singal from one pin.
I dont want to send files or somethink else.
I want to contol the 25 pins and sent on it voltage and get from parallel port this signal.

I try to show you how can i think it

|. . . . . . . . . . . . .<-- Pin 13
| . . . . . . . . . . . . |

How can i sent and recieve the voltage in this pin or in other's pins


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Parallel Port
how could I approach directly to the parallel port, without use the printer driver?

Parallel Port


Parallel Port Using Vb6
I want to know what component I should add and how to set the lpt parallel port. Please help me in coding how to send and receive data over parallel port using vb6. very urgent.
Thanks in advance.

Parallel Port
i've build a interface for my parallel port, I've written some software in
C++ and in Borland Pascal. But I just dont know how to control the parallel
port in Visual basic 5.0

Please can anybody explain me, or send me a piece of source code that shows
how to control the parallel port.

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