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Programming Touch Screen Applications Using VB


I am new to this and am wondering if any programmers out there have actually written applications in VB for Touch Screen use?

I am trying to write one out of interested but do not know where to start nor how to do it.

Can someone tell me?


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Touch Screen Programming
Please help!!
Does a touch screen monitor needs any different code for proper working??

Touch Screen Programming Using Vb6.0
Touch screen programming using vb6.0 ...?

Programming Touch Screen Moniters
Was just wondering if anyone had done any programming utilizing the functionality of a touch screen. If anyone can point me in the right direction, and what program works best with touch screens.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Touch Applications Question?
Hi guy!

I wander how the Touch applications work for example in a POS system the user just touch the icon then this is open. This is possible in Visual Basic, too? Thus anybody can explain this in simply way.

Touch Screen
If I put a rich text box on a GUI that will be used on a touch screen will you be able to use the scroll bar on the side of the box?

Touch Screen
i am into developing a information kiosk.. will VB good enough to help me implement touch screen over it..

"Miles to Go Before I Sleep!!........."

Touch Screen

i have one application.

i want to add feature of touch screen.

plz can u suggest me what i have to add my application

Thanks in advance



Touch Screen
Hi all,

Does anyone know that how can i make a touch screen program?
Do i need a special monitor to do that?


Touch Screen
Anyone out there know anything about Touch Screen applications? I want to develope an application using visual basic that enables the user to touch a screen instead of using a mouse.

1) Is there any operating systems that are required for touch screen applications?

2) Is there special monitors I need to recognize the touch of a finger or is there something I can put on my existing monitor to make this work?

3) Is there any example programs out there that are written for touch screen applications written in visual basic?

Touch Screen
Anyone know where I can get information pertaining to programing for a touch screem?

Touch Screen
I am thinking in making a program for restaurants, and
i think i will use a touch screen in it...

What i want to know is if someone has any relevant tip or advise in programing with touch screens

thx in advance

:: Touch Screen Help Needed ::
Hello Everyone, I'm doing a Project for Touch Screen.
I have Designed an ON SCREEN KEYBOARD. My Problem is that "How can i Enter Text through my On-Screen K/B????"

For Example : Suppose User Click the Button "A" on "On-Screen K/B" Form then I want "A" to be typed in TextBox of Other Form Say FrmEmployee. and this i want continous as the user clicks buttons on On-Screen Form, the Text is Typed in the textbox on FrmEmployee.

I have done so far in my project :
1) I have the Name of the Current Form Opened (Beside On-Screen K/B)
2) Name of the SetFocused TextBox on the Opened Form.

Just don't know how to put all this together in one function, so that it works fine!!!!

Thanks in Advance


Coding A Touch Screen App
Has anyone out here coded a touch screen application before? Where do I start, what are the differences between touch screen and regular windows app?

Just looking for a starting point.

Touch Screen Interface
I'm not sure this is the right place to ask this, but does anyone here knows if there's anything special I should do when developing applications for touch screen besides:

1. big button sizes.
2. no drag and drop.
3. no scroll bars.

if it's not the right place to ask this, could you please direct me to the right place

Touch Screen Problem.
I am working on a project that is for touch screen. The problem i am having is that i have made a button that when held down on mousedown it triggers a timer to do a command every so many milliseconds. It works fine when i use the mouse but when i go to use my touch screen it doesnt work. It works when just touching and releasing but not when i keep my finger on the screen.. Anyone know what i need to do to make this work?

Thanks in advance..

Touch Screen Application
I need to create an application that receive input from the screen itself. Just like any ATM. The thing is that I have never done one of this applications. I was wondering if someone here has worked on that and can point me in the right direction as far as where to start. I have been trying to find books on the topic and no luck.

Touch Screen Monitors In VB

Are there controls for allowing VB programs to be used with Touch Screen Monitors?

Is it possible with VB?

Touch Screen Monitors
Does anyone have an idea how touch screen monitors work. Do we need to code different for those screens?

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Touch Screen Technology
Anyone out there ever used VB to make a "Touch Screen" application

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Touch Screen Coding Through VB
Dear Friends
can anybody having touch screen coding. act. i have to invoke touch screen through vb and fetch and display the corresponding details from database based on user touch. so please help me regarding.
thanks in advance

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Madhya Pradesh.
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Desktop Touch Screen?
Hi Theres,
actualy i am working as developer for desktop, presentally i am studing on a given stuff and suddenally raise a question in my mind how can i make my deskotp screen as touch screen.
please guide me can it possible to make CRT or LCD screen as touch screen.
thanks all
redards Rajat.


Touch Screen Technology
If I wanted to develop a program that used a touch screen is there a special event for the touch or is it the same as Mouse clicks?

This sounds like a dumb question now that I write it out.

Touch Screen Support? What Does That Mean
On some applications which I have seen, it states that it supports Touch Screen. I was assuming any application which can be interfaced by using a mouse would have Touch Screen supported already. I mean, dont you simply buy a Touch Screen monitor or Touch Screen overlay for your existing monitor and then when you touch it, then it generates a mouse click at that position?

If there anything special I need to think about to make my application "support" Touch Screen?

Just trying to learn somethign here...... thanks

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Visual Basic - Touch Screen

I am currently writing a visual basic application for use on a touch screen. One of the considerations that you have to take into account with touch screen applications is the size of the touchable areas with things like buttons (must be 2.6cm square minimum).
I was therefore enquiring if anyboby knew of any simple ways of increasing the size of the buttons on message boxes and the the save as dialogue box (perhaps an API) without having to create your own as this would save a lot of time and effort.

Thanks for any comments

Simple VB Program + Touch Screen
Hello Big Brother

I am Developing one VB Program that mostly used Redio Button and Check Box and Command Button

I also wants to run this program on touch screen so is it possible that my program will run on touch screen or is there any different programming to work with touch screen also ??

Plz guide me about that because I dont know much about Touch Screen and I also dont have one to Test my program that it will work or not because I will installed on some other place.

Thanks in Advance

Hide Mouse On Touch Screen
Hi all,

I need to hide all the time the mouse cursor on my application.
It is an app to use on touch screen and all the examples that I have to hide the mouse works until I touch the screen, then the cursor appears again.
How to hide it all the time?


Touch Screen Graphic Problem
I hope someone can help!

I am doing a project that uses a touch screen and the problem i have is this.

I have a line drawing of a building layout with different areas. When i touch an area of the building i need it to change color. Is there a transparent button that you can shape to the shape of the area or is there any other way of doing this.

I have a demonstration bit of software that does what i want to do which i can email if you don't understand what i mean.


How To Create Touch Screen Application Using VB6
I am working in VB6. I want to create touch screen application using vb6. I don't know how to create touch screen event in vb6.
Anyone knows kindly help me. Send me some example codes also.
Thanks in Advance

Touch Screen Command Controls ??
Hi folks,

I would like to put a command on a form and click this command NOT by a mouse but by touching the screen with just bare finger. I am sure you have seen such thing exist.

Is this possible with VB?
Is it easy or too complicated?
Are there needs for special screen or pointer?
Any example about this?



Touch Screen Unresponsive Problem
Does anyone have experience problem: "screen goes dark and becomes unresponsive to touch screen" with VB GUI application on touch screen?

Handle Problem With Touch Screen System
Hi guys,
I'm developing a virtual touchscreen keyboard in Vb6 but I've some problems for setting the right handle on the windows. Using Getforegroundwindows I take the handle of the windows where I want to send my keys, but with our tochscreen I can't do it correctly because with this tecnology you don't drug the cursor but you "jump" with it and in this way the function doesn't return the handle of the windows!!!

Does someone know if something can do it?!?

Thank you have a good day

Resolved - ADO V 2.6 Missing - When Loaded On Touch Screen
Hi - this maybe a silly question but I tried to run my application on
a touch screen PC but i received an error 'ado missing'

Does this mean I need to register my ADO Dll's?? its wierd because
when I run the app of the network everything is installed and in the
right place but yet when I rry to run the app using our a touch screen PC it fails????


Suppress Windows Message On Touch Screen
I am trying to edit existing VB6 code, and it is already using subclassing. Can anyone tell me how to remove the error messages that come up in the bottom right (on the touch screen) of windows. ie. "A network cable was unplugged" or "you are running low on disc space" etc.
thanks guys.

Programming VBA Applications..ASAP
I was wondering if anyone could give me some more insight into the world of VBA. I've programmed in VB, C++, JAVA and win35 API but this is totally new to me. In addition insight of programming VBA in conjunction with SQL Server. Is there any good books to help me get stuck in?

Programming Applications For Handheld Devices
I was just curious to see if anyone has ventured into this arena and what similarities, problems, etc exist compared to developing desktop applications. Is it possible to use VB alone, or would you need some combination of VB and VC++ for instance. It probably varies depending on your needs. Anyway, just wondering if programming handheld devices was a daunting task.

Linking .obj Files From Different Programming Languages With VB Applications
I was reading a book on Masm32 and it said you can link obj files that masm produced in other programming languages.
I was wondering if I could link an obj file (specifically done by VC) and use a function that I wrote in VC with VB.
How would I link that obj file and how would I call the function (that I would later link from the obj file written in VC) in my VB application ?

Full-screen Applications
How do I get forms to display as full-screen, i.e. there is no title bar, and only the contents of the form on the screen, with a black background (the background of the form could be set to black to do this part).
Can anyone give me a few tips?


Manipulating Screen Size For All Applications After Yours.
Anyone know how to change the size of the screen so that my application will always be at the top and all other applications will consider the bottom of my app the top of the screen? TIA.


Screen Programming
There are some way to have screen access similar to QBASIC ?

We have a large program that uses a lot of locate, cols, rows, color, etc.

Thanks in advance

Showing The Form On Top Of The Directx Applications (in Full Screen)
Does anyone know how to show the form on top of the directx applications, in full screen mode ?
Like Fraps and moreBench do...
Example screenshot (the lower left corner):

Screen Saver Programming
Hey people!
I've just started Screen Savers programming thru VB, and everything is working just fine, except for one thing:

I still don't know the code for the preview mode (when Left(Command$, 2) = "p"), that consists of what shows on the little preview screen in the Screen Savers List when u select a certain Screen Saver.
I heard there is a specified code that allows us to play the Screen Saver in the preview area, or just play anything else...

Can anyone help?? Please??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Record The Movement Of Applications On The Screen And Save Them As A Movie File.
i need to do program that Record the movement of applications on the screen and save them as a movie file.
how i do that

Windows Multi-screen Programming
Was wondering if any of you have done any programs regarding the way screens are set up in windows.

I have a twin screen computer and what I want to do is create software to actually change the configurations of the screen. i.e. use clone mode, dual screen, span horizontal and vertical. I would like this kind of facility in a program I am writing which is designed for multiscreen purposes.

I know that software accompanying the graphics can do this for me but it would be great if on loading my new program it would automatically switch to the desired screen configuration.

Has anyone done this or similar??? Any suggestions???

Also another question, when in dual screen mode I would like to manipulate which screen a form pops up in. At the moment if i place my program in the second screen and click a button which opens a new form, the new form puts it on the primary screen. I want it to be on the second screen but not always.

Bit complex for me at the moment so any information or help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Benefits Of Desktop Applications & Downsides Web Applications
Can anyone here please tell me few solid points about desktop applications over web applications or few downsides about web applicatoins. I have some;

Web applications comes into focus when we are dealing with distributed applications. The application that I am developing is not a distributed application at all.

Few downsides of web applications:
longer development times
less rich functionality
lack of rich reporting tools

anything more ......

When Touch
i want to make when the buton is cliked, i want to show the next text in the same lable. example. when u thoch the buton i want the lable to be Jhon and when he touchs again i want to make the same lable text to change to Paul.

Touch A Key
How can i get my my program to reset timer3 everytime a key or mouse button is pressed.

::Looks around for lean::

Look But Dont Touch!
how can i make an exe file with VBA that when executed will open an excel spreadsheet with a certain toolbar avialable (one that i made that is linked to a few macros). basically i want the user to JUST see the spearsheet not all stuff around it ya know? like the "file - edit - view" area or any of that stuff just the cell number and scrollers alond with one toolbar there which will be the ONLY way of manipulating that file. i wanna make sure they cant click on any cell and type in whatever they want!

is this possible?

Pictures Touch
How do I make it so that if picture1 touches picture2 it will do something?

VB And Touch Screens
Greetings all,
Can anyone help me. If you need to use a touch screen/panel in conjunction with a VB application, could there be any problems with integrations. I need help fast.


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