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Progressbar Color?

How can i change it?

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Progressbar Color
How to change the color of progress bar? any help plz.tnx

Color Progressbar
Does anybody know how to change the color for progressbar in VB6?

How To Change The Color Of A ProgressBar??
Its possible to change the color of a progressbar??
or at least, change the default color... (blue)...

well i hope that someone has the answer...

byd Thks!!

Changing The Color Of The Progressbar

is there a way to make a progress bar look green or anything different from than the classic blue?
i really wonder why they don't make such cool properties directly available!

Gradient Color In Progressbar?

Is it possible to have gradient color in progressbar?


Reset Progressbar Color
After changing the color of the progressbar color how can I
change it back to the standard default?


Progressbar Indicator Color
Hi there... Hope you are fine !!!

Is there any way to show the progressbar indicator in different colors (VB6) ???

Not using a degradee, but making the first indicator in red (for example), the second in gray, the next in black, and so on ???

I've tried using Shapes, but ............................

Thanks in advance


Hey Dude {change Color Of Progressbar}
hey eveyone im a beginner in visual basic can i know what do i do to change the color of the progressbar the color and the forecolor?

Changing Color Of The The Highlight Color And Highlighted Text Color
does someone know of a snippet where it shows how to change the color of the hightlight bar/color and the highlighted text,i am doing something in a rtb and i hate when colors are bouncing all over when highlighting it and wanna set two main colors for highlighting but cant seem to find a snippet

Unresolved - Can You Change The Menu Bar Color On Forms && The Face Color On SSTabs?
Is there a way to change the menu bar color on particular forms during runtime? I only have 1 form open at any any given time in my app... Also, is there a way to change the back color of an SSTab control during runtime so that the entire surface of the SStab is the new color?? When I change the back color it doesn't change the color of the active SSTab face, but only the color behind the tabs somewhere, as I can see the new color barely displayed between the SSTab tabs.


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VB Excel Changing Color Of Cell Lettering Color When Out Of Range
Hi all,

I have a data sheet from rtf file that I read into the excel table so that it looks need. I also have a limit as to the range of these values. Eg. 3 to 7. So if the value in the cell is 9, it is out of range and I am suppose to highlight it in red colour. Any help on this ? I am using Visual Basic, not VBA.

On another question, is there any good Visual Basic example of how to draw a chart without having the program crash during the second time? Thanks in advance.

Changing An Ojbects Color...required For Color Blind Individuals
There are certain objects such as the tab control and the slider control that have a fixed gray color.  I am trying to find an API function that will allow me to change the color of controls that do not have an associated property such as backcolor to do this. The Tab control has a backcolor but it does not effect the color of the tabs and the slider control does not have a backcolor property at all.


VB Excel Changing Color Of Cell Lettering Color When Out Of Range
Hi all,

I have a data sheet from rtf file that I read into the excel table so that it looks need. I also have a limit as to the range of these values. Eg. 3 to 7. So if the value in the cell is 9, it is out of range and I am suppose to highlight it in red colour. Any help on this ? I am using Visual Basic, not VBA.

On another question, is there any good Visual Basic example of how to draw a chart without having the program crash during the second time? Thanks in advance.

Display High Color Graphics On Low Color App Server
I have put up with this problem for a very long time and now I just can't stand it anymore because it limits the graphical design of my apps. I've read some similar posts on this forum, but none seem to be exactly what I'm experiencing. So here goes...

Most of my apps currently have a gray background on ALL objects because that is one of the colors that can be displayed correctly on our app server which I think is set to 256 colors. My machine is set to "High Color 16 Bit". When I add our company logo or any kind of image to an object and run it on our app server, it loses its depth and ends up displaying the image in very basic colors. Recently, we installed a 3rd party app (I think it was written in some kind of visual cobol) and I noticed that the graphics in this app look very rich. (Which ticks me off!)

Is there a way that I can display "High Color" on a "Low Color" setting? There must be.

I've attached two samples for comparison. Hopefully you can see the difference. They are screenshots from my PC and from our app server.

Thanks in advance!

For Datepicker How Can I Change The That Highlight Color To Anither Color
assume that I name datepicker1 to dttime, whenI click on that the default color is blue, cani change to to yellow etc?

256 Color Palette And Loss Of Color Gradient On Icons
I made some icons that have 256 color gradients on them. Using the toolbar and imagelist controls, I loaded the icons into the toolbar. The first time I ran the code, the icons looked fine. However, during the second run and after, the color gradients were not visible in the icons, and the colors degenerated to something like 16 colors.

How can I turn on 256 colors in VB? My monitor is already 256 since I can see the color gradients on the original icons.


In VB App: Set Windows Select Color And Selected Font Color?

Is it possible to set the Windows select color and the color of the selected font from within a VB application and then return to the original properties when application is closed?


How To Change SSTab Color (Form Not Back Color)
I hope someone can help me problem .I want to change SSTab Color user define.I do not want to change backcolor.

Calculate INVERSE Color (contrasting Color)
Whats a quick way to calculate the INVERSE color of a given color thats in the long format.

Can it be done without extracting the R, G and B? Im thinking maybe with XOR and AND operations on the long.

Msg Box; How Do I Change The Font Color And Background Color
I want a message box to pop up whenever someone opens a file. Further, I want to change the fill colors from grey and blue to something else, and I want to change the color of the fonts. Any suggestions?

Color Chart Or Table For Color Codes
Can someone point me at a location of where I could find a chart showing which colors match which color codes that are used by VB?

&H00000000& = Black.

Preferably the chart has a few more colors than the 48 colors in the color palette.

MsgBox With Background Color And Button Color
How do i do make backcolor light red and commandbutton red for a msgbox.

Set Color Before Showing 'select Color' Dialog.

I'm using the CommonDialog control's 'ShowColor' method to let the user select a color for something.

The dialog fires when the user clicks a picturebox that has it's backcolor property set to the last color the user selected.

Basically, the picturebox shows the color the user selected, and when the user clicks the picturebox again he can choose a new color, and the picturebox color will update.

One thing is not working though. I want the dialog to 'default' to the color of the picturebox before opening.
Now it's just always black.

I tried this, which seemed the right way to go... but it doesn't seem to work:

Private Sub picCol_Click(Index As Integer)
With dlgColor
.DialogTitle = "Select Color"
.Color = picCol(Index).BackColor 'color set here, before showing dialog
picCol(Index).BackColor = .Color
End With
End Sub

picCol() is (one of the) pictureboxes (control array) and dlgColor is the commondialog control.

The only way I could think of why this would not work is that maybe the .Color 'format' is different then the .BackColor format.
But that is out of the question because I set the .BackColor property to the .Color property just moments later, and that seems to work perfectly...

Does this simply not work? :S

Changing Back Color Or Font Color Of DTP
hi folks,
I have a DTP whose value is being populated from Access 2003 database. I require that if the year value is less than 1951 then it should have a backgroundcolor as vbred or atleast the font displayed should change to vbred. I tried the below code line in change & click event of DTP but to no effect. I did not use both codes together or use the codes in both the events simultaneously.

VB Code:
If Year(Me.dtp1.Value) <= 1950 Then Me.dtp1.CalendarForeColor = vbRedIf Year(Me.dtp1.Value) <= 1950 Then Me.dtp1.CalendarBackColor = vbred

could somebody help me.

- Any Idea About Color Palette/color Picker
hi there,
i m developing an application similar to paintbrush with some additional features. in that i need to place a color palette for making it more user friendly. i need some more enhanced color palette, so that using mouse one can pick the color using color picker tool.

hopefully u'll get understood what i need.

thanx in advance for any reply/idea

VB Color Constant To HTML Color Code
Does anybody know convert VB ColorCionstant to HTML color code, like

17849940 to #C0C0C0

How Can I Set The Color Of The Black Dot To Other Color Of The OptionButton Control ?
How can I set the color of the black dot to other color of the OptionButton control ?

Color Gradient In VB For Use In Generating Color Chart
I was wondering if anyone has an idea of how I can program a color-gradient value capturing function. My program will recieve 3 values as input ( StartColor and EndColor and NumberofGradientColors). The function will then return an array of NumberofGradient colors that exist between the two inputted colors. Can anyone help please?


[color Red]Problem With Setting Variables..[color Red]
I have this code:

dim var
dim AFlag, BFlag, CFlag
dim a

for each var in array ("A", "B", "C")
  do while (var &"Flag" = 0)
     if fileexists(a) then
        '.....some extensive processing
    var & "Flag" = 1
    msgbox(var & "Flag")
     end if

How can I set the value of AFlag, BFlag, CFlag to 1 without hard-coding these variables inside the for..loop? var & "Flag" doesn't seem to work.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

How Can I Set The Color Of The Black Dot To Other Color Of The OptionButton Control ?
How can I set the color of the black dot to other color of the OptionButton control ?

Text Color Is Not The Color Of Pen Using DrawText Function?
This is a method of a class I created.

When I run this method the text color is the ForeColor of the control or form, yet the rectangle border is the color of the Pen. I'd like the text color to be the color of the pen. What am I not doing or doing wrong. Is there a way to do this using the hDC of a control or form.

Public Sub Draw(hDC As Long, X1 As Long, Y1 As Long, X2 As Long, Y2 As Long)

    Dim hOldPen As Long
    Dim hOldBrush As Long
    Dim hPen As Long
    Dim hBrush As Long
    hPen = CreatePen(PS_SOLID, 1, ForeColor)
    hBrush = CreateSolidBrush(FillColor)
    hOldPen = SelectObject(hDC, hPen)
    hOldBrush = SelectObject(hDC, hBrush)
    With mvarRect
        .Left = X1
        .Top = Y1
        .Right = X2
        .Bottom = Y2
    End With

    Rectangle hDC, X1, Y1, X2, Y2
    DrawText hDC, mvarValue, Len(mvarValue), mvarRect, DT_SINGLELINE Or DT_CENTER Or DT_VCENTER
    DeleteObject SelectObject(hDC, hOldPen)
    DeleteObject SelectObject(hDC, hOldBrush)

End Sub

Set Color Palette(ie 256 Or True Color 32bit)
how do i set the control panel, settings, color, using an api in vb6?

any ideas?


How Can I Set The Color Of The Black Dot To Other Color Of The OptionButton Control ?
How can I set the color of the black dot to other color of the OptionButton control ?

Need Help With Progressbar
I have a main form with a command button that loads another form. When the new form is loaded (form.load) some databases are cleared and updated with new values. It takes quite much time so I was thinking of using a progressbar. I would like to display the progressbar before the second form opens.

I really don't know how to do this, so could someone please help.

Thanks in advance!

Different Looking Progressbar
is there any way you can change the look of the progress bar?

VBA && ProgressBar
My project is linked to a spreadsheet where a lot of calulations are done and a final result is then displayed in 1 of my forms. As the calculations can take some time (30 secs to 1 min) I want to add a progressbar so the user doesn't go mad waiting for the result to be displayed.

This is the code that does the basically I need the min to start at 0 and progress until the "Do While" has finished. I have checked out some examples on progressbars but they all seem to be for DB's or timers. I haven't been able to find an exaple for VBA. Can anyone help me out??

Do While MaxDD < Val(txtMaxDrawDown.Text)
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = Risk
Worksheets("LBOP-New Capital p.a").Calculate
MaxDD = Range("BC25")
Risk = Risk - 0.00002

Does anybody have good example of ProgressBar. I know how to make by timer one ProgressBar, but I do not know how to make that progress follow process. For example, I am downloading text file into SQL server table and I want to have one ProgressBar which will appear and show the process.



Hi all

I have a form that have a ProgressBar in it.

Option Explicit

Private Sub Form_Load()

Screen.MousePointer = vbHourglass

tmrTimer.Interval = 1000
prgBar1.Max = 30
prgBar1.Value = 0
tmrTimer.Enabled = True

End Sub

Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)
Screen.MousePointer = vbDefault

End Sub

Now, In my classmodules; I have to create a Public Function RaiseEvent to raise ProgressBar
I never use ProgressBar as well as RaiseEvent;

Can you please help me?


Does anyone know how to declare Progressbar? I have been trying to figure out how to declare this thing or find it, BUT WITH NO LUCK!!! AHHHHH!!!

At Wendy's Smiles are free

need help using progressbar. I am running this code below which takes a long time to finish:

sql = "select [field] into Table from Table"
db.execute (sql)

How do code the progressbar to increment until finish?

IF i want to copy a 100MB file from C: to D: by using vb

i want to know how many MB has copied and shows on

a progressbar? anyone can give me an example ?

a novice

I need a progressbar that runs 1 minute. Can anyone help me with how I can code it ?

i am making program with a progress bar and i want to change the color of the progress bar while my program is in the run mode for example from blue to red or black i don't know what code will i,m goin to use... thanks!

I have a question about the progressbar i have this file transfer and i want to have a progressbar next to it that shows how far the transfer is or how long it could take before the transfer is completed.

ProgressBar Q ?
Hello all,

Is there a property for the progressbar to be continuous?


This probably has been covered before, but I have to ask. I have a progress bar that I want to increase every time that I call pause_time1 (which is in the general part of the program). But when I place the command for the progress bar I get an error "Invalid property value". Here is the example of the code:

Sub pause_time1()
PauseTime = 2 ' Set duration.
start = Timer ' Set start time.
Do While Timer < start + PauseTime
frmXData.ProgressBar1.Value = frmXData.ProgressBar1.Value + 1
DoEvents ' Yield to other processes.
End Sub


Well lets presume I have 4 progressbars that form an array

Every Progressbars Max property is set to 98.
In the start I put...

Lets say that users have 98 points which they can share using the progressbars.

Private Sub Form_Load()
For i = 0 To ProgB.ubound
ProgB(i).Value = ProgB(i).Max / ProgB.ubound '<- count of progressbars
End Sub
So this code divides the 98 points with all the existing progressbars..

Then I want to make it happen that when i press one of the progressbars the other progressbars values will affect to these changes..

I have made it like this.

Dim Change As Single

Private Sub ProgB_MouseDown(Index As Integer, Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, x As Single, y As Single)
Change = ProgB(Index).Value - (x / ProgB(Index).Width * ProgB(Index).Max)
Form1.Caption = ProgB(Index).Value

ProgB(Index).Value = Int(x / ProgB(Index).Width * ProgB(Index).Max)
For u = 0 To 3

If u <> Index Then
ProgB(u).Value = ProgB(u).Value + Change / 3
End If

Next u
End Sub

This just has one mature problem.. If one of the progressbars values go under zero the program crashes.. If one of the progressbars values go over the Max property, the program crashes.. If I make a code to make the change not be divided from the progressbars value this also has one problem... If one of the progressbars is excluded from the division process it then should not divide the 'Change' with 3 but it would have to divide it with 2. And if two progressbars were excluded then it shouldn't divide it at all. Remember that the one progressbar you make changes with is always excluded from the process.

Very hard to explain. Hope you get the point

Progressbar Help
I have a database and i need it so at form load, a progress bar will appear to indicate how much longer till the data base is fully loaded..

I found this code by doing a search in this forum but it wont work can someone help me figure it out?

Dim inCounter As Integer

ProgressBar1.Min = 0
ProgressBar1.Max = MyRecord.RecordCount
inCounter = 0

While Not MyRecord.EOF
'Insert the registry process here
inCounter = inCounter + 1
ProgressBar1.Value = inCounter

it keeps sayin Object variable or with block variable not set and then it highlights the "ProgressBar1.Max = MyRecord.RecordCount".

thanks for the help.

Good day!

When you're connecting to a database especially on a network (ex. Conn.Open "blah-blah.....")...usually it hangs up a am I going to maximize that wasted hang of the computer in a progressbar so that I may know how much time left for me to succeed in connecting to the database.


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