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Pulling Data From Spreadsheet To Userform


For various reasons (which I cannot change), I am having to use Excel instead of Access to essentially run a database.

I have it pretty much working how I want with all the code a buttons doing their job but I'm puzzled now with the final piece.

Access stores records which you can flick back and forth through after filtering. Is there a way to adapt this in Excel?

For example, if I wanted to review everything that was inputted on a certain date, it would actually pull that information from the rows onto the userform but have a scroll bar at the bottom to effectively scroll through all the "records" i.e. rows using the userform only.

I have been requested to limit the ability of users, as far as possible, to view the spreadsheet directly behind so need to find an alternative for them to filter and review multiple row entries.

I hope this all makes sense.

I'm afraid I don't have any code for this part as I've no idea where to even start. I've searched the net but can't find anything that quite fits my request.


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Pulling Info From Internet Into Spreadsheet

Need help. been landed with a massive job from the boss.
Basically i have a huge list of town names, some of which are incorrectly spelt.
i want to pull info from say with suggestions for other spellings then i can click the right one!

Any ideas?? (using VBA)

Spreadsheet On Userform
Hey everyone, I am looking for a way to show, and if possible, edit a range of excel spreadsheet cells on a userform. Any help on this would help me immensely. I am using VBA/Office 97. I hope I explained this properly. Thanxs in advance!

How To Display Spreadsheet In Userform

I have a userform that will post the values entered in the textboxes, to my spreadsheet. From there there are other cell that have formulas that calculate those values. The userform works great but I would like to display my spreadsheets in a new userform. I just want to avoid having the user view the spreadsheet on the application, however they could do it too.

Now I would like for the spreadsheet on my userform to display the one I already have, and if the user makes any changes to it from the userform, I wanted to save changes into the normal spreadsheet on the application.

UserForm & Spreadsheet Updating Problem
I have discovered what might become a serious problem for me with regards to using a UserForm to interface a Spreadsheet.

I created a UserForm to input and display data for a complicated spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is used to create a proposal for paver contractor. There are complicated formula. These formulas use cells that cacluate cost and materials needed for a job. The formulas use information from various cells to do the calculations. Changes to the top of the spreadsheet cell affects calculations towards the bottom. It works the same for changes at the bottom. They can affect cells at the top.

To make the form useful, I have a multipage form with 6 tabs. The user inputs quantity amounts or sq Ft and the amount of materials needed or price is calculated by the spreadsheet and then I display the value on the UserForm. The spreadsheet automatically updates all the cells when a value changes some place on the spreadsheet. But how do I update all my information when the cells change. For my UserForm to change the total price for a column of prices, I have to have an update for the total price for each of the sub items. For example: If there are 6 input line items, and the quantity triggers a cacluation for that line item, I get the total price from the spreadsheet and update the total price on the UserForm in each place that the quantity line item is UpDated.

I am new at programming VBA with Excel. How do make these kinds of updates? I hope I have been clear with what my problem is!

Thanks and If you have questions please ask them. I am not sure I can provide a code example. The spreadsheet is proprietary.


Edit Spreadsheet While UserForm Is Open
I have a small program whitch is operated via Userform. Is it possible to edit values on the spreadsheet while UserForm (program) is open on the screen.

Using A Spreadsheet Control In An Excel Userform

Can someone help me? I want to use a spreadsheet control in an Excel userform and I want to load into it the data I have in one of the sheets in the same file where I am creating the userform. Is it posible? How? Thanks.

Permission Denied On Spreadsheet Control In Userform?

I have a userform with a Chartspace 11.0 control (chRevenuesChart) and a Spreadsheet 11.0 control (shRevenues). I want the chart control to use the data from the spreadsheet control, which is hidden.

I'm using this code:

chRevenuesChart.DataSource = shRevenues
When I run it, I get an error on the second line: "Run time error 70, Permission Denied".

I've doublechecked the name of the spreadhsheet control, and it's shRevenues. I'm not sure if this is relevant, but I just installed the MS Office Web Components controls, because I used to run this program in MS Office 2000, and I'm now I'd like to get it working in Excel 2003. I used to have 9.0 controls in the userform, but they wouldn't open in Excel 2003 so I installed the Web Components update and then added in the new 11.0 controls to the userform.

Thanks for any suggestions,

UserForm With An MS Office Web Component Spreadsheet Object
I am wondering how you include references to cells in an underlying worksheet from within the formula of a cell in an MS Office Web Component Spreadsheet Object located on a UserForm?

I can copy in the value from my underlying range, but any attempt to set the .Formula string with references to the underlying worksheet results in errors.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

With UserForms.Item(int_window_ID - 1).Spreadsheet1
.ViewableRange = rng_window_range.Address
For Each c In rng_window_range
.cells(c.Row, c.Column).Value = c.Value
.cells(c.Row, c.Column).Font.Color = c.Font.Color
.cells(c.Row, c.Column).Font.Bold = c.Font.Bold
.cells(c.Row, c.Column).Font.Italic = c.Font.Italic
.cells(c.Row, c.Column).Interior.Color = c.Interior.Color
Next c
.cells(rng_window_range.Item(1).Row, _
End With

Formating Cell Border In UserForm Spreadsheet

Could anybody help me with formating cells in UserForm spreadsheet.

My interest is to display some information from another sheet using spreadsheet in UserForm. I would like to have spreadsheets cell formated exatly the same as in the original worksheet.
I did some code, but can anybody help me to do it sorther and may be faster?
I have another problem I am still not able to download data from closed excel file.

Thanks in advance.


VB Code:
With UserForm6.Spreadsheet1.Cells(i, j - 7)   .Value = Worksheets("FA").Cells(i, j).Value   .Interior.color = Worksheets("FA").Cells(i, j).Interior.color   .Font.color = Worksheets("FA").Cells(i, j).Font.color   .Font.Size = Worksheets("FA").Cells(i, j).Font.Size - 1   .NumberFormat = Worksheets("FA").Cells(i, j).NumberFormat   .HorizontalAlignment = Worksheets("FA").Cells(i, j).HorizontalAlignment   .Borders(xlEdgeBottom).LineStyle = Worksheets("FA").Cells(i, j).Borders(xlEdgeBottom).LineStyle   .Borders(xlEdgeTop).LineStyle = Worksheets("FA").Cells(i, j).Borders(xlEdgeTop).LineStyle   .Borders(xlEdgeRight).LineStyle = Worksheets("FA").Cells(i, j).Borders(xlEdgeRight).LineStyle   .Borders(xlEdgeLeft).LineStyle = Worksheets("FA").Cells(i, j).Borders(xlEdgeLeft).LineStyle   .Borders(xlEdgeBottom).Weight = Worksheets("FA").Cells(i, j).Borders(xlEdgeBottom).Weight   .Borders(xlEdgeTop).Weight = Worksheets("FA").Cells(i, j).Borders(xlEdgeTop).WeightEnd With

Editing Spreadsheet While Userform Is Loaded... *Resolved*
Trouble is that I am locked out of my excel spreadsheet when the userform is loaded - this means I can't scroll around and see what my program is doing - very bothersome. Is there some way to make it that the macro doesn't steal all the attention?


looks like another bug...

Edited by - Shrout1 on 6/14/2004 7:29:32 AM

Data Is Imported To Spreadsheet But Locks Original Spreadsheet After Import
Another question for today,

I have data that is imported from one Excel workbook into another. After the data is imported, the original workbook becomes locked. Is there a way to change this in the import properties or any other way?

Thank you again

Importing Data From Spreadsheet To Spreadsheet

I need to write a macro that will import data contained in another spreadsheet, but am unsure how to do this.

Basically, I have several (about 15) spreadsheets that contain data. I need to import key bits of this data into one central spreadsheet that will be used for reporting purposes. I only need 2 cells worth (values) from each source spreadsheet, to be pasted into the destination spreadsheet, into designated cells.

The source spreadsheets are usually closed down and kept on a file server, which my PC has access to. Ideally I want to activate this macro with a control button - i.e. I press the button once and the macro goes off and collects/updates each field with the latest data stored in each of the source spreadsheets.

I'm pretty sure it can be done, but I'm not very familiar with VB, hence my posting here. Does anyone have any ideas?

Pulling INI Data..
I'm trying to create a different way to pull data from a ini file. Rather than only pulling the values, i wish to pull everything under the [name] until it reaches another [name].



i wish to pull the following:

can it be done? i hate working with txt files

Pulling Data Out Of Cells.
I wonder if someone can offer a solution to this problem. I have the following data in a .txt file

GB0033852327 Billam Ord GBP0.10 0.000000 32360.000000 23607.000000
GB0032535113 Bradstock Group Ord 25p 1117.000000 0.000000 1187.000000
GB0002283413 Courts Ordinary 10p 29253.000000 0.000000 292853.000000
GB0031129355 DDD Group Ord 10p 660619.000000 61398.000000 47121.000000
GB0009482968 De Vere Group Ordinary 22 2/9p 44.000000 0.000000 44.000000
SE0001388984 Digital Vision Rights 2400.000000 0.000000 2400.000000
DE0004623624 Dresdner Bank Call-VOD 」1.40 11/02/05 312.000000 0.000000 352.000000

Now basically in the data there are FIVE separate columns of information. I cant use the normal method of importing txt because there are not specifc enough breaks between the data.

I want the data separated as follows ( I will use the 1st line as an example)

Column 1 - GB0033852327
Column 2 - Billam Ord GBP0.10
Column 3 - 0.000000
Column 4 - 32360.000000
Column 5 - 23607.000000

Now Im guessing I could get the first column easily enough because the data is followed by a space, and also the last column and probably columns 4 and 5, but how would I get the data between columns 1 & 3 ?

I hope that makes sense??

Pulling Data From A Web Report?
The company I work for has an IVR. The reporting they have for the IVR is horrible. It's web based, and you can only look up one days worth of data, for one 800 number, at a time.

The page opnes with a text field for the toll free number you want data for, and then a table that holds drop down boxes for selecting month, day, and year.

I then has 2 buttons to get the data and one to clear the selections.

After clicking the button to get the data, to loads the info into the web page.

Is it possible to set up a VB program that will automatically select the toll free numbers, the months, days, and years, and then read the results?

I am not sure if that is possible with any language to interact with a browser window like that.

Basically, I want to set up an Excel report that will pull the data from this web report and enter it into tabs, so that you can see week to date, month to date, year to date, etc, results for the IVR usage.

Pulling Only Data Needed
Hi All

I've made a sample for what I'm trying to do (see attachment)

Basically I have a form attached to a database and on the search button a sql string is set to pull the required data but each time I try to code the program so that it only shows data from the certain record it doesn't it shows all records regardless

Can someone please take a look at give me some advise how to only fill in the text boxes when the sql statement is matched


Trouble Pulling Data From An INI
Hi Folks,

I seem to be having some trouble with pulling data from an INI, or maybe I'm not understanding the process. I have downloaded the INI file technique samples from VBWorld and it says to use the GetPrivateProfileString erm, method? Not sure on the terminology yet. Anyway, here's what I'm using...

For i = 0 To 4
x = GetPrivateProfileString(SectionName, KeyName(i), "Error", iniReturn, Len(iniReturn), lpFileName)
Ratio(5, i) = iniReturn

In this example, x is being assigned the Len(iniReturn) for some reason. If I want to get the data out I have to reference the iniReturn directly. I'm guessing it's my implementation that is in error, not VB6 Please show me the error of my ways!


Pulling Data From A File
How do i read x,y coordinate data from an ordinary text file and graph this in a vb????
please help - really stuck!!

Querry Not Pulling All The Data
hello all,

i have a normalized Database(Thanks Geof for the hints) which i need to querry based on user input. i have wirtten the code for it but it does not work properly.
Code:strLow = cboQuantity.Text + 1
    Set cnn1 = New ADODB.Connection
    strcnn1 = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & "Data Source=" & App.Path & "PartsInventory.mdb" & ";"
    strCheck = "SELECT * FROM [tblParts] WHERE [Quantity]<" & strLow
    cnn1.Open strcnn1
    Set rstAccess = New ADODB.Recordset
    rstAccess.CursorType = adOpenKeyset
    rstAccess.CursorLocation = adUseClient
    rstAccess.LockType = adLockOptimistic
    rstAccess.Open strCheck, cnn1
    If rstAccess.EOF = True Then
            MsgBox ("Report has been run"), vbCritical + vbOKOnly, "Parts Inventory"
            Exit Sub
            End If
     strPQuantity = rstAccess.Fields("Quantity").Value
     strType = rstAccess.Fields("Type")
     strCost = rstAccess.Fields("Cost")
     strPartNum = rstAccess.Fields("PartNumber")
     ModelID = rstAccess.Fields("ModelID")
     Call ModelInfo
End Sub

Private Sub ModelInfo()
strModelInfo = "SELECT * FROM [tblModel] WHERE [ModelID]=" & ModelID
rstAccess.Open strModelInfo, cnn1
    If rstAccess.EOF = True Then
    Exit Sub
    End If
strModel = rstAccess.Fields("Model")
MfgId = rstAccess.Fields("ManuID")
Call MfgInfo
End Sub

Private Sub MfgInfo()
strMfgInfo = "SELECT * FROM [tblManufacturer] WHERE [MfgID]=" & MfgId
rstAccess.Open strMfgInfo, cnn1
    If rstAccess.EOF = True Then
    Exit Sub
    End If
strMfg = rstAccess.Fields("Manufacturer")
strInfo = strMfg & strModel & strPartNum & strCost & strType & strPQuantity

End Sub

this code will return the first record but nothing else. i need it to loop through the entire database but it just finds the first record then stops. any suggestions on how to get all the info out?


Edited by - chaser74 on 7/19/2006 9:27:30 AM

Pulling Data From An Open IE Window?
Is there a way VBA could pull in data from an open IE window? We currently have an HTML/XML based workflow system that displays the customer's information in text box fields. When I check the source code, it doesn't give me any text field names or indications that a variable is being populated with information from another source. Is there a way to have the VBA program recognize the current open window, find the data it needs and store it in a variable?

Pulling Data From Multiple Arrays
I am trying to make a bank statement processor in, I have loaded two files containing customer data and transaction data into arrays. How do I pull and compare the data in each array so I can perform calculations such as keeping a running balance of each customers checking account?

Help With Pulling Data From Excel And Changing It.
With my VB program, I have it so I can insert all my fields into the excel sheet. I've made a next button and previous button to go from 2 -> 3, and vise versa ect.

It it pulling the data fine, and putting it into the appropriate fields. My problem is, once the data is pushed once to the file, I cannot edit it from VB. Again I'm not very code savvy and this is new, but do any of you understand my ranting, and are able to help me with this problem.

I need to be able to pull the data back to the program, and then from there be able to change any of the fields and have it push back to the excel file.

Thanks for your help.

-- An example of a Spreadsheet with 3 fields of how this would work, would be great if anyone has it.

Thank you.

DataGrid Not Pulling Data Consistently
I've got a datagrid that is bound to an ado data source.
I'm using a select statement to fill the data source with a recordset.
Unless I pause program execution by toggling a breakpoint, the datagrid comes up blank.
If I pause program execution by putting a breakpoint in there, waiting a couple of seconds when the program breaks, then allowing program execution to continue, then the datagrid shows the contents of the recordset.
Is this a bug in VB6? Has anyone come up with any solutions to this problem?

Data Grid (Pulling My Hair Out!)
I am using Data Grid and it was working fine. I don't think I made any changes but now it doesn't retrieve the table, and in the program when I acess DataEnvironment1 I get an error indicating that DataEnvironment1 is not open. I have another form with a Data Grid with similiar properties and I can acess DataEnvironment1 without opening it. I don't know why it wont populate the grid but I think it might be something with the DataEnvironment1.....PLEASE HELP I have wasted 3 hours just trying to get this to work when it was already working right!

Pulling Data From A Database Without Using Controls
In one of my programs, the user is forced to log on as either admin or staff. Currently the passwords are stored in a textfile, which means security-wise, I may aswell display them on a form for all to see.

I need a way of pulling the passwords from a database, without having to put hidden controls on the form. I know I could use ADO, but I don't know how. I intend to learn databasing without controls at some point, but I don't really have the time. All I need is a piece of code that, for example, pulls the data from a field "password" for a specific record.

IBM Reflections: Pulling Data From Excel
Can anyone show me the object code to pull information from an excel spreadsheet.

I am unable to locate any information on the web that refers to vb in reflections. And as for some reason the help file in reflection is next to useless I was hopeing someoen here maybe able to show me the code.

Right now I am running a macro for single user creation on an as/400 system. What I would like to do is be able to input mulitple users information on a excel spreadsheet and pull the data from that to create user by mass instead of one by one.

Thank you


Pulling Data From A Listbox Into A Textbox

How do I pull all the data from a hidden sorted listbox and push it to a visible textbox?

Pulling Data With Multi Dates
how would i search an access database, using the date. example:

search (many field names" from this date to this date then pull those records and then i have to print them.. so in lamens terms i want to search the records from this date to this date then pull the info from the fields, then print them out. there will be 9 fields and the info must be in its proper field... i just need to really know how to search and pull data from diff fields by the diff dates


Pulling Data From Microsoft Excel Into VB
I am looking for some sample code to get an idea how to pull data from an Excel spreadsheet. Just something basic to lead me in the right direction would be a huge help. Basically I have data in a particular cell (always the same cell, same sheet) and I want to pull it into VB... simple... I am just not sure where to start. This just seems like a whole different beast from a database pull...

Thanks in advance.

Need Help Pulling Data Out Of A String (Resolved)
Here is a sample string I'm reading in:


The parts in bold above are the strings I need to pull out of the string. These values change and I have about 15 of these to read. The = sign is consistant as well as the , after it.

Anyone have a suggestion on how I can read these 3 into strings?

Pulling Needed Data From A String
I have a Listbox that has info from a file, the input is in 2 parts, first there is info then a hyphen (-) and then more info. What i have now is a Label, so when i click on a piece of info in the listbox that line of info shows up in the label. What i need to do is take the info before the hyphen and put it into a variable. How would i go about grabbing the data before the hyphen. Not all of the data is the same length, so take that into consideration.

Please provide code.

Pulling Excel Data From Worksheet
I'm looking for the vb code or sub routine that can get data from an excel worksheet.
I need a row of data, like from A1 to F1, and need to be able to seperate it into different variables, or into an array. (I can do this part, its just the getting it from excel that I need the help with)

I'd like to be able to get it from a file, but getting it from an open worksheet would work also.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Pulling Data From Source File
Hi, i'm creating lists of 'keywords' that will be popped into multi-dim arrays at runtime. i would like to have these lists separate so when it comes time for versioning i can just change these lists (if that's the only changes required). However, these files need to be non-readable by the end user. What do ya'll think is the best solution here. dll's? Any input is appreciated!

Pulling Data From Files - Tough One!!
My input file looks like this:

Factor for Mass Normalization = 6.41405E-02
Node X-Tran Y-Tran R-Rotn

1000 0.00000E+00 0.00000E+00 0.00000E+00
1001 0.00000E+00 1.04276E-02 1.96101E-04
1002 0.00000E+00 3.67378E-02 3.17730E-04
1003 0.00000E+00 7.15255E-02 3.65916E-04
1004 0.00000E+00 1.07552E-01 3.43025E-04
1005 0.00000E+00 1.37892E-01 2.52969E-04

i have used this code to write data from a file to an array

Function readtoarray(ByVal sFileName As String) As Variant
Dim sFile() As String
Dim iCount As Integer

Open "A:prob.out" For Input As #1
Do Until EOF(1)
Line Input #1, tmp
ReDim Preserve sFile(iCount)
sFile(iCount) = tmp
iCount = iCount + 1
Close #1
readtoarray = sFile
End Function

I want to extract the x,y coordinates from the array and graph them in a picbox - how do i do this???

Pulling Unknown Data From Excel
Hi all:

I have a routine that (supposedly) loops through a spreadsheet, gathers all the field names, and then equates them to the data in the table (sheet).  My problem is that I'm only getting the first field name and the record associated to it for the entire record count.

Here is my code:
Dim RS As ADODB.Recordset
Dim Con As ADODB.Connection
Dim SQL As String
Set Con = New ADODB.Connection
Set RS = New ADODB.Recordset
Con.ConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & _
    "Data Source=F:EmailBlastSentEmails.xls;Extended Properties=""Excel 8.0;" & _
Con.Open Con.ConnectionString
SQL = "Select * from [Sheet1$]"
RS.Open SQL, Con, adOpenKeyset, adLockReadOnly

MsgBox "Records " & RS.RecordCount
For i = 0 To RS.Fields.Count - 1
    N = RS.Fields(i).Name
    Do While Not RS.EOF
        If Not IsNull(RS(N).Value) Then
            MsgBox N & ": " & RS(N).Value
        End If
Next i

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



Ron Repp

HELP! Pulling Internet Data Into Excel
Is it at all possible to create a macro in Excel that pulls numerical data from a website? And if so, how would I go about doing so (any code examples are preferred)? I have like 70000 data points that I DONT want to enter by hand, so any assistance would be hugely appreciated.

"There are a million beautiful girls in the world. Not all of them bring you lasagna at work. Most of them just cheat on you."
~The wisdom of Silent Bob

Question About Pulling Data From OleDB
ok - I need to pull text & parse it etc. I am not seeing a way to do this with oledb. while it seems great for displaying info in datagrids for editing / deleting etc I'm not seeing a way that I can pull a 'record set' per say, and pull the data.

been searching good, and it just doesn't look like an option with oledb, is this true?

Pulling Data From A Text File
Ok this one is a little hard to explain. I have to pull my information from 2 completely different formats and places. Most of my information I query out of SQL, I have no problems with that. The rest of the information I have to get from a text file. This file is a log of every single customer transaction for a month's time. I have to go through the text file, and find the transaction information for each customer, and combine it with my sql recordset. The information that I need out of the text file, I am going to find by comparing the SSN from my recordset, to the SSN that appears in the text file. Once I find that particular SSN, I need EVERYTHING that is on the same line with it, and also everything that is on the line 2 lines below. I don't need the line in-between. How can I do this?

VB Forms Pulling Data From An AccessDB
I know this is an extremely basic question but I am trying to self teach myself, so please bear with me. I need to extract data from a network based Access DB into a Form in VB. I have NO CLUE what to do... any insight would be greatly aprreciated. THANK YOU

Excel Function Pulling Access Data
Hi All,
I want to create an Excel function that pulls data from an Access table. (sorta like a vlookup). Can you pls point me inw what direction i need to go (via VBA and maybe SQL)


Pulling Data From My Companies Intranet Site
Hi All,

OK, I have my vba code set up so that GetUserName starts when the userform is started. I have it take the name (which is actually a common user id for my company) and place it on a spreadsheet within the file. For instance, blqgjfri appears in cell A1 on spreadsheet Data. This is my common user id when I log into my computer.

Now, here is the tricky part. I want to take this common user id from cell A1 and place it in a field on a company intranet page that looks up common user ids and then returns all kinds of information on that person when you click a button on the page called SUBMIT. The retrieval has all kinds of information, but more than anything I want the users name so I can paste it into cell A2 on spreadsheet Data and use it as a WELCOME to the user when they open the form. Is this possible? If so, please help. I have NO idea where to start.



Pulling Filename From Dialog Box To Load Data
hi im really hoping someone can help here,
basically i am trying to create a macro for use in access and for this part i need to present the user with a dialog box asking them for a filename (using the code below);

Function import_reminder_1()
On Error GoTo import_reminder_1_Err

Set dlgOpen = Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogOpen)

With dlgOpen
.AllowMultiSelect = False
End With

then i need the filename the user inputted to be automatically transfered somewhere else in the code, specifically into the red area marked below;

'DoCmd.OpenQuery "Find Blank Status", acViewNormal, acEdit
'DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acImport, 8, "Find Blank Status", "", False, "B"

any help will be very greatly appreciated thanks everyone

Crystal Reports - Pulling Data From Excel
I'm having a problem filtering data in Crystal Reports. I'm pulling the info from an Excel spreadsheet.

I wish to get the Maximum Date for a given policy number and display it. So really I want to filter these records into one.

How do I do this? I am stumped and it was no problem when I was hitting the same information that was on SQL Server.

Is this a connection problem?...Is there a different technique to use to make this Excel spreadsheet look like a SQL Server Table?

I cannot use the same features in Crystal when I use both tables.
I cannot modify or see any SQL statement that data pulls from Excel.

I appreciate your help.

Pulling Data From A Business Objects 5i Report
I need to get the data from a business objects report so I can add it to a database. Is there any way I can do this via VB or is there a way I can look at where the report is pulling the data from? I am fairly new to BO and any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Listboxs Pulling Data From Array On Item Select
I am working on a shopping cart like program where i open data from a text file with data that looks like this "desk chair", 79.95 and i have placed the item in a list box and the price of the item in an array called ArrayPrice now I need it to display the price of the item in a text box when the item is selected in the list box and i have no idea how to do this. The list box is called lstItems and the text box is called txtPrice. I was trying to do something with the following code although I realize that it is wrong lol

Private Sub lstItems_change()

IntTarget = lstItems.Selected
N = 0
blnFound = False
Do Until (blnFound Or (N = IntListSize))
If (IntTarget = ArrayPrice(N)) Then
blnFound = True
IntLocation = N
End If
N = N + 1
txtPrice.Text = IntTarget
If blnFound Then
txtPrice.Text = ArrayPrice(IntLocation)
End If
End Sub

I appreciate any help that I recieve on this thanks a lot in advance

Adding Data To An Excel Spreadsheet, Deleting Data, Making Calculations, Etc
I'm trying to add data to my excel database using a form that i created.

Database.bmp is my main screen.

Form.bmp is the form that i would like to use to add data to the excel sheet.

Does anybody know the proper way to do this? Should i even be using excel to do this?

I also need to make things that will report Interest over 1 year, add money to accounts, create certificates to print, etc.

How would i initiate a calculator between certain cells?

Is there anyway to make it so that you can double click a cell and edit the invidiual customer?

I need some guidance, Thanks in advance!

Data Access...pulling Up Muliple Fields By Inserting Primary Key
Maybe this is a dumb question but i have never used this finction so I am kinda lost. I trying to create a database that is linked to our companies accounting software (MAS90). I imported the tables from MAS90 and want to set up a form that will allow the user to type the invoice number into a textbox and by doing this it will retreive the customername, transactiondate, and transactionamount fields data. I am sure that this is really simple but I am not quite sure how to do it. Any help would be amazing. Thank you.

Ongoing Timing Issue When Pulling Data From A Palm Pilot
I posted a couple of message prior to this one about pulling data from a Palm using a VB Application and how the data that displayed in a data grid was a snapshot of data that existed prior to the download and was told that time was not on my side.
In light of that information I separated the forms used in this application and made them separate ".exe's" and calling the form with the datagrid after the information was downloaded and hoping that this would be the answer. It wasn't. I then added some time in the procedure before the application with the datagrid was called and that was not the answer either.
Now I am toying with the idea of adding a third application that is between the other two that adds more blank time between the others and calls the application that contains the datagrid in hopes that this will be the 'Final Answer'. Does anyone have any suggestions that may be a little less sloppy than this one I have come up with?????
Thank you in advance.


Pulling Small Subset Of Data From Large Source In Sorted Order.

Im having a large performance problem and I need to rewrite a very important part of my front end.

Heres my problem.

I pull a set of data... say the top 50 records of a 500,000 record table. once the user scrolls through that top 50 via a listview control it re-polls the database to get the NEXT 50 records... (should the user decide then to go back UP the program queiries again for the 50 records before the current 50)

What I do when I have these chunks of data is just completley reload the list view and highlight the first or last record (Depending on what direction the user is "Scrolling"

THe problem is the dataset has to be sorted by whatever criteria the user has selected... SO.. what I do is simple (Yet horribly slow)

I do the query based on the sort, then I put that data into a temp table so I can have the id of the record. so I can mathmaticly sort through that.

I.E. if I had a table with 10 records numbered 1..10 but sorted on say last name It could not go in numerical order.

UserID | Name | LName
1 | John | Williams
2 | Jessica | Bryan
3 | Bethany | Jackson
etc etc
So the sort could be... by last name the ID's would be in 2,3,1 or by first name 3,2,1 or by ID 1,2,3 or whatever.

So what my temp table does is provide me a reference point that I can say..

Give me the top 20 records where the TEMPTable ID is less than... whatever. and that gives me the results.

But like I said it is horribly horribly slow as every time it does this it has to sort a 500,000 record table.. put it in the temp table (Even though I only use a created identy column and the PK identity from the source table) and THEN pull the data for ID whatever to whatever.

Is there a simpler way and MUCH MUCH more efficient way to do this? I tried throwing ram at the SQL server (It now has 4 gigs in it) but that didnt even seem to help in the least.

I'm pretty desperate here.

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