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RESOLVED - Simple Mute/unmute Routine?

i am looking to write a simple program to mute and unmute the master volume control. just as though i clicked the volume icon in the systray and checked the "mute" box. why do i want to do this when there's a perfectly straightforward way to do it already? i have ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), and it has taken away the use of my hands and arms. i used Dragon NaturallySpeaking for two years with great success, but alas in July it took my voice as well. so now i'm using a computer that is controlled by my eyes, and though it's a marvelous technological piece of equipment that allows me to continue to use the computer in much the same way i used to (a little more slowly), clicking the volume control in the systray, then clicking the mute box takes a little more precision than i can muster.

so, can anyone here point me to an easy routine, api call, or something similar that i can program around?


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Mute/un-mute &"line In&" + Control Over Audio
Is there a way I can control the audio in "line in" and mute/unmute it?

Simple Bit Comparison Routine? HELP!
Could anyone possibly suggest a simple routine / procedure that would take two files and do a complete comparison on a bit to bit basis?

I am VERY rusty with VB, so the simpler the better please!

Many thanks.


Please Help -- Simple TELNET Routine!!!
Ok, can anyone give me any instructions to connect into the server through TELNET, and connect to my email account??? Please, I've heard people talking about doing it, but I haven't been able to learn EXACTLY how!! Please!?

Simple ComboBox Routine
I'm working on a fairly simple macro in excel using vba. What I'm trying to do is match parts of what is in a combobox to the open worksheets and remove the item from the list if that worksheet already exists. Here's the code:


Dim ws As Worksheet
For Each ws In Worksheets
For i = 0 To ComboBox1.ListCount - 1
faName = "Focus Area - " & ComboBox1.List(i)
If ws.Name = faName Then
ComboBox1.RemoveItem (i)
End If
Next i
Next ws

I don't see why this isn't working, but I keep getting the 381 run-time error of: "could not get the list property. invalid property array index." I isolated the error to the RemoveItem statement by commenting out certain lines until I found the line that was giving me trouble. Anyone see what is going wrong here? Thanks!

I need to figure out a way to unmute the master volume and turn it up to maximum level??

Any ideas?

How Do I Unmute The MIC
im new to programming, and i need some help with a program im trying to write.

*Program Details*
Im trying to make the program un-mute the microphone by using a Hotkey sequence (eg. ctrl+alt+X) but i dont know how to unmute the microphone. its going to be a gameing utility that sits in the system tray.
so if you could help me i would be very greatfull.

A More Efficient Routine <RESOLVED>
Hi All
   I have (15) images (Emoticons) on my form and I when I click on one it puts adds it to my RichTextBox.
The question I have is, I have coded (15) seperate Click events to do this. What would be the best
method to write this routine? here is part of the code:
Private Sub Image2_Click()
' InsertMessageEmoticon rtb, Image2.Picture
    rtb.Text = rtb.Text + ""
    rtb.SelStart = Len(rtb.Text)
    Frame1.Visible = False
End Sub

Private Sub Image3_Click()
' InsertMessageEmoticon rtb, Image3.Picture
    rtb.Text = rtb.Text + ""
    rtb.SelStart = Len(rtb.Text)
    Frame1.Visible = False
End Sub

Private Sub Image4_Click()
' InsertMessageEmoticon rtb, Image4.Picture
    rtb.Text = rtb.Text + ""
    rtb.SelStart = Len(rtb.Text)
    Frame1.Visible = False
End Sub

The images are named 'Image1 thru Image15' There is got to be a more efficient way to write a routine.

Any Help would be Great


GOD said it, I believe it, so that settles that.....

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Routine To Delete Old Files ? ** RESOLVED **
I'm looking for a way to programmatically delete all files in a folder that haven't been updated in the last 60 days. Does anyone have a routine that will do something like this ?
Thanks for any help...

**Resolved **routine To Enable/disable Cmd Buttons

You will have to excuse my ignorance but is there a way of
disabling multiple cmdbuttons all at the same time...instead of

VB Code:
cmd1.enabled = falsecmd2.enabled = falsecmd3.enabled = falseetcetc


RESOLVED: How Can I Pass A RichTextBox Object Into A Routine
I have three RichTextBox objects and I have one common routine which I want to be used by all of these three RTB objects. I would like to pass in the RichTextBox object to the routine obviously but I do not know how.

Can someone show me by giving me a quick interface example..... thanks for any help provided.

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Need Help Modifying A Listview Autosize API Routine<RESOLVED>
Howdy Okay, I have all the big bugs worked out of my the little ones are even more annoying! My main form uses a split screen, listview on the left and a rich textbox on the right. I added an autosize listview option from a popup menu that uses an API routine I got off the net. It works okay except the last column cuts off a small portion...that is a problem because it is numerical data and thus is right-aligned. I think the problem is the width of the splitter, 135 pixels, but I am really guessing here.

I am just now learning about API programming so I am not sure how to modify the code. What I want to do if it is possible is subtract the 135 from the last column width. Every example of autosizing I have found on the net uses the same call and declarations, so I'm not sure if I can modify this. If somebody can help with this that would be great! If worse comes to worse I will just pad the last column with a space, but I would rather get it right. Below is my autosize code, thanks in advance!
Private Const LVM_FIRST As Long = &H1000
Private Const LVM_SETCOLUMNWIDTH As Long = (LVM_FIRST + 30)
Private Const LVSCW_AUTOSIZE As Long = -1

Private Declare Function SendMessage Lib "user32" _
   Alias "SendMessageA" _
  (ByVal hwnd As Long, _
   ByVal wMsg As Long, _
   ByVal wParam As Long, _
   lParam As Any) As Long

Private Sub lvAutosizeControl(Lv As ListView)
'Size columns by ColumnHeaders or items, whatever is wider
    Dim col2adjust As Long
    On Error GoTo AutosizeError
    For col2adjust = 0 To Lv.ColumnHeaders.Count - 1
        Call SendMessage(Lv.hwnd, _
                         LVM_SETCOLUMNWIDTH, _
                         col2adjust, _
                         ByVal LVSCW_AUTOSIZE_USEHEADER)
    Exit Sub


    MsgBox Err.Number & " " & Err.Description & " " & Err.Source
End Sub

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Urgent Help Required For Getting A Routine/button Clicked In C# Routine From VB
Hi I am working with an application which has two parts. Main Part (Part A) has been written in C# using VS2005 and the other Part (Part B) has been written in VB6. Now My issue is that the Part B is started from inside Part A.
Here comes the issue. Part B (a voice application is running) and when I click a done button on it, it should automatically get the handle for the Main window (Part A) and click a done button on the Main Window. Now I am able to obtain the handle for the main window and the button, but when the done button on the main window is clicked it does not respond as it should. Nothing is happening. ... any takers on this ... i do not what other information i can provide .. please let me know

Anyone know how to mute/un-mute Mic and Line out?

Mute Wav?
How can i mute wav file? when i play it ,i can't hear.
and how can i open it? midi file?
email address :

Line-in Mute

Is it possible to mute the line-in, when some audio is played back?.. And respectively to unmute it, when the audio stops?


Getting The Mute Status
i do realise topics have been discussed liek this before as i searched the site before i posted this message to see if any1 had answered this question before, but they havn't. All i want to do is find out if the computer is muted or not.


Mute Volume ONLY!
i've been looking for a code which mutes the master volume of the speakers, so far i've been able to find 7 billion line codes which do everything, all i need is the mute code, i found sample programs which use a picture box called MediaPlayer1 which they use to run many commands such as mute, pause, stop etc, but don't know how to define it, can anyone help?

Mute Only The VB Application
Hi there, I have went through the forums about how to mute the volume, but the mute functions apply to the whole computer. Can I just make my VB application mute? If this is possible, how do I code it? Thanks a lot!

Mute Through Code
Does anyone know how I can mute the speakers through code?

Like somehow provoking the mute check box on the general Volume Control.... I know I can use the send keys but that's very un-professional!

Any solutions?


Mute Sound
Can someone help me to mute the sound of a screen saver I have made?

I have worked very hard to learn how to make a screen saver, add animation and sound, and all the other code needed to run a screen saver, but being able to mute the sound from a configuration form for the screen saver is giving me a problem. What I would like to have, and I am sure that many of you have seen them in other fuctional screen savers, is a checkbox on my config form that will mute the sound for the screen saver.

Can anyone help?

Mute WebBrowser?
How may I "mute" the webbrowser?

Or at least the Java applet inside of it? Because I wish to play my own music rather than the website the user will visit (a game). They can do this on their own, but a "quick" and dirty fix used to do it (stop the webbrowser). However, now they've integrated the music into it (rather than embedded outside), and stopping the webbrowser doesn't work.

Any help will be welcomed. Thanks!

Mute Button
Does anyone know the code to mute the computer...?

Mute The Soundcard?
Hello programmers!

Now, I need to mute and un-mute my soundcard, SB Live!.

How can I do it?

John, 14 years old

How To Mute Sound
Can anyone please help? I have code that sets the mixer volume but need to find some code that will set mute on or off.
I have come across come code, which is supposed to allow me to set all the mixer controls, but couldn’t get it to work.
Anybody got anything to set mute on or off.

Much appreciated

P.S. I know there is a link to some sound mixer code on this forum but unfortunately it’s not working

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How Can I MUTE Sound?
How do I MUTE all external sounds from my PC? The executable I'm creating calls existing software with an uncontrollable sound output that I wish to stop from being heard. vb 6.0 and win 98.


Mute Msgbox Beep ?
Hi all,

I've been working extensively on a very nice user interface.

I have heaps of warning and 'are u sure' msgbox dialogs.

I'm sure its just me testing the heck out of it at them moment,
but I was hoping there was a way I could mute the msgbox beep.

Preferable just for my app.
Even better an option to 'Mute Message Box Beeps'.

I've set the windows sound card sounds to nothing but then the PC speaker beeps all the time instead.

Any help would be appreciated.

Microphone Mute Sorry To Bother You
Hi Ok this is Kind of a DUMB Question sorry to bother you but i am new to VB( well not that new learnt coding at school) Btw Good evening Board. I am Jamie, New to VB..... I shalll be using this service alot so Dont get bored of me or mad

I will try code the best I can, I am looking into books and stuff,
Well Basically I am coding a software for Radio Presenters and I want a Button on it When Its pressed, It Takes The microphone Volume off of Windows Sound settings.

** If that makes any sence.

Basically When the button is pressed the Microphone Mutes and when its pressed again it unmutes, Microphone setting is in the little icon on the bottom the wee speaker.

I try to make myself as Clear as possible lol
e-mail me or instant message me or add me on msn if you dont understand but if you do post here please thanks guys

Mute Linein Port
Dose anyone no what the api to mute a linein port

Uncheck Mute Sound
how can I uncheck the mute checkbox in general sound control panel, as I need to play sound event if general mute is activated ...

Mute Windows Sound - Need Help
hello all
I am using WIndows 2000 Professional. I like to write a code in VB6 to mute and unmute the sound of my system. Can any one help me to wri tethe code of it ? I really need help. I am not hat much expert in VB. I am waititng for your kind help
Thank you

Mute Sound Through Code
My program uses some sounds and I have
a button to mute or enable sound.

Is there an API or an easier way to do this.

Mute Sound On A System
Does anyone have quick code to Mute the volume on the system and to get the volume level at which the system was at previous to being muted? Thanks in advance.

Sound Card Mute From VB6 ?? API??
I want to mute the sound card - specifically the microphone input cahnnel (but not the record channel) though the auxilliary is the ultimate target.

Is it achievable via a DLL or is it registry oriented?

So what key or call do I go for?

This is to do what the timed redording on a NetEasy D-Link radio should have done and to remove noise from the reading of "stereo status" every second (on weak signals).  I can possibly do most via (say) the soundblaster record app and SendKeys but mute is not available as a hot key.

Mute Microphone Input
Hey Guys

Anyone know how I can mute the Microphone input on a PC, from a vb6 app ?


API To Control Volume Especially MUTE
API to control volume especially MUTE. My kids keeping turning off the sound so when the next kid comes along he thinks the prgm has gone crazy. How do I use the API to automatically (DE-MUTE) and turn the volume to loudest, when a kid opens prgm. Thank you.


How To Set Volume Control To Be Mute
i want to set some options in volume control to be mute ,for example :let "linein" to be mute,let "sw synth" to be mute,let "stereo wide" to be mute .
thanks very much!

Mute Line In & Pc Speakers

i need to mute all Volume option except Master Volume and
Wave did any one send me a code for this

thank if any one solve this

Volume Mute - Have Searched But Found Nothing

I have searched but didn't find anything useful.

I am using the mixer API's and i would like to know which setting i need do changed and what i need to change it too, to mute one of the specified controls.

Thanks very much in advance

Chris Colden

System Speaker Volume/Mute
Is there any way that I can write VB6 code to check whether the user has his/her system speaker either (1) Muted or (2) Adjusted to zero?

In one of my Apps, I use a slider to adjust the speaker volume, and it seems to adjust it up or down from the current system level. If muted or at the bottom, then the control is likely helpless, and I would need to provide an alert message. Otherwise, the user would likely think that my App is at fault.

My search shows that RobDog did some work in this arena about five years ago, but what I want to do is detect the mute or perhaps measure the level, not invoke the mute.

Webbrowser Mute Sounds Or Disable Flash
Hey. Quick question:

I have a VB6 program that loads a page similar to youtube (plays .flv files) in webbrowser. It works great and all, but I want to be able to listen to music as my program is running. Can someone show me how to either:

A) disable sounds from webbrowser or the entire program, but not the entire system sound? I don't care about the clicking sound or any small time stuff like that, I just want the sounds from the FLV videos to be muted.
B) disable flash for that instance of IE within the program? I don't want it to affect my entire system, just that application. I realize fully that this will make the movies not play, but that's A-OK with me.

If you can think of any other way to solve my problem, that's also welcome. Thanks,

How Do I Mute Everything In Webbrowser1?Good Rating For Anwser!!
I need to mute sound in webbrowser1 but not in anything else. Is this possable? thank you

Mute Or Stop Other Audio While Alarm Rings

I have an alarm application where an alarm rings at the required time. The alarm sound is an embedded wave file in the ressource file and I play the sound using the PlaySound api call.

I would like to give the user the option of muting other sounds that are currently playing on his machine for the duration of the alarm. If this is not possible using the PlaySound api then I would like to give the user the option of stopping or pausing all other sounds and then ring the alarm.

Does anybody have any ideas?

Mute And Change The Volume Of Each Midi Channel.
I want to Mute and change the volume of the MIDI Channel. There are 16 midi channels. I want to play the midi file and also mute and change the volume of each channel. Such as I want to mute the drum then I have to just mute the channel associated with it.
Is this possible? If yes then how? Can anyone help me.....Is this possible in other programming language? Please let me know.

Very Simple Help--Resolved

I have very very simple problem but uable to resolve it. I have string with vbTab in begining and end of string, how can i remove them. I tried trim() function, but doesn´t work. How can i remove vbTab in a string?

Simple Help--resolved

I need a very small help. How can we find a string between two characters in a string.

str= Jack,John,Holly,Elle

i just want the names jack, john, holly and elle in a separate strings.

Thanks in advance.


Simple .... Not For Me!! (RESOLVED)
I've used the VB wizard when I started my project, but now I want to insert a new button in the menu bar (the one with cut/copy/paste/left/center...)

I was sucessfull with inserting the button... the problem was inserting a picture???... does it has to have a specific format?

Very Simple... Or Maybe Not!!! (RESOLVED)
This may be very simple but I haven't been able to do it!!!...

This is the question?

is it possible to create an object in code and not in form view?

something like this:

for i=1 to 100
create new label_i (or text box)
next i

can I do something like this?

can anyone tell me why this query isn't working?

Dim var as String

var = cmbCourse.text

Set rs2 = db.OpenRecordset("Select *" & "from CourseModules" & "where CourseModules.Course_Title equals #" & var & "#")

Its prob something simple but i am a newbe so anyhalp is much appreciated

Something Simple... (*** Resolved ***)

How do you stop people using ctrl+C to copy the password from a text box ?



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