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Reading Data From Web Page Paste In Excel

Hi Guyz,

My main objective is to read data from a browser and paste it to excel..
This is the code that i have

Dim ieApp As InternetExplorer
Set ieApp = New InternetExplorer

'make it visible, while debugging at least
ieApp.Visible = True

'navigate, and wait until page loads
ieApp.navigate "C:page1.htm"
Do While ieApp.readyState <> READYSTATE_COMPLETE

MsgBox ieApp.Document.body.innerText

Sheet1.Cells(1, 1) = ieApp.Document.body.innerText
Normally this data is in table format..the problem im facing is that all the data gets pasted into cells(1,1)..that is not what i want to achieve..

When i do a manual copy from a webpage that contains table (control-copy), and then (control paste) in excel, the data gets properly pasted in excel, each data goes into appropriate cell..that i what i want to achieve..

Currently, with the above code, all the data get into a single cell ..

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Copy&amp;Paste From Excel To An Embedded Word Doc Page 2
Im Having 2 problems.
1) How do u open the existing document without wiping out previous changes(like the bookmarks I added). The following code seems to create a new word doc instead of using the existing document embedded.

2) How would I Paste spreadsheet range onto Page2? Bookmarks?

The following code is what I have come up with so far:

Excel.ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(1).Shapes("OBJECT 1").Select
Selection.Verb Verb:=xlPrimary

instead of the first two lines of code

Reading From Excel Into A Web Page
I 've been asked to create a webpage that reads certain cells from a spreadsheet. Is this at all possible?

Reading Data From Web Page
Hi There,

I dont know whether it is possible but I am trying to create a project which reads data from a web page. I will just give the outline of web page
First Screen
Service tag: UW12VY
Customer Number: 999234
Order number : 135555
Computer: HP3000

and i have different tabs like
Case, Order Details, Components, Contracts etc.

When I click on customer number another web page opens up which has information of customer
Second Screen
Customer Name: John Cena Sales Person: XYZ
Address : ABC, 21 Park Avenue, New Jersey Customer Ph: 2343434

Third Screen
Similarly when I click on Contracts it opens up a page which says
Contract Start Date End Date
XYZ 12/02/2006 19/09/2009

Similarly when I click on Order details tab in the first screen
Fourth Screen

now the entire data is stored online what I want to do is I will open up three pages that is Order details, Contracts and the first screen

And i will put the service tag in my VB Program and open up the first window for fetching my Computer model, Contract screen for fetching contract , Order Screen for fetching the operating system that the customer uses. The program should search for service tag and fetch the above mentioned data on all three screens. IS it possible. Looks quite difficult. Please Help.
***The person may have more than one windows opened***

Thanks and waiting for some kind replies.



Reading Web Page Stock Data

I am trying to read the stock data found on
into a file but can only see the javascript.

I have tried the Web Browser in VB as well as opening a connection but all I see is the java script. The only way I can get to it so far is to highlight it and manually and copy it.

Is there a way to read and convert the actual stream going to the browse so I can get the data with a command?


Reading Data From An ASP Web Page Into A VB Program
I have a general can I write a VB program that will retrieve data from an ASP page? Specifically, I want to write a program which will get data from a fund manger's website, and execute this program daily, as their prices change daily, and write the data to a file. I would then be able to compile a report on fund movements over monthly periods.

I think it has something to do with XML but I'm not sure.

Paste Excel Data Into Word

I am currently trying to paste excel data into a new word document, using VBA...the code I am using is

Selection.PasteSpecial Link:=False, DataType:=wdPasteOLEObject, Placement _
:=wdFloatOverText, DisplayAsIcon:=False

however this causes VBA (in excel) to return an error....


Cut Data From Excel Paste To Access
This is my 1st post. I'm a not a VB6 novice and i'm a huge way away from being an expert so be kind.

I receive 6 spreadsheets each month. Each spreadsheet has 16 columns and in total they contain roughly 140,000 rows of data.

I plan to use VB6 to build a front end that will copy the data from the spreadsheets and place it into an Access database. So that a wide range of queries and statistics can be pulled from it.

As a test (using DAO 3.6)I set the code up so that it looped through each line of data and imported it one by one. In all it took 55 minutes to import 137,000 records. Ouch!

If I were implement this into the live environment my network would explode. My boss would be standing at my door with a red face and with my hat and coat in hand.

The database table has been set up to replicate the column structure of the spreadsheet.

My question - is there a way that I can lift the whole chunk of data from the spreadsheet and paste it directly into the database table in one go?

I've heard that I might be able to do it using the ADO control. Having never used ADO I don't know where to start.

Do I even have to use access? is there an efficient way that I can read and query the data straight from the 6 spreadsheets Excel?

Can anyone shed any light on this? As I said, be kind.

Code examples would be greatly appreciated.


Paste Access Query Data Into Excel
I work a lot using Access & Excel (v2000).
I use Access to store data (imported from other systems) and Excel for reports.

Is there a way to push data from Access query into specific cell/range/sheet in a workbook?

I tried the TransferSpreadsheet macro in Access. but it seems it doesn't support export into specific range/sheet.


Paste Data From Excel Or Other Spreadsheet Program Into A GRid

I would like to paste the contents of the windows clipboard (coming from a spreadsheet proggie) into a grid. The function is being used to allow a user to basically paste a column of numerical data and then my program does some calculations on this column.

I am not sure what grid to use to do this. I want to use one of the basic grids that come with VB 6. If possible I will also need them to be able to edit and delete whats in the rows without having to cheat and add an edit box overtop of the grid.

Can someone recommend the best grid to use for this??

Data Loss During Simple Vba Copy/paste Action In Excel

im loosing data with a simple copy/paste action in vba.
the data loss only occures when i perform the action automatically.
manual copy/paste works well!

and it concers only a few cells!

the sheet which i want to import was created by someone else, thats why i got no idea what the problem could be...

thx in advance!

Copy Data From Excel As The Unformat Text THEN Paste It In Ms Word
I'm try to copy the data from Excel then paste it in Ms word as unformat Text

this is my code but for some reason the format of the data is still FORMATTED from excel and my bookmark does not work as well.. please help

Sub CopyWorksheetsToWord()

Dim r As Range
Dim w As Word.Application
Dim wd As Word.Document
Dim strText As String
Dim icount As Integer

Set w = New Word.Application
Set wd = w.Documents.Open("c: est1.doc")

With wd.Bookmarks("G") ' this bookmark does not work!!!!!
strText = ""
End With
While ActiveCell.Value <> ""

    icount = 1
    strText = strText & ActiveCell.Value
    While ActiveCell.Offset(0, icount).Value <> ""
        strText = strText & " " & ActiveCell.Offset(0, icount).Value
        icount = icount + 1
    strText = strText & vbCr
    ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select

w.Visible = True

w.Selection.InsertAfter strText

End Sub

How To Take Data From Web Page And Put Into Excel?
Exactly that. Need to go through pages and take info. Pages are mainly the same.

Populating Web Page With Excel Data
I have found some good information on this site for doing a lot of what I need to do, but I am having a problem with one thing. One of the input fields on the web page is of type radio. I am having a problem figuring our how to index to the correct radio selection and "check" the option that I want.

The input field on the HTML form looks something like this:

<INPUT type=radio CHECKED value=1 name=Opt1>First Option<BR>
<INPUT type=radio value=2 name=Opt1>Second Option<BR>
<INPUT type=radio value=3 name=Opt1>Third Option<BR>
<INPUT type=radio value=4 name=Opt1>Fourth Option<P>
The Code I'm working with is:

Set IE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
IE.Visible = True

'Navigate to the web page
IE.Navigate ""

'Wait for the page to finish downloading
Do While IE.busy

For Each Element in IE.Document.All("Opt1")
If Element.Value = 3 Then Element.Checked = True
This works, but if I assume there is a why that I can do something like this instead:

IE.Document.All("Opt1").???.Checked = True
But I'm not sure what needs to be in the space where ??? is to index to the Third Option of the radio selection.

Anybody know how I would go about doing this?

Thanks in Advance!

Reading Excel Data
How do I read data from an excel sheet from my VB application.

Excel Data Reading

I have data on an excel sheet and i want to dispaly some data on the sheet based on a search critieria. the problem is whenever i press the search button, a new instance of excel opens.

can anyone help me with this? if u got a better way, plz let me know. thanks

PS: Code

' set reference to Application object
Set xlApp = CreateObject("Excel.Application")

' set reference to Workbook object
Set xlBook = xlApp.Workbooks.Open("D:PRICE_CHECKdata.xls")

' set the reference to Worksheet object
Set xlSheet = xlBook.ActiveSheet

With xlSheet
iLastCol = .Cells.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeLastCell).Column
iLastRow = .Cells.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeLastCell).Row
End With

For iRow = 2 To iLastRow
If xlApp.Cells(iRow, 2) = txtCode.Text Then
lblcode.Caption = xlApp.Cells(iRow, 2)
lblItem_No.Caption = xlApp.Cells(iRow, 1)
lblVendor_code.Caption = xlApp.Cells(iRow, 4)
lblDescription.Caption = xlApp.Cells(iRow, 5) & " " & xlApp.Cells(iRow, 6) _
& " " & xlApp.Cells(iRow, 8) & " " & xlApp.Cells(iRow, 9) & " " & xlApp.Cells(iRow, 10)
lblLSP.Caption = Format(xlApp.Cells(iRow, 12), "Fixed")
Exit Sub
'MsgBox "Product Code Does Not Exist", vbInformation, "No Code Found!"
'Exit Sub
End If

Next iRow

Reading Data From Excel
Can anyone give me a brief education in how to read data from an excel spreadsheet into a VB6 program. I am used to the ADO for interfacing with Access, but have never done anything with Excel and VB. I basically want to read data in from a spreadsheet, process it, and put it into an Access database. Thanks for any help.

Reading Data In Excel
I am trying to connect to a excel spreadsheet but when I pull the data from the spreadsheet it is pulling the data as a time/date format when it is just numbers ie - 7.5433 or 2.34545. I think the spreadsheet is Excel 5.0/7.0 but the computer I am running the program is Excel 10.0. could this cause a problem. Here is the code I am using.

Set conn = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
Set rs = CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")

szSQL = "select * from [sheet1$A6:Z500]"

conn.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=I: est" & sharFileName & ";Extended Properties=""Excel 8.0;"""

rs.CursorType = 3
rs.Open szSQL, conn

Do Until rs.EOF

testData = rs.Fields.Item(2)

I have tried putting Excel 5.0 at the end instead of 8.0 but that doesn't make a difference.


Reading Data From Excel In VB6
I have an ado connection object and a catalog object.

I can read the worksheet names and the column names within a worksheet.

How do I get to the values?

I don't want to have an instantiation of Excel actually running.

I've looked in FAQ, and the questions for General and excel. ALL of them seem to reference creating a running excell session.

Reading Excel Data
I am using VB Express 2008 and having troubles with a site reading 'all' values from an Excel sheet... the problem is with NUMERICS only... all other cellsd are read perfectly... Problem is it works fine on my system... they have loaded the latest .Net on 2 systems and still get the same problem... any ideas???
PS: I got this code from the net and modified to suit my project

Sub ExcelToCSV(ByVal sXLS As String, ByVal sCSV As String, ByVal sXLSName As String)
        Dim StrConn, Str, sCmd As String
        Dim DA As New OleDb.OleDbDataAdapter
        Dim DS As New DataSet
        Dim ColumnCount, OuterCount, InnerCount, RowCount As Integer
        StrConn = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" & sXLS & ";Extended Properties=Excel 8.0;"
        Dim objConn As New OleDb.OleDbConnection(StrConn)
            If objConn.State = ConnectionState.Closed Then
                Console.Write("Connection cannot be opened")
            End If
        Catch ex As Exception
            Exit Sub
        End Try
        sCmd = "[" & mvField(sXLSName, ".", 1) & "$" & "]"
        Dim objCmd As New OleDb.OleDbCommand("Select * from " & sCmd, objConn)
        objCmd.CommandType = CommandType.Text

        Dim ObjStreamWriter As IO.StreamWriter = New IO.StreamWriter(sCSV)

            DA.SelectCommand = objCmd
        Catch ex As Exception
        End Try
        RowCount = DS.Tables(0).Rows.Count
        ColumnCount = DS.Tables(0).Columns.Count

        '------------This adds the column names to the csv file, Comment this out to ignore
        'Str = ""
        'For i As Integer = 0 To ColumnCount - 1
        'Str &= DS.Tables(0).Columns(i).ColumnName & ","
        If bDebug Then
            Console.WriteLine("Rows: " & RowCount.ToString & " Columns: " & ColumnCount.ToString)
        End If
        For OuterCount = 0 To RowCount - 1
            Str = ""
            For InnerCount = 0 To ColumnCount - 1
                Str &= DS.Tables(0).Rows(OuterCount).Item(InnerCount).ToString & ","
            If bLog Then Call WriteLog(Str)

        Catch ex As Exception
            Dim SW As New IO.StreamWriter(CurDir() & "LogFile.log")
        End Try

        objCmd = Nothing
        objConn = Nothing

Reading In Data From Excel
I need to read in two collums of data with 32 rows.

I no I need to start with a for next loop. The bit I need help with is how I put the two columns into the same array.

I then need to search the first colum of the array so I can get the second column next out when it reaches the match.

Do you have any ideas.

Your help would be much appreiated.

Thanks Daniel

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Reading Data From Excel Using Vb 6.0

can someone tell me how to read data from excel using vb and write to sqlserver for migration purpose

i am new for Vb prg

pls do send me if any code


Exporting Data To Excel From A Web Page Table
Hi guys
I'm trying to create an ActiveX control that will export the contents of a table on a web page to an excel spreadsheet. I would be really grateful is anyone could tell me hoe to do this or even how to export a comma deliminated file to excel.

Thanks a lot

Reading Data From An Excel Sheet In VB 6
Hi all,

I am fairly new to VB and need some help on a task I need to accomplish. Basically I am trying to extract a value from a cell based on the result in my vb form.

For instance when a person's age comes out to 32.68 when I calculate the actual age to a specific date from the DOB.

The sheet is broken down as follows:
Age Male
32 43.8
33 42.9

32 is in cell A30
33 is in cell A31

43.8 is in cell B30
42.9 is in cell B31

So what I need to do is search the sheet and find the values of B30 and B31 since the age falls between ages 32 and 33, (which are cells A30 and A31).

Unfortunately the boss does not want to use a DB which would make it so much simpler so I need to figure this one out. Any help is appreciated and I have not had any luck getting it to work.


Reading Data From An Excel Sheet
Does anyone know how I can read data from an excel spreadsheet.

The location of the sheet will be held in a variable that I know how to do. The excel sheet will have variable lenghts and sizes. I need to read all data except the first and last line which need to be read seperatly.



Reading Excel Data To A 2D Array
I have a simple problem...but can't figure it out. I have an excel file with two columns. I want to read these values into an array. The number of items in these columns can change so I guess I need a dynamic array, but I am having trouble figuring out the syntax to read these two columns of numbers into the array.

Can someone please give me some advice.

Thanks in advance

Reading WAV As Data/numbers Into Excel

I have found code online to be able to create WAV files and play WAV files in Excel making use of Windows API's that handle the WAV file format.

What i am trying to do now is to be able to read the WAV file as data/numbers into an excel spreadsheet to do signal processing like fouriers etc.

Has anyone done this before - and if so could you please make the code available to incorporate this into a macro.

Kind regards,


VB6/Excel Help (Reading And Changing Data)
Hey everyone

I'm having a problem with a VB application that i'm working on and I'm not sure where to go next..

I have created a VB6 application that opens an Excel spreadsheet (This is the first time i've attempted to work with VB and an Office product - besides Access, that is). The purpose of the program is: Cycle through a column (SSN) in the spreadsheet, and find out the length of the Social Security Number. You'd think it would be 9 digits long, but i'm importing into Excel from another application..and excel is turning the field into Numeric and dropping leading zeros from certain SSNs.

In other words, I want to cycle through the SSN column and if the SSN has 8 digits, then I want to add 1 zero to the beginning of it. If it has 7 digits, I want to add 2 zeros to the beginning of it.

I'm pretty sure I can do this, however...the spreadsheet..when opened in Excel has subtotals!

So, there is like 3 different subpages within one worksheet...and of course, each "subtotal page" has columns with the same labels (A, B, C, etc.)

Following is an example of what i'm doing. I'm fully aware that this code is incorrect and won't work...however, it may give you guys a better idea of what i'm trying to accomplish.

Dim ssn As String
Loop through cells that contain data and display data
For r = 1 To intRows
For c = 1 To intCols
If Len(xls.Cells(r, c)) = 8 Then
ssn = xls.Cells(r, c)
MsgBox ssn
xls.Cells(r, c).Value = "00" & ssn
End If

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Reading Excel Data Into An Array
As the thread title suggests i am having some trouble reading data into an array.

I believe that i must do a 2 loops for a multidimentional array, however i can not get my head around how to actually get the values out of excel.

Given that i have my starting point in excel as a range (called ArrayStart); the number of rows that the data takes up (RowCount); the width of the data (4); and the array is called AccountDetails is the following method correct?

NB: i and j are simply counters

For i = 1 To RowCount
For j = 1 To 4
AccountDetails(i, j) = ArrayStart.Value
Set ArrayStart = ArrayStart.Offset(0, 1)
Next j
Set ArrayStart = ArrayStart.Offset(1, -4)
Next i

Cheers in advance,


Reading Data From Excel Into Access Using VB
I have to read in data from an Excel spreadsheet into an Access Database table during runtime. I used to get the file in a text format, and did the reading in using InStream. What method can I use to convert the data from Excel to Access??

Reading Excel Data From Within Access Using VBA
I am attempting to build a system whereby I can open and read data values stored within an Excel spreadsheet, but do it entirely within Access using VBA functions. Essentially, I want to read data stored within a specific range of cells within the spreadsheet and then insert those values into the tables within the Access database. Any idea how to go about doing this?

Alternatively, is it possible to run a VBA function stored within the Excel spreadsheet from Access?


- coredumped.

Reading Excel Data From Memory
Hi Friends!

Scenario is that I have an excel file say statistics.xls. It is opened. The user is making changes. As the user makes change (he does not save the excel sheet though), the content of the sheet is written in a DB. Is it possible. If so How?

Most Speedy Way Of Reading Data From Excel
What is the most speedy way of reading data from excel ?
Is it possible to get data, formatting, etc... from a xls file without opening Excel?

Retrieving An Excel Sheet Checkbox Data In ASP Page?
Hi All,
I have and excel sheet with a Checkbox field.I need to read the checkbox data(if checked then true else false) from an ASP page and need to update a database.Can anyone pls help me??
Thanks in advance

How To Export An ASP Page Data Values Into Excel Sheet
Hi all,
How can i export an ASP page data i.e.,text box values into Excel sheet and vice versa also?

Thanks in Advance.


Problems Reading Data In Excel Fields
I've read a heap of the messages giving code on how to open and read data from excel files. Consequently I now have a program up and running which opens and excel file and reads the file, row by row, checking the fields to see if there's anything in them, and writing informatin into an Access database table where an item is encountered. Note that most fields in the spreadsheets have nothing in them. I have hit 2 problems which I can't resolve:

1. the excel spreadsheets have splits in them; the VB error tells me I have too many fields unless I remove the splits. Is there some way to get around this?

2. some fields (fields 7-11) which DO have data in them are being recognised as nulls by my code. The same code satisfactorily retrieves data from field 12, which is the last field in the spreadsheet ever to have any data in it.

Can anyone help?

Problems Reading Data From Excel File
I was testing a VB 6 project to help to automatize the reading and saving to a database an information related with some courses the Institution I'm working with, offers.

I found on Internet that an excel file could be read through using ADO objects, I tried it and worked fine, so I was "ready" to send an e-mail to the departments saying that there would not be necesary to send print copies of the courses information, they instead, now will send an excel file and my application would do the rest. But today when i was doing the finally testing get surprised when I got empty fields in the DataGrid I tied to recordset query from the excel file.

the reason is that in the field (or excel cell if you prefer) id, in my prior testings all the values were numbers, but today, when there is some ids containig both numbers and letters the query just ignore them and put into the DataGrid only id with number values.

So I'm very frustrated and feeling to be transported to the begining again. I would really apprecciate some suggestions that anybody could write in this forum to solve this problem

Reading Specific Data From An Excel Spreadsheet
Hi, My problem or rather challenge is, I want to read slective information from an Excel spreadsheet being used as a data store.

THe spreadsheet is structured by user name cover ten columns each, and rows identified by date in the format 20060327


Date USer1 User2
20060327 site1 site1 site2 site1 site2 site2.... site3 site1 site3 site4 site2....

Not that clear I know, basically eac row is the week beginning date then the next column contains the whereabouts for Monday AM, next Monday PM, next Tues AM, Tues PM, Wed AM, Wed PM etc up to Friday, then USer 2 columns start Mon AM, Mon PM etc User3 etc

The next row would contain the next week beginning 20060403 and so on

What I want to do if its possible, is extract the information for a particular user for a specific week based on the week beginning date, therefore if its user 1 I know the columns for his Monday am pm are B and C, Tuesday D E, F G, H I, and J K being Friday AM and PM, user 2 would be columns l to U, user 3 V - AE etc.

I need to search the excel spreadsheet for the date in column A, get the row number and extract the information into the relevant text boxes in my VB app, easy......

Well I haven't got a clue where to start so if anyone can make sense of what I've said and can help, I'd greatly appreciate it, thanks

Reading In Rows Of Data From An Excel Worksheet
Hi all,

This is the first time reading an .xls file. What I am trying to

accoplish is reading in certain columns by row and writing the data to

a .txtfile.

What is the correct syntax for reading in 4 columns of each row thogh a

vb module?


Excel File:

Policy Prefix







Vin error


Polk Symbol

Polk Perfomance













Output file(YearMakeModelType):


Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Kevin Baker

Software Developer

Enumclaw Insurance Group

(360) 825-591 x3471


Important: This electronic mail message and any attached files conain information intended for the exclusive use of the individual or entity o whom it is addressed and may contain information that is proprietary, priileged, confidential and/or exempt from disclosure under applicable law. Ifyou are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any viewin, copying, disclosure or distribution of this information may be subject tolegal restriction or sanction. Please notify the sender, by electronic mailor telephone, of any unintended recipients and delete the original message ithout making any copies.

Reading Stream Data From IP Address Into Excel VBA

We are using data acquisition hardware that streams real time data to an IP Address so that other machines on the network can use it as well. I'm trying to do some post-processing of the data in Excel/VBA then put the results into a spreadsheet.

Does anyone know of a program that will help with reading in the data stream and separating it into variables for use in VBA....or have any other advice that could help.

Dave W.

How To Load Excel Data Into ASP Page Den Insert Each Line Into Access One By One?
how to open an existing excel file with multiple columns and rows and den insert it into ASP form den upload each record into database. Had to do it in this way cos when upload to database, it require to perform other tasks.

Or how to open an excel file and load its contents directly into an existing access table?

Please provide me the code to teach me. Thanks!

Copy From One Page And Paste On Another
I am looking for a code that will collect information from 'sheet1' and paste it onto 'sheet2'.
1) If the name from 'sheet1' is not on 'sheet2' it will paste in the first available row
2) If the name from 'sheet1' is there, it will paste the relative information in that row.
I have attached a copy of my 'Input Screen'
The information is on different rows, and columns

2 JOHN 35 4/5/2005 M 5'11 150 LBS
3 HEATHER 30 2/30/06 F 6'11 250 LBS

The code will----
(From The Input Sheet) Add HEATHER'S information and JOHN'S information will be updated.
Information Screen

Here is the Code I am working with now:

Sub UpDate()
For Each ce In Range("a2:a" & Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row)
If WorksheetFunction.CountIf(Sheets("sheet2").Range("a:a"), ce.Value) > 0 Then
outrow = WorksheetFunction.Match(ce.Value, Sheets("sheet2").Range("a:a"), 0)
Range(ce.Offset(0, 1), ce.Offset(0, 3)).Copy Destination:=Sheets("sheet2").Cells(outrow, "B")
Range(ce, ce.Offset(0, 3)).Copy Destination:=Sheets("sheet2").Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0)
End If
Next ce

End Sub

Paste Componets To A New Page
I have a multipage component in my form. I want to add a new page and then copy the paste all the components from the previous page to the new page. I hate userforms so I don't know anything about creating components programmatically.
So if anyone could give me a simple example it would help a lot. i.e. how could I finish this code.

Set objTextBox1 = UserForm.TextBox1
intNewPageIndex = UserForm.MultiPage1.Pages.Add.Index
MultiPage1.Value = intNewPageIndex

'add a copy of TextBox1 to the new page.

How To Copy &amp; Paste Web Page ?
My quick and easy questions for the pro's ! Can anyone give me some examples on "How to Convert HTML File into Text File format?" all done with VB ! What I meant is how could you write vb code that can do the same thing as when you browse a html page, you could just right click, select all, copy and paste it into a text file without any html tags !!

Reading Excel Spreadsheet In VB - Data Type Problem
I have an VB App that reads an Excel Sspreadsheet and it seems to having
problems determining the data type of a column. The column in question has
alpha numeric content eg S001, B123 or 1234. I am aware that when reading
Excel Spreadsheets it will determine the datatype of a column, by looking at
the content of the first few rows. If it determines that the column is text,
then all numeric cells/fields are returned as null and if the column is
determined as numeric, then all text fields are returned as null.

Many Thanks


Reading Data From Excel Into 2-D Array: How To Speed Things Up?

i'm using data from an excelsheet in my VB-application through automation. This means that I constantly call the excelobject to read cellvalues. This really slow things down a lot when dealing with large excelfiles.

Is there an easy way to save the data in an 2-D array or collection or whatever, without the need to loop through each cell and thus avoiding the 'costly' calls to the excelobject through automation?

For example:
Is it faster to use a recordset (with excelsheet as the table) compared to calling the excelobject, or doesn't it make any difference?

I noticed that exporting to an excelsheet is a LOT faster when you first fill a dataarray and then call the excelobject just one time to put everything in it. So now I'm looking for a comparable way to import from an excelfile to avoid those cosltly calls.

Any tips, advice would be great


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Problem In Reading Excel Sheet Data Using Recordset
I am using DAO recordset to read data from Excel Sheet.
While reding from 1 column which contains numeric valies it gives me 'Numeric Value Overflow' Error.
But for some other columns it is working fine.
I have changed the format of the whole sheet to Text even then it gives me the error.
I am working on the exitsting project and it is not possible for me to read Excel data
cell by cell using Excel object.
Can you please help me .............?

Reading Mixed Data Types In Excel Column
Does anyone please have a solution of how to read an Excel sheet (as a Recordset) that has columns with numerical data first, followed by text data. This is a known problem, see Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles 295646 (ADO), 194124 and 190195 (DAO).
ADO must guess at the data type for each column in your Excel worksheet or range. A serious problem can arise if you have numeric values mixed with text values in the same column. Both the Jet and the ODBC Provider return the data of the majority type, but return NULL (empty) values for the minority data type !!!

I have tried the MS suggestions of adding Extended Properties of MaxScanRows=0 and IMEX=1 to scan all rows for data type and to enforce the ImportMixedTypes=Text registry setting, but to no avail when there are a large number of rows (>16).
Attached is a modified MS sample project, with my data as Sheet1 (click "Sample #5 to see results in Immediate window).

The even bigger question is "how to use MS and preserve sanity!".

Thanks in advance, David


Help On Reading Excel Files And Then Making Data Reports Using These Excel Files
Hello.I would like to know how to get from an excel file specific data,using Visual Basic and then how to make with them data reports!I would appreciate any help,advise.

Thank you

Excel Chart - Paste Special As Picture In Excel Itself
Hi All,

I am working on a report and it needs to be generated daily. After generating and creating charts, I need to paste special those charts as "Pictures". Is there any way to do this? And also i need to paste special every single chart in the work book. I already done a code but it not working properly.. and the important point is i need to paste special the chart at the exact position where i intended to cut. Is this possible???

Pls treat this as emergency and advice me on this.

Thanks in advance..


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