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Real Time File Transfer Utility.

I am a student and I have to do a real time file transfer utility. Below is the project description.

I have to make a utility which should copy files from source to destination as and when there is any change in the source.

The source folder and the destination folder will be on two different computers on the Local Area Network.

The two computers will have different administrator logins.

The source folder can have n number of subfolders and nested folders inside subfolders.

The utility should automatically map the drive of the destination computer where the destination folder exists or it can be reverse.

Once the utility is done with its cycle it should disconnect the drive.

The front panel of the utility should have the option of selecting source and destination also there should be a checkbox to have subfolders included or excluded. Also the front panel should show the status of the utility whether it is running of idle. Number of files it has copied and also the path of source and destination.
The destination should always have the latest copy of the source.

I will be thankful for any help/ advice.


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File Transfer Utility
I want to build a file transfer utility between two computers in a network. how can i do it .

Also suggesstion are appricaited that what should be better a VB soloution or and ASP or webbased soloution

File Transfer Utility
I want to build a file transfer utility between two computers in a network. how can i do it .

Also suggesstion are appricaited in regard that what should be better a VB soloution or and ASP or webbased soloution

Real-time Queue Transfer
Problem: My sales staff is using the intercom too much, on every order they call up to my "orders team" and relay information about their current order. This causes errors in relaying messages and prices, no doubt simply isn't efficient.

My orders team finalizes the transaction, credit card info, shipping address, etc.

Is there a way I can use the SalesOrder form to automatically transfer to a queue (of some sort), then somehow flag the orders team (two of them)and tell them there is an order to be taken and simply have them click a flag or something to that effect?

When the Orders Team clicks on the queue icon (flag). I would like the SalesOrder form to propagate with the data (I.E. prodID, price, shipping) that the sales staff has aquired.

I am using VBA for Access (Database Is SQL)

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Matt "Bigtall"

Real Time Voice Transfer 4m Mobile To Computer Using Bluetooth Connection
hello sir,
m facing a prob rather having no idea in "real time voice transfer from mobile handset to computer using bluetooth connection", its a part of my project.... plz help me........ m coding in VB.

Network Information Transfer, Client To Client. Real Time
I need to know how difficult it would be to use <programA> to locate all computers on a network, ping them to see if they are running the same <programA>. Then start a connection with that pc.

On top of that transfer data real time. Like a chat program. My idea is to make a battleship like game, but to put both people on the same screen would be pointless.
I've done a search in the forums. And honestly I don't know what to search for anyway.

If it's to much to get into this early, I'm not going to worry about, but if it's relatively easy.
Like I've already done skin loading snap to edge of screen skin with resize desktop clock shell txt i o. Just to give you a basis for my current skill level. lol I'm not too good huh?

File On Acess In Real Time
i try to build a aplication in vb for detect on real time which files are under utilization like antivirus software do.
any one can help me?
thanks a lot

Real Time File/directory Monitoring
Could someone please post a working example using FILE_NOTIFY_CHANGE_* to monitor files/directories? I have found several examples online, but they all have the same issue, it doesn't seem to detect changes all the time. I tried all the examples I could find online, so am hoping someone could post a basic example from a personal library/project or something.

I have to needs for this, 1) detect when a configuration file changes, and automatically reload once a change is detected and 2) monitor a directory, look for new files being added, and process. I assume this is the way to go since I don't want to use a timer/loop.

Thanks guys!

Watching Text File In Real Time ?
Hi my fellow VB Fellows,

I have a Question ... Does anyone know a tool, a piece of source, or a code sample in VB (a method is also fine) that helps you monitor a file in Real Time ...

Example. A file in a Notepad like environment (like a .log file) stays open and log lines are being added in Real Time ...

Does anyone know ??

Keywords for people trying to find this thread: Notepad, Open, Real Time, Update, Append, Log, Screen, Write, Line, See.

Real Time Monitoring Of A Live Log File In VB
This seems to be a difficult concept, I am having a heck of a time finding
information on techniques for simply having a VB app essentially tail and
parse what it finds.

The parsing I can handle, and the actions based on the parsing I can handle,
but the simple piece of the puzzle to gather the info as it arrives in the
log file is eluding me.

The scenario is this. I have a tool that will send its updates every so
often to a web server. The source for its information will be log files
created by another tool that is running.

I really dont want to read in the whole log filel every update, there should
be a way to have the app monitor the file and read in line by line every new
addition as it arrives.

Am I making this way too difficult or is there a way to do this? I have
seen other applications do this, but it seems to be vbvoodoo.

Any help or pointers greatly appreciated.


How Do I Capture A Streaming Video And Save It As A Movie File In Real Time ?
Visual Basic 5.0

How do I capture a streaming video and save it as a movie file in real time. Is there any Active X that will allowed me to do this ?

The code below will give me a stream of image continuosuly.
Now I just need an Active X or some VB code that will convert this
continuous stream of video to say an MPEG 4 format in real time.

CamImage1.URL = ""



Private Sub Retrieve_Image_1_Click(Index As Integer)
If CamImage1.ClickEnabled = True Then
Retrieve_Image_1(1).Checked = True
CamImage1.URL = ""
End If
End Sub

Transfer Real Position To Radar System
Hi folks,

I have this problem:

all enemies in my game has a position.
i calculate the distance from the player to the enemy with Pythagoras.
when that distance is like 30 meters or smaller then a small red dot appears on my radar.

this is what i do now:

RedpointX = (Sin(ViewingAngle + pi + temp_angle) * dist + 67)
RedpointY = (Cos(ViewingAngle + pi + temp_angle) * dist + 520)

the middle of my radar is at screen coordinates (67,520)
with the code above it sets the distance but always positions the dot as the enemy is above me. So when i turn my viewing the red dot turns also like for this look at the first two screen shots.(ss1.jpg and ss2.jpg)

however on the third screenshot you can see the problem. when i move(the player), the red dot doesn't move. it stays above me even when i amdiagonal of him. (look at the red dot being in front of me while the monkey isn't)
how can i solve this programm.

i have tried to use an inverse cosinus to calculate the extra angle it has to make but i don't seem to get it to work.

How To Let Progressbar Calculate File Copy Transfer Time??
I use fso file copy method to copy file, but how to let progressbar know the total Progressbar.Max??

Dim A As String
A = txtpath.Text & "" & "prince.jpg"
Dim B As String
Dim fso As New FileSystemObject
B = txtoriginal.text & "" & "vanca.jpg"

fso.CopyFile B, A

Creating A Real-time 'TIME' Textbox.
Ok. On my main form I want to place a textbox that shows the time (updating every second). The format is set to be in "Long Time". I have the TimeInterval set to 1000 (1 second?) and the "OnTimer" property has:

txtFtime.Text = Format (Now, "Long Time")

Now, when the form loads up, all I get is an error. It states:
Run-time error '2135':
This property is read-only and can't be set.

I looked up MSDN and couldn't find ANYTHING on this error and when I click on Help, nothing can be found. I click on Debug and this line highlights:

txtFTime.Text = Format(Now, "long time")

What am I doing wrong? Is there another approach to doing this? I'm stumped. I verified that the textbox property is set to Long Time and everything else matches like it should.


Time And Date Not Changed With Real Time??
i used the code below but the time not changed with real to solve this problem?

VB Code:
Private Sub Form_Load()Label5.Caption = Format(Now, "long date")Label6.Caption = Format(Now, "long time")End Sub

How Can I Use The Real System Time To Count My Time?
When my app start, I want to count how many seconds it passed. Not only within one day, maybe for a long time count. because I found many "time function" can only count within 24 hrs.


Best Regards,

Kevin Shen

Real Time
For a while I have been working on a real time strategy in VB6. I knew it wasnt designed for that kind of thing but i tryed anyway. It turned out alright but it cant handle the myultiple things going on at once. Does anyone know of any languages that are more fitted to this task. Or if you can help me stop slowdown of the game the more guys you have plz do.Thx in advancce

Real Time
Hi everybody

I making a simply program to compare connections to databases using MySQL between using ADOdc (with DSN) and ADODB connecting directly.

I would like to know the time (with miliseconds) that spend both connections, I think that I could use Timers Controls, but I don't know "at real Time" 'cos using Timers the time I get is not real (although I use DoEvents)

Hi all,
This is my first message as follows:
I want to use timer-related APIs to measure the reaction times of the users in millisecond and presenting them stimuli for some milliseconds. This seems to be an easy problem but the problem is that windows as a multi-task OS frequently interupts the programs to do its own tasks i.e. device checking. How can I simply manage the real-time?
There are some solutions e.g. preventing other tasks but the relevent ones.
What are the simple and doable ways?
Let me know if more information is needed.
Thanks in advance.

Real Time In VB
Hi every one I'm looking for explenation how to create a real time application in VB using threads.

DB2 With VB - Real Time
Can you design VB to act as a real time program with DB2?

I want to design a formless VB application to perform print applications with DB2. A DB2 update 'event' would trigger a print request. VB would take the update data from DB2 real time and print a word document. Does anyone have any ideas, comments?

Is VB the appropriate agent?

I believe Lotus Notes can perform this kind of task.

Real-Time VB
Hey guys

Im making a spreadsheet which calculates some of the finances of a made up shop. I want to make a code which monitors a range of cells, and when the value in these cells drops below 0, text is displayed in another cell on a seperate worksheet. Below are the cell numbers and work sheet names concerned (so that a tailor made code can be generated):

"Contracts" Cell: I8
"Contracts" Cell: I20
"Contracts" Cell: I29
"Stock" Cell: P20
"Stock" Cell: P26

Text to be displayed: "Warning! The value of cell ___ has droped below the profit margine."

If its easier, then have each of the above 5 cell references have a different cell to generate the error into.
Available cells:
         "Graph" Cells: [B25:B30]

thanks for any help you can give me!

Real Time Under VB
How is it possible to manage properly, from MMI Interface a separate task ?

Real Time Win 95
How do i make windows 95 to a real-time system for measurement applications?

I need 100% measure inervalls of I/O operations.


Plz Help.... Real Time Graph
hello everyone
i m new to this community and havent searched the forum much. if there is any similar question to that i m going to ask plz forgive me and let me know where i can get the answer.
here is my question:
i have a excel data file where data is being added every 1 second. now i want to plot this data(in y axis) with time(x axis) in vb6 form (or mschart or picturebox). the plot needs to be real time.
i m really stuck in this.
plz help me.. it wud be great if u can give me some example code where i can get an idea.
thanks very much.

Real Time Graphics
I'm a new member
I am interested in creating two dimensional real time graphics of baseballs in flight, and simulating process control, like a level changing in a tank as liquid flows in and out.

I have done 3D CAD, using Turbo Cad, and am currently reading David Bourg's "Physics for Game Developers, and Greg Perry's "Absolute Beginners Guide to Programming".

While Bourg shows screens of 2D real time graphics, he does not show how to achieve it.

How does one set the screen for x and y scale values, and produce the graphics from the equasions?

I would like to use form windows to enter and change initial data.

Can this all be done using visual Basic? I welcome any advice.

Jim Bowen

Real-Time Mud / Updating
I've asked this a while back but never got a straight answer. I have a text-based game and I need to know 1 thing which would probably answer my second thing.

First, I want a MUD that continues without needing events to trigger it.

For example:
Monsters roaming freely
Monsters continue to attack you even if you don't attack back
Speed of attacks
Day / Night

How would I do this? Would I need a gameloop? How would I make a gameloop IF I needed one?

Second, sort of applies to question 1. I have it display your HP, MP, etc in the bottom right corner. If you are hurt and wait a while, I want it to heal you slightly. Which means I need to somehow make it update frequently...I thik this would apply to a gameloop but I don't know how.

Please help, Thanks.

Real Time Strategy...
Hi all
i'm new to this place...

anyway i'm trying to create a realtime strategy (not 3d) like warcraft2 or so...

any suggestions how to make everything go smoothly
(for example how to make an icon not to blink as it moves...)?
or how to make a picture box transparent like image box.
since i'm making models of units in 3dStudio and will use bmp's to make an animation. so i need the picture box to be transparent...

any help will be greatly appreciated!

thx alot

VB 6 Real Time Clock
Does anyone have a solution for a real time clock? I am using a timer which uses the system clock for accuracy. Problem is at Midnight the system clock resets and goofs up the timer routine.

Real-time Application
i need to know if there's any downloadable control or syntax to display time in real-time? by real-time i mean that the time while on run-time is changing (eg. seconds are constantly counting not stagnant) and doesn't require any buttons to be clicked just so it would change...i tried displaying the time function in a label but i still need to click a command button just so the seconds are up-to-date and other words, i sort of want a digital clock(hh:mm:ss format) to appear on my form...

Progress Bar, Real Time (I Think)
Hi, I am experimenting with progress bars, got it to work. I am wondering if there is a way to make it "Real time", u know, like u open a file/do something, and it adds one to the progress bar? Can this be done? Where about do I put the code in:


cmdcreate.Enabled = False
'Would it be here????
ProgressBar1.Value = ProgressBar1.Value + 1
If ProgressBar1.Value >= 100 Then _

Timer1.Enabled = False
cmdcreate.Enabled = True
End If

Real Time Working
How I can work in Real Time with eye camera, and where I can get sample code for it?

Thanks to everyone.

Real Time Trending
Does anyone know of any good trending components that i could use to plot real time data? I've tried MSChart but it's not exactly made for real time trending. Thanks in advance.

Is It Possible To Run Real Time In Windows ?
when i run a endless loop with doevents ,
which communicates with an electronic device
the scan time of the loop is not constant
becouse windows appear to "stop and think for a short while" from time to time

my question is
is it not possible to make a real time application in windows ?

Real Time Info
I have a client application that is used on at least sixty workstations. The app will show the user their stats, and eventually their stats compared to everyone elses. These stats are "Real Time". I'm using SQL Server 2000 and VB6.

What is (in your opinion/experience) the best way to provide "Real Time" information?

MSChart In Real Time
Hi everyone, im trying to build a chart which will plot real time data from a database on a timer basis...i decided to use MSchart for the first time and i have some questions that i wasnt able to find answers in my searches.

Basically my chart will be a linechart containing multiple series or lines (having their own x values (time) and y values (data)). Each of these series will basically be an ADO recordset with a date and a value column (x,y)

1-How you do link a recordset to a MSChart to represent a new serie? Looks like MSCharts only accept arrays for data? (or maybe there an efficient way to convert a recordset to an array without looping through my huge recordset on every chart refresh?)

2-is it possible to scale the x axis labels (like in Excel) even if the series have different x (time) values

thx in advance

Real Time Charts
I know VB6 has a charting control (MSCharts). However, Ive never used it, and am going through the net trying to find ideas.

I want to make a simple graph in realtime, based on data that is coming into a text box. The data gets updated constantly, and I want the chart to be built in real time , based on that data. Any ideas. Im just looking for a simplistic graph.

Real Time Integration In VB6
hello all,

for a mobile robot navigation project I'm working on , I'm using a 3 axis accelerometer.
the acceleration is sampled at 10 Hz frequency and in order to compute the location, i need to integrate the readings numerically, by the simple formula:
x(t) = x(t-1) + a(t)*(dt)^2/2
where x(t) is the current position, x(t-1) is the previous readings sum, a(t) is the current acceleration reading and dt is the time interval (which is constant, by timer definition).

a simple form with my attempts is atached -the problem is that the position I'm getting is irational.
if someone here has any ideas on how to fix it, i will be most greatful...

BTW - i'm a mechanical engineer not a programer, so go easy on me.

Real-Time Log Parser
First off, let me give you a little bit of information about what i'm looking to create and some characteristics of the log file itself.

I'm looking to create a real-time log parser for a game to be run in the background.

The Log:Consists of over 100,000 lines and (on average) 100ish characters per line.Lines are never smaller than about 40 characters, nor larger than about 192 characters.Lines are alphanumeric (don't think it matters anyway).The log is purged after X (unsure of exact amount) amount of lines have been logged, so there isn't an indefinite amount of lines.Can have multiple new lines being written within seconds.
The Parser:Any new lines logged after it's started cannot be skipped until parsed.Must be fast and efficient enough to run in the background of a game.

The problem i'm facing is that all of the methods i've tried thus far have been too CPU intensive to run in the background of a game, which resulted in the parsing being much too slow. I do realize that there's source out there for other parsers, but i've yet to find one that's been one in real-time. I'm basically just looking for a point in the right direction as to how I should possibly go about doing this. Or worse yet, is VB in general just simply too slow to meet my requirements?

Real Time Updating App
What is there or what can I do to this...

Lets say I have an App that is in a network... and 2 or more persons are seeing the same data, I want when a user changes something.. it is immidiatly reflected on the other users Apps... how can I approach this? What technology is there?

Real Time Working
I want to know how can I work in Real Time, and where I can get source code for sample programs which working in real time?

Thanks to everyone.

Real Time Projects
Hi there!
Can any one just give the project specification of the projects that you have done already? Want to explore the VB. Just help this beginner.


Real-time Information
Hey guys,

I have a program that is going to need to work with live data comming into it. How do I handle this? or recieve it?

Real-Time DataBase....
Regards for All,

are any of the readers heared about Real-Time Database ???

if so, could anyone of you ,please, tell me how to implment it ??? andwhat is the implention issues ?? that is in what language you adviceme, VC++, VB, SQL, ORACLE.....
and it is MUST i make the whole DBMS (DataBase Mangament System) bymyself ???? but, as i think it required a big efforts of proffesonalsplus a very long time !!! or there are products which could serve it andrequired only some intention for some issues???
did any of you hear about RTSQL (RealTime SQL) ??? i have a paper dealshow to extended the standard SQL/2 to RTDB....

please, if any of you know anything may help me, let him give hisadvices to me, and i will be greatly thankfully for him....
any ideas about RTDB will be wellcomed,
thanx in advance...


Creating Real Time
Hi Guys

I have recently started looking at VB in more depth and was wondering if any of you people could help in such a case.

I have managed to create code to run a program (password delay in Microsofts VB learning book) in milliseconds e.g. 10000 = 10 sec delay.

What i would like is code to run say for example EACH DAY AT 12:00pm.

The function this would trigger would be an MS Access query that i would like to be processed with out me having to go into the database and click the button (which is what i do currently).

Would his be a case of e.g. a simple alarm clock program edited to a larger scale. as i havent the faintest idea on how i would put a real world time into VB.

Hope that makes sense!

Thank you in advance


Real Time Graph
I want to develop a realtime output-time graph with vb. but mschart is not enough for that. i have try to developed using vb Activex control but i dont know how to start. i need the graph move the plot line from left to right and then continuously move. i have looked up several URLs but nothing useful and i have to buy it. i want to make by myself for my application. can u advise any source for this or u give me a code?

Is It Possible To Do Real-Time Commands ?
Hi there, I was wondering if it is possible to create a realtime command line?
ex: writing --> and the frm1 would appear.
You know like the Immediate Window in a project interface.
But I would need it in the program .exe
Is it possible ?


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Real Time Chat
Hi there,

i am developing a chat program very similar to msn messenger, but i have one problem that is how i can implement the typing message that appears at the bottom of chat window when someone types on other side. for example if i chat with my friend on msn messanger, when he types something, there is a message that he is typing etc. i guess you got the idea. Please help me asap. Thanks in advance.

Insertion In Real Time

I have created a function which permits to insert in a database and in a combolist datas inserted in two textboxes Text3 and Text4.
the pb is that i can not see the new datas immediatly in the combolist after i have executed the procedure RemplirCombo1.
I have to exit from the form i work on to see the datas in the combolist .

Could you tell me what i can do to see the new datas immediatly in the combolist after i have executed the procedure RemplirCombo.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Best regards.


Here is the present code
'ajout_compte' is a command button
Private Sub ajout_compte_Click()
'insertion dans la base de données depuis le clik sur le bouton 'ajout_compte'
   sPrefix = ""
    Text3.Text = ""
    Text4.Text = ""

End Sub

Private Sub RemplirCombo1()

Dim rst2 As New ADODB.Recordset

Set cn = New ADODB.Connection
'Définition de la chaîne de connexion
cn.ConnectionString = "F:Projet VBv32ps3cop pour debugagessruplan.exe"

'Définition du pilote de connexion
cn.Provider = "Microsoft.Jet.Oledb.4.0"

'creation du recordset qui contient tous les enregistrements du champ "CPTE" de la table test_insert

On Error GoTo err_refresh2
rst2.Open "SELECT CPTE, LIBELLE from Coprplan order by CPTE", cn

While Not rst2.EOF
Combo1.AddItem rst2.Fields("CPTE") & " " & rst2.Fields("LIBELLE")
Exit Sub


MsgBox Err.Description, vbCritical, "pbremplircombo1"

Set cn = Nothing
Set rst2 = Nothing

End Sub

Real Time Printing
Hi gurus!
I m having problem in printing. I want to print messages line by line on a page and using Printer.print function. The printer starts printing when its buffer complets (prints a complete page). But in my case when ever a message comes the printer should start printing this message and after printing it should stop at next line.
Is there any way to solve that ploblem.

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