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Refresh Quick Launch Icons

I've searched for this on loads of sites, but I can only find how to refresh the desktop icons. I found a clumsy method whereby I add 1 to the value of Shell Icon Size in the registry, then send out a broadcast using SendMessageTimeout, then change it back and send out another broadcast. This freezes the app briefly, which I don't want.

I have also tried sending out the broadcast once, without making any changes, but that doesn't work.

I looked at and SystemParametersInfo, but I could not find anything about refreshing the quick launch bar. I also tried the InvalidateRect function, but this only refreshed the desktop.

Could anyone tell me how I might achieve this?


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Quick Launch
How do you minimize to quick launch instead of taskbar?

Quick Launch
I'm in my first year of vb (and programming !) and was wondering if there's a way that vb programs (i.e my finished project) can be run from a desktop shortcut rather than the usual way - launching vb, opening the project etc etc....

Thanks in advance


Quick Launch
Does anyone know how to add an icon to the quick launch toolbar?

Quick Launch Bar
Does anyone know what file or registry space or wherever the quick launch bar links are kept? Like if I wanted to run through the list of links that were in the bar... where would I look

Quick Launch Icon
I would like to place a quick launch shortcut upon installation, but couldn't figure out how to do it with InstallShield Express or the PDW.

Anyway, it would be ok if I did it in the program on a form load. I did a lot of searching and couldn't get anything to work. One was an API function, but it didn't work and if I ran it in "F8" mode, it would crash VB6.

I know the location of quick launch icons, I just don't know how to make the lnk file and put it there. If anyone can tell me a way to do it during install or in the VB code, that would be awesome.


Subclass Quick Launch
Im looking for a way you can subclass the taskbar to detect when a user is mousing over the quick launch icons

for example, to display additional info about the icon versus just showing its tooltip...

but my first step is to figure out how to detect mouse movements in that region of the taskbar

Autorun And Quick Launch Icon
Hi, few questions about "Package & Deployment Wizard".

1. can "Package & Deployment Wizard" create Quick Launch Icon or Icon on the Desktop?

2. Can it autolaunch the installed app?
If not.

Does Inno do it?

Quick Launch Bar In Form (shortcuts)
i want to make a drag and drop launch bar in my form where i can drop shortcuts to programs. the shortcuts shall be showed with its shortcut icon in 16x16 and the program shall remember the shortcuts next time it starts. there shall be a way to delete the shortscut again. anybody who can help me with this? code with comments to please.

How Can I Enable The Quick Launch Bar Programmatically?
Does anyone know how to programmatically (with VB or VBS) to enable the Quick Launch Bar in XP.

Or if it can be done with a reg entry that'd be cool too.


How Can I Do A Program Like Quick Launch In Windows?
I have some small images.
I want : When I move the mouse on the image,it will be like bevel.Is it possible to do it?
Thanks a lot.

How To Add Icon In TaskBar (Quick Launch)

 I need to set and icon application into the taskbar, in order to activate it with a double click over this icon, such as Quick Lauch

 Could anyone help me, please?


Need Help To Create A Quick Launch Form Or Toolbar.
Hi all.

I want to create a floating object (form or toolbar etc) for use in my main app.

The item should allow users to drag '.exe's' from explorer onto it
whereby it will create an associated icon and then that icon would be clickable to launch the app.

In otherwords a quick launch bar.

Can anyone help me?
I Can't find anything on the web. I Don't know if this is possible.

Many thanks


Creating A Icon On The Quick Launch Toolbar

Does anyone know how to create an icon on the one click quick launch bar on the Win 98 desktop???? I need to put a shortcut there for a prog I am working on.



Associated Icons - Refresh
Does anybody knows how to refresh Windows Explorer so that the file's icon (which has just been associated) changes to the new one?? Something like this... ... but, through VB.

BTW, that way doesn't work.

Refresh Icons In Memory!!!

does any one knows how to rebuild (refresh) icons in windows memory like used in Tweak UI 98 ?

I Need To Know How To Refresh Desktop And It's Icons
Hi all...
I made a code with alot of help of Fazi to set desktop icons spaces (Vertical & Horizontal) and size , but I need help to refresh desktop so I can see the result immediately . I hope that my question is obvious.

How Do I Do A Quick Refresh Of The Screen?
I want to refresh the screen because I'm blitting and image to the screen and I want it to disappear but I want it to be a quick refresh because it is gonna be done every 3 seconds. I tried other ways but they take too long.. anyone can help me?

Adding Filetype - Refresh Icons
When I add a new filetype in VB6 under Win98 the associated icon won't show up when browsing files, not even after pressing F5, only after restarting will the proper icon be displayed how can I alleviate this.

Quick Question Using IE.Refresh Command
I have the routine below that scans the current open IE windows and if it finds that the page has not loaded or has a forbidden message, it refreshes the page. The trouble is, a pop up box is coming up saying, do you want to resend the information. What do I need to do to make this command quiet so the user doesn't know anything about the refresh?



Dim SWsClicks As New SHDocVw.ShellWindows
Dim IEClicks As SHDocVw.InternetExplorer
Dim html As String
Dim iW As Integer
Dim iy As Integer

On Error Resume Next

For Each IEClicks In SWsClicks
If InStr(1, LCase(IEClicks.LocationURL), "") > 0 Then
html = IEClicks.document.body.innerHTML
iX = InStr(1, html, "The page cannot be displayed")
iy = InStr(1, html, "Forbidden")
If iX > 0 Then
y = y + 1
ElseIf iy > 0 Then
y = y + 1
End If
End If

Placing Icons In The Quick Lauch Portion Of The Taskbar.

Does anyone know how to make a programs icon appear as a quick start button on the taskbar, during the install process of a program that you have made? I don't want to put it in the taskbar tray, just the quick launch portion of the taskbar.

&"Quick Launch&" Buttom Effect
Hello, I hope to do this "Quick Launch" (Show Desktop) buttom effect.

But in VB 6.0 , can you suggest how to do it.?

Form1 , Command1

When I press "Command1" , "Form1 window" and "other windows" will min. size
and show that desktop to me.

But this effect is use API to do it ?


Cannot Refresh Data Using Crystal Viewer Refresh Method
I am using crystal report 8.5 and Visual Basic 6.0

I get an error for this code.


error :

Method 'Refresh' of object 'IcrystalReportViewer' Failed

thank you ....

regards pragash...

Loading TreeView And Listview Icons From A Specified Folders Or Files Icons.

I am creating a treeview app that looks like windows explorer. Problem is that I do not know how to get the Treeview + Listview icons from the folder or file items being loaded.

Can anyboby help please................................



Loading TreeView And Listview Icons From A Specified Folders Or Files Icons.

I am creating a treeview app that looks like windows explorer. Problem is that I do not know how to get the Treeview + Listview icons from the folder or file items being loaded.

Can anyboby help please................................



MSFlexGrid Refresh Causes My Comboboxes To Refresh???
What in the heck is happening?? On a form I have 2 combo boxes, the first for suppliers and the second for contacts. The contacts is filled from the database after the supplier is chosen. On my Flexgrid, I have several pop-up forms/controls. When I open them (For instance the DateTimePicker) and select the date from my pop-up control, my screen flickers and my contact is blank again. The supplier stays like it was. I can't exactly paste the code for this, since I am at about 5,000 lines and counting on this Application.

How To Change Icons And What Type Of Icons Will Be Supported In VB
hello every body.
                          My name is bharath.Our company wants to release a new version of their application done in vb and want to have a new look with new icons,new themes.
could any of u please suggest me that what type of icons will be used in visual basic how can i get 16x16 size icons.
How to get a new look to my old vb application.

Quick Question! Please Answer Quick Easy!!!^*&^^*&^&*^
How the **** do i open the General Tab lol?

See, the giant thing on the left isnt there -_-

Quick Help Sorting A Flexgrid, And Other Quick Question
Hello all, I'm new to this forum, hopefully somebody can help me out with a couple minor problems I have with my code.

I have data inputed into a flexgrid, and would like to sort it by YEAR in increasing order. Year is (frmStats.flexGrid.Col = 0).

The other problem I'm having is that when I try to get a batting average for players or their slugging percentage I get "0" the only time I don't get that is when the number of at bats is 0 then I display ".000", I check for division by zero to stop a run time exectution error. Below is the code you need to help.

Thank you for your help!


Option Explicit

Type Demo_Record
LahmanID As String * 9
LastName As String * 20
FirstName As String * 15
Bats As String * 1
Throws As String * 1
BirthMonth As Byte
BirthDay As Byte
BirthYear As Integer
RookieSeason As Integer
FirstStatsRecord As Long
StatsRecordPosition As Byte
End Type

Type Stats_In
LahmanID As String * 9
Year As Integer
Team As String * 4
League As String * 4
Games As Integer
AtBats As Integer
Runs As Integer
Hits As Integer
Doubles As Integer
Triples As Integer
HomeRuns As Integer
RBIs As Integer
SacHits As Integer
SacFlies As Integer
Steals As Integer
Caught As Integer
Walks As Integer
Intentional As Integer
HitByPitch As Integer
StrikeOuts As Integer
NextStatsRecord As Long
StatsRecordPosition As Byte
End Type

Type Stats_Block
Stats(1 To 5) As Stats_In
End Type

Type Count_Em_Block
NumStats As Long
x As String * 276
End Type

Global K As String
Global i As Integer
Global J As Integer

Global DemoFileName As String
Global StatsFileName As String

Global DemoRecord As Demo_Record
Global StatsBlock As Stats_Block
Global StatsIn As Stats_In
Global CountBlock As Count_Em_Block
Global PD As Stats_Block

Global Year As Integer
Global Team As String
Global Leauge As String
Global Games As Integer
Global Runs As Integer
Global AtBats As Integer
Global Hits As Integer
Global Doubles As Integer
Global Triples As Integer
Global HomeRuns As Integer
Global RBIs As Integer
Global SacHits As Integer
Global SacFlies As Integer
Global Steals As Integer
Global Caught As Integer
Global Walks As Integer
Global Intentional As Integer
Global HitByPitch As Integer
Global StrikeOuts As Integer

Global CurrentPlayer As Integer
Global NumSeasons As Integer
Global NumPlayers As Integer
Global FullName As String

Global numRecord As Integer
Global ApproxRecords As Long
Global RecsRead As Long
Global StatsRead As Integer
Global StatsRecord As Integer

Global YearRow As Integer
Global TeamRow As Integer
Global LeaugeRow As Integer
Global GamesRow As Integer
Global ABRow As Integer
Global HitRow As Integer
Global DoubleRow As Integer
Global TripleRow As Integer
Global HRRow As Integer
Global RBIRow As Integer
Global SacHRow As Integer
Global SacFRow As Integer
Global StealsRow As Integer
Global WalksRow As Integer
Global HitByRow As Integer
Global KRow As Integer
Global BARow As Integer
Global SPRow As Integer
Global TBRow As Integer
Global SingleRow As Integer
Global BA As Integer
Global SP As Integer
Global TB As Integer
Global firstbase As Integer

'Function used to Calculate a Players Batting Average
Function BatAvg()

If Val(AtBats) = 0 Then
frmStats.lblBA.Caption = ".000"
BatAvg = Round(Val(Hits) / Val(AtBats), 3)
End If

End Function
'Function used to Calculate a Players Total Base Count (Used in Slugging Percentage)
Function TotalBases()
TotalBases = Val(Singles) + Val(Doubles * 2) + Val(Triples * 3) + Val(HomeRuns * 4)
End Function
'Function used to Calculate a Players Slugging Percentage
Function SluggingPct()

If Val(AtBats) = 0 Then
frmStats.lblSP.Caption = ".000"
SluggingPct = Round(Val(TotalBases) / Val(AtBats), 3)
End If

End Function
'Function used to Calculate a Players Total of Singles as it is not given in the data file.
Function Singles()
Singles = Val(Hits) - Val(Doubles) - Val(Triples) - Val(HomeRuns)
End Function
Public Function BinSearch(ByVal Wanted As String, ByVal Lo As Integer, ByVal Up As Integer) As Integer

'* Search Function *

If Lo > Up Then
BinSearch = False
MsgBox ("Player Not Found")
i = (Lo + Up) / 2

If Left(frmStats.cbo1.List(i), Len(Wanted)) = Wanted Then
BinSearch = True
frmStats.hsbScroll.Value = i
If Left(frmStats.cbo1.List(i), Len(Wanted)) > Wanted Then
BinSearch = BinSearch(Wanted, Lo, i - 1)
BinSearch = BinSearch(Wanted, i + 1, Up)
End If
End If
End If
End Function

Quick Question, Quick Answer!
How do you rename files? I.e. rename C:lah.txt to C:lah.txt2

Tray Icons.... Icons
Hi all !

I found here how to show a icon in the windows tray. It works great when I use pre-existing icons. When I try to creat my own stuff, I get nothing (just a space reserved for my icon I guess...)

What are the requirements for icons to be recognized and display properly ?

(I use the 'Shell_NotifyIconA' API... just in case there are other methods...)

Thanks !

How To Launch A App From A App
Lets say I have Installer.exe, how I can make a an app to launch Installer.exe ?

Launch VB On Web
I am trying to launch a VB program from my website on my webserver. I want this program to run on the webserver and not on the client machine. Is this possible??



Launch Exe

Is it possible to launch an exe by code?


Exe Will Not Launch
I am having a problem with a standalone activex exe I am trying to build. My app runs fine through VB. But when I build an exe to and try to launch the the exe the app will not launch it simply beeps and nothing else. I have looked in task manager to make sure its not locking up but its not there.

I added a msgbox to sub Main() which is where the app is set to start from. The messagebox never shows up.

I added a logging to sub Main() which is where the app is set to start from. The log never populates.

I copied my project to a backup folder and removed alot of the references and components to see if that helps and no luck.

I added a blank form and set it to load instead of my mainform on startup. That didn't work.

Has anyone seen this? I am all out of ideas and would like to get this working.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Vb6 App Will Not Launch
I have an app that is used on 50 machines. This app undergoes many revisions. My last compiled revision was implemented on all 50 machines. On 49 machines this revision works fine. On one machine, running the application results in an immediate shutdown. No error messages. It's as if the application never launched. Does anyone have any ideas as to what might cause this behavior?

Re-launch .exe

how to re-lauch .exe created in vb? if you click a button re-launch software will exit and run again?


Launch A .bat From Vb?
Hello all,

How do I launch a .bat from vb? I have tried a system("c:.bat") and a shell("c:.bat"). Neither one of these worked for me. Could anyone give me any direction on how to do this?


Launch IE 7
Does anyone know if IE 7 uses the same shell command to open IE to a specific website like:



What Is The Best Way To Launch An App Through IE?
I have a VB program I wrote and want to be able to launch it on the viewer's side from their browser when they click a button on the web page. What is the best way to do this? Do I need to have a signed activex created that is like a loader... that once the user lets it run, it checks to see if the program is already installed and if not, download it to their machine and then run it automatically? I know I could let the user download and install it but I'm trying to auto-load/run it from the web browser. Would a java routine work better? Kind of like what does. They have a java program that is the app that runs but its loaded onto the user's machine first.


Launch Exe?
Hey, was just bored and was wondering if my microsoft visual basic program can launch exe. programs on my laptop using some sort of launcher made on the visual basic program? Idk, was thinking i can use it as practice incase i make a game later or something. Really new to visual basic so I have no idea .

Launch Other Exe
hi, i made 2 programs, and i would like to be able to press a button and it would launch the other. any idea how?

Launch IE
i am trying to launch internet explorer or netsacpe to display a locally held series of html pages. the html pages will be launched from a menu item using ie or netscape. can anyone tell me how to achieve this in vb6

on clicking the menu item the user will be presented with ie and the homepage stored locally

cheers in advance

How To Launch An App From Another App
I am trying to create an application to check if certain files exist. If they exist launch an application. If they do not exist launch a setup application. How do I start the other applications AFTER I determine if the files exist.

IE Launch
How can you make IE launch a new window from VB?

Web Launch...
Need help here! I have found an ocx called IntraLaunch, it runs programs from your HD via html code. BUT for what i want to do it costs to much.

All i would like to know id how to run parts of an ocx file from HTML, such as a run command in the ocx, etc. Jus' the HTML call is needed, or Java, i need help! Plz

Launch DOS App From VB6
How can I launch a DOS application from my VB6 application, and get access to the DOS application's return code in VB6?


Don Goyette

Launch VB Exe In PHP
I'm sorry, for posting here but I know the PHP is sort of new and was wondering if you guys know how to launch an EXE I made in VB if I press a button on a webiste. It doesn't have to be a PHP, but I'm not sure if you can do it in any other language.

Thanx In Advance,

Launch A Ext. App
i am putting my program on a cd. well, i have created a startup .inf file so that itll launch a "pre-setup" program. well, on the pre-setup program, it has a button so that the user can click to launch the setup.exe program. how would i code that button to do this? any and all help is greatly appreciated! thanks


Launch Another Application

How I can run an application from VB. I have used "Shell" command but it seems that it runs just executable (*.EXE) files but I want to lauch a Document like (*.DOC or *.XLS or etc.).
I am using VB.NET.

Please help me,

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