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Registering Msadodc.ocx And Msdatlst.ocx Under Vista

I am having trouble with using these controls on a VB 6 form under Vista. On compiling the form I get balnk white spaces where the contols are placed. Appears to me that the controls have not been registered. I have tried registering them using regsvr32 but no dice.

Can someone help?


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Help In Registering Some Ocx In Vista

I am having problem registering couple of ocx in Vista. I am able to register them in Windows XP MCE 2005 though without any problem.

I face this problem while registering floatbutton.ocx and ChangeRes.ocx, all other ocx are registering fine in vista.

I am attaching the exact error. This one is for floatbutton.ocx, exact error also comes for ChangeRes.ocx

[Window Title]

The module "floatbutton.ocx" failed to load.

Make sure the binary is stored at the specified path or debug it to check for problems with the binary or dependent .DLL files.

The specified module could not be found.


I have pasted them in windowssystem32 folder and used regsvr32. I also used rundll command to register, but it also failed

Registering OCX In Vista
I have a VB6 program which I have installed on Vista for the first time. All went well until I had to install and register an OCX

I used the command

regsvr32.exe c:MyProgramsmshflxgd.ocx

Which gave me an error code 0X8002801C

The message said something like it couldn't register the OCX

Am I on the right track with the registering command or is it different for Vista ?

I have found this link which is on the right track but does not help me too much (as you will see) - It seems to be saying that the error is cuased because I am trying to change the registry - Is this a Vista Permissions issue ?


OCX Not Registering On Vista
testing legecy applications on Vista RC2 and I am discovering that installations of the products do not register OCX files such as COMDLG32.OCX and other OCX files. Has anyone seen any notes on this?

Registering Components In Vista
I hope anybody can help. All my ocx and dll components are vista compliant and I know that my app works on vista. I just have problems with creating install sets.

I have tried various installation programs. Install Shield Qsetup etc.

I think the problem is with me not understanding how vista works.

I installed my once before with sucess.

I know is has something to do with admin rights uac etc.

I only have one user account on my Vista machine and it is linked to admin.

I have also right clicked on the setup file and said run as administrator.

I have tried to manually register the controls using refsvr32 with no sucess. I know it is something I'm doing wrong. i have installed one of my apps using the same controls with great sucess but have no idea how I did that, and why my one install set works great and none of my other install sets works ?

Any help would be appreciated. If I can just create a good install set my app will work on Vista...

Thanks for all your help so far


Vista And Registering Support Files
sometimes when running the P & D wizard setup program, it fails to register one or more .dll or .ocx file(s). with Win Xp i just make sure the file exists on the computer and then I use Regsvr32.exe to register the file.

does regsvr32.exe exist on Vista??? If not, how do I register the file(s)???

Msadodc.ocx <---???
The project I am trying to load says that I need msadodc.ocx, but I don't have it on any of my 6 machines.

Where can I find this file?

What is it's purpose??


i'm getting this error

Component MSADODC.OCX or one of its Dependancies not correctly registered : a file is missing or invalid.

what i did was, i have a datagrid and a ado data control. i connected these 2 objects and a database. everything is working fine. then i made it into an .exe file. i went to file-->make project1.exe (is this the right way to make a .exe???)

so then i wanted to share that .exe file. i used a computer connected through the network and clicked on the .exe file and it throws me this error. i really am lost here. can some1 please help me resolve this?

Msadodc.ocx Error
Out of the blue I have 12 ocx's that refuse to work. Through reinstalling some packages, I have all but 1 left-msadodc.ocx. The error is ...msadodc.ocx cannot be loaded. Continue loading. The problem with the other ocx's was licencing. I have reinstalled vs6sp4, vs6sp5, and ran vbc6.exe (vb6cli.exe download from MS that was supposed to fix this). Does anyone know how to fix this or how to uninstall vs6sp4,5 so that I can try to re-install it?

MSADODC.ocx Error

I'm making a simple database program to use at work to record 4 data fields:


I created the database with Access 2000, loaded up the database OCX in Visual Basic 6, and got the database frontend up and running. Everything worked fine at home, but when I brought the program to work on a CD, (I included the VB6 runtimes, the OCX, and the database file) it wont' work.

The database control is disabled, and I get this error message when I try to submit a new record into the database:


Run-time error '91':

Object variable or With block variable not set

At home I'm running Windows XP Home Edition, and at work I'm using Windows NT 4.

Anyone have any suggestions?


Msadodc.ocx Could Not Be Loaded
Hi all
Pls reply soon to this.
Every thing was fine till y'day.
Today when i tried to open my project in VB6, it is giving a message saying C:WindowsSystemmsadodc.ocx could not be loaded.
I unregistered and registered the said ocx and tried but in vain.
I open my earlier projext, the same problem.
I opened a new project and tried to check Microsoft Ado Data Control 6.0, It denied and same problem.
What should i do?
Is msadodc.ocx file is corrupted or changed.
How to get the correct one.
if Installing VB6 again will resolve this?
If VB6 installed again, what will happen to my current projects?
I have registered some Dlls, will these be available in reinstaaled VB6?
pls help urgetntly

MSADODC.ocx Missing
I burnt a program I did which deals with databases. I burnt the exe file and database but once i tried using the program on another computer it said something about a missing MSADODC.ocx.
*I used "make..." to create the exe file. It worked on my computer.

Component 'MSADODC.OCX' Or ...
I have written a number of VB applications that are supported by a MASTER ACCESS Database.

I converted them into .exe files and deployed on the network. They all use ADODC to connect to the ACCESS database and yet some of them work and others return the following error:

Component 'MSADODC.OCX' or one of its dependencies not currently registered: a file is missing or invalid

What is this error and any recommendations on how to fix it?


Cannot Instantiate MSADODC.OCX
Hi everyone,

I am unable to instantiate an Adodc control on win98. On my dev. machine (Winnt4.0) everything works fine so I created my installation with PDW (I know many of you use something else like INstallShield or Wise but I can't ). It's a VB6.0 application.

Now I have an execution error "429" on a CreateObject("msadodclib.msadodc") line.

I know this surely have to do with some messed up depedencies by the PDW but I am unable to find a solution.

I also have a problem registering oledb32.dll using PDW. I think this have to do with the fact that PDW distributes an NT version of oledb32.dll to a Win98 machine. For now I removed it from the package since there already is one oledb32.dll on my win98 machine and I have been able to register it.

This was NOT a good choice of day to stop smoking

So, if anyone knows how I could get my package to works correctly I would be a very very happy man!


MSADODC.OCX Could Not Be Loaded
hi all,

i've got this message when i try to open a VB project in Visual Basic 6. The message is "'d:project folderMSADODC.OCX'
could not be loaded." anyone has any ideas?

There are some more errors :
"Error during load. Refer to "d:project folderfrmDocument.log"
for details."

when i look into the log file, it stated as below :
"Line 88: Class MSAdodcLib.Adodc of control AdodcUserMon was not a loaded control class."

Has anyone come across this?

Thanks in advance.

Msadodc.ocx Run-time Error 339
I have made a program using VB6 and I want to be able to use it on other computers. The program accesses an Access 2002 database. After putting it on several machines I have discovered that I get a run-time error 339 when i load it up, and after that I get an error about about msadodc.ocx missing or one of its dependencies. I have tried this on a windows 95, windows 98, and windows XP, and the only one it seems to work on is mine that has VB6 installed. I tried using the package and deployment wizard, but with little hope. Is there a setup file i need to download from microsoft or something to get it to work. I have downloaded the Visual Basic runtime files a long time ago and used them to get the programs to initially work, but the database things got things all screwed up. Please, PLEASE, let me know if you can help.

Problem With Loading Msadodc.ocx
Hello,I have a really nasty problem in my version of visual basic. When I try to add Microsoft ADO Data Control 6.0 (OLEDB) control to my project, I got an error message stating that "C:WindowsSystemMSADODC.OCX" could not be loaded . Any information about this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Lost Access To MSADODC.ocx
Found my ADO data connection component on the form.
It has mysteriously turned into a "picture box". Found out my
Microsoft ADO Data Control 6.0 in the components list has
been disabled. Tried to re-enable it and I get "Name conflicts
with existing module, project or object Library" error. I opened
an older version of the same project and everything regarding
this component is a-ok. What could be the problem?



MSADODC.OCX Runtime Error
When ever I open my .exe file I made on another machine I get this error:
Component: MSADODC.OCX or one of its dependences not correctly registered.

Can you give me the URL of the patch that is needed to over come this error?

Im using VB with ADO access connections (if that sheds any other light on it)

MSADODC.OCX Run Time Error
When ever I open my .exe file I made on another machine I get this error:
Component: MSADODC.OCX or one of its dependences not correctly registered.

Is there a patch or something I need and can you point me in the right direction

MSADODC.OCX Problem When Running An VB6 .EXE File
Hello to all.
I am new to this forum and I hope I will get some valuable information

I made an EXE in VB 6.0 (in windows XP Pro) that is connected with a Access 2000 that adds , updates or deletes records. The application works fine.

When i copy the EXE file and the MDB in another machine (windows 98), when i run the applications says a box :

Runtime error 339. Components MSADODC.OCX or one of its dependecies not currently registered a file is missing or invalid.

I tried to install MDAC 2.5 or MDAC 2.6 but unfortunately it still didn't solve the problem.

Another thing is that in another windows 98 machine, first time the app didn't work but since I installed MDAC 2.5 the application worked fine with no problem at all. What should I do ? How can I fix this * * * * problem ? I couldn't get any help so far. Should I register something ? Should I run something first ? Even with the package and deployment wizard, when I run the SETUP.EXE it showed me a message :

An error occured while registering C:WINDOWSSYSTEMMSADO25.TBL (also Abort, Retry, Ignore below) and then if i Ignore says : The file C:WINDOWSTEMPmsftqws.pdw$(DLLSelftRegisterEX) could not be registered because it was not found

I will be waiting for responses. Anything, anyone because I work on this thing 2 months now but cannot go further :-(

Newbie Who Started Programming VB Today Needs Help! (msadodc.ocx?)

I just started VB programming today. I'm familiar with programming and I'm getting used to Visual Basic. I'm using Visual Basic 6 and I created an application with an Access database. Basically, the program displays entries in the database and can enter data in it also. I did a File-Make filename.EXE the program to a .EXE file. I want to be able to have the application and database moved to another computer for mobility. When I moved the .EXE file and the access database to another computer, I got an error mentioning msadodc.ocx. How would I be able to have the program and database moved to another computer and work properly? Thanks in advanced!


I Have Ploblem Run My Exe. ==>&"399 Cannot Find Msadodc.ocx&".
After I compile my project to EXE and run it on windows XP .
My project cannot run and return error "399 Cannot find msadodc.ocx".
This is platform independent ploblem or I dont' know something
about compile technic.

Thank you for any suggestion

Registering .dll
hey, in order for my program to run i need to register a couple of .dll's. is there some code or something i can put into my declarations or form load or soemthing that will register these .dll's for me automatically??


Registering Dll

I need to distribute a dll file with my program, but do not want to use PDW. Is it good enough to put the dll in the system directory or do I need to register it? Furthermore, what does registering a dll actually do? I've looked all over online and can't find any information on this second question.


Not Registering Dll's
Good Day,
I am using Microsoft Visual Studio 6 Installer to create an installer. I have hit a snag, in that it is not installing some custom dll's. It copies them to the system32 folder, but does not install them (i.e regsvr32 xxxxx.dll). How can I get it to do this for me?

Many thanks,

Registering DLL And OCX
I am making a website, and would like to use an activeX-control on it. The activeX control uses a DLL to access an MSAccess database and displays data. The page works fine locally, but when I upload it to the webserver, the control will not show. I am supposing this has something to do with the OCX and DLL not being registered on the webserver (The .htm file does not work locally either unless I have registered the DLL and OCX files with regsvr32). But I have no way to register these files on the server, as it is a server from a provider and not a server I have locally. Does anyone know how to solve this?

Check to see the result I get now (The OCX control should have been showed in the bottom right square).

Registering OCX's Through DOS
does anyone know the DOS command for registering OCX's and/or DLL's?

Dll Registering On Xp
can someone tell me how to register a .dll on windows xp.

I have tried to run regsvr but it doesnt seem to be working.


Registering A DLL
Hi, I have to write a program in VB 6.0 that can register a specified dll. I don't really know how to do this, so if you have any code that could be usefull to me, I would appreciate it if you showed me that code.

Thanks in advance. :-))

Registering Dll's
I created a dll for my project which contains all the classes necessary to run the project. The problem is that when I register the dll it creates over 1400 entries. These entries are all created on behalf of this dll and the classes.

Network is having a cow and do not want to have that many system changes. Is there anything I can do about this or does it have to happen this way?

PS The program gets an active X component error if I don't register.

Registering Ocx Or Dll
I have added controls to a program that is running on a site across country. I need to have the program register the new controls when it is started if needed. I can create an install program but the users onsite are not computer literate.

Registering .Net DLL From VB6
I've build a .Net DLL, which is registered for Interop, and it can be used OK by VB6 on the machine on which it was originally built. However it wont register on a different machine - am I missing something?

Registering 16 Bit OCX
Can somebody help me in registering 16 bit OCX control on winnt/win2000. I cannot register using REGSVR32.EXE

you can send me reply to my email directly

Thanx for the help


Registering And Using The DLL

I have a DLL file. When i try to add a reference of it through Project -> Add REference, it says "Can't add a reference to the specified file". and when i try to register it through regsvr32, it displays an error

"CHPSL.Dll was loaded, but hte DLLRegisterServer entry point was not found. DLLregsiterServer may not be exported, or a corrupt version of CHPSL.dll may be in memory. Consider using PView to detect and remove it."

I have all the dependent files register on my computer which this DLL requires.

Pls let me know how can i use this DLL.


About Registering...
Ok, me again...

I have managed to make some quite nice little applications. And they are runing just fine on my computer. But on any other pc, it is a dissaster. I know I need to register controls, but is there a program that can do registering controls, instead of writing rgsvr32.exe control path, for each one? Or is there at least a way to find out which controls you need to register? Thnx in advance


Registering OCX
I am writing an automatic update module for my application, and have most of the problems solved now.

I am registering any new ocx downloaded using the DllRegisterServer API.

My problem is that I want to flag a number of the downloaded ocx as "Shared" as they are used in more than one of my applications that the end user may have installed.

This must be possible, as the Inno Installer has a flag available.

Any ideas which API I need to use to register as a Shared File?

Registering Dll
I ve a Visual Basic 6 application...
I am using dtspkg.dll, dtspump.dll, custtask.dll....
I want to register these dll's in the current running machine ..
How can i register ? Is there any way other than using Regsvr32
If anybody know plz do help ..
Thanx in advance ...
Any help appreciated

Registering Dll's
carried over from here


Originally Posted by kebo
Thanks Hack,
by boot I meant starting Windows. Do you know what is invovled with the registration process? I am build a program on XP embedded, and when we have an update that requires additional dll's, the update process simply copies the files onto the embedded system. Running regsvr32 is fine, but have a msgbox after each dll is not desireable. I'm wondering if there is a regkey(s) that can be written to handle the registration process? or Is there any other method of handling dll registration?

ok so I've made a new thread

I looked at that link you posted in the thread that started this thread, but it appears to show just show how to Shell regsvr32 from code. Doesn't this still result in a msgbox show whether is was successful or not, or did I miss something?

Registering Dll's
How do i manually register a dll

Registering A DLL
Can someone tell me what the command is to register a DLL? I'm using Windows 2000 Professional. I click on Start and Run and am not sure what to type to register the file.

Thank you.

Registering A DLL

I have made an Executable DLL which when i try to register on my local Machine it registers without any problem.
But when the same DLL i try to register on a Remote Server , i get the Error Message as follows :

" regsvr32 D:InetpubwwwrootwebstframeE2EPROD36.dll "
"D:InetpubwwwrootwebstframeE2EPROD36.dll" is not an executable file and no registration helper is registered for this file type.

Can anyone please help me out.

Ashish Kumar

What Does Registering Mean Exactly ?
I,m new with VB and ActiveX Control. I've been writing my first application in the past few weeks and I've used a control downloaded from the net. Starting today, whenever I try to use it, I get some error message saying I don't have proper licensing info (or soemthing like that) in order to use it.

Since I'm a bit confused with this I go ahead and ask :

1 - What does registering a control mean exactly ?
2 - How can you know if a control is registered ? And can you get this info if your using NT and are not an admin user ?
3 - How do you know when it is going to expire (if such a concept exist... I'm guessing that's what happen to me with my downloaded control...)
4 - How do you register a control manually ?
5 - How do you Un register a control manually ?

I've been using Inno for deployment with the regserver parameter but I have no idea if it did the job or not. Is there a log Inno creates whenever you run setup file to check what actions were performed ?


Ocx, Dll Registering ?
to use regsvr32 to unregister or register ocx and dll components, do i need administrator rights to the PC ?

any other way if i do not have administrator rights ?

using NT 4.0 SP 6

I have 3 .ocx do I register active x files like these?


Registering Ocx

How do I register ocx's that I include with my program?
I am currently having the ocx's that are included with my program be copied into C:windowssystem folder.

Registering DLL's Via API
i was just browsing through APIViewer (one of the many interesting things i do in my spare time ) and i came across 2 subs that looked like they might do what 'regsvr32' does to register/unregister dll's

they are

VB Code:
Declare Sub DllRegisterServer Lib "activeds.dll" ()Declare Sub DllUnregisterServer Lib "activeds.dll" ()'and possibly even this one...not sureDeclare Sub DllInstall Lib "browseui.dll" (ByVal bInstall As Long, ByVal pszCmdLine As String)

can someone tell me if they do what i think they do and if so, give me an example of how to use them? it would be good if i could register dll's this way instead of shelling regsvr32
if none of these are the right ones, if its actually possible through the API, could you tell me which call is it?

Registering A Ocx
i downloaded winsock and now it says i have to register it, how do i do that ?

Help Registering An Ocx
Ok I'm trying to register a Control manually on a Win 95 Box.. but I keep on getting a Load Error

I'm using
regsvr32 "Filename"

Please Help!!

Self Registering DLL??

I've got a project that I want to create an exacutable from to allow users to run from a floppy or CD.

The project uses a DLL which will need to be registered.

Is there a way so that when the user runs the exe it checks to see it the DLL has been registered and if not, do so?


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