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Registration Key

Hello everyone. I have one question. I'm developing an application in VB6 and I'm almost done but I would like to know how can I have the program check to see if the Registration Key # entered matches the one that was issued with the application. the reason why i need this is because I want the application to store the registration key to be used later for another purpose. I've seen this accomplished in many of Microsoft's programs, such as MS Word (when the About box displays the Product Key & Owner), and that's exactly what I wish to do. Hopefully someone would recognize what I'm trying to do and can help me. All responses are appreciated. Thank You.

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.ocx Registration
I have registered .ocx file and compiled .vbp project into .exe file. After I have moved this .exe file to other computer (where I have the same source) it couldn't load mentioned .ocx althought it has registered with same path as it had registered on first computer.
Is it problem with ClassID which is different in both of OS Registry base or ...??

OCX Registration
I've been presented with two schools of thought (from exprienced programmers) and would like opinions on which is more correct:

1. Once an OCX is registered on a PC, you should never register it again, even if you change the OCX (but hold binary compatability).

2. You can register an OCX as many times as you want and it is a good idea to register it again if it has been changed (binary compatability is still held).

I know there are some pretty exprienced coders in this forum with a good chance that someone has done their own tests.

TLB Registration

I have just started getting into making TLBs. I'm doing some performance based testing cmoparing the usage of TLBs to module level declarations.

I have successfully created a TLB using MKTYPLIB and it works fine. But when I alter the ODL file and re-compile the changes don;t show up in VB. I've tried unregistering the TLB using REGTLIB and it says that the unregistration was successfull. I then re-reference the TLB from VB and the changes have not taken affect. Is there something I am doing wrong..?


Registration In P&&DW
i'm using Package and Deployment Wizard to distribute my application. However, i wish to include a registration information before the setup continues with the installation process. Does Package and Deployment Wizard has any feature like this?
thanks in advance!


I want to be able to register a key in the windows registry and then have my program look at it to see if the key is correct, sort of a registration thing to see if my program is correctly set. does anyone know how to check a specific registration key value???

I just made a program, i want to give a trial version and a version with key that users can register it but i don't know how to begin. Does someone has experiance with it or knows a site with some help or examples to create this?


Registration Of My VB App
I'v written a app in VB5. the "lite" version is free, then must purchase
the full version, which is included in the "lite" exe, but must have a registration
key to unlock all the extra features.
How do I generate a auto registration number for the exe, so someone does
not just use the one registration number for several copies.

Thanks in advance for any help

Ocx Registration On Other Pc's
when i compile an app in native code and include all revelant ocx and dll files,how will the other pc handle them when the prog is installed.will the *.ocx files be automaticalled registered.are there any " traps " to watch out for which could cause a problem



Dll Registration
I need some code to check if a dll is registered on a user's computer and if not, register it. Should this be done on the form load or on install?

The problem is that when I try to package my app, I get a "missing dependency information" box, showing missing dependency info for activelock2.dll and Richtx32.ocx.

I know that I will likely not need to register the RichTextBox as it is included with Windows but what do I do about the activelock dll?

Thanks in advance.


Dll Registration -
I have created a dll and succsesfully registered it, but know i have changed my dir structure and the dll has been moved.

Now you've had the background, heres the question:

Is there any way of unregistering dll's?

COM+ Registration
How would I go about registering a component as COM+ instead of COM?

Com+ Registration
I am installing an APP but i got the following error: CAN NOT Registry the com+ components


How to make online registration.

I thing, the registration could be send by email, but I do not want ot use winsock.dll or other ocx, only api.

Or maybe any other way???


OCX && DLL Registration!
I really need help for the following:
1) I want to know what exactly happens to the Windows Registry when you register an OCX or DLL file.
2) What is CLASS ID?
3) What type of files are registerable?

No matter if you give me a site for that!

I use an external OCX to perform encryption for my program, PassProg. In this thread in Chit Chat, someone took the challenge and managed to create a key for themselves.

Alright, so now I know how they did it. They looked at the EXE, found a hard-coded seed, determined that my program used the encryption OCX, and generated a key for themselves. He was even able to determine the names of forms and controls! Yikes!

How can I stop this? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he did it, but I don't want paying customers to do this. My idea is to do something like this to hide the seed:

VB Code:
Dim magic(0 to 3) As String ' It will obviously be longerDim reallyGoodMagic As String magic(1) = "a"magic(2) = "b"magic(0) = "c"magic(4) = "d" For i = 0 to UBound(magic)    reallyGoodMagic = reallyGoodMagic & magic(i)Next i ' do the encryption thing using reallyGoodMagic as the seed here  

Any flaws? Please don't immediately reply with "don't use an external OCX." First let's exhaust all other options.

i have a program that when starts up brings up a splash screen, just like word or excel, but what i want in the splash screen, is the registred and company information.
how do i do this,
any sort of coding would be a great help

I am trying to make a self-registration form for my shareware project so users may purchase a registration code and register it themselves. However, I want each one to be customized to their details (i.e. I can enter their first name, last name, and email and get the code. Then, when they go to register in the program, it asks for the first name and last name and the code. It generates its code and cross checks it . . . you get the point!) Anyways, I can't figure out how to do this. I've been trying to configure an encryption engine I found to do this, but the code is WAY too complicated for me to figure out. On a hacking website I visited, it said most professional programs use API calls for their registration screens.

What is the EASIEST way to make a registration-thingy like I described? and can anyone provide a finished project for me to play around with?


Dll Registration
When I install Internet explorer on a system I get an error saying oledlg.dll is missing.

I copy the file from another system and run "regsvr32 c:windowssystemoledlg.dll" and get the following error:

oledlg.dll was loaded, but the DllRegisterServer or DllUnregisterServer entry point was not found.

oledlg.dll may not be exported, or a corrupted version of oledlg.dll may be in memory. Consider using Pview to detect the file and remove it.

What can I do to install this dll?

DLL Registration
hi guys!

i am facing a big iritating problem in registering the dll on my 98system

I m writing a dll code in Visual Basic and whenever i "Make DLL" itrestricts me to overwrite the existing file.
I have closed my IE browser in which i m using this component.

I have closed Inter Dev also in which the ASP file was opened .
I have closed the PWS also.

If i restart my system ....the problem gets solved...but it is nofeasible to restart my system before every compile.

please give me some idea .


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System Analyst
IGT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
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Ph: +91-6354533,38,39
Extn: 2428
E-Mail: email@removed


Registration Dll
Hi Guys

I have a problem with a dll made in Visual Studio, Visual Basic.

I can register the dll in win2k and xp just fine. However when i try to
register the dll using regsvr32 in windows NT 4.0 i get an error.

------First error----------

The procedure entry point GetFontUnicodeRanges could not be located in the
dynamic link library GDI32.dll

-------Second Error (appears when i click ok to the first

LoadLibrary("Mydll.dll") failed. GetLastError returns 0x0000007f.


We have tried editing the Dll for the unicode specifics, and we got it
working so we could register it on NT. However Having 2 different dlls, 1
for win2k and 1 for NT is not an option. I was looking at the version number
of gdi32 on both win2k and NT, on Nt the version is as low as 4.0. I need to
know if there is some way to mabye upgrading the gdi32 on NT environment. Or
mabye install some small application which will enable me to use the same
unicode stuff on both win2k and NT.

Any help would be greatly appriciated.

Kind Regards,


Com Dll Registration

we have created com dlls for our application and we are using new to create objects in the executable it is working fine when i am generating all the files once but once i change the dll and reregister it and try to executable it is giving Cannot Create Activex Component obviously because the dll changed so i had to regenrate the executable which nullfies the us of dll i tried with Create object and it was working fine but my application is so complex that i cannot use Create Object Please See if any body can help i tried unregistering and registering but did not work

My posistion has got worse after i moved to dll

Any help is appreciated


DLL Registration
I am New to VB6. Do I need to register DLL before using it on new pc. Can I avoid registering it, if not how can I do it when user launches the app without using any installation tools. I am working on some utility that must launch before program instillation in order to determine what to install and I need to use some DLL in the utility

Thank you

Dll Registration
is there a way to know if a dll or ocx is already registered .

DLL Registration Directory?
During installation of your application, is it the norm to copy your dll to a specific directory (like C:WindowsSystem???) and register it there...or do people typically just copy the dll into your "application directory" (like C:Program Filesmyapp) and register it there? Thanks in advance!!

DLL Registration Failed
Hi Guys

I've installed an app. on WinXP and two of the dll files
have failed to self-register.

They are MSJRO.dll and MSADOX.dll

Obviously the app. doesn't work without them.

I've tried to register them manually with Regsvr32 but I
get an error message "LoadLibrary("MSADOX.dll")failed -
The specified module could not be found)".
I've checked to make sure the files are in the windows
system folder and have tried with different case
sensitive typing, but no luck.

Can anyone suggest somrthing ???

Many thanks


Activex Dll Registration
i created Setup package with Package & Deployment wizard. but all my 'dll' s dont get registered on the PCs. I get the runtime errors on running the application. its not with all the activex, but with some. how do i force the registration. thx all.

OCX Registration Question
Here's a question that im still not sure of about distributing my vb prog:

i kno that i can always use package & deployment wizard to distribute my progs to other comps without vb installed, but since i think that p&d is like so confusing the way it hav to go through all the registering stuff im jus wondering if i can jus put the progs in the client's comp without registering the ocxs if i put them to the same folder as the progs.

Please reply, help appreciated.

ActiveX Dll Registration
Is there a way to determine if a dll was registered correctly. I currently use a routine to update my software dll's automatically. Recently I came across a problem on a couple of machines where I believe a dll was not registered correctly. After an update I recieved the following error, 'Run-time error 429: ActiveX component can't create object'. I'm assuming this is something to do with the dll registration. To rectify the problem I re-copied the dll into the app directory (did not re-register it). I'm not sure how this would rectify the problem. Any ideas??

Remote DLL Registration
Anyboday has any idea how to register a .dll remotely. Say, I'm have the domain admin access and I want to regiser a .dll from my machine to a remote pc. What will be the syntaxt in VB?

P2sodbc.dll Registration
Problem is as follows:
I have noticed that is enough to have p2sodbc.dll to use CrystalReports via ODBC for Microsoft SQL Server 2000.
As this .dll does not support RegisterDLLServer I don't know how to register this .dll.
I tried to copy this .dll only without registration but application starts with error message that ActiveX can't create an object.
Object that application should create seems like this:

Option Explicit
Dim CRApp As Object
Dim Report As Object
Public Sub myProcedure(param as Integer)
Set CRapp=CreateObject("Crystal.CRPE.Application")

Set Report=CrApp.OpenReport( ...path)

I'm using ODBC connection to SQL Server and have created named ODBC data source.
My question is if it is enough to use p2sodbc.dll or I have include any other .dll (or .ocx) to support all of this.

Activex .exe Registration
I am writing a program which uses an activeX .EXE server called MBserver.exe.

When I try and install the program (using installation made with the package and deployment wizard) I get a pop up saying that an error occured whilst registering MBserver.exe. If i click ignore and manually register MBserver.exe using MBserver.exe /RegServer the program works fine.

Why will the package and deployment not register the activeX ?

Registration Key Code

I just finished a program (using VB6), wich I want to distribute; but the problem is that I want to make the user enter a Registration Key Code (sample: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX). I read some methods, one of them "hash". I want to know what's this method and how it works.

I want to learn how to create a Registration Key Code and check if it is a valid key.

Can give some brief explanation and/or refer to me an article or tutorial.

Thanks in advanced,

OCX Registration Problem
Hi everybody,
I am new in this site. I wrote many VB programmes and I have a big problem with some of OCX files. I would be very grateful if anybody could help me on this.

I have used some OCX in my programmes (like threed, grid, cristal,...)and the programmes can not register those OCX , therefore, they do not run.
I have a huge problem now. Would anybody tell me what to do?

Many thanks.

DLL Registration Problem
OK, I have a sneaking suspicion that this is a really stupid question that will serve only to demonstrate my woeful ignorance in the area of DLLs.

I want to branch out and start doing some programming in C#, since I like the organization much better, but I'm still not comfortable leaving my comfortable VB6 shell. So, I decided to test the capabaility to integrate, by making a small test class in C#, wrapping it up in a DLL, and using it from VB.

So I compiled a simple one-method C# class into a DLL called TestThingy.dll. I initially tried to use regsvr32 to register it, but I guess y'all know how that turned out, so I did a little research and used "regasm /tlb TestThingy.dll."

It appears on my resource list in VB, so I checked it and it went through fine. I can instantiate a new TestThing just fine ("dim t as new TestThing"), it compiles and runs just fine. But the moment I try to do anything to or with TestThing, I get the error: "Run-time error '-2147024894 (80070002)': File or assembly name TestThingy, or one of its dependencies, was not found."

Is there a way to accomplish what I'm trying to do? If so, what am I doing wrong?

On an unrelated note: Some of the .NET classes are very useful, any way to use them directly from VB6?

Registration Problems.
Im trying to make a web interface to a DB. I am using a dll made in VB6 to connect to the DB and get data, and create objectcollections from that dll to store the data to be displayed. Problem is, no matter how many different ways I try, I always get the errormsg 'Could not create object', and sometimes I just get 'error on page'. This is only from client PC's, not on the server. I KNOW the dll is registered on the server, and in the VB-script in the htmlpage i have specified runat=server. I have read some places that i can use server.createobject, but the script doesn't recognice the object 'server'. Anyone got a clue?

Registration Numbers
Guys and Gals,

I am currently develping some softwar ewhich will be distributed and full usable for a period of time yet after that period has expired the user must enter a registration number to continue using. I need to come up with some way of generating a unique number that contains information such as client and end date and is unique to the client/software that I have produced. Does anybody have any ideas on how I can approach this or where I could go in search of ideas?


N-tier DLL Registration
How do you register and install DLLs so that you can take advantage of seperating the business and data access components from the GUI? I'm building an application that will be deployed to 250+ users and I want to place the business and database DLLs on the database server while the program and GUI reside on the user's desktop. I'm also planning on using MTS with the application. How do I register the DLLs so that they will work on the server and the GUI will see them and use them there???

Registration Of New Libraries
I want to issue an application update to my clients in which I have about 10 new libraries. How can register these libraries without getting the "Successfully registered" message that REGSVR32 issues everytime? With 10 libraries, I get 10 messages, which will be an annoyance for the clients.


Registration Question
how can i do.. like.. if i get a textbox for pple to put registration code into and have a cmd button to verify the code.. how can i do like if i want the registration to be "12345".. how can i make vb detect if they typed "12345" in the textbox.. and when they click the cmdbutton.. if it's incorrect it opens a msgbox saying "incorrect" but if its correct it takes them to form2...... AND ONLY WHEN THEY FIRST OPEN THE APPLICATION IT WILL ASK FOR THE REGISTRATION.. AFTER IT'S ACCEPTED ONCE IT'LL JUST TAKE THEM TO FORM2 AFTER THEY OPEN IT THE 2ND TIME... AND FOREVER AFTER UNTIL THEY UNINSTALL IT AND REINSTALL IT AGAIN..thx :P

Registration Code
I'm trying to create a registration box for my program. When the user enters the correct code I want to remove a register reminder screen. On the registration box I placed an invisible check box. When the user enters the correct code I change the check box to checked. Then I want to save the checked box value to the registry. The code I have gives me a Type mismatch error. Here is my code, could someone help me and show me what I have wrong. The error Highlights the line Check1.Value = CBool(GetSetting("Max Workout Program", "Startup", "Check1.Value = 1")). Thanks

Private Sub Command1_Click()

Dim intResponse
If Codetxt = "Thanks For Registering" Then
Check1.Value = 1
SaveSetting "Max Workout Program", "Startup", "Registration", CStr(Check1.Value = 1)

Unload Me
intResponse = MsgBox("Invalid code please try again!", 0)
End If

End Sub

Private Sub Command2_Click()
Unload Me
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()

Check1.Value = CBool(GetSetting("Max Workout Program", "Startup", "Check1.Value = 1"))
If Check1.Value = 1 Then
Registration.Visible = False
End If
End Sub

MySQL Registration
Hello. As you can tell, I'm a new member. The first thing I want to say is that there is two MSN Messenger Handle:'s in the registeration.

Now, what I want is some help on how to make a VB application with "buttons" and "textbox's" to make a new user in the MySQL Database or just "Register" by using html form?

Exampe, when you enter a name in the textbox (username)
and add a password in another textbox (password - duh)
and add an email in the last textbox then click the command button to fabricate a new user in the MySQL database!

Is this simple to understand? If not, just AIM me, or reply. If you know how to do this, please tell me, OR post a link to some sources that may benefit me. (something easy to understand, unlike that Visual Basic "online book" which didn't tell you how to do anything with the codes they gave)

Thank you for your time,

Pet Registration Database Help
Hi, i'm doing a project for school where i have to create a database which is able to store a varied number of dogs with details such as name, sex, and tag number. I've previously done a large database with Access but we are forced to do this only using VB and storing the information in a .txt file, i've already done this in this format :

"Dog Number", "Dog Name", "Dog Breed", "Sex", "Coat Colour", "Brief Description", "Tag Registration Number"

1, "Rex", "German Shepard", "Male", "Brown", "Extremely large dog", "0001"
2, "Wibbles", "Jack Russel","Male", "Red/Brown", "Likes spiders", "0002"
3, "Nicholas","Poodle", "Female", "Pink", "Homosexual Tendencies", "0003"
4, "Fad", "Shih Tsu", "Male", "Albino", "Cool dog, Hates Nicholas", "0004"
5, "Symo", "Shepard Calby", "Female", "Brown and White coat", "Likes Information Technology", "0005"

I've already managed to get these seperate fields and the appropriate information to pop up in the correct label using the data button directly under the Line option, i connected it to a text file and told it where the txt file is, then i went to each individual label and chose the data source and and chose the appropriate data field. This is all good but i'd like to do all this through code, no data component, just two command buttons, one that says Next Entry and Previous Entry, i'm not sure how to do this but i'm thinking i'd have to find a way to make it loop through the fields constantly untill it fills in each field some how. Could someone please tell me how this can be done, or give me some other examples which solves my problem.

I'm also curious on how to password protect my program, by having to set a Username and password at the beginning, and then making it remember the username and password so each time i open the program i'll have to put those in to be able to use it. All i know is i need to make a .txt file where the username and password can be written to and then retrieved later on when they are put in the appropriate text boxes. Once again any hints, tutorials or solutions would be nice. Sorry if this may seem like a lot.

Thanks in advance.

IP Helper API - Registration
My setup package apparently needs the following dll: iphlpapi.dll

It does not support self registration... and I cannot get it to manually register from the command prompt using regsvr32 either.

One area that I know for sure my app is using this, is in the GetWindowPos API. If the iphlpapi.dll is missing, then the window will not go to the appointed x & y coordinates. If the dll is present everything works fine. So, in short... I really need this dll in my setup package.

Now... just how to register the crazy thing!

One point: If I do manually attempt to register this dll, then I get an error message back saying that it failed. HOWEVER, after I do this, then everything works like it should in my application.

So, I'm thinking either one of the two:

1) Do a silent regsvr32 registration in my setup file and just supress the error message.


2) Find the way to register this that is *by the book*.

Any advice you API gurus?

Thanks in advance.

Registration Program Help?
I am working on this program to register a program. I keep getting different errors off of it and it is pretty hard to explain. I am going to attach a copy of it to this post.

I don't want you to recommend another registration program to me, I have seen plenty and I like the way I am doing it. If you would please just look at the program and tell me why it is throwing off so many errors I would be very thankful.

Ocx Registration Problem

I have a machine with two windows xp installations and i have some problem in registering a ocx in Visual Basic 6. Now theirs a component, which when registered on one setup, runs fine. It's actually a extended text box control. But when i try to do the same on other XP, it gives error.

Error is that, when i draw that component to form, it gives "out of memory" error.

I tried cleaning all registry, and reregistering that component but it didn't help.

I have no clue what the error is about. When i look at it from OLEViewer, it shows details, but when i try to expand it for more details it gives error

IClassFactory::CreateInstance failed.

<No system message defined> severity: SEVERITY_ERROR, facility: <Unknown Facility> ($800A0007)

I don't think, their could be any problem within ocx built, since it's running fine on other machines.

Could you plz tell me how to rectify this problem in details.

Like if their is some version conflict, how do i find which file to replace with which version.

Thank You.

Registration Scheme..

Im trying to create a registration scheme for my application, where IT generates a key, I need to receive it, then i send back the activation code...

similar to this

This one uses an Email to send data, where as i want it to connect to the database, and see if the customer exists if it does generate a key and email it to him as well as display it on the form.

Im stuck on the database part cos im not well with it... : (

Do i need to create a VB program that connects to the database ? so it checks or is there another way to check straight through the server?

MSDN Registration
I just install an MSDN Library 2CD but the setup wizard never ask me if I want to Register.

Somebody know how to register my MSDN copy in order to have access to more beneffits in microsoft MSDN online?

Thank you, best regards from Mexico

Dll Registration Problem
Dear Dost
I am having problem in registering a dll file, which i created in tried it with regsrv32.exe.but it gave me error as follows.

"dll was loaded, but dllRegisterServer entry point was not found.
file can't be registered."

so, can anybody guide me to solve this problem.

Thanks n Regards.

Uttam Kumar

Crystl32.ocx Registration
Hi guys

Everybody is talking about registering Crystl32.ocx, How do i register this Crystl32.ocx?


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