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Remove Blank Lines In Address Labels : Crystal Reports 9

I'm using crystal reports 9 for address labels with VB6 / access

The problem is I have 4 address fields and a postcode. If only two lines of address are used when I come to print my address labels there is a gap between the address and postcode.
As a go between stage I did

strSQL = strSQL & " SELECT tblStudent.FirstName + ' ' + tblStudent.Surname as FullName, tblStudent.Address1 + chr(10) + chr(13) + tblStudent.Address2 + chr(10) + chr(13) + tblStudent.Address3 + chr(10) + chr(13) + tblStudent.Address4 + chr(10) + chr(13) + tblStudent.Postcode AS address"

But still when I iterated through the records to remove the blank lines it wasnt all that effective.

Is there an easy way to do this without iterating? In a word mail merge you just select toremove blank lines but i coudnt see anything in CR.

Dan Bayley
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Add-in To Remove Blank Lines ?
Anybody know of an add-in to remove blank lines, also indent and remove comments would be helpful as well ?

Remove All The Blank Lines From A File
how would i open a file and remove all the blank lines ie. "" and save it again?

thanks :-)

Remove Blank Lines In RichTextBox
I'm loading a file in to a RichTextBox that has blank lines scattered throughout. Anyone know a way to remove them all?

Free VB6 Add-in To Remove Blank Lines From Code

Does anyone know a free VB6 add-in that removes blank lines from code, or preferably from a selected piece of code? I'm currently using VB Assistant Add-In, which does the indenting, but doesn't remove blank lines.


Crystal Reports - Labels
Anybody know how to adjust where the printing starts on a predefined label? For instance, I choose Avery 5164, but I need it to start printing down further from the top than usual and further right than usual. Is there a way to change those settings? Thank you

How To Set The Top Of Labels In The Crystal Reports

  in my application i am designing a report in crystarl report 6.

i am unable to set the top for the labels to common . when i am setting the top is not comming correctly. how can set like we have formatting in vb


Crystal Reports 8.5->PDF Export->Many Blank Pages
I am using Crystal Reports 8.5, VB 6 and Sql Server

I have this report which consists of a single & simple (line) chart.
It represents the changing of a single value taken from a db table.
Furthermore I have 3 single values: Max , Min and Average value from the same field. The preview option works fine.

This report is manipulated from an application which exports this report to PDF.

The exporting is done properly and the pdf is created with the values I want.
The only problem is that many blank pages are left after the first one which has the chart and values I want thus, increasing the file size.

What I suppose is that being amateur in Crystal Reports designing I misplaced the chart and/or the values in the report design.
To be honest I don't know where to put these fields in the design view of the report.
Crystal only lets me place the chart and the max,min,avg values in the Report Header.
Is this the problem? why could this be happening?

Thank you in advance.

Blank Graph In Crystal Reports On Test Machine
I'm using Crystal Reports 8.5, vb 6.0 prof,MySQL 3.15

My reports work fine on my development machine.
However when i install the package on the test machine (a machine with only XP sp2 installed, my reports have blank graph areas where pie-charts should be.

Anyone come across this problem?

N.B. I use the ADO Recordset method to open my reports from vb.

How To Change Mail Labels In Crystal Reports
I create a Mail Label report (3 x 4 landscape) in crystal reports, after create report how to change its direction like down then across and how change label size and distance between lables. ple. send me the solution it is very useful to me. thanks in advance regards CHANDU

How To Access Individual Textboxes & Labels In Crystal Reports
i want to access the labels & text boxes in Crystal reports from VB6 so that i can set some values in it before displaying it.
actually i want to print invoices and need to set Customer's name, address etc. as we do in Microsoft Data Report by specifying the section->controls->control->property.
also i want to know how to display images in reports as i want to generate a report of customers with their photographs also.

plz help me, lots of thanks in advance.

Shaurabh Pandey

Crystal Reports - Duplicatin Lines
My crystal report is duplicating lines of data. It is connected to an access database. In the database I have multiple tables from which I'm extracting the data.

If I run the following query in the database:

SELECT SuppPrice.QuoteNo, QuoteDets.Quantity, QuoteDets.Description, SuppPrice.Supplier, Supplier.CompanyName, Supplier.Add1, Curr.Description
FROM ((((QuoteHdr INNER JOIN QuoteDets ON QuoteHdr.QuoteNo = QuoteDets.QuoteNo) INNER JOIN Bag ON QuoteHdr.BagNum = Bag.BagNumber) LEFT JOIN SuppPrice ON QuoteDets.QuoteNo = SuppPrice.QuoteNo) LEFT JOIN Supplier ON SuppPrice.Supplier = Supplier.SupplierNo) LEFT JOIN Curr ON Supplier.CurrencyCode = Curr.Number
WHERE (((SuppPrice.QuoteNo)=[Enter Quote]));

It results in the same problem as the report i.e. duplicate lines, but if I alter the query to GroupBy:

SELECT SuppPrice.QuoteNo, QuoteDets.Quantity, QuoteDets.Description, SuppPrice.Supplier, Supplier.CompanyName, Supplier.Add1, Curr.Description
FROM ((((QuoteHdr INNER JOIN QuoteDets ON QuoteHdr.QuoteNo = QuoteDets.QuoteNo) INNER JOIN Bag ON QuoteHdr.BagNum = Bag.BagNumber) LEFT JOIN SuppPrice ON QuoteDets.QuoteNo = SuppPrice.QuoteNo) LEFT JOIN Supplier ON SuppPrice.Supplier = Supplier.SupplierNo) LEFT JOIN Curr ON Supplier.CurrencyCode = Curr.Number
GROUP BY SuppPrice.QuoteNo, QuoteDets.Quantity, QuoteDets.Description, SuppPrice.Supplier, Supplier.CompanyName, Supplier.Add1, Curr.Description
HAVING (((SuppPrice.QuoteNo)=[Enter Quote]));

The results are correct. How can I fix my report? I am grouping by SuppPrice.QuoteNo.

How To Remove Time From Crystal Reports....please Help
i am populating a crystal reports from a VB 6 program. All fields including the dates goes into the report correctly. However, in all of the dates fields, in addition to the date .... a time 12:00 AM is also shown. I am using short date format.....could someone help me with how to make sure that only the date and not the time appears in the reports.


Crystal Reports: How Do I Remove Duplicate Records?

How can I remove duplicate records?

I have are report as such:

Emp No Name     Hire Date Status Company/Subsidiary

7791     Anna Jackson     07/01/2002 Active Access
7997     Irene Hagedorn     08/01/2002 Active Access
7798     Alice Smith     08/01/2002 Active Access
7798     Alice Smith     01/01/2003 Active iSmart

Record Number 3: Displays a hire date of employee to 'Access' Company. Record 4: shows employee was employed in iSmart, a subsidiary of the main company.

The requirement of the report needs to display only record 4 and discard record 3 in the list.

What procedures should I do?

Thank you in advance,


Drawing Vertical Lines Between Columns In Data Report / Crystal Reports
Hi Guys,

I want to draw VERTICAL lines between columns of my report made using DATA REPORT of CRYSTAL REPORTS. The Text boxes can grow but the lines & image control cant.

How do i do it ???????


Crystal - Make A Blank Field Zero Rather Than Blank
My crystal report is retrieving values from MS Access via ODBC. Occasionally these (numeric) values will be blank. How can I ensure that a zero is displayed in all such fields?

I have tried:
If {Field} = "" then
But it keeps saying that it's expecting a numeric value here (at the "")

Bug Causing Blank Labels, Buttons, Etc
The program I'm working on has been hitting a weird bug with one of the users. It doesn't give him any errors, but labels are blank or misplaced, frame titles are missing and listboxes aren't being populated:

Rebooting gets him back to normal and everything works again, but this is the third time its happened to the guy. I've tried doing a full re-install, but the problem still occured. He's using windows XP, but so are several other users and they haven't been having the problem, so I'm guessing its something specific to his machine, not my software.

Any idea what could be causing this?

Problem With Validation (checking For Blank Labels)
Can anyone see the problem with this peice of code? I am trying to have some validation that's checks that the lblSelectEmail has a value in it. if the label is blank then it should do nothing. If the label has got a value in it, it should call the OpenEmail procedure

VB Code:
Public Sub EmailReminder()    On Error GoTo ErrHandler    ValidRecord = True    If lblSelectEmail = "" Then        ValidRecord = False    End If    MsgBox ValidRecord 'this returns a true value even if label is blank    If ValidRecord = True Then        If fraList.Caption = "Overdue Invoices" Then            OpenEmail lblSelectEmail, "Overdue Invoice", & "hello" lblSelectContact 'procedure to send email.  lblSelectEmail is the label that holds the email address to be used        Else            MsgBox "No email"            OverdueInvoice        End If    End IfErrHandler:    Exit SubEnd Sub

Blank Lines?
This is my function:
VB Code:
Function numfunc() As String        On Error Resume Next     Dim counter As Integer    Dim i As Integer    counter = 100     For i = LBound(strNumbers) To UBound(strNumbers)        strNumbers(i) = counter         counter = counter + 1    Next i         'MsgBox (strNumbers)    For i = LBound(strNumbers) To UBound(strNumbers)        numfunc = numfunc & vbCrLf & strNumbers(i)    Next iEnd Function
When I use something like
Label1.Caption = numfunc
then the first line is blank, and then it continues like normal. Why is the first line blank? How can I remove it, or is there a way to 'trim' the output?

Blank Lines
Iv im trying to pass information between word tables and my form. however when passing the data empty/blank lines often diteriate the viual element of both the form and the document. Ive tried to use this method to remove the blank lines, but it does not seem to work:

Replace(temp, vbCrLf, vbLf)

Any help on the matter is greatly appriciated.

Blank Lines Revisited
Hello again,
I am trying to read text files that are song lyrics and display one verse at a time via directx, but I cannot figure how to read a file into memory, in chucks divided by blank lines....

This is the first verse
yessiry it is

yet another,
a second one

and perhaps a third

I wrote a rather nasty piece of code, that involves nested ifs, however, it gets extraordinarily sketchy at say, verse eight or nine. Please forgive my ignorence:

Dim sVerse2 As String
Dim sVerse1 As String
Dim sTemp As String

Open "test.txt" For Input As #1
Do Until EOF(1)
Line Input #1, sTemp
If sTemp <> "" Then
sVerse1 = sVerse1 & Chr(13) & sTemp
End If
If sTemp = "" Then
Do Until EOF(1)
Line Input #1, sTemp
If sTemp = "" Then Exit Sub
sVerse2 = sVerse2 & Chr(13) & sTemp
End If
Close #1

yes, it was written by Rube Goldburg ;-)

Please save me from this mess.... :-)


Filtering Out Blank Lines
Im listing object in a list box, from a certain file. Im trying to filter out the blank lines but it seem to filter out any lines that is NOT blank instead!

Note that I substract 2 from the looper variable becouse otherwise it would for some reason jump 3 steps instead of one!

It lists all lines (empty or not) when Im not trying to filter.

Dim Looper As Integer
Dim LoopIndex As Integer

Private Sub Form_Load()
Looper = 1

Do Until Looper >= 50
If Mid(ReadDataFile("Species", Looper, 1, 1), 1, 1) = " " Then
Species.AddItem (ReadDataFile("Species", Looper, 1, 1))
End If
Looper = Looper + 1 - 2

End Sub

Here is the read data function if it of any relevance.

Function ReadDataFile(Filename As String, Line As Integer, Row As Integer, Section As Integer) As String
Dim FF As Integer

FF = FreeFile
'Just to avoid a bug with some lines.
If Section = 1 Then
Line = Line + 2
End If
'Define Variables
Dim Rline As Integer
Dim Rrow As Integer
Dim RSection As Integer
'MsgBox ("Safty Stop 1")
Rline = 1
Rrow = 1
RSection = 1
Dim Char As String
Dim CharCount As Double
CharCount = 1
Open App.Path + "Data" + Filename + ".dat" For Input As #FF
'MsgBox ("Safty Stop 2")
'Check for section
Do Until RSection >= Section
Line Input #FF, Char
If Mid(Char, 1, 4) = "::::" Or Mid(Char, 1, 4) = " " Then
RSection = RSection + 1

End If
'MsgBox ("Safty Stop 3")
'Check for line
Do Until Rline >= Line
Line Input #FF, Char
If Mid(Char, 1, 4) = "::::" Then
Close #FF
Exit Function
End If
Rline = Rline + 1
'MsgBox ("Safty Stop 4")
Dim LastRow As Double
Dim Rowlenght As Double
LastRow = 1
'Check for Row
If Row > 1 Then
'MsgBox ("Safty Stop 5")
Do Until Rrow >= Row
If Mid(Char, 1, 4) = "::::" Then
Close #FF
Exit Function
End If

Rrow = Rrow + 1
LastRow = InStr(LastRow + 2, Char, "##")

'MsgBox ("Safty Stop 6")
End If
Dim TempString As String
If Row = Rrow Then
CharCount = LastRow + 3
'MsgBox ("Safty Stop 7")
Do Until TempString = "#"
TempString = Mid(Char, CharCount, 1)
CharCount = CharCount + 1
RowLength = RowLength + 1
If CharCount > 400 Then
Exit Do
End If

'Rowlength = InStr(LastRow, Char, "##")
'MsgBox ("Safty Stop 8")
End If
Do Until Mid(Char, LastRow + 2, 1) <> " "
LastRow = LastRow + 1
RowLength = RowLength - 1
If InStr(LastRow + 2, Char, "##") = 0 Then
RowLength = Len(Char)
End If

Char = Mid(Char, LastRow + 2, RowLength)
ReadDataFile = Char
'MsgBox (InStr(LastRow, Char, "##") - 2)
Close #FF
End Function

Removing Blank Lines
Well i m importing a text file with the help of this code

VB Code:
sfile = File1.Path            If Right(sfile, 1) <> "" Then sfile = sfile & ""            sfile = sfile & File1.FileName        Debug.Print sfile            Open sfile For Input As FF             txt = Input(LOF(FF), FF)    'Read the whole file        Close FF

now that text file is in txt
all i want to do is the remove blank lines from top of this text file . i mean there may be some blank lines before any text . so a lil code which could keep on removing blank lines from top of text file until it come across any text
Regards Waiting

Blank Lines In A List Box

List1.RowSource = "SELECT field1, field2 FROM table1, table2 WHERE table1.record_ID = table2.record_ID"


Is there a way to insert blank lines between records pulled out by an SQL statement so it'll look like this:

Record 1

Record 2

Record 3

and not



Delete Blank Lines

In my vb application, I am executing a shell command and receive its outputs to a text file. The output from the shell command always has 2 lines, first line of data and 2nd line of spaces. Because of this, my output text file has alternate blank lines through out the file...I want to delete all these blanklines either while receiving the outputs from the shell command or any other way...what will be the best and efficient way to delete this blank lines and if you could share code snippet, it would be help me.

I am using PRINT # to write to the text file...I read somewhere that this always adds CR/LF..maybe is this causing the blank line?? If so, what is the best suggestion


Skipping Blank Csv Lines
I'm working to convert csv input into .dat output, removing the commas etc etc. Question is, how do I skip blank lines, or lines I deem to have bad data.

if (elements of the csv line) are bad or blank
skip line
process next line
end if

If it were only that easy.

Thanks in advance

Missing Blank Lines
VB Code:
Dim data As String        Open cwtext For Input As #1        Do Until EOF(1)        Line Input #1, data        Text1.Text = Text1.Text & vbCrLf & data        Loop        Close #1

Is there anyway using this simple code to miss out blank lines from a txt file.

MSFlexGrid Blank Lines
Ok I'm a glutton for punishment. I just asked a DUH question earlier so I figure I'll go for broke.

I am using MSFLEXGRID and I after I clear it the row setting never resets. For instance if the last entry was on line 3 the next time I fill the grid it starts filling on line 4. I was told that MSHFlexGrid1.Row = 0 has no effect which I found to be true. I was told to just begin using the AddItem and MSFLEXGRID will take care of the rest.  

How do I reset the pointer to line 1 before I fill?

Public Sub FillFlexGrid()
                            'Fill GRID
If GridRec.RecordCount > 0 Then
    MsgBox "No siblings listed for this kid"
    Exit Sub
End If

'skip the first col by using vbTab in the 1st position
Do Until GridRec.EOF
    MSHFlexGrid1.AddItem vbTab & GridRec(0) & vbTab & _
    GridRec(1) & vbTab & GridRec(2) & vbTab & GridRec(3) _
    & vbTab & GridRec(4) & vbTab & GridRec(5) & vbTab _
    & lKidsID

End Sub

List Has Blank Lines
I read a string file and load it into a list box. The list box skips 2 lines on each line listed.

I save file here

    Public Sub Generate_prj()
    Open "c:Orlandorobotics_SSCdefault.orp" For Append As #1
    Print #1, "Sample1.ors", "Sample2.ors", "Sample3.ors", "Sample4.ors", "Sample5.ors", "Sample6.ors"
    Close #1

    End Sub

When I read the file and add items to list


    If intFile = 1 Then
    Open SelectedFile For Input As #1
    intLinesReadCount = 0
    Do While Not EOF(1) 'Loasd entire File into LineData String
    Line Input #1, strBuffer
    LineData(intLinesReadCount) = strBuffer
    intLinesReadCount = intLinesReadCount + 1
    Close #1

    End If

    DataS = LineData(0)
    arrValues = Split(DataS, " ")
    For I = 0 To 5
    ComboFileSelect.AddItem arrValues(I)
    Next I

Remove Blank Space?
Is there a VB funtion to remove blank space around a string?
for example, take a string that has 10 blank spaces around it, and remove them? (Id give a better example but the formating would'nt look right on this forum)

Remove Blank From List
How do I remove Blank Items from a listbox?

Remove Blank Line
I have some code which appends data from a table into a text file.

VB Code:
Open "c: empfpeurimpben.txt" For Output As #1 Do While Not rstMytable.EOF   Print #2, "FP-EUR-impben2"; Chr(9);  Trim(rstMytable("city")); Chr(9); Trim(rstMytable("country")); Chr(9); Chr(13)   rstMytable.MoveNextLoop Close #1

This is fine but it leaves a blank line at the bottom of the text file.
How can I prevent it from adding this blank line or remove it when the file is created.

Remove Blank From Text Box

my question is how to delete black spaces from the text for example i have one text box.i want to show only characters without space.

My code is

dim mystring as string
mystring=" Hello World"
text1.text= mystring

In above code i Have given three spaces in output it showing same but i want to show only characters without blank space.please help me.


Deleting Blank Lines At The End Of A Letter
I want to get rid of the blank lines that my transcriptionist likes to pad her letters with. (Yes, she gets paid by the line).
This macro gives a type mismatch error

'get rid of blank following lines

Selection.EndKey Unit:=wdStory
Selection.MoveEndUntil (Not "para" Or Not " "), wdBackward
Set currdoc = Application.ActiveDocument

Any suggestions on compact code to accomplish my goal?



How To Insert Blank Lines In ListBox
I know this is probably very simple but I have been unable to add 2 blank lines in my ListBox. I have tried using the vbNewLine and the Chr(13) & Chr(10) with no luck - I don't know what else to try!!

I have added a heading to my output list and I want to insert 2 blank lines after the heading and before the list. Can someone please offer suggestions on what else I can try?


Here is my code. I have highlighted the code in red where I want the 2 blank lines to follow.

Option Explicit

Private Sub cmdFetch_Click()

Dim intMonth As Integer
Dim intDay As Integer
Dim intYear As Integer
Dim intThisMonth As Integer
MsgBox (lstMonth.ListIndex + 1)
Dim intThisDay As Integer
Dim intThisYear As Integer
Dim strEvent As String
Dim strPath As String
Dim intCounter As Integer

intMonth = lstMonth.ListIndex + 1
intDay = lstDay.ListIndex + 1
MsgBox (intDay)
strPath = "c:is1733kkr7hw11 rivia.dat"
intCounter = 0

lstOutput.AddItem ("On this day in history" & ":")

Open strPath For Input As #1
Do While Not EOF(1)
Input #1, intThisMonth, intThisDay, intThisYear, strEvent
If intThisMonth = intMonth And intThisDay = intDay Then

lstOutput.AddItem (intThisYear & ":" & " " & strEvent)
intCounter = intCounter + 1
End If
Close #1

End Sub

Private Sub Form_Activate()

Dim intCounter As Integer

For intCounter = 1 To 31
lstDay.AddItem (intCounter)

Next intCounter
End Sub

How To Trim Beginning &amp; Last Blank Lines

can someone please teach me how can I trim the beginning and last blank line for a string or text file? many thx.

Deleting Blank Lines Of Text
I am having problems deleting lines of blank text from a listbox, and a textbox.
All of the other examples I have found are all dealing with opening an external file and updating that file instead of "refreshing" the current listbox or textbox on the fly.

VB Code:
Do While Not EOF(List1.listindex)            For q = 0 To List1.ListCount - 1                If List1.list(q) = "" Then                    List1.RemoveItem (q)                    List1.Refresh                End If            Next q            Loop

File Saving Blank Lines :(
Ok, my problem is that when saving text files, it adds an extra line of nothing to the end. the basic saving code i use is listed below....


stuff = Input(LOF(1), 1)
page(i) = page(i) & stuff


Print #1, page(i)

Why every time i update the file, do i get another blank line added? eventually the scrollbar on the text box just keeps gettin smaller every time i use it...

please help.


Blank Lines At End Of Text File
Can someone give me some advice on removing blank lines in a text file.


VB 6.0: Delete Blank Lines In RTF Text Box
I need to place a lot of text into a control with a transparent background. The label command doesn't give me scroll bars, so that doesn't work. Passing "chr(10) & chr(13)" to a standard text box doesn't give me line breaks. So, I'm using a rich text box, which accepts the line breaks, but creates an extra one. Neither text box supports a transparent background. Is there a better solution?

How Do I Delete All The Blank Lines At The End Of A Textbox Except One?
How do I delete all the blank lines at the end of a textbox except one?

Edited by - Rapidfire on 4/21/2008 10:35:52 AM

Insert Blank Lines In Query
Microsoft SQL server


Would it be possible with ADO in VBA to query a SQL database and using ORDER BY to return
a recordset with a blank line every time the value of the ORDER BY field
is changing?
Will make a rapport more readable.

Thanks a lot


Remove Blank Icons On ListView
So, I'm having this problem while trying to remove the assigned smallicons on listview items. Even if I loop for each icon setting it smallicons property to 0 or removing the reference to the assigned ImageList, it still leaves me with a blank icon, as though the text had been shifted to the right. I tried refreshing the ListView and still nothing.

Any clues at all on how to remove that blank icon?

How To Remove The Blank Line From File
hi all ,

i have created one application in which i read the data from access 97 db and put it in one .cmd file (like a text file) i have created it using the Dim

FileSystemObject now i want to check that if this file contain more than one blank then remove it or delete it how can i do this ??
i need to identify the file using the file name ( i have the file name )

how can i do this ??

pls help me regarding this

thanx in advance,


Nilesh Thakur.

Remove Blank Pages Word
Does anybody know a way to remove all blank pages from a Word document. An empty page is a page that contains only the ---page break -- and the --enter-- charater. Any code-snippet would be great

Remove Blank Excel WorkSheet
Hi All,

How to delete blank(no data) worksheet in Excel programatically--(using VB.NET or C#).

Kindly respond!.Thanks in Advance.


Blank Page After Grouping!!! Need To Remove!
I have a very annoying issue and I tried just about everything to get rid of it...

This is the problem - I have 4 groupings on my Crystal 8.0 report. I do not use KeepTogether, NewPageBefore or NewPageAfter or any of those functions. However, on the first page, the report displays (and prints) the Report header, Page header and the first group. The rest of the page is blank. Then, on the second page, the remaining groups are displayed along with the details section. There are no problems with the footers. It happens only on the first page!

Any suggestions, please???



Address Labels - How To?

I'm developing a program in VB6 & MySQL. Now I want to print address labels but I don't know how to do it.. For example 16 labels on one A4-page, 8 on each side.

Is it done with data report? Or exporting to Word?

Someone who can help me?



Address Labels In VB? Help
Hey Guys,
You must be aware with address labels printing facility available with Access reports.

That is, we can have more than one address in each row.
Access report has straight forward method for printing address labels.

But if we want to create a report with the same functionality, in VB what is the way?

Can anybody plz help me how to print address labels in VB reports?
I am desperately looking to do this.

REmove Labels...
I'm getting damn sick of this project now...

But here's my *newest* problem:

When I change a value in a combo box, I want all labels in a set of pictureboxes to be unloaded.
But I can't use the unload method, even in another sub, because that sub is called by the Combo_Change event, and VB won't let you unload stuff within that particular event....

Any ideas?

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