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Removing Null Characters From A String

The topic pretty much says it all. I tried a loop that checks if the ASCII code of each of the characters is in the range 1 < x < 255, but Mid function that I used seems to raise an error when it gets to a null character.

I also tried searching the forums but it seems that this hasn't been asked recently by anyone.


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Removing Characters From String?
I have long string which I want to process starting at the beginning and then removed the part processed already. Is there a way in vb to cut the string?

for example:
dim CharString as string
dim CharBegin as string

CharString="g90 m54 m78 g88"
CharBegin=Left(CharString, 3)
'Now I would like to get rid of the 4 characters (3 copied plus space) so my string would start at m54, how can I do that?

Removing Characters From A String
I am trying to figure out a way to remove a given character from a string variable:

Dim strTest as String

strTest = "I don't know how to remove the single quotation mark"

Is there some function to remove the single quote from the string??

As always, thanks for your help!

ralph m.

Removing Characters In A String
I have what seems like a fairly simple problem in that I need to remove a certain character from a string. I'm not sure how to go about this could someone please provide a sample so I can modify it for my own usage.

Removing Characters From A String
how can i remove the last 4 chracters from a string of 10 and assign the new string a new name. For instance

original string name letters : qqqqqqwwww
remove last 4 chracters
new string name lessw : qqqqqq

Removing Characters From A String?
How do I remove 7 last character in Xyzaaa1234567 so that only Xyzaaa is displayed?

I've only learnt about extracting characters but never had to remove them before.


Removing Characters From A String
i have 2 strings

nothese = "kwlx"
Example = "ijfajfapfpapoqdmmqmzpsoxpoqwo"

i want to remove "k" "w" "l" "w" from example, so do i have to make a for loop?

For i = 1 to len(nothese)
Example = Replace( Example, mid(nothese, i, 1), vbnullstring)

or is there any better way?

Removing Few Characters From A String

i have a string called 'name' which contains value as "Employee report report", when i am displaying name varible i need to display only "Employee report" meaning i want to remove one 'report' from the string can some1 pls help.

Removing 4 Characters Off The End Of A String.
I know I have been posting alot...but thats because my program is near finished and im working on all the little bugs I haven't been able to fix myself.

Anyway, just as the title states I need to remove the last 4 characters of a string. The string comes from a filelist box it is actualy the file name. So it looks like string = filelist1.filename...When I set the string to the filename it includes the extension of the I need to remove the last 4 characters, the 3 characters of the extension and the 1 character period...thanks in advance guys, I really appreciate it!

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Removing Certain Characters From A String
Anyone know a quick way of removing single quotes (') from a string.
(i.e Str1 = "Mike's Button")

I want this to read Str1 = "Mikes Button"

I'm trying to put this into an Access table using an insert statement but its failing because of the single quote.

Removing Certain Characters From A String
In one field in my database, I need to remove all characters that aren't alphanumeric... even spaces. So far, I've found InStr, but I thought there was a way to sort out all characters that weren't of a certain ASCII value. If anyone have any idea's on this, I'd really appreacite it.


Remove Null Characters From String?
I have a string with characters + null characters. Is there a command to directly remove the nulls from the string?

Removing Special Characters From A String
I am trying to write the code to search a string for any characters that are invalid as far as file names go (i.e. / : * ? " < > |) and remove them. (For example 'te/st' would be replaced with 'test')

Here is the code I am playing with:

Function DelInvalidCharacters(InputString As String) As String

Dim ModString As String
Dim Holder As String
Dim i As Integer

ModString = InputString

Do While InStr(ModString, "/:*?""<>|") > 0
Holder = ModString
i = InStr(1, "/:*?""<>|", ModString)
ModString = Left(Holder, i - 1)
ModString = ModString + Right(Holder, Len(Holder) - i)

DelInvalidCharacters = ModString

End Function

Right now, the While clause is not being met and the loop is being skipped. I think that it is obvious that this is because it is looking for the string "/:*?""<>|" rather than the individual characters.

Is there any good way to do this? Certainly I don't have to nest 9 loops (one for each of the special characters)?!

Please Help!

Removing Reserved (&amp;,:) Characters From A String
hi i am trying to save a txt file under the file name of an email subject. say "RE: Test & Test.txt" obviously this is illegal because of the : and & in the file name.

I know there are a number of such characters that are reserved so they cannot be used for file/folder names.

What i need to be able to do is remove these charactures from the string leaving me with "RE Test Test.txt".

If you can show me a direction/example it would be greatly appreciated


The Noot

ps. I have put this in general because it applies to all strings not just email related ones.

Removing Unwanted Characters From A String
I have 26 text boxes called money, and their text values are things like:


and I just want to filter out any "," or "" in the string so I can add up the values. How do I do this?

Solution: Change the variable from Integer to Currency

Removing Specific Characters From A String
Hi all,

I have a text box with "hello World"

How do I remove the "e", "o" and spaces from above word (to display in a label for example) ?

end results on the label.caption would be "hllwrld"

any ideas?


Removing Special Characters From A String
But he's looking for ALL special charachters. You could use replace by looping throught the ASCII equivalents, and replaceing, or determining if each letter is special or not.

Try this:

Dim sName As String, sLetter As String
Dim iAsc As Integer
Dim i As Integer

sName = Text1.Text

For i = 1 To Len(sName)
sLetter = Mid(sName, i, i + 1)
iAsc = Asc(sLetter)
If Not (iAsc < 122 And iAsc > 65) Then
sName = Left(sName, i - 1) & "?" & Right(sName, Len(sName) - i)
End If


MsgBox Replace(sName, "?", "")

ASCII 65 is "A", ASCII 122 is "z". Alter them if you want to include other charachters.

Removing Beginning Characters In A String
I am trying to import a text file into Access database. I have over 15,000 part numbers that I am trying to import. These part numbers have a space in the middle. The number of characters before this blank space varies from part number. I am needing some help to remove the beginning of the part number up to the space. Here are some examples and results that I am trying to accomplish.

part #        results
3M 7177       7177
3MIND 37081   3081
BD DW8715     DW8715
HUYETT SPC-156-2000      SPC-156-2000

Can someone please help me out. If there was the same amount of character before the blank space, then I would not have a problem. But since there are over 15,000 part numbers to import and all with different amount of characters before the blank space, I am having trouble.Thanks

Removing Special Characters From String
I have a few keywords ("'@' , ',' , '' , '*' , '~' , '{' , '}' , '¢' , '¦' , '£' , '$' , '%' , '=' , '!' , '+' , '' , '<' , '>' , '^' ,
'[' , ']' , '?' , 'ë' , 'â' , 'ñ' , 'ä' , '¯' , '"') which needs to be removed from a string(of about 30 chars) before inserting them in table.Is there any optimal/neat/clean way of doing this by using Regular expression or something ,instead of having to loop thgough and compare them and slowing down things.
Any help will be appreciated.

Removing Specific Characters From A String Using Vba

i have a string called 'name' which contains value as "Employee report report", when i am displaying name varible i need to display only "Employee report" meaning i want to remove one 'report' from the string can some1 pls help.

ERROR Removing Reserved (&amp;,:) Characters From A String
Sorry browser hung first time i posted this.

Removing &" &" Characters From A String???
I need to remove speech marks from a string (""). Does anyone know how to do it?


Null Characters
I am using the following code to load a string of text from a file.

cCnt = 0
fFree = FreeFile
Open txtDatafile.Text For Input As #fFree
cCnt = cCnt + 1

fndRecord = (cCnt * RecLen) - RecLen
If cCnt >= 2 Then fndRecord = fndRecord + 1
If fndRecord = 0 Then fndRecord = 1
Seek #fFree, (fndRecord)

' get full record
dataIN = Input(RecLen, #fFree)

getName dataIN, strSource

.lstCheckLinfo.AddItem useName

Loop Until EOF(fFree) Or cCnt = 10
Close #fFree
End With

My problem is the file contains null characters.
When dataIN is populated it ignores the null characters and gets characters from the next record.

eg data:



Is there a way to load the null character so I can replace the null with a space.

Thanks in advance

Removing Characters
ehy im trying to figure out how to remove a certain amounts of characters wut i mean is

wen i push a button the first certain characters will be removed and replace by lets say another character

its really bugging me if anyone can help me

Removing Characters..
This is my string:


And these {cf15I were} the {cf15I names} of the sons of Israel who came into Egypt.

I want to remove: {cf15I were}

So far this is what i made, but to no avail doesn't remove any character.


Dim trmChars As Char() = {"{"c, "}"c}
TextBox4.Text = outScr.TrimStart(trmChars)

Then Remove "" inlcuding everything enclosed in it "cf15"


And these {cf15I were} the {cf15I names} of the sons of Israel who came into Egypt.


And these were the names of the sons of Israel who came into Egypt.

Removing Some Characters

i'm back in here posting some idiotique questions.. i'm still newbie on vb and currently i asm trying to learn to remove some characters,

for example:

if i have: Lm1.00


i would like to remove (Lm) from, so that i can calculate the total payee


Too Many Vb Null Characters ?? Pic Attached
Please check the attachment.

When I use a msgbox to display the same string it shows it fine without any of those characters in the end.

Can someone please tell me how to get rid of those characters or why they are in there.

I'm using this code to open a file dialog box and select a mdb file.


Null Characters In File
I am using the following code to load a string of text from a file.

VB Code:
cCnt = 0        fFree = FreeFile        Open txtDatafile.Text For Input As #fFree            Do                cCnt = cCnt + 1                 fndRecord = (cCnt * RecLen) - RecLen                If cCnt >= 2 Then fndRecord = fndRecord + 1                If fndRecord = 0 Then fndRecord = 1                Seek #fFree, (fndRecord)                            ' get full record                dataIN = Input(RecLen, #fFree)                 getName dataIN, strSource                                .lstCheckLinfo.AddItem useName                            Loop Until EOF(fFree) Or cCnt = 10        Close #fFree    End With

My problem is the file contains null characters.
When dataIN is populated it ignores the null characters and gets characters from the next record.

eg data:



Is there a way to load the null character so I can replace the null with a space.

Thanks in advance

Removing VbCr Characters
I have a text box, from which I read the text & copy it to MS word document. In the word document, along with new line, VbCr is also copied in the form of squares. These are printed at the beginning of each line. How can this be avoided?

Removing Non-numeric Characters
Hi all,

I'm trying to check a text box to remove any non-numeric characters. Here is the code I'm using:
Dim i As Integer
For i = 0 To Len(txtPhone.Text)
txtPhone.SelStart = i
txtPhone.SelLength = 1
If IsNumeric(txtPhone.SelText) = False Then
txtPhone.SelText = ""
End If
Next i
The textbox is starting with the following text:
(Extension) 132

And after the check, it gives:

It seems to be skipping every 2nd character....Any ideas why?



Removing Unwanted Characters
Hello Group,

I am capturing text from browser and saving into Access database, but, it is capturing special characters also, see below. Is there a way of stopping it doing this? or solution/fix.

NOTE. In the example below the specaial characters are not showing. but the appear as &#??? all over the place in database.


What will it take for us to fill the deep ache and longing we all have for that elusive something more? laying out a path of startling new concepts to reconnect us with our own divinity. More than 20,000 copies sold as a self-published book Takes us beyond merely existing and teaches us how to really live Shows that pain, suffering, and unhappiness are not a necessary part of life More than just comfort food for an ailing soul this is real, healing power

Removing Of Special Characters
We display an expression in excel , in which there are also some small boxes being diaplayed in expression.

somes boxes are getting removed when we give
but some are not.

Are there any other keywords like vbnewline which displays small boxes, which when given will remove the small boxes

Removing Non-printing Characters

Currently I have a project where the result string is padded with non-printing characters like Asc 0.

At the moment I am using the replace funtion like so..

VB Code:
frm13481a.lblRIC_BAR.Caption = Chr(42) & "RIC" & rs("ui") & _rs("qty") & rs("loc_a") & Replace(Trim(Replace(strPrice, Chr(0), "")), ".", "") & Chr(42)

The chr(42)'s you see are for my barcodes that I need. I have to use replace twice to get rid of what needs to not be included.

Now, what I am looking for is feedback on how I should or how you all check for and replace non 1-9,a-z,A-Z characters in a string?


Removing A Set Number Of Characters...
I need for the first 8 characters to be removed off of a text bos's content. How can I easily Take Text1's contents, minus the first 8 characters, and set that in text2...

Thanks ahead

Removing Leading Box [][][] Characters.
While reading an ID3 tag, there are a bunch of box [] characters that destroy what ever comes after them (for some reason!!), so I need to... destroy them. What ascii or chr() character is the box [] character???

Removing Characters From A Textbox
I got a textbox with this content in it (note, the content changes each 15 second - it never stays the same).. It follows a system even though the content change constantly -17 characters, one space, some number (it can be 0 or it can be something like 384), yet another space and the rest after it can be completely different from time to time. Here's how the textbox content might look like:

"habrufjsklimnejfu 56 fjoei fme 3 4jjrnf"

Now what I need is a code to first remove the first 18 characters, "habrufjsklimnejfu ", leaving "56 fjoei fme 3 4jjrnf". Then it will scan the remaining text ("56 and some misc. text) and find out where the first space after the first numbers are - in this case right after the "6". Then it will remove everything behind the number "6", including the space.

Leaving this text only:

How do I do that? Variables? strings..? I'm not good at variables and strings, so what I need is the complete code. And keep in mind that the text in the textbox can be something completely else the next time you run the code on it. It just follows the same pattern: 18 chars, some numbers (any number.. it can be 5 or 3984), a space and misc. characters following.

I want to get rid of the 18 chars, the space and the misc. characters (c:

Thanks in advance,
Fredrik Stai

Removing Characters From End Of File
I'm opening files in Binary and have a problem here: How do I remove characters from the end of the file, In other word, reduce the file length. Currently I'm deleting the whole file and replacing it with the left content. Is there any other ways of doing this?

Also, how do I get a memory pointer using StringFromPointer or any other API?

Any Help will be appreciated.

Removing Unwanted Characters
I have a string that has 10 characters on the end that I want to remove, i.e.:
I want to remove the "ER56H3V54Z" and leave "User". I think this is done with the trim function, but I can't remember how to do it.

Removing Characters From The End Of Strings
i need to know how to remove characters in one string, and move them to another.

i have

a textbox - text1
a commandbutton - command1
and i want the last 2 characters removed from the textbox and put into a another string.
i tried doing this with the replace function, and if i put in text like bbabb or something, it would take the last 2 b's and replace all of them, so i was left with "a".



Removing Characters From A Recordset

I've got a function to remove characters that MS Access has trouble with. How ever when I run this I get an error "runtime error 3251: Current Recordset does not support updating. This may be a limitation of the provider, or of the selected locktype"

I've tried changing the locktype but I still get the same error.

Has anyone come across this problem before? If so how did you get around it?



OPEN Does Not Read NULL Characters **
I am writing a program that opens a jpeg file using OPEN statement in Binary mode. However, when I retrieve the string with Get, the null characters (chr 0) are not returned and simply ignored in the string. How can i fix this?

Textbox Refuses Null Characters ?
If we got a string in the middle of which
we have a null character, chr(0), the textBox will not display anything after this null cause it thinks its's the end of the string. So , we can force...
For i = 1 to len(MyStr)
Text1.Text = Text1.text & Chr(ArrayBytes(i))
Next i

Can I do it faster ?

Text File Has Some Hex Null Characters (00)
This is my problem, if a record has a string which reads:

    Bob . Smith       

...where the dot here represents hex value 00, then my program reads that portion of the recordset from the text file as:

    Bob Smith          1

...What is happening here is that it gets rid of two of the spaces, however, if "FULLNAME" is a constant string of say 30 characters, then it goes one character further in the record and picks up a character or number from the next position.  Just assume that the "1" here represents the SS# column.  How do I avoid this problem up front?

How To Read File With NULL Characters?
In my Vb app. I need to read Test.txt file which has large amount of formated text and sometimes NULL characters.

So, for testing I made this file like this:

s = "h" & vbNullChar & "e" & vbNullChar & "l" & vbNullChar & "p" & vbNullChar
n = FreeFile()
Open "c:Test.txt" For Output As #n
Print #n, s
Close #n

Now in VB I read this file like this:

n = FreeFile()
Open "c:Test.txt" For Input As #n
Text = Input(LOF(n), n)
Close #n

But I got error: Input past end of file 62.

Ok, I tried this way.

RichTextBox.LoadFile "c:Test.txt", 1

In my RichTextBox I see: “h_e_l_p_”     where “_” is NULL character

Then I say:


But variable Text got this value:

Text = ”h”

How to read the whole formated Test.txt with NULL characters?

Reading Null Characters With MSComm
I am trying to read data coming into my serial com port with MSCOMM. I have the null discard property set to false but when the device that I am querying sends a chr(&H00) it never gets to my input buffer. I am not sure why it dumps or what there is that I can do to remedy this. Any assistance would be great. Thanks

Removing Non-Characters From Text Import
I can't figure this out...I am importing text from a fixed width text file into a flexgrid. Problem is, this is from an old dos based Basic(Basic, not vb) program, and there are numerous non text characters, such as tabs, line returns, arrow keys, etc... They all appear in the text as a square. Is there anyway to identify them and remove them???
Please help the little froggy

Listboxes And Removing Characters From Textbox
OK First of all, I want a 'Top 20' listbox. I am not sure how to remove the top item in the listbox and each time a new item is added to the listbox move the rest down and delete the bottom item. I think thats understandable.

The other thing I want to do is remove everything after the 3rd forward slash in a textbox.




Then I want to remove all characters after the 3rd forward slash:


Appreciate any help given,

Added [RESOLVED] to thread title and green "resolved" checkmark - Hack

Removing The 'BackSpace' Characters..? Believe Me I'm Lost...
Ok, quick and simple. I created a TELNET server, and it parses the data as it comes in. It waits for the client to hit enter, thus sending a vbCrLf to the server, and that signals to parse/process the data... Anyways, when the client presses [Backspace] it sends the backspace character, and then continues on with the rest of the text. For example, if I want to send the word HORSE, and I spell it incorectly, say like this:
Well, as I'm typing it in I realize what I did, hit backspace once to get rid of the 'Z' and type in 'SE' in its place. Now in the client it comes up as:
...But in the server, the incoming string appears like this:
Now, how can I make it as it appears in the client, as HORSE, because my server cannot process data that has been edited???

Removing Characters From Txt File Or During/before Export
I was wondering if there is way to remove characters from a txt file using vb code.

For example,

"data1", "data2", "data3"

I need


That is my data. I want to remove the commas and quotes.

I am doing an export of an access database. By default, it is coming out with thse quotes and commas. Let me know if there is any way to fix this! Thanks guys.

Reading Null Characters From A Text File....
Hey gang,

Well as I usually do before I post anything, I've searched the forums and can't seem to find what I need. I'm having a problem reading in a string from a CSV file that contains null characters. When I view the line of text in notepad it looks how I need it to look, like:

VB Code:
4005,  ,    ,      ,    ,

but when I read the file in:

VB Code:
Line Input #1, InRecItem

InRecItem is eqaul to:

VB Code:

I need those positions defined in the read because my program needs to tell how many spaces are between each comma. I can't change the input file format so that isn't even an option. Is there a way I can replace the null characters w/ spaces on the read? Is there any other way I can read the file besides "Line Input" that would help me out?

Any help is appreciated......Thanks

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