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Report Utility????

I am using the "built-in" data report that VB has, and I found out that it sucks!! It's not even able to do simple stuff like displaying text boxes values in my forms. (e.i. frmOne.Text1.text) Does anybody know of any add-in, or component that is more flexible than that. Ive downloaded the crystal reports add-in, but it expires after 30 days..Which sucks!!!Could I run a report from Access? Would that be dumb, or work fine? Again, i need to print per info on my forms...Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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VB Data Report Utility...HELP!!!
Hi VB Guru's!

I need to make a report that shows the availability of different campsites based on a range of dates that the user specifies.

Do i need to create a report through code? If so does anyone have an example i can follow?

Or do i need to plug the values the user selects into a database table and use that in the repot?

What other options if any do i have?

Thanx in advance


PS. I'm sure ill get a hundred replies saying GET Crystal reports or something....but I dont think that is an option right now.

Other Data Report Utility Except Microsoft's?
Does anyone know if there is any other data report utility created from another company except Microsoft? And I ask that because I am not satisfied from the specific tool (disappointed I would say) and I am looking forward for another tool easy as this one but more robust.
Please don't tell me to wait the next release of the utility...

Michael Vlastos
Automation Engineer
Company SouthGate Hellas SA
Development Department
Athens, Greece

MDI Utility
Hi, I am fairly new at programming but I have been learning by examining samples and make my self utilities insted of downloading them. BTW it's safer too. Anyways I need to know where I can find a MDI Sample with pre-made toolbars. I know how to use the VB Application Wizard and it almost covers all of what I need, but it doesnít cover the formatting toolbar options (text font, size, color...). I would like a tool bar similar to the MS Word or WordPad toolbars. So if could get the sample, the hard part of my utility will be done. Thank you for your help.

Utility -> Exe
i often use my picutres with some text and convert to exe and send to my friends. but each time i have to make a new project with new picutres and its descripitons.
need help in making a utility which ask to select picture and then to enter text and then automatically make an exe file.

Does anyone know of a utility that will put my routines into alphabetical order???? I just don't want to do it by hand..

thanks Rick

DTS Utility
I have two tables in a local Access database.
I would like to import the tables into a local MSDE database.
I've read the DTS section of the sql server books online, and to be honest with you, it doesn't make any sense to me.

My first question is, how do I use the DTS utility to import the tables into MSDE?

The reason why i'm avoiding the upsizing wizard in MS access is because I'm afraid there will be conflicts in field types. I presume that the DTS utility has more flexibility in importing tables into msde than the Access upsizing wizard (please correct me if I'm wrong). This leads to my second question: how do I important the tables into MSDE column by column while making necessary changes to the field types?

thanks...and must I download the DTS utility, or is it installed with msde? Also note that all this must be done via the command prompt.

DTS Utility
Hello All,

I would like to Export data from SQL Server 2000 to a Delimited Text File using DTS Utlity (Import Data & Export Data). I am able to do DTS from SQL Server to SQL Server but i don't know how to export the data to the text file. Pls point me in right direction.

I have exe file on CD . I want that the the exe file should work only once .So please give some idea to develop such a package.

Thank you

VB Utility
Hi, I am a new user of VB, I wonder VB has some utility class such as Vector, Hashtable or Iterator that similar to Java?

.cdb Utility

Is it possible to convert a .dbf file into a .cdb file using just a desktop or is it possible to create a VB utility that could do it?
If so, where should I start looking at? (ie. ActiveX modules, COM objects, etc...)



BCP Utility
I need some examples of using BCP utility directly from Dos prompt (SQL Server 7 on Win 98) and from VB.
Thank you.

Help To Convert .exe Utility To A .dll
Hi all,

Anyone know of a hyperlink or whitepaper that will help me see if converting a .exe to a ActiveX.dll would be worth the time?

The .exe has graphic controls that I want the ActiveX.dll control to show and accept input from.

Backup Utility
Hi guys!

I am currently trying to program a backup program which when you click a checkbox which says my documents or some other control, The ENTIRE contents of my documents is listed in a lstbox. After this is done, the entire contents shall be burnt to a cd , all in the same program - so basically, a backup program with IMAPI support for burning cds.

I am basing my program on a piece of code from and dont fully understand what has happened. I have included in a zip file all my current project source and files so far so you can understand my problem.

My project so far i Have completed. All i want done and added - is a radio button or a checkbox on the main form, when clicked - it adds the path "C:Documents and Settings" into the folders tab.

This folder appears as default, so you may need to clear it from one of the ini files around the zip folder.

Please help me out - ideally if you could either explain how to do it - or do it and i can study the code. I have tried and tried but I just dont understand why i cannot get it to work!

Thanks guys - Andy

Edit by moderator: Because executables can contain malicious code, including executables in any form is not allowed on the board. Executables include .exe, .dll, .ocx files.
You had an .ocx file in the zipped file. I've removed it. You either need to provide the source for the ocx file, or the user will have to download it themselves from somewhere else.

Scanning Utility
Hi everyone, i would need a little hint, i'm trying to create something for my girlfriend... she need to scan lots of newspaper news, magazine articles,... and then classify them.
i would like to create an interface where she could press a button and then scan the text using an ocr, then she selects all the options for the classification, then press a button for recording.

if ever someone tried this kind of stuff before let me know where i could possibly find some coding example for the "scan with ocr" part.

Thanks again for all you're time!!

I'll be among the best soon, very soon!!!

Backup Utility
Hi guys i have a program that i am writting that uses a whole lot of databases, now i want to provide a backup utility, problem is that i have never made one before or have any idea of what it should do except for save my entire data folder somewhere, removal media, some harddrive location, or anything else for that matter. I guess my question is what are the steps to building a backup utility, what does the general structure of the code look like.

Do i just open a common dialog box and ask to pick a location where to drop the saved folder ???

Do i create some type of zip file of teh folder and leave it up to teh user to decide what to do with it?

Do i force the user to dump the files on teh cd, and how do i make it write to cd, what is required on my part???

Any ideas, suggestions, links are greatly apprechiated.

Jet Compact Utility
I recently heard about the Jet Compact Utility. Does anybody know if it is recommended to use this tool for compacting/repairing Access databases instead of using the VB reference Jet engine or an ado connection object?

To err is human, to really foul things up requires a computer.

How Do U Use The Bookmark Utility In VB IDE
I can toggle a bookmark, but how do u guys use them?? (include keyboard shortcuts!)


Optimization Utility
Hello Everyone,
I once came across a utility for VC++ (3rd Party) which used to scan the code and used to optimize it wherever necesarry. Is there any thing similar utility for VB?

Bookmark Utility
How can i write a small application to load the bookmarks from several browsers and manage it from the very same application???

Thanks in advance

Search Utility
I'm looking for a free utility, script or whatever to do a search on my web site, if any. Thanks

Winzip Like Utility
Is there any utility like winzip that can unzip all the files from a zipped file? I want the source code - not exe, because I can't run any exe file here.

Reporting Utility?
Hi all!
If anybody knows any FREE reporting utility?
Crystal Report is good but require $$$$.
Please help

Package Utility!
hi there, i tried the Package Utility,but i'm facing this problem:
First,i have to tell the user to copy the ACCESS file from the CD to the hard disk and go to the controlpanel to make an ADODBC .
Is there a way to avoid this,& just put something in my code that will do all that!
And another thing, my crystal report arent working also, i always get an error,Any ideas!

New Office XP Utility
I've just found a proper useful little tool . . .

With the release of the XP stuff imminent M$ have released a tool called JetComp. Basically this comapcts and repairs Jet 3.x and 4.x db's. "So what?" I hear you say, "that's already available in Office". However this tool os more advanced - and I'm pretty certain that it works in a different way. I had a db that had lost all of the indices that relate to objects, data, and basically it was f@@@@@.

The stuff included in Off97 and Off2k failed to recover the data, so I ran JetComp over it and voila! One recovered db!

Find this tool at

No I don't work for M$ . . .

Profiling In VB - Need A Better Way! (or Utility)
Visual Basic has no built in profiling (speed-tuning data generation type of stuff, that I know of anyway). So I've made some myself but its a bit of a pain but it works (i guess).

For those who don't know profiling your program will generate some results that helps you find the bottlenecks in your code so you can improve the speed.

After the program has run, my profiler will tell me this

for example..

Sub DoThisMan() - Called 8 times, used 35% of program execution time

Sub ProfilingIsCool() - Called 23 times, used 24% of the program execution time

Sub MMmTacos() - Called 43 times, used 5% of program execution time

the list returns the most time consuming routines so I have a place to start looking for optimiziation. My problem is this isn't good enough! I remember profilers back in the day that could profile specific loops of a routine so you could REALLY see the bottlenecks.

Ok gurus lay your ideas on me >


Setup Utility - Help!!
I am having trouble with this one. We have a program in use, but it was written by an outside company. We do not have the source code. The setup installs the program and then installs Adobe Exchange. We have been able to take off the installation of Exchange, but there are still references to Adobe in the setup. I need to write a new setup to install the program without any references to Adobe. Any suggestions??

'C' To VB Conversion Utility
Does anyone know of a utility that will take standard 'C' code and convert it to VB?

Chatting Utility
Dear Friends,

My requirement is, Now I am developing a Multiuser online inventory
system. In the stores module
indent entry made by the Departments based on their requirements,
that are consolidated in the Stores Department, store keeper only
made the Purchase order.

After a person made an indent, he needs to wait for some time for
the approval. Otherwise he should inform to the store keeper. But,
imagine some big companies distance between departments are few
Kilometers. So, it is not possible for every Indent go to the stores
department. So, I have decided to give an additional utility. Which
is like a Chating Utility.

Here not only for this(Indent) entry, but also this utility is
useful for all purpose. We can use (Winpop or Net send) in Windows,
but there will not be any evidence. In our utility we can have a log
file. I want to do it in VB. By using WinSock it is possible. Is
there any new idea? or reference web sites, give it to me. Expecting
reply, thanks in Adv.......


How Can I Use The Windows Ftp Utility In My Vb App?
I've been lookig for a tutorial for using ftp in a visual basic app. for simple PUT and GET.
I found lots of tutorials for Winsoc and Wininet and examples apps with ftp classes and modules.
Then I discovered most Windows systems have ftp built in and in a 4 line script can login to the ftp server, PUT/GET a file and logoff, but I couldn't find any tutorials or info how I could include this built in ftp in my VB app.
Can someone let me know how to use this ftp in a vb app

Editing A DLL Through A Utility
I am trying to create a utility program, which should copy the existing set of DLL’s to different drive and do the required changes to the functions and procedures written inside those DLL’s.
As far as creating a new set of DLL’s is concerned I have no problems, but I am not sure how to make the utility program edit a DLL? Is it possible or not? If yes, how?


TileSet Utility
I need a utility that does teh following:

Collects seperate identically sized Bitmap BMP from a folder. Then it places each one on a new bitmap to create the tileset. Then it saves the new bitmap comprised of all teh smaller images.


are placed into a single Bitmap eg Collection.bmp

I've been thinking about making something but dont know much about BitBlt or related graphics manipulation and saving. Any help on either source code, example, or a working utility would help greatly.

Automatic Pop Up Utility
i have created a utility which reminds the user of any reminder which he entered with this utility.
Now i want to add a code which will automatically pop ups any reminder,if it is there for the current date.
Please help
at present, in my utility there is a form in which there is a button
" Remind Me for today",which have to be pressed to see any reminder

Bcp Utility Of Sql Server
hi there..
I am using bcp (bulk copy) utility of Sql Server to insert data in tables from .txt files.

one of my table is having one Primary Key.
When i tried to bcp same .txt file twice it should give me error,

i am using -m and -e options of bcp to get errors in error files.
It is creating .err files but with out any error that is of 0 bytes.

if any one knows try to help me...

Looking for Response...


Color ID Utility?
Is there a VB utility anywhere that allows the user to point at anything on the screen and have its RGB value displayed? Thought I saw an API utility somewhere that does this but don't remember where I found it.

Fast Hex Dump Utility

I've finally figured out how to read a certain file into hex. However, for huge files (in Mb), it becomes really really slow.
How do I write my program so that it'll be as fast as those found on the Web without the user having to key in an offset address of where to begin??
In my program,I am searching for a certain hex char and if offset addr were to be used, I might miss capturing it. How do I read the entire file in a fast manner so that I won't miss out anything and it can still be fast?


Creating A Web Update Utility
Hey guys, i made a software system which is already utilized by some people, (meaning already installed on their PC's) but i am still working on the system and constantly release updates which i post to my website.

Now what i would like to do is create a feature that will automatically go to my site and check if a software update is available, and if so, prompt to download and install it.

I found a link to the software which does just that: ( ) But i do not want to use any third party software in my system, any ideas on how this could be accomplished?

So far i was thinking of a fairly simple solution:
1) Ill create a txt file and place it in some folder on my server

2) inside the text file i will put in some number (ex: 1000)

3) Every time i release a new update i will increment the number inside the file (Ex: 1001)

4) Once the user who is already using my software will try to check for available updates, my software will have to go to the site, and read the txt file, if the number within the text file is bigger then the number stored in the already installed software database. then it will prompt to download and install the update.

5) Once the update was installed, the number in the software database will be incremented to the number inside the text file residing on the server.

PROBLEM: i do not know how to implement STEP 4.

thank you for any help, links, articles, suggestions..etc

Utility Module For FTP Access
I need to do a FTP login to a particular server and download and upload file, and getting directory listing using vb application.

I remember previously I am using some module that written by others(freely available) to do this, but I no longer remember what is the name of that module, and how to do it.

Hence, I wish to know of is there any well-written module for FTP access that are available on the internet that can ease our work in doing the FTP access functionality?

Utility Which Should Run Before Computer Shutdown
I want to make a utility which should run before computer shutdown(automatically) and copies some of the specified folders to
a back up machine.

pls. Advise.

File Copy Utility
I am trying to add a file copy utility to my application...i would want to make it drag and drop...any suggestions...

Class Builder Utility...
Hi there,

Having read Thinkerís tutorial on collections and user-defined collections, I thought that the tutorial was great and help me a lot at the time. However, after studying the class builder utility within the Visual Basic 6.0 IDEís Add-Ins menu, I realised that to create a simple user-defined collection was very easy. So now, Iíll be using the Class Builder for building the framework of my collections and COM components.

I was wondering why Thinker did <font color=red>*NOT*</font color=red> mention anything about the Class Builder utility within his tutorialÖ?

Shuaib - Visual Developer

Making AutoCad Utility
I am using vb6 and AutoCad2006 library. I need to search the AutoCad Reference file using vb6. I have done that using AutoCad2006 Library. I added that library as vb reference. But is it necessary that where my application will run, in that machine AutoCad2006 installation is necessary?

Shell Lightweight Utility
While searching the MSDN for info on some registry functions I came across a whole section of similar functions under the "Shell Lightweight Utility" section. So I tried a google search to see if there was any info on this and didn't find anything.

Can anyone tell me whether these are preferable, faster, slower, makes no difference? Or any link explaining this would be good.

Many thanks.

Good Setup Utility?
We all know the integrated VB project distributor is terrible. Can anyone recommend a good project compilation program? (It makes the setup.exe files...)


[VB6] VBForums Ticker Utility
VBForum Ticker
Scrolls the latest topics posted on the Visual Basic forums located on VB Forums.
Notifies you when there has been a new reply or post to the forum (within the last 1 to 60 minutes)

Compiled version can be found here.

Updated to v1.083
* v1.083 - Mouse wheel can now scroll topics up and downward, Other minor changes, Code optimizing.
* v1.082 - Improved code cleaner for FireFox users: Now removes excess prefixed spaces, other minor tweaks and fixes.
* Fix: Topic tooltips could cause error (string issue).
* Fix: Maximized mode caused error on wide-screen/dual monitors.
* Fix: URL not found, minor changes to interface.
* Fix: A topic could accidentally open when maximizing form if mouse was over topic.
* Fix: Form could cover taskbar when maximized if taskbar was on Left/Right.
* Fix: Message slider stealing focus when shown.
* Added image to message slider for new posts.
* Embedded .Wav file into EXE, remove external .Wav file.
* Included project files for source code, graphics, sound file, Manifest.RES.
* When minimized download arrow was shown as tray icon.
* Added number of users online to title bar caption.
* Added number of topic views to scroller tooltips.
* Less disk writes (topic updates now saved on forum change or exit only).

Utility Module For FTP Access
I need to do a FTP login to a particular server and download and upload file, and getting directory listing using vb application.

I remember previously I am using some module that written by others(freely available) to do this, but I no longer remember what is the name of that module, and how to do it.

Hence, I wish to know of is there any well-written module for FTP access that are available on the internet that can ease our work in doing the FTP access functionality?

Remote Desktop Utility
Hi All,

I tried looking for this, thinking it's had to have been done before but didn't find it.

I want to write a VB app that runs on a PC that several people will be using "Remote Destop" to connect. I'd like this app to show who is currently logged in...time they logged in...and if possible an elasped time from their last action.

Could someone point me in the right direction?



Utility Calculator Not Running
i have written following for Code For Running Caculator utility from Application

VB Code:
On Error GoTo Errhandle    Dim A As Double    A = Shell(" C:WINDOWSsystem32calc.exe", vbNormalFocus)    Exit SubErrhandle:    MsgBox ("Unable to run Calculator Utility on Your Computer"), vbInformation, "Error in Opening!!!"    Resume Next

am Getting Error in Opening

Thanks in Advance

A Simple Filesharing Utility
Hi everybody,

I'm trying to make a simple filesharing utility using Winsock. What I've done so far is:

1_If you want to connect, you will be asked a password that will be checked by the computer you are trying to access(the password is encrypted using md5 and stored in a .dat file on the remote computer.)
2_If you are connected to the remote computer, you can chat using a little window.

I already learnt file transfer using winsock from What I need help about is, once connected, you must be able to see the folders on the harddisc of the remote control, which I'm not able to. Is there a way to see them in a dirlistbox and filelistbox, or can somebody show me an alternative way.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Utility To Put Line # In Code
Is there a free utility to will indent my code and insert line #?


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