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Resizable Pane

I was wondering if there is a way to have a resizable pane in Visual Basic....Just like the one in the Windows Explorer (Folder Tree). Thanks! Kevin,

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Resizable Windowlook But Not Resizable
Maybe I lost my mind, but....
I want to create a window that looks like it's resizable (you know, with the thick border) but then, I don't want the user to be able to resize it (it's put into a main form using SetParent, and I use the resize event of the mainform to resize this child (fake child actually...), and it looks the coolest if the form has the thick frame as if it can be resized, but it shouldn't be able to be resized.
When I modify the style using WS_THICKFRAME it becomes resizable again...
Any ideas? (without subclassing)

Crazy D :-)
"One ring rules them all"

The Immediate Pane
Is it possible to read from the immediate pane during run-time? The opposite of debug.print? I can't find anything mentioned on the MSDN so I assume that's it's impossible but I thought I'd check to see if any of you guys had ever come across it.


-Dan Evans

Tabbed Pane
i have a tabbed pane.
i want to check if the user does not enter data in the first pane and clicks on the second one.The control should be transferred to the first one.
This is what i've done.
but when this runs it gives the msgbox twice.

Private Sub tabTestCaseDetails_Click(PreviousTab As Integer)
If cboRelease.Text = "" Or cboFunction.Text = "" Then
MsgBox "Please enter the details first"
tabTestCaseDetails.Tab = 0
Exit Sub
End If

pls help

Frezze Pane ..
Anybody ever had a problem with crystal reports where when you show the report it shows a blank white screen and when you right click on it, it shows a menu with option called "Freeze Pane" and when you click on it, it shows the report otherwise it does not show the report.

how can i make my form so you can't re-size it? i have it so that the minimize and "x" button are enable and the maximize button is disabled but you can still resize it, can someone help me with this?

Resizable Or Not...
I've never had to do this yet, and rather than search through VB sites and Mircosofts knowledge base, I thought I'd just post my question here

Is there a way to change the height of a combobox at runtime (or designtime for that matter). Not the dropdown height. I'm talking about the actual height of the control.


Top Cell Under A Frozen Pane?
How do I determine the top cell under a frozen pane? Can I make something like the TopLeftCell property work for a pane? I have a header row that needs to change based on how far the user has scrolled. Is this possible? Thanks.

Pane Splitter Window

Does anyone know how to create pane splitter for MDI in VB6, having 4 moveable,resizable child pane splitter in one MDI.

I know how to create pane splitter in vb6..But i dont know how to create pane splitter between MDI child forms.

please provide me to create pane splitter between Mdi child forms in vb6

Task Pane Like Control In Vb6
Hey guys,

Posted something about task pane earlier , kind of Didnt put it across clearly.

Does anyone know of a ative x control similar to that of Task pane in Ms Office which can be used within a Vb 6 App (nothing to do with Office Development)


Add-In: Manipulate Code Pane
ok.. How do I do this!!!?????
Reference to MS VB Extensibilty...

VB Code:
Dim oCP As VBIDE.CodePaneDim VBI As VBIDE.VBE '....'....Set VBI = [b][color=Red]????[/color][/b]Set oCP = VBI.ActiveCodePane

and, do I need a form? or is this a sub main or.. what!!???

Properties Pane Pain
I have a property of my custom activex control defined thus:

Public Property Let ProgressColour(byval NewCol as long)
End Property

(I also have the appropriate Property Get sub)

These both work nicely apart from the properties pane in design time. I would like the ProgressColour entry in the pane to have a colour palette dropdown list (like the forecolor property of a form). But I am a bit lost for a way of achieving it. Its just a decimal number next to the property name at the moment.

Does anyone know how I can do this?

Any help would be appreciated .

Code Pane Object
If you have VB5/6 Professional or Enterprise:

Go to File/New Project and select AddIn; follow the wizard through and you should get some nice code that teaches a lot about how to play with the VB interface.

Creating Preview Pane
Microsoft Outlook allows you to preview all messages using the auto preview. The email appears to use some type of listview control, but I'm not sure how the autopreview text is added.
Does anyone have any clue how this type of thing is done??

Preview Pane In Datareports.
I have a bunch of dynamic datareports.

Originally I had public subs on them which I called instead of the normal methods. No matter what I tried, the preview pane would always show on .printreport.

So then I changed to using global variables set before I called the reports, and used the report's initialize event to set the layout based on the global variables. At this point, it was still calling other procedures on the report from the initialize event. The preview pane still flashes.

Even when all the layout is done within the initialize event (taking the procedures and sticking them in the condition structure, instead of calling the subs of the condition structure), the preview pane still flashes. I call the report's .printreport method, with the asynccount loop, and unload it afterwards. The preview pane STILL displays until the unload.

Why is this happening? Is it because I am rearranging controls on the report at design time? Other non-dynamic reports print without the preview pane even flashing.

Is there any way to suppress this behaviour? .hide doesnt really work.

Tabbed Pane Control
how can i use the panes into tabbed pane control to insert records into different tables into the database.

Split Pane Icon
Call me stupid but I can't figure out where to get the split pane icon that is used in Explorer. I want to use it in my own program but i can't find it anywhere. It isn't in my cursors or icons directory (all the other mouse icons used are though). Anyone able to help?

Resizable Windows
I don't suppose there's any way to implement resizeable windows (user forms) in Excel VBA??

Resizable Windows
Is there a way to specify a certain size the window must be when the user is resizing the window. I tried just manually checking the size and fix it accordingly but it seems to flicker at run time when the user resizes smaller than the minimum.

Resizable Text Box
I need code to resize a text box after the form is in .exe
For example i have two text boxes one above the other same lengths. I wana be able to make the width of them bigger or smaller with out being able to pass eachother or overlap eachother. Any help is greatly apreciated

Resizable Windows (Need Help)
Its not the resizable windows part that is getting me and this problem is somewhat dificult to describe... I will do my best with the assistance of screenshotted examples!

Here are the examples

My Questions:

First and foremost, im having trouble with adding Minimize and Maximize buttons.

Secondly im curious as to how, when resizing, the top right button moves and stays to the top right as the program is resized.

Third, this program has a button to open up multiple windows that appear within the client which are the exact same but have different captions (Untitled 1, Untitled 2, Etc). How would I create new forms within the browser like this?

Can this be done in VB6? or would I need
If any of the questions could be answered I would be very greatful thanks!

Need Example Of Resizable Buttons
Can anyone give me a link to d/l a resizable form that resizes the buttons too?

Non-resizable MDI Form
Hi All,
I want my application to be non-resizeable. That means I want to set the MDI form to be non-resizable. Can I do that?

Please help and thanks.

Resizable Frames
Is there a VB 6.0 control that gives you resizable frames? I know there is a "frame" container in VB, but the type of framing I'm talking about is the kind that Outlook Express utilizes.

(I tried searching this site for an answer but "frames" turned up hundreds of references that didn't apply, and "resizable frames" turned up 1 instance that was not helpful)

Thanks for any help,

Non-resizable Windows?
I have a form that I want to be non-resizable. I set the Maximize button to false, but i can stil drag the edge. Is there a way I can stop this without changing it to fixed single or something?

Can I Have A Non-resizable MDIform ?
Hello all,

I am a new VB programmer.
For a normal form, I can set borderstyle properties, so that no max button, min button and not resizable.

Can I have the same thing (no max button, no min button, no close button and not resizable) for a MDIform ?

Thanks a lot !

Non-Resizable Windows
How do I make it where my program's window is non-resizable?

DMA And Resizable Picture Box
I've had some luck with DMA when a picture is specified at design time and the picturebox does not get resized. The code below tries to allow resizing, but I'm not getting anywhere. If I an image that exactly matches the dimensions of my picture box, the code works sometimes. If I resize the picturebox, I get array out of bounds for "data()" and/or I get memory leaks (I think). Any help appreciated.

Option Explicit

Private Declare Function VarPtrArray Lib "msvbvm60.dll" Alias "VarPtr" _
     (Ptr() As Any) As Long
Private Declare Sub CopyMemory Lib "kernel32" Alias "RtlMoveMemory" _
     (pDst As Any, pSrc As Any, ByVal ByteLen As Long)
Private Declare Function GetObjectAPI Lib "gdi32" Alias "GetObjectA" _
     (ByVal hObject As Long, ByVal nCount As Long, lpObject As Any) As Long

    cElements As Long
    lLbound As Long
End Type

Private Type SAFEARRAY2D
    cDims As Integer
    fFeatures As Integer
    cbElements As Long
    cLocks As Long
    pvData As Long
    Bounds(0 To 1) As SAFEARRAYBOUND
End Type

Private Type BITMAP
    bmType As Long
    bmWidth As Long
    bmHeight As Long
    bmWidthBytes As Long
    bmPlanes As Integer
    bmBitsPixel As Integer
    bmBits As Long
End Type

Dim Data() As Byte
Dim imgBlank As Picture
Dim mvarBytesPerPixel As Integer

Private Function LoadPicArray(p As StdPicture, Data() As Byte) As Boolean
'returns true if function works.
If GetObjectAPI(p.Handle, Len(BMP), BMP) Then 'retrieve bitmap information about p
    If BMP.bmWidth Then
        mvarBytesPerPixel = BMP.bmWidthBytes BMP.bmWidth
        If mvarBytesPerPixel = 3 Then
            ' make the local matrix point to bitmap pixels
            With SA
              .cbElements = 1
              .cDims = 2
              .Bounds(0).lLbound = 0
              .Bounds(0).cElements = BMP.bmHeight
              .Bounds(1).lLbound = 0
              .Bounds(1).cElements = BMP.bmWidthBytes
              .pvData = BMP.bmBits
            End With
            ' copy bitmap data into byte array
            CopyMemory ByVal VarPtrArray(Data), VarPtr(SA), 4
            'mvarUBoundX = UBound(Data, 1) mvarBytesPerPixel
            'mvarUBoundY = UBound(Data, 2)
            LoadPicArray = True
            MsgBox "Colour resolution must be 3 bytes instead of " & CStr(mvarBytesPerPixel)
        End If
        MsgBox "Picture width cannot be zero"
    End If
    MsgBox "Can't retrieve BMP object"
End If

End Function

Private Sub DrawPixel(Data() As Byte, ByVal X&, ByVal Y&, ByVal C&)
    Data(X * 3, Y) = (C 65536) And &HFF
    Data(X * 3 + 1, Y) = (C 256) And &HFF
    Data(X * 3 + 2, Y) = C And &HFF
End Sub

'Private Function ReadPixel(Data() As Byte, ByVal X&, ByVal Y&) As Long
    'ReadPixel = ((Data(X * 3, Y) * 256&) + Data(X * 3 + 1, Y)) * 256& + Data(X * 3 + 2, Y)
'End Function

Private Sub ReleaseData(a() As Byte)
    CopyMemory ByVal VarPtrArray(a), 0&, 4
End Sub

Private Sub Plot_Map()
    ' when this sub is called, dblXmin, dblXmax, dblXrange, dblYmin, dblYmax and dblYrange
    ' define the Longitude and Latitude boundries and ranges to be plotted
    Dim i As Long
    Dim j As Long
    Dim lngLonLB As Long
    Dim lngLonUB As Long
    Dim lngLatLB As Long
    Dim lngLatUB As Long
    Dim intPicStep As Integer
    Dim intScale As Integer
    Dim lngTempX As Long
    Dim lngTempY As Long
    Dim lngLastX As Long
    Dim lngLastY As Long
    Dim strTemp() As String
    Dim intDraw As Integer
    Dim intPFlag As Integer ' poly line flag
    Dim strXY1() As String
    Dim strXY2() As String
    Dim intColor As Integer
    picMain.AutoRedraw = True
    intPlotFlag = 1
    Screen.MousePointer = vbHourglass
    ' if the open dialog for Map files was used, plot map
    If intMapFlag = 1 Then
        sngMult = CSng(gintMod) * gsngDec
        ' the map files are HUGE, don't want to plot any more of them than we have to
        ' is any of the map within the plot area
        If glngLonUB * sngMult > dblXmin And glngLonLB * sngMult < dblXmax _
            And glngLatUB * sngMult > dblYmin And glngLatLB * sngMult < dblYmax Then
            ' at least some of the map is in the plot region
            ' determine how much of the Map to plot
            ' if the Xmax < upper bound of the map array
            If dblXmax < glngLonUB * sngMult Then
                lngLonUB = Int(dblXmax / sngMult) ' set the upper bound to Xmax
                lngLonUB = glngLonUB ' set upper bound to UBound of map array
            End If
            ' same thing for Xmin, Ymax and Ymin
            If dblXmax - dblXrange > glngLonLB * sngMult Then
                lngLonLB = Int((dblXmax - dblXrange) / sngMult) + 1
                lngLonLB = glngLonLB
            End If
            If dblYmax < glngLatUB * sngMult Then
                lngLatUB = Int(dblYmax / sngMult)
                lngLatUB = glngLatUB
            End If
            If dblYmax - dblYrange > glngLatLB * sngMult Then
                lngLatLB = Int((dblYmax - dblYrange) / sngMult) + 1
                lngLatLB = glngLatLB
            End If
            ' make sure we don't try to plot outside of the picture due to rounding errors in the above
            If CLng(picMain.ScaleWidth * (dblXmax - lngLonLB * sngMult) / dblXrange) >= picMain.ScaleWidth Then
                lngLonLB = Int((dblXmax - dblXrange * (picMain.ScaleWidth - 1) / picMain.ScaleWidth) / sngMult) + 1
            End If
            If CLng(picMain.ScaleWidth * (dblXmax - lngLonUB * sngMult) / dblXrange) < 1 Then
                lngLonUB = CLng((dblXmax - dblXrange / picMain.ScaleWidth) / sngMult)
            End If
            If CLng(picMain.ScaleHeight * (dblYmax - lngLatLB * sngMult) / dblYrange) >= picMain.ScaleHeight Then
                lngLatLB = Int((dblYmax - dblYrange * (picMain.ScaleHeight - 1) / picMain.ScaleHeight) / sngMult) + 1
            End If
            If CLng(picMain.ScaleHeight * (dblYmax - lngLatUB * sngMult) / dblYrange) < 1 Then
                lngLatUB = CLng((dblYmax - dblYrange / picMain.ScaleHeight) / sngMult)
            End If
            ' if zoomed out, there's way more data than pixels and if all the data is plotted
            ' we end up overwriting pixels several times => very slow
            ' what's the incement for plotting
            ' scale: (width in array indexes)/(number of pixels)
            intScale = Int((lngLonUB - lngLonLB) / picMain.ScaleWidth)
            ' If the scale is greater than one, loop through the array using the
            ' scale (rounded down) as the step and draw width of one
            If intScale >= 1 Then
                intPicStep = intScale
            End If
            ' ****************************************
            ' ****************************************
            ' the slow part
            ' plot
            lngLastX = -1
            lngLastY = -1
            For i = lngLonLB To lngLonUB Step intPicStep
                lngTempX = picMain.ScaleWidth * (dblXmax - i * sngMult) / dblXrange
                If lngTempX <> lngLastX Then ' don't plot the same pixel twice
                    lngLastX = lngTempX
                    For j = lngLatLB To lngLatUB Step intPicStep
                        lngTempY = picMain.ScaleHeight - picMain.ScaleHeight * (dblYmax - j * sngMult) / dblYrange
                        If lngTempY <> lngLastY Then ' don't plot the same pixel twice
                            lngLastY = lngTempY
                            DrawPixel Data(), lngTempX, lngTempY, glngMap(i, j)
                        End If
                    Next j
                End If
            Next i
            ' ****************************************
            ' ****************************************
            ' set the DrawWidth back to one
            picMain.DrawWidth = 1
        End If
    End If
    Screen.MousePointer = vbNormal
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
    ' set plot flag to indicate we haven't plotted yet
    intPlotFlag = 0
    ' set flag to indicate we haven't loaded a map
    intMapFlag = 0
    ' set flag to indicate we haven't loaded way points
    intWayPtsFlag = 0
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Resize()
    Dim blnSuccess As Boolean
    ' resize the picture box to match the form resize
    If frmMain.Height > 2000 And frmMain.Width > 2000 Then
        picMain.Height = frmMain.Height - 1055
        picMain.Width = frmMain.Width - 1425
    End If
    ' load the picture array to set the memory address
    picMain.ScaleMode = 3 ' pixels
    If blnSuccess = True Then Call ReleaseData(Data())
    Set imgBlank = LoadPicture(App.Path & "lankpicture.bmp", , , picMain.ScaleWidth, picMain.ScaleHeight)
    Set picMain.Picture = imgBlank
    blnSuccess = LoadPicArray(imgBlank, Data())
    dblHtWdth = Abs(picMain.Height / picMain.Width)
    If intPlotFlag = 1 Then Call Plot_Map
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)
    Dim frm As Form

    Call ReleaseData(Data())
    Set imgBlank = Nothing
    For Each frm In Forms
        Unload frm
End Sub

Resizable Textboxes

I have a form containing 2 textboxes. I want to make them resizable (both together), in the style similar to e.g. Windows Explorer : If you make the left tree-view window larger, the right files pane will become smaller.

As there are lots of applications using this feature, I imagined it not too hard to program. But for the moment, I have found no satisfactory way to do it.

Has anyone a suggestion how to make this working ?

Thanx for any ideas.


How To Create A New Task Pane In Word
I want to know how to create a new Task Pane in Word. Is there any way to do so? Please help!

Preview Pane (Crystal Reports)
i am using crystal reports to display some data..
i am grouping my data on the basis of department number which is a numeric field in the database..

i dont want the department numbers to contain any decimal values, so while displaying the data on the report i am setting the DecimalPlaces value to 0.
however when the report is displayed in the the crystal viewer, i am still getting decimal values in the small preview pane on the left side.
what adjustments do i have to make so that the preview pane on the left side of the report will not contain any decimals values ???

Sending Text To An Open Immediate Pane
Is there a way to send an actual text string to another open Visual Basic's Immediate window pane? I have a class I made that customizably checks your VB code's speed for you and prints out the results in the immediate pane if you wish... Any ideas?

Keep in mind that this class is part of a DLL library i'm developing...

Office Task Pane Implementation
Does anyone know how to implement a MS Office Task pane in VB 6?
Googled it, but cant seem to find a thing.


Custom Task Pane In Office
    Is it possible to design Custom Task Pane in Office for using Visual Basic 6.0.

Thanks in advance,

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Handling TAB Pane In VisualBasic Tags
Hi Guys/Gals,

I have multiple Tabbed Panes in a frame of a HTML Page and for each Tab an unique HTML page associated in it. I want to access the Document content of the HTML existing in each Tab. Can anyone help me ???? I have tried like this

So What i want is to access a document existing like this HTML->FRAME->TAB->Html Document tags


Access 2007 Navigation Pane
Does anyone know how to close and hide this navigation pane in Access 2007 using code.
I definately do not want users having access to this DB window (pane).

but i cant seemt o solve it.


Skinning A Resizable Form
I've been skinning my forms and it's pretty straightforward and easy to do without needing a third-party .ocx - except for one thing that's beyond me.

Outside of using a 1600x1200 .bmp, does anyone know how I can skin a resizable form with a tiled effect?

Resizable Images In A RichTextBox
Hi there!

This ... is driving me insane.
I have a RichTextBox, which I insert images into by pasting from the clipboard. But once they've been inserted, you can click on them, and resize them. Which I don't want, and I can't find any way to disable.

Can anyone help?

Resizable Treeview (whatever) Advise

Which control has an option to resize the width and or height during runtime? I'm searching a control that can mimic the explorer toolbar.

Thanks in advance

How To Make TreeView Resizable
i've a treeView and i want to be able to change its size, like in windows for any folder, you can increase/decrease the size

Want To Make Non-resizable MDI Form
Hi All,
I want my application to be non-resizeable. That means I want to set the MDI form to be non-resizable. Anyone can help?

One of the member in this forum teach me to add the following code to the modules

Public Declare Function GetSystemMenu Lib "user32" (ByVal hWnd As Long, ByVal bRevert As Long)
Public Declare Function RemoveMenu Lib "user32" (ByVal hMenu As Long, ByVal nPosition As Long, ByVal wFlags As Long) As Long

Public Const MF_BYPOSITION = &H400&

Public Sub StopFormResizing(ByVal FormHandle As Long)
'Purpose: Stops the form from being able to be resized.
'Parameters: FormHandle - hWnd of the form.
'Returns: None.
'Author: Steve Sweales
'Last Edit: Steve Sweales
RemoveMenu GetSystemMenu(FormHandle, 0), 2, MF_BYPOSITION

End Sub


and Place "StopFormResizing Me.hWnd" in the load event of MDI form.

but after I put those and it crash on "RemoveMenu GetSystemMenu(FormHandle, 0), 2, MF_BYPOSITION
" which debugger say "Run time error 49, Bad dll calling convertion".

Anyone have idea on this???
Thanks all

I Dont Want My Control Resizable
I have a created an ActiveX control. When I resize, if keeps making my control bigger. How can I make it like the Timer where you cant change the size?


Would You Help On A User Resizable Textbox?
Hey There Everyone!

I need the code for the following situation:

I would like the user to be able to enter the width and height and generate a textbox to those dimensions.

I would also like them to be able to generate as many of these custom textboxes as the user chooses...i.e.

the box is 100 pixels wide and 50 pixels high and i want 3 of them.

Will any of you help me with this code...I would appreciate it greatly!

Thanks a lot!

Dennis Lively

Making Gridcontrol Resizable
hi! Can anyone tell me if there is a way to make the gridControl on the form resizeable when the vb application is running?

thank you, heather

Resizable List View
My form has one listview and an Ok button. The form is resizable. How am I able to make the listview resizable? If I enlarge the form in runmode the listview stays the same size. I want to see, if I decrease the size, a horizontal scroll-bar.

Thanks for any help,


Resizable/Scrollable Frames In VB
I was wondering if there is a control to make a frame in VB...that...when the form is resized...creates scroll bars on the frame as the resized form resizes smaller than the frame. Can this be done with a normal vb frame? If so, which setting is it?

Objective Grid Resizable?
Hi, i m using a ogjective Grid (Stingray Studio softaware) on my activeX, and i just can t figure out how can the user could resize it, i don t find the propretie to make ti resizable..

Thx for help

Vb Addins - Get The Position Of The Cursor In The Code Pane?
i have the following code in an addin:

Private Sub OKButton_Click()
Dim c As VBIDE.VBComponent
Set c = VBInstance.SelectedVBComponent
c.CodeModule.AddFromString "Hello!"
Set c = Nothing
End Sub
i would like to insert code where the user has the cursor, but could not find out how to get the current line or column of the codepane - does anybody know how to do this?

Good Article On Creating A Pane Splitter With VB6
Here is a great article by Peter Aitken on creating a pane splitter in vb6.

ActiveX: How Do You Write To The Description Pane In The Properties Box?
When creating custom properties for ActiveX components, how do you write to the description pane in the properties window?

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