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Resize Form And Controls In Vb6.0 In Different Resolution

I have created one application in 800*600 but i want this application run on any resolution. My problem is when i run this application on different resolution it doesn't change its controls size and remain same that doesn't look nice. Anybody can help me.

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Resize Forms And Controls According To Resolution
How can I resize Forms and Controls in the application according to the resolution?

Form Resize According To Screen Resolution
How do i resize my Visual Basic forms and controls on it according to the resolution of the screen i.e 640 X 480 , 800 X 600 etc

Resize Form To Fit Screen Resolution

Does any of you know how can I resize a form to fit the screen resolution of the user?


Hpw Can I Resize A Form Depending Upon Screen Resolution In Vb6.0?
Hai all,
Can anyone tell me,How can i resize a form depending upon screen resolution in vb6.0?

Resize Form Depending On Screen Resolution??
I have a program using MDI forms. When it starts up I would like the program to show the entire form (unless the user has their display settings way low . If I set it for 1024 x 768, it looks perfect. But, when viewed at 800 x 600, 1280 x 1024, etc. it looks horrible. Is there a way I can check the screen resolution of the computer it is running on and us a formula (or something) to set the size?

Thanks for all the help.


Resize Objects(controls) In A Form Resize
I have been searching this website for information about how to resize a form and the objects within that form, and I am getting more and more confused as I read. What I have is a form with some textboxes. I want to be able to drag the corner of the form to resize the form(or hit the maximize button at the top of the form) and have the textboxes resize accordingly(like how IE or Word does the resize). Please tell me that I do not have to find the ratio of each txtbox to the window and some how do a calculation to keep that true for all sizes. From what I was reading a problem with this is that it flickers alot and looks "ugly." It would be nice if it didn't flicker. I was having some problems reading some of the code and explainations that were posted in some of those threads. If anyone can help me out that would great. Thank you.

Controls Moved On Form Due To Resolution?
I have a program written that uses pictureboxes for icons and I use labels under each one. Its just the way I need it. It displays fine on most computers but sometimes someone tells me the icons and text is spread off the screen. I look at a screen shot and it seems the controls are so spread out, they go off the form and nothing is lined up anymore.

Is there a way to make the objects stay in one place and together on the form no matter what the resolution is being used?

Thanks for your help!

Form Controls Visibility For Different Resolution
hello friends,
i have dev app on 600 x 800 pixels . i have used picture that includes my other controls i.e. label, texbox etc. during runtime it looks but when same app runs on 640 x 480 pixels all controls looks bigger thatn size and no longer visible on desktop.
any good solution that can display all controls on desktop irrespective of screen resolution ?
is it possible to have a scrollbar in picturebox ( Panel object in so my all controls can be viewd by user ?

pls give good snips also

It May seem Impossible, But Possibly We don't know the way how to reach there ????

Form, Controls Resize
I am having some controls in a form.
i would like to change the size by dragging with mouse at runtime.
glad to receive suggestions in this regard.

How To Resize Controls On Form?
I have this VB6 app.

What is the best way to resize controls on a form?


Form Resize && Controls
This code should help a few people that are trying to resize form and Controls...Create a Module Paste this:

Dim meH'Form Height
Dim meW'Form Width
Dim meH2'Form New Height
Dim meW2'Form New Width
Dim ContTArr() 'Form Controls Top Array
Dim ContLArr() 'Form Controls Left Array
Dim LContTArr()'Line Control Y2
Dim LContLArr()'Line Control X2
Dim Num'Number of controls In form
Dim RateH 'New height / Old height
Dim RateW 'New width / Old width
Dim i 'Counter

Sub CalTopLeft(Frm As Form)
On Error Resume Next

'Load Form properties: Number of control
' s,
'height and width
Num = Frm.Controls.Count
meH = Frm.Height
meW = Frm.Width
'Dimension arrays
ReDim ContTArr(Num)
ReDim ContLArr(Num)
ReDim LContTArr(Num)
ReDim LContLArr(Num)
i = 1 'Set counter To 1

For Each Control In Frm
'This uses arrays to save where the cont
' rol is.
'Another way is defining a Private Type
' and
'setting values
ContTArr(i) = Control.Top
ContLArr(i) = Control.Left
'If conrol type is Line then save line x
' and y

If TypeOf Control Is Line Then
ContTArr(i) = Control.Y1
LContTArr(i) = Control.Y2
ContLArr(i) = Control.X1
LContLArr(i) = Control.X2
End If
i = i + 1'Next control array


i = 1 'Set counter To 1 For the Next time

End Sub

Sub FormResize(Frm As Form)
On Error Resume Next
'Check that form is not minimizing
'On form minimize do nothing
If Frm.WindowState = 1 Then Exit Sub
'Don't allow height change without width
' change
If Frm.Width = meW And (Frm.Height < meH Or Frm.Height > meH) Then Frm.Height = meH
'Don't allow width change without height
' change
If Frm.Height = meH And (Frm.Width < meW Or Frm.Width > meW) Then Frm.Width = meW
'Set the new height and width values
meH2 = Frm.Height
meW2 = Frm.Width
'Define resize rate
RateH = meH2 / meH
RateW = meW2 / meW

For Each Control In Frm

'Resize control props with the resize ra
' te
Control.Height = Control.Height * RateH
Control.Width = Control.Width * RateW
Control.Top = ContTArr(i) * RateH
Control.Left = ContLArr(i) * RateW
'If conrol type is Line then resize line
' x and y

If TypeOf Control Is Line Then
Control.Y1 = ContTArr(i) * RateH
Control.Y2 = LContTArr(i) * RateH
Control.X1 = ContLArr(i) * RateH
Control.X2 = LContLArr(i) * RateH
End If
i = i + 1 'Next control array


CalTopLeft Frm'Calculate form props again

End Sub
Then in your Form_Load Sub add this:

Private Sub Form_Load()
CalTopLeft Me
End Sub
And in the Form_Resize Sub

Private Sub Form_Resize()
FormResize Me
End Sub
Any other Suggestion would be Great!!


Form, Controls Resize

I am struggling to resize a form and all its controls at runtime. I have a form with many controls on it like text boxes, labels, tabstrip, datagrid control. The border style is set to 2 - Sizable. and AutoRedraw is set to True. When I try to resize the form at runtime by dragging the sides using the mouse, it resizes only the form but all the controls remain fixed in their own sizes. Is it possible to resize all the controls within the form along with the form, at runtime?

Resize Form && Controls ??
hi. . . on my resize event of my forms i resize all the controls. . . works great now my problem. . . for each of my forms i have a minimum width & height and when someone tries to size the form smaller than the minimum values the form starts "flickering funny" my code looks something along the libne of this:

Private Sub Form_Resize()
On Error Resume Next
If Me.Width < 9900 Then Me.Width = 9900
If Me.Height < 8250 Then Me.Height = 8250
'Resize controls code follows

End Sub

can anyone tell me how to lose that flickering?

How Do I Resize My Form And All It's Controls?
Hi All
   I am having a lot of trouble with resizing my form with several controls. I can set the form windowstate=2 that maximizes the form itself, but what about the controls on the form? Current project has a tabstrip, TreeView, Statusbar, Image, and wmplayer control. This is just the first stumbling block. I need to get this solved before I tackle the center in the image control part, so, How do I maximize the form and the controls without them going every where. Currently I don't have code to do this, so any advice would be great


GOD said it, I believe it, so that settles that.....

Resize Controls In Form
Hi All,

I want to resize all the controls in the form when the form is resized.

I wrote coding for it. It works fine when the restore button of the form is pressed.

If i resize the form by mouse pointer, it is now giving proper result of resizing the controls.

Hereby i am attaching my project. Please guide me regarding this.

Thanks in advance.

Can Not Move Or Resize Controls On A Form.
In a VB6 project, on most of the forms I can move and resize the controls, but on one form I can not. I can add and delete controls to this form, but once they are one the form I can not more or resize them. I assume this is some property of the form, but I can't figure out what it is.

Both Maximize Form And Resize Controls
Hello there,

I use a resizing control which automatically resizes all the controls on the form.

When I maximize a form by code (Form1.Windowstate = 2) the form is maximized, but the controls aren't.

When I place the Form1.Windowstate = 2 in the Form1.Active event the controls are sized.
But I don't want this, because the user can see the maximizing of the form.

Is there an other way to maximize the form and bot resize the controls, so the form pops up at once maximized with the resized controls?

Many thanx!

Resize Form Controls When A Form Is Resized In VB
Hi all,
Could anyone help me out in finding out how to resize the controls in a vb form proportionately to the size of the form whenever it is resized? should i write any function or there any APIs for this?

Resize/re Position Controls When Form Is Resized
My form has a listView at the top, and various controlls in a frame underneath that. What I want to happen is that when someone maximizes the window, the frame moves down and the ListView gets bigger to compensate. Is there any way to do that?

Thanks in advance

How Do I Resize Controls On A Form Witch Is Placed There At Run Time?
Hey. Have got a bit of a problem. Am doing a computer booking system for my club. On the bookings form we have a label for the time a label for the member's name who booked the court. When the form loads a control array is created according to how many courts the are and then drawn on the screen. On a high resolution it works fine but on a low one then the labels are to big and everything doesn't fit in the screen. I can resize the form and its control according to how the user resizes the form, but the problem is the resolution!

Another Newbie Question. Resize Form, Relocate Controls...
Hi again guys.

How does one relocate the controls when resizing the form? I mean, is there any way to relocate them all with single codE?

Resize Form Controls To Fit Different Screen Resolutions Automatically
Guys, I have designed my application on a machine with a 800 x 600 resolution. However, when I try running it on a machine with a 1024 x 768 specifications, I end up with a lot of empty space and doe not look appealing. How can I ensure that when I move to a machine with a higher resolution, my controls get resized automatically? I will really appreciate getting a code that can help me out.


RESOLVED - Resize/repos Controls With API Form Min Width/height
I implemented a minimum form size by like so:

VB Code:
'An excerpt, not everything.Private booResize Private Sub Form_Resize()    If booResize Then    'To prevent an infinite loop due to Form_Resize().      If Me.WindowState <> vbMinimized Then         booResize = False         If Me.Height < 5400 Then            Me.Height = 5400         End If         If Me.Width < 6150 Then            Me.Width = 6150         End If         'blah blah code for controls      End If   End IfEnd Sub

Problem is, you can still drag the border to less than the minimum. And that causes a flicker. The effect I wanted was something similar to Yahoo chat windows, wherein you can't drag into the minimum. Can someone pls help me and give me code, especially if its API?

Resize Picture - Better Resolution?

I'm using the following method to resize a picture, but I'm wondering - is there anyway I can improve the final quality of the resized picture?

With frmMain
.Picture1.Picture = LoadPicture(strImageIn)
sngEdge = .Picture1.Width - .Picture1.ScaleWidth
sngScaleDivisor = GetScaleDivisor(.Picture1.Height, .Picture1.Width)
.Picture2.Width = (.Picture1.Width - sngEdge) / sngScaleDivisor + sngEdge
.Picture2.Height = (.Picture1.Height - sngEdge) / sngScaleDivisor + sngEdge
'Resize the picture
.Picture2.AutoRedraw = True
.Picture2.PaintPicture .Picture1.Picture, _
.Picture2.ScaleLeft, .Picture2.ScaleTop, .Picture2.ScaleWidth, .Picture2.ScaleHeight, _
.Picture1.ScaleLeft, .Picture1.ScaleTop, .Picture1.ScaleWidth, .Picture1.ScaleHeight
'The only real trick is to set the result PictureBox's Picture property equal to its Image property to make the image permanent.
.Picture2.Picture = .Picture2.Image
'Save the small picture
SavePicture .Picture2.Picture, strSavePath & Format(Now(), "yymmddhhmmss") & ".bmp"
.Picture2.ToolTipText = Format(Now(), "yymmddhhmmss") & ".bmp"
End With

I suppose I want a higher DPI really, don't I?

Resolution And Resize Forms
I designed a number of forms using a 1024 * 768 resolution the problem is some of the users are using a 800 * 600 resolution, so the form size is now quite huge. Is there any way to adjust the screen size based on a lower resolution.


Screen Resolution Vs Resize
there was a thread about changing the screen resolution or resize the controls and most of them went for resize the contols

i have a app which has several screen and UI is design for 640X480 but now there want to change to 800X600 i cant sit and change the UI each and every form..

i got the code for resize the controls

but it does not work well
i have a sample screen can any one look into it and help me out...

Resize Mdi And Mdichilds According To Screen Resolution
hi everybody,
can someone help please. i've been using developping vb6 applications which work fine and everything. But my major problem is that vb keeps the resolution of ur screen while you're developping the application. So when u take it to a client computer where the resolution is smaller for example, part of the application will be off the screen area.
My question is, is it possible to develop an application which goes on anyscreen and resize it's self according to the screen?
ps. i have all my forms child of my main mdi form. So the resize code has to resize the mdi and the childs as well to keep the place of every item on each form.

Please help


Resize Mdi And Mdichilds According To Screen Resolution
hi everybody,
can someone help please. i've been using developping vb6
applications which work fine and everything. But my major
problem is that vb keeps the resolution of ur screen while
you're developping the application. So when u take it to a
client computer where the resolution is smaller for example,
part of the application will be off the screen area.
My question is, is it possible to develop an application which
goes on anyscreen and resize it's self according to the screen?

ps. i have all my forms child of my main mdi form. So the resize
code has to resize the mdi and the childs as well to keep the
place of every item on each form.

Please help


Change Resolution Of Form Based On Screen Resolution[REOPENED] it is...i searched on the forums, and i tried a few things...and they dint really seem to, Lemme lay out my problem.

I have a very high screen resolution: 1400x1050 pixels on my laptop..and Im designing my app on this.

My colleagye tried it out on his laptop (which had lesser resolution), and the application did not fit on his laptop...the buttons were dragging out of the screen space.

So, I want my application to automatically resize/adsjust based upon the screen resolution. I found some similar fourms, and I tried a few things suggested by developers..but, that did not really work out for me.

plz helpppp!!

How Can Resize My Forms Using Differents Screen But Same Resolution?
Hello Guys
Bothering again. But this time i'm ending all my program. Well. Now, i have a problem when my program is running in differents screen but both with same resolution. I made my program in VB 6.0 in PC with 1024x768. I tested in PC with 1280x720. Both PC with a relation lenght/widht=1.33. I got the same success in both computers. Right now, i'm testing in PC with resolution 1280x720 but with relation Lenght/width=1.65. This time, like i don't use resizing, i'm getting an bad graph performance, caused my form just use the half of the screen aprox.
What can i do to solve this?. Is it a question of resolution or not?
Hoping any gentle help.
Thanks in advance.

Resize Listview Headers With Form Resize And Change Header Color
let's say i have a listview with two columns

acct | number

the listview scales with the form, which is great, but i want the header widths to adjust relative to the form resize, but be no less than x pixels wide ... and i can do without the less than x pixels wide if it makes it easier

also, is there a way to change the color of the listview headers?

and while i am at it, is there a way to streeeeetttccccchhhh the background image to fit inside the listview box

Resize Picturebox Contents With Form Resize.
Hi all.

I want my form to resize for different screen resolutions and I'm trying to adapt posted code to be able to do it.

This code is part of the Private Sub ResizeControls(). At runtime U draw lines into picture2 which is what needs to be resized.

I don't understand the Picture2.Picture = Picture2.Image part. Just trying to work out why it's not displaying what I've drawn.

Picture2.AutoRedraw = True
Picture2.Picture = Picture2.Image
ResizePicture Picture2, Picture2.Picture
Picture2.AutoRedraw = False

Resize The Form, Don&#039;t Resize The Command Buttons - How To Do?
Hi everyone,

I got a wonderful idea from Karl Moore at

to resize the form and the controls.

My problem is, i want the command buttons to remain in the same size, where as the other controls such as data grid changes the size.

How can I do that?

Your help is greatly wanted.

Thank you.


Controls And Resolution
Hello Memebers

I developed my software in a 1024x768. This works fine if my end users have the same resolution. However, if my end users have a smaller resolution like 800x600, my controls goes off the screen. What is the best way to take care of this problem? Currently, I am using code to resize and reposition my controls in the Form_Resize events.

Thank you in advance.

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Resizing Controls For Different Resolution
Hi all,

We have designed and developed a VB project with 1024,768 resolution and the application needs to be displayed on a 800,600
resolution in user's machines to scale without much of scrolling.

I have tried various Form Resizing codes but none of them are perfect.We have SSTAB in several forms and while the controls in one tab is displayed to scale, the controls in other tab vanishes after

Is there any clean code which would resize all VB intrinsic controls proportionately , particularly the controls on SSTAB.

we don't want to take the nasty option of Re-designing the forms
for 800,600 all over again.

I have heard about Resize OCX - a commercial product available to
give VB App resolution independence. Have anybody used it ? I would welcome any feedback on this..

I would welcome any tips and suggestions on this..
Thankyou for your time..


Resizing Controls For Different Resolution
Right, a straightforward one.
I got my form maximised and everything is dandy, until I choose a different resolution, the form expands to fit the screen but all the controls stay the same. I need the controls to be relative to the form and not a fixed width and height in pixels. This MUST be a common problem so there is boud to be a simpler solution than going through every... sodding... control and resizing them when the form is resized.

URGENT - Controls And Resolution
How can I adjust the size of the form and its control based on the screen resolution in the desktop, suppose I reduce my screen resolution of the system then the form becomed huge and the main menu disppears I mean it moves out of the screen.
How do I adjust the form according to the resolutions and in turn the controls are in the same place as designed.

Scrren Resolution And Controls Resizing
Can anyone give me a complete code example to make the form with some controls independent from the video resolution in the resize event? Is it possible make a module that resolve it in all the forms and the controls with matrix? Thanks by Luca.
(I have in particular problems with dbgrid control contained in a form designed at 1024*768).

Counter Screen Resolution,Controls At Run-Time
Hey Guyz
Well i am creating controls at run time.I hav adjusted the sizes and spaces between the controls according to 1280x1024 resolution.But i need to counter different screen resolutions.
So can anybdy help me as to how i can make the spaces and sizes relative to screen resolution


Resize Controls
Is there a way to change the interval amount to how controls are resized? I'm going crazy because I'm trying to make certain controls that are side by side the same height, however they refuse to cooperate. When I set the height value, it just snaps back to what it was before instead of accepting my value.

Resize The Controls
Hello all,

I need to know how do I make one look to my app
even if the user resize it or go diff resolution.

for example -
like this window that you reading the message in,
if you'll min the window so the table will get
smaller as well and the opposite.

Resize Controls
Hi there i am using this code which i found on here and have re-written so i can understand how it works. However i am using it in conjunction with and mdi parent and an mdi child. it is supposed to work for the mdi child only.

When i create a new form however it creates two and i think i may have figured out why that is. Can anyone make this work with an MDI child.

Class Module

VB Code:
Private Type ControlProportions    strName As String    blnMove As Boolean    blnResize As Boolean    sngHeightProportions As Single    sngWidthProportions As Single    sngTopProportions As Single    sngLeftProportions As SingleEnd Type Private ProportionalArray() As ControlProportions Private Sub ResizeArray(objForm As cfrmNewForm)        Dim intArray    As Integer    Dim lngLeft     As Long    Dim strParent   As String    Dim lngOffSet   As Long    On Error Resume Next     ReDim ProportionalArray(0 To objForm.Controls.Count - 1)        For intArray = 0 To objForm.Controls.Count - 1        With ProportionalArray(intArray)            .strName = objForm.Controls(intArray).Name            .Move = True            .Resize = True                        .sngHeightProportions = objForm.Controls(intArray).Height / objForm.ScaleHeight            .sngWidthProportions = objForm.Controls(intArray).Left / objForm.ScaleWidth            .sngTopProportions = objForm.Controls(intArray).Top / objForm.ScaleHeight                        lngOffSet = 0            lngLeft = objForm.contols(intArray).Left            lngParent = TypeName(objForm.Controls(intArray).Container)            If lngParent = "SSTab" And lngLeft < 0 Then lngOffSet = 75000                        .sngLeftProportions = (lngLeft + lngOffSet) / objForm.ScaleWidth        End With    Next intArrayEnd Sub Public Sub EditControlRegions(objForm As cfrmNewForm) On Error Resume Next     Dim intArray    As Integer    Dim strParent   As String    Dim lngOffSet   As Long        For intArray = 0 To objForm.Controls.Count - 1        With ProportionalArray(intArray)            If .blnMove Then                lngOffSet = 0                strParent = TypeName(objforms.Controls(intArray).Container)                If Parent = "SSTab" And objForm.Controls(intArray).Left < 0 Then lngOffSet = 75000                                objForm.Controls(intArray).Left = .sngLeftProportions * objForm.ScaleWidth - lngOffSet                objForm.Controls(intArray).Top = .sngTopProportions * objForm.ScaleHeight            End If            If .blnResize Then                objForm.Controls(intArray).Width = .sngWidthProportions * objForm.ScaleWidth                objForm.Controls(intArray).Height = .sngHeightProportions * objForm.ScaleHeight            End If        End With    Next intArrayEnd Sub Public Sub IssueControlAttributes(strNewName As String, blnMoveFlag As Boolean, blnResizeFlag As Boolean)     Dim intArray    As Integer        For intArray = 0 To UBound(ProportionalArray())        If ProportionalArray(intArray).strName = strNewName Then            ProportionalArray(intArray).blnMove = blnMoveFlag            ProportionalArray(intArray).blnResize = blnResizeFlag        End If    Next intArrayEnd Sub

Form Code

VB Code:
Option Explicit Private Resizer As clsResizerControl Private Sub Form_Load()        Set Resizer = New clsResizerControl    Resizer.EditControlRegions cfrmNewForm    End Sub Private Sub Form_Resize()     Resizer.EditControlRegions cfrmNewForm End Sub

Controls Resize....
Hello All,
Good Morning!!!

Well, lets start the week with a useful question to all.

I have a form with few controls in it. I need to make an activex control so that whenever the form is resized, the controls also gets resized.

Can anyone suggest me with some good commented codes??

Thanx and regards,


ICQ: 45714766

Controls Disappear On SsTab When Changing Screen Resolution
I develop using 640x480 forms.

When changing screen resolutions, I call a routine which sizes the form correctly and enumerates all controls on the form correctly.

I have an ssTab on one form and the ssTab and all controls on the ACTIVE TAB (tab showing when form clicked) sizes correctly.

However when I change tabs from the ACTIVE tab to another TAB
(the NOW active tab) no controls are showing. WHen I go back to 640x480 everything shows OK.


Microsoft has a Q which identifies this as an issue but the code given doesn't seem to work --- any ideas other than trying to enum all controls and setting them visible??


Drag To Resize Controls
Drag to resize controls

The situation : two picture boxes side by side.

The task : mouse between the two picture boxes and drag left or right so that one or the other occupies a greater or lesser portion of the total available space. The content of the picture boxes are not a factor. I will probably use paintpicture to keep everything tidy.

The questions

* how do I detect the mouse position (between the picture boxes) so that the cursor might change to side arrows in order to alert the user that they may drag to resize?

* My model is Filezilla (an ftp program) which allows all sorts of dragging to resize between listview and text boxes. But it looks like the cursor is reacting to the mouse position on the form rather than on the borders of the controls. It's not perfect but it is more flexible and easy to use than most programs I've seen.

* I 'think' this post is suggesting to put a dummy control between the two boxes in order to detect mouse position. Is that efficient or is there a better way to go?* how do I use mouse position to effect picturebox locations/dimensions? No, I'm not a drag master.

* would placing the two picture boxes within some sort of container control make the task easier, or more complicated? And would that be efficient?

Comments, observations, questions, remarks, criticisms, experience, links?


Resize Controls In Runtime
Need some advice/guidelines in this.

Sizable control that lets you resize any type of control at runtime. Sizable control should show size grips/handles to a control and lets the user resize it with mouse or keyboard. Just like when you size controls on a form in the VB IDE.

Any help is very much appreciated.


Resize Controls In Runtime
You know those little blue handles you can resize controls with in design time? Is there a way to let the user resize a control at runtime using something like those?

Thanks in advance

Resize Controls, Splitter, Bar
anybody know how to have 2 textbox controls one above the other
and make the a bar (label perhaps) inbetween them resize, move up and down makes the bottom textbox or above one either get smaller or bigger..u can set the size in otherwords.

Resize Controls At Runtime
i am building and activex control that has 4 text box and 3 picture boxes as splitters.

Like this:

TextBox1, Picture1, TextBox2, Picture2, TextBox3, Picture3, TextBox4

how can i make the Picture boxes react to my mousemove and size the text boxes?


the picturebox is 1 pixel in width and must a pixel between each text box to a picture control....

any idea?

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