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Resize Form Controls To Fit Different Screen Resolutions Automatically

Guys, I have designed my application on a machine with a 800 x 600 resolution. However, when I try running it on a machine with a 1024 x 768 specifications, I end up with a lot of empty space and doe not look appealing. How can I ensure that when I move to a machine with a higher resolution, my controls get resized automatically? I will really appreciate getting a code that can help me out.


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Resize Screen To All Kind Of Resolutions

I am trying to find a good software that can resize the screen to any resolution without loosing information. I looked into software Sheridan, ssresz30.ocx, and software called Olectra. Is there any good resize software that is easy, better, and fast for already done projects. Thanks in advance for any hint, site, or ocx

{Resizing Controls For Different Screen Resolutions}
Edit by HardCode: Please start your own thread for your own question. Your question had nothing to do with the thread you posted this in.

My application is working fine with 15" monitor. But when i run it on 17" monitor, the application becoming small. So, please help me in this regard..

In VB.NET Controls Have Less Pixels In Various Screen Resolutions
Does somebody knows why an application developed in VB.Net on a screen with a resolution 12 TwipsPerPixelX and 12 TwipsPerPixelY will change the size (in pixels) of the controls when it runs on a computer with a 15 TwipsPerPixelX screen resolution. I mean, I have an application with a “Form” with 900 pixels width in a 12 TwipsPerPixelX screen and when I run it on a computer with a 15 TwipsPerPixelX screen resolution, same “Form” has less the 850 pixels. I need all the pixels. How can I manage this, because it’s a big error.

Resizing Pictures In Form Resize And Multiple Resolutions
Hi, i have an application in which i have a picture box. the form is resizable, so the picturebox is supposed to resize too.

Is there an api or a property or control that lets me resize also the loaded picture, without bloating application resource size with adding multiple pictures of the same picture?

Change Form To New Screen Resolutions
Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim screenwidth As Integer
Dim screenheigth As Integer

screenwidth = Screen.Width Screen.TwipsPerPixelX
screenheight = Screen.Height Screen.TwipsPerPixelY

'screenwidth = Screen.Width 1024
'screenheight = Screen.Height 728
'tried the above but it didn't work either
End Sub
I put the above code in every form's load event but it doesn't chabge the form if I run the screen at a different mode then the mode I programed it in. Can anyone solve this problem?

Form Display For Multiple Screen Resolutions

I am currently developing my first "major" VB project. Something that has perplexed me is the best way to handle different screen resolutions. My development machine is pretty high resolution. (1600 x 1200) But my users may be using resolutions as low as (ACK!) 640 x 480 and every possible res in between! What is the most elegant way of making my forms look good on all resolutions?


Fitting A Form To Multiple Screen Resolutions

I have a form that takes up pretty much my whole screen. On other user computers, where the screen resolution is larger, the form is too big and all of it cannot be seen. I would rather not add scroll bars, but instead have the form "fit" to thier screen. Is this possible?


Form Size In Different Fonts And Screen Resolutions
I've got one user who uses large fonts and a lower (800x600) resolution on their PC.  This causes my form to run off the edges and they can't see the controls or even close the form.  

I've read several older threads about this but I'm still not sure how I should approach fixing the issue.  Any advice? I tried to have patience but it took to long!   -DW

Automatically Resize Control When Display Screen Area Setting Has Changed.
If I build my project in a computer with display screen setting 640*480 .When I use this project in different display setting (800*600) the forms don't fit to Screen.It's small than screen.How can I auto resize forms to fit to Screen when the Display Setting(In control panel ) was changed.

N00b Question - Form Not Same Size On Diff. Screen Resolutions
/me new to forums

I start off by making a new form...maximize...put a command button on upper-left-most corner...another on the lower-right-most corner...make .exe

It looked fine on 1024x768, but when I reduced the resolution to 800x600 the button became huge, and the lower-right button was not there. How do I make the form the same size for all resolutions, or, how do I make scrollbars for the form instead? VB does not make one automatically. Actually, maybe the scrollbars idea sounds better, but I don't know how to use them. Please help...

Resize The Form Automatically
I've downloaded many ActiveX that can resize the form depending on the screen resolution but I don't know how to use them.

Can anyone help me? Please specify the .ocx to use and where to find them.

Thanks Very Much!

Resize Objects(controls) In A Form Resize
I have been searching this website for information about how to resize a form and the objects within that form, and I am getting more and more confused as I read. What I have is a form with some textboxes. I want to be able to drag the corner of the form to resize the form(or hit the maximize button at the top of the form) and have the textboxes resize accordingly(like how IE or Word does the resize). Please tell me that I do not have to find the ratio of each txtbox to the window and some how do a calculation to keep that true for all sizes. From what I was reading a problem with this is that it flickers alot and looks "ugly." It would be nice if it didn't flicker. I was having some problems reading some of the code and explainations that were posted in some of those threads. If anyone can help me out that would great. Thank you.

Help Me!!!! Resize A Form To The 'available' Screen
I want to resize a VB forms width and height to the available Screen.
By available screen I mean the screen excluding the startbar and other toolbars.

I have managed to do this using an API:

Private Declare Function SystemParametersInfo Lib "user32" Alias "SystemParametersInfoA" _
(ByVal uAction As Long, _
ByVal uParam As Long, _
lpvParam As Any, _
ByVal fuWinIni As Long) As Long

r = SystemParametersInfo(SPI_GETWORKAREA, 0&, rc, 0&)
AvailableLeft = rc.Left * Screen.TwipsPerPixelX
AvailableRight = rc.Right * Screen.TwipsPerPixelX
AvailableTop = rc.Top * Screen.TwipsPerPixelY
AvailableBottom = rc.Bottom * Screen.TwipsPerPixelY

Does any bright spark know how I can position the forms TOP and LEFT position to be within the available screen area?

So for example if I move my start bar to the top of the screen the form will be resized to the free space at the bottom of the screen and will be positioned below the start bar?

Form Resize To Windows Screen Rez
How do you make the form resize to fill the screen rez of the background? like say the windows background rez is 800x600 and the form is bigger like 1024x*** (i forget what it is) to make it so it shrinks and that every item on the form is in the right place and not all messed up?

Form Resize According To Screen Resolution
How do i resize my Visual Basic forms and controls on it according to the resolution of the screen i.e 640 X 480 , 800 X 600 etc

Resize Form To Fit Screen Resolution

Does any of you know how can I resize a form to fit the screen resolution of the user?


Hpw Can I Resize A Form Depending Upon Screen Resolution In Vb6.0?
Hai all,
Can anyone tell me,How can i resize a form depending upon screen resolution in vb6.0?

Resize Form Depending On Screen Resolution??
I have a program using MDI forms. When it starts up I would like the program to show the entire form (unless the user has their display settings way low . If I set it for 1024 x 768, it looks perfect. But, when viewed at 800 x 600, 1280 x 1024, etc. it looks horrible. Is there a way I can check the screen resolution of the computer it is running on and us a formula (or something) to set the size?

Thanks for all the help.


Form, Controls Resize
I am having some controls in a form.
i would like to change the size by dragging with mouse at runtime.
glad to receive suggestions in this regard.

How To Resize Controls On Form?
I have this VB6 app.

What is the best way to resize controls on a form?


Form Resize & Controls
This code should help a few people that are trying to resize form and Controls...Create a Module Paste this:

Dim meH'Form Height
Dim meW'Form Width
Dim meH2'Form New Height
Dim meW2'Form New Width
Dim ContTArr() 'Form Controls Top Array
Dim ContLArr() 'Form Controls Left Array
Dim LContTArr()'Line Control Y2
Dim LContLArr()'Line Control X2
Dim Num'Number of controls In form
Dim RateH 'New height / Old height
Dim RateW 'New width / Old width
Dim i 'Counter

Sub CalTopLeft(Frm As Form)
On Error Resume Next

'Load Form properties: Number of control
' s,
'height and width
Num = Frm.Controls.Count
meH = Frm.Height
meW = Frm.Width
'Dimension arrays
ReDim ContTArr(Num)
ReDim ContLArr(Num)
ReDim LContTArr(Num)
ReDim LContLArr(Num)
i = 1 'Set counter To 1

For Each Control In Frm
'This uses arrays to save where the cont
' rol is.
'Another way is defining a Private Type
' and
'setting values
ContTArr(i) = Control.Top
ContLArr(i) = Control.Left
'If conrol type is Line then save line x
' and y

If TypeOf Control Is Line Then
ContTArr(i) = Control.Y1
LContTArr(i) = Control.Y2
ContLArr(i) = Control.X1
LContLArr(i) = Control.X2
End If
i = i + 1'Next control array


i = 1 'Set counter To 1 For the Next time

End Sub

Sub FormResize(Frm As Form)
On Error Resume Next
'Check that form is not minimizing
'On form minimize do nothing
If Frm.WindowState = 1 Then Exit Sub
'Don't allow height change without width
' change
If Frm.Width = meW And (Frm.Height < meH Or Frm.Height > meH) Then Frm.Height = meH
'Don't allow width change without height
' change
If Frm.Height = meH And (Frm.Width < meW Or Frm.Width > meW) Then Frm.Width = meW
'Set the new height and width values
meH2 = Frm.Height
meW2 = Frm.Width
'Define resize rate
RateH = meH2 / meH
RateW = meW2 / meW

For Each Control In Frm

'Resize control props with the resize ra
' te
Control.Height = Control.Height * RateH
Control.Width = Control.Width * RateW
Control.Top = ContTArr(i) * RateH
Control.Left = ContLArr(i) * RateW
'If conrol type is Line then resize line
' x and y

If TypeOf Control Is Line Then
Control.Y1 = ContTArr(i) * RateH
Control.Y2 = LContTArr(i) * RateH
Control.X1 = ContLArr(i) * RateH
Control.X2 = LContLArr(i) * RateH
End If
i = i + 1 'Next control array


CalTopLeft Frm'Calculate form props again

End Sub
Then in your Form_Load Sub add this:

Private Sub Form_Load()
CalTopLeft Me
End Sub
And in the Form_Resize Sub

Private Sub Form_Resize()
FormResize Me
End Sub
Any other Suggestion would be Great!!


Form, Controls Resize

I am struggling to resize a form and all its controls at runtime. I have a form with many controls on it like text boxes, labels, tabstrip, datagrid control. The border style is set to 2 - Sizable. and AutoRedraw is set to True. When I try to resize the form at runtime by dragging the sides using the mouse, it resizes only the form but all the controls remain fixed in their own sizes. Is it possible to resize all the controls within the form along with the form, at runtime?

Resize Form &amp; Controls ??
hi. . . on my resize event of my forms i resize all the controls. . . works great now my problem. . . for each of my forms i have a minimum width & height and when someone tries to size the form smaller than the minimum values the form starts "flickering funny" my code looks something along the libne of this:

Private Sub Form_Resize()
On Error Resume Next
If Me.Width < 9900 Then Me.Width = 9900
If Me.Height < 8250 Then Me.Height = 8250
'Resize controls code follows

End Sub

can anyone tell me how to lose that flickering?

How Do I Resize My Form And All It's Controls?
Hi All
   I am having a lot of trouble with resizing my form with several controls. I can set the form windowstate=2 that maximizes the form itself, but what about the controls on the form? Current project has a tabstrip, TreeView, Statusbar, Image, and wmplayer control. This is just the first stumbling block. I need to get this solved before I tackle the center in the image control part, so, How do I maximize the form and the controls without them going every where. Currently I don't have code to do this, so any advice would be great


GOD said it, I believe it, so that settles that.....

Resize Controls In Form
Hi All,

I want to resize all the controls in the form when the form is resized.

I wrote coding for it. It works fine when the restore button of the form is pressed.

If i resize the form by mouse pointer, it is now giving proper result of resizing the controls.

Hereby i am attaching my project. Please guide me regarding this.

Thanks in advance.

Resize Form And Controls In Vb6.0 In Different Resolution
I have created one application in 800*600 but i want this application run on any resolution. My problem is when i run this application on different resolution it doesn't change its controls size and remain same that doesn't look nice. Anybody can help me.

Can Not Move Or Resize Controls On A Form.
In a VB6 project, on most of the forms I can move and resize the controls, but on one form I can not. I can add and delete controls to this form, but once they are one the form I can not more or resize them. I assume this is some property of the form, but I can't figure out what it is.

Both Maximize Form And Resize Controls
Hello there,

I use a resizing control which automatically resizes all the controls on the form.

When I maximize a form by code (Form1.Windowstate = 2) the form is maximized, but the controls aren't.

When I place the Form1.Windowstate = 2 in the Form1.Active event the controls are sized.
But I don't want this, because the user can see the maximizing of the form.

Is there an other way to maximize the form and bot resize the controls, so the form pops up at once maximized with the resized controls?

Many thanx!

Resize Form Controls When A Form Is Resized In VB
Hi all,
Could anyone help me out in finding out how to resize the controls in a vb form proportionately to the size of the form whenever it is resized? should i write any function or there any APIs for this?

Resize/re Position Controls When Form Is Resized
My form has a listView at the top, and various controlls in a frame underneath that. What I want to happen is that when someone maximizes the window, the frame moves down and the ListView gets bigger to compensate. Is there any way to do that?

Thanks in advance

How Do I Resize Controls On A Form Witch Is Placed There At Run Time?
Hey. Have got a bit of a problem. Am doing a computer booking system for my club. On the bookings form we have a label for the time a label for the member's name who booked the court. When the form loads a control array is created according to how many courts the are and then drawn on the screen. On a high resolution it works fine but on a low one then the labels are to big and everything doesn't fit in the screen. I can resize the form and its control according to how the user resizes the form, but the problem is the resolution!

Screen Resolutions
Dose anyone know how to get the screen resolution for the extended monitor. I have some software that uses an extended desktop.


Different Screen Resolutions

I have a program that has 21 different forms in it. They are called one at a time from a main menu. They all look great at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768. If a user has their resolution at 800 x 600 some of the screens take up all of the screen. How do I make the forms look the same in 800 x 600 as they do in 1024 x 768?

Thank You,


Screen Resolutions
I started to write this program when my screen reolution was set at 800 x 600. I wanted to see how it looked in 1040 x 758
so I set my display for that resolution. When I ran my program, it only used up about 2/3 of the screen. I thought the beauty of windows was you could run your program at any resolution and VB was supposed to show it at That? I didn't notice any screen resolution command in VB 4. How can I program in different resolutions? Do I have to pick a different resolution each time and program specifically for that resolution? You could have 4 or many different compilations for the same program?

Help On Getting Screen Resolutions

I found a VB6 program that gets the screen info from al the dislay devices on de system. I am trying the change it to code but somehow I dont get anything back from EnumDisplayDevices.


This is my code:

Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices
Public Class Scherm
#Region "Code for Device"

Public Const DISPLAY_DEVICE_REMOVABLE As Integer = &H20
Public Const DISPLAY_DEVICE_MODESPRUNED As Integer = &H8000000
Public Const DISPLAY_DEVICE_REMOTE As Integer = &H4000000
Public Const DISPLAY_DEVICE_DISCONNECT As Integer = &H2000000

Public Const DISPLAY_DEVICE_ACTIVE As Integer = &H1
Public Const DISPLAY_DEVICE_ATTACHED As Integer = &H2

Public Const CCHDEVICENAME As Integer = 32
Public Const CCHFORMNAME As Integer = 32

Public Const ENUM_CURRENT_SETTINGS As Integer = -1
Public Const ENUM_REGISTRY_SETTINGS As Integer = -2

Public Const MONITOR_DEFAULTTONULL As Integer = 0

Public Structure PointL
Dim x As Integer
Dim y As Integer
End Structure

Public Structure RECT
Dim Left As Integer
Dim Top As Integer
Dim Right As Integer
Dim Bottom As Integer
End Structure

Public Structure MONITORINFO
Dim cbSize As Integer
Dim rcMonitor As RECT
Dim rcWork As RECT
Dim dwFlags As Integer
End Structure

<StructLayout(LayoutKind.Sequential)> Public Structure DEVMODE
<VBFixedString(CCHDEVICENAME), MarshalAs(System.Runtime.InteropServices.UnmanagedType.ByValTStr, SizeConst:=CCHDEVICENAME)> Public dmDeviceName As String
Dim dmSpecVersion As Short
Dim dmDriverVersion As Short
Dim dmSize As Short
Dim dmDriverExtra As Short
Dim dmFields As Long
Dim dmPosition As PointL
Dim dmScale As Short
Dim dmCopies As Short
Dim dmDefaultSource As Short
Dim dmPrintQuality As Short
Dim dmColor As Short
Dim dmDuplex As Short
Dim dmYResolution As Short
Dim dmTTOption As Short
Dim dmCollate As Short
<VBFixedString(CCHFORMNAME), MarshalAs(System.Runtime.InteropServices.UnmanagedType.ByValTStr, SizeConst:=CCHFORMNAME)> Public dmFormName As String
Dim dmLogPixels As Short
Dim dmBitsPerPel As Integer
Dim dmPelsWidth As Integer
Dim dmPelsHeight As Integer
Dim dmDisplayFlags As Integer
Dim dmDisplayFrequency As Integer
End Structure

<StructLayout(LayoutKind.Sequential)> Public Structure DISPLAY_DEVICE
Dim cb As Integer
<MarshalAsAttribute(UnmanagedType.ByValTStr, SizeConst:=32)> Dim DeviceName As String
<MarshalAsAttribute(UnmanagedType.ByValTStr, SizeConst:=128)> Dim DeviceString As String
Dim StateFlags As Integer
<MarshalAsAttribute(UnmanagedType.ByValTStr, SizeConst:=128)> Dim DeviceID As String
<MarshalAsAttribute(UnmanagedType.ByValTStr, SizeConst:=128)> Dim DeviceKey As String
End Structure

<DllImport("user32")> Shared Function EnumDisplayDevices(ByVal lpDevice As String, ByVal iDevNum As Integer, ByRef lpDisplayDevice As DISPLAY_DEVICE, ByRef dwFlags As Integer) As Integer
End Function

<DllImport("user32")> Shared Function EnumDisplaySettingsEx(ByVal lpszDeviceName As String, ByVal iModeNum As Integer, ByRef lpDevMode As DEVMODE, ByRef dwFlags As Integer) As Integer
End Function

<DllImport("user32")> Shared Function MonitorFromPoint(ByVal ptY As Integer, ByVal ptX As Integer, ByVal dwFlags As Integer) As Integer
End Function

<DllImport("user32")> Shared Function GetMonitorInfo(ByVal hMonitor As Integer, ByRef lpmi As MONITORINFO) As Integer
End Function

#End Region
Sub Main()
'collect system and monitor information, and display it using a message box

Dim msg As String
msg = ""

dd.cb = Len(dd)
Dim dev As Integer = 0 'device index
Dim id As Integer = 1 'monitor number, as used by Display Properties > Settings

Do While EnumDisplayDevices(Nothing, dev, dd, 0) <> 0
'ignore virtual mirror displays

'get information about the monitor attached to this display adapter. dualhead cards
'and laptop video cards can have multiple monitors attached

ddMon.cb = Len(ddMon)
Dim devMon As Integer
devMon = 0

'please note that this enumeration may not return the correct monitor if multiple monitors
'are attached. this is because not all display drivers return the ACTIVE flag for the monitor
'that is actually active

Do While EnumDisplayDevices(dd.DeviceName, devMon, ddMon, 0) <> 0
If CBool(ddMon.StateFlags And DISPLAY_DEVICE_ACTIVE) Then Exit Do
devMon = devMon + 1

If CStrToVBStr(ddMon.DeviceString) = "" Then
EnumDisplayDevices(dd.DeviceName, 0, ddMon, 0)
If CStrToVBStr(ddMon.DeviceString) = "" Then ddMon.DeviceString = "Default Monitor"
End If

'get information about the display's position and the current display mode
dm.dmSize = Len(dm)
If EnumDisplaySettingsEx(dd.DeviceName, ENUM_CURRENT_SETTINGS, dm, 0) = 0 Then
EnumDisplaySettingsEx(dd.DeviceName, ENUM_REGISTRY_SETTINGS, dm, 0)
End If

'get the monitor handle and workspace
Dim hm As Long
mi.cbSize = Len(mi)
'display is enabled. only enabled displays have a monitor handle
hm = MonitorFromPoint(dm.dmPosition.x, dm.dmPosition.y, MONITOR_DEFAULTTONULL)
If hm <> 0 Then
GetMonitorInfo(hm, mi)
End If
End If

'format information about this monitor

'1. MyMonitor on MyVideoCard
msg = msg & id & ". " & CStrToVBStr(ddMon.DeviceString) & " on " & CStrToVBStr(dd.DeviceString) & vbNewLine

'status flags: primary, disabled, removable
Dim buf As String
buf = "disabled, "
buf = "primary, "
End If
buf = buf & "removable, "
End If

If buf <> "" Then
msg = msg & Left(buf, Len(buf) - 2)
msg = msg & vbNewLine
buf = ""
End If

'width x height @ x,y - bpp - refresh rate
'note that refresh rate information is not available on Win9x
msg = msg & dm.dmPelsWidth & " x " & dm.dmPelsHeight & " @ " & dm.dmPosition.x & "," & _
dm.dmPosition.y & " - " & dm.dmBitsPerPel & "-bit - " & dm.dmDisplayFrequency & " Hz" & vbNewLine

If hm <> 0 Then
'workspace and monitor handle

'workspace: x,y - x,y HMONITOR: handle
msg = msg & "workspace: " & mi.rcWork.Left & "," & mi.rcWork.Top & " - " & _
mi.rcWork.Right & "," & mi.rcWork.Bottom & " HMONITOR: &H" & Hex(hm) & vbNewLine
End If

'device name
If ddMon.DeviceName <> "" Then
msg = msg & CStrToVBStr(ddMon.DeviceName)
msg = msg & CStrToVBStr(dd.DeviceName)
End If
msg = msg & vbNewLine & vbNewLine

id = id + 1
End If

dev = dev + 1

MsgBox(msg, vbOKOnly, "SysInfoVB")
End Sub

Function CStrToVBStr(ByVal str As String) As String
Dim i As Long
Dim str2 As String
Dim ret As String

For i = 1 To Len(str)
str2 = Mid(str, i, 1)
If str2 <> vbNullChar And str2 <> vbNullString Then
ret = ret & str2
End If

CStrToVBStr = ret
End Function
End Class

Screen Resolutions
Dear Expert,

My VB6 application requires 1024x768 screen resolutions, how to determine whether the screen resolution, I need to exit application when it's not match of the required screen resolution ..

pls help

Thanks & Regards


Screen Resolutions
Does any one know anyway that I can find a users current screen resolution. Is the only way to do it using API. If so what are the API declarations.

All Screen Resolutions






Different Screen Resolutions.
i've made a program and sadly the resolution on my computer at home is different to the one i want to run it on. it only really affects just one of the screens as i cant see all the buttons..etc.. i've had a look though the FAQ thing here and i've tried some of the things suggested but i cant get it to work..basicly i don't know how it works or how to connect it to the form. if anyone could throw some light on this i would be grateful before i throw something at it myself

from helen x x

UI For Different Screen Resolutions
Is there any way that my mdi application remains the same(controls positioning and size ratios) in different screen resolutions.

Make A Listbox (or Whatever User Control) Automatically Resize When User Resizes Form
Is there any option, event, or whatever I can trigger to make a listbox (or whatever other user control) automatically enlarge when a user enlarges the form?

eg. the listbox is almost as big a the form (with small margins) and the form is of a specified size. Whe the user maximizes the form, the dimensions of that listbox don't change. How can I make them change automatically?


Another Newbie Question. Resize Form, Relocate Controls...
Hi again guys.

How does one relocate the controls when resizing the form? I mean, is there any way to relocate them all with single codE?

Screen Resolutions For Users
Just want opinions from people from a users point of view.

Basically my app will mostly be text based for reading with a textbox for entering small notes if desired. There probably wouldn't be much use for the program to be used along with any other app.

From my position I have never had a monitor where anything larger than 1024 x 768 served any use, so i need opinions of those using higher resolutions.

When you use a program would you rather the program be written so it fits your selected screen resolution.

Or is it ok for the program to change your screen resolution as long as it doesn't disturb how you had your desktop after the program closes.

Adjusting For Different Screen Resolutions - NEW
Ok, here's the skinny. I have browsed through here looking for a solid answer and don't think I quite found what I am looking for. So, If noone minds, I would like to start over from the begining and ask this question. How in the world do you adjust a program without having to manually change the resolution of the display.

I have created a program with many, many controls in 800x600. When ran on higher or lower resolution machines, It does not display properly. I played around with changing the resolution and didn't like the way it acted. Plus, I didn't want the users to get mad at having their settings changed even though I restored them after the program exits.

I have seen several posts about a resizer utility and found that its cost is just too much. So, I am consulting with the very skilled programmers here and would like to know if someone can get me steered in the right direction?

I should also say that my program opens up in a Maximized Windows State and there is no user ability to adjust the form.

I appreciate any help and hope that this subject can become clear. Not just to me but everyone else as well. You guys are great.

Dealing With Different Screen Resolutions
Thought I would post this, its something that has been bothering me for a while.

I work for a company that uses an imaging system to hold images of important documents. One my my jobs within the company is to wrap vb applications around the core database components/controls. One such component is a viewer control, which is used along with index fields to index the documents by for later retrieval.

Imagine the following code.

I added a Viewer control and 6 text boxes and labels for each of the index fields.

Now the Viewer should take up as much of the maximized form as possible, so that the user can see a good deal of the document (Cuts down on indexing time). So, my problem is, I want to fill the screen with the viewer control, except about 2 inches on the right hand side of the screen, which is left open for the textboxes and labels etc.

Now throw into this the fact htat we have 3 different sizes of monitors + different screen resolutions.

I have played around wiht the resize event a lot and have had some success, but I seem to be lacking some killer code to be able to detect resolution or deal with the form in a way that the viewer always takes up as much space as possible.

Sorry if this is confusing, please, ask questions if you need to. I would much appreciate any help as I can get -)

-- Wrong? The perception of what others think is right, does not mean its wrong --

How Do I Detect Possible Screen Resolutions
I have some vb code to detect current and change display settings but I would like to bring up a list of possible display resolutions so people don't mess it up and it's future proof. Anybody know how to do this or if its possible. Any code appreciated thanks.

How To Adapt To Different Screen Resolutions
Hey, How can I make my program look the same on a 1024x768 compared to a 800x600? For instance on a 1024x768 screen if the app is maximized it appears fine then on a 800x600 screen most of the right side, and most of the bottom of the app are missing. How can I fix this?


Detecting Screen Resolutions
1)Is it possible to write a function that will detect the user's screen resoltion (automatically)?
2)If I create a package, do I need to install VB 6 on my PC or does it do it automatically?

Handle Different Screen Resolutions
The age old to handle so many different screen resolutions.

I have a module I use to resize the controls on a form, width-wise. But height-wise, it just messes everything up. Even more of an issue is the fact that at 640x480 things just don't all fit on the forms (I'm creating the forms in 1024x768 but was thinking I should develop them at the lowest res so they can scale upwards for higher resolutions).

Does anyone have any advice for developing a Win32 UI that functions properly at all resolutions? If this were a Web Interface it wouldn't be so bad.

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