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Can anyone let me know what is the ContentType that needs to be set when an exe is to be downloaded?
Somehow after the file is being saved there is aproblem while trying to open it - since it opens as a MSDOS program.
SA-fileUp is being used for the download since I can't get <a href> to pop up the File Open/Save as dialog box for an execuatble. Any other type of file works fine.

Any solution will be greatly appreciated.

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MIME: How Do U Set &".xls&" Ext For: Response.ContentType = &"application/
Hi, there.

I am writing the content of an HTML page so that it will be recognized as MS Excel format. This is done via the following statement:

response.ContentType = "application/"


Instead of displaying the Web page, a "File Download" dialog displays. However, the dialog shows the ".aspx" or ".htm" extension. Although Excel can then open this file, or the user can change the extension to ".xls" in the "File Download" dialog, some users are not at all technical and this may confuse them.

Is there any way to have the file extension be ".xls" in the "File Download" dialog?

Response From Db

How to get a response message from Access db when adding data on it? I mean that is it possible to get some return flag from db when it has stored new data. I am using dao connection.

Hot Key Response
I am obviously not a programer and I'm not even certain what to search for.
I tried 'pause' and 'wait' but they don't appear to be what I am looking for.
I have created a series of Excel macros which work well for my needs.
I would like to enter some code that would stop the macro and allow me to enter some data in the spreadsheet
I would then enter a key (say F11) and have the macro continue from where it left off.
Is this possible
Appreciate the help.

Wow !! No Response At All...
1st time I ever asked a question here and no one responded. Guess I may have asked the wrong way or it's just a tough one.
Any way, the original post was:
Looking for a way to extract EXIF information from photo's taken with my digital cameras. I wanted to see if anyone had some sample code to get me started on the right track.
I use VB 5.0 Pro and just have no idea if it can be done in VB at all.
If anyone can get me started, or even point me in the right direction, I'd sure appreciate it.


App Response

How i can check 5 running another app response.
I have one code but if i use this only one app response, another 4 not responding.


Sub Response(handle As Long)
Dim lResult As Long
Dim lR As Long
Dim IR As Long
Dim lReturn As Long
Dim AppId As Long
Dim lProcessId As Long
IR = GetWindowThreadProcessId(handle, lProcessId)
AppId = lProcessId
lReturn = SendMessageTimeout(AppId, WM_NULL, 0&, 0&, SMTO_ABORTIFHUNG And SMTO_BLOCK, 1000, lResult)

If lReturn Then
MsgBox lProcessId & "Responding", vbInformation, "Application Status"
MsgBox lProcessId & "Not Responding", vbInformation, "Application Status"
End If
End Sub

Maybe anyone know another, maybe bether metod.

NO REsponse


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COM Port Response
Hi all,

I have a little problem with displaying a response from a unit. Basically, I send a command through RS232, and expecting a response. When I debug it (Step Through), I could see the response. But how can I display it??????

Thank you

Detect No Response
How can I determine using Winsock that when I send a command to a server, I get no response? For example, if I send a "ping" command to an IP using UDP, and there is no response but the computer is still there, and I want to run a function. How do I know when this happens?

Wait For Response
I am using Access 2003. I need to prompt the user to either Add or delete at a specified point. So I wanted to either create a Message Box for this purpose or a form.

I created the form however, I can not rememeber how to make access pause until that form is closed.

do you have any suggestions?[font=Arial]

Response Time
I want to measure the response time of the application. How can this be done? Is there any tool available for this?

How I Can Get The Response Of An Inputbox?
how i can see if OK or Cancel is clicked on an inputbox? some code...thanks

Sluggish Response
Hi all,
I use all together 3 timers on a form. Timer1.interval is set to 100, similarly Timer2 = 500 and Timer3 = 1000. I use Timer1 which has short interval for more critical operation (task need to be completed within short time). I found that when I move the mouse cursor over the toolbar menu, it takes sometime before the toolbar react to the clicking of mouse. I have tried to put Doevents in all the 3 timers procedure but doesn’t really help. The only way I can do is to increase the interval of Timer1 but I need a fast update on action performed by Timer1. Anyone know how to solve this type of problem, please?

Is there any way to do multi-threading in VB? Simply put, to do parallel execution of task?


Slow Response From SQL
I have an SQL 7.0 database (Customers) that has 900,000 records in it indexed by name. I also have a stored procedure that takes in a variable and performs the following command:

select * from customers where custname like 'ab%'

When I execute this command from my VB app it takes about 10-15 seconds to return the recordset. This is way too long. Is there any way I can speed this up?

Response Object
If I create an ActiveX.Dll in VB to be used with ColdFusion, will ColdFusion recognize the Response object, such as Response.Write?

Response To Message Box
I am thoroughly confused.

I bring up a message box when form 1 is complete, with the following code. When the user makes an entry on form 2, form form 3 should appear

Dim intResponse As Integer

intResponse = MsgBox("Are there any special commission
arrangements for this dealer?", 36, "Commission
If intResponse = 6 Then
End If

When I execute the code, the message box comes up fine, the intResponse variable shows 6 but form 2 doesn't show.

I can't see anything wrong with this simple bit of code except that it doesn't work, what did I mess up?

Wininet.dll FTP Response
i have some ftp code useing api wininet.dll i was wondering if there is a code for getting responses from this api like inet.respose =

i am looking to log stuff like connection status, sucessfull log on stuff like that

thanks in advance

Help With Http Response

im pulling my hair out over this, I have a fairly simple xmlhttpReq where I call a n asp page, which sends me a respionse back to the VB app when the ASP page has finished processing:

VB Code:
Function processAppointment()'call the asp page which will insert the xml contents already saved on the server from earlier'this asp page will now insert the appointment into the calendar table of the proquis DB        Set xmlHttpReq1 = New MSXML2.XMLHTTP30          xmlHttpReq1.Open "POST", Constants.URL + "/outlookaddin/AppointmentProcess.asp"         xmlHttpReq1.Send         DoEvents        Me.MousePointer = vbDefault        xmlHttpReq1.onreadystatechange = showStatus()       'Unload Me                End FunctionFunction showStatus() If xmlHttpReq1.readyState = 4 Then    If xmlHttpReq1.Status = 200 Then        MsgBox (xmlHttpReq1.responseText)        Unload Me    End IfEnd If  End Function

the problem Is im getting an object required error, which I really cant see how?

does anybody know if i'm doing thi s correctly? or not as the case may be?


Ws_DataArrival Response Help
I am currently working on an IRC client, but am having troubles (early on it seems like )

What I am trying to do is have my program respond to certain message by saying hi, or running a command. I am using this code.

VB Code:
If InStr(strData, "!msg") <> 0 Then ws.SendData Replace(strData, "!msg", "PRIVMSG ") & vbCrLf End If

Want I want to do is type:

!msg #channel/nick text

and have the client respond accordingly...

but it just endsup spitting out (in channel):

PRIVMSG #channel/nick text ... instead of actually sending the message.

Any help would be appreciated.

Help:response.expire ASP
Asp problem
i do not want my page to be refreshed when user clicks on refresh button on browser i have tried using response.expire=-1500 and .cache properties but they are not producing results

can some one help


User Response
How can i make a program that will make an image move left or right or up or down by pressing the arrow keys?

Ping Response
I'd like to ping an IP address through a VB program and depending upon a "Request timed out" or a "Reply from..." take different courses of action.

How do I do the pinging and how do I get and manipulate the response?

Keyword Response!!!! Help
im doing sort of a semi-bot/fortune teller..the user asks a question in a textbox, and rite now i've been using if, then , and like answer them....
but is there sumway to have a msgbox respond to a keyword typed in the textbox... like someone asks what day is it?
i cud have a keyword as day, and msgbox come up any time sum1 types day in their question.. MsgBox " i dont know what day it is....i was drunk last night ="

lol something like that...possible?

Trying to use the response object to dynamically create the value of a button with a hotkey (ex: "submit" with the 'u' designated as an accesskey). I have a table with a variable named strSubmit. So when I use the following: <%=strSubmit%> I want to see Submit with the 'u' underlined. I keep getting either nothing or the following: S<U>u</U>bmit. I guess I need to know what to put in the table so I get the result I need. I know someone is going to respond this pretty quickly, but I have crossed eyes after 10 hours of coding.

Access Response
If someone insert a row in a DB, is it possible to send back the info to every person that is connected to this table.

(2 users connected on the DB)

user_1 insert a row in the DB

user_2 program update the liste of record automatically because a row as been insert in the DB ...

??????????? thx in advance

To Get The Web Server's Response.
HI Every body,

I am creating an application in which i am creating an instance of the browser component and sending the request to the IIS. Now the response which I get from the server, I want that my application should collect that response and send it as an SMS on the mobile. Sending the SMS is not my problem. BUt getting the HTML response in some variable is my concern. I don't want to display the content in the browser window. Please can anyone help me.




MenuItem Response
I am adding Items to a dynamic menu in code, to add images goes fine, but how should I capture the events when a user clicks a menuitem that I have created ??

Would really appreciate an answer, I really wanna know how to program what will happen when a user clicks on my menuitems that I have added...

Winsocks No Response?
OK, so i send some data using UDP(user datagram packet), i just send a text command, now if the server gets the command, it would send me a response, and that would trigger my DataRetrival event for winsock to go off, but if the server i am trying to get a response from is invalid, or doesnt respond, nothing will happen in my dataretrival event, k? but then how would i know that maybe its just not taking longer because of slow connection? i want a message to appear, if the server doesnt respond?

if i use winsock_error...the only time it gives an error, is if the ip address is if it were or somthing...
but if the ip is correct but the server doesnt respond how do i let my users know that?

Msgbox Response (yes,no)
I made a very simple msgbox :

MsgBox "What ?", vbyesno

and i just need to know whether the user presses yes or no

how can i accomplish this ?

Response From An ASP Page
I wish to execute(or call or whatever) an ASP page from my VB application.When the ASP page finishes execution I want it to give me values of certain variables.Is it possible?
Or do I have to use IIS applications or some such thing to acheive this.

(I am using web browser control to call the asp page.)

Response Redirect
In my login (asp)page, when the password is wrong,
there is
response.redirect "login.asp"

But the loginname too is blanked out and the page is displayed again.

I have a session variable for the login name but i am not sure how to pass this on so that only the password is blanked out on redirecting.

Any help would be appreciated.

No Response While Processsing
If you are using a progress bar, this suggests a loop. If this is the case then you can use "DoEvents".

This will cause the loop to yeild processor time to other tasks that the computer needs to do. Minimizing and Maximizing are such events. The form needs to get repainted etc, which will not happen if you are looping, unless you use DoEvents.

Be careful of DoEvents though as it can slow down loop processes. It may be worthwhile using a counter so that DoEvents is only called once every so many times around the loop.

While notDone
'do task
lCount = lCount + 1

'Only do DoEvents every ten times around the loop
If lCount Mod 10 = 0 Then
End If

Hope this helps.

My App Hangs Up;No Response
Greetings to All u guys

Guys i do have my app and i recently have this problem
when i was running my application. I have a Search
procedure that looks up records in a database using a
unique id code that is, SupplierID and then displays
the searched record in text boxes. My code is like

Private Sub SearchRecord()
On Error GoTo SearchError
Dim supID As String
'Set rsCurrent = New ADODB.Recordset

supID = InputBox("Enter Supplier ID")

Set rsCurrent = New ADODB.Recordset
rsCurrent.Open "Select * From Suppliers",
sConn, adOpenKeyset, adLockOptimistic

While Not rsCurrent.EOF
If rsCurrent!SupplierID = supID
End If

' rsCurrent.MoveNext
' End If
MsgBox "Record not found", vbInformation,
"Searching Operartion failed"
If Err.Number <> 0 Then
MsgBox Err.Number & "--" &
Err.Description, vbCritical
End If
End Sub

Private Sub LoadFields()
'Set rsCurrent = New ADODB.Recordset
On Error GoTo LoadError
If Not rsCurrent.EOF And Not rsCurrent.BOF Then
txtName.Text = rsCurrent!SupplierName
txtAddLine1.Text = rsCurrent!Address1
txtAddLine2.Text = rsCurrent!Address2
txtCity.Text = rsCurrent!City
txtState.Text = rsCurrent!State
txtCountry.Text = rsCurrent!Country
txtCLimit.Text = rsCurrent!CreditLimit
txtEmail.Text = rsCurrent!Email
txtTele1.Text = rsCurrent!Tele1
txtTele2.Text = rsCurrent!Tele2
txtFax1.Text = rsCurrent!Fax1
txtFax2.Text = rsCurrent!Fax2
txtZipCode.Text = rsCurrent!ZIPCode
txtTerm.Text = rsCurrent!CreditTerm
txtURL.Text = rsCurrent!URLSS
End If
If Err.Number <> 0 Then
MsgBox Err.Number & "--" &
Err.Description, vbCritical
End If
End Sub
When I run my app it hungs up that is does not respond
and it will crash vb. Can anyone help me to rectify
this problem?

Thanks in advance


Program Response
Hello All Memebers

i Have three questions:

1-i have an application consist of 11 forms,when i load it i think it load very slow,why?
2-if the form contain much controls,is it make its loading time great?
3-How can i decrease the loading time?

thanks alot for advice

Egyptian Man

Wrong Response From JET Using DAO
I am constructing SQL in my VB6 app to search an MDB database. The following script returns the second part of the OR clause only - no error message. I had this working some while back but I have since upgraded to Jet 4.0 and MDAC 2.6. Any suggestions please?

Select * From STOCK Where [ItemCode] LIKE "*ew *" OR [ItemCode] LIKE "*ny*"


WebBrowser Response
Hi i have a problem about WebBrowser
how can i learn WebBrowser response done ?

Sending A Response From Asp To A Vb6 App

I have a vb5 ap which creates an xml file and sends that file to an asp page which saves the file on a server. Using the following code:

xmlHttpReq.Open "POST", Constants.URL + "/outlookaddin/newFaultUpload.asp", Constants.USER, Constants.PASS
xmlHttpReq.setRequestHeader "PROQUISUSER", PROQUISUSER

'Indicate that the body of the request contains form data
xmlHttpReq.setRequestHeader "Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"

xmlHttpReq.Send objDOM

this works fine,

I am trying to create a response from the asp page to confirm that the script can read the newly saved xml file, I am doing this using response.write

but the question is how do i then allow the vb6 app to access that response.write from the asp page?

I know to use the xmlHttpReq.responseText method

but when i try to put this into a bvb message box i get the following error:

"the data neccessary to compile this information is not yet available"

i am very grateful for any help,

NT Challenge And Response
I know this is a VB forum but can anyone help me out with this one.
I am setting up outlook web access OWA on a NT server (SP6) The site is set up with basic and clear text NTLM but when the challenge dialog comes up it lets only domain admin level user ids to access any mail box.
It should allow only the NT login user name that is logging onto the respective mailbox to log in. How do I make that happen..?

Thanks in advance.

HELP!! With IIS/NT Challenge And Response
I know this is a vb forum but please can anybody answer this:

I have NT C and R set up for a particular folder in my web site.
I have created a user for this resource and granted full access for the NT folder.
But when I try to browse to this particular folder I get the NT logon dialog box but it does not allow access at all giving me an "Unauthorized logon" message.

What am I doing wrong? or what do I need to do

The client and IIS machines are in the same domain

WebItem Response
I'm developing an IIS. Before closing the IIS I have to do something. So I wanted to use the Application_OnEnd function to call a webitem. Here the code:

Sub Application_OnEnd
Respone.Write "&lt;A href=""WebClass1.asp?WCI=MyWebItem""&gt;&lt;/A&gt;"
End Sub

What's wrong with it?
Thanks in advance!

hey could someone give me an example of how to use response.redirect i keep getting a HTTP header error every time i use it

Response.redirect .......
Can I use response.redirect with target window in ASP ? If not, how can I control the URL of other window by ASP ? Thank you !

Simon Kwan

Response.write Help
Trying to do this
Response.Write("&lt;% LANGUAGE=""VBSCRIPT"" %&gt;")
But getting error

Unterminated string constant

Response.Write("&lt;% LANGUAGE=""VBSCRIPT""

Please help me fix this,


Win XP Explorer Response Time
Hey all,

I have a little problem with WinXP and Explorer. I recently had to repair my installation, all is well except now when I am using Explorer the right click menu is soooooooo slow. This was not always the case, in the previous install the menu would popup without hesitation. Here's the funniest thing, when you right click any file the menu takes forever to load, but then if you do the same file again I get the same response time I used to. BUT if you change to any other file the same slow response comes. Most of the time Explorer will stop responding momentarily, the icon will white with the background, then it will become active again.

The system is a 1.5 ghz, 384 MB of RAM, 40 gigs/30 free, and 32 MB of video, there is no real reason for the unresponsiveness. I have also run AVG anti-virus, and Ad-aware, each with the most recent updates. Yet again I am at a loss on how to fix the problem. There are no other problems with the system or any application. Any insight you may have would be greatly appreciated, you all must use Explorer as vigorously as I do, so you know what a issue this can be when you have keep waiting and waiting.


Incomplete Winsock Response

I'm trying to load a page's source using a winsock, because I want to parse the HTML.

Here's my DataArrival sub:

Private Sub socks_DataArrival(ByVal bytesTotal As Long)
Dim tmp As String
socks.GetData tmp
tmpfull = tmpfull & tmp
If InStr(1, tmpfull, "</HTML>", vbTextCompare) <> 0 Then

Dim iStart As Long
Dim iEnd As Long
Dim sText As String
iStart = InStr(1, tmpfull, "startparse", vbTextCompare) + 17
iEnd = InStr(iStart, tmpfull, "endparse", vbTextCompare)
sText = Mid$(tmpfull, iStart, iEnd - iStart)
MsgBox sText

tmpfull = ""
End If
End Sub

The problem is, sometimes the website never loads to </HTML> - it suddenly stops in the middle. Then, the program just sits there and does nothing because it's waiting for the page to load until it has </HTML>. I don't know why the page sometimes won't load fully.

An HTTP Sniffer shows the code is suddenly cut off, and at the top there's a random set of numbers/letters (ex: 1133 or 113a).

Is there any way I can make sure the page is fully loaded? Or, how could I make the program recognize that it has a dud page on its hands, and try to re-load the page?

Thanks .

Not Getting Full Response On COM 1 Port
Having trouble getting responses from the device hooked up to the comm. Port. The device is getting the commands sent over the COM 1 port.

Here is how I set up the port:

MSComm1.CommPort = 1
MSComm1.PortOpen = True

MSComm1.InBufferCount = 0
MSComm1.OutBufferCount = 0

MSComm1.RThreshold = 1
MSComm1.SThreshold = 1

MSComm1.Settings = "19200,n,8,1"

MSComm1.Output = "AT" & Chr$(13)

‘## This command should return:
'## “AT” & Chr(13) & Chr(10) & “OK” & Chr(13) & Chr(10)

‘## However, I am only getting “AT” & Chr(13)

Private Sub MSComm1_OnComm()
If MSComm1.CommEvent = comEvReceive Then
Text1.Text = Text1.Text & MSComm1.Input
End If
End Sub

Why am I am I only getting part of the response (which contains multiple carriage returns).
When I use HyperTerminal, I set up 19,200 none, 8, 1, & using Hardware Flow-Control and it works fine.

Please help….

Serial Comm With No Response
Hi guys,

I'm trying to communicate with a UPS in ASCII at 2400,n,8,1 with this simple code:

MSComm1.PortOpen = True

MSComm1.Output = "Z" & vbCrLf
Sleep = 1000

MSComm1.Output = "Ax 1" & vbCrLf
'Sleep = 1000

MSComm1.Output = "Uv" & vbCrLf
Sleep = 1000
Text1.Text = MSComm1.Input

MSComm1.PortOpen = False

but I can't get response from the UPS, Z and Ax 1 are for start communications and Uv to get the utility voltage (12737=127.37 volts)

When I try in HyperTerminal it works fine but not in VB.

Please, some ideas why is this happening?

Inet Response Empty?
My code:

strURL = ""
strFormData = URLEncode("test=justtesting")
strHeader = "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" & vbCrLf
Inet1.Protocol = icHTTP
Inet1.Execute strURL, "POST", strFormData, strHeader
Do Until Inet1.StillExecuting = False

Dim bDone As Boolean
Dim vtData As Variant
Dim strData As Variant

vtData = Inet1.GetChunk(50, icString)

Do While Not bDone
strData = strData & vtData

If Not Inet1.StillExecuting Then
vtData = Inet1.GetChunk(20, icString)
If Len(vtData) = 0 Then
bDone = True
End If
End If

MsgBox (vtData)


vtData remains empty... any idea why that could be?

Get Response From Modem With MSComm
i have these code

Instring = Instring & MSComm1.Input
Loop Until InStr(Instring, "OK" & vbCr)

in the Instring variable i have something like

chr(13)chr(13)chr(13)bla bla bla bla chr(13)chr(13)chr(13)

how i can delete the chr(13)

i think is very simple..

plz help


Response To Drag & Drop
Today my daughter (a high schoold student) wants to add a fancy bit to its VB programming project/exercise. The system must wait until an operator has dragged an apple onto a CAT's month, for example, before it start loading the form with the main menu for her work.

How do I make vb to response to the event of a drag and drop action? I couldn't answer that, despite I have programmed using VBA (with Access, Excel etc.), VB, Java, C, Web programming, etc. for years. Most applications I wrote involve database access and kind of client/server applications.

It seems it is a subject of game programming, something I do not want to get deeply involved at this stage. Can somebody tell me a quick-&-dirty solution? Or let me know the key subjects of some tutorials I must read now, if I simply want to achieve the above.

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