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Retained Key???, Meaning?...

Hi, I have download plenty of sourcecode all over the net, but sometimes I got an error while trying to open the projects: "Retained is an invalid blah blah blah...."

What I have done so far is open the VBP file with notepad and then delete the line that contains Retained, after that now I'm able to open the project.

The questions I have are:
1) why VB5 doesn't recognize it?
2) And, it is safe to delete the line from VBP?


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'Retained' ?
Hi all,
I have VB5 Enterprise Edition and am able to run VB6 code if i remove the line:
Retained = 0 or something similar from the project file.Can someone explain what Retained means and do i lose any capabilitys by removing that line?
Thank You all in advance.

'retained Key'
i have downloaded various source codes, but some of them give me an error saying that 'retained key is invalid' can someone explain and help me solve this problem, as i am a beginner and lack any knowledge, thanks

It's Not Retained Now... Selection...
I solved all of my problems, and now I want to know (it's pretty complicated) ):

Imagine you're making a game, an you need to select an object. How should I do it?

For example, I have a cube on screen, so I click on it, and the program realises that I have clicked it.

I really need help!

My previous posts maybe were a little weird, but I really need help now.

I'll give you one example:

In Warcraft, Starcraft, AoE etc. strategies, or (even better) - World of Warcraft and any kind of MMORPG.

Hope you can help me!

Retained & Animation?!
All this tiem I was doing in Retained Mode, without noticeing that. Now it's too late (and too complicated to learn Immediate mode) so I ask you how to LOAD ANIMATED .X FILES in R e t a i n e d mode. I found a tutorial for IM mode, but no for R E T A I N E D.

P l e a s e H E L P M E !

'retained' Is An Invalid Key
might anyone be able to help me with this. everytime i try to look at someones directX project or code i get the above statement followed by the file cant be loaded. any suggestions


Invalid Key 'Retained'
I develop a VB app on my PC in VB 6.0 but I have to create the EXE in VB 5.0 on a different PC that only has VB 5.0 (Long story short - when I open the project on the VB 5.0 machine after editing it in VB 6.0 I get a message that this project contains an "Invalid Key - Retained". What does this mean? What do I need to do?

Retained Is An Invalid Key
Every time I download a VB project from the Internet, and try to open it, I get the same error every single time : 'Retained' is an invalid key. 'C:lahalha.vbp' can't be loaded! Then I have to edit every single .vbp file and remove the retained = 0 line to get it to work.
Isn't there an easier way???

Retained In Memory Or Not?
I created a webservice.
From the userquide, it tells me to check the Retained in memory oprions.

Now, I try to run the webservice twice, once with "Retained in Memory" option checked.
After that, I restart my pc.
This time, i run without the options.
I find no difference whether I check the "Retained in Memory" or not.

What is the different actually? And under what condition will I need to check the retained in memory option?

Reference Between VB Projects - Value Not Retained
Using VB6.

I have a main project with a module which contains various Global objects like so:

Global objOle1 As Object
Global objOle2 As Object
Global objOle3 As Object
Global objOle4 As Object
Global objOle5 As Object

Then I have another sub-project that has a reference to this main project. However when I try to use these objects in my sub - project the values aren't retained from the main project. However, I can see the reference works as the objects appear in the Intellisense thing. Can anyone explain why?

Retained Errors And Missing OCX's....
Recently I have been viewing source code from Planet source code but when I attempt to open the vbp file I usually get atleastone error. Errors like: "Retained is an invalid key. The janedoe.vbp cannot be loaded."

Now I have been able to determine that Retained is a VB6 term and for the most part I can not see what Retained does. I simply delete the RETAINED line and all is fine.

On some occassion I run into an even tougher issue:
"MSCOMCTL.OCX could not be loaded-Continue loading project?"
Naturally I click yes, and once the vbp is loaded I go into "add Components" and add the correct ocx, (if I have it). Sometimes I ended up not having a requested OCX, I search the web for the ocx to download, but usually I come up with only documention on the ocx but no offered download link.

I am using vb5 Enterprise edition, what am I doing wrong, or is this a typical situation for everyone?

Second can some one explain what the Retained property does?

Third, If I am missing certain OCX's, Is there a specific place I can visit to download them (for free)?

I am self teaching myself and it is very irritating, since there is nothing in any book I have that discusses these topics.

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Word Edits Not Retained When Invisible...
Greetings to all.

Here's the deal:

I'm using VB6 with the Micro$oft Word Object 9.0 Library to edit a base .doc then saving it to another filename.

I go though the code and as long as I don't set the object's .Visible property to False, every edit works perfectly.

But I don't want the users to have access to the doc during the program run!

When I DO make it invisible, none of the new text is retained and all the original text that was slated to be changed is gone, also!

So what's up with that??

Thanx In Advance,

Rotation Question In DX7 Retained Mode
Hey, Ive been playing around with the DX7 RM tutorial from directx4vb's site. I made this simple car model in 3dsmax and exported it to this tutorial and now im testing Frame.SetRotation and Frame.SetPosition when I load the .x but when i choose setRotation it just keeps rotating forever, i just want to rotate it 90degrees on the X axel, how do i make this?

Frame(0) is my car model.
1, 0, 0 is X,Y,Z
90 is "theta" wich is Rotation angle.

Frame(0).SetRotation Frame(0), 1, 0, 0, 90

OH, I just realised how to work with this now...

First I set the Rotation then i must .Move it.

Then I set rotation to 0 again.

hehe, i just solved it while i wrote the question. Or is there any other way?

Desperate {Animation With .X Files - Retained Mode}
I got too deep in Retained Mode, so it's a bit late to learn Immediate now. So does anyone know how to LOAD ANIMATED .X file in RM, or how to do a skeletal animation.

And, which way do you recommend?


Newcomer to DirectX

DX7 D3D Retained Mode Program Can't Show My 3D Objects
Hello to all! I have a problem with my DX7 D3D Retained Mode program and that is it's incapable of showing my 3D modeled objects (.X file) in other computer than mine. The program is running and doesn't encounter any fatal error during runtime exept for this one. Can someone tell me how to fix it. Thanks!

What Is The Meaning Of...
Hey, I was wondering if anyone could till me the meaning of LBound and UBound, please?

progLoc = App.Path + "NTService.exe /i"
Can anybody tell me what is the meaning for the "i" above?

Optional sComputerName As String
what is the meaning for the optional above?

What Is The Meaning Of $ Or %?
What is the meaning if $ or % when declare variable with Dim?

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim s$, i%
s = "10"
i = 10
MsgBox s + i
'why 20? s is string. so I expect "1010"
s = "10"
i = "10"
MsgBox s + i
'why 20? s is string. so I expect "1010"

Dim s2, i2
s2 = "10"
i2 = 10
MsgBox s2 + i2
'why 20? s is string. so I expect "1010"
s2 = "10"
i2 = "10"
MsgBox s2 + i2
'why 1010? Now as I expected

End Sub

Meaning Of %
I know this is an easy question, but what does the % symbol mean in the following code?

Dim intBuffer As Integer

For intBuffer% = 0 To 5
MyArray(intBuffer%) = txtMyArray(intBuffer%).Text
Next intBuffer%

I am trying to understand what a large piece of code does and I am getting stuck with what the % sign does ro means or is just the variable name.

Thanks for the help

I was just sniffing through some code and came across this: "Dim stopflag As Boolean, manualflag As Boolean"... What does this mean? Any help would be appreciated and helpful thanks

The Meaning Behind '&H'
ok, i i'm tired of using these w/out REALLY understanding the what's and why's

take the following code:
Public Const MYCONST = &H2A6 'actually returns 678

draw your attention to the '&H2A6' part. I know it's a hexidecimal version of 678, but that's where my knowledge falls off. I see statments like this a lot and I don't understand the importance of using the '&H' prefix to the constant.

Does this have any special functionality? also, i've seen pages of code filled with similar statments and the hex values... did someone go through each value seperatley to find out the corresponding hex value???

will somebody please help me solve this aggrivating source of confusion? Thank!

What Is The Meaning Of: If A Or B ...
Just a question. What is the meaning of a statement like: If a Or b then ...

Does it mean if a=true or b=true then ... or is it If a Or'd with b is true then ...

In other words how is this to be parsed? As a simple If statement or as the Or function of 2 operands ???

Meaning Of Life
could someone please explain how mods work

Need To Know The Meaning Of Mousepointerconstants
I have found the following keywords which are members of the mousepointerconstants and are assigned some numbers. Can anyone tell me in laymans term what does it actually means:
vbSizeNWSE, vbSizeNS, vbSizeNESW, vbSizeWE, vbSizePointer,

What's This Error Meaning!!!!!!!
error 2147467259 could not find installable isam?

and i'm trying to get a connection to a data base to get some records to add on a form in text box
Does somebody knows from where it came's this error?

here is the code:
Private Sub CmbBuscadades_Click()
Dim ConsultaLOT As ADODB.Connection
Set ConsultaLOT = New Connection

ConsultaLOT.CursorLocation = adUseClient
ConsultaLOT.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & "Data Source=" & App.Path & "dades.mdb;" & "persisit security info=false"

Dim seleccioConsultaLOT As New ADODB.Recordset
seleccioConsultaLOT.Open "SELECT titulars.*, dni as expr1 FROM titulars where (dni= '" & Me.Text2.Text & "') ", ConsultaLOT, adOpenStatic, adLockPessimistic
With seleccioConsultaLOT
Me.txtDni.Text = .Fields("dni").Value
Me.txtCognom1.Text = .Fields("Cognom1").Value
End With

Set seleccioConsultaLOT = Nothing
Set ConsultaLOT = Nothing

End Sub

Boolean? Been Meaning To Ask For A While Now............
Why does a Boolean take up two bytes in VB? A Byte Value 1 or 0 should do, should it not? or 255 for true and 137 for false or 101 for false and 212 for true or.....U get the picture?

Any ideas?

Ado Mode : What The Meaning Of This?
I just want to know this term in ado mode properties.


Mybe i'm a bit lazy, but i really need this in hurry.( )

It would be a good reference for anyone!

(knowledge cannot be kept to make it growth,but you share it ! )

The Meaning Of 2 Terms !!!
Hi there,
Can somebody explain me the meaning of "Front-End" and "Back-end"?

Code Meaning
I'm a VB COM novice programmer. May someone please
help me with explaining the meaning of the codes

#If False Then
Private Const sqlDateAndTime = 0
Private Const sqlDate = 0
Private Const sqlTime = 0
#End If

Codes are placed on the class module.

Thank you in advance


Brackets Meaning??
I am very new to VB...juz started learning it... Hope can get some help on the below.
Below is a code that i code from one of the forum... what i dun understand is why there are wordings added in the brackets?

gudtCarInfo(intRecordNumTemp).strInvID = frmAdd.txtInvId.Text

what do they mean/represent?

And i also need some recommendation from u all. Can u intro some books for me to take as reference? Most of the books that i manage to find are all related to database. I need some reference on functions calling (how to call .dll and shell)and serial communication. All of ur help are greatly appreciated!

Thanks a lot!

Quote:Private Sub cmdOk_Click()

Dim strFilePath As String
strFilePath = App.Path & "Vehicle.dat"

intRecordNumTemp = frmMain.lstID.ListCount + 1
gudtCarInfo(intRecordNumTemp).strInvID = frmAdd.txtInvId.Text
gudtCarInfo(intRecordNumTemp).strManufacturer = frmAdd.txtManufacturer.Text
gudtCarInfo(intRecordNumTemp).strModelName = frmAdd.txtModelName.Text
gudtCarInfo(intRecordNumTemp).intYear = Val(frmAdd.txtYear.Text)
gudtCarInfo(intRecordNumTemp).strVechID = frmAdd.txtVechID.Text
gudtCarInfo(intRecordNumTemp).curCost = Val(frmAdd.txtCost.Text)

Open strFilePath For Random As #1
Write #1, gudtCarInfo(intRecordNumTemp).strInvID, gudtCarInfo(intRecordNumTemp).strManufacturer, gudtCarInfo(intRecordNumTemp).strModelName, gudtCarInfo(intRecordNumTemp).intYear, gudtCarInfo(mintCount).strVechID, gudtCarInfo(intRecordNumTemp).curCost lstID.AddItem gudtCarInfo(intRecordNumTemp).strInvID
Close #1

End Sub

Synonyms (same Meaning Words)
can any one tell me that is there any builtin function ar liabrary or any other way in visual basic 6.0 which provide Synonyms (same meaning words). Actually i want to get the words from the user in text box and for these words i like to have have Synonyms.

Jet 4.0, ADO, DCOM95 And The Meaning Of Life....
Hello again,

I have an app that I developed in win98 on VB6 which uses ADO to read an access 2000 db. I want the app to work on win95 machines.

1. What dlls are supposed to be installed along with msjet40.dll (which won't register, but I think it's related to q2 below)?

2. What is DCOM95 really?

3. What needs to be installed on the user machine to make ADO work (mdac_typ, version??)

4. Does developing VB programs make everyone think about the meaning of life (you know, the struggle to make something out of nothing). And I don't want to hear 42.

The first three questions are serious, and I've left them a bit open for people in the future to maybe get some reference out of them. If you feel like answering the fourth question, keep it short and funny.


Query Meaning Requested
I am trying to figure out what the last part (firstname & '' = '') of the query in my Access 2000 SQL is doing:

select * from tableOne where firstname <> ''
and firstname & '' = ''
Please advise.

Meaning Of Win API Function CopyMem
I have am building an app that works with database
i found that in connection module i shoul include the declaration:
Public Declare Sub CopyMem Lib "kernel32" Alias "RtlMoveMemory" (Destination As Any, Source As Any, ByVal Length As Long)

but i would like to know what is the purpose of this line.

Thank you for help

Meaning Of The Number('#') Sign
I have a small question. Can anyone tell me the purpose of the number sign ('#') next to the number 1 in the Else part of the code?

If (textRowMulti.text <> "") Then
GetRowMulti = textRowMulti.text
GetRowMulti = 1#
End If

Meaning Of Point Activated
What does point activated mean?

When the mouse is over something? Is there an event for mouse drag?

Meaning Of '*' In String Declaration
I am looking through some VB6 code, and a few of the declarations have *'s in them. It looks like this:

Type testdata
text As String * 10
natint As Integer
mifint As String * 2
End Type

I am trying to write the equivalent in VB.NET and I can't seem to figure out what the *'s mean. .NET will not accept that syntax. Can anyone explain what this means, and/or how to do the equivalent in .NET? Thanks in advance!

What Is The Meaning Of The Word Dinetics ?
Please halp me understand what is Dinetics.

Thanks in advance, Moyalt.

Meaning Of The Error Message
what does the following message mean and how to sovle the
“the specified row could not be located for updating, some values
may have been changed since it was last read”
error number is -2147217864

I used the ado data control to connect the sql server table
in the vb. I used the adodc1.recordset.updatebatch to update the table. the cursorlocation is at the client site
cursor type is static

Please hellllllllp! Thanks a lot.

The Meaning Of The Error Message
what does the following message mean and how to sovle the
“the specified row could not be located for updating, some values
may have been changed since it was last read”
error number is -2147217864

Meaning Of In Win32 APIs
WhaT is meant by "neutral" in the Win32 international APIs?

Meaning Of Win API Function CopyMem
I have am building an app that works with database
i found that in connection module i shoul include the declaration:
Public Declare Sub CopyMem Lib "kernel32" Alias "RtlMoveMemory" (Destination As Any, Source As Any, ByVal Length As Long)

but i would like to know what is the purpose of this line.

Thank you for help

What Is The Meaning Of & And @ When They Are Attached To Variables
What is the meaning of & and @ when they are attached to variables? Below is the example.

Dim SectorsPerCluster&, BytesPerSector&
Dim FreeBytesAvailable@, TotalBytes@

Thanks in Advance,

Need Bit Of Help Again Sorry Peebs Anit Meaning To Spam
i found an example of dir$ on msn lib but need it to search for *.exe instead of the hidden files how do you do this i don't understand the code particularly anyway the codes below


Private Sub Command1_Click()

Dim filename As String
Dim attr As Integer
' retrieve hidden and normal files
filename = Dir$("c:", ATTR_HIDDEN)
Do Until filename = ""
attr = GetAttr("c:" & filename)
' if the file has the hidden attribute
If (attr And ATTR_HIDDEN) Then
' select it
List1.AddItem filename
End If
filename = Dir$

End Sub

sorry thanx


Quote wouldn't it be nice if everyone understood VB

How To Find Almost Unknown Meaning In TextBox?
Maybe someone can help me?
To check if meaning exist in TextBox I'm using this code:

Private Sub Command1_Click()
If InStr(1, Text1.Text, "ABCD") > 0 Then
MsgBox "Found"
MsgBox "Not Found"
End If
End Sub

And this works fine!

But how can I check if there is an meaning made from ten characters and on the end has ".a" for example it can be: Qt7XHc8Y.a , 12345678.a or ABCDEFGH.a and so on...
And if meaning exist then how to display it in other TextBox?

Sorry for my bad English grammar!

Meaning Of Exclamationmark: Form!object ???
What is the function of the "!" in a line like "Form!object.dosth" and whats the difference when you use a dot?


What Is The True Meaning Of File Number ?
When openning file, we use the FreeFile function or if we are very lazy we just pick a number from 1 - 512.
Beside keeping our file unique and protected,
What does that number really means ?

ShellExecute Equals The Meaning Of Life
From my research I have found that the ShellExecute WindowsAPI function returns a handle to the instance of the opened program. However, when I have discovered that no matter what program I start with it, ShellExecute returns 42. Even stranger is that it continues to return 42 no matter how many instances of the program I start. I have to use ShellExecute because I need to start a program using it's shortcut, something the Shell command doesn't do. Also, I need the handle of the program started so I can shut it down later. Anyone have any ideas?

(SOLVED)Option Explicit, Meaning?
Hi guyz,
can anybody help me what is what is Option explicit?
what is it used for?what is its benefit?

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