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i just write some program in school...and open it now, it said RICHTX32.ocX cannot be loaded...what does it mean? is there something wrong with my windows

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Ok, im using a rich text box in my program, and a few of the people using my program (not all) have had an error that says RICHTX32.OCX not found. y dont there computers have this nessary file, and how can i make my program give it to them if its not already on there computer?

I'm trying to test a few programs at work and I don't have this file. Anyone know where I can download it?


~Complex Solutions to Simple Problems!!~
CornEmpire Ruler

hey, iam running winxp, and i made a program with richtext ocx, well i brought the program along with richtx32.ocx to a friends house(windows 2000 pro), i stuck the ocx in winnt/system32
when i tried running my program, it said richtx32.ocx wasnt regestered or i typed
regsvr32 richtx32.ocx in run command, and it gave me some error that said it failed....does someone knwo whats going on here? how do i fix this?

note*, i tried my ocx on 2 other machines running 98 and it worked fine

I dont know if this is the right place to post but heres my problem,

I have completed the application and sent it to a few friends, it works on some of their PCs but not on others.

They tell me that an error "RICHTX32.OCX" was not found, any ideas on how to solve the problem?

I have worked many hours developing this application and I would like it if everyone could benefit from this...

Richtx32.ocx Dependencies!!
One of my customers is receiveing an error 339: "Component RichTx32.Ocx or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid. I feel like I have checked everything anyone know what other steps I could take?

Problems With RICHTX32.OCX
I am using richbox-object with my program. So I am using PDWizard (comes with VB) to make setup and cap-file.

I selected $(winsyspath) for RICHTX32.OCX and everything worked just fine. But when I tried to run setup, I entered path to which install my program, and setup told me that error has occured!

With this RICHTX32.OCX -file...

What to do?

I picked up from the NET a program written in VC and VB.
The math part was VC and the user-interface written in VB.

I could not compile the VC part due to the .IDL file which
was imposible to compile with "nmake". So i said fine, anyway
i am only interested to modify the user-interface(written in VB),
and NOT to modify the math part,which was compiled as an OCX.

So, i load the VBProject, "regsvr32" the OCX and when i try to make
the VB EXE it said:
"Line 15: Cannot load control> txtText; license not found.
Line 73: Cannot load
> control RichTextBox; license not found." (and i
did NOT change anything).

I look under Project/Components and i see fm20.dll and richtx32.ocx
there, but when i open the .VBP file with notepad they are not there.

So, i say to myself, this i getting ridiculous and i would drop it,
but this application is important to me.


Error Missing Richtx32.ocx
Today run small programs ( I think is VB 6.0 write),

but when exec file, Windows XP SP2 said "
Component 'richtx32.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid

now, I try download 'richrx32.ocx' to windowssystem32

and enter
(1) CMD
(2) regsvr32 windowssystem32RICHTX32.OCX

but Regsvr32 said , ..

this word...

final no work, any method to fix ?


RICHTX32.OCX - How Can I Avoid Needing It...
There is something I must have added to my Project, which requires RICHTX32.OCX, what is it that used this .OCX? And how can I avoid needing it?

Thanks Very much


Richtx32 Ocx - DoVerb Function???
Hi all,

I use the OLE RichText Box control in the VFP 8 and I need copy selected text to the Windows clipboard (including font attributes). I try the DoVerb("copy") or DoVerb(3) call, but without positive result. When I do it manualy (right mouse click on the selected text, appears floating menu Undo,Cut,CopyPaste) and it works... Thnx for tips... Lubor.

Vista Problem With Richtx32
More on my problem with Vista
I have a user who has Windows Vista. The installer adds various controls to his system, one of which is Richtx32.ocx. Install seems to work fine, Richtx32 is in his System32 folder. When he runs the app it fails with a msg "Component RICHTX32.OCX or one of it's dependencies not correctly registered or invalid". So I get him to run Regsvr32, this seems to work, he gets the msg "DllRegister server in RICHTX32.OCX succeeded", he was running as Admin at the time. Runs the app again, gets exactly the same error He's tried it twice now with exactly the same results.
Anyone know why, or what can be done to fix it?


Richtx32.ocx Control Error At The Destination PC
Hai friends

one of my clients have reported the follwing after installing my software on his pc.

"Failed to load control 'RichTextBox' from richtx32.ocx. Your version of richx32.ocx may be outdated. Make sure you are using the version of the control that was provided with your application. "

shall i instruct him to register ocx uing regserver or whatever command?

A simple solution woruld be much appriciated?

Tired Subject Of Richtx32.ocx Dependencies
I am using the richtx32.ocx control, ver: in my project. I have included riched32.dll and richtx32.ocx as part of my package but when I installed this package onto a Windows NT computer it messed up WordPad. So evidently I did not include everything needed or not the right stuff.

Looking at the DEP file for richtx32.ocx I see that it depends on RichEd32.dll and ComCat.dll. But I have also read that for newer versions of the richtx32.ocx, riched32.dll is just a wrapper for riched20.dll. I do not have a dependency file for riched32.dll but I looked at my version of riched32.dll in the dependency walker and I see the attached:

Now here is the question that nags me all of the time. What files should I include in my distro, for what operating systems, and how do I know if I include the latest ocx's and dll's in my package that it will not break older software?

If you use the example of the riched32.dll it depends on riched20.ddl and user32.dll. Those two dlls then depend on other dlls. I know some of these dlls are loaded with the os but if I don't include them then later features may not work if I do include them then I my break older software.

Thanks for any guidance on this subject.


Richtx32.dll Error When Running Under Specific User
I have created a VB6 application and installed it on a Windows 2000 server. When I (administrator) run the application, it runs fine. When I run the program logged on as a non-administrative user, I get the following message:

"Run time error 339. Component Richtx32.ocx or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid"

I have re-registered the ocx, which I don't think is the issue. Because the program runs properly under my administrative signon, my guess is it is a permissions issue.

Can anyone advise?


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