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Run-time Error '480': Can't Create AutoRedraw Image

Hello. I don't know how to explain the problem, but I'll try.

I let the user to enter some number (number of Questions) Each Question consist 16 objects (Checkboxes, Labels and Textboxes)

Everything is working ... until I entered bigger number (I want the maximum number of questions to be 100, but it's getting me this error on 58th). Is there a solution ?

I'm not sure if you understand me ... if you want, I can give you the full source of the program to see your self.

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Can't Create Autoredraw Image - Error 480
I got this error "Can't create Autoredraw Image - Error 480" when I am using the api bitblt.


Can't Create Autoredraw Image Error (480)
I'm loading a picture on a picture box. When the width and height of the picture box go beyond the height of a limit its giving me the error, "Can't create autoredraw image (error 480)

In my program autoredraw property was set to true.

Any body knows about this error. Please help me.

Thanks in advance.


Error 480: Can't Create AutoRedraw Image
I'm getting this error ocassionally due to certain AutoRedrawn small picture boxes which I use as buttons with an icon drawn on them. The icons are drawn with the following method:

Public Sub DrawDaIcon(ByRef hWnd As Long, ByRef hDC As Long, IcoIndex As Byte, Optional Xpos As Long, Optional Ypos As Long)
'draws an icon using the proper colour depth

hIcon = ExtractIcon(hModule, App.Path & App.EXEName & ".exe", IcoIndex)
DrawIcon hDC, Xpos, Ypos, hIcon 'Draws the icon

End Sub

I must keep autoredraw set to True otherwise the icons disappear after moving another window over them. "Out of memory" errors are also annoying along with error 480.

If someone has a solution or workaround for this I'll really appreciate it.

Runtime Error - Cant Create Autoredraw Image???how Can I Fix This??
im creating a game using bitblt in vb..and i blit the character and the map just fine.. after i move my character around for awhile, a runtime error states

run-time error '480':
cant create autoredraw image

what does this mean, and how can i fix this??? also, my autoredraw property is true...and if i set ti to false the picture box turns white and doesnt display anything...please help me



Runtime Error '480' - Cannot Create AutoRedraw Image....
Hey guys,

I am continuing on with my MapEditor and here is my problem -

I have one picturebox, "picMapFrame" and another picturebox inside that one, "picMap".
When the form loads i have a data type to store the inputted Width and Height of the picMap (I used the picMap
inside the picMapFrame for scrolling purposes), after that, the picMap will resize to say 15x15. But my tiles are 48x48.
So i take the map width and height and multiply them both by 48.

The selected tile withint my picTileset is blitted to another picture, "picSelected". Now when i try to blit that tile to the picMap
I get the error message, "Runtime Error '480' - Cannot create AutoRedraw image".

Code:Private Sub picMap_MouseDown(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, x As Single, y As Single)
    x = Int(x / 48)
    y = Int(y / 48)
If Button = 1 Then
    BitBlt picMap.hDC, x * 48, y * 48, 48, 48, picSelected.hDC, 0, 0, SrcCopy
End If

Any ideas on what the problem is?:

Thank You,


    * Reusing pieces of code is like picking off sentences
      from other people's stories and trying to make a magazine article.

    * The concept of a program can be done in less than ten minutes.
      The difficult part is sitting at the computer for hours on end making it happen.

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Can't Create Autoredraw Image
I am create vb 6 program for image processing with PictureBox object.

The Program running well until when i am using high resolution image 4232 x 2539 pixels with size 7.85 MB, raise error "Runtime error 480: Can't create AutoRedraw image".
I have searching on internet but did not help me to define the problem. Here my code :

Public Function GetTrueBits(pb As PictureBox, abPicture() As Byte, BI As BITMAPINFO) As Boolean
Dim bmp As BITMAP
Call GetObjectAPI(pb.Picture, Len(bmp), bmp)
ReDim BI.bmiColors(0)
With BI.bmiHeader
.biSize = Len(BI.bmiHeader)
.biWidth = bmp.bmWidth
.biHeight = bmp.bmHeight
.biPlanes = 1
.biBitCount = 24
.biCompression = BI_RGB
.biSizeImage = BytesPerScanLine(.biWidth) * .biHeight
ReDim abPicture(BytesPerScanLine(.biWidth) - 1, .biHeight - 1)
End With
GetTrueBits = GetDIBits(pb.hDC, pb.Picture, 0, BI.bmiHeader.biHeight, abPicture(0, 0), BI, DIB_RGB_COLORS) 'this is line where the error raise - pb.hDC
End Function

Really appriate for help, because i need to finish this program ASAP.

Can't Create AutoRedraw Image?
Yo as the title implies .... how do i avoid this error when trying to draw something to a large picture box?

Cannot Create Autoredraw Image
I have the following methods in my procedure:

Sub AlignScrollBars()
If Me.ScaleHeight <> 0 And Me.ScaleWidth <> 0 Then
' Resize the scrollbars
HScroll.Width = Me.ScaleWidth - lblFiller.Width
VScroll.Height = Me.ScaleHeight - lblFiller.Height - 1170

' Reposition the scrollbars
HScroll.Left = 0: HScroll.Top = Me.ScaleHeight - HScroll.Height
VScroll.Top = 1170: VScroll.Left = Me.ScaleWidth - VScroll.Width

' Reposition the PictureBox
Picture1.Top = (-1 * VScroll) + 1170
Picture1.Left = (-1 * HScroll)

' Reposition the Picturebox label by scrollbars
lblFiller.Top = VScroll.Height + VScroll - 30
lblFiller.Left = HScroll.Width + HScroll - 30

End If

End Sub

Private Sub Form_Resize()
'Picture1.Move 0, 44, ScaleWidth, ScaleHeight
End Sub

Private Sub HScroll_Change()
End Sub

Private Sub VScroll_Change()
End Sub

' Draw the shape in the area defined by the points
' (m_X1, m_Y1) and (m_X2, m_Y2).
Private Sub DrawShape()
Picture1.Line (m_X1, m_Y1)-(m_X2, m_Y2), , B

End Sub

If I remove the line "Picture1.Move 0, 44, ScaleWidth, ScaleHeight", I get the following error: "Cannot create autoredraw image". The error occurs when I draw a rectangle with the mouse using the method DrawShape.
If I keep it the scroll does not work properly and the Form underneath the picture appears.
Does anyone have any suggestion to fix this anomaly

Can't Create AutoRedraw Image

I have an application in which I print to a series of picture boxes (around 20 of them), all of whose AutoRedraw property is set to true. I encountered a "Cant create AutoRedraw Image" error at pic box no.11. Strangely, if I catch the error and continue with printing on the 12th pic box onwards, the printing continues as usual. The 12th pic box shows up with its image normally.

I was thinking this error occurs when the system cannot allocate any more memory for the persistent bitmaps. If it cannot, how did the 12th pic box get its image? Can anybody offer an explanation to this behavior? Is there any gap in my understanding? Please help.

Thank you.

Cant Create AutoRedraw Image
I have a image and I load it into the file. Its HUGE.

It cant get the memory to create the image.
How do I work around this?

Can't Create Autoredraw Picture?
I have a pretty large picturebox (3200x3200 pixels), but when I try to draw something to it it complains about "Can't create AutoReadraw picture", and I have AutoReadraw = true (it must be).

Solution For Autoredraw Image
I found the following solution for autoredraw image in the MSDN library but don't exactly know how to implement.

Error: Can't create AutoRedraw image (Error 480)

Visual Basic can't create a persistent bitmap for automatic redraw of the form or picture. This error has the following cause and solution:

There isn't enough available memory for the AutoRedraw property to be set to True. Set the AutoRedraw property to False and perform your own redraw in the Paint event procedure, or make the PictureBox control or Form object smaller and try the operation again with AutoRedraw set to True.

Can anyone give me some guide in how to perform redraw in the Paint event procedure?

Also is it please possible to drop this "Centurion" thing off my name. I even don't know the "V" of Visual Basic and struggling with simple stuffs let alone to become a "Centurion".

How Do You Create A New Image During Run Time Using VB3?
How do you create a new image during run time using VB3? Does anyone know the code?

How To Clear Autoredraw Image From Memory ?
I have a MDI form which might load maybe a 20 or 30 MDI documents at the same time. The MDI form that's loaded multiple times, have picture boxes which autoredraw properties is set true. This is the fastest way i can implement a flickerless output. (You may advice back buffering in memory and BitBlt it to screen, i tried and it's not fast as Autoredraw).

Anyway, it's OK when only 5 or10 MDI documents loaded but after 10 or 15 it says that "Autoredraw image can't be created". I think it's getting out of GDI memory.

As you see, i just use Autoredraw just for back buffering (for flickcerless output). After my drawing is done i want to get rid of the buffer image (clear form memory) that VB creates when autoredraw is set to true. This is where i want your help.

Thanks for your interest...

Want To Create An Image Control At Run Time
Recently I was told how to create a picture box at run time...

Dim picOut as IPictureDisp
That worked great for me...

Now I need to create an image control on the fly at run time. I need to do this so I can LOADPICTURE a .JPG into it and then STRETCH that picture in the IMAGE control so that I can put it to a PRINTER object at a different size.

Does this make sense?

How To Create A Line Between Two Points On Any Image At Run Time
how to create a line between two points on any image at run time ...?

AutoRedraw Error
I keep getting an errors whenever I try to run my app twice. I either get and "Out of Memory" or a "Cant create AutoRedraw Image" error. I thought it was because I wasn't cleaning up some of the stuff I used to load images into my DCs, but I checked that and I clean it up. Is there something I'm missing that could cause my app to run out of memory like this?

Run-time Error '429' ....can't Create Object
I've searched devshed on this already. Found some good info and tried several things like making sure .ocx files were registered. Here's a brief description of what's happening...

I've developed a single page input form for patient progress notes that makes my job easier and I hope will make the jobs of others at the office easier. The program works well on my desktop.

I loaded it to a colleague's laptop. The program runs and stores data in the database. She doesn't have MSAccess, but I have a search capability in the prg so I see the stored data the next time I attempt to use it.

The problem is that (on her machine) it will not produce the MSAccess report. When I click the "Print" cmd button the '429' error pops up.

Her laptop has MDAC 2.7 and I've tried registering the ocx files, but still get the error. Please help me solve this problem.

Run Time Error 429 ActiveX Cant Create Object
I am developing a VB application that will launch ABBYY FineReader 7.0 . I am using the statement
dim abbyy as FineReader.Application
Set abbyy = CreateObject("FineReader.Application")

The CreateObject() statement is throwing an errrr

Run time error 429 ActiveX cannot create object

Anybody can hepl me ......


RUN TIME ERROR 429:Active X Component Can't Create Object
I've done an application and I've create CD installation using VisualStudioInstaller.

I've installed on a machine in which there is not MSAccess installed and when
I run the application I can see this error:

Run Time error 429:
Active X componente can't create object

The error is brought by the following instruction:

Set Datab = OpenDatabase(Percorso + DBNAME)

Thanx in advance

Run-Time Error '429'. ActiveX Component Can't Create Object

Dim session As New notessession
TextUserName = session.UserName
Set session = Nothing

The above codes runs fine in my computer installed with VB6. After I package it as a setup.exe and installed to another computer, the program did not run but gave me the error code 429.

Please help and appreciated!


Run-time Error '429' ActiveX Component Can't Create Object

as i was running the code in excel 2000 using marco but i keep having this error

Run-time Error '429' ActiveX component can't create object

then when i click on the debug button it show this error stmt
Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

p/s:it work fine on other pc but it cannot work on mine.. isit tat my pc din install properly???

pls help...

thanks in advance!!!

Run-time Error '429': ActiveX Component Cant Create Object
i get this error and it highlights this like

Set DDraw = DX.DirectDrawCreate("")

and i get this error in a game that i played every day and it didnt happen before... i think its something with directx

and yea i downloaded directx9b and installed it a sec ago.. and still the same problem.

any ideas how to fix this?


Run-time Error '429': ActiveX Component Can't Create Object
i have been working on this bug for a week and now i am at a total loss

i posted a quick ? about it here but didn't get very far with it

i've included a sample of code that mimicks what my program does

can anyone help me??

it runs just fine on a machine with VB on it, but get one without and it wont run, it just comes up with an error.

then if you install vb on that same machine it'll run

even if you then uninstall windows

i know about this binary incapability problem (which is the responce i got before) but i don't think it really apply's here (obviously)


Run-time Error '429': ActiveX Component Can't Create Object

I have a VB 6.0 Application that is packaged and then installed on laptops. The application was created using a Windows 98 machine and has been used on these machines for over a year. We are now getting XP machines and I tried to install the application on the new machine . Everything works fine expect when I press the button that actually opens the Access Database so the user can run reports and queries. When I press the button I receieve the following error:
"Run-time error '429': ActiveX component can't create object".

Any ideas would help!!

The code behind the button is:

Sub cmdReport_Click()
Dim appAccess As Access.Application
Dim strFormName As String

strFormName = "frmQuarterCloseButton"
Set appAccess = New Access.Application
appAccess.OpenCurrentDatabase gsDatabaseName
'appAccess.UserControl = True
appAccess.DoCmd.OpenForm strFormName

appAccess.DoCmd.GoToControl "cmdQuarterCloseDisplay"
MsgBox "Go to Access to View Reports and Click OK when finished"
End Sub

Run-Time Error 429: ActiveX Component Can't Create Object

I hava an ERROR code 429 With This Syntax :

Dim cdlOpen As Object

Set cdlOpen = CreateObject("MSComDlg.CommonDialog")

With cdlOpen
.CancelError = True
.FilterIndex = 1
.DialogTitle = getWord("Open") & " " & getWord("Files") & "..."
.MaxFileSize = &H7FFF
.Flags = &H4 Or &H800 Or &H40000 Or &H200 Or &H80000
sFilenames = .FileName
End With

The ShowOpen gives an error stating:

Run-time error '429':

ActiveX component can't create object

This code works on my computer but not on others. I have installed the VB6 Runtime package but that did nothing...

Any help would be very appreciated.

Thank u, Roy.

Run-time Error '429': ActiveX Component Can't Create Object.
I have two DLL files located in my application path and
WindowsSystem path.
One of the DLL files performs Encryption, and the
second one is for other purpose. The DLL used for
Encryption is giving problem.
When I make EXE file of my application, and run on the
Win98 environment where Visual Basic 6 is installed,
it works fine. But when I run my application on a
system where VB6 is not installed, it displays an error:
Run-time error '429':
ActiveX component can't create object.

I even prepared "Setup" for my application by using
"Package and Deployment Wizard", but then also the
same error is displayed. I then installed "VBRUN60SP5",
but the problem persists.

Which file is required by Visual Basic?

Run-time Error 419 ActiveX Component Cant Create Object

I am getting this error at the following line:

Set objStatus = CreateObject("Status.clsStatus")

I know what the error means, it usually means that some sort of DLL or OCX is not registered however that cannot be the case here because I have all the DLL's and OCX's registered (unless they are corrupted than I'm not sure which one it would be)

This is not my code so I'm not exactly sure but I think Status.clsStatus is support to create a Crystal Reports object because that's what needs to be done within that function.

The following code is my full function:

P.S I CAN NOT change anything in the code because it works fine on the developers machine just doesnt work on the client matchine, but I thought I would post it for a better understading of whats going on.

Thanks alot in advanced.


Erena V.

Run Time Error 429 : Activex Component Can't Create Object
Hi all,

It is very urgent please help I'm getting this error (Run time error 429 : Activex Component can't create object) when try to make adodb connection to any provider. I'm using following code :

dim cnn as adodb.connection

set cnn=new adodb.connection ----> error occur at this point "provider=provider name; data saource = datasource name;"

Please help me urgently

Thanks in advance



Run-time Error '429' ActiveX Component Can't Create Object

I have an application which runs fine on my development PC which is running Win 2K, but when I try and run the same app on an NT machine, it fails and returns the above error.

I have searched the web for an answer and have done the recommended steps such as registering scrrun.dll.

The line of code where it is failing is the following...

Set m_oUtrac = New Utrac.cUTRACFile

This is calling a dll which I have created. I have also registered this using regsvr32.

Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?
Getting desperate!

Thanks for any help,

Run-time Error '743': Unable To Create Or Activate New Instance Of ...

My control uses certain early-bound control (library x say)

I just updated library x with latest version (same interface)

But attempting to instantiate my control early/late bound results in:

"Run-time error '743': Unable to create or activate new instance of <my control prog id>"

Any clues appreciated.

Thanks & Regards

Run-time Error '429': ActiveX Component Can't Create Object.
Dear friends,

I have developed a program in vb 3.0 before 3 years, compiled it, copied all required dll files to the compiled program directory, and the compiled program worked fine on all computers.

Recently, I have updated the program to vb 6.0. The program creates an access97 database while running. The program works fine in the development environment, but when i tried to test the program on a stand alone pc where vb & jet database engine is not installed, I am getting following error. Although I have copied the required dll files, but I think some files are still missing and I can't figure out the missing dll file. Following is the actual error and the statement causing error on a machine without a jet database engine.

Run-time error '429': ActiveX component can't create object.

The error occurs in the following statment. tempFileName is the variable name in which the name of the file with full path is stored. The path exists and the statement works fine in the development environment but gives error in compiled program on a new machine.

Set db = CreateDatabase(tempFileName, ";LANGID=0x0809;CP=1252;COUNTRY=0", 4)

I have copied the following dll and other files to my program directory but still I am getting error running compiled program on a new machine. Can any one help me figure out the missing file, which I can place in my program directory to avoid error no. 429. Thank you.

 Volume in drive C has no label
 Volume Serial Number is 3845-11DD
 Directory of C:Program Filesmy program

. <DIR> 09-30-03 2:56p .
.. <DIR> 09-30-03 2:56p ..
DAO350 DLL 570,128 04-27-98 12:00a DAO350.DLL
MSVBVM60 DLL 1,409,024 12-09-98 9:58p MSVBVM60.DLL
OLEAUT32 DLL 598,288 03-10-99 10:24a OLEAUT32.DLL
ACCESS97 MDB 67,584 09-17-03 1:57p access97.mdb
EXPSRV DLL 379,152 11-05-98 9:21a EXPSRV.DLL
MSJET35 DLL 1,045,776 04-24-98 12:00a MSJET35.DLL
MSJINT35 DLL 123,664 04-24-98 12:00a MSJINT35.DLL
MSJTER35 DLL 24,848 04-24-98 12:00a MSJTER35.DLL
MSRD2X35 DLL 252,176 04-24-98 12:00a MSRD2X35.DLL
MSREPL35 DLL 407,312 04-24-98 12:00a MSREPL35.DLL
MSVCRT40 DLL 326,656 01-28-99 1:59p MSVCRT40.DLL
VB5DB DLL 89,360 06-18-98 12:00a VB5DB.DLL
VBAJET32 DLL 30,992 11-05-98 9:21a VBAJET32.DLL
OLEPRO32 DLL 164,112 03-10-99 10:24a OLEPRO32.DLL
ASYCFILT DLL 147,728 03-10-99 9:40a ASYCFILT.DLL
STDOLE2 TLB 17,920 03-10-99 10:24a STDOLE2.TLB
COMCAT DLL 6,144 06-12-98 12:24p COMCAT.DLL
ACCESDIR EXE 262,144 09-29-03 3:59p accesdir.exe
Thank you.

Run Time Error: ActiveX Component Cant Create Object

I have created a addin to outlook. I need to invoke a subroutine from this addin at regular intervals(scheduled task). So I have written an entry_Point() subroutine which performs the function desired.

Since its a scheduled task,i am using batch file to run a .exe project. This exe project has a class with methods that creates instance of Connect of dll<Addin> and calls the entry_Point subroutine.

When the schedule task executes the flow of execution stops at a point in entry_Point subroutine of dll where the following code exists

----here is the declaration required such as olapp and objns etc

**Set olapp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set objNS = olapp.GetNamespace("MAPI")
Set colContactItems = objNS.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderContacts).Items

error occurs at line marked **

this error occurs only when the batch file executes at its scheduled time.
If i run the exe directly by double clicking the exe file or from dos prompt than the execution takes place smoothly without any error.

Can any one help me. I am not getting how to debug it either as its runtime error.

Run Time Error 429: Active X Componente Can't Create Object
I've done an application and I've create CD installation using VisualStudioInstaller.

I've installed on a machine in which there is not MSAccess installed and when
I run the application I can see this error:

Run Time error 429:
Active X componente can't create object

The error is brought by the following instruction:

Set Datab = OpenDatabase(Percorso + DBNAME)

Thanx in advance

"Run-time Error '429' ActiveX Component Can't Create Object"

I developed my app on a laptop with Windows XP Home. It runs fine. On an earlier version, it ran fine when I installed in on my Windows 2000 desktop. Now, for some reason I get a "Run-time error '429' ActiveX component can't create object" message (see attached image).

I am not using a database. I am using a dll and am registering it using INNO 5 installer. I have manually registered it also, but still get the same Run-time error.

Inno line to register....

Source: "C:Documents and SettingsuserDesktopInstallTools.dll"; DestDir: "{sys}"; Flags: restartreplace sharedfile regserver

The only thing I can remember changing is that I added a picture to my "About" form.


Run-time Error 429 "ActiveX Component Can't Create Object"
Hi all,

I made a connection to Rational Rose dll in visual basic. In my computer everything works but if I use package&deployment wizard to make run the .exe in another computer it appears the runtime error 429, ActiveX component can't create object?

In target machine I have already installed visual basic runtime environment.

Are there any dll I have to add to the target machine besides dll that have been added by package&deployment wizard?

Sorry for my poor english.

MSChart (Run-Time Error 13) When Trying To Create Object Of MSChart
Hello everyboy,

I am having some problems when trying to create an instance of an mschart object. I am writing a dll that should make up an chart from a recordset, but i have no interface to define mschart on to, so need to do it by my self. When i try something like this i get the runtime error 13.

Dim crt As MSChart20Lib.MSChart
Set crt = CreateObject("MSChart20Lib.MSChart")

If i try something like this:

Dim crt As MSChart
Set crt = CreateObject("MSChart")

i get the runtime-error 429, can't create activeX.

Is it possible to initialize mschart without putting it in a form, but initiating it directly from a module or a class, because my dll doesn't support any forms. I just wan to save a JPG picture of the chart i populated, so don't need to present the chart.

Thanks for any help,

(Image Size, Image Adrress, And Creation Time) Of A Process ?
how can I get (Image size, Image Adrress, and Creation time) of a process if I knpw the ID or the handle ?!


Run-Time Image Different Than Design-time Image!?!?!?! ***!!!???
When I choose an icon for my form at design time it works great - looks fine, good size, good color, but when I use LoadPicture() or LoadResPicture() with the same icon file, it becomes somewhat pixilated and converts to only a couple of colors (mostly grey), as well as losing it's transparency. Any ideas? I'd really like to fix this up!

Image Control Generates Error If Image's Path Is Assigned To Picture Property
I m storing .jpg file path in a field 'ImagePath' which is of type 'Text' of say table A. Now i want to display that .jpg file whose path is stored in the table A into an Image Control. the picture property of the image control doesn't takes the path string... and prompts an error message that object is required.. ! how to display the image in the Image control.

thanx n regards

Error Msg - "Run-Time Error &#039;-2147417848(80010108)&#039;: Automation Error
I have a menu-item which when clicked starts up a browser and goes to the site which the user selected from the appropriate menulist. It works fine in VB6 when I click on the play button, (design time). However, after using the Package & Deployment Wizard, I get the following error message: "Run-Time error '-2147417848(80010108)': Automation Error What in the world is going on. Is it that the browser object is not installing correctly since it works in the VB6 environment? :-( Or is it some code that is creating the problem. I am still new at this, but making great progress. Just ready to get this beta out to some of my testers.

I was under the impression that if you could run the program during the design process without any problems, then you could run it after compiling and packaging with the Deployment Wizard.

email should be on my post,... however it is:


How To Create GIF Image ?
[font=verdana]Hello to all Forum Members ;

For last many days , Im trying to find some VB information about how to create a GIF image through Visual Basic Source code. But I couldn't find anything.

Please help me to learm this aspect. I have seen many third party GIF Animator Software Tools and wanted to develop something similar on my own. But till the time , I couldn't figure out the technique they use for creation of GIF image.

If you have any source code or suggestion or link then please send that to me and help me to improve my Programming Skills.

Thanks ,


Create An Image
i want when i press a command button an image is created in the form, so how can i do that?

How To Create Image Map In VB
Hi all,

I am developing an application in VB which faciliates area search. I want to include a map, and generate a search based on the location clicked on the map. I have now implemented this using the scriplet control and image maping functions of html. The images are very huge around 12MB -15MB and it takes a lot of time to load, also the scriptlet controls url property cannot be set at runtime. So I have to use different scriptlet controls for each zoom level. Is there a way by which it can be done in VB itself using image box or any other control which will be faster.


Create Cd Image
i want to create an image of a cd , as it is . (a winiso and other software do).i know it's not so easy but but possible . i tried a search but cant find much code on psc except flamedcd . hope anyone can give me a code , activex or atleast a way on how to do it.

How To Create An Image... In Runtime
how can I make an image box, then assign it an image in runtime in VB6?



Create Image At Runtime And Put It On Top
I'm creating an image at runtime... but all the other images that I'm creating are beneath this one.. and it cannot be seen (supposing the first image is big). I want that the last image I create to be on top on the other ones.
Here is the code for creating the image at runtime:

Private WithEvents imagine As Image

Set imagine = cata.Controls.Add("VB.Image", "Imagine" & index_imagine)

index_imagine = index_imagine + 1

If chkStrech.Value = 1 Then
imagine.Stretch = True
End If

With imagine
.Visible = True
.Left = txtLeft.Text
.Top = txtTop.Text
.Width = txtWidth.Text
.Height = txtHeight.Text
.Picture = LoadPicture(txtPicture.Text)

End With

Dynamicly Create Image
Hello again
i'm creating image controls dynamicly to load images from a folder.
i'm having no trouble with this.
my problem is moving the control to the right position. this is because i need to make a line of 4 images and then go to the next row. can someone help me?

Create New Image Box At Runtime
I have a program that needs to create a new image box at runtime, anyone have any ideas?


I searched but nothing really helped me.

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