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Run-time Error 75 (path/file Access Error)

I am using a common dialog to search for a file, but when I click on Cancel and there is no filename in the filename field of the common dialog, I get the error on the highlighted line:



Run-time error '75':
Path/File access error.

VB Code:
Private Sub cmdImportDatabaseConnectionString_Click()    With cdlgImportDatabaseFile        .CancelError = False        .DialogTitle = "Import Database Connection Settings"        .Filter = "Database File (*.dbs)|*.dbs"        .ShowOpen        m_strFileName = .FileName    End With        [hl]FileCopy m_strFileName, App.Path & "" & m_strFileName & ".dbs"[/hl]End Sub

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Run Time Error: 75 - Path/File Access Error

I have packaged a program with the Deployment Wizard, and have installed the program on my computer for testing. However when I go to run my app error 75 - Path/File access error pops up. Is it possible that the wizard has packaged a .ocx file or something that is used by some other application in windows 98? Or could it be something in my code? Thanks

Run-time Error '75': Path/file Access Error
So I tried to create a program that created a folder in the Windows directory and then copied a certain file to that newly created directory. I have accomplished this, oddly, on my computer only. When I send the program to others to use they receive this error:

[run-time error '75'....path/file access error]

Anybody seem to know the problem?

I will paste partial code if needed.

Run-time Error '75': Path/File Access Error
Ok I downloaded an old version on to one of the teachers computers just so she could get started with making the vocab lists. The first time i started it up it ran fine but then the second time the splash screen came up then this error came up.
Run-time error '75':
Path/File access error
I resarted the comp and same thing i reistalled it and same problem. do you have any suggestions? Here is the installation package. Remember this is old version like 2 weeks old I have added much more. you need winzip to unpackage it. Here is the un packaged source code for ya if you can like get it to work it fits on a disk. .
If you could help me with this one i would be truly grateful!!!

:-) ;-)


just have fun out there and live life to the fullest while it is still here


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Package And Deployment : Error 75 : Path/file Access Error
I am trying to build a setup package for a VB 6 project. I get a "Unexpected error 75:Path/file access error" and
writing setup.lst goes on forever.
I tried to remove all references but the error still persists. Could somebody please let me know what could be the possible solution to this.

RunTime Error 75: Path/File Access Error.
Hi all,

This is blowing my mind!

I have the following piece of code which I have been testing:-

file_name = "C:Documents and SettingsHomeDesktopTest1.xls"
save_to = "D:Test1_(" & Format(Now, "dd-mmm-yyyy") & " " & Format(Now, "hh_mm_ss") & ") " & ".xls"

FileCopy file_name, save_to
I have run the code 14 times (on separate cd's) and it's copied the file to the cd drive ("D:") every single time.

All of a sudden, I am getting a RunTime Error 75: Path/File access error . Why?

If I manually copy and paste to the D drive it works. I use FileCopy, it returns an error. I change the path from D to C, it works. I have searched millions of sites and cannot find an answer.

Thanks in advance,

RunTime Error :75 Path/file Access Error
the error message "RunTime error :75 path/file access error" appear in my application , the error raised not for all clients( all win2000/winXP ),the clients that have the user name that contains dot character( eg Moh.issam) have this error, but the users that hav nor contain dot character (eg Moh ) have not the error .

the error occured when i open the connection.


Error 75 Path/File Access Error
I am getting the above message when i try and read some files in my root folder. These are Windows Hidden/System files but I am only trying to open them for reading. The files open up fine in Notepad so I cant understand why my program gives me this error. The code is as follows:

VB Code:
Open ResultsArray(5, Index) & ResultsArray(0, Index) For Binary As #FileNumber            If Err.Number = 0 Then                                TextLine = String(LOF(FileNumber), " ")                Get #FileNumber, , TextLine                 'each time a param matches we add one to matchcount variable                'at end if matchcount = number of params we entered then we have a match                For Index2 = KeywordListbox.ListCount - 1 To 0 Step -1                    If MatchCase.Value = Checked Then                        If InStr(TextLine, KeywordListbox.List(Index2)) Then                            KeywordListbox.RemoveItem (Index2)                            MatchCount = MatchCount + 1                        End If                    Else                        If InStr(UCase(TextLine), UCase(KeywordListbox.List(Index2))) > 0 Then                            KeywordListbox.RemoveItem (Index2)                            MatchCount = MatchCount + 1                        End If                    End If                Next                DoEvents                If CancelSearch = True Then                    Close #FileNumber                    ProgressBar1.Value = ProgressBar1.Max                    Exit Sub                End If            Else                MsgBox ResultsArray(0, Index) & " " & Err.Number & " " & Err.Description                MatchFiles.ListItems.Add , , ResultsArray(0, Index)                MatchFiles.ListItems(MatchFiles.ListItems.Count).SubItems(1) = "Poo"            End If            Close #FileNumber

I have checked the file and pathname the open statement is using and it is valid. I have also looked on the web for reasons for an eror 75. Some site say u get it if you try and write to a read only file.Well it IS readonly but as i say, im not writing.Any pointers please?

Error 75 Path File Access Error
I am converting an old Microsoft BASIC system to a Visual BASIC intranet application and when I try to open the existing RANDOM files with READ WRITE SHARED I get error 75 Path File Access error. If I rename the file and then let VB open up a new one and copy the old file back to the correct name, the error goes away. It's just when I try to open up the files that were created by the old Microsoft BASIC application that I get this error. Has anyone run across this problem before? Thanks

Error 75: Path/File Access Error

I have a VB6 program which runs as a service on NT4 (using srvany.exe). The program opens a text file (which is created by another service), reads it and closes it. Everything worked well for months, but a couple of days ago is started giving error 75 "Path/File access error" after the open statement. I tried everything: Turned off the service that writes the file, used the literal file name (instaed of 'App.Path & "MyFile.txt"'), even turned the server on and off... Nothing works. Any ideas?


File Access Error/Path Error No:75

my application has to be run through CD. when i run it on my system through CD, it runs, but on other system, when i run, it gives File Path/Access Error no. 75.
Please tell me how to troubleshoot this error at runtime.
Thanks in advance

Path File Access Error 75
I get this error everytime I try to read a particular File. The same module ReadFiles is used to read several other files with no problems. I placed a message box after the open statement and just before the get #2 command.
The message box displays the FULL length File Path and it is definitely CORRECT! Why does this happen?

Path/file Access Error?

i finally figured out why the directory wasnt being removed, file access/path error

for some reason if i do rmdir folder (with subfolders in it and files) it wont do them

even if i make a MSDOS batchfile to say

rmdir /s /q &temppath & "xyz"

and call the shell to execute it - doesnt seem to remove the directory at all

if i do it in MSDOS - rmdir /s /q c:xyz

it works!

so whats the problem????

Path/file Access Error
Hello, I've search the forum but I couldn't find a working solution for my problem so I ask it myself.

When I try to run my app the following bit gives me a path/file access error. It's the fourth line from the bottom, the 'Open filenaam For Output As laatst' line

If firstrun = True Then
laatstGeopend = Date
Open filenaam For Output As laatst
Print #laatst, laatstGeopend
Close laatst
Open filenaam For Input As laatst
laatstGeopend = StrConv(InputB(LOF(laatst), laatst), vbUnicode)
Close laatst
End If

If Date < laatstGeopend Then
Label1.Caption = "U heeft de systeemdatum teruggezet, zet hem alstublieft weer op de juiste datum of neem contact op!"
lblDoorgaan.Caption = "False"
Open filenaam For Output As laatst
Print #laatst, Date
Close laatst
End If

Maybe someone can help me with it?


Path/File Access Error
Why do i get "Path/File Access Error" with this code

tile1 = LoadPicture(App.Path + "" & map(m) & ".bmp")

Path/file Access Error
Need a liitle direction. I have a program that was developed with vb6 on xp home version. The program uses sequential and random access files to gather the data on a network. To simulate this I have a second computer networked to the IDE computer and it reads the data over the network with no problem. A compiled version on the IDE machine will read the data over the network as well. I packaged the program with PDW and installed a copy on the second computer. If I direct the data files to be read on the e: directory of that computer, it work fine. If I direct the data files to cross the network I then get a Path/file access error. I inserted an error routine to return the path that it failed on and the path given is a valid path. By the time it gets to this failure, it has already read a number of files without difficulty. Have I missed something in the components when I packaged the program. I have SP6 installed. Would appreciate any help.

Path/File Access Error?
trying to export text box text to the a drive (or anywhere it doesnt work for c either)........whats wrong?.........thanks

Private Sub cmdsaveas_Click()
Open "A:New Folder" For Append As 1
Print #1, txtid.Text

Close 1

End Sub

Path/File Access Error

I using a Vb Code for making My sofwate protected.
I have used these Codes

Private Sub Form_Initialize()
Dim InstallDate1 As String * 12
Dim InstallDate2 As String * 10
Dim ProgPath As String
Dim FileName As String
Dim FileLength As String

ProgPath = App.Path
If Right(ProgPath, 1) <> "" Then ProgPath = ProgPath & ""
FileName = ProgPath & App.EXEName & ".exe"
FileLength = FileLen(FileName)

Open FileName For Binary As #1
Get #1, FileLength - 21, InstallDate1
Get #1, , InstallDate2

If InstallDate1 <> "InstallDate " Then
Put #1, FileLength + 1, "InstallDate " & Format(Now, "yyyy/mm/dd")
If DateDiff("d", InstallDate2, Format(Now, "yyyy/mm/dd")) > 30 Then
MsgBox "Your programm has been Expired" & vbCrLf & "Contact to your Software Provider", vbCritical, "Contact To MakSoft"
ElseIf DateDiff("d", InstallDate2, Format(Now, "yyyy/mm/dd")) < 0 Then
'MsgBox "Don't Be Claver"
'MsgBox 30 - DateDiff("d", InstallDate2, Format(Now, "yyyy/mm/dd")) & " days left"
End If
End If
End Sub

These codes are Running Successfully in the VB Environment
BUT After intalation By Inno Setup It is Not Running and Giving the Error Path/File Access Error
If i Delete these code segment then it is running successfully after instalation by INNO Setup Program.

Please help soon as i'm in greate confusion

Thanks in Advance

Path/File Access Error
I've packaged an app using the P+D Wizard which I can install when I run the setuo.exe from the hard drive.
If I try and run the same setup.exe but when it resides on a cd I get a runtime error 75 Path/File access error.
I'm fairly sure this is occurring when the setup tries to write something to the registry but I can't seem to fix it..
I presume its something to do with permissions but if anyone can shed any light on it.....................

File/Path Access Error
When trying to name a file i am getting a file/path access error. here is the code where the error occurs....the error occurs in the Name statement:

If Len(Dir$(lastdatafile)) <> 0 Then Kill lastdatafile

Name processfilename As lastdatafile

Any ideas on what could be causing this problem?

Path/File Access Error #75

I've created an update application to make periodic changes to my end-user's database. I have used this application prior with no problems, and on my own pc (Win XP), but it bombs on other pcs - including my laptop running Win 98.

The last time I distributed the updates (update.exe, and assorted other files), I used the VB Setup wizard. But since this creates an entry in the Add/Remove Programs, I thought I would just create a self-extracting zip file for the pieces I need to add or overwrite.

The code is as follows:

Name App.Path & "update.exe" As App.Path & "update1.exe"

Yeah, I know the documentation says that you can't rename a file while it's open, but it does work when I run this on my pc in a secluded test area (not in runtime).

Any thoughts?


Path/File Access Error
I was working with my program from usb memory. I don't know reason but last day all my files converted to Hidden System files.
I used to "Attribute Changer 5.30" program and remove Hidden and System feature and then run my project. When i try to save my projects after make some changement , program gives "Path File Access Error" and opened "Save File As " window meanwhile all my files convert to Hidden and System Files again.
Please help me to solve this problem ?

Path/File Access Error
Im trying to save data in C: in text format but im getting ths error " Path/File access error" but when i chnge The path name to E:(Flash) disk It works) what might be the problem?

Open "C:WeatherData.txt" For Output As #1
Print #1, Text1 & vbCrLf & vbCrLf
Print #1, Text2
Close #1

Path/File Access Error
Hi all,

I am trying to move files from one folder to another with my program. How I am doing it is the user clicks the file in the file list box and then clicks Copy, then clicks a folder name in a listbox. But it gives me the error "Path/File Access Error"

Here is my code

VB Code:
Private Sub cmdCopyTo_Click()    If File1.ListIndex < 0 Then        MsgBox "No Selected Songs.", vbCritical        Exit Sub    End If    sFileName = File1.Path    If Right$(sFileName, 1) <> "" Then        sFileName = sFileName & ""    End If    sFileName = sFileName & File1.Filename    MsgBox "Select Folder to send files to.", vbInformation    blnCopy = TrueEnd Sub Private Sub lstSetupAr_Click()    Dim dir As String    If blnCopy Then        lstSetupDire.ListIndex = lstSetupAr.ListIndex        [color=Red]FileCopy sFileName, lstSetupDire.Text[/color] 'Error Line        blnCopy = False        Exit Sub    End IfEnd Sub

PAth/File Access Error
trying to run the following code on an EXE (Actually Excel)
and Im getting the following error
Error 75
Path/File Access Error??

if I take off the Access Read Write works...until it hits PUT

any clues?

Private Sub ReverseByteNumbers(ByVal FileName As String)
Dim K As Long, byteArr() As Byte, FL As Integer

FL = FreeFile
Open FileName For Binary Access Read Write Lock Read Write As FL

ReDim byteArr(LOF(FL) - 1)
Get FL, , byteArr

For K = 0 To UBound(byteArr)
byteArr(K) = Not byteArr(K)
Next K

Put FL, 1, byteArr

Close FL
End Sub

File/Path Access Error
Here is my code:

VB Code:
Printer.Print "My Company"Printer.EndDoc Open "COM1" For Output As #1 'the error happens here"print #1, commands follws here

I used the Printer object to print something then uses 'COM1' to directly print to it ( the printer is connected to COM1). I really need to do this for some reasons. Please help me...

Path/File Access Error

I'm making a mp3 player, with ID3v1 tag functions. You can also change the tag, but when the song your trying to re-tag is playing I get a Path/File access error. Does anyone know how I can change the tag while the file is playing.


Path/File Access Error.
I have updated a dbf and am trying to save the file as a different name. Here is the line I get the error on:

Name "K:AHCA_Reporting_SystemReportsServiceUtilizationReportSUR.dbf" As "K:AHCA_Reporting_SystemReportsServiceUtilizationReportSHPS01Q1.dbf"

As soon as it gets to this line I get the following error:

Path/File access error.

Path / File Access Error
what to do when
"Path / File access error" is raised
when installing a setup program
created with the Package & Deployment Wizard tool
of the Visual Studio for a Visual Basic project.

Path/file Access Error

I am using windows xp professional os and vb 6.0.

In my program i need to delete one of the dirctory. so i am using common dialog and select the directory.

For example my dir Name="c: emp est".

After that i given RMDIR "c: emp est". its giving error ""PATH/FILE ACCESS ERROR" Run time error-75.

here the code for select the folder :

cd1.Filter = "(File Folder)" & " /FileFolder/"
cd1.Flags = cdlOFNAllowMultiselect
cd1.FileName = ""
intPath = InStr(1, cd1.FileName, "filefolder")

If intPath > 0 Then
    txtDelpath.Text = Trim(Mid(cd1.FileName, 1, Len(cd1.FileName) - 11))
End If

cd1.FileName = "c:"
txtDelpath.Text = txtDelpath.Text

-when i click the command button. the code
RMDIR TxtDelpath.text

- and also that directory is empty.

- please help me. i think the common dialog have the link with that it wont allow me to delete.but not sure.


Another Path/File Access Error But With DAO
Hi. I have previously posted about creating a temp.mdb file using ADOX during form load and later allowed the user to rename the file to any name he wishes via a dialog box. Thanks to JeffB, he has recommended using the codes as below :

Dim strFile1 As String
Dim strFile2 As String

strFile1 = App.Path & " emp.mdb"
strFile2 = App.Path & "

If Dir(strFile2) = "" Then
Name strFile1 As strFile2
End If

I have tried it and it works fine. Unfortunately, after trying for a few weeks on ADOX I have decided to abandon it as I do not have enough time to learn through it. I am reverting back to DAO and the temp.mdb file created failed to be rename or save to another using the codes above. The error message "Path/File Access error". I also found out that when the program is running, temp.mdb cannot even be copied to else where. I would appreciate very much if anyone can help me in this. Please avoid anything on ADOX as I am not looking into it. The temp.mdb file was created using
createdatabase. Thank you.

Path/File Access Error
Hi, i am using the dir(), mkdir(), and rmdir() functions to manipulate files on my system. However i am getting an error when i do the following:

directoryPointer = Dir(App.Path & "foldername")

If directoryPointer = "" Then
MkDir App.Path & "foldername"
End If

if i run this the first time, it creates the file fine, but then if i try call this method again it comes up with the error 'Path/File Access Error' and highlights the mkdir line of code in the debug mode - even though i am telling it that if it already exists then ignore the mkdir function

also if i try to remove the directory with the rmdir() function it says exactly the same error.

i am very confused and would greatly appreciate any help


Path/File Access Error Question
Could someone tell how to handle this error on this block of code, if the user clicks cancel without opening a file?

If SSTab1.Tab = 3 Then
On Error GoTo dbErrHandler
CommonDialog1.Filter = "Yearly Budget Form(*.txt)|*.txt|All Files(*.*)|*.*"
CommonDialog1.FileName = ""
Open CommonDialog1.FileName For Input As #1 'The error happens on this line

Input #1, allCells1
tRowcount2 = Split(allCells1, Chr$(13))
tColcount2 = Split(tRowcount2(0), Chr$(9))
With YearGrid
.Cols = UBound(tColcount2) + 1
.Rows = UBound(tRowcount2) + 1
.Row = 0
.Col = 0
.RowSel = .Rows - 1
.ColSel = .Cols - 1
.Clip = allCells1
.Row = 0
.Col = 0
.ColSel = 0
.RowSel = 0
End With
Input #1, YTotal1Tmp
Input #1, YTotal2Tmp
Input #1, YTotal3Tmp
Close #1
YTotal(0).TextMatrix(0, 0) = YTotal1Tmp
YTotal(1).TextMatrix(0, 0) = YTotal2Tmp
YTotal(2).TextMatrix(0, 0) = YTotal3Tmp
End If

intResponse = MsgBox("Your file could not be Loaded please check your file and try again!", 0)

FileCopy - Path/File Access Error
I am writing a program that monitors a folder and when a new file is put into it it copies that file to another location and creates a file with the same name and a .dne appended to the end of it.

My program runs fine, gets the directory correctly, but when it tries to copy the file I get the following error:

Run-Time error '75'
Path/File access error

I had the program msgbox me the path it is trying to copy from and it is correct. The path I am writing to is hard coded in, and it is correct as well. I am stumped, so here is my snippet of code:

'Here is how I derive the path name

cYear = calDate.Year 'Get year

'mName is a 3-letter month name
dir2 = dir1 & cYear & "" & mName & ""

'This part is in a for loop that cycles through all the *.tif
' files in the directory dir2
fName = File1.List(i)

'Current file path
filePath = dir2 & fName

'And here is where I copy the file.
FileCopy filePath, "c:kevin"
If I do a msgbox for filePath right before the FileCopy I get this:


Which is a valid path and file name. I created a kevin folder on the C drive for testing purposes, so I know that path is correct too. Am I missing something obvious here?

On the computer I am running the program on I am logged in as the admin. I have a msgbox right after the FileCopy that is never reached, so I know this is the guilty line. Please help.

Path/File Access Error In Vista
In the latest update to one of our programs a file located at 'C:Program FilesAppName' was renamed which works OK on all OS except Vista where I (as well as other users) are getting a 'Error 75 Path/File access' error.

If I right click on the app shortcut and select Run as Administrator the file is renamed without error but the database for the program is now being read from C:Program FileAppName where previously (on Vista) it was being read from Computer --> C: --> Users --> 'YourUserName' --> AppData --> Local --> VirtualStore --> Program Files --> AppName so when the app opens it's reading the wrong database.

So my questions are:

1. Why is the error occurring when attempting to rename the file in C:Program FilesAppName and how do I overcome this?
2. During the App Setup (use Inno) can I somehow make sure the App is run as administrator on Vista?


MkDir Path/File Access Error
I'm using the following code to make a directory if not already created:

If fso.FileExists(strUserPath & "AppData") Then
MkDir (strUserPath & "AppData")
End If

strUserPath = %UserProfile%

The problem I'm running into is that when the directory exists (%UserProfile%AppData) the code is still proceeding to attempt to MkDir and generates an error (Run-time error 75; PathFile Access error) . What am I missing here?

Path/File Access Error In Vista
My VB 6 programs worked fine under Win XP, but since I have Vista on my PC, I get the "Path/File access error (Error 75)" for example at the line Open "C:WindowsSystemFileName" For Output As #1. Any help?

FileCopy.. Path/file Access Error
Everytime I try to copy a file from a network to my local drive or another networked computer I get an error saying:

Run-time error: 75
Path/File access error

I can drag the file across using windows explorer so its not a rights issue. Any ideas?

FileCopy "\myserverimages1.jpg", "\myserver2images1.jpg"

Path/File Access Error When Calling A DLL From ASP
I wrote a DLL (VB 6) to upload photos into my SQL DB, and when I test it within the development environment it works great. When I call it from ASP I get the following error:

PhotoLoader (0x800A004B)
Path/File access error

where PhotoLoader is the name of my DLL.

I saw a post that said to put the files into the web folder, which I did. I also added the IUSR_ account to the permissions for good measure.

Does anyone have any ideas? I am stuck.

Path/File Access Error On Setup
I am encountering an error when running the VB6 setup on Win98 machines. After setup creates the icons I get a Path/File access error. I click Retry and the error message goes away and I get the message that the program was installed successfully. Also, the program operates fine. Any idea why this error message is appearing.

Path/File Access Error Creating Forms
What would cause a Path/File Access Error when re-creating forms in VBA?

I have a .DVB file that I want to update the forms in, rather than keeping track of where I am in the conversion process I 'opted to remove the original form and start from scratch. Because all of the code for the macro's will remain the same I am naming the objects on the form, as well as the form itself, the same as the old.

When I attempt to rename the form to match the old form name I get a Path/File Access Error.

The old form is gone so I'm not attempting to create 2 forms of the same name in the same project. Also if I change the name of the form to something other than the original form name it is accepted.

my DVB file is not "read only" and I have closed the project and application, restarted and the error still occurs.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


RmDir Problems With Path/File Access Error
I am having a problem deleting a folder through VB in my routine.

The program kills all the files in the folder then resets everything and attempts to delete the folder with the RmDir command.

The code looks like this (I am including explanations after each line as comments).

PathHold = File1.Path '''File1.path is the full path name of the folder I want to delete
If Right(pDr2, 1) = ":" Then '''checking to make sure that the drive ends with a "" and not a ":"
pDr2 = pDr2 & "" '''adding a "" if necessary
End If
ChDrive pDr2 '''making sure the drive letter is correct
ChDir pDr2 '''resetting the directory so it is only the drive letter : and
Dir1.Path = pDr2 '''resetting the dir1 (directory list box) to the base drive
Dir1.Refresh '''refreshing the Dir1 control to make sure it is at the root
Drive1 = pDr2 '''resetting the Drive Combo Box
Drive1.Refresh '''refreshing the Drive Combo Box to make sure it shows right
RmDir PathHold '''attempting to delete the folder - THIS IS WHERE THE ERROR OCCURS

As an example:
There is a folder called junk and inside the folder is another folder called "Copy of Junk", in this folder there are three files "Junk1", "Junk2" and "Junk3", I loop through the folder doing a kill on the three files then reset the drive to the root and try to do the RmDir.

The error I am getting is "Run-time error '75' Path/File access error".
I have used msgbox displays to check each value and there should be no problem, but I keep getting the error. I have even tried to sleep 5000 to make sure that I am out of the file, but still the same problem.

ANY suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Pulling out my hair and chain smoking my way through this exasperating problem. (LOL)


Path/File Access Error While Installing VB6 Application
Hi all,

While installing my vb6 application in some machines which have already installed "Novell Client for Windows (XP)", an error message "Path/File Access Error" comes at the last stage of Installation.

thanks in advance for you help

warm regards


Path/file Access Error While Making Setup

When i make the setup file, in place of setup completed successfully, it shows path/file access error. What could be the reason?

thanx in advance!

Path/File Access Error While Installing VB6 Application
Hi all,

While installing my vb6 application in some machines which have already installed "Novell Client for Windows (XP)", an error message "Path/File Access Error" comes at the last stage of Installation.

thanks in advance for you help

warm regards


75 Path/file Access Error , When I Try To Write The File As A Standard User
Hi ,
I am using Windows-xp o.s . i was tried to run the following code in 3 different group membership
1. standard user
2. Restricted user
3. others(Administrators)
i am able to run the code in others(administrator) only but not in standard user & restricted user ie i am getting exception "75 :path/file access error". but i am able to create file as a standard user through windows ie) ( rightclick->new->new text document ) but not through this vb code.why this conflict is happening ? if anyone know the answer kindly reply it ? . thanks in advance.
'Creates a file called test1.txt and writes some text into it.
Private Sub Form_Load()

Open "f:Test1.txt" For Output As #1
Write #1, "This is some sample text"
Write #1, ""
Close #1

End Sub


Path/File Access Error. Unable To Read Or Write The Specified File

I am getting the following error

"Path/File Access Error. Unable to Read or write the specified file.

Unable to Display the Image"

Following is the Code i am using .
With ImgEdit1
.Image = gStrFilePath & "" & pImagefile
.Page = 1
.FitTo 1
End With

The OS is windows 2000 and i am using ImageEdit control

the variable gStrFilePath contains the Path of the file
PImagefile contains the Image Name . Image is Tiff image.

If i click OK on the error messages the application closes. If i run the application again i am able to display the same Image.

Pls Help me

Path/File Access Error Grrr. It There A Way To Check To See If The File Is In Use?
Cause once I get this error a can't "On Error" around it.

Path/File Access Error With VB &amp; Access
Hi, I'm  using a piece of code I found on this site and I can't get it to work.  I'm attempting to back my database up to a floppy disk and I'm receiving Runtime error 75 - Path/File Access Error.

The code I'm using is like this:

Dim db As Database
    Dim strSource As String, strDest As String, strError As String
    Dim strDate As String, strDateX As String

If MsgBox("Are you sure you want to back up data?", vbQuestion + vbYesNo, " Continue?") = vbYes Then
    Dim strpath As String
    strpath = "FYPDBPrototype.mdb"
        Set db = CurrentDb()
        DoCmd.Hourglass True
        Set db = OpenDatabase(strpath)
        strSource = db.TableDefs("tblCustomer").Connect
        'strDest = strDest & "_FYPDBPrototype.mdb"
        strDest = "a:FYPDBPrototype.mdb"
        FileCopy strSource, strDest

I would be supremely grateful if anyone could help me.  

I think I have all the references included and I've tried almost everything.  Thanks

Run-Time Error '76' Path Not Found
Hello, I'm trying to open the Microsoft Word Application and i get that error that's in the title

Private Sub Form_Load()
Open "D:Pogram FilesMicrosoft OfficeOFFICE11WINWORD.EXE" For Output As #2 (Error on this line)
End Sub

Can anyone please help me on this?

Plus, is there anyway to open the direct path or Program without using the Start > All Programs by using Visual Basic?

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