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Save And Retrieve Image To And From Database(MS Access)

Problem 1
    Front-end VB
Back-end is MS Access and used Field-having data type of Ole to store
In my Project
In the Employee Details Form used a Picture box to display the Photo of
The Employee.
I able to save the image from the Picture box to Database
But unable to retrieve the image from database to Picture Box
(Hope u got my Point i.e. I have to save and retrieve Image to and from
the database. )

Code I used
To save Image from image box to Database.
    First load the image from Disk to Image Control and then used the code to save.    
rs!photo = Image1.Picture
During save there is no error. And saved as Long Binary Data

To Retrieve Image from Database:-
Picture1.Picture = LoadPicture(rs!Photo)

Error Occurred during Execution of the above Code.
    ErrNo =75    RunTime Error.
    Err.Description = Path/File access error ??

Then I Changed the above Code As
Picture1.Print rs!photo
And now there is no error, but The Picture Box Displays a value like

My E_MAil

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Save And Retrieve Image In Database.
How do I save an image to the database and retrieve it from the database?

How Can I Save/retrieve Images To MS Access Database?
How can I save/retrieve images to MS access database? using vb 6.0


How Can I Save Bmp Files Into Access Database And Retrieve It
Hi Guys,
I want to be able to save pictures of staffs into the database but I am having problems doing it. Please, help me out.

How To Insert/retrieve Image From A Access Database
hi friends,

please help me how to insert an image into an access database and also how to retrieve it back.


Get / Retrieve An Image / Picture From Database / Access / SQL
Hello there,

The only thing i want to do is to get a picture from an Access2000 DB and put it in an Image-component.

-Image is stored in DB as OLE-object
-I'm connected trough ADODB.

dim adoRSFields as ADODB.Recordset
dim strSQL as String


strSQL = "SELECT ColumnPictures FROM database"
Set adoRSFields = adoConnection.Execute(strSQL)

Do Until adoRSFields.EOF
    image1.???? = adoRSFields!ColumnPictures

Maybe i am not doing this correct, but this is the way i retrieve all my data from
the Database. Only this doesn't work with pictures

Thanks in Advance

Save And Retrieve Image From A Bin File

Anyone knows how can I save and retrieve a BMP/JPG image from a BIN file?


Save And Retrieve Image Using SQL Server And ADO
Can anybody show me sample code that will help me
1- store an image display in an vb6 form in a table created in SQL Server 6.5 (sample of ADO and SQL Server code)
2- Retrieve this same from SQL Server 6.5 and display it in a picture box in a vb6 form (sample of ADO and SQL Server code)

Save And Retrieve Image In SQL Server 6.5 Using ADO
Can anybody show me sample code of ADO and SQL Server 6.5 that will help me:

1- Store an image displayed in an image control on a form in vb6 in a table in SQL Server that has an image field (sample of ADO code and SQL Server code)

2- Retrieve this same image from the SQL Server table and display it in the image control on the vb6 form (sample of ADO code and SQL Server code)

How To Retrieve An Image From Database In VB.
I have a table with key column and image column in sqlserver.
In VB Forms i have a textbox and an image control. When i click navigate the key value should appear in the textbox and image should appear in the image control. how can i do this.

i have written like this in the command button.
but giving me error - "object required" Any one can help me?

Dim con As New ADODB.Connection
Dim rs As New ADODB.Recordset

Private Sub cmdNavigate_Click()
con.Open "dmigtargetsql", "sa", ""
rs.Open "select * from table1", con, adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic

If Not rs.BOF Then
txtkey = rs(0)
'ImgDB.Picture = rs(1).Value
Picture1.Picture = rs(1).Value

End If

End Sub

How To Save And Retrieve Picture From Database Acess2003
Hi every i have following code when i want to execute the program i gives me runtime error 545
Un able to bind field or data member"Picture"
my table have three field one is Pubid and othe txtdecription which hold text and third one Picture which is type OLE to hold picture pub when i excute i get above error please help
I m using office xp acess xp

visual basic code:Option Explicit
Private cn As ADODB.Connection
Private rs As ADODB.Recordset

Private Sub Command1_Click()
'making txtdescription show whats in the description field
rs.Fields("Description") = txtDescription.Text

'just to make sure your at the start and so you don't get that error.
If rs.BOF Then rs.MoveFirst

End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()

Set cn = New ADODB.Connection
'make this the path to the image database.
cn.ConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & _
"Data Source= C:picdata.mdb"
'Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=C:picdata.mdb;Persist Security Info=False

Set rs = New ADODB.Recordset
rs.Open "Table1", cn, adOpenKeyset, adLockPessimistic, adCmdTable

FillFields 'this is a sub that I'll explain later.
End Sub

Private Sub cmdPrevious_Click()
'making txtdescription show whats in the description field
rs.Fields("Description") = txtDescription.Text

'just to make sure your at the start and so you don't get that error.
If rs.BOF Then rs.MoveFirst

End Sub

Private Sub cmdNext_Click()
'making txtdescription show whats in the description field
rs.Fields("Description") = txtDescription.Text

If rs.EOF Then rs.MoveLast


If rs.EOF Then
MsgBox "At last record" 'avoiding that nasty error.
End If
End Sub

Private Sub cmdDelete_Click() 'this will delete the entire record.
If Not (rs.BOF And rs.EOF) Then
If Not (rs.BOF And rs.EOF) Then
If rs.EOF Then rs.MoveLast
End If
End If
End Sub

Private Sub cmdAdd_Click()
Dim bytData() As Byte
Dim strDescription As String

On Error GoTo err

With dlgAdd 'remember the common dialog box.
'filtering so only jpg's and gifs are shown!
.Filter = "Picture Files (*.jpg, *.gif)|*.jpg;*.gif"
.DialogTitle = "Select Picture" 'sets the title of it.
.ShowOpen 'show the open dialog box.

'bit to "convert" the image to binary.
Open .FileName For Binary As #1
ReDim bytData(FileLen(.FileName))
End With

Get #1, , bytData
Close #1

'show a input box to enter description to the description field.
strDescription = InputBox("Enter description.", "New Picture")

With rs
.Fields("Description") = strDescription 'adding record to db
.Fields("Picture").AppendChunk bytData ' Here error occur adding the picture to the db
End With

Exit Sub
If err.Number = 32755 Then 'simple error check.
MsgBox err.Description
End If
End Sub

Public Sub FillFields()
If Not (rs.BOF And rs.EOF) Then
txtDescription.Text = rs.Fields("Description")
Set Image1.DataSource = rs 'setting image1's datasource
Image1.DataField = "Picture" 'set its datafield.
End If
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)
On Error Resume Next
Set rs = Nothing
Set cn = Nothing 'closing all connections.
End Sub

How To Save And Retrieve Data From Database Using Sequel Server??
i need help because i dont know how to save and retrieve data from database using VB6 and Sequel Server..

what is the process to be done on how will i access the table..


How To Store And Retrieve An Image From The DataBase
Help me to retreive and store an image from the dataBase

Save & Retrieve Word.doc In Access From VB
I give up. I have a word document created in VB6 and I have a Access 2000 database with an OLE field. I simply want to save the document (imbedded not linked) into the database, and be able to retrieve it. I have tried assigning the field the file name, the word object, the word object name, and nothing seems to work. The only resources that appear close are saving images but that doesn't seem to apply either. For such a simple idea, I can't believe I cannot find any reference or examples on how to do this. HELP!!!!!

Here is the actual code

Public Sub Proposal_Print_WC()
'Prints a Workers Compensation Proposal

Dim ObjWordApp4 As Word.Application
Dim ObjWordDoc4 As Word.Document

'Copy Template Version of WC000001A0588 to WordTemp.doc
FileCopy (App.Path & "Doc_TemplatesWorkers Comp Proposal.doc"), (strHomeDrive & "TempWord4.doc")

'Open the document
Set ObjWordDoc4 = GetObject(strHomeDrive & "TempWord4.doc")
Set ObjWordApp4 = ObjWordDoc4.Application
Set ObjWordDoc4 = ObjWordApp4.Documents.Open(FileName:=strHomeDrive & "TempWord4.DOC")


'Connect to the database for read/write
Call Policy_Express_Database_Connect_RW

'Add document to the Policy Express Database

Set DBRecordset = New ADODB.Recordset
DBRecordset.ActiveConnection = DBConnection
DBRecordset.Open "[ActivityLog]", , adOpenKeyset, adLockOptimistic

'Assign values to record
'ERRORS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!
DBRecordset![Document] = ObjWordDoc4

'Update table with ADDED location record


How Can I Change The Dimension Of An Image That I Have Retrieve From Database
i have a problem again. how can i change the image dimension permanently and store into the database. my database is an Oracle8.0 database.

i need the image to be resized so that i can put it in the crystal report, with a fix size image.

my image is in JPEG format.

Note: my image is retrieve from Oracle database also.

mean i need to retrieve and store back to database after i resize it


How Do I Retrieve Image Blob From Oracle Database To Folder
hey i have a problem here, i have a Oracle Database, inside it contain a blob, where all my images are stored.

but now i need to retrieve it out and put it in a do i do that.

from resources i have read, they say i need to convert the blob to binary before it can be retrieve out.

may i know the coding...that can do that
i have one example:

Set Sm = New ADODB.Stream
Sm.Type = adTypeBinary
Sm.SaveToFile "C:TempTrial20.doc", adSaveCreateOverWrite

and this is my own coding:

Private Sub btnGetImages_Click()
Dim arrByte() As Byte
Dim strFilePath As String
strFilePath = App.Path & "img"
Dim strImageName As String
Dim arrImgData() As Byte

On Error Resume Next
'create the directory if it does not exists
If Dir(strFilePath) = "" Then
MkDir strFilePath
End If

'position the recordset on the first recordset
Do While Not objRs.EOF
'Read the record from the database
strImageName = objRs("PicName")
'create the file
Open strFilePath & strImageName For Binary As #1
arrImgData = objRs("Image").GetChunk(objRs("Image").ActualSize)
'Write to the file
Put #1, , arrImgData
Close #1
'move on the next record
MsgBox "Done"

End Sub

so i can add the code inside my own coding...

Ah Xing

How To Store And Retrieve Image In Ms Access
hi.. i,m here again... i am very confused of the threads that i read about images store in database.. and i can't really understand how to do it... for admin users, how can i store images in the database and for the guest users, how can i let them view it in a thumbnail using picture box and when they click next, the picture also will change.. and how can i let them view the full image using shell..

thanks in advance...

Save And Retrieve .TextRTF From Access Memo Field<RESOLVED>
I am close enough to finished on my code database that I won't waste much time on this, but just in case I am missing something simple I better ask...

Is it possible to save rtf formatting to a memo field in an access database? So if I have bold, italic, underline, etc options for the richtextbox I use for notes I can save it and retrieve formatted text next time?

I have tried in the past to save .TextRTF but what I ended up with was all the rtf code, so that didn't work.

While I could change it to use XML or something like that, I really don't wanna...I am just looking for a simple solution if there is one, if not, no big deal. It seems to me like there should be a way to make the richtextbox interpret that rtf code...

God Bless America

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How Can I Retrieve An Entry From An Access Database
HI, can you help me make a program that that would retrieve a data from an Access database. THis is for a network login script for different offices and if a user is belong to a certain group, different mappings will be executed....

What im planning is to make a database that has all the user groups and servernames but how can I feed this one to a batch file.....Im using a kix32 script to retrieve the group when a user logs....

Any ideas?


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How Do I Save An Image To A Database?

Hi I have a picturebox on a form bound to a record set. When I change the image of the picturebox use the .Update function on it the image doesn't get saved. How do I save this image to the database?

Any replies would be greatly apppreciated.



Save Image To Database?
I was wondering if it is possible to save an image to a microsoft database file. What I mean by this is I am creating an application to manage reptiles and other animals and I would like to be able to add images to these profiles that are in the database of my application.

How To Save Image In The Database
Hi all
My next question is that I am making a school project I want to save student image in the ms excess then how to do it?
If there are 10000 students in the school and there is 10000 images in the database then what happen with the database?


Save Image In Database
Hello all,
I want to save an image (Student Picture) in the Student Table along with its data, so next time i can view it by giving its ID.

Table fields are :
1. Std_ID 2. Std_Name 3. Father_Name 4. Class 5. Picture

What will the picture Filed Type

Please help me.

Save Image To Database
I use Access XP to save my records.

And DataEnvironment on my connections. I try to save it like this..

With DataEnvironment1.rsCommand1
.Fields(0).Value = Text1.Text
.Fields(1).Value = Text2.Text
.Fields(2).Value = Image1.Picture
End With

But this code encounter an error.. Please check my project attached with this thread to know more about my problem...

How to save Image to database?

Save Image To Database
How to save Image to database using DataEnvironment?

Save Image In The Database
hi every one

i have done a program to scan images by scanner, but i have a problem how to save it in a database.

please replay as soon as possible

Insert/retrieve Images Into Access Database
hi friends,

please help me how to insert an image into an access database and also how to retrieve it back.


Store And Retrieve Binary Data In MS Access Database
hi, I need to store a binary file into Access and later I need to retrieve it back to a file, I do this by:

Open "c:a.bin" For Binary As #1 Len = 1

'clear it content first
rs.Fields("MyField") = ""
For i = 1 To LOF(1)
Get 1, i, bite
rs.Fields("MyField").AppendChunk Chr(bite)

The type of "MyField" is OLE Object, however, I found that each time the rs.Fields("MyField").ActualSize
increased by 2, so it is incorrect, but it will have error if I don't use Chr(), so how should I do in order to store it?

Also, I need to retrieve it back to a file, how should I do?


Save And Load Image From Database.
Hi there,
I have images, I save it in Access database as binary(Object), now I want to retrieve it and display in a picture box(or image). Please show me how to do this.
Another question is that, do you know any program that can compress/decompress an image?

Thanks a lot for all your helps.

How To Save Image To Oracle9i Database Using Vb6
hello everyone...
this is rahul srivastava working on a project using visual basic 6 and oracle 9i. i have 1 image and i want to save it into oracle9i database using vb6 code but i dont know how. can anyone please help me out regarding this problem...?

How To Save And Retrive Image In Database
 Hi All
 I want to save employee images into database.
and i also want to retrive the data to display if somebody wants to see the employee detail at a time with employee image.
how can i do that in VB6.0.
i am using ADODB connection object.

Want To Save Image In Oracle Database Through VB
I want to Save Image in Oracle databse Through Vb,how can i do it

How To Save An Image In A SQL Server Database Using DAO/ADO
Can anybody help me by telling me how to save and retreive an image from a SQL Server Database. More over how to display the retreived image in a image box control

Storing Image In Access Database From Image Control /Picture Box
I am trying to store/retrieve pictures (bmp,jpeg) as fields in a
database record. Other than GetChunk/AppendChunk is there a way to directly
assign the picture to/from a picture control to a database field?
this is b' cos i hv n image in a picturebox/ image control from where i m unable to have the filepath to assign the appendchunk method ..

Pl Help,


Retrieve Specific Data From Access Database To Crystal Report
I'm a newbie with Crystal Report and VB6.

Can anyone tell me how to retrieve a specific data from access database to crystal report?

Say, I want to retrieve from table sales, where month is September.

Can anyone tell me the step by step on how to do this?


How To Save And Retrive Image From Database(excel)....?
how to save and retrive image from database(excel)....? ...?

Save Database OLE Field Image As File
Hi All,

I'm dealing with an Access 97 App and wanted to write OLE Field images to an ImageList at run-time.  After much searching the way to go seemed to be to write to a temporary file and then use LoadPicture.  However, the temporary files do not appear to be bit maps and I get Error 481 Invalid Picture.

CODEDim fldOLEObject As DAO.Field
Dim limCurrent As ListImage
Dim strFileTemp As String
Dim lngFile As Long
Dim lngOffset As Long
Dim lngTotalSize As Long
Dim bytChunk() As Byte
Const conChunkSize = 10000

    With Me.RecordsetClone
        If .RecordCount > 0 Then
            Do Until .EOF
                strFileTemp = TemporaryFileName
                ' Open the file.
                lngFile = FreeFile
                Open strFileTemp For Binary As #lngFile
                ' Copy the data into the file.
                Set fldOLEObject = ![objImage]
                lngTotalSize = fldOLEObject.FieldSize
                lngOffset = 0
                'get all chunks and write then to a temp file
                Do While lngOffset < lngTotalSize
                    bytChunk() = fldOLEObject.GetChunk(lngOffset, conChunkSize)
                    Put #lngFile, , bytChunk()
                    lngOffset = lngOffset + conChunkSize
                Close #lngFile
                Set limCurrent = imgJob_Stage.ListImages.Add(, "R-" & ![lngJS_ID], LoadPicture(strFileTemp))
                Kill strFileTemp
        End If
    End With

Problems Updating Save Image In Database

Hi, i recently wrote a program which stores a image in a sql 2000 server, but have problems updating/changing the image once the records exceeds 10.

How To Save Image From Web Cam To Access
Hi, all

I need help, i can save an image from web cam to my database. but when itry
to load that image, an error message appears.

I use image box to save the picture to database.

this is very urgent, is any one can help me, with code is better.

regard and thank you

Hok Sun

How To Save Captured Image From Picturebox Control Into SQL Database
hi guyz! just figuring out how to save captured image from picturebox control and save it to my sql database table, how is the code for that using SQL statement. <Connection>
conn.Execute "INSERT INTO emp_tbl (picfile) VALUES ('" & picCapture.picture & "')"

with this code, can i directly transfer image returned from picturecontrolbox into my field picfile as string?

Simple Coding To Save Image Into Database Using Adodb there a simple way to add an image file into the database using adodb? thanks.

Can I Directly Save Picture From Image Control Into Database?

Can i directly save picture from image control into database(Access)?
also directly load the picture from database into image control.?

if can, then how?..


How To Save And Access Images, Sound And Video Files In MS Access Database.
How to save and access images, sound and video files in MS Access database using front end as VB.

Can anyone help me ?

Thank You.

Save An Image To A Random Access File
does anyone know how to save an image in a picturebox to a random access file in vb6 or vb7
iv'e tried with a UDT satement but vb only offers a 64k limit
is there a way to save without useing a user defined type statment

Save Picture Into Access Database
I need to save picutres of uniform dimensions into an Access Data base. All the pictures are in a single file. Is there anyway to save all these pictures automatically into the database once I select the file using common dialog control.

I don't have any idea how to go about doing it.

Please help


Save Picture In Access-database
How To Save/retrieve A Picture In Access Database By Vb-code ?

(VB6) How Can I Save A Part Of Access Database?

I have an Access database and I want the user to be able to save only a part of the DB on floppy disk (because the whole db is too large), but I don't know how.

For example I was thinking of saving the db string (rsCommand1.GetString) to a txt file, and then retrieving the data from file to the databse, and I knew how to save the txt file, but didn't know how to get the string back to the database.

I also tried:
DataEnvironment1.rsCommand1.Save "D:Javad.XML"

but didn't know how to load that file again and reset the data in its related table using this file.

What should I do for saving and loading a part of my Access database?

Thank you

PLEASE HELP - Picture Save To Access Database Using VB6.0
Is there a way i can save picture on access database in visual basic 6.0 and retrieve it also when needed. Please help me how...

Order And Save A MS Access DataBase
Hi, I need to use a MS Access Database file in my VB App. but I need it ordered by two columns.
That operation I can do it in Access but I donĀ“t know how to save that to use after.

Thanks 4 ur help

How To Save A Picture To A Access Database ?
Is there an easy way to save a picture to a microsoft access
database in Visual Basic ?

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