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Save As Dialog Box Vb6

What is the code for a dialog box in VB 6?

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How To Save With Only WebBrowser: Save Html+picture Without Dialog Box?
how to save with only WebBrowser: save html+picture without dialog box?
what I Have is:


I don't want this code.
I want same code like this:
WebBrowserSaveTo("c:html1", html+pic)
what I can do?

Common Dialog Control: How To Show A "replace File" Dialog Before Save
Its saving Ok, but i need it to ask the user if he wants to
replace the file when it has the same name.
It should occur just the first time, and then the following clicks
on save shoudnt ask again.

How can I do it?


Change Root To Save As Dialog, Show Dialog And Reset Root Dir To Default

I need a script that gets the dirpath the saveas dialog will start in and i want to change that so the user can save his file and after this i want to reset the default in saveas dirpath again.

how can i do this i have solve this for word but not for excel.


Save File Without Using Save Dialog?
Im using this to load items into a listbox without open dialog how would i save the updated list to the same file, using the same kind of code?

Private Sub cmdLoad_Click()
Dim fnum As Integer
Dim file_line As String

fnum = FreeFile
Open txtFile.Text For Input As fnum
Do While Not EOF(fnum)
Line Input #fnum, file_line
lstLines.AddItem file_line
End Sub

How To Open/save A File At The Open/save Common Dialog Box?
Hi here,

I use the fileopen and filesave common dialog boxes.But I do not know how to really open or save a file in the open/save common dialog box.

Thanks at advance.


Save Dialog Box
Ok, a little help for an ex-6.0 programmer. I got used to using .net for a while, and never had to do this in the past using 6.0 so I need a little help on how to do this. Ok, here is the deal. I want the user to be able to select where he wants to save his report that is being generated in a richtextbox control. Basically, the report will be generated behind the scenes and when the report is finished being generated, I want the use to get the basic Microsoft SaveFileDialog Box (this is an actual control in .net). Could someone please let me know where to find this in 6.0.

Save As Dialog On Top
I have a problem, hopefully a simple one, that I have not been able to find an answer for. I am creating a file (Excel or text), that I display the Save As dialog box to enable the user to specify a filename. If they haven't clicked on ANYTHING else during the execution of the program, the dialog box shows up on top, and they can enter just fine. However, if they click on another window, application, etc., the Save As dialog gets lost underneath the other windows, and the user does not know it is there. Is there a way to tell VB to display the dialog box on top of whatever else is going on? I could really use an answer on this - my users are getting a little annoyed about this.


Save As Dialog
Hi All,

Is there a way to position the "save as" dialog box as opened with the commondialog.showsave method?

Sounds simple enough! Any assistance would be appreciated.



Using A Save Dialog Box

In one of my apps, I use the Windows Common Dialog Control using the showsave method. For the file that is going to be saved, I do give it a default filename by setting the filename property. How can I check to see if the user has pressed the cancel button?

' Save the File
CommonDialog1.FileName = strTicketNumber
' if the user presses the cancel button, exit the procedure...
' -- else --
' save the file...

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated...


Dialog Save
I need to be able to allow the end user to select a new destination to copy a file to.
But I dont want the user typing in the path I want the path returned via the form (file save as dialog box)
to open...I have misplaced this module. Anyone have it available with sample code on how to print
the selected path...

Thanks / Jon

Save As Dialog
does anyone know how to manipulate the file type parameter when letting the user save information to his hard drive from within VB? I want them to be able to select .xls as an extension, but that is not currently available

Save As Dialog Box
Hi there,

I am trying to find code that will open up the Save As dialog box for each of the different office apps. SO far I have figured out the code for word [dialogs(wdDialogFileSaveas).show] and excel [Application.dailogs(xlDialogSaveAs.Show). Any help with the other remaining apps.



Save Dialog Box
Hey, Can someone point me in the right direction, Im opening an excel sheet as an object and the user then alters some cells and prints the sheet. I then want to be able to close the sheet and go to another form.
My problem is the Do you want to save dailog box Excel throws up when I try to quit, is there a command I'm missing or am I going about it the wrong way I'm new to programming. Any help would be Great thanks.

Save As Dialog Box
Hello to all. I have a script that parses a specific line out of multiple text files in one folder. The problem is this: The parsed information is put in a file in a specific location. How can I bring up a Save As dialog box so that I can choose were to save this file? The code to this script is pasted below and Thanks to all in advance.

Dim fs, ts1, sf, s1, ts2, ProjectDir, WshShell

Const ForReading = 1, ForWriting = 2, ForAppending = 8

FirstPrompt = "Enter Project Directory:"
ErrorMessage = "Operation failed or was canceled!" & vbCrLf & vbCrLf &_
"Please repeat the operation."
FinalMsg = "Map Totals operation complete!"

ProjectDir = InputBox(FirstPrompt,"Map Totals")

Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

If ProjectDir = "" Then
Dummy = WshShell.Popup (ErrorMessage,0,"Map Totals",16)

WshShell.Run "Cmd.exe /C Copy C:Cablview" & ProjectDir & "Dgn*.txt C:Cablview" & ProjectDir & "TempTotals.txt", 2,True

Set ts1 = fs.OpenTextFile("C:Cablview" + ProjectDir + "TempTotals.txt", ForReading)

Set ts2 = fs.OpenTextFile("C:Cablview" + ProjectDir + "TempMiles.txt", ForWriting, True)


Sub ReadTotals()
Do While Not ts1.AtEndOfStream
s1 = ts1.ReadLine()
If InStr(s1, "FTG") > 0 Then
ts2.WriteLine s1

End If

Set ts2 = Nothing
Set ts1 = Nothing
Set fs = Nothing

End Sub

End If

Save Dialog Box
I need to create txt files & save them in a project..Like this I 've to let the user create projects which contains relevant files...
This is something like VB where we save froms within a project...
How do I accomplish this ...I'm not able to decide on the flow actually ...Say I show the file save dialog box everytime the user saves a file do I map it to the project it belongs
Please help me asap

Save As Dialog Box.

Is there a dialog box similiar to the standard "save as" in VB5 which has an additional field for password for password protected f

Using A Save As Dialog Box

seems funny but i am stuck with this code.... the problem is, I want to save a rtf box along with its contents as a txt or html or file like that and want to view it afterwords.... independent of platform..

any words of knowledge......... will be a great help.
thanks .....Ishrat.

*any code that simply work for "save as " command... plz do send me.

Common Dialog Box Save As
Hello out there,

I dont want to bother any of you smart guys, but maybe you could help me out here!
I am trying to put a default filename into the common dialog save box which the program gets from a string that has been put into an input box
The string is called strPayRun and is declared global!

Here's the code that I am working with for the Dialog Box:

Private Sub mnuFSaveAs_Click()
On Error GoTo mnuFSaveAs_Click_Error
With Me.dlgFile
.Filter = "All files (*.*)|*.*|LDP Report (*.pay)|*.pay"
.FilterIndex = 2
.DialogTitle = "Choose Pay File to open"
.Flags = &H4
.CancelError = True
.FileName = ("D:Paywork& strpayrun")
End With
MsgBox Me.dlgFile.FileTitle
Exit Sub
End Sub

Whats missing???

Appreciate every answer

Save As Dialog In Access
How do I do a Save As dialog in MS Access XP. I tried

Dim fd As FileDialog
Set fd = Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogSaveAs)

but this does not work. The second line produces runtime error 445: "Object does not support this action" If I change it msoFileDialogFilePicker, everything works fine, but it is not what I want.


Save Dialog In Access
Hello all,

At the moment i am outputting the values of a query into a csv text file. Now it saves it direct into the C: root.

I use this command.

DoCmd.TransferText acExportMerge, , "qry_myquery", "c:myfile.txt", True

Now, i would like to know if it is possible, when they click my cmd button it opens save dialog box, lets them choose a location to save, then tells my command above where they chose so it can write it to that location?

Open Save As Dialog Box
Hi there ,-).

Is there any way to open tha dafault "save as" dialog box of excel in VBE?

regards, and thank you for your time.


Common Dialog Save As?
I'm have a save as common dialog opening in my program. It is initially set to the desktop. However, I also want the file name field populated so all the user has to do is select save (unless they want to change the name for some reason). What property do I have to set in order for the dialog to open up with the file name already populated? Thanks!!

File Name On Save As Dialog
I want to fill the File Name in save as dialog with a pre determined name. How can this be done?

Disable Save Changes Dialog Box
Hi there,

Does anyone know how to disable the save changes dialog box in excel 97? What I am doing is allowing a workbook to open, access a database and extract data then i save the workbook as another name, then when the user tries to close it it prompts to save the changes [YES] [NO] unfortunately I can't trust the users to click [NO].

Can anyone help



Save File As Dialog Box
Hello all

Is there a command in Excel VB whereby it allows the user to save the file that he/she is working on - bringing up the saveas dialog box. i.e. similar to the box when you save a document or s/sheet in excel or word.

Any ideas?


Save/Load Dialog
Hello Everybody,

I've searched through the forum, but I can't find it anywhere, how can I get my program to show the save thing, which is also shown when you save wordt or so, and how does it work, can I add makss and stuff like...any tutorial or comment on this would be great

Bypassing Save Dialog
Hello guys,

I'm trying to save some documents from a WebBrowser object and I'm using this code:

WebBrowser.Document.execCommand "SaveAs", False, "C:"
Now, I don't want to manually have to confirm saving. Is there any way to bypass this, that is, automate it.

Thanks in advance!

Open And Save Dialog
I have a problem with my Open and save dialogs. When I try to open a file into my richtextbox it never loads it in. You can't see anything written. Same as saving. Can somebody help?

Save Changes Dialog Pops Up Without Changes
I recently installed SP6 for VB6 and now the save changes dialog appears saying I need to save changes to the project (vbp) file whenever I attempt to close VB or change the project, even if no changes have been made to the project. This occurs for projects created before the update and for new projects as well. It seems to be related to having the reference to OLE automation (stdole2.tlb) checked for the project (this is checked by default for all new projects).

I have seen this problem in the past when I installed a new service pack, and it could usually be corrected by unchecking the reference, saving the project, rechecking the reference, and saving the project again. This does not solve the problem for SP6 however.

Any thoughts as to the cause of the problem and how to fix it so that I can rid of the spurious save changes dialog?

Open, Save Dialog Box
I want to know how to create a Open & Save dialog box. (Ex. File - Save As ). Could anyone just post the basic code or help me out?

Dim Out The File Box In A Save Dialog?

I am trying to force the user to use a specific file now so I do not want them to be able to change it in the file dialog. Can that be "dimmed" out?


Common Dialog To Save As In VBA
Dear All,

I have got this piece of code in VBA. How do I create the dlgCommonDialog in VBA? Am I referencing .DialogTitle properly. The compiler does not like the statement. How do I set up the dlgCommonDialog in VBA.
VB Code:
Private Sub mnuFileSave_Click()    ' Saving the document that is in focus    Dim sFile As String    If ActiveDocument.Windows(1).Caption = "Notice of Dispute Form.doc" Then         With dlgCommonDialog            .DialogTitle = "Save"            .CancelError = False            'ToDo: set the flags and attributes of the common dialog control            .Filter = "All Files (*.*)|*.*"            .ShowSave            If Len(.FileName) = 0 Then                Exit Sub            End If            sFile = .FileName         End With        ActiveDocument.SaveAs sFile    Else        sFile = ActiveDocument.Windows(1).Caption        ActiveDocument.SaveAs sFile        MsgBox ActiveDocument.Name & " saved"    End IfEnd Sub
Cheers Raj

Help!!! To Control Save As Dialog Box
Dear Friends

I am creating a project in which I will call an external application. I want to control the standard dialogbox save as of that application through vb6.0. But I do not know that how to do that.

Please Friends help its urgent

Thanks in advance


Dialog Open/save
how would i make the command dialog controls make it open a .txt into my text box and also save from my textbox to .txt files

Save As Dialog Box Is Not Working?
Hi, all
Can you all help get the code fix?

VB Code:
Dim oCDBForm As New frmCommonDialog  X = lblSetUp.Left + lblSetUp.Width  Y = lblSetUp.Top  oCDBForm.Move X, Y  With oCDBForm.CommonDialog1    .DialogTitle = "Select POS File to use"    .InitDir = App.Path    .Filter = "POS Table Files (*.tbl)|*.tbl|All " & _        "Files (*.*)|*.*"    .Flags = _        cdlOFNFileMustExist + _        cdlOFNHideReadOnly + _        cdlOFNLongNames + _        cdlOFNExplorer    .CancelError = False  ' Change to trap cancel True    .Showsave    txtTableFile.Text = .FileName  End With  Unload oCDBForm  Set oCDBForm = Nothing

Saving Without A Save Dialog And Such.
I just know that even though I searched for it three times I will still have missed some thread that is the same as this one. But here goes.

I am making a game that is a bit childish but I'll still have fun wasting time with it once it's done. The game is a rock star simulation game, with health, our energy, your job, etc etc and I want to save the game a certain way.

I want it to:
1) save the values of all variables necessary (the money you have, your name, your job, etc. as well as custom bandmate names and competition band names)
2) save the game in a file with a custom extension
3) not have an open/save dialog but instead a dialog showing what NAMES you have saved games under (the filename of the saved game doesn't matter)
4) the load game/new game dialog must appear at the start of the game
5) if you select a new game you must enter your first name in a window and your last name.
6) on any of these pre-game dialog boxes, the main form must be disabled and the mini form must stay in the foreground

I've attached what I have done so far, and if anyone is willing to lead me towards a tutorial that covers what I am wanting here or something of the sort, I would greatly appreciate it. If someone could actually start off some of the source and such and pack it up in a .zip file to send back, I would also greatly appreciate it. And I know I will most likely never be able to return the favor unless you are a beginning guitarist needing help on setup or learning, but please, if you can and it's not too much of a bother, help me out a little with this.

Using Dialog Box To Save A File

I am trying loaded some pictures on a picture control, to form a network, of smaller picture boxs and connecting lines. l want to save the file and then re-open it. l don't think the code for saving is working.

SavePicture Picture1.Picture, DlgOpenSave.FileName

can anyone tell me how to save. the code l am using for opening is

DlgOpenSave.CancelError = True
On Error GoTo ErrHandler
DlgOpenSave.Filter = "JPG Files (*.jpg)|*.jpg"
DlgOpenSave.FilterIndex = 2

Picture1.Picture = LoadPicture(DlgOpenSave.FileName)
Exit Sub

'User pressed the Cancel button

end sub

Thanks in advance

Open And Save Dialog Box

I want to use the open diaglog bok to open a .pgj file and load the selected .pgj file into a image control.

I have this code so far

dlgbox.filter = "*.jpg"

But how do l load the selected file into a image control

How do l save a .jpg file from a image control with the save dialog box.

Many thanks in advance

Common Dialog Box - Save As????

I've searched the forum because I'm sure I've seen it somewhere, but can't find it!

Using the Save As Dialog, is there anyway to use it so that the filename can be left empty giving me just the path/directory?

It's fine for saving a specific file, but I'm allowing the user to save multiple files and there for just need the path.



Open/save Dialog
Hey guys, anohter newbie lol. Anyway i will get to the point.

When data is listed in a list box, i want to b able to save this as a text file. I also want to b able to reopen this text file witin the list box on the same form. Any links wouldb grateful as i am sure this has been sked b4, i jut havnt looked hard enough. Sorry.


Add To A Drop Down Box In A Save Dialog
I have a Save dialog box that pops up after a user hits the save button in my application. What I need to do is add an option in the Save as type: called EzJPEG where if the user selects to save it as this type, it executes a function called EzJPEG that I already wrote where it compresses an image and writes out a .jpg file. Here's the function that creates the Save dialog box:

Private Sub mnuFileSaveAs_Click()
On Error GoTo ExitSub
With dlgCommonDialog
.DialogTitle = "Save Image File"
.CancelError = True
.Filter = "Windows Bitmap Files (*.bmp)|*.bmp"
.Filename = ""
End With
If Img_Save(ImageInfo, dlgCommonDialog.Filename, Len(dlgCommonDialog.Filename)) = 0 Then
MsgBox "Error occured while attempting to save the file.", vbOKOnly, "Error Saving File"
End If
End Sub

How would I go about adding this special option??? Thanks!

Save As File Dialog Box
In Excel, the code will produce a dialog box:

fileSaveName = Application.GetSaveAsFilename( _
fileFilter:="Text Files (*.txt), *.txt")
If fileSaveName <> False Then
MsgBox "Save as " & fileSaveName
End If

I am trying to do the same in VB6. What are the objects in VB6 that can do this?

Thanks in advance.

Common Dialog (Save As)
When using the (SaveAs) common Dialog box, how does one bring up the destination file from code.
My destination file always comes up the same as the file that I originally opened and ignors any
Initial Directory statement. One can navigate to the desired destination file but it would be better if the destination file came up when the SaveAs control was opened.
Thanks RSH

Save File Dialog
I am trying to save the content of a txt box in a txt file and use the commondialog control.

When I use rtf box, everything is ok.
When I use txt box, - only errors!

rtfBoxGet.SaveFile cdlSave.FileName 'ok
txtBoxGet.SaveFile cdlSave.FileName 'error!

Save Dialog Box Through VB Script
I want to open the equivalent of a Save Dialog box from VBScript in IE 5.0. But there are no DHTML objects that I can find to support this functionality and the HTML file input element won't allow a user to enter the name of a file that doesn't exist. I tried using

and it does create an instance but niether ShowOpen or ShowSave will work, although the others do (security setting?).

My page creates an access database and table through script and populates the table. I want to allow the user to easily select a path and file name to create the database at.

I could build my own with HTML and Script but time constraints on my project won't allow me to.

Does anybody know a way to instantiate a Save dialog box through VBScript or one of the Access

Need Help With Open/save File Dialog Box
I'm creating a vbScript macro in Microsoft word, and I need to open up a dialog box that will let the user select a file - all I need from this interaction is the file name.

Does anybody know if there is some kind of simple "InputBox" like command to do this? I know there is in regular Visual Basic, but how about for macros?Must I create my own file dialog box from scratch using Dir()? That would suck.

Common Dialog Save As Probs...
Trying to set my code up so it will kill the file first and then save if it has to overwrite.

I get the prompt to overwrite the file and it will only overwrite the files once. If I try more then once during the same run time then it saves the file on top of the old file and so on.... ???

Hence why I would like to delete the file first and then save.

Is my code ok ?

' Display name of selected file
If Len(Cdlg.FileName) > 1 Then
iAnswer = MsgBox("File: " & Cdlg.FileTitle & " already exists, overwrite?", vbYesNo)
If iAnswer = vbYes Then Kill Cdlg.FileName
If iAnswer = vbNo Then Exit Sub

End If
Open Cdlg.FileName For Output As #intFileHandle

Cancel Button In Save Dialog Box
I add a Save Dialog box in my form. whenever i call the save dialog box, and if I press the Cancel button, it will show error message. how can i handle this button?

Save Picture From WebBrowser Without Dialog Box?
Hi all
I need your help

I created a WebBrowser. I use it for surfing internet
When I see a beatiful image on WebBrowser,
I want to save it by clicking a button
but I don't like have dialog box ...

code in button ??????

Please help me.

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