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Save Picture As Jpeg.

Is it possible to save an image in a picture box or image box directly to a jpeg as opposed to a bmp.

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Save Picture As JPEG

I can't seem to find a way to draw on a picture control, and have the result saved as a .JPEG or .GIF file. I have been playing with the savepicture method, but can't seem to get it to save what I want.

Thanks for any help,

Save Picture As JPEG

I can't seem to find a way to draw on a picture control, and have the result saved as a .JPEG or .GIF file. I have been playing with the savepicture method, but can't seem to get it to save what I want.

Thanks for any help,

Save Picture As JPEG File?
Is there a way to save a picture oblect as a JPEG file?

Save Picture As Bitmap Or Jpeg
i am try to save a picturefile as a bitmap or a jpeg but cannot seem to figure out how to do this can any one help!!! i tryed this

VB Code:
Private Sub cmdSave_Click()'Call for the common dialog control to show the save menueDim myPic As String    cdbFile.ShowSave    myPic = frmDraw.Image    Open myPic For Output As #1.bmp        Print #1, myPic        Close #1End Sub

thanks in advance RedAngel

Open, Rotate And Save Picture As JPEG
ok, I want to itegrate rotating pictures function into my fotoalbum program. I want to rotate pictures for 90 degrees of course.

I'm saving JPEG's directly from picturebox with intels JPEG processor.

I'm rotateing pictures using GetDIBits and SetDIBits functions (and using 2 different pictureboxes - I think it was BillSoo's idea).

The problem is, that I can not save a rotated image.

Do you have any other rotating algorithms?

I've attached this project file.

How To Save The Picture Image In JPEG Format
Hi Everyone,

am developing a picture in the picture box while run time in Visual Basic.I need to save the picture in JPEG format,am not able to do it..It can be saved in BMP format,but not ion JPEG format..

Anyone knows ple let me know how to save the picture image in JPEG format or converting the BMP format to JPEG format


How Can I Save A Picturebox.picture In Jpeg Format
How can a Image displayed in a PictureBox be saved in jpeg format in a file.

How Can I Save A Picturebox.picture In Jpeg Format
How can a Image displayed in a PictureBox be saved in jpeg format in a file.

Creating A Picture Using Picturebox And The Save It In JPEG Format
How do I crate lines or boxes into a picture box and then sve it a an .jpg?



Save Jpeg
how can I save the contents of a picture box into a jpeg

Save As JPEG
Is it possible to save a Picture object's picture as a JPEG? SavePicture
won't do it... Is there a cheap/free component that will?

Save Bitmap To Jpeg
Hi there!
I know this has been asked before. As a matter of fact I found the tutorial I was looking for. Something simple and easy, however it refers to a Jpeg library (in a zip file with VB modules) that no longer exists

Here's the thread:

Is there some way that's this easy? I found other (ugh) stuff on PSC, but nothing I could sink my teeth into.

I guess the bottom line is I would like a friendly wrapper to simply save to a jpeg format, without a bunch of other code I don't need

Thanks for looking...


Save DIB To Bitmap And Also To JPEG
I have created a DIB in memory which I am then drawing using BitBlt to a picture box.

However the DIB is bigger than my picture box can display.
The software is currently written allowing teh user to click and move the image within the picture box.

I would like to SAVE the entire image to a bitmap and jpeg for analysis by 3rd party tools. However the current system I have to save the bitmap only saves what is drawn in the picture box rather than the entire image.

If I try and draw the entire image into the picture box then I get a lot of error480 - cannot create auto refresh image errors, which from other threads is something to do with trying to BitBlt to a picture box which is bigger than the form...

so ... is there any way to create a bitmap and a jpeg from a backbuffer DIB????

Any help would be great.

Currently I use the following to save the bitmap:

SavePicture picImage.Image, BitmapFileName
and to save the jpeg I use the intel jpeg lib and the following call:

Dim c As New cDIBSection
picImage.Picture = picImage.Image

Set c = New cDIBSection
c.CreateFromPicture picImage.Picture
SaveJPG(c, jpegFileName)

Any sugegstions what else I can do?


Save Jpeg Into Mdb File
Could anyone tell me how can i save my jpeg file into the my database. I using acess as my database.

Save Rotated JPEG?
I have a JPEG which I rotated 90 deg in a picturebox. Can I save it as a new jpeg?

I believe there is a way using ADO to save or extract a binary into XML. Does anyone know how to do this?

Save A Picturebox To Jpeg
hi guys
i want to know how to save a picture in my picturebox or in a picture variable into a jpeg file. and if i can save it as a black and wigthe one. can any body help?
thanks alot

Imagebox Save To JPEG
I placed an imagebox on my form. In there I can display JPEG's without problems. But somehow if i save them as JPEG something goes wrong.
Should I use a picturebox to solve this problem or is it something else?



Save DC As A JPEG File
Is there any control or class can save DC as a JPEG file?

Save As JPEG Format
How to save a picturebox as JPEG format in Visual Basic?
Thanks in advance

Save Picbox As .bmp Or .jpeg
is it possible to save a picture box's picture to a .bmp or .jpeg file?

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Save Form Content In Jpeg
Good day,

I was wondering if there was a way to save the content of a form in jpeg, like capturing the active form and then saving it to jpeg ?

Many thanks

How To Save Image In .jpeg Or .gif Format
I am using SavePicture to save image to file. However, it seem to save only BMP format. How to convert or save image into .jpeg/.gif format.

Save Image In .jpeg Format

I have a access table stores pictures in binery format
now i want to store in .jpeg format in hard disk.
Is it possible.. pls help


Programatically Save A Form As A Jpeg Or PDF
I am programmatically creating a Month calendar on a form.  Each Day will consist of a picture box and several image boxes.  I am looking for suggestions on how to save this form for the user in the form of Jpeg or PDF file.  I was thinking of doing it in the background in Word but was told that it was too complex.  Without an answer perhaps someone could suggest a way to capture the screen image.

Thanks for any help.

How To Capture The Form In VB And Save As JPEG, BMP?
i just want to know how to capture the form in VB and save as JPEG, BMP. kindly help.

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Daving Picture Box To JPEG Or GIF
Ive been hunting around for this for a while, Ive found NoErrors GDI+ thing which will work perfectly however i dont want to use Common Dialog controls. How can i save from a picture box to GIF using the GDI without using common dialog controls. Currently im using savepicture, but that creates a BMP which is far to large.

From Picture Box To JPEG File
id like to make a program that makes a screenshot every time you press a key and store it in a folder...
is it possible ?

Adding JPEG Or BMP Picture
Hi! Im doing personnel profile program using vb6, how to add picture to the file?

Name : xxxxx add Picture (cmd button)
ID # : xxxxx

Resizing An Jpeg Image Using Picture Box
guys i ned help im new in visual basic so i was hoping that your comments and reply or even answer would be for my level. thanks on advance.

i have three(3) Picturebox


what i will do is place a jepg image in picturebox 1 size is 180x76 pixels(for example)

then place another jpeg image in picturebox2 size is 140x80 pixels (for example)

in picturebox3 i wantto show the jpeg image of picturebox2 with the size of picturebox1 (180x76 pixels)

how can this be done?

Saving Msflexgrid As Picture .bmp Or .jpeg
How can I save the msflexgrid control as a .bmp file or jpeg file?
I have a msflexgrid control on a form with some data init..but I wasnt to save it as a .bmp as it is seen on the form..any solutions..thanks

Picture Object To Jpeg String
How can I convert a Picture Object into a string representing a file in jpeg or gif format?

The reason I ask is I wrote a server, (as you may have noticed) that creates a Image saying how many posts of mine that have been read. It really justs counts every request for the image. Anyway I don't like having to use Save my picture using SavePicture then having to open the file, read in the string, then dispatch it to the client.

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Saving A Created Picture As A Jpeg Or Bitmap
My program makes a little graph in a picture box. how would i go about saving that graph as a jpeg or bitmap?

How Large A Jpeg File Can A Picturebox Picture Contain?
I am trying to load a large map file, Map.jpg, (31MB) into a picture box. A search of vbclassic as well as MSDN help provided no applicable help. I'm using MS Me, a Picture box in a new project and using AutoSize = True

VB Code:
Private Sub Form_Load ()   Picture1.Picture = LoadPicture("c:pathfile1.jpg")End Sub

to load the file at run time. The program runs without error messages and gives a black picture box.

When I loaded the jpg file at design time, the picture box properties showed the height = 171060 and width = 132060. The picture box was black and no error messages occured.

I tried loading a smaller map file (384KB) and a protion of the file displayed OK. In another vb6 app I can scroll the entire 384K map using the cursor keys.

Any help would be appreciated including info on the largest picture file the picture property will hold and display with scrolling.



How To Store Jpeg,picture In A Sql Server Database ?
I need to store picture/image in a Sqlserver table using Ado.How do i code?


Use Of Picture Boxes - JPEG Image Content, Zoom And A Design Time Query
I wish to use several large picture boxes to display diagram information which is available from JPEG files on my drive.

1. When I load one of these to the picture box, only the top left corner of the JPEG image appears in the picture box. How may I cause the whole of my JPEG image to be visible?

2. Having achieved that, if it is possible (and surely it is) is it then possible to make the picture box zoom in on a particular section of the image such that it can be examined in much greater detail?

3. Finally, I will have about ten of these large picture boxes all placed on top of each other on my form (so that they can be as large as possible). At run time this is no problem because only one at a time will have its visible property set to true, but is it possible to do something similar at design time such that the lower level picture boxes may be edited. At design time it seems that the last box I have placed on the form always stays on top, hiding those placed previously. It is agreat nuisance to have to drag aside all the later placed boxes in order to get at and work on an earlier one.

Suggestions will be gratefully received.

ca moore

How To Save With Only WebBrowser: Save Html+picture Without Dialog Box?
how to save with only WebBrowser: save html+picture without dialog box?
what I Have is:


I don't want this code.
I want same code like this:
WebBrowserSaveTo("c:html1", html+pic)
what I can do?

How To Save Picture Which Is Displayed In Picture Box Or Image Control
Hi all,

I have one picture in picture box or image Control now i want to save to that picture as .bmp 0r .imp or .jpg or any other formate
how to do that.
There are any other controls which can give me the option to save the picture


How To Save Picture Which Is Displayed In Picture Box Or Image Control
Hi all,

I have one picture in picture box or image Control now i want to save to that picture as .bmp 0r .imp or .jpg or any other formate
how to do that.
There are any other controls which can give me the option to save the picture


Jpeg -&gt; Binary -&gt; String -&gt; Winsock -&gt; Jpeg
I'm making a little program which controls the LPT port, and i've connected a webcam to it.
It save's shots as jpeg files in the appdir.
Now i cant get it to send the jpeg file trough winsock to my client!

this is a little bit of my server code:

VB Code:
...Dim FREEout As Integer        FREEout = FreeFile 'load the image into array to be sent        Open App.Path & " mpout.jpg" For Binary As #FREEout            ReDim DATAout(1 To LOF(FREEout))            Get #FREEout, , DATAout        Close #FREEout        If connected Then        Winsock1.SendData DATAout '"[camstream]" & DATAout & EOP 'send the image array        numSENT = numSENT + 1end if        End If...

and this is a little bit of my client code:

VB Code:
...ElseIf label = "ping" Then        If datar = "request" Then        On Error Resume Next        Winsock1.SendData "[ping]response"        End If        End IfElseEnd IfNext iLoopDim FREEin As IntegerIf bytesTotal > "60" Then    If Dir$(App.Path & " mpin.jpg") <> "" Then Kill App.Path & " mpin.jpg" 'delete old file if it exists    FREEin = FreeFile 'open file to save incoming pic data to    Open App.Path & " mpin.jpg" For Binary As #FREEin        Put #FREEin, , sData    Close #FREEin    numREC = numREC + 1    picIN.Picture = LoadPicture(App.Path & " mpin.jpg")    End IfEnd Sub

but (of course) it wont work.
the picIN picturebox stays grey, the tmpin.jpg image is invalid.
but the tmpout.jpg of the server is valid.

So here is my question:
is there a way to load the tmpout.jpg (the binary bits?) into a string, send it trough winsock with my "label", so the client can recognize the label and convert it back to binary and write the tmpin.jpg?

Save JPEG Image With "quality" In GDI+ HELP!!!
hi, all!

I using a GDI+ Wrapper written by Paul (cGDIP.cls, cBitmap.cls, cGraphics.cls, cFont.cls, gdi+.tlb), and i need to save a JPEG image with 30% quality...

How i can to make this? This source - - is not work.

PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How To Save Picture Which Is Displayed In Picture Box Or Ima
Hi all,

I have one picture in picture box or image Control now i want to save to that picture as .bmp 0r .imp or .jpg or any other formate
how to do that.
There are any other controls which can give me the option to save the picture


How Can I Save A Picture Form Picture Box.
hi im Amjad i want to save picture on hard drive. i get desktop picture by using API and display it on picturebox now how i can save this picture on hard disk.
i use "savepicture=picture1.image,"c:abc.bmp" but i dsnt show any pic.?????

Save Picture
is there a way to bitblt some graphics to a picturebox, and then have that saved as a bitmap? i know that you can save a picture, but that's when the actual picture is already loaded into the picture box, and you can't alter the picture in any way.

Save Picture Box
i'm making a whiteboard program, and i have all the colours and drawing and remote drawing and everythign working fine, im attempting to add a 'save' button, and i'm using

SavePicture Picture1.image, "c:whiteboard.bmp"

but it's just saving a white image, i'm drawing with pset on the picture box, and if i refresh the box it clears it, or if you drag it off the screen ti clears it, so i'm thinking there must be a way to.. set what's drawn as the image? if you have any ideas at all it would be appreciated!

How To Save Picture Box To BMP?
I am drawing a picture in a picture box using a 2D array, i.e. MyColor(X,Y) as Long
I am writing the colors like so.

For x = 0 To Picture1.ScaleWidth
For y = 0 To Picture1.ScaleHeight
Picture1.PSet (x, y), MyColor(x, y)
'SetPixel Picture1.hdc, x, y, MyColor(x, y)

'Note: using PSet or SetPixel produce the same results.
That code works just fine. Does what I need it to do.

My problem is I want to save the results as a Bitmap.

SavePicture Picture1.Image, "c: emp.bmp"
.... doesn't work. It saves the picture.BlackColor. Just a 1 color BMP.

SavePicture Picture1.Picture, "c: emp.bmp"

.... doesn't work either as Picture1.Picture has no value (0)


Could I put my Color() array into a byte array and do it that way? If so, how do I save the byte array to a .bmp file?

Any help is much appreciated.


How To Save A Picture Using VB
Hi, my problem goes like this...I have a form that contains employee information like names and addresses and of course a picture of the employee...the thing is, i dont know how to save a picture once i add a new employee record during runtime...

Save Picture
Dear All,
I want to save the content(picture) of the picture.The problem is that ,
Some times the Drawn picture may occupy the full area in the picturebox.Some times the picture may be smaller than the picture box.But I want to save the only the drawn Area.How can I.

Save Picture To Gif
I have found some code to save a picture to GIF format.
code at site:
I tried this and works, only when using larger pictures, only 1/3 of the
picture is being saved,
probably a binary save problem in proc SaveGIF. I tried asking the author about this problem, still waiting for his response.
If anybody can help greatly appriciated

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