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Scrolling Frame/Panel In VB6

I am trying to create a frame in VB6 that will contain a bunch of labels, textboxed, combo boxes, etc that will allow the user to scroll up and down becuase there will be quite a few controls and it won't fit well on a lower resolution screen. Apparently, this can be done quite easily in VB.NET using the Panel Control, I found a link here that shows how to use it in VB.NET:

Figure 3.14 on that link is exactly what I'm trying to accomplish on VB6, any ideas? Or maybe there's a third party control out there I can purchase that would accomplish this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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A Scrolling Text Panel Like LCD
Hi All,
   Check the small project attached. Its an lcd panel which scroll ur given text in almost five ways.
   So Enjoyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

Do reply u like it or not
Thanks & rgds

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Scrolling A Frame
How do I scroll a frame to show more controls when you go down? I am completely lost. I have a frame which is small and I want the user to use the scroll bars (vertical) to have the ability to add more text into the txtboxes off the viewable part of the frame.

Scrolling Through A Frame...
Is it possible to set a frame up so that the user can scroll down it. I want to put 96 check boxes inside the frame, and it can only be so big. If its possible to do it with a vertical scrollbar, how is it done? If not, whats the best way to do this?

Scrolling In A Frame
I want to use scrolling in a fram in which buttons anf text fields have been created dynamically. I've no idea as to how this i done.
Can anybody help me, basically with some source code


Satti charvak

Frame Scrolling

I have a problem in scrolling only a frame with other controls in a form. I am trying to place few label box controls at the top of the form and i create dynamic control array of labels at runtime. As this is dynamic, i want to place these control arrays in a frame and i want to give the flexibilty of scrolling only the frame so that the other label boxes(at the top of the frame) remain constant.
Here is my code in vscroll1's scroll and change events:
Private Sub pScroll()
Dim ctl As Control
For Each ctl In Me.Controls
If Not (TypeOf ctl Is VScrollBar) Then
ctl.Top = ctl.Top + oldvpos - VScroll1.Value
End If
oldvpos = VScroll1.Value
End Sub

In Form's Resize event the code snippet is:
VScroll1.Min = 0
VScroll1.Max = 25000
VScroll1.SmallChange = Screen.TwipsPerPixelX * 20
VScroll1.LargeChange = 100

What seems to appear is that the scrolling takes place for the entire form thus disppearing the top label controls in my form as i keep scroll down. How to control the scrolling only to the frame? My frame size is obviously smaller than the form size.

Is there any way i can get the effect?????
Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks

Scrolling Frame
I create a form with frame and vertical scroll bar. i want if i scroll
the frame is moving up and down but unfortunately if the scroll bar is
at the end the frame is gone and i want the bottom of the frame is
same with the end of the scroll bar
the code for scrolling is :

Frame1.Top = -((Frame1.Height / VScrollBar1.Max) * VScrollBar1.Value)

and i have tried the code like this :

Frame1.Top = -(Frame1.Height *( VScrollBar1.Value/ VScrollBar1.Max))

the problem is same.
are there any suggestion? thanks in advance

Scrolling A Frame
Hello All!

I've searched the archives for this one issue I'm having with scrolling a frame, and not one of them address the issue I'm having.  Basically, I'm creating three textboxes for each row I paint to a frame.  I have it running ok, including the scroll bar.  The one thing I cannot figure out (from perusing the archives) is, how do I make all of the rows visible.  For example, I have a routine that is supposed to create 15 rows of these controls at runtime.  When I walk thru the code, it in fact DOES loop 15 times.  But only 9 rows are ever visible, even when I manually scroll the frame.

What am I missing?



American Motorcyclist Association

Scrolling Frame
I create a form with frame and vertical scroll bar. i want if i scroll
the frame is moving up and down but unfortunately if the scroll bar is
at the end the frame is gone and i want the bottom of the frame is
same with the end of the scroll bar
the code for scrolling is :

Frame1.Top = -((Frame1.Height / VScrollBar1.Max) * VScrollBar1.Value)

and i have tried the code like this :

Frame1.Top = -(Frame1.Height *( VScrollBar1.Value/ VScrollBar1.Max))

the problem is same.
are there any suggestion? thanks in advance

Scrolling In A Form Or Frame
Hi everyone

I have created a timesheet form for users. To ensure that there are enough available lines, I have created 30 lines for the data but hidden 15 of them. To add a new line, the code simply makes the next line visible. I have sized the form to be limited to the first 15 lines as this is also the min resolution requirements.

My problem is that when I add a new line (make it visible), I cannot get the form to show a vertical scroll bar so that the user can see the new line. I have tried putting all the data controls in a frame but the frame does not want to scroll either. Actually the fram would be the preferred version as this will leave the header data static.

I have attached both versions. V3 is the form and V4 has the frame. Any help would be appreciated.


Scrolling Through Contents Of A Frame...
How do I make it so I can scroll through the contents of a frame?

Example...if I have more contents in the frame than the frame can show at once..i wanna be able to scroll down to see everything...

Need Scrolling Checkbox Frame.
I need a scrolling checkbox frame (or RTF) much like what is used to determine the components/files you want to install during a setup. I've been researching the use and creation of ActiveX controls. I understand that the ControlContainer and ScrollBars properties will be very useful, and I understand how to define them using the property get and let. However, I do not know what to do beyond that.

At run-time, the user will simply check and uncheck the boxes. He/She will not be adding checkboxes at run-time.

Thank you for any input.


Keep A Frame Stationary On A Scrolling PicBox
I've searched the forums but didn't find anything helpful and would appreciate help.

I have a large picture box holding a map (.Picture = map.jpg). The screen shows approximately the top left (NW) quadrant of the map. I can scroll the Pic up/down, side to side to show any part of the map. I'd like to keep a Frame control containing other controls at a fixed location on the screen. At present the Frame moves with the Pic as I scroll it.

I'm using the cursor keys to alter the Pic Top, Left coordinates to make it scroll.

Upon displaying the Frame Top and Left values in a Label on the Pic, the Top and Left values do not change. I've also tried to modify the Frame Top and Left values by adding or subtracting the change in value of the Pic Top and Left values but they change at different rates and the Frame continues to move but slower or faster and the Top, Left values do change. It eventually moves off the screen.

After getting the above working, I want to be able to move the Frame to a different location on the screen if I need to see under it - using either the cursor keys (similar to moving the Pic above) or by dragging it.

Thanks in advance.


Scrolling A Picture But Not Moving The Frame
Hi All,

I'm working on a little graphing program, and I want to be able to scroll the resulting graph within the picture frame. I don't seem to be able to see how to do this, although I'm sure it is right in front of me. I really have looked!



Overflow In Scrolling With Frame/picbox Combination
Hi all,

I've got an application wich presents an 'empty sheet' (form) on wich the user can then paste text and data-items (labels / textboxes).
When the bottom of the form is reached a scrollbar apears and the user can scroll up/down.
The scrolling is implemented using a frame/picturewindow + scrollbar combination.
When a certain amount af scrolling is reached however i run into the limit for the positions (left,top.width,height) of the picture-window control (integer value) (same prob for the scroll-bar control too). This limits my scrolling abilities to approx 110 lines of text.
I need much more. At least 10000 lines.

Is there anybody who has a solution ?


Attaching A Pre-drawn Control (e.g Frame, Button) To A Frame/sstab/whatever
A simple question from someone very new to VB:

I want to be able to attach, for example, a frame (and lots of controls that are attached to it) that I have drawn onto another frame or an sstab. Obviously I could draw a new button directly onto the frame but this is impractical if there are several buttons/controls set up with actions etc. I am sure many will have come accross this kind of thing before, so somone is bound to know the/an answer.



How Can I Put The Frame Caption To Middle, Not The Normal Left Of The Frame?
I want to know how I can put the frame caption to middle, not the normal left of the frame.

Thank you!

Best Regards,

Kevin Shen

Movie Player && Seek Frame By Frame ?!
i wrote a simple movie player in vb using quartz.dll...
now i have a problem with some hight quality movies.
i need seek the movie frame by frame with press and hold right and left arrow keys(like MPlayer with holding <.> key) ,but in vb when i hold down the key the movie doesn't change until i release the key !?so is there any suggestion ? what about using winmm.dll and mcisending ??
even if i use DirectInput for keydown the problem still remain.
i seek the movie in pause mode.

Loading Components/objects Into A Frame(and The Frame Itself)
Hello Everybody,

I know how to code-a-matticly load components/objects onto a form(using the array thing, which btw comes out handy too(just what I needed)), but now the problem I also want to load a frame into an existing frame and load components/objects(labels, textboxes and new frames with option boxes) into the the newly loaded this possible???(I really hope so) and if it is this possible???(and if you can, could you please give an example, learns much easyer)

Blessed Be!

Neo Angelus

Please Help.. Frame By Frame With Media Player... Impossible :(
Hi, does anyone know how I can use the mediaplayer control to step back and forward one frame at a time viewing an avi file??

I have looked all over and cant seem to find out how? It is possible as players like Qtime and DVD players I have seen can do this.

All I need is next and previous buttons on a form to move one frame at a time.

I have the mediaplayer control working fine apart from this.

Any ppl able to help me please?


Get InnerHTML For Every Frame In Multiple Frame Web Page
project has webBrowser control and reference to HTML object library.

Page loaded into webBrowswer has multiple frames and so using webBrowser.document.body.innerHTML doesn't return any detailed html, merely the setting up of the frames.  As document_complete is fired multiple times I thought I would be able to pull the document.body.innerHTML at this point - but it doesn't work.

Any ideas on how I can pull the actual HTML for each and every frame?


Radio Buttons Within A Frame, Within A Picturebox, Within A Frame, Etc
Hello All,

I've searched the archives for a solution to my problem and from that effort, I've been able to devise a solution to my problem, but I can't get it to work (precisely).

I have a frame (not a control array), embedded within this frame is a picturebox (not a control array).  Embedded within the picturebox are two control arrays (label & textbox) AND another frame (also a control array).  Embedded within that control-array-frame are 3 radio buttons (needed for grouping -- also control arrays).

I can get the labels and textboxes to appear OK, and the first row of the radio buttons appear OK, but the remaining rows of radio buttons are not visible.  The code executes without any runs, drips or errors.  

Here's a snippet:

    txtTop = 240
    lblTop = 420
    optTop = 240
    fraTop = 840
    i = 1
    Do While Not rsResults.EOF
        Set ButtonFrame = fraButtons(i)
        Set lblPosition = lblPos(i)
        Set txtPosition = txtPos(i)
        Set optDidntFinish = optDNF(i)
        Set optDidntStart = optDNS(i)
        Set optDisQualified = optDQ(i)
        Load ButtonFrame
        Load txtPosition
        Load lblPosition
        Load optDidntFinish
        Load optDidntStart
        Load optDisQualified
        ' set the name properties of the controls
        capshun = i + 1
        Select Case Right(capshun, 1)
            Case 1
                If capshun = 11 Then
                    capshun = capshun & "th"
                    capshun = capshun & "st"
                End If
            Case 2
                capshun = capshun & "nd"
            Case 3
                capshun = capshun & "rd"
            Case Else
                capshun = capshun & "th"
        End Select
        ' set the label's caption property
        lblPosition.Caption = capshun
        ' set the left properties of the controls
        lblPosition.Left = 720
        txtPosition.Left = 1200
        fraTop = fraTop + Increment
        ButtonFrame.Top = fraTop
        optDidntFinish.Left = 2400
        optDidntStart.Left = 3480
        optDisQualified.Left = 4560
        ' set the top properties of the controls
        lblTop = lblTop + Increment
        txtTop = txtTop + Increment
        optTop = optTop + Increment
        lblPosition.Top = lblTop
        txtPosition.Top = txtTop
        optDidntFinish.Top = optTop
        optDidntStart.Top = optTop
        optDisQualified.Top = optTop
        ' set the visible properties of the controls to "true".
        lblPosition.Visible = True
        txtPosition.Visible = True
        optDidntFinish.Visible = True
        optDidntStart.Visible = True
        optDisQualified.Visible = True
        ButtonFrame.Visible = True
        ' set the ToolTipText Properties of the controls
        optDidntFinish.ToolTipText = "Did Not Finish"
        optDidntStart.ToolTipText = "Did Not Start"
        optDisQualified.ToolTipText = "DisQualified"
        i = i + 1

Any help as to how to get these radio buttons to appear would be greatly appreciated.

ciao for niao!


American Motorcyclist Association

Is There A Way To Read An AVI File Frame By Frame
Is there a way to read an AVI file frame by frame and delete selected frames from the AVI video

Resizing Frame Along With Controls On The Frame
Hello All,

I am writing a program in VB. In this program a frame contains 12 labels. This Form is a child of MDI Form. Initially the screen resolution is 1024*768. After running the program I change the window's screen resolution to 800*600. I found that the frame as well as the all labels are not adjusted properly with the screen. Half of the frame is showing and the labels which are at the bottom of the frame are not visible. Though the ScrollBars property of MDI Form is 'True'.

I need to view the entire frame along with all the 12 labels on the frame irrespective of window's screen resolution. I need your help. Please help.

Thank you for reading the thread and thanks in advance for the help.

Playing MPG Files Frame By Frame
Hi All

I am trying to play a mpg movie file frame by frame. Is this possible using a vb control, and if so , which one and how.

thank you in advance.


Hide Frame And Show Frame
i have a form contains with 2 frame and 2 command button.
when program run, i wish to show the 1st frame when i click the 1st button; while click on 2 command button, 2nd frame visible.

 my code as below:

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Frame2.Visible False
End Sub

Private Sub Command2_Click()
Frame1.Visible False
End Sub

but it cannot work. it said invalid use of property... any one can help me with tis?

XP Styles, Frame In A Frame
Seen this one? Inner Frame gets a bolded Caption and part gets cut off on the right!

Is there a fix? Maybe I'll try putting the inner Frame into a PictureBox within the first Frame?

Frame By Frame Video
I want to be able to view two video files side by side and frame by frame in VB6.

Frame Within A Frame Issue?
I have a primary frame with a secondary frame and 5 option buttons within it. The secondary frame is always enabled, however, the primary frame is disabled until a certain control is selected, and then it is enabled.

Problem is, the secondary frame in not enabled (even though it was never disabled). The secondary frame's visible property is set to false until the an option button within the primary frame is selected. Hope this makes sense?

Anyway, I can't figure out why the secondary frame is disabled. Please help!!!


Is there any activex control that will allow me to add a panel like the one on the right of the screen?
I'm trying to create my own panel in a MDI window that will look similar to the one that Office has.

LCD Panel Fun
Want to do something like this?

If so, you need:
- soldering iron, flux & solder
- LCD panel
- male SUBD 25 pin connector (i.e. parallel port connector), or a printer cable
- 2 AA batteries and a battery holder
- a small amount of knowledge of soldering

If anyone is interested, I'll show you how to do this...

Panel Tab
Dear Friends

Merry X-mas & Happy new year

how can i make Panel Tab?

an example of Panel Tab can be found in VB

thanks to all

[Edited by outruner on 12-24-2000 at 03:50 PM]


i tried to used a panel or statusbar in my form, but the message appear like this:

"user-defined type not defined".

i used a code:

dim dpanel as panel

pls help????



How To Add New Frame Control Dynamically In Array Of Frame Control
I have caught in another problem with VB6.0.

I want to know how to add controls dynamically.

I know there is a way with Controls.Add("VB.CommandButton","cmdButton") method. I have a frame control Array with its first element called frameSupply(0) at design time and it has nested controls which are three Text Boxes. named suppose, txt1,txt2,txt3. Now what I want to do is to add another frame control in this array like this one also containing three textboxes at run time.

By the way I am designing Interface in which these textboxes will be connected to DataBase and the frame caption will contain Record No. while textboxes will contain information for the fields Name,Address,Phone.

If you have any suggestions to accomplish same task other than using Frames then please do mention it also.
I shall be very thankful to you for this favour.

Using PDW From The VB6 Control Panel,
when I try to install, it tells me that "some system files are out of date ...".

I tell it to update, reboot and start again, and again, and again, until finally I decide there's something screwy going on.

I've read about this problem somewhere. Does anyone know what's going on?

How To Use Split Panel?
If you see the MSDN Library, You can see the Splitting bar between Contents tree and browsing panel that we can adjust area of each side.
How can I do this? Which control and ocx should be used for that?
If you have any example please reply with it!!.

Control Panel
How do I shell Control Panel in Windows Explorer?

Control Panel
Hi Guys !

It's an easy question...
don't know about the answer...

How to lock my Control Panel ?
so when my program is running you cannot edit anything there...

Thanx for any help ?

Control Panel
Hey its me again

I am looking for code that can enable and disable the control panel. (Maybe also show it/hide it on the start menu)


Control Panel
Hi folks,

I have been finding myself setting up more and more ODBC Data Source Names on the computers at work, as a result of my programs' requirements (and it seems never-ending).

Since we have eight databases (which, of course means eight DSN's for each machine!), I thought that I'd like to build something that can do the job for me.

The thing is, I don't know much about communicating with the control panel, so I ask you all out there if you might be able to lead me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance...



VB6 Exe In The Control Panel

At times when we exit the exe file, the file continues to be in the control panel when we click ctrl+alt+del. Visually the exe file is not in the screen but the exe file remains in the control panel. We need to do 'End task' to clear from the memory. This defeciency is taking more memory and on executing the program again and again memory overflow occurs.

Please suggest what needs to be done to the code to prevent it from staying in the control panel?

eagerly waiting for a reply

How To Move A Panel?
I am using a panel (Ariad Panel Control 5.0) on my VB form. I want users able to move the panel around by lick on it and drag.

any help please?

Collapsible Panel
Are these only for VB.NET? I should have stated that I'm trying to add a control to an old VB6 app.

Panel Control
hi i know there's a panel control in is there a panel control in vb 6? if there is.. what part of the components control does panel control reside?

Control Panel
I want to install an exe which should not be displayed either in the Start Menu and the Control Panel. Is it possible

thanks & Regards

Ccontrol Panel
I want to install an exe which should not be displayed either in the Start Menu and the Control Panel. Is it possible

thanks & Regards

Panel Resize Bar
You know that vertical bar you can drag (in regedit and explorer) that will resize the left and right panes? Does anyone know what kind of control that is, or how to implement the same functionality into a form?

Does VB6 Have A Panel Control?
Does VB6 have a panel control other than the Sheridan Control?

Control Panel

Does anyone know how I can add my program to the control panel?

I have an app and I want the users to be able to change lots of settings etc through the control panel.

Thanks in advance.

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