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Send Email On Click Of Button

Ive searched this forum for awhile and couldnt find out the answer to my question. What i want to know is How do i send Text 1 , 2 , and 3 in a email to me and all they have to do is click command1 button.

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Click On Button An Run Email
Does anybody know how to open an e-mail client and send an email which is set as default in your windows with a click on a button or on a cell of msflexgrid. Something like it is in a HTML

Tnx for answer

Sending Email Without Using The Send Button
I have a function that sends Email through Outlook and will be putting it in a loop to go through our client list but I would like to know how you avoid hitting the send button for each client. Any help would be great.

How Can I Click The Send Button In Webbrowser
this is the HTML from the page:

<td align=right><font size=2 face=arial,geneva color=000000><input
class="btnDsp" type="button" onClick='onSend();' value='Send'> <input
class="btnDsp" type="button" onClick='saveDraft();' value='Save Draft'>
<input class="btnDsp" type="button" onClick='spellCheck();' value='Spell
Check'> <input class="btnDsp" type="button" value='Attach'
onclick='onAttach(); return false;'> <input class="btnDsp" type="button"
name="cancel" value='Close'></font></td>

Can I click a button when I only have the Value and not the Name?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Word Command Button To Send .doc In An Email

I currently have a word document I send to clients to fill out, and to email back to me. What I want to do is add a command button at the bottom of this one page document, and when the this command button called "Submit" is clicked, I want the document to automatically be emailed back to me.

I have added the command button "Submit" to the bottom of the document and the VB code, or lack there of for this commandbutton1 is

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

End Sub

If I want this emailed to my email,, what do I need to add to that VB code?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!

Making A Button Send A Form To An Email...
What I'm doing is making a form as kind of an application for an organization I'm a part of. At the bottom, I'd like to implement a button that, when clicked, would send the form to a predetermined email address for me to retrieve it and review it. Any suggestions on how I could do this? Thanks in advance.

Quote the Enigma,

Run Default Email Client By The Click Of A Button
basically what the subject says, please?

A Button To Convert A Word Document To PDF And Send It By Email --with VB6
Hi there,

I want to add a button to Word to convert the current document to PDF and send it by email to a list of emails I have on an XML file on a remote server.

Is this possible with VB6?

If it is, can you give me some examples/articles on...
1. How to create/add the button itself
2. How to convert the current document to PDF
3. How to read a remote XML file
4. How to send emails

Thank you!!

Opening Send Mail On Command Button Click
hello every one hope you all r fine I need your little help

In my program I have given a feedback button and form on this form there is a button submit I want to post the form on my mail id as soon as submit is clicked can some one tell me how to do this

thanks in advance


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Email HTML Document In Body From Access 97 Button Click

Working in Access 97.

I have a standard HTML document.

From a click on a form I need to open an email, insert the email address on the form AND (here is the problem)...Insert the HTML code from the document into the body of the email. No attachment....

Anyone have any ideas?

Automate A Email Send By Dropping An Email Into A Specific Folder
Microsoft Outlook 2000 is the application I wish to try and complete the task in.

I want to be able to drop an email from a general folder into a folder e.g "Allowed" or "Blocked" and it sends an email to the recipent or sender of the email saying that the email was blocked or allowed, depending on which folder it was dropped into respectivly.

I have no idea were to start.

Send The Contents Of A Text Box (via Email) To An Email Address
I want to send the words of text1 to my email address using 1 command button.
Please explain step by step how to do this. As i have no idea.


Open Default Email Program To Send Email
I have searched the forum for code to open the default email program so I can send an email but with no luck. Can anyone help me out?


Open Default Email Program To Send Email
I have searched the forum for code to open the default email program so I can send an email but with no luck. Can anyone help me out?


Send Email With Default Email Client

Rather inexperianced user here so be kind

I would like to sent an email from my VB6 application.
I would like to see and edit the email if necessary before its sent. I also need it to have an attchament.

So far I have writen (read copied and modified) a code that sends email through MAPI with attachment and everything is fine. However I cant seam to find a code that will show the email before its sent.

I also have a solution using shell to open the default mail client and fill in the required fields EXCEPT the attachment. Which I can seam to find a code to do.

Surely there has to be a solution where the email appears already completed for viewing and manual send off. Without using Outlook object.

Thank you for any help.


Send Email From ANY Email Program From Excel VBA??
I know this sounds like one of the hundreds of 'send email?' posts on this forum but I have searched through the lot and not found what I am after.

I currently use Outlook and so it has been simple to send emails but now I need to be able to cater for anyone's email program whether it is Outlook, Notes or whatever.

is there an easy way (MAPI or something?) that will work within Excel as I keep getting errors when I have tried code posted on here for VB.

Thanks for your help.


How Can You Send A Email From Any Email Address?
Is there a online version for this or is this only possible thru VB

Anyone know how i can send emails from any adress?

Outlook - VBA Send Email But Don't Use .send
Hey again,

With the vb6 plugin for outlook, I can create an email with multiple recipients but I need to send an email to each recipient individually but not have it register as a sent item in the Sent Folder each time the email has been sent out. Is there a way to do this?

Any thoughts?

Is there something that I can use that is similar to .SendMail (excell). I am currently not using the MAPI either.

Click Button That Isnt A Button?? Wierd Huh..
alright well im trying to click the smiley face on the top of the new isnt a button but when u click it, it drops a menu. it acts like a button somehwat so i dont understand why u cant click it like a button?? any help greatly appriciated .

Dim yahoobuddymain As Long, ytopwindow As Long, ypagermystatus As Long
Dim hoo, haa
yahoobuddymain = FindWindow("yahoobuddymain", vbNullString)
If yahoobuddymain > 0 Then GoTo nex Else
MsgBox "Open Messenger Dick"
Exit Sub
ytopwindow = FindWindowEx(yahoobuddymain, 0&, "ytopwindow", vbNullString)
ypagermystatus = FindWindowEx(ytopwindow, 0&, "ypagermystatus", vbNullString)
Loop Until ypagermystatus > 0
MsgBox ypagermystatus
hoo = SendMessageLong(ypagermystatus, WM_LBUTTONDOWN, 0&, 0&)
haa = SendMessageLong(ypagermystatus, WM_LBUTTONUP, 0&, 0)
MsgBox hoo & ", " & haa

dont know if it matters or not but hoo and haa return values of 0

Changing Picture Of Button On Button Down Or Click??

I am writing a a program for a radio interface... what I am trying to do is change the picture of a button once it is clicked or depressed. Example-- when I press the mute button, I would like the image on the button to change colors (indicating it had been pressed) and when you click it again it un-mutes and returns to the original image.

Hopefully I have explained myself well enough... any advice would SURE be appreciated...

Thanks in advance... um I meant Linearfusion.

Need To Send An Email Using The "From" Email Address Field
Hi there everyone,

I have an issue with I would have thought would have been easy, but i need the abilty set the From email address field in Outlook. I can set To, CC, and even BC, but can not seem to set the From field. I am hoping i am having a goldfish moment.

Below is a snippet of the code i am using, and i have tried using, .from, .sender but can't seem to get it to work. Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated, as this is important.

As i said, I am hoping it is easy, and i am just have a brain fade.

Dim objOutlook
Dim objOutlookMsg
Dim olMailItem
Dim objAttachements
' Create the Outlook object and the new mail object.
Set objOutlook = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set objOutlookMsg = objOutlook.CreateItem(olMailItem)
' Define mail recipients

objOutlookMsg.Sender = ""
objOutlookMsg.To = ""

Again, any thoughts?


Send Email

I wonder if somebody could help me. I am writing a report/fault logging program and wanted to know how to send an email within VB.

When the user reports a fault they get a ticket number. I would ideally like an automated email sent to them displaying the ticket number and fault. I am not quite sure how to go about this. I have noticed on some websites that they use a mailto command. Would this work?

If it is of any use we use Novel GroupWise at work.

Thanks in advance


Email Send
I want to know when player registers to my send it to email.something like this:>>Playername<< has registered to your game!

Using CDO To Send Email

I went to the Microsoft website and looked for examples of using CDO to send a MIME email. I think I understand it, but I cannot seem to be able to send the email. Here is the sample code that I got from Microsoft:

Dim iMsg As New CDO.Message
Dim iBp As CDO.IBodyPart
Dim iBp1 As CDO.IBodyPart
Dim iBp2 As CDO.IBodyPart
Dim iBp3 As CDO.IBodyPart
Dim Stm As ADODB.Stream
With iMsg
.From =
.To =
.Subject = "A html and text message with attachment."
End With
' Level 1: multipart/mixed (root)
Set iBp = iMsg ' returns IBodyPart on object
iBp.ContentMediaType = "multipart/mixed"

' Level 2: multipart/alternative
Set iBp2 = iBp.AddBodyPart
iBp2.ContentMediaType = "multipart/alternative"

' Level 3: text/plain
Set iBp3 = iBp2.AddBodyPart
With iBp3
.ContentMediaType = "text/plain"
.ContentTransferEncoding = "7bit"
Set Stm = .GetDecodedContentStream
Stm.WriteText "Here is the plain text version of the message"
End With

' Level 3: text/html
Set iBp3 = iBp2.AddBodyPart
With iBp3
.ContentMediaType = "text/html"
.ContentTransferEncoding = "quoted-printable"
Set Stm = .GetDecodedContentStream
Stm.WriteText "<html><body><p>HERE is the plain text version of the message</p></body></html>"
End With

' Level 2: image/gif
Dim Flds As ADODB.fields
Set iBp2 = iBp.AddBodyPart
With iBp2
.ContentMediaType = "image/gif"
.ContentTransferEncoding = "base64"
Set Flds = iBp2.fields
Flds("urn:schemas:mailheader:content-disposition") = _
"attachment; filename=""testimage.jpg"""
Set Stm = .GetDecodedContentStream
Stm.LoadFromFile App.Path & " estimage.jpg"
End With



It seems to create the MIME properly, but I get an error when I try to send it (iMsg.Send). What is the proper code to put in authentications?


How To Send An Email From VB im new in here.... im doing this project - an embedded thing taht connects up with a pc relay card ...ppl tell me -
" its so dan easy "
but i cant figure how u can send input /out put thru the port (parallel /serial i dont even know whats the diff !!) ...
so thats why i need some help here.

a few Q's first
a) do i need to do spmethng in c++ and then vb does only thr interface !
b ) what is it with dll 's i hear bout o much
c ) what does winsock do ? will it help me here.
d ) does anyone have sample code for waht im talking bout.. the connection between ports ... it jus sounds too "general" do i actually go around "doing" it ..

I dont expect any1 of u answer "all" my questions ..but pls try anyway.
Keep Clicking,
Bosky B-)

How To Send An Email?
How do you send an email through Vb because im making a game registeration system that needs to get a code from an email so how do i send an email.Its an API but i cant find it.
Please tell me the API.And how to call it.

Send Email
How can I use VB6 to send email with the SMTP?

Send Email From VB
Currently, I'm using MAPI to send email from my VB application & it works fine. But i need to have outlook opened on my pc.

Is there any other way that the email can be sent without the pc having outlook installed?!?!

Send Email
OK guys,

I need to send email from visual basic. I am aware I can use CDONTS or CDO. I have used these with ASP. I need to know if the user will have to have a smtp server installed on their machine.
For example if the user is using Windows 98 will my application be able to send email? Shoul I use MAPI or VBA?

I need something that the user can format and send the mail without any message boxes asking for permission to use Outlook.

Any Ideas?



Send Email With VB
Hi there,

How to send email from VB application ? Did you know an ocx file that provide my case? How can i get that?


VB6 - Send EMAIL
About 5 years ago I wrote a little VB6 desktop app. that sends out emails from small text files created in another application.
It's nothing fancy and uses the MAPI control to send the email.

As virus protection, fire walls, outside programs, etc. have crept onto my user's computers my little program is no longer staple. It gets various run-time errors on certain PC's.

What is the simplest way to code an "email send" that will work in a mixed envirionment. I'm just sending with small text files as a .MsgNoteText with out attachments. Often 100 -150 slightly different emails will be sent to different addresses.

Best Way To Send An Email?
Hi Guys,

I have a text box control, that will display an email address.

Whats the best way to allow the user to send an email to this address via clicking a CommanButton Control?

Some people use Outlook , some dont, some people use AOL, everyone seems to use a different way of emailing, is there a simple emailing solution?

Thanks again

Send An Email
hello, i was wondering how to open outlook express send window, with a particular email address in the send box, i know this can be done using HTML pretty easily, but i need to do it with VB... Thank u


Send Email
Hallo everybody...
I want to send an attachment file through email.... Could anyone please give me a very simple example regarding to that.

Thank you very much....

Send EMAIL...
Is it possible to make a program to send emails with attachements, but not using outlook?

Note that i don't have outlook i can't use some programs i've seen here.

Send Email
hi, is there a rutine where in case a users dont remember their passwords I could send user and password info to their emails which are in a database

thx a lot

How To Send An Email With VB?

Forget the Lock/Hide mouse i dont need em, was just curious how they work . Still need to know how to send an email in VB though, like to submit to someones account or something

--Death Warrior

P.S. Seriously i wasent even planning to make a virus/trojan

Send An Email
I have written a DBMS program that has a login screen to access the database.
It asks for username and password and enters the DB.

I want to make a provision where if the user forgets his password, the login details (username - password ) are sent to his/her email address .

It should work like this. The user clicks on a button called "Forgot Password". Then a form opens, with a textbox prompting the user to enter his/her email address. The login details are retrieved and sent to the email at the click of a button called retrieve.

Below is the code for the login screen . Any help will be appreciated.

Private Sub cmdLogin_Click()
Dim un As String
Dim ps As String


un = Text1.Text 'storing the login and password entered in the variables un and ps
ps = Text2.Text

Do Until adodc1.Recordset.EOF
If adodc1.Recordset.Fields("name").Value = un And adodc1.Recordset.Fields("password").Value = ps Then
mn.Show 'comparing database values with values entered
Exit Sub

adodc1.Recordset.MoveNext 'moving to next record on database
End If


Dim msg As String

msg = MsgBox("Username/password mismatch.Passwords are case sensitive! Try Again!", vbOKCancel)
If (msg = 1) Then 'displays message if login or password
login.Show 'is wrong

Text1.Text = "" 'clears the textboxes
Text2.Text = "" 'reloads login screen
MsgBox " Thank you for using LussoVoyageur Car rental software", , "Good Bye"
End If

End Sub

Private Sub Command1_Click()

End Sub

Private Sub Form_Resize()
With Me
.Width = Screen.Width
.Height = Screen.Height
.Top = 0
.Left = 0
End With

End Sub

How To Send Email
Just want a very simple way using a text box, and a command button,

Private Sub Command1_Click()

End Sub

Private Sub Text1_Change()

End Sub

So what ever the person types in the text box will be sent to my email address etc.

Send Email Vb
I'm using this code below to send email using Microsoft outlook. However i need to send the email from the vb program without involving outlook. How can i convert this code to send via Imap or smtp nstead?
''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''SEND NEW SPREADSHEET VIA OUTLOOK EMAIL'''''''''''''''''''''''''

Dim msg As String
Dim olApp As Object
Dim olNS As Object
Dim olMail As Object

Set olApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set olNS = olApp.GetNamespace("MAPI")
Set olMail = olApp.CreateItem(0) ' 0 = mailitem

'olMail.Recipients.Add ""

olMail.Subject = "Latest Invoices"

' make some place for the attachment vbcrlf
olMail.HTMLBody = msg & "<p>" & "<htmlbody><font color=#0000FF><b>New Invoice Numbers:</b></font>" & "<p>" & myvar & "<p>" & "</htmlbody>"

'<b>text</b> to create it bold and <font color="#0000FF">text</font>

olMail.Attachments.Add "c:

Set olApp = Nothing
Set olNS = Nothing
Set olMail = Nothing

Unload Me
End Sub

How To Send Email Using Vb
Hello friends,

i am having a text box and button. user enter email id in text box and as soon as i click button a mail should be send to respective email id with some matter and with a file attach with it. file attached is by default stored in D drive.

With regard

Send An Email
Hey guys I need help urgently.

I'm making a form which has two text boxes and a command button

I want that when a user click that command button the data entered in those two text boxes should be emailed to me . I've no idea how to do this.

Plzzzz reply

Send Email
how would i go about sending a email using the mapi controls i use this code below but get an error message saying unspecified failer has occured

VB Code:
MAPISession1.SignOn    MAPIMessages1.SessionID = MAPISession1.SessionID    MAPIMessages1.Compose    MAPIMessages1.RecipAddress = "MY EMAIL ADDRESS HERE"    MAPIMessages1.MsgSubject = "StylistDB Registration"    MAPIMessages1.MsgNoteText = txtName.Text    MAPIMessages1.Send False             :thumb: "Error on this line" :thumb:     MAPISession1.SignOff

Please help

Thanks in advance RedAngel

Send Email Using Vb6
Was wonderng if their was a way to send an email in vb with out using the default email client.

eg. on my form the user will insert their email address in text3.txt and it will send the info from text2.txt to their email.
Would like to do this independantly with out using the clients email program "ie outlook"

Could some one please direct me to a tutorial or sample code or even help me out with the basics here?

Thanx... Planethax.

Send Email In
is there any way that can send an email in vb6?......please ans asap....

Send Email???
how in vb6 do i make my app send an e-mail also i heard u need an smtp if i do does anyone know where to get g2g now but check back tomorrow

Send Email With VB
I would like to build a program that selects a file from the pc it is installed in and sends it to my email automatically. I have tried many different things, but they all require another program such as Outlook and an account saved on that computer. However, I would like to simply send the message without having to log in to anything. Can I make a program do this in VB?

Send Email From VB
Thanks for choosing to read my thread.

I want to send e-mail (Hotmail account) from my VB Application.

For this i have used the following code. It is running without any errors. But mails are not reaching the destination account.

Plz let me know, where am i going wrong.

Thanks a lot in advance

With MAPIMessages1
.SessionID = MAPISession1.SessionID
.MsgIndex = -1
.MsgSubject = "Infection Alert"
'.RecipType = mapToList
.RecipDisplayName = ""
.RecipAddress = ""

.AddressEditFieldCount = 1
.MsgNoteText = "Today is saturday"

If Len(Attachment) > 0 And Attachment > " " Then
.AttachmentPosition = 0
.AttachmentName = lblAttachment
.AttachmentPathName = lblAttachment
.AttachmentType = mapEOLE
End If
End With

Want To Send A Email
1. How to send email. Suppose my email address is and I want to send a email by using this address. How I can do it?

2. How to auto compleate a combo box. I use VB 6.0

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