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Sending And Recieving SMS With GPRS Modem

Hey there,

I read some posts asking for how to send and recieve SMS messages with VB. Well,
i know can tell you all about it.

I build a project that recieves SMS messages and send SMS messages. It uses a
voicecom GPRS modem, connected to COM1.

The only things you need; is the modem, the manual for AT commands and this

Ooh, by the way. Can someone help me with Sending and Recieving MMS messages ?

You want the project ? Mail me.


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Its just my Digital Livestyle.....

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SMS Via GPRS Modem
I have seen some topic about sending SMS via GSM modem before, I have few more questions want to ask,

(1) Can I use the GPRS modem to send the SMS just as same as the steps of the GSM modem?

(2) I am using normal SIM card, do i need to set the number of service centre as the code "AT + CSCA = "+401722270000"? Because i don' t know the number of my service centre.

(3) How can I know the COM port of GSM modem if i used? It seems that the GSM modem will be treated as the network device but not COM port device in the window operating system.

Thank you very much if you can answer my questions.

GPRS Modem-Dialler ( VB6 Code)
    I am using vb 6 as font-end MS Access as Back-end And a GPRS MODEM.I am trying to make a dialer using VB6 Code.
Can anybody help Give me some idea how shall i do so.

Sending And Recieving Orderly.
Computer2 say's to computer1 I need the info on character positions. Computer1 sends the character position. computer2 proccess's it and reply's "give me more". Computer1 sends more. This repeats untill there are no more characters positions to transfer then computer1 say's Nomore left.

if there is only 2 messages that the computers can send ("give me characters position" and "character [number] position is...") is easy to do this accuratly. But how do I do this with many messages? I can send and make an infinite loop until everything is sent. But that does not work correctly for me. What happens is computer1 sends the character positions then computer2 proccesses it and the continuasly sends "give me more". I have tryed sending all the data in a loop one by one but on the other computer the characters position was in a mess. Ofcourse there is more messages I'm sending and recieving. But I don't know how to handle all of them well so all data gets recieved and assigned to the proper variable instead of all in one variable.

How should I handle my messages?

Thanx in advance!

Sending And Recieving Files
I am working on a program that has to be able to send and recieve files over a network or over the internet, is there a way to add all the people on the network to a listbox? Then be able to select one ( I can put the info from the list into a textbox) and then be able to send them a file? Any help is appreciated. Thanks


Sending And Recieving Data 2 Irc?
if i say hello in an irc chatroom how can i get my bot to reply with a message like "hello, welcome" or something.?

TCP / IP (Sending / Recieving Data)
In a very basic TCP/IP messenger, is it possible to send more that one data string at a time, or how can I send one at a time but have the server recognize what variable is being sent. Thank you all for your eager help.

Sending/Recieving Parameters
How would you send a parameter to a dynamically loaded C++ dll
function.. And how would you get its return value?

I'm using this code right here to Dynamically Load And Call It.

Private Declare Function LoadLibrary Lib "kernel32.dll" _
Alias "LoadLibraryA" (ByVal lpLibFileName As String) As Long
Private Declare Function FreeLibrary Lib "kernel32.dll" _
(ByVal hLibModule As Long) As Long
Private Declare Function GetProcAddress Lib "kernel32.dll" _
(ByVal hModule As Long, ByVal lpProcName As String) As Long
Private Declare Function CallWindowProc Lib "user32.dll" _
Alias "CallWindowProcA" (ByVal lpPrevWndFunc As Long, _
ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal msg As Any, _
ByVal wParam As Any, ByVal lParam As Any) As Long
Dim hModule As Long
Dim hProcAddress As Long

Private Sub Form_Load()
hModule = LoadLibrary("plguinMain.dll")
hProcAddress = GetProcAddress(hModule, "initPlugin")
CallWindowProc hProcAddress, Me.hwnd, 0&, 0&, 0&
End Sub

Private Sub Form_QueryUnload(Cancel As Integer, UnloadMode As Integer)
hProcAddress = GetProcAddress(hModule, "quitPlugin")
CallWindowProc hProcAddress, Me.hwnd, 0&, 0&, 0&
FreeLibrary hModule
End Sub

But I can't figure out how to send 2 parameters to the init function (string, long)
and get a return value of 1 parameter (an integer)

Sending And Recieving Text Files
hi im new here, i need some help with making a downloable game,i need to make a server and client, i cna allready do that all i need is to make the client send a text file to the server which is on a different computer. and i need the server to check for incoming text files. ive tried some ways but dont work, im fairly new to vb, i know all the basics. could someone please help me, not necessairly giving me the code but maybe pointing me to a website that may help?

Sending And Recieving Data Via WinSOCK
Hey everyone, this has been done before but prior to me having the project saved on my drive i reformatted, excluding all existing projects so i need help urgently.

Basically i have a project with Form1 named Client
two labels, two text boxes (username and password) , one winsock control and a command button (submit)

I have another project with Form1 named Server
and a text box

I would like to transmit data between the two so that when a username and password is typed in on the client and the button Submit is pressed, it displays in the text box of Server (depending if i have it running or not) the username and password typed on the client. I have managed to get this to work more than once and i know for definete it can be done.
Help is more than appreciated,
- revivalry

Sending/recieving Data Through A Serial Port
Ok, I just got an awesome Idea of how to make a control i've always wanted. But I have a problem: I can't get the control off my computer. This computer works fine, but VB is on a compaq running win95 and a broken floppy drive (around 100 dollars to replace). I've seen some code that explained how to send data through the serial port, and I believe thats the only way to get data OFF that computer. Soooo... does anyone have some sample code or advice or a link to some tutorial? I'm really in a bind here, I think this control will be great and I want you all to have it.

Sending And Recieving Text Messages To GSM Phones
Hi Guys,
I was thinking of how to send and recieve text messages using GSM phones as my reciepients and the internet. I want to develop an app. whereby I can send information to my customers on their gsm handsets. Can anyone help me out.

Where Can I Find A Nice Tutorial On Sending And Recieving Data Using UDP?
were can i find a nice tutorial on sending and recieving data using UDP protocol with Winsock? or maybe someone could be so kind as to post the information here.

Sending And Recieving Information About A Window, By Knowing It's Caption ?
How can I recieve a windows Width, Height, Top, Left, by just knowing it's caption or hWnd ?

And how can I resize a window to any Height, Width, Top, Left, that I want, by just knowing the windows hWnd or Caption ?

The Windows is not part of my program, like, how do I resize Windows Explorer, from within my program, and know it's current size ?

Please help me.

Sending Data From Modem To Modem

I have 2 modems which i am using to send data between 2 vp apps. At least that's what i want to do, but i'm not too sure how.

Here's what i think i need to do. I want my modem A to dial the modem B on my pc. Then i want the vb app on modem A to send data to the VB app on modem B . So i need the mscomm control to send AT commands to modem A so it can dial modem B .

Has anyone done this before ? Just need some tips as to how to get started. How do i actually send a string ( my data) using an AT commands, to the remote modem ?

Really need some help asap



VB6 Service On Windows 2000, Sending/recieving Mail Via Outlook 2000
I have a service running, when I try to connect to a MAPI Session it gives me an "-2147221231 Collaboration Data Objects - [MAPI_E_LOGON_FAILED] (80040111)" error.

If I run it as just a regular Executable and NOT a service it connects fine...

Any Ideas?

VB6 Service On Windows 2000, Sending/recieving Mail Via Outlook 2000
I have a service running, when I try to connect to a MAPI Session it gives me an "-2147221231 Collaboration Data Objects - [MAPI_E_LOGON_FAILED] (80040111)" error.

If I run it as just a regular Executable and NOT a service it connects fine...

I pass the profile on the .login line....

Any Ideas?

Sending SMS Through The Modem
I made a program that communicates with the modem, so I can call someone. Is there a way in VB to send an SMS ?


Sending Sms Through GSM Modem
hello all,

i am working on a school management project. If anybody knows about sending sms through GSM modem in vb then plz reply me.

thank u

Sending Files Through Modem
I have a question. Let's say to computers are in different rooms and the both have modems. Is it possible to directly hook these to computers up together? Like phone line to one computer and phoneline to the other computer. I want to do it where it is free and it can send strings to eachother. This way since the modem is able to send and receive data i want it where it can be hoocked directly up to another computer and can send and recieve small files. Is this possible?

Sending SMS Via Standard Modem
Hi all
Pls can someone help me with a VB6 application to send sms via a standard external modem.

Sending Voice Through Modem
What is the code to send your voice via a microphone through the modem to a person on a telephone on the other end after you have already dialed to them?

Sending Voice (.wav) To A Modem
I would like to send a .wav file to a phone using a modem. It's a request from a client to send an alarm by phone when his production line have a fault.

Any help is welcome.

Sending SMS Messages Through A Modem (via VB)

Has anyone achieved sending SMS (mobile phone text messages) through a
standard 56K modem (via VB comms control) ?

I know it can be done because i downloaded software which does it. However
i'd like to be able to do it myself.

I've got to the point where i can dial into the service centre (using
Vodafone UK) but do not know which modem commands then upload the
phone number and the actual text message.

Any help appreciated.


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Sending AT Commands To Modem
Anyone has experience with this?

Sending Voice And Data Through A Modem.
hey guys. heres the deal. I want to make an answering machine/remote control program for my computer. I want it to pick up the phone after a number of rings, and give a voice message to the person on the phone. I want to be able to for example press the # key, then it asks for a security code. from there I have a variety of options by pushing numbers on the keypad. I dont even know if this is possible, but I think it is. I know very little about commmands for modems, so any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Sending Wav File Thorugh Modem
Is it possible to send .wav file through modem .. rather than using systems sound card and Modem Mic.. if so ..plz tell me how to do it

Sending A MMS From A Modem Siemens MC35i
I have a question that whas already debated in this forum...
I purchase a modem Siemens MC35i GSM/GPRS , with the purpuse of sending SMS and MMS from an aplication in

In sending SMS it was easy , I just look and study the AT comands of the Manual of the Siemens MC35i and the results where positive.

About sending MMS the manual is not explicit, I dont have a clue whow to start and whow the process works in sending MMS...

Can I send MMS just with AT comands?
If not, can It be done in

Can you give some kind of information,in Internet about MMS with AT comands or with tired of Look for this information, but with no results} )

Thanks for all...

Have a good day!!!

Sending And Receiving Messages From VB Using GSM Modem
Hi to all,

Anyone knows how to sending and receiving messages from VB using GSM Modem?
Please help me about this..

Thanks a lot.

Sending ATDT Commands To Modem
I am trying to send ATDT commands to my laptop modem ...
I tried using MSCOMM control ... but it was no good.

My modem is configured on COM3 Port ... i cannot set the port of MSCOMM to 3... actually the only port it would connect to is 1.

so i need another way to send commands to my modem. Any ideas ?????


{Sending Data Through A Modem}very Basic Question
I was wondering where to start if i want to write a program that sends through my modem individual bits and bits and bytes... basically i want the 2 pairs to give me pulses on command. like i want to be able to send 1001 and have it pulse 5volts 0 volts 0 volts and 5volts . is this possibe?

Sending AT Commands To The Modem Using A Batch File

I would like to use a batch file to transfer my home phone line to my cell phone.

The commands I need to send from my phone are:

*73 'to cancel the last transfert
*72 XXX-XXXX 'to transfer my home number to the cell phone
*72 XXX-XXXX 'to confirm that action

Before, with DOS it was so easy. Just a command like ECHO ATDT *73 >COM2 was doing it nicely.

But now I would need a small .EXE file, let's say SENDMODEM.EXE that could send the data to the modem the way I need it.

The batch file could look like that:

WAIT 2 'a delay that I already have

You see!

Would not be a big deal to do with my old Turbo Basic but it is not working with the pseudo DOS of Win 2000.

Can somebody help me and write for me such a program. I quit programming many years ago and writing that is really out of my reach.



Hi guys,

I have to write an application to monitor vehicles that have GPRS/GPS device installed. The app. has to be able to receiv alarms, messages as well as send them and be able to plot the on a map. I know the hardware but am new to VB programming=2 AFter some research I know that I will have to use WINSOC either the control or the api=B4s. Can any one point me in th right direction as to how to program this app. and what needs t be done to talk to the remote devices or provide source cod examples.

I would greatly appreciate any help on this matter.


GPRS In PC????????
Is there any activex controls to handle the data transfers between GPRS and PC

how to use evb to write a program to send data to pc via gprs?
anyone know about it?


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API For GPRS Signal
I need to read from GSM/GPRS modem of my pocket pc the GPRS signal.
I can identify GSM/GPRS modem through one virtual serial COM?
Which are the API to use ?
I would prefer not to use the openNETcf class and i use 2003.

Sorry for my bad English.

Thanks Nicola

R: GPRS/GPS + Useful VB Links

Winsock: grammer_faq/

Other good sources of code:


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Send SMS From VB Without GPRS Gateway
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Hi, All

Is any one know hoe to send a sms from vb application but without using PRS
gateway, wihout any wireless device, just using PC with connection to
internet using a usual modem.

Thank You

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<DIV>Hi, All</DIV>
<DIV> </DIV>
<DIV>Is any one know hoe to send a sms from vb application but without uing GPRS gateway, wihout any wireless device, just using PC with connecton to internet using a usual modem.</DIV>
<DIV> </DIV>
<DIV>Thank You</DIV>
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Nokia 6310, GPRS And Visual Basic
I work on my final project and I have two PC's with Nokia 6310 phones. Another computer is equipped with many sensors which are collecting data to database. And from other computer I should send parameters with 6310 to other computers 6310. With these parameters the other computer will then make a query from database and send the result back to other computer. Has anyone of you made any programs or have the knowledge how to solve this problem? Basically how do I make my 6310 to send parameters to other 6310 with Visual Basic? Thanks!

Req-HOWTO Add A Serial Modem To Modem Devices List
I am trying to write an app that performs the functions of the windows "Add Modem" wizard. I am working with a wireless phone box DOWTEL CDMA 2000 with an RS-232 serial port

1: I am trying to add a modem device to the list of modems windows displays in the "Phones And Modems" control panel applet.
2: I am aware this can be done using the "Add Modem" wizard. I want to achieve this automatically, since Windows 95 to win XP and Server OSes support Standard Modem Types (Standard 33600 bps modem specifically)
3: I used an API Spy to monitor the API calls made to windows when a modem is being added. here is a list.


4: MSDN has a section on serial communications with API code in C++.. i do not know C and have at least 70 modems to configure before august. I need to automate this process. all the activex controls i have seen tell you how to work with modems already installed not how to install them with the API windows uses. they all claim to expose everything the windows code does, but there is no Addmodem function.. I guess that is what i need.



Modem-To-Modem Communication... So Lost
i know there are many topics here around the issue as i've been looking around to find an answer before starting a new post.

though i'm putting together some code and still it does not seem to work right... i hope someone can point me in the right direction.

i'm programming a simple client/server application:

1. the client uses a modem, dials the server's number;
2. server picks up the phone;
3. server sends "HELLO" text to client;
4. client diplays incomed text in a textbox.

i can get the client modem to call using the ATDT# command, and the server modem to respond using the ATA command.

however, when the phones are connected (i can hear my voice coming out of the server phone), i still do not get the CONNECTED message on the client application. i do receive BUSY if the phone is busy, but no signal when the phone has been answered.

i get the same problem using hyperterminal, so VB may not be the issue here, rather: HOW do i establish a connection between two application via modem so that i can transfer pure text between them?

if someone can help i'm really getting lost here...

FYI, code i use to open the mscomm control:

Client.MSComm1.CommPort = 1

'inputlen = 0 means to receive the full buffer
Client.MSComm1.InputLen = 0

'activate oncomm receive event after 1 byte
Client.MSComm1.RThreshold = 1

'activate oncomm send event after 1 byte
Client.MSComm1.SThreshold = 1

'activate communication to modem
Client.MSComm1.RTSEnable = True

Client.MSComm1.Handshaking = 2

Client.MSComm1.Settings = "9600,N,8,1"

'open the port
Client.MSComm1.PortOpen = True

'send attention command to modem and check it responds with OK
Client.MSComm1.Output = "ATV1Q0" & Chr$(13)

'wait for the data to come back from the serial port
mBuffer = mBuffer & Client.MSComm1.Input
Loop Until InStr(mBuffer, "OK" & vbCrLf) > 0

'OK now modem is connected

Communication Modem To Modem Problems
I have a program that dials and connects with a machine running an answering program. The program dials, connects, sends 6's till it sees a 7, then sends 3 passwords, one at a time after receiving A's from the answering program. It then sends files. My problem is, I had it working on one machine(in VB, not compiled), but when I try it on 2 different machines, I connect, but never see any input or output on either machine. I have also been having trouble with certain modems not being able to connect to each other. I have a third party control that works just like the MSComm control with a few extras. I tried using both controls, the results were the same. I am just learning programming, and the person who wrote the original answer program, programs in DOS, so maybe we are just missing something that windows controls. One more thing, the machines that the program worked on were Win95 and a non windows machine(answering machine). The program won't work on a Win98 machine sending to a non windows machine. Here is a sample of the code that worked on the one Machine:

private Sub Command1_Click()
Open "c:TestCommlog.fil" for Output as #8
Open "Param.dbs" for Random as #2 len = 256
get #2, 1, PR
Open "TRANSACT.DBS" for Random Access Read as #5 len = 128
SaxComm1.CommPort = 2
SaxComm1.Settings = "9600,E,7,1"
SaxComm1.PortOpen = true

SaxComm1.Output = "ATDT97411409" & vbCr
SaxComm1.InputLen = 1
'Setting time for time out
Time1& = Val(mid$(time$, 7, 2))_
+ (60 * Val(mid$(time$, 4, 2))) + (3600 * Val(mid$(time$, 1, 2)))

If SaxComm1.InBufferCount = 0 then
Time2& = Val(mid$(time$, 7, 2))_
+ (60 * Val(mid$(time$, 4, 2))) + (3600 * Val(mid$(time$, 1, 2)))

If Time2& - Time1& &gt; 45 then
H% = 1
GoTo NoResponse
End If
GoTo WaitForInput
End If

C$ = SaxComm1.input
If C$ = Chr$(10) then GoTo WaitForInput
If C$ = Chr$(13) then GoTo TestConnect
P$ = P$ + C$
GoTo WaitForInput

If InStr(P$, "CONNECT") then

SaxComm1.Settings = "9600,E,7,1"
Text2.Text = "Connected"
GoTo GotConnected
End If
GoTo WaitForInput
Time1& = Val(mid$(time$, 7, 2))_
+ (60 * Val(mid$(time$, 4, 2))) + (3600 * Val(mid$(time$, 1, 2)))
SaxComm1.Output = Chr$(6) + vbCr

22175 If SaxComm1.InBufferCount = 0 then
Time2& = Val(mid$(time$, 7, 2))_
+ (60 * Val(mid$(time$, 4, 2))) + (3600 * Val(mid$(time$, 1, 2)))
If Time2& - Time1& &gt; 45 then
H% = 2
GoTo NoResponse
End If
Timer1.Interval = 30
Timer1.Enabled = true
GoTo 22174
End If
C$ = SaxComm1.input

22200 If C$ = Chr$(7) then GoTo 22204
GoTo GotConnected

22204 SaxComm1.Output = (Chr(1) + Pass$ + Chr$(13))

Time1& = Val(mid$(time$, 7, 2))_
+ (60 * Val(mid$(time$, 4, 2))) + (3600 * Val(mid$(time$, 1, 2)))
22206 If SaxComm1.InBufferCount = 0 then
Time2& = Val(mid$(time$, 7, 2))_
+ (60 * Val(mid$(time$, 4, 2))) + (3600 * Val(mid$(time$, 1, 2)))
If Time2& - Time1& &gt; 24 then
H% = 3
GoTo NoResponse
End If
GoTo 22206
End If
C$ = SaxComm1.input
If C$ = "X" then
BPW% = BPW% + 1
If BPW% &gt; 5 then GoTo InvalidPassword
GoTo 22204
End If
If C$ = "A" then
BPW% = 0
GoTo 22207
End If
GoTo 22206
''Program continues

Any advice on communications would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Recieving SMS's?
can someone help me with a project? I believe you can recieve SMS's on your land line, the way I understand it, you need to know when an SMS is coming in, this I've worked out by using a caller display program I wrote, what i need now is a way of getting the modem to answer the phone and retrieve the correct data, can anyone help please?

Recieving Hex Values
I am trying to control an electrical testing unit via serial port using the comm32 control.

I can send requests to the unit which tells it to perform certain tests and operations. The unit then sends a response back with details of the results of the test. My problem is the response recieved contains hex values which, when output to a text field show up as an unrecognised character (a blank square).

Is there some form of character set I can download or a technique for converting these characters into recogniseable values?

Help much appreciated

Recieving And USING Data In RPG
ok well i'm creating online world all engine and stuff underway, only problem is i know how to send and recieve data so , (player number, x, y)

but i dont know how i am going to store these on the server and draw them,

i could use variables such as



but this is stupid there must be a better way

any suggestions?

ps - info is sent to server then server bounces everything back to each client

Not Recieving Text
Option Explicit

Private Sub Form_Load()
Winsock.LocalPort = 10101
End Sub

Private Sub lblClose_Click()
Winsock.SendData Username & " has left the room!"
End Sub

Private Sub lblMin_Click()
Me.WindowState = 1
End Sub

Private Sub lblSend_Click()
Winsock.SendData txtChat.Text
lstMain.Text = lstMain.Text & vbCrLf & txtChat.Text
txtChat.Text = ""
End Sub

Private Sub Winsock_ConnectionRequest(ByVal requestID As Long)
Winsock.Accept requestID
End Sub

Private Sub Winsock_DataArrival(ByVal bytesTotal As Long)
Dim strData As String
' get the data and display it in the textbox
Winsock.GetData strData
lstMain.Text = lstMain.Text & vbCrLf & strData
lstMain.SelStart = Len(lstMain.Text)
End Sub

can someone tell me whats wrong with that? The server (this code) does recieve any text???

Thanks in advance!

Recieving E-Mail
I know how to send e-mails, but i want to know how to recieve and save them as files to be opened by my program. I have no idea how to do this any help you can give will be muchly appreciated!

Recieving Information?
I want to be able to have Information diplayed on a Form(or something like that) off of a website. What I mean is I want to be able to haev a program that will get information off a website and put it on my program. Is this possible, and how?-thanks

Recieving All Wm_paint

I need help with a problem i have.
I want to recieve ALL wm_paint messages in windows.

Ive read that i need an dll/ocx for this, but it still doesnt work.
Hove do i do to get ALL paint messages, i only get my own or nothing at all...

Does anyone have a sample code for me?
Or a got tutorial with samples, ive read a few but noone have any good samples...

Thanks for any help i can get!


Recieving Data From USB
Hi all

I am currently working on my final year project. Actually my project is based on rfid. The transmitter sends data to the remote reciever that is attached to the pc through USB. Now i have to design a interface for the recieved data. I dont know how to program and get data from USB and utilize it. I only have to receive the data and not to send. If any one can guide me how to program or from where to get help. It would be so nice if someone provide me with the sample code.

I need an urgent reply from you all as the deadline for submitting project is coming monday.
waiting anxiously for reply


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